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DateCommit messageAuthorFiles+-
2020-10-07 03:22rc: remove dead code.Ori Bernstein1+0-2
2022-05-07 00:37man/man3/stat.3: Update man page to match include/libc.h. Resolves Issue #530Ben Huntsman1+2-2
2022-01-24 18:47INSTALL: build arm64 binaries on arm64 MacsRuss Cox1+9-1
2021-10-19 16:08src/cmd/acme: provide info on presense or absence of undo history (#528)Roger Peppe3+8-5
2021-10-17 18:46cmd/auxstats: improve network device name matcher in LinuxNicola Girardi1+3-1
2021-10-17 13:18cmd/auxstats: improve wireless interface name matcher in LinuxNic1+4-1
2021-10-03 19:19mk: provide a mechanism to default to `rc`Dan Cross1+2-0
2021-09-30 12:44sam: fix spurious overwrite messageRuss Cox1+1-1
2021-09-28 17:07acme: fix extra print argsRuss Cox1+2-2
2021-08-31 07:10lib9p: Fix compile errorAlexander Kapshuk1+0-1
2021-08-08 18:03lib9p: Remove postmountsrv (#505)Ben Huntsman7+3-127
2021-07-30 07:19.gitignore: Ignore some more things that get created during compile.Ben Huntsman1+20-0
2021-08-30 15:419term: Skip unnecessary ioctl call on AIX.Ben Huntsman2+2-1
2021-08-29 20:38libdraw: Fix GUI programs on AIX (#398)Ben Huntsman1+4-0
2021-08-29 20:36bin/9c, bin/9l: Re-enable optimization on AIX.Ben Huntsman2+3-3
2021-04-22 07:16libthread: use setpgid instead of setpgrpAnthony Sorace1+1-1
2021-04-09 19:22install(1): mention libfontconfig1-dev for DebianRuss Cox2+86-203
2020-08-17 19:11fspread: fix buffer overflowGünther Noack1+9-4
2021-03-23 21:24all: update for new MIT licenseRuss Cox16+196-491
2021-03-23 21:24mk: fix for Unix buildRuss Cox1+2-2
2021-01-18 19:30acme: fix double-free in acmeerrorprocRuss Cox1+2-4
2021-02-01 01:33mount: find kext with MacFUSE >=4 and macOS >=11Connor Taffe1+3-0
2021-01-26 21:149pfuse: support MacFUSE >=4Connor Taffe1+30-1
2021-01-31 05:519p: parse lines in rdwr commandDavid Arroyo1+9-5
2021-01-29 23:55man9: rename IM to MRFazlul Shahriar11+27-27
2021-01-29 05:38htmlroff: fix array boundsXiao-Yong Jin1+2-2
2021-01-29 05:35eqn: enlarge errbuf to account for large tokensXiao-Yong Jin2+2-2
2021-01-29 05:30xd: fix swizz8 loop countingXiao-Yong Jin1+1-1
2021-01-29 05:12libhtml: fix array bounds in lexXiao-Yong Jin1+1-1
2021-01-14 15:30libthread: call setpgrp in programs that will backgroundRuss Cox1+7-0
2021-01-14 15:05sam: avoid out-of-bounds read in rtermRuss Cox1+2-2
2021-01-14 15:01sam: remove backward ?:Russ Cox1+1-1
2021-01-14 14:59rc: do not exit on EINTR from readRuss Cox1+10-1
2021-01-14 14:59lib9: reject postnote with special pidsRuss Cox1+5-0
2021-01-14 14:58auxstats: do not postnote 0Russ Cox1+2-1
2021-01-06 04:38acme, sam, samterm: remove weird switch usageRuss Cox4+10-6
2021-01-03 05:54sam: rm dregsRuss Cox4+0-293
2021-01-06 04:35stats: add threadmaybackgroundRuss Cox5+49-40
2020-12-30 19:42acme: allow @ in file namesRuss Cox1+1-1
2020-12-30 19:36wintext: add to moveplan9.files (#470)Jacob Vosmaer1+1-0
2020-12-30 15:409term: add threadmaybackgroundRuss Cox1+6-0
2020-12-30 13:46.gitignore: add LOCAL.config and lib/fortunes.indexRuss Cox1+2-0
2020-12-30 13:44.gitignore: more binariesRuss Cox1+48-0
2020-12-30 13:41libthread: drop schedlockRuss Cox2+1-2
2020-12-30 13:389c: drop PLAN9PORT_ASANRuss Cox1+0-9
2020-12-30 13:12tcolors: add threadmaybackgroundRuss Cox1+6-0
2020-12-30 13:079a: remove a few mentionsRuss Cox2+2-16
2020-12-30 12:59.gitignore: enumerate ignored parts of bin/Russ Cox1+218-17
2020-12-30 12:39all: remove $OBJTYPE from buildRuss Cox56+41-1291
2020-12-30 12:21wintext: use rc not bashRuss Cox1+9-14
2020-03-20 18:529term: use openpty on NetBSDNicola Girardi1+16-0
2020-12-30 12:18devdraw: add /usr/X11R7 for NetBSDRuss Cox1+2-0
2020-12-30 12:18libthread: simplifyRuss Cox23+12-1477
2020-12-30 05:16libthread: make pthreadperthread the defaultRuss Cox2+15-21
2020-12-30 05:15libthread: fix pthreadperthread bugsRuss Cox2+187-107
2020-12-30 05:10libthread: add threadmaybackgroundRuss Cox19+120-21
2020-12-30 05:06libthread: delete NetBSD special caseRuss Cox4+4-465
2020-12-30 05:069c: use -fcommon for clangRuss Cox1+1-0
2020-12-15 05:05libthread: fix use after free of first thread in each procRuss Cox1+9-1
2020-12-15 05:01time: print 1s of millisecondsRuss Cox1+3-3
2020-09-26 23:189c, 9l: updates for macOS arm64.Anthony Sorace2+7-0
2020-08-16 00:46all: a few more #define tricks for AIXRuss Cox2+36-0
2020-08-16 00:07tmac: rename IM (italic manual) to MR (manual reference)Russ Cox286+1591-1588
2020-08-15 13:10fontsrv: fix handling of colored glyphs (emoji)Russ Cox1+17-5
2020-08-14 03:41tmac: introduce real manual reference macro instead of overloading IRRuss Cox297+1790-1774
2020-08-08 01:54touch: fix for OpenBSD.James Cook1+1-1
2020-07-23 00:03fontsrv(4): update man page for size of fontsrv subfontsRuss Cox1+8-8
2020-07-22 18:59devdraw, libdraw: fix memory leaks by freeing getns() malloced string (#431)Igor Böhm2+11-4
2020-07-18 23:52acme: add font control messageRuss Cox2+24-1
2020-07-18 23:51draw: use int for Cacheinfo x fieldRuss Cox1+1-1
2020-06-22 15:20src/cmd: rm dformatRuss Cox1+0-108
2020-06-16 03:18libthread: use libc functions in ucontext for macOS (#417)Xiao-Yong3+3-81
2020-06-04 17:55fontsrv: fix compilation on X11 (#420)Gregor Best1+1-0
2020-05-30 10:35osxvers: use swvers -productVersion to skip one awk callRuss Cox1+1-1
2020-05-30 01:42ed(1): fix documentation for list modeRuss Cox1+36-36
2020-05-21 15:10ed: handle Unicode beyond the BMP correctly in list mode.sean2+42-11
2020-05-30 01:19devdraw: accept 5- and 6-byte Unicode hex valuesRuss Cox2+45-15
2020-05-30 01:02fontsrv: scale f->originy to match f->height on x11dzklaim1+1-1
2020-05-26 15:36fontsrv: handle non-BMP runes on X11Russ Cox4+44-43
2020-05-26 15:24libdraw: handle larger number of subfontsRuss Cox3+5-4
2020-05-19 03:51man: update man pages to say $HOME when accurateRuss Cox4+37-33
2020-05-19 03:45devdraw, libdraw: handle keyboard runes > U+FFFFRuss Cox7+34-8
2020-05-19 02:58build: drop _XOPEN_SOURCE in u.h on AIXRuss Cox1+0-1
2020-05-19 02:46build: use installbsd instead of install on AIXRuss Cox6+5-8
2020-05-19 02:389c: fix tabRuss Cox1+1-1
2020-05-18 19:209l: xlc_r automatically adds -lpthread.Ben Huntsman1+0-1
2020-05-14 05:39lib9: use __builtin_return_address on IBM XL/CBen Huntsman1+1-1
2020-05-19 02:32rc: avoid problematic internal names "var", "thread"Russ Cox1+6-0
2020-05-19 02:31acme: avoid global named "class"Russ Cox1+3-0
2020-05-19 02:29libdiskfs: avoid problematic internal constant namesRuss Cox2+66-0
2020-05-18 23:55diff: rename class to fix AIXRuss Cox1+3-0
2020-05-18 15:38devdraw: use indirect impl interface in x11Gabriel Diaz1+21-0
2020-05-18 21:03lib9: avoid unportable use of d_namlen in dirreadRuss Cox1+1-2
2020-01-25 19:33devdraw: use global drawlk instead of per-clientRuss Cox3+20-18
2020-01-25 19:31devdraw: use indirect impl interfaceRuss Cox4+61-30
2020-05-18 02:31libthread: handle spurious _procsleep wakeups, fix $LIBTHREAD handlingRuss Cox2+26-6
2020-05-17 12:24libthread: add pthreadperthread mode and use under ASANRuss Cox4+120-18
2020-05-18 00:09INSTALL: build mk all the timeRuss Cox1+3-4
2020-05-18 00:079c, 9l: accept CC9FLAGS from configRuss Cox3+39-18
2020-05-18 00:06mk: replace overlapping strcpy with memmoveRuss Cox1+2-1
2020-05-18 00:02lib9: use opendir/readdir to read directoriesRuss Cox2+187-186
2020-05-17 16:38lib9: move seek into open.cRuss Cox4+7-12
2020-05-17 16:37lib9: add closeRuss Cox2+10-1
2020-05-17 16:35lib9: merge create, open, dirread into open.cRuss Cox5+273-292
2020-05-08 00:55fmt: adjust GCC version checkKurt H Maier1+2-2
2020-05-05 02:53all: fix #includes for AIX, add a few AIX "implementation" filesBen Huntsman9+25-0
2020-05-05 02:52mk: support Big Archive Format under AIXBen Huntsman1+4-0
2020-05-05 02:52all: update build scripts to fix AIX XL/C compatibilityBen Huntsman6+35-11
2020-05-07 12:37fmt: disable use of stdatomic on AIX XL C and old GCCRuss Cox1+21-0
2020-05-05 respect user-set shell instead of forcing bashRuss Cox1+22-2
2020-05-05 12:35rc(1): mention /etc/shells in BUGS sectionRuss Cox1+6-0
2020-05-05 12:29rc: clean up parser levels, disallow free carats on listsRuss Cox4+37-31
2020-05-05 03:31rc: allow unquoted = in command argumentsRuss Cox3+28-11
2020-05-05 03:20rc: move free carat handling into parserRuss Cox5+106-97
2020-05-05 02:52rc: move newline handling into parserRuss Cox6+67-24
2020-05-04 22:34rc: add recursive descent parserRuss Cox13+730-9
2020-04-29 10:219c: added explicit -fcommon to gcc defaults.sean1+1-0
2020-03-30 13:54acme: scale window bodies on resize, not including tag spaceRuss Cox1+5-3
2020-02-22 21:26Fix broken references to Nickle11+18-18
2020-02-11 09:18libthread: fix ARM build by renaming fileNeven Sajko1+0-0
2020-02-03 19:59devdraw: fix `cmd-r` to toggle retina vs. non-retina mode on macOS (#361)Martin Palma1+1-1
2020-01-24 18:09libthread: comment stack border a bit moreRuss Cox1+10-4
2020-01-24 18:08acme: report close failure in Put, this time for sureRuss Cox1+5-5
2020-01-20 04:04libthread: fix test deps, cleanup in mkfileRuss Cox1+4-1
2020-01-20 04:00libthread: clean up a bit moreRuss Cox1+10-25
2020-01-20 03:52libthread: rm OpenBSD tas implementationsRuss Cox2+1-23
2020-01-20 03:39libthread: use consistent stack calculation code in makecontextRuss Cox15+129-176
2020-01-20 02:14libthread: rm NetBSD pthread reference in sysofiles.shRuss Cox1+1-1
2020-01-20 02:10all: remove Linux 2.4 vs 2.6 detectionRuss Cox9+28-130
2020-01-20 02:03libthread: remove Linux 2.4 codeRuss Cox7+462-513
2020-01-20 02:01libthread: rm unused sparc-ucontext.hRuss Cox2+0-37
2020-01-20 01:57libthread: rm Darwin pre-11.0.0 supportRuss Cox5+0-192
2020-01-20 02:25libthread: rm FreeBSD 4 codeRuss Cox7+54-504
2020-01-20 01:51libthread: rm OpenBSD.cRuss Cox1+0-145
2020-01-20 01:43libthread: rm unused ARM (get|set)mcontext (#354)Neven Sajko1+0-43
2020-01-16 17:229fs: remove tip (dead?), redirect sources to 9p.ioDan Cross1+1-3
2020-01-16 17:07devdraw: abort alt sequence on window change on macOSRuss Cox1+4-0
2020-01-16 17:01libthread: NetBSD supports pthreads, remove ancient systems in sysofiles.shDan Cross1+1-8
2020-01-16 16:54malloc: remove lockingDan Cross3+3-41
2020-01-16 16:46lib9: putenv wraps POSIX setenv, not legacy putenvDan Cross1+1-7
2020-01-15 16:59devdraw: avoid deadlock in x11 resizeRuss Cox2+3-0
2019-06-22 10:44cmd/rio: xshove: set geometry by window idNicola Girardi1+6-1
2020-01-15 16:51libmach: Fix type errors in FreeBSD.cDan Cross1+4-4
2020-01-15 16:25devdraw: set windowrect correctly on x11 if window gets unexpected sizeRuss Cox1+2-2
2020-01-15 16:09devdraw: actually send resize event on resizeRuss Cox1+7-0
2020-01-15 15:48factotum: update for new nbrecvul return valueRuss Cox1+30-2
2020-01-15 12:14compress: remove (not distributed) from tar(1) manpage.sean1+0-1
2020-01-15 11:54compress: import Plan9 compresssean3+1526-0
2020-01-15 14:47winwatch: Plan 9-ify.Dan Cross1+412-426
2020-01-15 14:15clock: Remove unused static variable in clock.cDan Cross1+0-2
2020-01-15 13:43winwatch: port based Plan 9 winwatchmarkvanatten3+596-1
2020-01-15 07:579pfuse: update errortabOleg Nemanov1+2-0
2020-01-15 09:59soelim: manpage fixes.sean1+3-4
2020-01-15 08:28soelim: import from Plan9sean3+47-0
2020-01-15 00:46venti/buildindex: fix hang on large indexesRuss Cox1+1-1
2020-01-15 00:43devdraw: notify window resize promptly on x11Russ Cox5+28-13
2020-01-14 23:05libdraw: send hangup to process when window is lostRuss Cox1+5-1
2020-01-14 23:03lib9: make formatting lock-free againRuss Cox4+83-124
2020-01-14 21:38acme: save/restore multiline tags in Dump/LoadRuss Cox1+16-4
2020-01-14 19:52tar: remove /bin/ when invoking compressorsphonologus1+1-6
2020-01-14 17:40libthread: use mmap to allocate OpenBSD stacksRuss Cox6+61-8
2020-01-14 18:18libdraw: use proper pipe for default font dataRuss Cox1+16-6
2020-01-14 17:06devdraw: do not force-hide menu and dock during full screen on macRuss Cox1+15-3
2020-01-14 04:56devdraw: hide dock in full screen modeRuss Cox1+13-0
2020-01-14 04:38INSTALL: do not rm config after setting it upRuss Cox1+7-7
2020-01-14 04:33devdraw: correctly hide Mac menu bar (#335)Xiao-Yong1+9-9
2020-01-14 04:26libthread: fix fault in teardown of procRuss Cox2+2-1
2020-01-14 04:17acme: fix buffer overflow introduced in parsetag refactorRuss Cox3+8-8
2020-01-14 04:11mouse(3): fix definition of MousectlRuss Cox1+6-4
2020-01-14 04:11acme: fix movetodel for spaces in file namesRuss Cox1+8-11
2020-01-14 01:02acme: allow spaces in window namesRuss Cox2+20-5
2020-01-14 03:05mk: fix hash function (#315)Neven Sajko1+3-7
2020-01-14 02:58acme: one more place to use parsetagRuss Cox1+1-5
2020-01-14 01:00acme: factor out tag parsing codeRuss Cox3+28-21
2020-01-14 00:30lib9: do not fetch disk size for character devicesRuss Cox1+1-1
2020-01-14 00:20mk: treat X= as empty list in rc shellRuss Cox1+12-6
2020-01-13 23:26tmac: fix troff -ms .KS after .1CRuss Cox1+6-6
2020-01-13 23:15acme: fix crash in X |cat with multiple windowsRuss Cox1+24-5
2020-01-13 22:09vac, unvac: allow 128MB cache size, up from 4MBRuss Cox2+2-2
2020-01-13 22:079pfuse: do not fswalk("..")Russ Cox1+5-12
2020-01-13 22:04TODO: remove, not updated in 15 yearsRuss Cox2+3-15
2020-01-13 22:00libthread: fix nbrecvul, recvul to match man page, Plan 9Russ Cox1+2-2
2019-07-22 18:39cmd/9pfuse: ignore FMODE_EXEC open flagNicola Girardi1+11-2
2020-01-13 21:53clock: import from plan 9Russ Cox2+112-5
2020-01-13 21:48lib9: rm unused _p9translate.cRuss Cox1+0-46
2020-01-13 21:47devdraw: AUTOFRAMEWORK CoreFoundation on macOSRuss Cox1+1-0
2020-01-12 19:53devdraw: x11 working againRuss Cox14+1844-2340
2020-01-11 11:10devdraw: multiclient modeRuss Cox3+115-42
2020-01-11 11:02cmapcube: don't crash on initdraw failureRuss Cox1+2-1
2020-01-11 10:52libdraw: connect to devdraw via $wsysid when setRuss Cox3+85-1
2020-01-10 05:11devdraw: more cleanup, clearer lockingRuss Cox8+329-313
2020-01-10 02:47devdraw: refactor, clean up mac screenRuss Cox8+825-838
2020-01-09 05:40devdraw: move per-window globals in mac-screen.m into ClientRuss Cox3+81-62
2020-01-09 01:28devdraw: move Client into devdraw.h and move global state inRuss Cox11+470-465
2020-01-09 01:07devdraw: use consistent mac-* prefix on macOS filesRuss Cox14+1679-1873
2020-01-09 01:03devdraw: can use libthread directly now on macOSRuss Cox5+13-79
2020-01-09 00:54devdraw: simplify mac file namesRuss Cox4+5-98
2020-01-09 00:49devdraw: drop pre-metal macOS supportRuss Cox3+5-1688
2020-01-09 03:49devdraw: update drawclient test program to run againRuss Cox2+8-9
2019-08-25 14:30cmd/yacc: correctly detect end of file in gettokNeven Sajko1+2-0
2019-08-25 13:53cmd/yacc: check that arg is safe to pass to <ctype.h> isX functionsNeven Sajko1+14-5
2019-08-25 09:52cmd/yacc: check for EOF in string constant in cpyactNeven Sajko1+1-1
2019-08-22 11:28cmd/yacc: do not create an out of bounds pointerNeven Sajko1+2-1
2020-01-13 16:41lib9/fmt: avoid racy access to installed fmt formatsRuss Cox4+55-22
2020-01-13 16:37lib9: fix memory leak in dial of regular file (#284)jvd231+3-1
2020-01-13 16:04wintext: add tmux support, use in ", ""Russ Cox4+19-20
2020-01-13 16:02fontsrv: allow x11 hinting and disable autohint only (#254)Xiao-Yong1+1-1
2019-05-23 11:04Make venti's doc more accurateEdouard Klein3+26-9
2020-01-07 17:17cmd/venti/srv: split memory allocation callNeven Sajko1+2-2
2020-01-09 03:49libdraw: fix "mk"Russ Cox1+1-2
2020-01-09 03:47libthread: run first thread in proc on system stackRuss Cox4+55-17
2020-01-09 03:28lib9: make a p9frexp function wrapping system frexpRuss Cox3+13-1
2020-01-12 20:05all: fix or silence various gcc warningsRuss Cox17+27-22
2020-01-10 14:44Trivial changes: whitespace and modes.Dan Cross1021+5688-6196
2020-01-10 01:08src: mv ../buildEnvironmentVariables mkhdrRuss Cox4+24-21
2020-01-10 00:57mkfile, update for new asm-free getcallerpcRuss Cox2+3-3
2020-01-09 03:27lib9: add getcallerpc.c (fixes build)Russ Cox1+13-0
2019-08-18 20:10libhtml: plug a memory leak in addtextNeven Sajko1+3-0
2019-08-18 13:46libhtml: plug quite a few memory leaksNeven Sajko2+13-4
2020-01-08 01:36mk: plan9 style.Dan Cross1+8-7
2019-12-31 21:32mk: fix out of bounds accessNeven Sajko1+21-7
2020-01-07 22:279c: Fix case patterns for DragonFly and other BSDsMartin Kühl1+2-2
2020-01-06 22:57lib9, libndb: exclude terminating null from strncpy boundNeven Sajko2+2-2
2020-01-07 20:31lib9: remove getcallerpc implementationsRuss Cox9+15-66
2019-08-11 02:11libmach: plug another memory leakNeven Sajko1+2-0
2019-08-11 00:54libmach: plug memory leakNeven Sajko1+4-1
2020-01-07 20:029term: add a "look" menu item (#299)Fazlul Shahriar4+39-0
2020-01-07 19:51INSTALL, 9c, 9l: improve handling of *BSD (#302)Leonid Bobrov3+27-39
2020-01-07 19:49all: sync and dedup the creation of the SYSNAME and OBJTYPE env vars (#321)Neven Sajko3+22-36
2020-01-06 20:26acme(1): update man page to note -a trimming trailing spaces on PutRuss Cox1+11-6
2019-12-28 21:33cmd/htmlroff: fix buffer overflow in t2.c getqargNeven Sajko1+1-1
2016-05-28 01:13ls: check that pointer is not nil before calling qsortNeven Sajko1+1-1
2016-05-28 13:00acme: do not pass null pointers where disallowedNeven Sajko2+4-1
2019-08-08 21:24cmd/rc: fix declarations of some externally linked variablesNeven Sajko2+2-3
2016-05-31 09:23cb: fix a null pointer dereferenceNeven Sajko1+3-3
2019-12-19 20:00sam: report close errorRuss Cox3+9-1
2019-12-19 19:51acme: report close failure during PutRuss Cox1+6-2
2019-12-19 19:49libbio: report Bflush/close error from BtermRuss Cox1+5-3
2019-12-10 16:36ed: formatting tweak (remove redundant tab). (#301)Marc Simpson1+1-1
2019-12-09 01:20page: fix pdf prolog for ghostscript >= 9.27 (#296)Fazlul Shahriar2+2-4
2019-12-09 01:19ed: replace magic number (077776, i.e. 32766) with NBLK-1. (#300)Marc Simpson1+1-1
2019-11-14 05:47page: fix hang for forward-only postscript filesFazlul Shahriar2+7-1
2019-11-11 22:069c, 9l: use $TMPDIR if available (#272)Jason Felice2+2-2
2019-10-29 14:07plumber: add -f (foreground) option (#288)Jason Felice4+19-5
2019-10-29 14:04awk: split record into runes for empty FS (#292)Fazlul Shahriar1+9-4
2019-09-19 20:50Teach 9l about FreeBSD ≥ 12; address issue #247. (#249)Francis Conti1+1-1
2019-09-19 20:499l: support Linux version 5.0+ (#274)Günther Noack1+1-1
2019-09-19 17:10hoc: don't nest calls to follow() when lexing ++/+= and --/-= (#287)deepcube1+2-2
2019-09-19 17:10upas/nfs: fix null date when message is sent to plumber (#263)telephil1+1-1
2019-09-19 17:08plumber: fix EOF detection on writes to rules file (#257)Fazlul Shahriar1+3-3
2019-09-19 17:08auxstats: replace /proc ACPI calls with /sys ones (#245)Zach Scott1+8-22
2019-06-19 18:32devdraw: cocoa metal screen adds a delayed update (#270)Xiao-Yong1+7-0
2018-11-17 12:22devdraw: handle windowDidResize on macOS (#212)Pocket78781+7-1
2019-06-10 20:01acme: accept expanded URLs in lookRuss Cox1+39-9
2019-04-24 15:02acme: delete trailing spaces during Put in autoindent modeRuss Cox1+64-41
2019-05-18 03:17devdraw: cocoa metal screen updates (#215)Xiao-Yong2+31-63
2019-04-20 02:24acme: do not trim spaces during PutRuss Cox1+8-4
2019-04-05 19:12samterm: stop ignoring all keys >= KcmdPocket78781+3-2
2019-04-05 19:11devdraw: stop redirecting ^H in cocoa-metal (#209)Xiao-Yong1+0-1
2019-04-05 19:10man/memdraw.3: fix typoNoah Evans1+1-1
2019-04-05 19:09libdraw,devdraw: fix compatibility with old 16x16 cursor protocol (#217)Fazlul Shahriar4+33-1
2019-04-05 19:08devdraw: prefer low-power GPU for macOS metal rendering (#231)Chris Schultz1+13-2
2019-04-05 19:04devdraw: avoid deadlock on pre-Mojave macOSRuss Cox1+6-0
2019-04-05 18:47fortunes: correct a mispelling (#234)Travis snɯǝᗡɔW1+1-1
2019-04-05 18:45acme: Update tag after receiving menu/nomenu control event (#251)Martin Kühl1+2-0
2019-04-05 18:44devdraw: fix cocoa metal _flushmemscreen for invalid rectangles (#240)Xiao-Yong1+4-0
2019-04-05 18:43devdraw: respond to windowDidBecomeKey on darwin (#239)Jacob Vosmaer1+5-0
2019-02-25 14:45page: handle EPS without showpageRuss Cox2+6-1
2019-02-01 18:20rio: delete ancient Imakefile (use mk instead)Russ Cox1+0-27
2018-07-31 01:37acme: drop trailing spaces during Put of auto-indent windowRuss Cox1+38-3
2018-11-16 15:14INSTALL: use cc to check for fontsrv on non-Darwin (#203)Xiao-Yong1+1-1
2018-11-16 15:14unix: fix for tar on FreeBSD (#202)Xiao-Yong1+4-4
2018-11-16 05:01INSTALL: set $NPROC on macOSRuss Cox2+2-1
2018-11-16 04:52libdraw: redo default font construction to be hidpi-safeRuss Cox20+374-587
2018-02-08 13:00file: recognize Mach-O binaries and Java class filesMartin Kühl1+3-0
2018-02-08 12:59file: add missing newlines to file typesMartin Kühl1+3-3
2017-09-06 12:30paint: add drawing program from 9front (#112)Tobias Heinicke4+1213-0
2018-11-16 03:05rio: make 'mk all' explain why it does nothing on non-x11 systemsRuss Cox1+4-2
2018-10-05 22:13devdraw: remove os x 10.5 compatibility codeJacob Vosmaer4+2-1790
2018-11-16 03:00unix: fix tar use in mkfile to allow Plan 9 tarMat Kovach1+4-4
2018-11-16 01:52acme: add 32x32 boxcursorRuss Cox4+71-2
2018-11-16 01:34INSTALL: set CC9 on macOS to use xcrun clangRuss Cox1+1-0
2018-11-16 01:28devdraw: add Cursor2 support on macOS 10.14 MojaveRuss Cox8+113-45
2018-11-16 01:24tweak: add support for Cursor2Russ Cox1+78-30
2018-11-16 01:22libdraw: add Cursor2, a 32x32 high-res cursorRuss Cox11+86-7
2018-10-22 01:59devdraw: rewrite the Cocoa screen using MetalXiao-Yong Jin8+1307-21
2018-11-14 05:24upas/smtp: fix TLS connections (#163)Zach Scott2+49-0
2018-11-14 05:23INSTALL: fix compiler detection on FreeBSD+clang (#177)Francis Conti1+24-17
2018-11-14 05:19devdraw: set displaydpi on devdraw x11 attach (#178)Gabriel Díaz1+7-2
2018-11-14 05:11mac/ invoke 9term with -lRuss Cox1+1-1
2018-11-14 05:119term: make 9term -l invoke $SHELL with -lRuss Cox1+6-1
2018-11-14 05:03web: allow any $BROWSERRuss Cox1+1-1
2018-11-14 05:01fontsrv: increase x11 font height scale (#111)iru-1+1-1
2018-11-14 add $PLAN9/bin to $PATH if not already in $PATH (#144)KADOTA, Kyohei1+4-0
2018-11-14 04:59plumb/basic: avoid wrap around in file:1:2 (#158)Martin Kühl1+2-2
2018-11-14 04:57devdraw: make ctrl generate 1-click while mouse down (#119)Xiao-Yong1+2-0
2018-11-14 04:14keyboard: add compose sequences lc and rc for ceiling brackets (#126)thisrod1+2-0
2018-11-14 04:13keyboard: add tab/untab symbols (#160)Martin Kühl1+2-0
2018-11-14 04:13fontsrv: x11 uses FC_POSTSCRIPT_NAME (#174)Xiao-Yong1+1-1
2018-11-14 04:11acme: avoid division by zero when resizing col (#189)Fazlul Shahriar1+6-2
2018-11-14 04:09fontsrv: disable font smoothing on osx (#196)Xiao-Yong2+4-0
2018-11-14 04:099term: fix getpts on FreeBSD 11.2 (#199)Xiao-Yong1+16-0
2018-11-12 16:089l: drop xcode text-based stub warningRuss Cox1+1-1
2018-11-12 16:07plumb: allow @ in file namesRuss Cox1+9-9
2018-06-22 20:43fontsrv: copy some fixes from OS X to X11Fazlul Shahriar1+43-38
2018-05-17 21:56upas/nfs: correctly quote IMAP LOGIN argumentsCharles Collicutt1+1-1
2018-10-01 15:20grep: update from Plan 9David du Colombier1+3-3
2018-09-29 13:59libregexp: include stddef.h in lib9.std.hDavid du Colombier1+1-0
2018-09-19 13:19acme: Apply each -/+ only once (#156)Martin Kühl1+3-3
2018-05-17 23:18fontsrv: omit box-drawing characters from line struts on macOS For some fonts, using box-drawing characters in the representative text for computing the line height results in it being uncomfortably high. Replace them with accented capitals and tall lower-case letters which lead to a more conservative increase in the line height.Igor Burago1+1-1
2018-03-27 15:52libdraw: fix error in the previous commitXiao-Yong Jin1+1-1
2018-03-23 04:16mc: fix crash in acme with hidpi displayXiao-Yong Jin1+9-5
2018-03-22 03:24samterm: free some getenv resultsXiao-Yong Jin1+7-2
2018-03-22 03:24sam: freetmpstr instead of freeXiao-Yong Jin1+1-1
2018-03-21 03:17libdraw: fix some memory leaks in font handlingXiao-Yong Jin5+18-6
2018-03-21 03:17fontsrv: fix some memory leaksXiao-Yong Jin2+4-1
2018-03-21 03:16devdraw: fix some memory leaks in x11Xiao-Yong Jin2+5-1
2018-03-21 03:15acme: fix some memory leaksXiao-Yong Jin3+8-2
2018-03-15 03:45fontsrv: enlarge drawing buffer for subfonts on macOSXiao-Yong Jin1+3-1
2018-03-15 01:17mount, 9pfuse: detect macports installed osxfuseXiao-Yong Jin2+9-0
2018-01-06 17:01fontsrv: skip only the surrogate pairsMechiel Lukkien1+1-1
2018-01-31 13:43mount: check current osxfuse kext locationMartin Kühl1+2-0
2018-01-18 16:399pserve: fix memory leak in warningRay Lai1+2-0
2018-02-01 13:29.gitignore: ignore files created for astro(1) and scat(1)Martin Kühl1+2-0
2018-02-28 10:109term: Set TERM_PROGRAM to termprogMartin Kühl1+1-0
2018-03-15 01:279pfuse: retries read(3) upon EINTRXiao-Yong Jin1+5-2
2018-02-05 20:149pfuse: fix handling of access mode (thanks Kenji Arisawa)David du Colombier1+3-1
2018-01-20 04:03auxstats: get network stats in a portable manner on FreeBSD as the old grody way doesn't work any more on FreeBSD-10 and later.Bakul Shah1+14-33
2018-01-16 07:41rc: use proper type for storing ulimit values rc on amd64 stores ulimit values as 32-bit int, but the limits on OpenBSD amd64 can exceed 2^31, so "ulimit -a" shows some values as negative. This is a problem when I want to increase my ulimit but the hard ulimit values are printed as negative.Ray Lai1+7-6
2018-01-03 14:46gview: fix int vs ulong confusion causing silent exit 1 at startupRuss Cox1+4-4
2014-12-02 02:029term: re-enable sys: child note for child processesRuss Cox1+1-0
2017-11-02 15:58acme: preserve window position and selection during GetRuss Cox5+103-18
2017-10-15 20:13moveplan9: add missing filesSteven Stallion1+35-0
2017-10-15 18:39web: *chrome* matches google-chromeGleydson Soares1+1-1
2017-10-14 23:50acme: free buf in checksha1Russ Cox1+1-0
2017-10-12 23:579l: accept Linux kernel version 4.xkeks1+1-1
2017-10-13 08:269term: fix getpts on macOS 10.13David du Colombier1+16-0
2017-10-13 08:16upas/nfs: fix warningsDavid du Colombier3+2-10
2017-10-10 17:49acme: check file content before declaring file "modified since last read"Russ Cox23+79-13
2017-03-26 05:09devdraw: fix build on macOS < 10.12Rudá Moura1+2-0
2017-09-26 13:48xd: add -R for runewise dumpLeah Neukirchen2+118-40
2017-10-01 09:43web: add Chromium support on FreeBSDDavid du Colombier1+1-1
2017-09-22 09:46.travis.yml: configure build matrix to build on OS X and Linux (thanks Michaelian Ennis)David du Colombier1+28-20
2017-09-14 20:519l: support FreeBSD 10 and 11 (thanks Ori Bernstein)David du Colombier1+1-1
2017-09-14 15:21lib/moveplan9.files: add missing filesAdam Saponara1+12-1
2017-09-10 10:26all: remove .cvsignore filesKare Nuorteva46+0-387
2017-09-10 10:25README: update linksKare Nuorteva1+5-7
2017-09-01 22:44.travis.yml: disable osx buildDavid du Colombier1+0-1
2017-09-01 20:51lib9: import frand function from Plan 9David du Colombier2+18-0
2017-09-01 20:37svgpic: fix warningsDavid du Colombier1+1-3
2017-09-01 20:37libmach: initialize ss variable in stabsline2pc functionDavid du Colombier1+2-1
2017-09-01 19:23.travis.yml: build on osxDavid du Colombier1+8-0
2017-09-01 18:57README: add Travis CI and Coverity Scan badgesDavid du Colombier1+7-0
2017-09-01 18:17dict, sky: update site from to 9fans.github.ioDavid du Colombier2+3-3
2017-09-01 17:25dist/publish: fix export of of usr treeRuss Cox1+1-1
2017-09-01 17:16all: update site from to 9fans.github.ioRuss Cox26+83-52
2017-09-01 17:16codereview: delete, now using GitHub pull requestsRuss Cox5+2-3944
2017-09-01 16:38.travis.yml: add Coverity Scan to Travis CI configurationDavid du Colombier1+18-0
2017-08-18 19:41.travis.yml: add Travis CI configurationDavid du Colombier1+4-0
2017-09-01 16:05ed: allow larger temp filesRuss Cox1+1-1
2017-07-18 15:219(1): document gotcha with oh-my-zshRuss Cox1+15-0
2017-07-21 23:33venti: fix venti graph on 64-bitMichael Stroucken2+2-1
2017-07-16 02:51dist: update mk pushRuss Cox1+4-4
2017-07-16 02:49man: various cleanupRuss Cox26+43-49
2017-07-16 removeRuss Cox1+0-1448
2017-07-16 02:35man5, man6: delete empty dirsRuss Cox4+0-4
2017-07-16 02:23man1: document mouse keystrokes in acme, sam, 9termRuss Cox3+40-0
2017-07-16 02:23acme: implement Cmd-Shift-Z for Redo on MacRuss Cox1+4-0
2017-07-16 02:22devdraw: fix Mac Kcmd+ShiftRuss Cox1+3-0
2017-06-19 13:58fontsrv: avoid quote mapping on fonts with indistinguishable quotesRuss Cox1+19-5
2017-06-19 13:50lib9: fix needsrcquoteRuss Cox1+1-1
2017-04-04 03:12svgpic: new program to convert pic to svgRuss Cox19+4034-0
2017-06-14 19:27troff: import HB, HI and HX fonts from Plan 9David du Colombier3+918-0
2017-04-20 21:35factotum: Fix an operator precedence bug in the secstore codeDan Cross1+1-1
2017-04-20 21:35yacc: Fix a bug from at least 1995.Dan Cross1+2-1
2016-05-18 06:06libdraw: replace hand-rolled realloc, preventing buffer overflow.Ray Lai1+1-3
2016-05-23 14:309term: Add missing parentheses, preventing buffer overflow.Ray Lai1+1-1
2016-12-01 04:009pfuse: support osxfuse>=3.3.0James Porter1+28-7
2017-01-09 15:439term: c nitsRuss Cox2+3-2
2017-01-08 22:19cmd/9term: A hack because I'm constantly getting confused about ^C vs fn+deleteDave Presotto3+11-0
2017-01-07 05:42src/cmd: take fontsrv out of BUGGEREDDave Presotto1+1-1
2017-01-06 21:32all: fix or silence all INSTALL warnings on macOSRuss Cox15+106-87
2017-01-06 19:579term, win: work around bsd linker nonsenseRuss Cox3+9-2
2017-01-06 15:359term, mc: conspire to handle hidpi displaysRuss Cox2+26-1
2016-05-07 15:36include: define _DEFAULT_SOURCEDavid du Colombier6+6-0
2015-08-09 19:18libregexp: various fixesDavid du Colombier3+4-6
2016-11-02 17:18fix segfaults on OpenBSD: int cannot hold all the values a ptrdiff_t can take.Gleydson Soares1+1-1
2016-04-11 21:49font: s/10/11 in ascent for unicode.7x13.fontRob Pike1+1-1
2016-01-22 11:50fontsrv: do not try to look up surrogate pairsRuss Cox1+2-0
2015-12-07 11:32auxstats: fix OpenBSD by using getifaddrs(3) instead of kvm(3)Gleydson Soares2+24-75
2015-11-11 13:02devdraw: cocoa: set window title on main threadsqweek1+12-2
2015-11-10 15:33win: local \r cancellationRuss Cox1+14-1
2015-11-10 15:259term, win: better \r handling (thanks, git)Russ Cox2+31-1
2015-06-10 16:02INSTALL: append /usr/X11R6/include and /usr/X11R6/include/freetype2 to X11 headers detection, so that enable fontsrv build on OpenBSD.Gleydson Soares1+2-1
2015-08-25 19:59mk: avoid infinite loop when targets are repeatedRuss Cox2+6-0
2015-07-03 14:57fontsrv: use 64 chars per subfont instead of 256Russ Cox4+14-9
2015-08-18 04:24font/fixed: adjust the ascent for the 7x13 subfontsRob Pike25+0-0
2015-08-18 04:02font/lucsans: fix reference to supsub.9Rob Pike1+1-1
2015-06-04 12:11upas/nfs: search for stunnele3 in $PATHGleydson Soares1+7-4
2014-11-17 16:55all: linux/arm64 portAram Hăvărneanu4+17-0
2014-11-18 19:19libregexp: fix copy-paste errorDavid du Colombier1+1-1
2015-03-19 13:13all: linux/mips portAram Hăvărneanu5+18-0
2015-03-22 12:14all: fix openbsd buildAram Hăvărneanu2+4-3
2015-01-05 04:06keyboard.h: add some missing key enums from Plan 9mischief1+6-1
2015-01-03 13:15acme: add focus change to logSergiusz Urbaniak1+6-0
2014-12-24 04:45devdraw: plumb drag-n-dropped filesmarius a. eriksen3+57-10
2015-03-21 03:24libdraw, acme: fix acme segfault triggered passing an invalid fontGleydson Soares1+2-0
2015-02-18 14:45fontsrv: fix x11 buildRuss Cox1+0-1
2015-02-17 20:36man: document font syntaxesRuss Cox5+130-23
2015-02-17 19:45devdraw: enable retina behavior by default on OS XRuss Cox1+3-3
2015-02-17 17:39libdraw: refine hidpi font selectionRuss Cox4+44-1
2015-02-17 17:16libdraw: autoscale fonts when moving between low and high dpi screensRuss Cox9+243-28
2015-02-17 05:57libdraw: add 2*font syntax for scaled fontsRuss Cox7+77-5
2015-02-17 04:58fontsrv: use CoreText API on OS XRuss Cox5+143-106
2014-12-02 fix link to codereview(1)Russ Cox1+1-1
2014-11-28 20:04fontsrv: disable X11 hintingEthan Burns1+1-1
2014-11-18 23:309pfuse: Disable glibc workaround for O_LARGEFILE on ARMMerlijn Wajer1+4-1
2014-12-02 01:23install.txt: regenerate (9 man 1 intro >install.txt)Russ Cox1+203-82
2014-12-02 01:15libdraw, libframe, acme: fix, guard against inverted range in textsetselectRuss Cox3+15-3
2014-11-16 00:02devdraw: fix title and "open in top" on OS XRoi Martin1+4-1
2014-12-02 add message about pull requestsRuss Cox1+7-0
2014-11-18 01:59codereview: use 'git branch -v' for pendingRuss Cox1+1-1
2014-11-17 16:21cmd: rename *.C to *.cRuss Cox4+0-0
2014-11-17 03:00man: more Mercurial references changed to GitRuss Cox3+5-5
2014-11-17 02:39codereview: make commit -a the default; warn about uncommitted changes at uploadRuss Cox3+38-25
2014-11-17 02:36README: rename to, add markdown for githubRuss Cox1+0-0
2014-11-17 02:28codereview: fix a few bugsRuss Cox1+9-8
2014-11-16 23:58all: update for GitRuss Cox6+485-183
2014-11-12 22:38Delete .cvsignore. It is time.Russ Cox1+0-3
2014-11-11 04:49Convert .hgignore to .gitignore.Russ Cox1+0-0
2014-11-11 04:49Remove .hgtags.Russ Cox1+0-1
2014-11-07 21:52INSTALL: fix path of quote1 and quote2David du Colombier1+3-3
2014-10-21 12:22fix clang 3.4 warnings and ignore uninteresting onesDavid du Colombier3+8-6
2014-10-21 11:25venti/copy: fix bug writing directories that zero truncateRuss Cox2+2-1
2014-10-21 00:41col: import from plan 9, by popular demandRuss Cox2+352-0
2014-10-20 20:219l: link with -lresolv on LinuxDavid du Colombier2+1-3
2014-08-06 12:43vbackup: fix compilation on NetBSD (thanks Álvaro Jurado)David du Colombier1+4-0
2014-08-06 12:37CONTRIBUTORS: add Aram HăvărneanuAram Hăvărneanu1+1-0
2014-08-06 12:36g: search in *.s filesAram Hăvărneanu1+1-1
2014-07-09 14:26mc: use $termprog to identify 9termRuss Cox1+1-1
2014-06-05 16:46upas: fix nil pointer dereferenceDavid du Colombier1+2-2
2014-06-03 18:30upas/common: rename aux to auxxRuss Cox2+1-1
2014-06-03 18:29build: rename " and "" to quote1 and quote2 for hgRuss Cox3+4-0
2014-06-03 04:16acme: fix bufread crash due to typing-point scrollingRuss Cox1+4-0
2014-06-03 04:09acme: increase timer resolution to 10msRuss Cox1+1-1
2014-05-19 13:39undo CL 69070045 / 8539a916d98aRuss Cox1+0-4
2014-05-15 04:28upas: fix warningsDavid du Colombier2+3-3
2014-05-15 04:28libndb: add AUTOLIB(resolv)David du Colombier1+2-0
2014-05-06 02:28acme: fix two flush bugs in new log fileRuss Cox1+3-2
2014-04-30 16:14acme: add log file in acme root directoryRuss Cox12+262-8
2014-04-19 17:44acme: add comment for aligned writesRuss Cox1+5-0
2014-04-19 14:09acme: use buffered i/o to write fileRuss Cox1+16-1
2014-04-18 18:03acme: fix Get of dir in nameless window (thanks Colton Lewis)Russ Cox1+1-1
2014-03-26 03:23dist/main.html: update supported systems and commit log link.Shenghou Ma1+4-3
2014-03-14 14:10man/man1/0intro.1: update supported systems.Shenghou Ma1+7-5
2014-03-13 22:48acme: copy/cut/paste with ctl+c,x,vEthan Burns2+5-0
2014-03-13 22:46acme, sam: handle >1GB files correctlyRuss Cox4+10-4
2014-03-05 21:43INSTALL: fix architecture detection on Solaris. And uses gcc for i386 and x86_64.Shenghou Ma1+21-0
2014-03-03 21:30fix gcc 4.8 warningsDavid du Colombier6+5-15
2014-03-03 21:23fossil: fix p9p changes on viewDavid du Colombier1+28-26
2014-02-28 04:17all: DragonFly port. Fix compilation problems, libdraw still doesn't work right yet.Shenghou Ma14+356-15
2014-02-24 06:21codereview: sync from Go.Shenghou Ma1+185-112
2014-01-22 18:43mac/Plumb: add URL scheme to Info.plistRob Kroeger1+14-1
2014-01-22 18:41devdraw: clear altdown on focus out (thanks Ethan Burns)Russ Cox1+1-0
2014-01-22 16:23INSTALL: diagnose missing gcc on DarwinRuss Cox1+5-1
2014-01-07 03:19keyboard: add more sequences, from existing ones or RFC 1345Jonathan Cast2+14-0
2013-10-23 20:10fossil: fix remaining warningsDavid du Colombier5+13-13
2013-10-22 23:47acme: scroll a directory window when navigating if: - the cursor is on the last line - the navigation would put the cursor over the tag of the following textRob Pike3+29-4
2013-09-26 20:34xd: fix build by declaring swizz8David du Colombier1+1-1
2013-09-26 20:33fossil: cleanup mkfileDavid du Colombier1+1-62
2013-09-26 20:32fossil: create directoryDavid du Colombier1+0-0
2013-09-26 20:31fossil: import conf.rcDavid du Colombier1+68-0
2013-09-26 20:31fossil: cast Qid.vers, Dir.mode and Qid.mtime to u32int (thanks Tim Kack)David du Colombier1+4-4
2013-09-26 20:30fossil: fix various warningsDavid du Colombier5+0-95
2013-09-26 18:12fossil: required p9p changesDavid du Colombier15+156-67
2013-09-23 21:16fossil: move from liboventi to libthread and libventiDavid du Colombier38+1360-1424
2013-09-23 21:00fossil: import from plan 9David du Colombier50+22325-0
2013-09-06 20:23acme: execute commands with / using shellMarius Eriksen1+1-1
2013-09-06 20:19acme Mail: add Search commandAkshat Kumar2+63-1
2013-09-06 20:10mailfs: allow spaces in box nameAkshat Kumar1+16-1
2013-09-06 20:09mailfs: support for UTF-8 searchesAkshat Kumar1+45-10
2013-08-13 16:46rcmain: use new $termprog variableSteve McCoy2+2-1
2013-08-07 03:44devdraw: set window name to argv[0]Russ Cox1+120-0
2013-08-06 13:429term: set TERM=dumb instead of TERM=9termRuss Cox4+13-1
2013-07-31 13:15acme: allow :6 in 5-line fileRuss Cox1+2-0
2013-07-17 16:55cmd/devdraw: clear keyboard state on lost focus.Roger Peppe2+7-0
2013-07-02 04:39libregexp: update from Plan 9David du Colombier5+25-24
2013-06-21 19:28devdraw: fix x11 inputRuss Cox1+1-1
2013-03-19 18:36rc: avoid undefined CXi Wang1+4-4
2013-03-19 18:35libsec: avoid undefined CXi Wang1+1-2
2013-03-11 21:26xd: accept -S for 8-byte swapRuss Cox2+39-0
2013-03-08 03:40devdraw: control+click = button 2, alt/shift+click = button 3Russ Cox3+111-26
2013-02-08 17:46devdraw: silence unused variable warningsRuss Cox1+6-2
2013-02-08 17:44devdraw: disable XCopyArea optimizationRuss Cox1+5-2
2013-01-31 01:46fontsrv: fix on X11 when X11H is not definedAlessandro Arzilli1+1-1
2013-01-31 01:46libmach: fix crash in dwarfpc (misuse of realloc)Xi Wang1+1-0
2013-01-31 01:45fontserv: fix build on FreeBSD 9.1Martin Neubauer1+6-1
2013-01-31 01:45CONTRIBUTORS: three moreRuss Cox1+3-1
2013-01-19 09:05jpegdump: fix build and warningsDavid du Colombier1+8-7
2013-01-04 19:06freq: fix crash with utf > 0xffff (thanks Andrey Mirtchovski)David du Colombier1+2-2
2013-01-03 05:48venti/wrarena: fix arenapart breakageDavid du Colombier1+4-3
2012-12-18 15:22fontsrv: only build when the pieces are thereRuss Cox2+17-2
2012-12-11 17:45fontsrv: fix build on OpenBSD 5.2Christian Kellermann5+14-2
2012-12-09 10:24auth/factotum: fix password prompt hang with secstoreDavid du Colombier1+3-3
2012-12-03 20:55fontsrv: make single quotes look like quotesRuss Cox1+15-3
2012-12-01 05:35fontsrv: scaled pjwRuss Cox5+369-11
2012-11-26 05:33acme: retina scaling for scroll bars, buttonRuss Cox2+34-26
2012-11-26 05:23samterm: retina scaling for scroll bars, bordersRuss Cox3+24-14
2012-11-26 05:139term: adjust to dpi changesRuss Cox1+23-15
2012-11-26 05:13libdraw: change DefaultDPI to 133Russ Cox1+1-1
2012-11-26 04:55devdraw: fake dpi calculation on MacRuss Cox1+8-0
2012-11-26 04:48libframe: auto scale tick for retinaRuss Cox3+24-10
2012-11-26 04:47devdraw: use %R not Fn-F3 for retina toggleRuss Cox1+1-1
2012-11-26 04:38devdraw: add forcedpi toggled by Fn+F3 on MacRuss Cox4+20-3
2012-11-26 03:56acme: set $samfile (same as $%) during executionMarius Eriksen2+3-0
2012-11-26 03:45fontsrv: work around a few crashesRuss Cox1+6-2
2012-11-26 03:43devdraw: fix retina modeRuss Cox1+1-1
2012-11-26 03:15libdraw: add scalesizeRuss Cox3+24-0
2012-11-26 03:02draw.h: add DefaultDPIRuss Cox1+2-1
2012-11-26 02:41devdraw, libdraw: add display->dpiRuss Cox4+38-2
2012-11-26 02:20devdraw: restore compilation on OS X 10.6 Also add some ignored files to .hgignoreShenghou Ma3+10-0
2012-10-22 16:32acme: use threadspawnd to avoid changing "." of current processRuss Cox1+8-29
2012-10-22 16:32libthread: add threadspawndRuss Cox4+28-6
2012-10-21 20:52acme: add $acmeshell to control execution shellMarius Eriksen4+18-2
2012-10-21 20:49fontsrv: x11 supportYuval Pavel Zholkover5+275-3
2012-10-21 accept plumb:foo as alias for fooRob Kroeger1+16-1
2012-10-21 16:12devdraw: map X11 dead_diaresis to double quoteCaio Oliveira2+43-39
2012-10-21 16:08libmemdraw: fix int size bugErik Quanstrom1+2-1
2012-10-21 16:04silence more warningsRuss Cox15+307-299
2012-10-21 16:019c: support clang on MacRuss Cox1+11-0
2012-10-21 15:25fix clang warnings reported by Tuncer AyazRuss Cox24+619-621
2012-10-20 17:519c: add more clang warning silencers, use signed charsRuss Cox1+7-2
2012-10-20 17:42lib9: fix Mac warningRuss Cox1+8-1
2012-10-20 17:41INSTALL: don't try to use \b in acme windowRuss Cox1+2-0
2012-10-20 17:36fix gcc 4.7 warnings (thanks Tuncer Ayaz)Russ Cox14+9-40
2012-10-20 17:28web: fix BROWSER=google-chrome on MacRuss Cox1+3-0
2012-10-20 17:28mount: fix for osxfuseRuss Cox1+4-2
2012-10-16 17:57libframe: use correct text color when paintingRob Kroeger1+12-6
2012-10-16 17:55devdraw: MacBook retina supportRob Kroeger2+128-8
2012-10-07 13:48devdraw: prefer 24-bit over 15-bit or 16-bit.Russ Cox1+6-6
2012-10-05 20:42acme: correct writes of runes on auspicious byte boundariesErik Quanstrom2+35-23
2012-09-24 19:43fortunes: new oneRuss Cox1+1-0
2012-09-24 14:35src/cmd: Add a repurposed import(4), called `9import', to the ports.Akshat Kumar3+319-0
2012-09-24 02:01acme: mouse movement for DelRuss Cox5+62-8
2012-09-18 15:39snarfer: disable during buildRuss Cox1+1-1
2012-09-17 18:53sam: add $% as an alias for $samfileRuss Cox1+1-0
2012-09-17 16:39libdraw: add visibleclicks modeRuss Cox3+54-2
2012-09-11 15:11lib9/p9dialparse: fix segfault on gethostbynameDavid du Colombier1+1-1
2012-09-11 02:079pfuse: fix memory leak, avoid memory explosionTies Bos2+12-2
2012-09-11 00:55lib/acme.rc: remove noscrollIngo Dreilich2+1-1
2012-09-08 17:53lib9: remove ss_len manipulation in _p9dialparseRuss Cox1+0-3
2012-09-08 16:499pfuse: osxfuse supportRuss Cox1+16-8
2012-09-08 16:49lib9: fix announce on OS XRuss Cox1+7-5
2012-09-04 22:45lib9/dial: fix addrlen in connect() and bind()David du Colombier2+35-7
2012-08-05 17:17srv(4), mount: update v9fs usageDavid du Colombier2+3-3
2012-08-05 17:10disk/mkfs,disk/mkext: fix mkdir conflictRuss Cox2+3-0
2012-08-03 19:25lib9/getnetconn: add support for IPv6David du Colombier1+27-0
2012-08-03 19:12vacfs: fix create srv with ORCLOSE on plan 9David du Colombier1+11-9
2012-08-03 17:58dial(3): update dialparseDavid du Colombier1+4-4
2012-08-03 17:26devdraw: make it 3 times faster on OS XDavid Jeannot1+49-42
2012-07-31 15:24devdraw: fix for OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)Rob Kroeger1+40-31
2012-07-29 22:53libventi: fix segfault in vtgetreqDavid du Colombier1+2-1
2012-07-17 23:10disk/mkfs, disk/mkext: add from Plan 9Russ Cox5+1356-0
2012-07-16 14:439l: remove debug printRuss Cox1+0-1
2012-07-14 14:16openbsd updates (thanks Pascal Stumpf)Russ Cox8+82-138
2012-07-14 13:07libmach: remove debug printRuss Cox1+0-1
2012-07-14 12:509l: fix for Linux 3.x (thanks Christopher Brannon)Russ Cox2+3-1
2012-07-14 12:30auth/factotum: fix flush (thanks Erik Quanstrom)Russ Cox1+3-2
2012-07-14 12:01lib/codereview: update from GoRuss Cox1+121-35
2012-07-14 12:01venti(8): fix discussion of variablesRuss Cox1+7-4
2012-06-27 18:02lib9: fix openbsd buildDavid du Colombier2+2-1
2012-06-02 19:50lib9/dial: add support for IPv6David du Colombier6+107-119
2012-05-29 19:11fix INSTALL warningsRuss Cox7+12-7
2012-05-29 19:10CONTRIBUTORS: add Abhishek KulkarniRuss Cox1+1-0
2012-05-29 17:34venti: fix VtMaxLumpSizeAbhishek Kulkarni7+7-7
2012-05-15 14:55plumb: remove debugging printRuss Cox1+0-1
2012-05-07 14:20venti: remove bloomlookuptime in statsDavid du Colombier1+0-3
2012-05-07 13:55venti: fix bloom in statsDavid du Colombier1+4-1
2012-05-02 04:44venti: fix writedonechan size in bloomDavid du Colombier1+1-1
2012-04-22 19:27venti: add bootstrap mode (write + no index)Russ Cox4+9-0
2012-04-07 19:40venti: fix typoRuss Cox1+1-1
2012-04-07 19:38venti: add arenapart support to wrarenaRuss Cox1+16-2
2012-04-04 14:51vacfs: remove 9P2000.u relicDavid du Colombier1+0-5
2012-03-26 15:59venti(7): fix typoDavid du Colombier1+1-1
2012-03-26 15:27fortuneRuss Cox1+4-0
2012-03-06 02:14devdraw: fix mouse warping with multi-monitor on OS XDavid Jeannot1+3-3
2012-03-05 21:36mergeRuss Cox12+134-18
2012-03-05 20:54Devdraw now waits for the image: this means that there is no more blank image when toggling fullscreen, when unminimizing, or at startup; this also means that we can live resize, but we only enable live resizing with Page, because it seems useless for other apps, and Acme and Sam bug with it. The tradeoff is that bottom corners are sometimes automatically rounded. There is a way to prevent the rounding here: but this would obfuscate the code. Instead, we make sure that the corners are always rounded.David Jeannot1+226-74
2012-03-05 20:39get9root(3): fix pathsDavid Jeannot1+3-1
2012-03-05 20:38devdraw: fix winsize (-W) on OS XDavid Jeannot1+11-5
2012-02-28 19:56devdraw: fix fullscreen on LionRuss Cox1+6-1
2012-02-19 23:11libmach, acid, db: 64-bit supportRuss Cox36+2311-1125
2012-01-26 16:33venti: import venti/conf from plan 9David du Colombier2+76-0
2012-01-21 09:01libventi: add functions vtsha1 and vtsha1checkDavid du Colombier3+33-0
2012-01-21 03:31devdraw: enable gestures on OS XDavid Jeannot1+8-183
2012-01-20 18:13venti: fix settings in statsDavid du Colombier2+2-1
2012-01-20 18:10codereview: sync from GoRuss Cox1+712-600
2012-01-19 20:14devdraw: make OS X resizer unobtrusiveDavid Jeannot1+31-4
2012-01-16 22:12devdraw: on OS X, add menu items "hide" and "plumb devdraw(1)"David Jeannot1+22-14
2012-01-16 22:11devdraw: OS X: neutralize menu and Dock bugs in fullscreen modeDavid Jeannot1+9-3
2012-01-16 22:08devdraw: fix handling of compose key on OS XDavid Jeannot2+15-12
2012-01-16 22:07devdraw: remove old OS X codeDavid Jeannot5+0-1435
2012-01-16 22:06vac: fix segfault on DMSYMLINK or DMDEVICEDavid du Colombier1+6-4
2012-01-16 22:05acme: claim input focus earlierDavid Jeannot1+2-2
2012-01-16 prevent the Finder's activation after Devdraw'sDavid Jeannot1+4-3
2012-01-16 22:04cocoa devdraw: activation on receiving Ttop messagesDavid Jeannot3+17-2
2012-01-16 22:02devdraw: OS X dead key supportDavid Jeannot1+19-0
2012-01-16 21:55venti: fix scacheprefetch statsDavid du Colombier1+2-0
2012-01-16 21:54ioproc(3): fix prototypesDavid Jeannot1+3-3
2012-01-16 21:53libventi: handle rpc when not connectedDavid du Colombier1+6-0
2012-01-05 06:02fmt: delete 2-space codeRuss Cox1+1-18
2011-12-12 21:44libventi: fix segfault in vtreadpacket when not connectedDavid du Colombier1+5-0
2011-12-10 03:21Cocoa Devdraw: cursor fixDavid Jeannot4+150-128
2011-12-09 22:48fortunesRuss Cox1+6-0
2011-12-07 19:07vac: handle midDavid du Colombier1+5-0
2011-12-07 17:27aescbc: fix segfault on backspaceDavid du Colombier1+5-2
2011-11-30 20:20vacfs: fix segfault when no prefix specifiedDavid du Colombier1+1-1
2011-11-28 15:09mac Plumb: skip loading non-existent .bashrcRob Kroeger2+4-1
2011-11-28 14:21mailfs: add -u user argumentDavid du Colombier3+16-6
2011-11-22 19:09mailfs: small fixes and plan 9 supportDavid du Colombier6+35-5
2011-11-21 16:00venti/mgr: various fixes and plan 9 supportDavid du Colombier1+56-55
2011-11-21 13:40venti: fix log url in statsDavid du Colombier1+1-1
2011-11-21 13:40upas: fix segfault when host not foundDavid du Colombier1+4-1
2011-11-17 19:46acme: fix arrow near end of textSean McKean2+5-6
2011-11-08 18:23Cocoa Devdraw: cursor, menu bar, old fs, activationDavid Jeannot1+52-20
2011-11-08 16:48venti: import changes from plan 9David du Colombier5+8-3
2011-11-08 16:46libventi: add VtEntryNoArchive from liboventi, for use with fossilDavid du Colombier1+1-0
2011-11-08 14:03codereview: update from goRuss Cox1+127-44
2011-11-08 14:02venti: fix vtcachealloc and VtMaxLumpSizeDavid du Colombier3+14-2
2011-11-08 14:02libventi: add functions reconn and redial for use with fossilDavid du Colombier4+48-0
2011-11-08 14:02venti: fix format on ulongDavid du Colombier4+5-5
2011-11-08 14:02man: update venti-cache(3)David du Colombier1+12-17
2011-10-31 13:31rc(1): remove FreeBSD versionRuss Cox1+1-1
2011-10-31 13:31page(1): mention ghostscript, /dev/fdRuss Cox1+28-0
2011-10-25 16:55page: check for gs failureRuss Cox1+8-0
2011-10-23 22:47devdraw: cocoa fixes, bigarrow support (thanks Marius Eriksen)Russ Cox3+50-3
2011-10-23 21:55OS X PowerPC fixes (thanks Cameron Kaiser)Russ Cox6+9-2
2011-10-14 04:08rio: quiet nm on LionRuss Cox1+4-0
2011-10-14 04:01libthread: fix 10.5.8 build - uname says 9.8.0Russ Cox1+1-1
2011-10-14 03:57libthread: Lion context routinesRuss Cox6+129-3
2011-10-13 13:389term: fix hold mode delayRuss Cox1+1-0
2011-10-12 17:40devdraw: more fixes (thanks David Jeannot)Russ Cox5+379-320
2011-10-12 17:19mergeRuss Cox4+25-10
2011-10-12 17:18devdraw: cleanup, fix macargvRuss Cox5+63-23
2011-10-11 13:349term: hold mode back doorRuss Cox2+23-16
2011-10-07 15:41semicolons!Russ Cox1+2-2
2011-10-05 20:23libsec: fix dsagen 64-bit bugRuss Cox1+1-1
2011-10-05 20:22secstore: say password for winRuss Cox1+1-1
2011-10-05 20:20dsasign: new commandRuss Cox2+181-0
2011-10-05 20:209pfuse: handle two more flagsRuss Cox1+8-1
2011-10-03 22:16devdraw: fix screen grabber, allocation warningDavid Jeannot1+113-62
2011-10-03 20:08INSTALL: use mk -kRuss Cox1+1-1
2011-09-28 18:11devdraw: do not interpret alt-tab as alt for composeJustin Davis4+17-2
2011-09-26 16:31devdraw: disable Lion warningRuss Cox1+1-1
2011-09-26 16:27use cocoa on snow leopardRuss Cox2+3-1
2011-09-26 15:19devdraw: cocoa updatesDavid Jeannot1+55-43
2011-09-19 13:17devdraw: handle, warn about LionRuss Cox1+9-1
2011-09-19 13:10dd: fix apple gcc return warning (even Go can handle this one, Apple!)Russ Cox1+2-0
2011-09-19 12:58devdraw: update Lion cocoaDavid Jeannot8+603-406
2011-09-12 16:369term: fix insertDavid Swasey1+2-2
2011-09-06 14:10devdraw: draft cocoa supportDavid Jeannot8+1340-0
2011-08-31 13:22plumb: character offsets start at 1, not 0Russ Cox1+1-1
2011-08-31 11:40upas/smtp: fixes for authenticated connectionsRichard Miller2+3-2
2011-08-28 03:06mk: pass environment to P commandRuss Cox1+1-1
2011-08-26 20:40win: hide not just passwords but also passphrasesMathieu Lonjaret1+1-1
2011-08-16 20:11zerotrunc: from Plan 9David du Colombier1+26-0
2011-08-16 20:11test: update from Plan 9David du Colombier2+84-78
2011-08-16 20:11dd: update from Plan 9David du Colombier2+239-28
2011-08-16 19:50mailfs: try to use the right version of stunnelFazlul Shahriar1+2-0
2011-08-16 19:50web: add support for chromiumFazlul Shahriar1+1-1
2011-08-16 19:50CONTRIBUTORS: updateRuss Cox1+1-0
2011-08-16 18:02lib9: fix local addr in dialJani Lahtinen1+1-1
2011-08-02 20:21rc: silence lion roarRuss Cox1+1-0
2011-08-02 20:06build: missing fileRuss Cox1+1-0
2011-08-02 18:28build: OS X 64-bit buildRuss Cox11+63-24
2011-08-02 18:23g: add *.gocRuss Cox1+1-1
2011-08-02 18:20codereview: import from GoRuss Cox1+1718-1685
2011-08-02 18:16lex: 64-bit bugRuss Cox3+3-3
2011-08-02 11:57acme: fix iq1 adjust bugRuss Cox1+1-1
2011-08-02 11:559term: home/end like acmeRuss Cox2+19-2
2011-08-02 11:44acme: scrolling fixes + new home/endRuss Cox4+32-5
2011-07-11 00:35acme: allow :?regexp for backward searchRuss Cox1+4-0
2011-07-11 00:32acme: fix out of order address crashRuss Cox1+1-1
2011-07-11 00:01grep: import $ fix from plan 9Russ Cox1+8-2
2011-06-28 22:58primes: faster outputRuss Cox1+5-1
2011-06-20 18:14devdraw: dynamic discovery of MultiTouch devicesMarius Eriksen2+107-8
2011-06-20 18:11devdraw: Shrinking a window on osx 10.6.7 no longer disables drawing.David Swasey1+14-9
2011-06-13 18:41vacfs: document replacement of -c flag by -MDavid du Colombier2+8-8
2011-06-13 18:41venti: fix pragma varargck due to changes in tag()David du Colombier1+1-1
2011-06-13 18:40venti.h: import indentation from plan 9David du Colombier1+147-145
2011-06-07 20:53venti: fix usage to match manualsDavid du Colombier1+1-1
2011-06-07 20:21venti-fmt(8): minor fix in synopsisDavid du Colombier1+1-1
2011-06-07 18:52venti: fix usage to match manualsDavid du Colombier7+8-8
2011-06-07 18:25libventi: import changes from plan 9David du Colombier1+3-4
2011-06-03 17:23man: import changes from plan 9David du Colombier5+49-45
2011-06-02 17:43avl(3): import changes from plan 9David du Colombier1+27-0
2011-06-02 13:33venti: import changes from plan 9David du Colombier21+141-63
2011-06-02 13:31upas/smtp: remove reference to /net in mxdialDavid du Colombier1+1-1
2011-06-02 13:28INSTALL: add -r flagPeter Saveliev4+19-2
2011-06-01 22:12acme Mail: drop noscrollDavid du Colombier1+0-1
2011-06-01 22:11CONTRIBUTORS: 0introRuss Cox1+1-0
2011-05-18 17:21build: fix for non-standard unameRichard Miller2+2-2
2011-05-18 17:20arm: build fixesRichard Miller5+25-20
2011-05-18 17:18CONTRIBUTORS: add Richard MillerRuss Cox1+1-0
2011-05-17 22:48SunOS fixes (thanks Aram Hăvărneanu)Russ Cox5+97-97
2011-05-17 21:46gif: fix setting of transparency channels when writing gifs.Rob Pike1+7-7
2011-05-10 17:46man: import fixes from plan 9 ( Cox1+6-2
2011-05-10 17:45man: import fixes from plan 9 ( Cox3+20-11
2011-05-01 19:38lib9: restore SIGCHLD handler in rforkRuss Cox1+5-6
2011-05-01 18:49fortunesRuss Cox1+2-0
2011-05-01 18:42crop: fix 64-bitRuss Cox1+3-3
2011-04-27 17:189term, acme: autoscrollRuss Cox12+32-72
2011-04-04 19:46mklatinkbd: fix buffer overflowEoghan Sherry1+1-1
2011-03-09 21:21fortunes: remove duplicateRuss Cox1+0-1
2011-02-28 14:11belorussian translation linkRuss Cox1+2-0
2011-02-23 13:27more fortunesRuss Cox1+2-0
2011-02-23 13:26unvac: always create writable directoriesRuss Cox1+1-1
2011-02-16 17:48rc: fix $ifs bug introduced with utf-8 codeRuss Cox1+4-2
2011-02-08 19:51fortunesRuss Cox1+8-0
2011-02-04 20:41eqn: add working mbtowc and wctombRuss Cox2+166-0
2011-01-28 handle spaces in file names (Rob Pike)Russ Cox1+9-1
2011-01-12 05:54devdraw: fix flashing during window dragJeff Sickel2+5-3
2011-01-02 23:50factotum: add proto-specific key promptRuss Cox1+2-0
2011-01-02 23:42tr: 32-bit rune fixesRuss Cox1+3-3
2011-01-02 23:31mklatinkbd: fix out of bounds bugRuss Cox1+1-0
2011-01-02 23:30acid: fix buildRuss Cox1+1-2
2011-01-02 22:54libframe: fix line wrap display glitch (Erik Quanstrom)Russ Cox1+9-1
2011-01-02 21:01acid: 4-byte RunesRuss Cox1+10-7
2011-01-02 20:39keyboard(7): document X compose sequencesRuss Cox4+162-23
2011-01-02 20:28man: fix -PRuss Cox1+1-1
2011-01-02 19:18keyboard(7): document update procedure (suggested by Rodney Polkinghorne)Russ Cox1+5-2
2011-01-02 18:44rc: handle 4-byte utf-8Russ Cox3+20-0
2011-01-02 18:43rc: handle utf-8 in $ifsRuss Cox1+16-8
2010-12-29 02:46factotum: update prototab (thanks Erik Quanstrom)Russ Cox1+4-0
2010-12-08 04:15wc: 4-byte utf-8 capable (Erik Quanstrom)Russ Cox1+59-16
2010-12-07 18:34delete 9P2000.uRuss Cox15+64-337
2010-12-07 18:17auth/factotum: fix password prompt hangRuss Cox1+2-2
2010-11-09 15:52venti: add mgr (work in progress)Russ Cox1+1021-0
2010-11-03 19:49import: clean up correctlyRuss Cox1+1-0
2010-10-28 02:40mkfiles: fix macargv bufRuss Cox3+3-5
2010-10-28 01:22mac: add, Plumb.appRuss Cox15+220-0
2010-10-28 00:31plumb: column numbers in file addressRuss Cox2+10-0
2010-10-13 14:50win: another attempt at input modesRuss Cox1+28-5
2010-10-12 14:14awd: use $sysnameRuss Cox1+1-1
2010-10-07 08:23libmach: fix warning about preadnRuss Cox1+0-21
2010-10-07 07:35getflags: use shell quotingAnthony Martin1+1-0
2010-10-07 07:31plumber: comment out bogus user name checkRuss Cox1+2-0
2010-09-24 16:25libmach: more mach-o supportRuss Cox5+343-35
2010-09-10 13:31win: add cook/nocookRuss Cox1+14-5
2010-09-03 14:21topng: 64-bit fixRuss Cox1+1-1
2010-09-03 14:219term, win: better echo cancellationRuss Cox6+129-61
2010-08-24 14:16acme: fix rounding in rows computationRob Pike2+8-4
2010-08-05 00:36codereview: import latest from goRuss Cox1+103-40
2010-08-05 00:35sam: use ulong as type of dev consistentlyRuss Cox1+1-1
2010-07-22 20:52devdraw: snarf better with ChromeRuss Cox1+4-5
2010-07-14 20:21web: pass $BROWSER as open -a argument on OS X (Suggestion by Martin Kühl)Russ Cox1+8-1
2010-07-14 18:15u.h: add int8, uint8Russ Cox1+2-0
2010-07-14 18:12web: just use "open" on OS XRuss Cox1+1-67
2010-07-14 18:10acme, sam: fix regexp code for bigger RunemaxRuss Cox2+52-48
2010-07-14 18:08acme: fix off by one in editcmd, pointer comparison in getch, nextcRuss Cox1+3-3
2010-07-11 17:08lib9: add <sys/dkio.h> for OpenBSDRuss Cox1+1-0
2010-07-11 16:48tar: rename sstrnlen to avoid OpenBSD compile errorRuss Cox1+5-5
2010-06-28 21:43This patch fixes unicode, unicode-be and unicode-le input, and unicode output, which have been broken due to the change of the size of Rune from two bytes to four bytes.Michael Teichgräber1+21-11
2010-06-28 21:37tcs: macroman charset fixes 2126 -> 03a9 # greek capital letter omega 2012 -> 201c # left double quotation mark 00a4 -> 20ac # euro sign f7ff -> f8ff # apple logoAnthony Martin1+5-5
2010-06-28 21:37hget: use absolute url for POST through a proxyAnthony Martin1+17-7
2010-06-28 21:339p: tflag sorts by mtimeAnthony Martin1+27-5
2010-06-28 21:329term: fix getpts on linuxAnthony Martin2+6-0
2010-05-20 01:279term: add -c to force cooked modeDavid Swasey2+11-3
2010-05-20 01:20bin/", bin/"": simplifyArvindh Rajesh Tamilmani2+9-22
2010-05-11 15:25mailfs: try tlsclient program before stunnelRuss Cox1+2-1
2010-04-15 19:00fortunes: grab latest from Bell Labs, add one of our ownRuss Cox1+5-0
2010-04-13 20:18vac: debug printsDavid Swasey1+7-7
2010-04-13 20:18vac: eliminated vac cache size 128. vacfsopen used to take ncache rather than cachememDavid Swasey1+6-5
2010-04-13 20:169term: cut, snarf, and paste with keyboard on MacDavid Swasey2+17-0
2010-04-09 22:28fix build on SunOS (Sparc)Arvindh Rajesh Tamilmani5+13-1
2010-04-02 21:53devdraw: only one flushproc, please (OS X)Russ Cox1+5-1
2010-03-24 23:56import fortunes from plan 9 and add one of our ownRuss Cox1+43-0
2010-03-19 20:11install(1): cvs -> hgEoghan Sherry2+4-4
2010-03-19 20:10win: scrollEoghan Sherry1+3-0
2010-03-19 01:07acme: attempt to fix Put mtime skew on NFSRuss Cox1+13-0
2010-03-12 02:04probably_prime: run more than one Miller-Rabin roundRuss Cox1+17-12
2010-03-12 02:04libsec: update primetest to use mpfmtRuss Cox1+1-1
2010-03-12 02:03factotum: double-check RSA/DSA keys when loadingRuss Cox2+8-0
2010-03-12 02:00crop: fix size calculationRuss Cox1+1-1
2010-03-10 22:59more type-punned pointersRuss Cox2+3-3
2010-03-10 22:50fix type-punned pointer warnings from gccRuss Cox11+57-29
2010-03-09 01:02rune(3): sync with rune.c and Plan 9Michael Teichgräber1+4-1
2010-03-04 02:11devdraw: fix mouse(3) moveto on OS XEoghan Sherry1+7-1
2010-02-23 01:02aescbc: more sensible behavior for invalid input, wrong passwordRuss Cox1+35-33
2010-02-23 00:56factotum: avoid notes after backgroundingRuss Cox1+2-0
2010-02-23 00:55import: use command line service nameRuss Cox1+1-1
2010-02-23 00:54various: crctab now u32intRuss Cox6+31-31
2010-02-23 00:539c, 9l: allow CC9=clangNikolai Saoukh3+58-19
2010-02-19 06:34rio: add alt-tab for cycling windowsMathieu Lonjaret2+10-9
2010-02-19 06:32This should resolve the crash indicated in issue 44: Sherry2+3-1
2010-02-08 00:51make flate crc32 work when ulong is 64 bitsRuss Cox7+25-19
2010-02-07 06:16devdraw: fix support for multitouch trackpadsRuss Cox1+8-8
2010-02-04 10:05R=rsc CC=codebot Lonjaret8+139-53
2010-01-29 00:58libdraw: allow 32-bit RunesRuss Cox1+1-1
2010-01-26 20:48R=rsc CC=codebot Sorace1+1-1
2010-01-16 20:23devdraw: fix OS X resize bug caused by redraw bug fixRuss Cox1+9-7
2010-01-15 08:01devdraw: fewer spurious mouse clicks in OS X multitouchRuss Cox1+5-2
2010-01-14 21:47devdraw: handle kEventWindowDrawContentRuss Cox1+8-0
2010-01-12 19:16ed: new append from rob, avoids overflow in pointer arithmeticRuss Cox1+14-10
2010-01-12 19:11acme: let Edit redo when file is cleanRuss Cox1+1-1
2010-01-12 19:10codereview: add hg plugin from GoRuss Cox2+3186-0
2010-01-05 22:31win fixesFazlul Shahriar1+26-6
2010-01-05 05:25devdraw: release multitouch mouse when app is collapsed (minimized)Russ Cox1+15-1
2010-01-04 18:23devdraw: add multitouch code from Paul LalondeRuss Cox4+1170-914
2010-01-04 04:44mergeRuss Cox0+0-0
2009-12-27 17:22troff: avoid crash if home == NULLRuss Cox1+2-1
2009-12-27 17:19mergeRuss Cox10+92-278
2009-12-10 09:539pserve: roll back changeset 3118 - broke ssh-agent talking to factotumRuss Cox1+1-53
2009-12-07 01:27sam: fix off-by-one in buffer merge. exposed by UTFmax==4Russ Cox1+2-2
2009-11-30 21:04preliminary contributor listRuss Cox1+21-0
2009-11-30 20:44devdraw: fix OS X behavior for Spanish keyboardsEnrique Soriano1+3-1
2009-11-30 20:39Related to issue Teichgräber1+53-0
2009-11-30 20:35acme: fix Load of acme with no windowsFazlul Shahriar1+2-2
2009-11-18 09:12libthread: context switching for arm, still not completeRuss Cox4+78-4
2009-10-26 01:29ssam: add executable bitRuss Cox1+0-0
2009-09-30 18:01ssam(1): new command - not just manualJason Catena1+41-0
2009-09-29 16:35devdraw: draft of new Cocoa-based devdrawJeff Sickel5+1439-1
2009-09-25 05:43acme: correct modified message after initial load; more detail in messageRuss Cox5+29-14
2009-09-25 01:21lib9: do not include st_dev in qid.pathRuss Cox1+8-1
2009-09-16 20:46ed: update to 32-bit RunesRuss Cox1+9-9
2009-09-15 23:23ssam(1): new commandJason Catena1+72-0
2009-09-14 21:23devdraw: fix X11 input sequencesRuss Cox1+17-0
2009-09-13 22:26rc: implement and document <>{cmd} notationMichael Teichgräber2+61-17
2009-09-13 21:519a: fix OS X PowerPC buildJeff Sickel1+1-1
2009-09-13 21:48dhcpd: fix build on OS X, silence non-log printsRuss Cox2+2-9
2009-09-13 21:46libc.h: update comment for 32-bit RuneRuss Cox1+3-2
2009-09-13 21:43tcs: update for 32-bit RuneRuss Cox2+4-172
2009-09-13 21:42postscript: update for 32-bit RuneRuss Cox1+1-13
2009-09-13 21:30lib9: fix dirread/stat mismatch on Snow LeopardRuss Cox2+3-4
2009-09-13 03:26vbackup: fix build on FreeBSD 8Russ Cox1+5-0
2009-09-12 23:50devdraw: update OS X snarf for 32-bit Rune (again)Russ Cox1+40-9
2009-09-12 23:38devdraw: update OS X snarf for 32-bit RuneRuss Cox1+9-40
2009-09-12 23:32devdraw: update OS X snarf for 32-bit RuneRuss Cox1+40-9
2009-09-12 19:25libplumb, Mail: fix crash on nil plumb fidsMathieu Lonjaret2+10-3
2009-09-11 21:03convert to 4-byte UTF-8 and 32-bit RuneRuss Cox14+86-44
2009-09-11 18:54acme: htmlclick takes precedence over line clickRuss Cox1+3-3
2009-09-11 17:51INSTALL: fix build on Snow LeopardRuss Cox10+30-4
2009-08-24 15:05font: add peter face to font/times/*.fontRuss Cox3+6-3
2009-08-24 14:53unix: move Makefile so that it cannot be run accidentallyRuss Cox2+1-1
2009-08-23 21:35venti: handle FS block size > MaxIoVenkatesh Srinivas1+5-2
2009-08-23 17:25rc: make read not ignore interrupts/errors (again)Michael Teichgräber1+7-2
2009-08-23 16:38libavl: import from Plan 9Russ Cox4+570-0
2009-08-21 19:55venti/copy: synchronize with Plan 9; indent in verbose modeVenkatesh Srinivas2+146-14
2009-08-21 18:24page: import page(1) from Plan 9Tony Lainson1+243-45
2009-08-20 18:38page: remove temporary file at program exit; fixes reading from stdinJ.R. Mauro3+16-5
2009-08-20 15:37lib9: dotu fixes in convS2M, convM2STim Newsham3+36-6
2009-08-18 06:40awk: add awk(1)Michael Teichgräber1+560-0
2009-08-18 00:29libthread: make page work on OS XRuss Cox2+5-0
2009-08-17 15:34dial: allow host==0 when net=="unix"Fazlul Shahriar1+1-1
2009-08-15 06:48dial: reject dial to * (aka Cox1+5-0
2009-08-15 06:34page: add missing delayfreeimage callsFazlul Shahriar1+14-2
2009-08-15 06:25libfmt: add missing copyright notice to nan64.cRuss Cox1+2-0
2009-08-15 05:49more licensingRuss Cox3+8-0
2009-08-15 04:55more licensingRuss Cox3+34-0
2009-08-15 04:08allow less restricted use of plan9port-specific codeRuss Cox2+95-1
2009-08-15 03:38move files that codebot put in the wrong placeRuss Cox3+0-0
2009-08-12 00:16awk: sync with Plan 9Michael Teichgräber1+33-12
2009-08-11 15:119term: allow scroll wheel in main windowTony Lainson1+1-1
2009-08-11 03:01page: move cmd/page/cache.c to src/cmd/page/cache.c not sure how the codebot screwed that up.Russ Cox1+0-0
2009-08-10 00:13page: add caching from Plan 9Fazlul Shahriar5+212-56
2009-08-08 20:45stats: make more stats work in LinuxFazlul Shahriar3+77-7
2009-08-08 20:38add codereview(1)Russ Cox1+71-0
2009-08-08 20:27rc: fix segfault when SIGINT is receivedMichael Teichgräber1+2-1
2009-07-29 15:30docs: document bitbucket servers, codereview(1)Russ Cox3+13-8
2009-07-29 15:29libfmt: use fmtstrtod, not system strtodRuss Cox1+4-4
2009-07-29 15:28libmemdraw: allow wider imagesRuss Cox1+1-1
2009-07-29 15:28smugfs: delete debugging printsRuss Cox1+0-5
2009-07-28 20:43lib9/fmt: fix printing of 1e308Russ Cox1+1-4
2009-07-26 19:05acme: angle bracket tag matching, for XML, HTML etcRuss Cox2+111-0
2009-07-26 17:40libventi: correct handling of VtRead sizeRuss Cox1+1-1
2009-07-26 17:13vacfs: no post9pservice with -iRuss Cox1+1-1
2009-07-17 06:05mkhdr, buildmk: add alphaBenjamin Huntsman2+2-0
2009-07-16 07:49codereview: add experimental scriptsRuss Cox2+1450-0
2009-07-16 07:30build: work around broken Linux uname -pRuss Cox2+22-23
2009-07-15 20:089l: platform-specific options first; AIX, Tru64 supportBenjamin Huntsman1+78-67
2009-07-15 06:50getflags: delete (codebot did not)Russ Cox4+0-0
2009-07-15 06:48getflags: import from 4e, with usageRuss Cox7+231-485
2009-07-15 06:40buildmk: sync $OBJTYPE with src/mkhdrRuss Cox2+9-7
2009-07-15 06:11acme: do not redraw body on every tag changeRuss Cox2+4-3
2009-07-15 05:55mergeRuss Cox9+31-5
2009-07-09 05:23fontsrv: add half-documented -s optionRuss Cox2+12-4
2009-07-09 05:22fontsrv(4): another typoRuss Cox1+2-2
2009-07-09 05:19fontsrv(4): add missing prompt in sam exampleRuss Cox1+1-1
2009-07-09 04:43mergeRuss Cox13+1140-7
2009-07-08 16:18src: use whatis instead of whichMichael Teichgräber3+15-7
2009-07-08 15:34devdraw: generate Latin-1 table from lib/keyboardMichael Teichgräber4+252-104
2009-06-17 16:09devdraw: automatic OS X label updatingAndré Günther1+20-24
2009-06-16 15:04libventi: fix cache teardown checksRuss Cox1+1-1
2009-06-16 14:28vbackup: update to new libventi interfaceRuss Cox2+2-2
2009-06-16 14:16mergeRuss Cox4+46-5
2009-06-10 17:16vbackup: adapt to new libventi interfaceRuss Cox1+5-5
2009-06-09 16:26mergeRuss Cox4+29-18
2009-06-09 16:25g: add asm to the list of extensionsRuss Cox1+1-1
2009-05-31 22:34cmd: getline now a dirty word (James Toy)Russ Cox3+5-0
2009-05-26 04:06scat: fix 64-bit warningRuss Cox1+1-1
2009-05-26 03:55page: fix for newer versions of ghostscript.Kris Maglione1+3-3
2009-05-25 09:11venti: 32-bit extensions to data structuresRuss Cox18+283-118
2009-05-25 07:30libventi: protocol support for blocks larger than 64kRuss Cox6+79-23
2009-05-17 20:08netfiles(1), sftpcache(1): document failure with new sftpRuss Cox2+14-0
2009-05-17 18:07devdraw: flush window on kEventAppShowJeff Sicket1+9-2
2009-05-17 17:54plumb: change inferno module path to /usr/inferno/module (Anthony Sorace)Russ Cox1+2-2
2009-05-17 17:289pfuse: fix mkfile for people without . in their pathsRuss Cox1+1-1
2009-05-14 22:54Unicode superscript updateRuss Cox7+5-4
2009-05-05 14:06label: write to /dev/tty to avoid redirectionsRuss Cox1+1-1
2009-05-02 05:03main.html: FreeBSD/x86-64 worksRuss Cox1+1-1
2009-04-30 18:35scat: make 64-bit safeRuss Cox6+57-55
2009-04-30 18:09scat: add to buildRuss Cox2+4-4
2009-04-30 15:30install: typo in man pageRuss Cox2+2-2
2009-04-30 15:01mergeRuss Cox3+16-2
2009-04-30 15:00libthread: remove unimplemented chaninitRuss Cox2+2-8
2009-04-30 14:29mergeRuss Cox7+257-108
2009-04-30 14:28lp: move devices to devices.sampleRuss Cox2+77-0
2009-04-30 14:27ipso: do not use the /lib/init/rw tmpfsRuss Cox1+1-1
2009-04-30 14:24libflate: shut up valgrindRuss Cox1+2-0
2009-04-30 14:22smugfs: directory mode should be 755Russ Cox1+1-1
2009-04-30 14:229pfuse: clear O_EXCL tooRuss Cox1+1-1
2009-04-30 14:20install: add comment about X11 packagesRuss Cox2+10-7
2009-02-05 17:18dd: build by defaultRuss Cox0+0-0
2009-02-05 17:17du: build by default; fix bug gcc discoveredRuss Cox1+1-1
2008-12-10 19:26MacFUSE 2.0 updatesJeff Sickel1+6-3
2009-02-05 05:55venti/copy: no rewriting unless rewrite flag is set (Nathaniel W Filardo)Russ Cox1+4-2
2009-02-05 04:13sed: avoid crash when rregexec return errorRuss Cox1+1-1
2009-02-05 04:12mergeRuss Cox1+3-3
2009-01-06 22:42win: better SIGPIPE handlingRuss Cox1+9-10
2008-12-30 22:279pfuse: allow O_APPEND in open and create (Roman Shaposhnik)Russ Cox1+8-1
2008-12-23 21:03libthread: work around gcc warning on FreeBSDRuss Cox1+1-1
2008-12-23 21:02libventi: remove unused variableRuss Cox1+0-1
2008-12-23 20:39venti: disk i/o fixes and tweaksRuss Cox1+17-8
2008-12-23 20:38venti: better inconsistency errorsRuss Cox1+45-12
2008-12-23 20:37venti/verifyarena: shorter output, aligned i/oRuss Cox1+18-10
2008-12-23 20:37venti/mirrorarenas: shorter output, aligned i/oRuss Cox1+93-12
2008-12-23 20:36venti: ignore mgr lines in configRuss Cox1+3-1
2008-12-23 20:32libventi: add %+TRuss Cox2+7-22
2008-12-07 17:20lib9/dirwstat: missing prototype for chmodRuss Cox1+1-0
2008-12-07 02:54mailfs: plumb messages correctly even if body comes before headerRuss Cox1+1-1
2008-12-07 00:46sig: consult unix man pages tooRuss Cox1+17-0
2008-12-07 00:45dc: cleanup, fix off-by-one memory errorRuss Cox1+1-15
2008-12-07 00:45bc: cleanup, make sure to run 9 dcRuss Cox1+30-31
2008-12-07 00:44font/lucsans/lsr.14: svelte center dotRuss Cox1+0-0
2008-12-07 00:44import: add -x flagRuss Cox2+41-26
2008-12-07 00:34manweb: avoid null concatenationRuss Cox1+4-0
2008-12-07 00:34awk: delete y.outputRuss Cox1+0-9032
2008-12-07 00:24acme: fix Load bug (Fazlul Shahriar)Russ Cox1+3-2
2008-12-07 00:20awk/mkfile: tabifyRuss Cox1+3-3
2008-12-07 00:14unvac: add -d flag (David Swasey)Russ Cox5+97-23
2008-12-07 00:05lib9: can change length in dirfwstat, dirwstat; mode in dirwstat (David Swasey)Russ Cox2+21-6
2008-11-03 18:35awk: import from sourcesJeff Sickel14+14513-0
2008-12-03 07:529l: search for autolibs in all -L paths as well as $PLAN9/libJeff Sickel1+22-8
2008-12-03 08:13libdraw: add borderopJeff Sickel2+19-10
2008-12-06 23:53page: remove lingering ref to ccitt-g4Russ Cox1+0-2
2008-12-06 23:53INSTALL: ignore gcc Configured with lineRuss Cox1+1-1
2008-12-06 23:46page: reorder cvt[] array to match enumRuss Cox2+1-4
2008-12-02 00:24src/cmd/page/gfx.c: use C89 array initialiserAlbert Lee1+13-13
2008-12-06 23:45isum.awk: make flush work everywhere else againRuss Cox1+14-13
2008-12-02 00:41src/cmd/tar.c: avoid conflict with strnlen in libcAlbert Lee1+3-3
2008-12-02 00:27secstore: avoid name conflict with SS macroAlbert Lee1+2-1
2008-12-02 00:27factotum: avoid name conflict with SS macroAlbert Lee1+2-1
2008-12-02 00:229660srv: dynamically init fcallsAlbert Lee1+20-15
2008-12-02 00:169660srv: give names to anonymous structs in unionAlbert Lee2+48-48
2008-12-02 00:12src/mkhdr: support Solaris x86Albert Lee1+1-0
2008-12-02 00:12buildmk: support Solaris x86Albert Lee1+1-0
2008-12-02 00:03mkfilelist: give find an argumentAlbert Lee1+1-1
2008-12-01 23:56isum.awk: define fflush for awk != gawkAlbert Lee1+6-1
2008-12-06 23:35dc: clean up minor memory errorsRuss Cox1+5-6
2008-12-06 23:349c: another gcc, another useless warningRuss Cox1+1-1
2008-12-06 23:33venti: handle symlinks as disksRuss Cox1+1-1
2008-12-06 22:45vac: error handling bug in vacfileblockscore (David Swasey)Russ Cox1+3-2
2008-12-06 22:42unvac: correct handling of named prefixes (Mathieu Lonjaret)Russ Cox1+1-1
2008-11-18 03:48troff: silence gcc printf warningRuss Cox2+2-2
2008-11-18 03:48eqn: silence gcc printf warningRuss Cox1+1-2
2008-11-18 03:45lib9: fix memset in fmtnullinitRuss Cox1+1-1
2008-11-14 02:21win: another attempt at DELRuss Cox1+3-1
2008-11-13 23:49win: handle DEL internally so that it always worksRuss Cox1+6-0
2008-11-13 23:39win: implement Scroll and NoscrollRuss Cox1+13-1
2008-11-11 insert spaces after .?? request namesRuss Cox1+308-308
2008-11-11 18:59htmlroff: ignore \X... text; allow delims besides quoteRuss Cox1+9-3
2008-10-26 21:03lib9: null d->ext during nulldirRuss Cox1+1-1
2008-10-26 21:02libventi: correct vtfilesetsize bug (reported by Michael Kaminsky)Russ Cox2+2-2
2008-10-26 21:01libthread: correct sysfatal handler prototypeRuss Cox1+2-4
2008-10-09 02:16macfuse changeJeff Sickel1+2-1
2008-10-09 02:16x3f supportJeff Sickel1+1-0
2008-08-19 14:24updates to support current MacFUSEJeff Sickel3+134-10
2008-10-08 22:00devdraw/OSX: read $mousebuttonmap to allow swapping mouse buttonsRuss Cox3+64-0
2008-10-08 22:00devdraw/OSX: flush to screen in background, fix resize bugRuss Cox1+35-2
2008-10-08 21:59devdraw/OSX: correct access to reply buffer (fixes rpc tag crash)Russ Cox1+4-0
2008-10-08 21:58web: add camino as a $BROWSERRuss Cox2+26-4
2008-08-14 14:29rc: fix local variables in functionsRuss Cox2+4-4
2008-08-07 15:17venti: silence warnings in icache.cRuss Cox1+4-4
2008-08-03 14:43src/cmd/mkfile: do not build smugfs by default (needs OpenSSL)Russ Cox1+1-1
2008-08-03 14:42smugfs(4): new programRuss Cox17+4299-0
2008-07-21 17:21devdraw: keep Ctl-Alt from turning into Ctl-U on X11grai1+1-1
2008-07-21 17:26man: reject unrecognized flagsgrai1+4-2
2008-07-21 17:26man: minor manual editsgrai3+8-8
2008-07-21 17:23libthread: document some unimplemented functionsgrai1+5-0
2008-07-21 17:229p: honour the -l flag to lsgrai1+12-5
2008-07-31 19:41venti: work around gcc 4.3 bug (reported by Lucho Ionkov)Russ Cox1+13-1
2008-07-24 15:04snoopy: add support for wireless monitor mode packetsRuss Cox9+789-1
2008-07-24 15:03snoopy: add support for DNS packetsRuss Cox1+429-0
2008-07-24 14:599pfuse: ignore write errors on fusefdRuss Cox1+2-4
2008-07-24 14:599pfuse: convert "invalid" to EINVALRuss Cox1+1-0
2008-07-21 16:329term: convert to new libframeRuss Cox1+1-3
2008-07-20 10:17unix: move man pages in unix portsRuss Cox8+51-24
2008-07-20 08:57vbackup(8): explain +refreshconfig, vmount address (Brian L. Stuart)Russ Cox1+15-0
2008-07-20 08:51u.h: add SunOS 5.9Brian L. Suart1+2-1
2008-07-20 08:50vnfs: add -i flag to allow remote rootBrian L. Stuart4+21-6
2008-07-20 08:15rc: add subscript sequences (Erik Quanstrom)Russ Cox2+40-5
2008-07-20 07:239660srv: import from Plan 9Russ Cox9+2135-0
2008-07-20 07:18libframe: add frredraw prototypeRuss Cox1+1-0
2008-07-20 07:14acme: Dump and Load tag contentsPeter Canning1+55-2
2008-07-20 07:11libthread: add proper sysfatalTim Wiess1+16-0
2008-04-17 11:56plumbing: move email rule below file rules (Bengt Kleberg)Russ Cox1+7-7
2008-03-07 18:20libframe: translucent font fixes from Plan 9Russ Cox3+32-9
2008-03-07 17:51acme: multiline tag fixesRuss Cox2+37-17
2008-03-07 16:07acme: revise multiline tag codeRuss Cox5+66-99
2008-03-07 15:46acme: remove -$Russ Cox1+10-18
2008-03-07 15:46acme: remove -$ prototypesRuss Cox1+0-3
2008-03-07 15:45acme: sync against Plan 9, remove -$ optionRuss Cox7+38-281
2008-03-07 15:41acme: add nomenu, menu ctl messagesRuss Cox1+8-0
2008-03-07 12:48acme: tag resize nitsRuss Cox1+12-6
2008-03-07 12:47acme: fix directory resize bugRuss Cox1+4-1
2008-03-07 12:16acme: fix acme Edit abortRob Pike1+3-1
2008-07-18 13:10keyboard.h: End is no longer \rRuss Cox1+1-1
2008-07-14 21:38mailfs: correct use of tcs for large inputsRuss Cox1+40-9
2008-07-12 14:35lib9: turn certain signals off by defaultRuss Cox1+6-5
2008-07-10 15:10lib9: add mode parameter to opentempRuss Cox9+23-34
2008-07-10 update for new date filesRuss Cox1+3-2
2008-07-10 15:09upas: add misc to mkfileRuss Cox1+1-1
2008-07-10 15:08nedmail: add -S parameter for alternate mail serviceRuss Cox1+7-3
2008-07-10 15:05stack: look in core by defaultRuss Cox1+5-2
2008-07-10 15:05fortunesRuss Cox1+48-0
2008-07-10 15:02snoopy: no trailing comma in arrayRuss Cox1+1-1
2008-07-10 05:07tfont: accomodate broken fonts with multiply-mapped glyphsRuss Cox1+37-5
2008-07-10 04:24[merge]Russ Cox2+13-4
2008-07-10 04:07devdraw: correct mouse event buffering on OS XRuss Cox1+22-15
2008-07-10 03:49devdraw: minor OS X leak fixes and attempted speedupsRuss Cox1+21-8
2008-07-09 18:369c: grep away Apple SetCursor/InitCursor warningsRuss Cox1+4-1
2008-07-09 18:36vmount: add -t nfs on LinuxRuss Cox1+1-1
2008-07-09 18:35unix ports: add Make.Darwin-386 fileRuss Cox1+7-0
2008-07-09 18:34unix libfmt: use mkdir -p to create man3 directoryRuss Cox1+1-1
2008-07-09 18:32lib9p: add ramfs build rule (ramfs does not work)Russ Cox1+4-0
2008-07-09 18:32page: add canonical -W optionRuss Cox1+3-0
2008-07-09 18:30rio: stub out _NET_WM_STATE_FULLSCREEN supportRuss Cox3+15-1
2008-07-09 18:17lib9: fix Apple disksize prototypeRuss Cox1+1-1
2008-07-09 15:53lib9: revert unintended changes to opentempRuss Cox1+5-11
2008-07-09 15:47devdraw: default to native gui on OS XRuss Cox1+3-1
2008-07-09 15:46rio: only build if WSYSTYPE is x11Russ Cox1+1-1
2008-07-09 15:44ipso: only fiddle with factotum when editing factotum fileRuss Cox1+4-2
2008-07-09 15:42venti: add venti/dump programRuss Cox2+135-0
2008-07-09 15:41libthread: abort on single-threaded lock contentionRuss Cox1+24-0
2008-07-09 12:27lib9: rewrite date routines to use /usr/share/zoneinfo directlyMichael Teichgräber7+498-123
2008-07-09 12:26lock(3): fix typoWilliam Josephson1+1-1
2008-07-05 14:01lib9: declare n in OpenBSD disksize (Eric Grosse)Russ Cox1+2-0
2008-07-04 20:35lib9pclient: clear tx.extension for 9P2000.uRuss Cox1+1-0
2008-07-04 20:24lib9: do not try to hide symlinks as muchRuss Cox1+14-13
2008-07-04 update with write.cRuss Cox1+2-1
2008-07-04 16:39devdraw: double-check write return value on OS XRuss Cox1+2-1
2008-07-04 16:389p: can go back to using writeRuss Cox1+4-24
2008-07-04 16:38lib9: add write function that withstands interruptsRuss Cox3+26-0
2008-07-04 16:36lib9pclient: remove debugging printRuss Cox1+0-1
2008-07-04 16:24lib9p: add Srv.foreground flagRuss Cox2+5-1
2008-07-04 16:23lib9p: update diroffset correctly on rewindRuss Cox1+1-1
2008-07-04 16:19lib9pclient: one more dotu (Michael Kaminsky)Russ Cox1+1-1
2008-07-04 16:169pfuse: always return . and ..Russ Cox1+28-3
2008-07-04 07:419pfuse: better handling of SETXATTR (sqweek)Russ Cox1+8-5
2008-07-04 06:54lib9: use symlink size, not target size, in dirstatRuss Cox1+3-1
2008-07-04 06:529pfuse: add symlink supportRuss Cox1+30-1
2008-07-04 06:46lib9pclient: add support for 9P2000.uRuss Cox5+17-12
2008-07-04 02:44venti: reduce locking contention in buildindexRuss Cox3+74-13
2008-07-04 02:42venti: more detail in index divisor too coarse messageRuss Cox1+1-1
2008-07-04 02:42venti: bump MaxAMapRuss Cox1+1-1
2008-07-04 02:40venti: mark checksum-queued arenas in http outputRuss Cox1+2-0
2008-07-04 02:39venti: make sure arena checksum jobs cannot be missedRuss Cox1+8-5
2008-07-04 02:37venti/wrarena: add timing output, fix syncRuss Cox1+6-4
2008-07-04 02:37venti: allow plan 9 partitions as disk subnamesRuss Cox1+103-190
2008-07-04 02:20devdraw: make OS X native gui build (Eric Nichols)Russ Cox1+1-1
2008-07-03 22:50dist: new, linear addsrclinksRuss Cox1+7-4
2008-07-03 21:53vnfs: quieterRuss Cox1+0-1
2008-07-03 21:45lib9: clean up disk size code, add Apple (Anthony Sorace)Russ Cox1+49-109
2008-07-03 17:43devdraw: OS X: fix Unicode input errors (Andrey Mirtchovski)Russ Cox1+4-2
2008-07-03 17:35devdraw: OS X: go full screen on largest device (Eric Nichols)Russ Cox1+3-1
2008-07-03 05:34vac: add -a and -x flagsRuss Cox11+550-82
2008-07-03 04:02devdraw: do not create OS X window group (Eric Nichols)Russ Cox1+0-3
2008-07-03 03:42devdraw: OS X unicode input (Andrey Mirtchovski)Russ Cox1+7-0
2008-07-02 19:39vac: fix -m bug (Myron Cheung)Russ Cox2+4-5
2008-07-02 16:49devdraw: OS X mouse scroll fix (Jeff Sickel)Russ Cox1+1-1
2008-07-02 00:45devdraw: OS X alt key supportRuss Cox1+38-2
2008-07-01 12:50devdraw: add %F for fullscreen on OS XRuss Cox1+30-10
2008-07-01 11:39libdraw: do not let devdraw fork, for OS XRuss Cox1+5-1
2008-06-30 23:44libdraw: die if display doesRuss Cox2+3-3
2008-06-30 23:41lib9: allow no $DISPLAY on OS X in getnsRuss Cox1+7-0
2008-06-30 23:41devdraw: OS X native versionRuss Cox12+2083-86
2008-06-30 23:40snarfer: OS X native version (ha!)Russ Cox2+3-0
2008-06-20 03:079p: fix writen (sqweek)Russ Cox1+13-8
2008-06-19 23:13post9p: try mount9p before 9pfuseRuss Cox1+4-0
2008-06-19 23:13vacfs: silence printRuss Cox1+0-1
2008-06-19 22:569pfuse: "fix" O_LARGEFILE on x86_64 linux (sqweek)Russ Cox1+14-5
2008-06-19 22:529p: exit on write error (sqweek)Russ Cox1+22-5
2008-06-19 15:42mount: update MacFUSE locations (Jeff Sickel)Russ Cox1+2-1
2008-06-19 14:51mount: use /proc/filesystems to check for fuse, 9p (uriel)Russ Cox1+2-2
2008-06-15 05:46vacfs: present qids correctlyRuss Cox4+15-7
2008-06-15 05:27vac: fix usage, more #ifdef PLAN9PORTRuss Cox1+3-1
2008-06-15 05:19vac: make qids uniqueRuss Cox7+564-1571
2008-06-15 03:19vacfs: plan 9 compatibilityRuss Cox2+90-32
2008-06-15 03:12vac: plan9 compatibilityRuss Cox2+9-6
2008-06-15 03:09vac: remove fs.cRuss Cox1+0-0
2008-06-15 03:08vac: major cleanup and bug fixesRuss Cox8+1430-1277
2008-06-15 03:05libventi: minor vtfile bug fixesRuss Cox1+12-1
2008-06-15 03:04libventi: return value nitsRuss Cox2+2-2
2008-06-14 18:29vac(1): cleanupRuss Cox1+1-1
2008-06-14 18:29vac: cleanupRuss Cox3+7-32
2008-06-14 18:06post9pservice(4): updateRuss Cox1+11-1
2008-06-14 17:41unvac, vacfs: allow literal vac scores in addition to file namesRuss Cox1+15-9
2008-06-14 17:40vac(1): document unvacRuss Cox1+43-6
2008-06-14 17:40tapefs(4): add man pageRuss Cox1+109-0
2008-06-14 17:29venti-cache(3): delete vtblockdirtyRuss Cox1+0-4
2008-06-14 17:28vac: clean up, add unvacRuss Cox16+488-2421
2008-06-14 14:57venti: add demo programs readfile.c and writefile.cRuss Cox2+214-0
2008-06-11 13:409pserve: add -c optionRuss Cox2+20-2
2008-06-11 13:35lib9: make netmkaddr handle unix! addresses betterRuss Cox1+7-1
2008-06-10 15:35include/memlayer.h: remove redundant AUTOLIB (Brian Stuart)Russ Cox1+0-2
2008-06-05 00:59libdisk: avoid unreachable code to silence Sun cc warning (Russell Davies)Russ Cox1+12-14
2008-06-05 00:58include/drawfcall.h: remove redundant AUTOLIB(draw)Russ Cox1+0-1
2008-06-04 17:28ndb/local: remove rsc-specific entries (oops)Russ Cox1+0-7
2008-06-03 12:32libbio: lost changes to include/bio.h (@#%@#$ mercurial)Russ Cox1+3-4
2008-06-01 13:11acme: fix owner bug in elogapplyRuss Cox1+12-1
2008-06-01 12:50vftp: walk fixes (Fazlul Shahriar)Russ Cox1+14-1
2008-06-01 12:47libdiskfs: ext2 revision 1 tweaks (Fazlul Shahriar)Russ Cox2+17-8
2008-06-01 12:41libthread: fix 64-bit bug in threadstart (Nathaniel Filardo)Russ Cox1+1-1
2008-06-01 12:26sort: use noted(NDFLT) in note handlerRuss Cox1+1-2
2008-06-01 12:20u.h: add Solaris 5.10 to makecontext listRuss Cox1+1-1
2008-05-31 16:09mergeRuss Cox15+125-55
2008-05-10 17:43upas/fs: accomodate new post9pserviceRuss Cox1+1-1
2008-05-10 17:43mailfs: add -m optionRuss Cox1+7-2
2008-05-10 17:39main.html: link to HG changesRuss Cox1+6-2
2008-05-10 17:38CHANGES: add pointer to web versionRuss Cox1+5-0
2008-05-10 17:36libregexp: more placating of gcc (John Gosset)Russ Cox1+5-5
2008-05-10 17:35lib9: hide uvlong/double conversions to placate gcc (John Gosset)Russ Cox1+31-26
2008-05-10 17:35misc: array bounds fixes that gcc finds (John Gosset)Russ Cox6+6-9
2008-05-10 17:34isum.awk: ignore page cat pdfprolog recipeRuss Cox1+1-1
2008-05-10 17:34INSTALL: print compiler infoRuss Cox1+3-0
2008-05-10 17:02lib9p: remove unused variablesRuss Cox1+0-2
2008-05-08 20:20acme: fix mtpt crash (Tim Wiess)Russ Cox1+3-0
2008-05-07 16:55misc: more post9pservice callersRuss Cox3+6-5
2008-05-06 18:45localtime: use correct time zone more often (Michael Teichgräber)Russ Cox1+13-27
2008-05-06 18:25mailfs: handle windows-1251 correctly now my cyrillic spam displays right!Russ Cox1+9-1
2008-05-06 16:51libthread: fix no-receive nbrecv etc. bug (David Jeannot)Russ Cox1+12-8
2008-05-06 03:09libmux: more robust codeRuss Cox1+4-1
2008-05-06 03:08libthread: input sanity checksRuss Cox1+3-2
2008-05-06 03:07post9pservice: accept mtpt (via fuse)Russ Cox4+78-38
2008-05-06 03:06lib9p: make ramfs buildRuss Cox1+8-8
2008-05-06 03:059pfuse: bug fix in error caseRuss Cox1+1-0
2008-04-17 20:26vacfs: quieterRuss Cox1+0-1
2008-04-17 20:13post9pservice: add extra arg to unmodified callsRuss Cox3+3-3
2008-04-17 20:12vacfs: implement -m flagRuss Cox2+14-21
2008-04-17 20:06acme(1): document -mRuss Cox1+14-0
2008-04-17 20:04acme: add -m option and avoid looking in the mirrorRuss Cox6+25-2
2008-04-17 20:039pfuse: accept - for stdin, try to hang up cleanlyRuss Cox2+21-4
2008-04-16 13:32sam: clean up checkerrs (Rob Pike)Russ Cox1+3-3
2008-04-16 02:17mergeRuss Cox5+65-47
2008-04-16 02:15sam: allow more output from ! command (Rob Pike)Russ Cox1+2-2
2008-03-22 17:06libip: fix 64-bit problem in nhgetv (William Josephson)Russ Cox1+4-4
2008-03-06 20:219pfuse: use intptr to silence 64-bit warning (Michael Teichgräber)Russ Cox1+1-1
2008-03-06 20:14libsec: use intptr to silence 64-bit warning (Michael Teichgräber)Russ Cox1+1-1
2008-03-06 20:13u.h: add intptrRuss Cox1+1-0
2008-03-06 20:13eqn: use intptr to silence 64-bit warning (Michael Teichgräber)Russ Cox1+1-1
2008-03-04 04:37lib9: gcc-4.2 bug in sprintRuss Cox1+4-1
2008-02-28 13:49libthread: remove bogus write in threadmainRuss Cox1+0-1
2008-02-04 20:34lib9p: fix Tattach ref count bugRuss Cox1+1-1
2008-02-01 12:54troff: yet another case problem (OS X)Russ Cox1+0-0
2008-02-01 02:15xshove: document, tweakRuss Cox2+77-14
2008-02-01 01:56rio: add xshove programRuss Cox4+298-4
2008-01-31 21:58tr2post: rename charlib files to not be case-dependent (OS X)Russ Cox21+413-2
2008-01-31 21:33bogus fileRuss Cox1+0-12
2008-01-31 13:21troff: rename Hr etc to longer names (OS X)Russ Cox4+0-0
2008-01-30 18:49CHANGESRuss Cox1+134-0
2008-01-30 18:47acme: fix regexp match choice bugRuss Cox1+1-1
2008-01-30 18:47sam: fix regexp match choice bugRuss Cox1+1-1
2008-01-30 18:26devdraw, rio: more full-screen nonsenseRuss Cox4+17-107
2008-01-30 17:03devdraw: full-screen cleanupRuss Cox3+16-1
2008-01-30 17:02rio: more full-screen fixes.Russ Cox3+9-6
2008-01-30 17:01devdraw: add F11 for full-screen toggleRuss Cox6+78-7
2008-01-30 15:30mergeRuss Cox12+48-46
2008-01-30 15:29rio: make full-screen work properly; add showeventRuss Cox12+2132-11
2008-01-12 16:04libdiskfs: fix ext2 directory reading bug (Mike Mammarella)Russ Cox1+9-6
2008-01-11 03:45acme: make STACK bigger for OS X (David Swasey)Russ Cox1+1-1
2008-01-11 02:38libdraw: fix spinning event loop (David Bulkow)Russ Cox1+6-6
2008-01-10 22:06libregexp: fix match choice bug This bug fix allows some pathological regular expressions to cause the regexp library to report a stack overflow (really a stack filling; safe) but it also fixes the behavior of some common regexps. It is too hard to satisfy both.Russ Cox2+2-2
2008-01-10 21:08dist,unix: use MKSHELL=$PLAN9/bin/rc (John DeGood)Russ Cox2+2-2
2007-12-07 22:33libregexp: revert regexp fixRuss Cox5+113-117
2007-12-07 22:33sam: revert regexp fixRuss Cox1+49-59
2007-12-07 22:32acme: revert regexp changeRuss Cox1+51-59
2007-12-07 20:33sam: regexp fix (see libregexp change)Russ Cox1+59-49
2007-12-07 20:33acme: regexp fix (see libregexp change)Russ Cox1+59-51
2007-12-07 20:32libregexp: fix ambiguous match selectionRuss Cox5+117-113
2007-12-07 20:29hoc: print exact floating point outputRuss Cox1+2-2
2007-12-05 00:55sam: turn off DEBUG logging (oops)Russ Cox1+0-1
2007-12-04 14:03vbackup: fix uninitialized variable use in -i codeRuss Cox1+1-0
2007-11-29 04:32acme: refresh window properly after Tab command (Fazlul Shahriar)Russ Cox1+1-1
2007-11-27 20:49vbackup: add -i flag to avoid score prefetching (David Swasey)Russ Cox2+68-39
2007-11-27 20:40.hgignore: ignore moreRuss Cox1+2-0
2007-11-27 20:39mergeRuss Cox21+239-107
2007-11-27 20:38.hgignore: ignore moreRuss Cox1+9-0
2007-11-27 20:38upas/smtp: remove intermediate filesRuss Cox2+0-1285
2007-11-27 20:37tpic: clean up betterRuss Cox1+1-0
2007-11-27 20:36venti: add debugging html formRuss Cox1+41-0
2007-11-05 21:37libdiskfs: work around OS X linker brain-damageRuss Cox2+4-0
2007-11-05 19:53libmach: move machbyname, mach to crack.c to avoid OS X linker problemRuss Cox3+26-31
2007-11-05 18:14libthread: use our own swapcontext/makecontext even on OS X 10.5Russ Cox2+11-5
2007-11-05 17:27libmp: no text jump labels for darwinRuss Cox5+45-47
2007-11-05 16:27build: use ar s flag to avoid ranlibRuss Cox5+14-14
2007-11-05 16:09diff: continue after i/o errors when diffing many filesRuss Cox2+13-5
2007-11-05 15:55mailfs: add -r flag to specify mail root (Richard Bilson)Russ Cox3+38-13
2007-11-05 15:52mailfs: handle NIL bodyRuss Cox1+2-0
2007-11-05 15:37factotum: silence gcc warningRuss Cox1+2-0
2007-11-05 01:30man: document hg interface; update CVS host nameRuss Cox2+124-5
2007-11-03 20:10libthread: better OS X 10.5 test (Jeff Sickel)Russ Cox1+1-1
2007-10-31 21:29venti: use 9ar, not ar (fixes Darwin build problem)Russ Cox1+1-1
2007-10-30 17:33libthread: Apple OS X 10.5 (Leopard) tweaks (Jeff Sickel, Bakul Shah)Russ Cox3+12-9
2007-10-29 18:33venti: fix sync deadlock, add /proc stubRuss Cox20+175-260
2007-10-29 14:34grap: fclose, error context bug fixes (Doug Gwyn)Russ Cox2+4-3
2007-10-12 16:56srv: add -n flag to reject auth by clientsRuss Cox2+17-5
2007-10-12 16:559pserve: add -n flag to reject auth by clientsRuss Cox2+15-2
2007-10-12 16:529p: add -n to disable authenticationRuss Cox2+20-4
2007-10-09 23:22mount: explicit u on test -S and mount to get unix versions (Chris King)Russ Cox1+3-3
2007-09-25 13:47venti: new icacheRuss Cox17+813-427
2007-09-25 13:46venti: fix double free on corrupt bloom filterRuss Cox1+0-1
2007-09-25 02:35venti: formatting changes for wrarenaRuss Cox1+15-12
2007-09-25 02:33venti: formatting changes in fixarenasRuss Cox1+5-3
2007-09-25 02:33venti: formatting changes in findscoreRuss Cox1+2-1
2007-09-25 02:32venti: throw away dcache read-ahead codeRuss Cox1+27-154
2007-09-25 02:31venti: move os x linker hackRuss Cox1+6-5
2007-09-25 02:29venti/randtest: compute totalbytes correctlyRuss Cox1+4-3
2007-09-16 21:28factotum: fix build error (Axel Belinfante)Russ Cox1+1-2
2007-09-15 23:06auxstats: use acpi to find battery info on Linux (Andrey Mirtchovski)Russ Cox1+26-5
2007-09-14 01:12factotum: implement p9crRuss Cox3+173-340
2007-08-28 12:459pserve: delete from correct hash slot (fix infinite loop)Russ Cox1+1-1
2007-08-23 23:02venti: seal arenas without bypassing dcacheRuss Cox1+9-12
2007-08-23 15:53venti: allow partition syntax in verifyarena (Michael Kaminsky)Russ Cox1+9-5
2007-08-23 15:10venti: avoid race in mirrorarenas (Michael Kaminsky)Russ Cox1+3-6
2007-08-23 15:01venti: add -s flag to disable redundant SHA1 in mirrorarenasRuss Cox1+28-16
2007-08-23 14:49mergeRuss Cox1+1-0
2007-08-22 15:249.rc: change to work with rc -e (Tony Lainson)Russ Cox1+1-1
2007-08-22 15:21mailfs: fix handling of FLAGS response (Robert Vollmert)Russ Cox1+6-2
2007-08-22 15:14libthread: simplify alt tracking, possibly fixing bugRuss Cox3+9-8
2007-08-22 14:58acme: fix memory leak in warning (Michael Teichgräber)Russ Cox1+1-0
2007-08-22 14:56fully qualify host nameRuss Cox1+2-2
2007-08-22 14:55add Linux x86-64 (thanks to Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason)Russ Cox5+6-4
2007-08-22 13:149pserve: fix a new race involving assert(c->nmsg == 0).Russ Cox1+3-3
2007-08-22 13:00mergeRuss Cox6+101-71
2007-08-22 12:559pserve: fix races causing assert(c->nmsg == 0) to fail.Russ Cox1+36-26
2007-06-25 02:55CHANGESRuss Cox1+20-0
2007-06-25 02:51tailorization: ignore plan9-reverse.log tooRuss Cox1+1-0
2007-06-25 02:42mailfs: fix subject formattingrsc1+1-1
2007-06-24 22:01CHANGESrsc1+156-0
2007-06-23 06:35silencersc1+2-0
2007-06-23 06:30refresh on i, y commandsrsc1+8-0
2007-06-23 06:27--chattyrsc1+0-1
2007-06-23 06:27remove elsewhere-deleted messages from window; Refresh -> Getrsc2+2-16
2007-06-23 06:14add Get, Refresh commands; refresh at startuprsc1+20-0
2007-06-23 06:12bug fixes: list message 1. give correct contents for raw, rawheader, rawbody. provide filename and charset in mime attachments. only rename mailboxes named mbox* not mbox*.rsc2+16-2
2007-06-21 02:11add -a anamersc2+19-15
2007-06-20 00:10more macfuse path nonsensersc1+7-0
2007-06-18 15:24more from dave swaseyrsc2+80-12
2007-06-18 15:19ignore window resize; should be elsewherersc1+2-0
2007-06-18 14:44remove debugging printrsc1+0-1
2007-06-15 04:07fix acme Snarf bug; change Indent to apply to all windowsrsc2+38-17
2007-06-12 18:38document -Mrsc1+27-4
2007-06-12 18:35always write last block in vcat (dave swasey)rsc1+1-1
2007-06-12 18:35vbackup for mac tweaks (dave swasey)rsc1+20-8
2007-06-09 05:17better fixrsc2+30-28
2007-06-09 04:59anotherrsc1+1-1
2007-06-09 04:58day one bug in sam regexp codersc3+3-3
2007-06-08 14:29mac resource fork - from Dave Swaseyrsc4+202-68
2007-06-05 21:34less chattyrsc1+1-3
2007-06-04 03:30fix dotdot? (dave swasey)rsc1+2-1
2007-05-29 13:42fix commentrsc1+1-1
2007-05-29 13:42add hfsrsc1+3-0
2007-05-28 20:27hfs (David Swasey)rsc6+2000-1
2007-05-28 17:41add partabandonrsc1+1-0
2007-05-28 17:41fix argsrsc1+14-3
2007-05-28 17:34disk partitionsrsc1+1-0
2007-05-28 17:34add disk partitions (David Swasey)rsc2+61-0
2007-05-28 17:22quietrsc1+1-1
2007-05-28 17:16Bterm before returnrsc1+1-0
2007-05-21 21:09oopsrsc1+2-0
2007-05-21 19:21fix pointer comparison (Ramon de Vera)rsc1+1-1
2007-05-20 14:38futimes on linux nowrsc1+1-1
2007-05-20 14:37print error if changing time failsrsc1+8-2
2007-05-19 16:22new test.c from plan 9rsc1+137-20
2007-05-18 16:43Match leading ^ in regexp with embedded newlines (Roger Peppe)rsc2+10-11
2007-05-15 14:37document tab width fieldrsc1+3-2
2007-05-15 13:10new media size from Lou Kamenovrsc1+17-3
2007-05-11 00:20againrsc1+5-3
2007-05-11 00:16use device names for FreeBSD (Lou Kamenov)rsc1+40-1
2007-05-10 19:34better tick handlingrsc1+14-5
2007-05-10 19:30revert frseltickrsc2+3-27
2007-05-10 19:27Better tick management - no frdrawseltick calls.rsc1+6-4
2007-05-10 19:08manage off-screen tick betterrsc2+18-8
2007-05-10 19:08add frdrawseltickrsc2+27-3
2007-05-10 04:18fix nan64rsc1+11-4
2007-05-09 00:06Unswap perm and omode in fsfcreate call (Michael Teichgräber)rsc1+1-1
2007-05-09 00:05Better flag handling in fusecreate (Michael Teichgräber)rsc1+2-0
2007-05-08 02:52fix random troff crash (Noel Hunt)rsc1+6-2
2007-05-05 13:08fix troff input (Colin DeVilbiss)rsc1+3-2
2007-05-04 19:15propagate offset in reads and writes (Michael Teichgräber)rsc1+2-2
2007-05-04 02:19report target list as 32-bit chunks, not 8-bit, for OS Xrsc1+1-1
2007-05-04 01:42OS X craprsc3+7-0
2007-05-03 22:27no need to be so forward about itrsc1+1-1
2007-05-03 22:26add gnu grep -q flag (rob pike)rsc1+5-1
2007-05-03 21:12say utf8string before string in target listrsc1+2-2
2007-05-03 19:13try for utf8 string first in getsnarf; new test program snarfrsc3+168-44
2007-05-03 03:14use clump info directory to walk past corruptionrsc1+26-18
2007-05-03 03:14add -r for readonlyrsc1+11-3
2007-05-03 03:14oopsrsc1+1-1
2007-05-03 03:14allow plan9-style branded disks as configsrsc2+77-3
2007-05-03 03:14allow fixarenas of single arena filersc1+24-6
2007-05-03 03:13fix buildindex minibuf sizing bugrsc1+13-9
2007-05-03 02:35fix arenas if possiblersc1+3-4
2007-05-03 02:22OS X linker crap (John Nowak)rsc5+8-0
2007-05-03 02:21debuggingrsc1+4-0
2007-05-02 19:58read pcaprsc1+67-38
2007-05-01 15:26use 9p not 9P as mount type (Michael Kaminsky)rsc1+2-2
2007-05-01 10:51use standard sun context routinesrsc1+6-0
2007-04-27 19:32cannot use fadv_random on linux -- too slowrsc1+0-3
2007-04-27 18:19bug in testerrsc1+1-1
2007-04-27 18:14add flushpart; avoid O_DIRECT on linuxrsc10+39-21
2007-04-27 17:52checkpointrsc10+96-49
2007-04-25 18:59allow swap of column 0 with othersrsc1+2-2
2007-04-24 16:30quieterrsc1+0-1
2007-04-24 16:29mirror log processorrsc1+105-0
2007-04-24 16:26fix various nits; clean up outputrsc1+33-15
2007-04-24 06:49fix memory leak (bakul shah)rsc1+1-2
2007-04-23 14:40cleanuprsc7+27-24
2007-04-22 13:56checked magic!rsc1+0-1
2007-04-22 13:55freepart on readbloom failurersc1+3-1
2007-04-22 13:54quieterrsc2+12-13
2007-04-21 22:37warn about \w no argrsc1+6-1
2007-04-21 22:36unix fixrsc1+5-0
2007-04-21 22:32test scriptsrsc1+76-0
2007-04-21 22:25use fmtlocaleinitrsc1+1-1
2007-04-21 21:27new argsrsc1+86-88
2007-04-21 20:49more fixesrsc4+6-11
2007-04-21 20:41add searchpairsrsc2+3-0
2007-04-21 19:48fix various chunked-related bugsrsc1+8-5
2007-04-21 19:43sync with plan 9rsc5+9-20
2007-04-21 19:42remove plan9-specificrsc1+0-8
2007-04-21 19:41newrsc2+1010-0
2007-04-21 19:40sync with mit plan 9 versionrsc28+455-370
2007-04-17 05:45allow longer timezones from %Z (xav@chantry)rsc1+3-2
2007-04-17 05:43correct dump string (Fazlul Shahriar)rsc1+4-1
2007-04-14 14:59xnet (Jeff Sickel)rsc1+13-13
2007-04-13 12:16fix double-fclose (Gabi Diaz)rsc1+0-2
2007-04-12 14:18better memory stats (Jeff Sickel)rsc1+7-2
2007-04-08 01:33complain loudly about vtwrite failurersc1+6-2
2007-04-08 01:30correct dangling pointer race (Bakul Shah)rsc4+36-6
2007-04-06 13:48nitrsc1+1-1
2007-04-06 13:47remove mention of threadingrsc1+4-4
2007-04-06 13:27another day, another __isNaNrsc1+2-1
2007-04-06 01:49new __isNaN (Scott Schwartz)rsc1+1-5
2007-04-03 13:25fix comment (Arvindt Rajesh Tamilmani)rsc1+1-1
2007-04-03 12:50finish conversion to libthread; avoids extra page proc sticking around (Tim Wiess)rsc1+12-12
2007-04-03 12:49plumb all urls, not just images (TheWhiteTiger)rsc1+1-11
2007-03-28 16:04keep path and PATH in syncrsc1+2-0
2007-03-26 20:55now using binaryrsc1+0-120
2007-03-26 20:55add page (Kris Maglione)rsc15+448-480
2007-03-26 17:27fix empty string interpolation bugs (Michael Teichgräber)rsc2+14-9
2007-03-26 17:07fix int/size_t warning (Chad Dougherty)rsc1+1-1
2007-03-26 17:04do not redefine rewindrsc1+1-1
2007-03-26 15:03pad out zmagic to 32+ bytesrsc1+1-1
2007-03-26 15:02more memory errors (valgrind)rsc3+3-1
2007-03-26 14:57cope with new gcc error syntaxrsc1+1-1
2007-03-26 14:26fix waitrsc5+97-251
2007-03-26 14:24fix phantom rc crashesrsc1+1-0
2007-03-26 13:38better rc detection (Michael Teichgräber)rsc1+1-1
2007-03-26 13:3864-bitrsc1+1-1
2007-03-26 13:26make :1-1 work (Arvindh Tamilmani)rsc1+2-1
2007-03-26 12:02sync with plan 9rsc23+1967-1232
2007-03-25 18:32try to handle Beof in the macros (Michael Teichgräber)rsc3+15-15
2007-03-25 17:42remove double free (David Swasey)rsc1+1-3
2007-03-25 17:36fix args to should (David Swasey)rsc1+2-0
2007-03-25 17:35add very big file support (David Swasey)rsc2+34-18
2007-03-25 17:32make Load more faithful to original Dump (Peter Canning)rsc1+1-1
2007-03-25 17:28fix againrsc1+1-1
2007-03-25 17:25use plain char if no translation in troffchar (fix ", "" in wintext(1))rsc1+1-1
2007-03-25 17:19import statusbar, converted to libthread (Lou Kamenov)rsc1+234-0
2007-03-25 17:16add x86-64rsc1+1-1
2007-03-25 17:16cope with programs that leave fd in non-blocking mode (Tim Wiess)rsc2+27-1
2007-03-25 17:11add x86 os xrsc1+1-1
2007-03-25 17:10parse -d arg correctly (Fazlul Shahriar)rsc1+1-1
2007-03-16 03:28fix tags againrsc1+3-14
2007-03-15 17:35libc conflict on os xrsc1+2-0
2007-03-15 16:26fix too-aggressive tag redrawrsc1+35-19
2007-03-08 18:00CHANGESrsc1+107-0
2007-02-22 14:27-ldraw no longer implies -lX11rsc3+4-1
2007-02-22 06:18updatersc1+9-0
2007-02-11 18:42various memory errors in acmersc2+5-7
2007-01-29 16:46write YYARG def to ftable (fdefine might be null, and is not the right place anyway)rsc1+1-1
2007-01-29 15:12Make ls -lF work.rsc1+5-6
2007-01-27 21:18add paragraph about < | >rsc1+18-0
2007-01-25 21:21no more vtgoodbyersc1+8-1
2007-01-24 16:24google moved the fusefs.kext pathrsc1+10-3
2007-01-18 18:34print + new files in verbose mode (Michael Kaminsky)rsc1+3-0
2007-01-18 18:26More return value fixes (Michael Kaminsky)rsc1+1-1
2007-01-18 18:26Bug checking vacfileisdir return value. (Michael Kaminsky)rsc1+1-1
2007-01-18 18:24Decode uid/gid strings as numbers if possible. (Michael Kaminsky)rsc1+2-0
2007-01-18 13:02Minor FUSE bug fixes (found mount_fusefs!)rsc2+3-2
2007-01-18 12:52Mac FUSE support (thanks to Jeff Sickel)rsc5+59-3
2007-01-15 00:32change mpdigit to uint -- 64-bit mp library not so workingrsc1+1-1
2007-01-12 16:32change namersc2+3-3
2007-01-12 16:02Bug fix fix - remove debugging implementation of needoutflush.rsc1+2-1
2007-01-12 15:57Fix 15-year-old sam protocol bug.rsc4+34-34
2006-12-13 00:07More fortunes!rsc1+11-0
2006-12-10 00:19stupid dashrsc1+2-1
2006-12-09 22:48avoid bug if /bin/sh is dash -- use single quotes around \1rsc1+4-4
2006-12-01 03:21do not print EOk messagesrsc1+6-4
2006-11-20 23:11add fsysclose for ext2rsc1+1-0
2006-11-06 05:43Placate GCC in 64-bit targets.wkj2+2-2
2006-11-06 04:25out of datersc1+0-3
2006-11-05 20:45Update CVS turd.wkj1+2-0
2006-11-05 14:43block instead of chewing cpu in eread (Lu Xuxiao)rsc1+1-1
2006-11-04 20:41Change GET/GBIT32 macros to explicitly cast final result to u32int. Otherwise, the type of the expression will be int, and if written to a uvlong (or just a ulong on most 64-bit systems), it will be sign-extended.rsc2+2-2
2006-11-04 18:46In non-blocking recv functions in libmux and libdraw, distinguish between "cannot receive without blocking" and "EOF on connection".rsc7+88-61
2006-11-02 17:31fix sleep for OpenBSD 4.0 (Tim Wiess)rsc1+1-1
2006-10-19 21:58Fix a handful of small one-time memory leaks in vbackup, and one per-package memory leak (in writethread).rsc17+94-13
2006-10-16 19:31Invoke psdownload via the 9 script.wkj1+1-1
2006-10-13 13:43use X11 in /usr if it is therersc1+4-0
2006-10-12 03:18avoid broken print (Gabriel Diaz)rsc1+2-0
2006-10-12 02:43avoid hang with htmlroff (Michael Teichgräber)rsc1+1-1
2006-10-12 02:37avoid nonstandard entity names (Michael Teichgräber)rsc1+25-8
2006-10-12 02:28remove prompt to avoid double-sending problemsrsc1+2-2
2006-10-12 02:25use all 9 commands (Karl Sackett)rsc1+5-3
2006-10-12 01:55avoid EPROTO in case not there (Tim Wiess)rsc1+4-0
2006-10-12 01:47print final verbose update (Lou Kamenov)rsc1+2-2
2006-10-12 01:45update from plan9rsc1+40-0
2006-10-12 01:42new seq from plan 9 (Anthony Martin)rsc1+21-11
2006-10-12 01:01correct ref counting in walkfile (Nemo)rsc1+1-5
2006-09-18 04:25revert 1.4 -> 1.5 changersc1+2-4
2006-09-17 20:52remove bindrsc1+1-1
2006-09-17 20:49statrsc2+38-0
2006-08-30 00:09Myetheraddr lives in myetheraddr.c, so remove it here.wkj1+0-10
2006-08-29 20:15Aviod seg fault when no filersc1+4-1
2006-08-24 18:37set $samfile during external commandsrsc1+9-0
2006-08-01 14:38break from readdir properly (Lou Kamenov)rsc1+16-14
2006-08-01 03:19free fuse messagesrsc1+8-1
2006-07-28 01:08allow +line syntaxrsc1+13-1
2006-07-27 22:36use better O_LARGEFILErsc1+4-0
2006-07-27 14:39quote equalsrsc1+2-2
2006-07-27 05:14wait for mount to complete before exitingrsc3+12-2
2006-07-26 15:54FreeBSD fixes (Lou Kamenov)rsc2+97-51
2006-07-24 19:05space after -v for OS X (andrey)rsc1+1-1
2006-07-23 14:46CHANGESrsc1+5-0
2006-07-23 14:43clean temporary filesrsc1+1-0
2006-07-23 14:43better cleanup; use /var/tmprsc1+2-2
2006-07-23 14:41better statusrsc1+10-8
2006-07-23 14:36show current directoryrsc2+52-1
2006-07-23 14:21add stat.hrsc1+1-0
2006-07-23 05:13fix emalloc prototypersc1+2-2
2006-07-23 05:13remove debug printrsc1+0-1
2006-07-23 05:03oopsrsc1+30-127
2006-07-23 03:43CHANGESrsc1+40-0
2006-07-23 03:33better errstrrsc4+169-8
2006-07-23 03:08better open modersc1+10-5
2006-07-23 03:05gnuismsrsc1+10-1
2006-07-23 03:029pfusersc7+2395-0
2006-07-23 03:01ref 9pfusersc1+2-1
2006-07-23 02:59new mount unmount docrsc1+69-0
2006-07-23 02:58more rc scriptsrsc1+4-0
2006-07-23 02:57ignore /net/ prefixes - been long enoughrsc1+0-3
2006-07-23 02:57don't die on eof in sendfdrsc1+4-1
2006-07-23 02:56experiment: translation from standard notations to plan 9 in netmkaddrrsc3+36-13
2006-07-23 02:55more functionsrsc10+125-28
2006-07-23 02:52ignorersc1+1-0
2006-07-23 02:48ignore ignore ignorersc1+21-0
2006-07-23 02:48for htmlroffrsc1+9-0
2006-07-23 02:46mount and unmount scriptsrsc2+34-0
2006-07-23 02:46simple vwhoisrsc1+5-0
2006-07-23 02:36fix cache bug (Eoghan Sherry)rsc1+2-0
2006-07-23 02:08fix nowsys buildrsc3+15-3
2006-07-19 02:22use 2049 portrsc1+1-1
2006-07-18 15:27check was not correct on linuxrsc1+0-2
2006-07-18 15:26assorted changes from Plan 9rsc39+4540-361
2006-07-18 15:26newrsc1+271-0
2006-07-18 15:23add vttimefmtrsc3+28-0
2006-07-05 22:27Fix resize error under KDE (Bart Locanthi)rsc3+54-27
2006-07-05 17:12allow _ - / in header file namesrsc1+4-4
2006-07-04 14:35move USED past decls (Arvindh Tamilmani)rsc1+2-2
2006-07-02 15:26update runeprint descrsc1+1-0
2006-07-02 15:26update Bprint docsrsc1+1-1
2006-07-02 15:24return number of bytes outputrsc1+2-3
2006-06-30 16:03oopsrsc1+1-4
2006-06-30 04:59remove extra acme (Arvindh Tamilmani)rsc1+3-3
2006-06-30 04:58typo (Serge Gagnon)rsc1+1-1
2006-06-30 04:53use file names for attachmentsrsc4+8-4
2006-06-29 15:57updatersc1+2-1
2006-06-28 17:43CHANGESrsc1+10-0
2006-06-28 17:39better cleanuprsc1+5-2
2006-06-27 17:41experiment - allow = in words late in the command linersc1+3-0
2006-06-26 18:08Use getdents instead of getdirentries under NetBSD.wkj1+2-2
2006-06-26 05:49fix dup file name bugrsc1+10-1
2006-06-26 05:49pinrsc1+1-0
2006-06-26 05:48use pinrsc1+27-1
2006-06-26 05:47pinrsc6+87-0
2006-06-26 05:45slow mode for debuggingrsc1+17-2
2006-06-26 01:12CHANGESrsc1+105-0
2006-06-26 01:11update stackrsc1+14-5
2006-06-26 00:29shut up gccrsc1+1-1
2006-06-26 00:08forgotrsc1+124-0
2006-06-26 00:07long doublersc1+1-1
2006-06-26 00:06remove debug printrsc1+0-1
2006-06-26 00:06set errstr for bad dir contentsrsc1+4-1
2006-06-26 00:06remove print statementrsc1+0-1
2006-06-26 00:05no need for auth.hrsc11+0-11
2006-06-26 00:05no need to call amountrsc1+2-1
2006-06-26 00:05long doublersc1+4-1
2006-06-26 00:04bigger block sizersc1+2-2
2006-06-26 00:03add -l flagrsc1+6-0
2006-06-26 00:03read stdin instead of stdoutrsc1+1-1
2006-06-26 00:03fixrsc1+4-4
2006-06-26 00:02simpler USEDrsc1+1-1
2006-06-26 00:02accept process namesrsc1+12-1
2006-06-25 23:55plumbunmountrsc2+29-1
2006-06-25 23:53fix name muxprocsrsc1+1-1
2006-06-25 23:52add iprintrsc2+15-0
2006-06-25 23:52save old q0, q1rsc1+5-1
2006-06-25 23:52silence warningrsc1+1-1
2006-06-25 movedrsc1+1-1
2006-06-25 23:51add -D for testingrsc1+5-0
2006-06-25 23:51reopen plumber, build mailrsc2+44-16
2006-06-25 23:50check initdraw returnrsc1+3-1
2006-06-25 23:50fix TH linersc1+1-1
2006-06-25 23:50plumbunmountrsc1+1-0
2006-06-25 23:50nbrecvrsc1+8-3
2006-06-25 23:49autolibrsc2+6-0
2006-06-25 23:49remove junkrsc2+1-16
2006-06-25 23:49new draw interfacersc1+24-6
2006-06-25 23:49tweak for manualrsc1+3-3
2006-06-25 23:49handle spacesrsc1+10-9
2006-06-25 23:48handle memdraw memlayerrsc1+15-2
2006-06-25 23:02acmersc1+423-0
2006-06-25 21:23just what we need - more rpcsrsc6+111-16
2006-06-25 21:05quietrsc1+1-1
2006-06-25 21:04nonblockrsc2+132-43
2006-06-25 21:04gonersc2+0-180
2006-06-25 21:04eventrsc6+272-1904
2006-06-25 19:28add stub routinesrsc7+91-0
2006-06-25 19:19use new locationrsc1+1-1
2006-06-25 19:18new draw serverrsc23+5538-0
2006-06-25 19:00byersc1+0-43
2006-06-25 19:00newrsc4+742-0
2006-06-25 18:59byersc75+226-11641
2006-06-25 18:58separate outrsc37+7447-0
2006-06-16 15:55No more unrooted paths.rsc2+29-3
2006-06-15 06:25use deterministic handlesrsc1+15-13
2006-06-15 05:52better ext2 block read (sigh)rsc1+25-23
2006-06-15 05:19disable auth in vftprsc1+3-0
2006-06-15 05:16more ext2 fixesrsc1+19-3
2006-06-15 04:35ext2 fixes (Steve VanDeBogart)rsc1+5-4
2006-06-12 17:54new sed -lrsc1+6-4
2006-06-12 17:51new uid worldrsc1+12-1
2006-06-12 17:21avoid pw libraryrsc1+5-4
2006-06-12 17:20fix proc leak; add p9usepwlibraryrsc2+9-2
2006-06-07 23:25new 64-bit safersc1+2-2
2006-06-07 23:21oopsrsc1+1-1
2006-06-07 21:0164-bit safersc1+1-1
2006-06-07 15:28call fmtlocaleinitrsc1+2-4
2006-06-06 13:58use 9 page instead of pagersc1+4-4
2006-06-04 16:07sparcrsc1+24-0
2006-06-04 16:06set RFNOTEG when we canrsc3+14-1
2006-05-31 04:55no c99 ismsrsc1+23-9
2006-05-30 16:47set didtz (rob)rsc1+1-0
2006-05-28 05:53silence warningrsc1+1-1
2006-05-27 18:35Use va_args in cosadd/sinadd (Michael Teichgräber)rsc2+19-9
2006-05-27 07:33make srvname globalrsc1+2-1
2006-05-27 07:22use same name that srv.c doesrsc1+1-3
2006-05-27 05:24missed this toorsc1+1-1
2006-05-27 05:20and this onersc1+1-0
2006-05-27 05:20missed this toorsc1+1-0
2006-05-27 05:18missed this onersc1+1-0
2006-05-26 05:43silence warningrsc1+1-1
2006-05-26 00:53newrsc1+3-1
2006-05-26 00:53oopsrsc4+15-0
2006-05-25 06:25new libacmersc3+677-0
2006-05-24 15:02fix commentsrsc1+3-3
2006-05-24 15:02missing srvnamersc1+1-1
2006-05-24 06:09make sure we get our fmodrsc1+5-2
2006-05-23 03:55fix _screen leakrsc2+8-15
2006-05-22 14:56more testsrsc4+93-7
2006-05-22 14:54incorporate changes from Googlersc6+67-13
2006-05-22 14:53new, commented fltfmtrsc1+509-223
2006-05-22 06:26fix icmp overflowrsc1+1-1
2006-05-21 20:49fmt changes from Googlersc41+507-505
2006-05-21 20:42forgotrsc1+309-0
2006-05-21 18:57import from plan9rsc9+320-62
2006-05-21 18:41multiple mail boxes (Lou Kamenov)rsc3+10-5
2006-05-21 18:40better spam (Lou Kamenov)rsc3+10-3
2006-05-21 18:40useless warningrsc1+0-2
2006-05-21 18:40better lockingrsc1+1-0
2006-05-21 18:39newrsc7+173-0
2006-05-21 18:24plan 9 importrsc4+20-6
2006-05-21 16:20changes from plan 9rsc2+11-15
2006-05-21 15:56colors (Gregor Asplund)rsc2+49-0
2006-05-20 05:01do RFNOTEG in initdraw (Anselm Garbe)rsc1+1-0
2006-05-20 04:48ti fix (Michael Teichgräber)rsc1+3-0
2006-05-20 04:24more time zone fixesrsc1+12-1
2006-05-18 23:08time zone fixrsc1+5-1
2006-05-16 15:47use linux/version.hrsc1+2-1
2006-05-12 20:52avoid zombie when execvp failsrsc1+1-0
2006-05-10 17:39stupid bug in ext3 fixes (serge gannon)rsc1+1-1
2006-05-10 04:13avoid double spacingrsc1+1-5
2006-05-09 18:35set namelenrsc1+1-0
2006-05-09 13:20fix font-size (Michael Teichgräber)rsc1+1-1
2006-05-06 22:53show full name in fromrsc2+21-11
2006-05-06 22:52correct utfmap (Michael Teichgräber)rsc1+1-1
2006-05-06 22:51new from plan 9rsc1+5-68
2006-05-06 19:55add sys/time.h for struct timeval on freebsd 4rsc1+1-0
2006-05-06 19:54shut up gcc volatilersc1+6-3
2006-05-05 15:45CHANGESrsc1+51-0
2006-05-05 15:29define __Linux24__ for mount-Linux.c in vbackuprsc1+3-0
2006-05-05 15:19poor type-punned pointerrsc1+1-1
2006-05-05 15:16cut and paste fixesrsc1+4-2
2006-05-05 15:06unused bbrsc1+1-1
2006-05-05 13:17add debugpacketrsc1+265-0
2006-05-05 13:17vttracelevelrsc1+21-3
2006-05-05 04:55fix edit pipe bugrsc3+48-2
2006-05-05 02:42extrarsc2+2-0
2006-05-04 19:41paranoia about extensionrsc1+1-1
2006-05-04 19:10paranoia about extensionrsc1+6-1
2006-05-04 18:54sign extension bugrsc1+4-3
2006-05-04 18:03ext2 fixesrsc4+20-7
2006-05-04 18:02rpc fixes (vandebo)rsc3+20-7
2006-05-04 18:02ext2 fixesrsc2+37-41
2006-04-28 03:08chattyrsc1+2-2
2006-04-28 03:06double freersc1+1-0
2006-04-22 00:5016-byte alignrsc1+9-0
2006-04-21 04:26darwinrsc3+6-0
2006-04-21 04:25darawinrsc5+302-0
2006-04-21 04:00system tan() is probably good enoughrsc1+0-6
2006-04-21 03:58put threadinfo backrsc1+1-1
2006-04-21 03:55applersc3+11-1
2006-04-21 03:49darwinrsc1+7-5
2006-04-21 03:44no typesrsc6+6-17
2006-04-21 03:43use gcc because cpp sucksrsc3+2-4
2006-04-21 03:34darwin 386 startrsc6+119-2
2006-04-21 03:01shut up gccrsc1+3-0
2006-04-20 23:06oopsrsc1+1-1
2006-04-20 22:56castrsc2+2-2
2006-04-20 22:5464-bitrsc14+30-27
2006-04-20 21:52inttypesrsc1+2-1
2006-04-20 21:51bug fixrsc2+3-2
2006-04-20 21:41shut up gccrsc2+12-0
2006-04-20 21:37warningrsc1+1-1
2006-04-20 21:2364-bit fixesrsc1+4-4
2006-04-20 21:2164-bitrsc1+3-3
2006-04-20 21:20more 64-bit fixesrsc2+2-2
2006-04-20 21:01minor bug fixes (mechiel lukkien, andrey)rsc4+3-5
2006-04-20 21:0064-bit safersc5+62-50
2006-04-20 20:51shut up, gcc!rsc3+3-0
2006-04-20 20:4964-bit fixesrsc7+153-81
2006-04-20 20:47shut up gccrsc1+2-2
2006-04-20 20:3564-bit fixes from plan 9rsc3+23-23
2006-04-20 20:31shut up gccrsc1+1-1
2006-04-20 20:30shut up, gcc!rsc2+3-3
2006-04-20 20:28shut up gcc!rsc4+9-9
2006-04-20 20:26warningrsc1+1-1
2006-04-20 20:24warnings (andrey)rsc1+3-3
2006-04-20 20:2464-bit safe (from plan9)rsc5+41-14
2006-04-20 20:18silence warning (andrey)rsc2+7-6
2006-04-20 20:05no warning (andrey)rsc1+0-2
2006-04-19 22:04avoid double lock (lucho ionkov)rsc2+5-3
2006-04-14 00:15fixesrsc4+6-1243
2006-04-14 00:04tpicrsc22+5419-0
2006-04-12 19:03bug fixes (mechiel lukkien)rsc3+4-4
2006-04-12 13:10bogusziprsc1+13-3
2006-04-09 00:24newrsc3+175-11
2006-04-09 00:24experimentrsc1+69-0
2006-04-08 23:49add exitcodersc1+11-0
2006-04-06 15:58no /fd/2rsc1+1-1
2006-04-04 19:45no checksnarfrsc1+0-11
2006-04-04 19:11no more pedantryrsc1+0-2
2006-04-04 18:23add v9fs examplersc1+21-0
2006-04-04 18:09look for libresolv.dylib (anothy sorace)rsc1+1-1
2006-04-04 16:09no //rsc1+4-2
2006-04-04 11:58get strtoll on freebsdrsc1+8-0
2006-04-02 00:10CHANGESrsc1+34-0
2006-04-02 00:06avoid primaryrsc1+1-1
2006-04-01 21:28more matching (eq)rsc1+12-2
2006-04-01 19:24Use gcc -ansi -pedantic in 9c. Fix many non-C89-isms.rsc492+3230-3180
2006-04-01 15:35c90 fixesrsc11+118-66
2006-03-31 17:51utf in subjectrsc1+53-1
2006-03-31 17:28fix alpha oopsrsc2+17-15
2006-03-31 17:27add Fullsrcrsc1+2-1
2006-03-31 14:37no anon unionrsc1+30-29
2006-03-30 19:25new tar importrsc1+195-63
2006-03-30 15:05weird abort declrsc1+0-1
2006-03-30 15:04no unionsrsc1+8-8
2006-03-30 15:00fix double-use of xtmprsc1+1-1
2006-03-30 13:00antialias redrawrsc1+4-1
2006-03-27 13:06quiet Del in winrsc1+1-4
2006-03-27 00:50flushdisplay (erik quanstrom)rsc1+9-4
2006-03-23 23:46snarfrsc1+9-4
2006-03-22 16:38Avoid saving precious data under stack pointer.rsc1+18-25
2006-03-22 16:30Avoid storing precious data below the stack pointer.rsc4+62-64
2006-03-21 18:57faster destroyfid callsrsc1+42-2
2006-03-21 18:03Write $-free paths in Dump files (Peter Canning).rsc1+10-4
2006-03-21 16:55memory fixesrsc1+51-25
2006-03-20 05:17newrsc1+14-1
2006-03-20 04:05CHANGESrsc1+62-0
2006-03-20 04:04not truersc1+2-2
2006-03-20 04:04undorsc1+0-1
2006-03-20 04:02update usagersc3+1-8
2006-03-20 04:01remove debuggingrsc1+0-1
2006-03-20 03:55old fontsrsc1+0-154
2006-03-20 03:32newrsc1+58-0
2006-03-20 02:46more notesrsc1+2-0
2006-03-20 02:25update lucidarsc24+160-96
2006-03-20 00:40ack b&hrsc1+7-1
2006-03-20 00:31update noticersc3+18-6
2006-03-20 00:30notersc1+12-10
2006-03-20 00:08no more lucidarsc31+206-156
2006-03-19 23:51no more lucidarsc4+6-6
2006-03-19 23:35addrsc1+6-0
2006-03-19 23:34add noticersc1+2-0
2006-03-19 06:36new fontsrsc1+391-0
2006-03-19 06:13junkrsc5+211-0
2006-03-19 06:12new fnsrsc1+38-1
2006-03-19 06:11autoresize (erik quanstrom)rsc5+7-8
2006-03-19 06:11newrsc1+327-0
2006-03-19 06:11new docsrsc3+566-0
2006-03-19 06:03new fontsrsc3+43-4
2006-03-19 06:01gonersc1+0-0
2006-03-19 06:01newrsc32+628-0
2006-03-19 06:00addrsc1+50-0
2006-03-19 06:00deja vursc257+118756-0
2006-03-19 05:58add luxirsc133+39611-0
2006-03-19 05:54new fontsrsc33+35366-0
2006-03-12 16:39typo (Georg Neis)rsc1+1-1
2006-03-12 14:59regenerate latin1 tablesrsc1+101-101
2006-03-10 00:37jpg fix? (erik quanstrom)rsc1+1-0
2006-03-10 00:37synergy (paul lalonde)rsc1+6-2
2006-03-07 23:55seek to end of outgoingrsc1+1-0
2006-03-05 20:45fix mptouvrsc1+1-1
2006-03-03 17:49+ is not a valid tag (Lou Kamenov)rsc1+1-1
2006-03-03 17:28tolower subscriptrsc1+1-1
2006-03-03 16:34change Tcreate message in 9P2000.ursc4+14-1
2006-03-03 14:13more updatesrsc3+21-0
2006-03-03 14:11cleanuprsc3+1-6
2006-03-03 01:44gonersc1+0-310
2006-03-03 01:42move snarfer to use X includesrsc2+319-0
2006-03-03 01:39avoid redefining sched_yield (Christian Pfeil)rsc2+37-62
2006-02-28 20:12cannot say isnumberrsc2+10-6
2006-02-28 19:48more itrans changesrsc1+1-12
2006-02-28 19:47changesrsc1+14-0
2006-02-28 19:47new programrsc1+48-0
2006-02-28 19:29addrsc1+310-0
2006-02-28 13:13allow fallback to x11rsc1+23-4
2006-02-28 12:54use carbon for pasteboardrsc1+3-0
2006-02-28 12:54use pasteboardrsc1+138-5
2006-02-28 00:49new delmesgrsc3+18-13
2006-02-27 01:26remove unused pids array (Erik Quanstrom)rsc1+3-6
2006-02-26 16:22CHANGESrsc1+208-0
2006-02-26 15:20various fixesrsc1+17-9
2006-02-26 04:05locking fixesrsc1+4-1
2006-02-25 21:14oopsrsc1+5-1
2006-02-25 13:09fixesrsc2+3-2
2006-02-24 21:17tapefs from plan9rsc13+2465-0
2006-02-24 21:04add cvsignore to hold up directoryrsc1+1-0
2006-02-24 21:04new dirsrsc2+0-0
2006-02-24 17:46use install not install -crsc2+3-2
2006-02-24 17:40use domain as the portrsc2+6-6
2006-02-24 16:52remove -prsc1+1-1
2006-02-23 17:13Extra arg belongs to _decqp.wkj1+1-1
2006-02-23 17:10Missing colon.wkj1+1-1
2006-02-23 11:51fix quoted-printable (_ means space only in rfc2047)rsc2+13-5
2006-02-23 11:48add recentrsc2+2-0
2006-02-23 00:40update from plan9rsc1+51-1
2006-02-21 20:46events buffer need not end in NULrsc3+9-6
2006-02-21 18:37addrsc31+4745-2
2006-02-20 19:38dns changesrsc9+61-48
2006-02-20 19:23add dnsrsc1+2-0
2006-02-20 00:08fix wmail (csant)rsc1+2-2
2006-02-18 15:23handle 09rsc1+7-5
2006-02-18 13:57correct sizersc1+2-2
2006-02-17 22:07remove stub myipaddrrsc1+0-7
2006-02-17 20:52bug fixedrsc1+0-1
2006-02-17 19:30add lockingrsc1+9-2
2006-02-17 19:21changes from erik quanstromrsc8+77-52
2006-02-17 18:21make compilersc3+17-2
2006-02-17 17:22forgotrsc1+41-0
2006-02-16 06:22fixesrsc1+3-0
2006-02-16 06:18morersc1+6-4
2006-02-16 06:11more fixrsc1+1-5
2006-02-16 06:02more sparc64rsc2+10-10
2006-02-15 23:06fixedrsc4+32-4
2006-02-15 18:45fixesrsc1+1-1
2006-02-15 18:37fixesrsc3+13-6
2006-02-15 18:34forgotrsc1+294-0
2006-02-15 12:39imap-based new upas/fsrsc15+4168-0
2006-02-15 12:30cope with new upas/fsrsc1+62-13
2006-02-15 12:11resize window to fit image (Erik Quanstrom)rsc4+13-17
2006-02-14 19:45pointer conversionsrsc2+2-2
2006-02-14 19:45put NUL in right place!rsc1+4-3
2006-02-14 19:44forgot thisrsc1+17-6
2006-02-14 19:44better labelsrsc2+6-5
2006-02-14 19:43shut up about signals in scriptsrsc1+1-1
2006-02-14 19:43remove unusedrsc13+193-557
2006-02-14 19:42better utfrsc1+2-2
2006-02-14 19:42fixesrsc22+187-144
2006-02-14 19:42better lookuprsc2+29-14
2006-02-14 19:42bigger bufferrsc1+4-4
2006-02-14 19:41stupid pointer conversionsrsc2+10-10
2006-02-14 19:41fixesrsc3+47-36
2006-02-14 19:41use correct namersc1+1-1
2006-02-14 19:41better fmt -jrsc1+5-1
2006-02-14 19:41seek back in rdwrrsc1+1-0
2006-02-14 19:39note ansi braindamagersc1+6-0
2006-02-14 19:39add exticodersc1+17-3
2006-02-14 19:39grammar nitrsc1+1-1
2006-02-14 19:38genericrsc1+2-3
2006-02-14 19:38adapt to gcc error messagesrsc1+1-1
2006-02-14 19:38better symbolsrsc1+8-4
2006-02-14 19:37add root serversrsc2+37-1
2006-02-14 07:35maybersc1+7-1
2006-02-14 06:52sparc64 rulersc1+4-0
2006-02-14 02:00draw, resolvrsc1+9-3
2006-02-13 20:42add exitcodersc1+2-1
2006-02-12 22:23more fixesrsc4+123-120
2006-02-12 21:23addrsc1+167-0
2006-02-12 19:48add readmersc1+6-0
2006-02-12 19:45initial treersc6+73-0
2006-02-12 19:40add exitcodersc3+7-4
2006-02-12 19:40more changesrsc11+234-412
2006-02-12 19:05add exitcodersc2+10-0
2006-02-12 16:48add waitrsc4+97-2
2006-02-12 16:48add procwaitrsc1+5-0
2006-02-12 16:43delete debuggingrsc1+0-5
2006-02-12 00:36unused irsc1+1-1
2006-02-12 00:34more changesrsc10+47-31
2006-02-12 00:20worksrsc2+159-204
2006-02-11 23:38various cleanuprsc37+223-248
2006-02-11 22:58add RFENVG, RFCENVGrsc1+7-3
2006-02-11 22:35more changesrsc8+148-142
2006-02-10 05:32sparc64 attemptrsc5+655-0
2006-02-09 20:52changesrsc7+238-499
2006-02-09 19:43ignore interruptsrsc1+10-0
2006-02-09 08:20doubtful this will workrsc1+13-0
2006-02-09 08:17sparcrsc2+8-0
2006-02-09 00:07new noticersc1+4-17
2006-02-08 23:51Archive shouldn't be checked-in here.wkj1+0-0
2006-02-08 22:39cleanuprsc11+132-386
2006-02-08 21:21add printrsc3+71-0
2006-02-08 18:11fix b1 c2 c3 c3 c2 c3 [sic]rsc1+13-12
2006-02-07 17:02add threadidlersc3+31-2
2006-02-06 23:10add chord fix from plan 9rsc2+10-7
2006-02-06 19:30more castsrsc5+7-7
2006-02-06 19:28initializersc1+7-0
2006-02-05 17:50add threadidrsc2+10-0
2006-02-05 15:34add -n to ls; add rm and creatersc1+61-3
2006-02-05 15:34Experiment: ignore double-responds. Also allow nil string as empty string in readstr.rsc2+14-3
2006-02-04 20:26print warningsrsc13+31-31
2006-02-04 20:21new note grouprsc1+1-0
2006-02-03 04:36fix offsetsrsc1+19-3
2006-02-03 02:35hmm...rsc1+4-5
2006-02-02 16:40fix fid handlingrsc2+30-5
2006-01-30 22:00add thread.hrsc1+2-0
2006-01-29 17:37even less dependence on crappy arpa headersrsc1+7-10
2006-01-29 17:32return 0rsc1+1-1
2006-01-29 04:17no sharps on c linesrsc1+5-5
2006-01-28 23:45do not die in freeimage(0) when screen==0rsc1+2-1
2006-01-27 18:52typorsc1+1-1
2006-01-27 17:50more constantsrsc1+1-1
2006-01-27 08:56morersc1+63-65
2006-01-27 08:54do not expect magic numbersrsc1+66-23
2006-01-27 07:24can zero, will zerorsc1+1-1
2006-01-27 05:51bsdrsc6+16-14
2006-01-27 05:32dnsrsc3+448-2
2006-01-27 04:16oopsrsc2+4-2
2006-01-27 04:12freerpc(nil)rsc1+2-0
2006-01-27 04:11addrsc2+37-0
2006-01-27 04:08morersc4+54-1
2006-01-27 04:05nowsysrsc1+1-1
2006-01-27 04:04nowsys rulesrsc2+8-1
2006-01-27 04:04nowsys fixes (Lou Kamenov)rsc2+23-2
2006-01-27 03:55more os x 10.4rsc1+3-1
2006-01-27 03:53ifdef vm_swapusage for os xrsc1+5-1
2006-01-27 03:489p.ursc1+1-1
2006-01-27 03:469p2000.ursc2+15-9
2006-01-27 03:45morersc1+3-0
2006-01-27 03:459p2000.ursc2+3-0
2006-01-19 01:32Add more character sets.rsc6+1346-683
2006-01-19 00:05ignore hangup signalrsc1+2-4
2006-01-18 23:11different login shellrsc3+15-2
2006-01-18 23:05back to -irsc1+1-1
2006-01-18 16:58fix -jrsc1+1-1
2006-01-18 16:57add fontsrsc1+4-0
2006-01-18 00:59login shellrsc1+1-1
2006-01-17 01:33sign fixrsc1+1-1
2006-01-12 05:43more tweaksrsc4+27-8
2006-01-12 04:44avoid unnecessary winresize, which flush text cachersc1+5-2
2006-01-12 04:44no more bitingrsc1+3-0
2006-01-12 04:35tweaksrsc1+2-2
2006-01-07 17:34bigger block sizersc1+1-1
2006-01-07 17:34add da for fbsd 5rsc1+1-0
2006-01-06 18:15use inttypesrsc2+2-2
2006-01-06 18:03fixrsc1+5-2
2006-01-06 18:00add conrsc1+57-0
2006-01-05 17:00comment out for old linuxrsc1+9-2
2006-01-02 11:16oopsrsc2+2-1
2005-12-31 20:02darwinrsc5+151-148
2005-12-31 19:50freebsdrsc3+24-18
2005-12-31 19:34newrsc1+4-1
2005-12-31 19:34add etherrsc1+2-1
2005-12-31 19:33unusedrsc1+0-8
2005-12-31 19:33newrsc12+493-232
2005-12-31 03:10oops - mpdigit not mpintrsc1+1-1
2005-12-30 20:41use size_trsc1+1-1
2005-12-30 19:22new man pagersc1+33-18
2005-12-30 18:52split in halfrsc1+78-55
2005-12-30 18:52get units rightrsc1+33-2
2005-12-30 17:43more pointersrsc1+1-1
2005-12-30 17:43stupid pointersrsc2+7-6
2005-12-30 17:07try to make ftp workrsc1+4-9
2005-12-30 17:06fix shiftrsc2+8-2
2005-12-30 17:06document new installrsc1+46-12
2005-12-30 16:31freebsd 6rsc1+3-0
2005-12-30 16:00updatersc1+3-0
2005-12-30 15:56forgot thisrsc1+107-0
2005-12-30 02:06consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. (taj/andrey)rsc2+3-3
2005-12-29 22:37no more case problemsrsc1+20-23
2005-12-29 22:11use STACKrsc1+1-1
2005-12-29 22:10do not trust gcc-4.0 to do nrv optimization. (taj khattra)rsc1+22-25
2005-12-29 22:02add cast (Taj Khattra)rsc1+1-1
2005-12-29 21:59avoid sprint to keep bad utf (marco gaddoni)rsc1+6-2
2005-12-29 21:45add stdint.h, uintptrrsc1+5-0
2005-12-29 21:41set qid.vers (Erik Quanstrom)rsc7+21-17
2005-12-29 21:39correct array size (Marco Gaddoni)rsc1+1-1
2005-12-29 21:38more strangeness (Tim Wiess)rsc1+88-125
2005-12-29 21:15fix paste in raw hold modersc2+3-3
2005-12-29 20:59avoid nil freeimagersc1+4-2
2005-12-29 20:57remove unnecessary int castsrsc1+2-2
2005-12-29 20:55bigger stacksizersc1+1-1
2005-12-29 20:5564-bit fixesrsc3+8-8
2005-12-27 23:16oopsrsc1+330-0
2005-12-27 04:30add dnsrsc15+7047-0
2005-12-26 05:51bugger iprsc1+1-1
2005-12-26 04:54relative paths; open #9/ndb/localrsc1+17-7
2005-12-26 04:48new goodiesrsc44+8723-0
2005-12-26 04:47add EILSEQ for macrsc4+76-33
2005-12-26 03:58allow broadcastrsc1+2-0
2005-12-26 03:58add alternate formatrsc1+6-1
2005-12-21 22:11stupid gccrsc1+6-6
2005-12-21 22:10try autoexpand by defaultrsc1+2-0
2005-12-18 11:36fix from plan 9rsc1+17-3
2005-12-17 13:00better errno declarationsrsc1+6-9
2005-12-16 19:39no printrsc1+0-2
2005-12-16 19:34tag tweakrsc1+11-12
2005-12-16 18:58avoid dup symbol for os xrsc2+3-3
2005-12-16 18:53oopsrsc1+1-1
2005-12-16 15:27auto-insert second line for expandrsc1+6-0
2005-12-16 15:14add bigtagsrsc5+96-2
2005-12-16 15:12Better window size management.rsc4+34-11
2005-12-16 14:05CHANGESrsc1+28-0
2005-12-16 13:52more (Erik Quanstrom)rsc2+16-0
2005-12-15 16:56getpidrsc1+1-1
2005-12-15 03:31stupid solarisrsc1+7-6
2005-12-14 21:31don't need this after all. yay.rsc3+6-19
2005-12-14 20:14shut up compilerrsc1+1-0
2005-12-14 20:07update request countrsc1+1-1
2005-12-14 20:06better errorsrsc2+1-2
2005-12-14 19:58add .ei for else-ifrsc3+19-6
2005-11-30 02:31set window params on startuprsc2+9-6
2005-11-29 19:24add mach.h dependencyrsc1+1-2
2005-11-29 19:02more manglerrsc3+119-21
2005-11-29 19:01c++ changesrsc1+5-1
2005-11-29 05:13debugging printrsc1+1-2
2005-11-29 05:12handling of C++ names.rsc3+27-6
2005-11-29 05:12better handling of C++ names.rsc5+65-22
2005-11-29 04:23new backquote syntaxrsc1+30-0
2005-11-29 04:05demangling docsrsc2+611-0
2005-11-29 04:05test programrsc1+27-0
2005-11-29 04:05More demangling.rsc2+423-167
2005-11-29 01:24gonersc1+0-19
2005-11-29 01:15need thisrsc1+16-0
2005-11-28 21:42deeper copy in renumberrsc1+16-0
2005-11-28 21:14Make install less chatty, more useful.rsc5+47-20
2005-11-28 16:36add text version of install(1)rsc8+96-6
2005-11-28 03:09use role=client on passwdrsc1+2-2
2005-11-28 03:05use imap not imap4rsc1+1-1
2005-11-28 01:37fixesrsc5+118-23
2005-11-28 00:43fixesrsc1+2-2
2005-11-28 00:40process controlrsc2+59-9
2005-11-28 00:40name manglingrsc1+3-0
2005-11-28 00:40name mangling, process controlrsc6+780-10
2005-11-28 00:39various fixesrsc3+28-23
2005-11-27 23:58shut up openbsdrsc2+2-2
2005-11-27 16:01FreeBSD 6 battery (Lou Kamenov)rsc1+1-1
2005-11-27 15:56OS X fixrsc2+4-1
2005-11-26 15:53CHANGESrsc1+2-2
2005-11-26 15:53fix \rrsc1+2-2
2005-11-26 15:49CHANGESrsc1+37-0
2005-11-26 15:42add button 3 menursc1+1-1
2005-11-26 15:39summarize during installrsc1+35-17
2005-11-26 15:39add tracing cd printsrsc2+3-4
2005-11-26 15:39add note about mkrsc1+4-0
2005-11-26 15:38move utf, fmt to libcrsc2+3-2
2005-11-26 15:36new archrsc1+2-2
2005-11-26 15:36new isumrsc2+93-4
2005-11-25 13:19change linkrsc1+9-1
2005-11-25 13:18For annoying people like Uriel.rsc2+7-0
2005-11-25 13:16rename NOTES to READMErsc1+0-0
2005-11-21 20:429P2000.u fixes (Lucho Ionkov)rsc4+23-9
2005-11-16 00:25sched_yield netbsd (anselm garbe)rsc1+2-1
2005-11-16 00:21oopsrsc1+2-2
2005-11-12 16:43no /fd/rsc2+2-2
2005-11-12 16:40move facesrsc1+14-7
2005-11-12 16:36x11, used, etc.rsc4+31-18
2005-11-11 08:01fix -frsc1+7-7
2005-11-11 01:37fixesrsc1+1-1
2005-11-11 01:33fixesrsc1+4-1
2005-11-11 00:37fixesrsc2+8-6
2005-11-10 23:21morersc1+101-2
2005-11-10 22:53attempt at \rrsc1+40-29
2005-11-10 05:45darwinrsc1+1-1
2005-11-09 12:23macrsc2+2-15
2005-11-07 15:16updatesrsc1+37-11
2005-11-07 15:07snarf, plumbingrsc2+6-8
2005-11-07 04:48Vbackup knew about some unexported variables in libventi that seem to have gone AWOL. Remove the use and make things compile again.wkj1+3-3
2005-11-07 04:47Fix the build on FreeBSD 6.x. The resulting binary still seems to produce suspect statistics.wkj1+12-1
2005-11-07 03:02CHANGESrsc1+31-0
2005-11-07 02:49unusedrsc2+0-10
2005-11-07 02:47armrsc1+8-0
2005-11-07 02:47p9syslog for varargckrsc1+1-1
2005-11-07 02:46debugging helprsc3+8-3
2005-11-07 01:51fix snarfrsc3+36-4
2005-11-07 01:44close file leakrsc1+1-0
2005-11-06 22:31fix scroll barrsc1+1-1
2005-11-06 22:22handle interruptsrsc3+13-10
2005-11-06 22:16New 9term using rio sources more directly.rsc10+2941-1820
2005-11-04 20:57add -Crsc1+1-1
2005-11-04 19:00constrsc1+1-1
2005-11-04 18:10try againrsc1+4-2
2005-11-04 18:09try arm againrsc2+5-3
2005-11-04 16:34use macro for getcontext (setjmp)rsc8+25-56
2005-11-03 01:00new FreeBSDrsc2+45-59
2005-11-03 00:48armrsc2+6-17
2005-11-03 00:13armrsc2+35-34
2005-11-02 19:09Allow longer packet timeout.rsc1+1-1
2005-11-02 19:08Better logging in vtrpc, publish cache statistics.rsc4+23-7
2005-11-01 18:35armrsc4+105-1
2005-11-01 18:35FreeBSD changed!rsc1+1-1
2005-11-01 18:06more signedness bugsrsc3+4-5
2005-11-01 15:27Properly size buffer to avoid overflow.wkj1+1-1
2005-11-01 15:01isdigit (Tom Miller)rsc7+10-7
2005-10-31 20:08Add -F option. (Lou Kamenov)rsc1+9-2
2005-10-31 19:5764-bit safe. (Taj Khattra)rsc1+64-60
2005-10-31 18:45More prep.rsc2+9-8
2005-10-31 18:39Cleanup in preparation for multiline tags.rsc6+110-92
2005-10-31 16:47ctype sign fixes (Tom Miller)rsc6+7-6
2005-10-31 16:43undo debugging.rsc1+0-1
2005-10-31 16:42ctype sign fixes (Tom Miller)rsc10+22-17
2005-10-31 14:47initial faces (John Cummings)rsc7+1909-0
2005-10-31 01:15More fixes.rsc1+2-2
2005-10-29 19:18CHANGESrsc1+10-0
2005-10-29 17:42compiler warnings.rsc2+2-3
2005-10-29 17:42many dumb fixes.rsc1+7-7
2005-10-29 17:42implement noredrawrsc1+1-2
2005-10-29 17:41compiler warnings.rsc1+3-2
2005-10-29 17:41compiler warningsrsc1+3-1
2005-10-29 17:41add disk.orsc1+1-0
2005-10-29 17:41print correct file namersc1+1-1
2005-10-29 17:40USEDrsc1+1-0
2005-10-29 17:40use part->sizersc1+2-6
2005-10-29 17:40clearer code.rsc1+1-3
2005-10-29 17:40used and not setrsc1+0-1
2005-10-29 17:39print argsrsc1+3-2
2005-10-29 17:39use EARGFrsc1+2-2
2005-10-29 17:39missing USEDrsc1+2-0
2005-10-29 17:39fix print argsrsc1+1-1
2005-10-29 17:38uchar nonsense.rsc1+2-2
2005-10-29 17:38Detect rc again.rsc1+5-3
2005-10-29 17:37Add close.rsc1+3-0
2005-10-29 17:36Add autolib.rsc1+5-0
2005-10-29 17:34Add experimental noredraw flag.rsc1+1-0
2005-10-29 17:34Add Disk definitions.rsc1+1-1
2005-10-29 16:38CHANGESrsc1+45-1
2005-10-29 16:26Thanks to John Cummings.rsc94+26853-0
2005-10-29 16:26use libthread not fforkrsc1+1-1
2005-10-29 16:26Thanks to John Cummings.rsc27+4346-0
2005-10-29 16:21Add mail (John Cummings)rsc11+3588-0
2005-10-29 16:20add mailrsc1+2-0
2005-10-19 03:26Use 9 file always.rsc1+11-3
2005-10-19 03:21Jeff Sickelrsc1+16-15
2005-10-19 03:15Autoframework (Jeff Sickel)rsc3+87-5
2005-10-17 12:37Undef old macrosrsc1+12-3
2005-10-05 13:30new code from Jeff Sickelrsc1+301-141
2005-09-30 17:45More & names and numbers.rsc1+118-96
2005-09-29 06:18Add print pragmas back, #ifdef'ed.rsc1+60-0
2005-09-26 12:05Print information on SIGQUIT, SIGINFO.rsc1+41-0
2005-09-26 11:46More thread names.rsc3+5-0
2005-09-26 11:37Log if _threaddebuglevel is set.rsc1+2-5
2005-09-21 20:51Extra paren removed. (Bengt Kleberg, glaive)rsc1+1-1
2005-09-19 16:46The people who use emdash and endash are probably the same ones who think data is plural.rsc1+6-4
2005-09-19 16:40OpenBSD lets you open /dev/random but not read it!rsc1+6-4
2005-09-15 17:18In eread, ignore unexpected events instead of returning early.rsc1+1-1
2005-09-15 17:09Do not revert to CMAP for second file. (Rob Pike).rsc1+9-7
2005-09-13 04:50Get installed size right.rsc1+13-12
2005-09-13 04:23binrsc1+5-2
2005-09-13 04:18Better.rsc1+2-1
2005-09-13 04:05Signedness.rsc1+3-3
2005-09-13 04:00Depend on faces.rsc1+1-1
2005-09-13 03:59Look in /scratch/rsc/plan9 for file list.rsc1+2-1
2005-09-13 03:58Signedness bugs for Mac OS X.rsc2+4-3
2005-09-13 03:36fiddle.rsc1+6-0
2005-09-13 03:15Add faces.rsc1+1-1
2005-09-13 03:14Add notes.rsc2+12-2
2005-09-13 02:56Fix vacfilegetmode.rsc2+1-7
2005-09-13 02:46new suffixes.rsc1+1-1
2005-09-13 02:46CHANGESrsc1+42-0
2005-09-13 02:40Add statcheck.rsc1+6-0
2005-09-13 02:39esac not firsc1+1-1
2005-09-13 02:25Add 9P2000.u extensions.rsc1+55-9
2005-09-13 02:00Add Unix specials.rsc1+73-2
2005-09-13 01:58Add vacfilegetmode.rsc1+6-0
2005-09-13 01:57Replace vacfileisspecial with vacfilemode.rsc1+1-1
2005-09-13 01:56Add Unix fields.rsc1+3-0
2005-09-13 01:55Add 9P2000.u extensions.rsc1+135-15
2005-09-13 01:47addrsc2+99-0
2005-09-13 01:42Add .cvsignore.rsc1+4-0
2005-09-13 01:40Add.rsc2+121-0
2005-09-13 01:37Add 9P2000.u functions.rsc4+120-22
2005-09-13 01:34Add 9P2000.u functionsrsc1+14-1
2005-09-13 01:33Add.rsc21+148-0
2005-09-13 01:32Binaries.rsc2+32-0
2005-09-13 01:31Add 9P2000.u fields.rsc1+15-7
2005-09-13 01:30Debian page.rsc1+58-0
2005-09-13 01:24faces for lp.rsc5+52-0
2005-09-13 00:47Fiddle.rsc3+25-0
2005-09-13 00:46Ignore more.rsc1+1-0
2005-09-13 00:45Fiddle.rsc1+1-2
2005-09-13 00:43Add mkpkgrsc1+85-0
2005-09-13 00:42Ignore more.rsc4+28-1
2005-09-13 00:23Fix UTF bug reported on 9fans.rsc1+3-2
2005-09-13 00:23Add
2005-09-13 00:22Allow to take argument.rsc1+16-4
2005-09-13 00:17Add
2005-09-13 00:16Use g++ as LD (mpm is buggered anyway).rsc1+2-0
2005-09-13 00:13Add OpenBSD x86.rsc1+1-1
2005-09-13 00:13Handle $ tags - probably should fix acme instead.rsc1+1-1
2005-09-09 23:49Add uchar for NetBSD ctype.rsc1+1-1
2005-09-09 23:48Fix uchar cast.rsc1+1-1
2005-09-09 23:16NetBSD-macppc ctype needs uchars.rsc22+55-56
2005-09-09 23:10NetBSD-macppc ctype needs uchars.rsc1+1-1
2005-09-09 18:54Add -p like man page says.rsc1+1-1
2005-08-31 22:22Spell IA-64 correctly. (Zoltan Jarai)rsc1+1-1
2005-08-31 04:00Note 9P2000.ursc1+1-0
2005-08-31 03:59Better handling of executables.rsc1+13-4
2005-08-31 03:58Add more special characters.rsc2+17-0
2005-08-31 03:57Correct license summaries.rsc1+2-3
2005-08-31 03:57Add screen shots.rsc1+25-1
2005-08-31 03:57Ignore loop not entered at top warnings. (Sun)rsc1+2-1
2005-08-31 03:56Use Plan 9 file(1).rsc1+2-2
2005-08-31 03:56Add cgi, pl extensions.rsc1+2-2
2005-08-31 03:56Treat OpenBSD like generic BSD.rsc1+0-5
2005-08-31 03:55Update TODO.rsc1+8-24
2005-08-31 02:20Changes.rsc1+26-33
2005-08-31 02:18Initial lp.rsc8+1647-0
2005-08-31 02:15Missed this.rsc1+29-0
2005-08-31 02:15Initial lp.rsc30+1528-0
2005-08-22 16:57add stackrsc1+1-0
2005-08-22 16:56newrsc1+16-0
2005-08-12 20:14Add.rsc5+1281-0
2005-08-12 00:29use strtoull instead of atoirsc1+2-2
2005-08-11 17:53bloomrsc1+7-0
2005-08-11 17:46New Vita Nuova Licensersc2+42-66
2005-08-11 17:33silence various warningsrsc13+18-24
2005-08-11 17:06CHANGESrsc1+34-0
2005-08-11 17:06updatersc3+27-3
2005-08-11 16:45Add UFS2 support.rsc3+219-103
2005-08-11 16:45Add get command.rsc1+82-13
2005-08-11 16:44Add rfork builtin.rsc1+53-0
2005-08-11 16:44make sure errors cause non-zero exit statusrsc1+2-0
2005-08-11 16:43Generate interrupt key (according to terminal settings) when user presses DEL.rsc4+30-3
2005-08-11 14:15Needed for NetBSD/macppc port.rsc1+16-0
2005-08-11 03:54include sys/stat.h for FreeBSDrsc1+1-0
2005-08-11 03:38Fix crash reported by Andrey.rsc4+25-8
2005-08-11 03:36gonersc1+0-118
2005-08-11 03:25Accomodate NetBSDrsc1+5-1
2005-08-11 03:20Accomodate OpenBSD with /dev/srandomrsc1+4-2
2005-08-11 02:34appease gccrsc1+47-29
2005-08-10 19:03Be quiet.rsc2+4-0
2005-08-10 18:54set exit statusrsc1+7-3
2005-08-10 18:52Use env to find perl, for NetBSD (grr)rsc2+2-2
2005-08-10 18:48Ridiculous amount of work for OpenBSD.rsc3+168-9
2005-08-10 18:25addrsc4+1981-0
2005-08-10 18:14appease the gcc monsterrsc1+8-8
2005-08-10 18:11newrsc1+199-0
2005-08-10 18:00newrsc1+267-0
2005-08-10 18:00addrsc1+10-0
2005-08-10 17:59newrsc1+9-0
2005-08-10 17:56now this works?rsc1+0-0
2005-08-10 17:22bugger lprsc1+1-1
2005-08-10 17:16Fix overflow in old Linux file size.rsc1+3-1
2005-08-10 17:15Old GNU assembler doesn't like comments.rsc2+9-14
2005-08-10 17:14Fix time race.rsc1+1-1
2005-08-10 16:59Make fn cd safe for rc -e.rsc1+10-3
2005-07-28 18:19darwinrsc1+1-51
2005-07-28 18:19noatimersc1+3-0
2005-07-28 17:26try to collect common bsd codersc4+56-159
2005-07-28 17:22darwin - variant of bsd from jeff sickelrsc1+51-1
2005-07-28 12:46newrsc1+379-0
2005-07-28 12:43different fixrsc2+12-5
2005-07-28 05:16debuggingrsc1+2-0
2005-07-28 05:16fix indirect block readingrsc1+79-19
2005-07-28 04:47winunlock bugrsc1+6-6
2005-07-27 20:42use correct type for NOFID (sunos)rsc2+2-2
2005-07-27 20:38less graceful shutdown but avoid deadlocksrsc1+9-1
2005-07-27 20:25Try to avoid races in underlying C library during threadexitsall.rsc2+28-0
2005-07-27 20:19revertrsc1+1-1
2005-07-27 20:18better awd for sunosrsc2+3-2
2005-07-27 16:42CHANGESrsc1+15-0
2005-07-27 13:06sunrsc2+9-3
2005-07-26 10:19fixes from bengt for sunrsc1+2-2
2005-07-25 16:55redirect only oncersc1+1-0
2005-07-24 20:15venti updatesrsc13+165-47
2005-07-24 14:01start with white instead of blackrsc1+1-1
2005-07-24 13:45explain bloomrsc1+63-0
2005-07-24 13:37explain disk parittionsrsc1+23-0
2005-07-24 13:27correct discussion of fromdisktypersc1+1-1
2005-07-24 13:26construct bloom filter in buildindexrsc1+3-0
2005-07-22 23:46bigger stackrsc1+1-1
2005-07-22 18:58updatersc1+31-1
2005-07-22 18:56errors to stderrrsc1+7-1
2005-07-22 18:46more tar changesrsc1+27-28
2005-07-22 18:45dont blindly remove all the /usr/local/plan9rsc1+6-0
2005-07-22 18:45no pthreads on OpenBSDrsc1+1-1
2005-07-22 18:44try to use system utils during ./INSTALLrsc1+1-1
2005-07-22 12:37do not process stdout, to play nice with ccachersc1+1-1
2005-07-22 12:19fix tarrsc1+2-2
2005-07-22 11:49openbsdrsc1+5-0
2005-07-22 11:48update testrsc1+1-1
2005-07-22 11:47update from geoffrsc1+1043-0
2005-07-22 11:47new sectionrsc1+4-0
2005-07-21 18:59openbsdrsc3+2-4
2005-07-21 18:29openbsvdrsc1+0-3
2005-07-21 18:29OpenBSD, thanks to Tim Wiessrsc9+354-56
2005-07-21 18:28updatersc1+1-1
2005-07-21 15:43stupid signal fixrsc1+10-1
2005-07-21 00:49no httpdrsc1+1-1
2005-07-21 00:03openbsdrsc1+1-0
2005-07-20 23:40no stdintrsc1+4-2
2005-07-20 23:29openbsdrsc3+12-5
2005-07-20 19:07use 9arrsc1+0-1
2005-07-20 19:00fix ifdefrsc1+10-9
2005-07-19 22:59fix freebsdrsc1+7-1
2005-07-19 22:56use server address unadornedrsc1+1-1
2005-07-19 18:00I just hate to be pushed around by some @#$%^& machine.rsc15+29-29
2005-07-19 17:58updatersc3+18-13
2005-07-19 17:57use vmount0rsc1+1-2
2005-07-19 17:40new typesrsc1+12-8
2005-07-19 17:40better architecture splittingrsc4+4-4
2005-07-19 16:02better mk testrsc5+16-13
2005-07-19 15:18stats pagesrsc4+452-0
2005-07-19 15:09initial .cvsignorersc1+4-0
2005-07-19 14:52correct $BINrsc1+2-0
2005-07-19 11:48openbsdrsc2+92-0
2005-07-19 11:43openbsdrsc1+6-2
2005-07-19 11:43stolen from freebsd; maybe work on openbsd?rsc1+118-0
2005-07-19 11:36maybe openbsd has schedyield nowrsc2+1-4
2005-07-19 11:36use pthread on openbsdrsc1+1-1
2005-07-19 11:04use plan 9 rcrsc2+3-1
2005-07-19 01:39unbugger ventirsc1+1-1
2005-07-18 23:31fixrsc1+1-1
2005-07-18 23:23updatersc1+15-0
2005-07-18 23:05tweaksrsc12+175-14
2005-07-18 22:59addrsc1+40-0
2005-07-18 22:52now with hgetrsc1+2-2
2005-07-18 22:51fix usagersc1+1-1
2005-07-18 22:50secstore moved to authrsc1+2-2
2005-07-18 22:50better troff handlingrsc1+19-2
2005-07-18 22:49ignore.morersc1+13-0
2005-07-18 22:49addrsc1+192-0
2005-07-18 22:47donersc1+183-0
2005-07-18 22:41donersc20+610-515
2005-07-18 00:05announce to networksrsc1+8-5
2005-07-18 00:03change default handlersc1+2-4
2005-07-18 00:01better cr handlingrsc1+9-2
2005-07-15 20:44explain whyrsc1+3-0
2005-07-15 20:43huge amount fasterrsc1+1-1
2005-07-14 14:55gonersc1+0-360
2005-07-14 12:48ignore window size changersc1+1-0
2005-07-14 00:27changesrsc1+72-1
2005-07-14 00:20hold mode in raw modersc1+3-3
2005-07-14 00:09invoke plan9 diffrsc1+2-1
2005-07-14 00:06cannot trust system libraries to lock properly. sigh.rsc1+20-3
2005-07-14 00:03silence fprintrsc1+0-1
2005-07-13 23:01gcc4rsc1+1-0
2005-07-13 22:51freebsd 5rsc1+5-2
2005-07-13 21:50nilrsc1+3-3
2005-07-13 21:43unused.varrsc1+0-1
2005-07-13 21:34applersc12+18-12
2005-07-13 21:30stupid.applersc1+0-6
2005-07-13 21:29warningsrsc1+1-0
2005-07-13 21:27sentinelrsc1+3-3
2005-07-13 21:20sentinelrsc1+1-1
2005-07-13 21:00newrsc4+106-0
2005-07-13 17:32warningsrsc1+1-1
2005-07-13 17:22no mode on vtcacheallocrsc3+3-3
2005-07-13 14:19unbugger sunrpc, diskfsrsc1+1-1
2005-07-13 14:18warningsrsc2+3-7
2005-07-13 14:06addrsc1+263-0
2005-07-13 14:05backupsrsc1+19-0
2005-07-13 14:04move to binrsc2+0-128
2005-07-13 14:04remove empty filersc1+0-0
2005-07-13 14:03move histrsc2+280-282
2005-07-13 14:00no vtblockdirtyrsc1+1-1
2005-07-13 13:59updatersc3+11-10
2005-07-13 13:44cleanuprsc2+5-5
2005-07-13 13:44work around bug in mk?rsc1+3-1
2005-07-13 13:40use vtfilecreate rightrsc1+2-2
2005-07-13 13:40updatersc1+3-2
2005-07-13 13:34cleanuprsc1+1-1
2005-07-13 13:24ignore install.logrsc1+1-0
2005-07-13 13:23new man pagesrsc3+883-0
2005-07-13 10:53keystrokesrsc3+5-3
2005-07-13 10:52cleanuprsc6+32-33
2005-07-13 10:52no c++ commentsrsc1+6-3
2005-07-13 10:51better errorsrsc1+7-1
2005-07-13 10:50better error messagesrsc2+21-9
2005-07-13 10:50unix is not a variable namersc1+1-0
2005-07-13 10:48no more L characters. sigh.rsc6+36-36
2005-07-13 10:47exit gracefully on errorrsc1+1-1
2005-07-13 10:47rebuildrsc1+2-1
2005-07-13 10:46add $MKFLAGSrsc1+1-1
2005-07-13 10:46cleanuprsc2+10-8
2005-07-13 10:45correct sort order; do troff rightrsc1+3-2
2005-07-13 10:45silence nm errors during autolibrsc1+1-1
2005-07-13 04:02goes with dumprsc1+109-0
2005-07-13 04:01new .cvsignorersc1+17-7
2005-07-13 03:59add listen1rsc1+106-0
2005-07-13 03:59more filesrsc2+111-0
2005-07-13 03:58zero unused iorsc1+4-1
2005-07-13 03:57no modersc1+1-10
2005-07-13 03:57no black and whitersc2+0-5
2005-07-13 03:57free subfonts correctlyrsc3+32-6
2005-07-13 03:56no used(Point)rsc1+1-1
2005-07-13 03:56keyboard not mousersc1+1-1
2005-07-13 03:56more places to lookrsc1+4-0
2005-07-13 03:56more places where display can be nilrsc3+3-3
2005-07-13 03:55align macros for sunrsc1+16-0
2005-07-13 03:55better error messagesrsc1+5-1
2005-07-13 03:55mark broken codersc1+2-2
2005-07-13 03:54add printeventrsc2+988-0
2005-07-13 03:54formatting changes; attempt at keyboard-based window switchingrsc11+494-411
2005-07-13 03:54stupid sunrsc1+3-0
2005-07-13 03:53remove unused symtabrsc1+0-2
2005-07-13 03:53use more distinguishable +/-rsc1+2-2
2005-07-13 03:53needed castrsc1+1-1
2005-07-13 03:53various needed castsrsc2+5-5
2005-07-13 03:53lets try hold mode in raw modersc2+24-10
2005-07-13 03:52dirbuf is an extern on sunrsc1+2-0
2005-07-13 03:52no [] initializersrsc1+4-4
2005-07-13 03:52remove X11rsc1+1-3
2005-07-13 03:52add diskfs to buggeredrsc1+1-1
2005-07-13 03:52try to use system binariesrsc1+1-1
2005-07-13 03:51invoke plan9 troffrsc1+1-1
2005-07-13 03:49Dump-like file system backup for Unix, built on Venti.rsc27+4437-0
2005-07-13 03:48File system access library.rsc16+2967-0
2005-07-12 15:24venti, now with documentation!rsc14+2843-0
2005-07-12 15:23return of ventirsc68+14443-2
2005-06-22 04:05Don't insert a bogus <nil> into printed path.wkj1+3-0
2005-05-19 17:13set $PLAN9 if necessaryrsc1+3-0
2005-05-19 14:50updatersc1+1-0
2005-05-19 14:39fixes for vnfsrsc7+64-17
2005-05-19 14:39handle 0 precision betterrsc1+5-3
2005-05-12 17:07change Runeerrorrsc1+1-1
2005-05-12 17:04runeerror is 0xfffd not 0xffdfrsc34+34-49
2005-05-12 16:55handle arbitrary length names in subfontname. handle overflow in offset computation in font.crsc2+18-12
2005-05-12 16:27add ffdf charrsc34+34-0
2005-05-12 15:20use nice pretty new fontsrsc43+1784-95
2005-05-12 15:17lots o fontsrsc1915+2377-0
2005-05-12 14:03add vtlognamesrsc1+35-0
2005-05-12 14:03change labels to get better function boundariesrsc2+12-12
2005-05-12 14:03change vtlognamesrsc1+1-1
2005-05-12 14:03add autolibrsc1+1-0
2005-05-07 22:42remove declaration of errnorsc3+0-5
2005-05-07 22:42use full prototypesrsc11+23-24
2005-05-07 22:42no wide character constants; sighrsc9+43-43
2005-05-07 22:41OS X Tiger changesrsc3+20-6
2005-05-07 22:37try to do better with headersrsc1+13-12
2005-05-07 22:36make sure to set p9unixrsc1+1-0
2005-05-07 22:33check auth_proxy return value properlyrsc1+1-1
2005-05-07 22:32ignore sftp(1)rsc1+1-0
2005-05-07 22:32Fixes from Scott Schwartzrsc1+10-12
2005-05-02 18:08Placate older versions of gcc.wkj1+3-0
2005-05-02 04:31updatersc1+4-0
2005-05-02 04:30fix row dump/load inconsistency - thanks to peter canningrsc1+7-5
2005-05-02 04:20Correct putsnarf-then-getsnarf race.rsc1+6-0
2005-05-02 03:32remove old tarrsc1+0-859
2005-05-02 03:31updatersc2+10-1
2005-05-02 03:11remove rule - breaks macrsc1+0-4
2005-05-01 22:28try a different approach to .S filesrsc1+7-0
2005-05-01 18:40For Mac OS X Tiger - no SIGIO, SIGWINCH, or WCOREDUMP.rsc1+8-0
2005-05-01 18:40OpenBSD support.rsc7+35-33
2005-05-01 18:38OpenBSD/power support.rsc9+567-369
2005-05-01 17:58Fixes from Roland Kaufmannrsc3+81-81
2005-05-01 17:56Add more smiley facesrsc1+2-1
2005-05-01 17:56Allow unicode in identifiers.rsc1+1-3
2005-03-30 16:59note netbsd supportrsc1+1-0
2005-03-30 16:54updatersc1+8-0
2005-03-28 19:37more netbsd support.rsc5+12-1
2005-03-28 15:58NetBSD support. Thanks to Christoph Lohmann.rsc5+27-2
2005-03-28 15:50note macrosrsc1+11-0
2005-03-24 05:45More debugging; do not use /dev/tty explicitly.rsc2+5-2
2005-03-24 05:17Automatically add - prefix, try to make output clearer.rsc1+15-7
2005-03-24 05:17Be a bit more resilient to errors.rsc5+63-44
2005-03-23 20:21updatersc1+17-0
2005-03-23 20:20unused neditwrselrsc1+0-1
2005-03-23 20:19Two bug fixes.rsc2+31-43
2005-03-21 17:36newrsc1+33-0
2005-03-21 17:29might as well ignore thesersc2+2-0
2005-03-21 17:28use srv -arsc1+1-1
2005-03-21 17:28move functions to appease mawkrsc1+54-51
2005-03-21 17:27document new namersc1+8-3
2005-03-21 17:27fix bugrsc1+1-1
2005-03-21 17:27add -Arsc2+46-14
2005-03-21 17:24add srv -a optionrsc4+470-24
2005-03-21 07:37newrsc6+60-32
2005-03-21 07:37sftp session cachersc1+210-0
2005-03-21 05:13better expansionsrsc1+12-2
2005-03-21 04:56fix q1 computation bug in expandfile(). only affects external programsrsc1+1-2
2005-03-21 04:27more bugs fixed; nice amount of printingrsc2+56-11
2005-03-21 03:59fix :5 in window (don't open directory). search for file windows better (don't lose files).rsc2+29-28
2005-03-20 23:39update usage, use sftp -b /dev/stdinrsc3+7-7
2005-03-18 23:16fix racersc1+3-3
2005-03-18 22:53updatersc1+75-0
2005-03-18 22:35ignore cprsc1+1-1
2005-03-18 21:59updatersc4+11-0
2005-03-18 21:59shut up cvsrsc1+10-0
2005-03-18 21:59correct sectionrsc1+1-1
2005-03-18 21:52bug fix from plan 9rsc1+5-2
2005-03-18 21:52cleanuprsc3+8-9
2005-03-18 21:51silence gccrsc1+1-1
2005-03-18 20:05net* => netfile*rsc1+3-8
2005-03-18 19:50allow -l without -irsc1+9-5
2005-03-18 19:35newrsc1+50-0
2005-03-18 19:35new man pagersc1+127-0
2005-03-18 19:34set HT to 1 in html modersc1+1-0
2005-03-18 19:34use fixed namersc1+12-8
2005-03-18 19:34use nil instead of 0rsc1+1-1
2005-03-18 19:33use typecommit; use nil in place of 0 againrsc1+3-7
2005-03-18 19:33better tag handling in dollarsrsc1+13-0
2005-03-18 19:33better scrollingrsc2+35-39
2005-03-18 19:32add note about sunosrsc1+9-0
2005-03-18 19:32add print of file namersc1+1-0
2005-03-18 19:32add uniqrsc1+4-1
2005-03-18 19:30use netfile* instead of net*rsc1+4-4
2005-03-18 19:30new filesrsc9+1504-0
2005-03-18 19:29will install from src dirrsc3+0-124
2005-03-18 19:27add fontrsc1+5-0
2005-03-18 19:27add 9fsrsc2+28-0
2005-03-18 19:27handle 9p serversrsc3+66-19
2005-03-18 19:22add verbose9pserve environment variable; fix afid refrsc1+6-1
2005-03-18 19:21drop readerrrsc1+0-1
2005-03-18 19:19newrsc1+41-0
2005-03-18 19:19add lsrsc1+123-2
2005-03-18 19:18bugger factotum because directories never disappear in cvsrsc1+1-1
2005-03-18 19:05no need to setproc(0)rsc1+0-1
2005-03-18 19:04do not touch TSTP, TTIN, TTOUrsc1+1-1
2005-03-18 19:04shufflersc1+6-3
2005-03-18 19:04try leaving TTIN, TTOU alonersc1+2-2
2005-03-18 19:03better error messagersc2+2-0
2005-03-18 19:03try harder to put background jobs in background; do not print in response to SIGPIPErsc4+45-1
2005-03-18 19:02add -9 for debuggingrsc1+4-0
2005-03-18 19:01ignore tstprsc1+3-1
2005-03-18 19:01nptl brokennessrsc1+9-0
2005-03-18 19:00add for netfilesrsc3+77-0
2005-03-18 18:59search .lx, .xy, avoid .tab.[ch].rsc1+2-1
2005-03-18 18:57add hget (no ftp support)rsc1+1484-0
2005-03-18 18:56add threaddatarsc2+7-0
2005-03-18 18:55be more faithful to plan 9 environment -- allocate window on top of screen.rsc3+18-5
2005-03-18 18:54correct command-printing bugrsc1+3-1
2005-03-18 18:54better png handlingrsc1+209-91
2005-03-18 18:54add flushimagersc1+1-0
2005-03-18 18:53add threaddata; correct Alt orderrsc1+2-1
2005-03-18 18:53link to 9pmrsc1+5-0
2005-03-18 18:53bug fixrsc1+1-1
2005-03-18 18:53make src workrsc1+1-1
2005-03-18 18:51allow -- to end optionsrsc1+4-0
2005-03-18 18:50quiet 9lrsc1+10-1
2005-03-18 18:50even more quieting of gccrsc1+2-2
2005-03-18 18:49use %#rsc1+3-3
2005-03-18 18:09line editing from robrsc1+33-9
2005-03-18 18:05month old bug fix from robrsc2+30-16
2005-03-18 18:05garbage collectionrsc1+0-1
2005-03-15 20:27sunosrsc2+2-2
2005-03-15 20:27add signal.hrsc1+1-0
2005-03-15 20:26do not set $PLAN9rsc2+0-2
2005-03-15 20:26syntax errorsrsc2+2-2
2005-03-15 19:50do not add to void*rsc1+1-1
2005-03-15 16:12appease sun - nil is now just 0 instead of (void*)0 to fix function pointer problems.rsc2+16-12
2005-03-15 16:11appease sunrsc4+8-11
2005-03-15 14:17get rid of .= syntaxrsc5+27-20
2005-03-14 21:02Add dollarsign support.rsc1+20-8
2005-03-14 20:53Add $foo window names back to acme, enabled with -'$'. See the comment in wind.c about why this isn't the right solution.rsc4+209-7
2005-03-09 17:12use plan 9 versionsrsc2+54-150
2005-03-08 19:11morersc1+1-0
2005-03-06 18:10new.fortunesrsc1+13-0
2005-03-06 18:06add u and u.rcrsc2+56-3
2005-03-06 18:06new scriptrsc1+23-0
2005-03-05 13:11more robust winrsc1+18-4
2005-03-04 14:47make chatty9p an extern int for the mac.rsc2+3-1
2005-03-01 20:56open: preserve error on failed open write: handle offset correctly for fswritersc2+4-1
2005-02-28 20:20updatersc1+7-0
2005-02-28 20:20take two on --optionsrsc1+2-4
2005-02-28 18:58extra awdrsc1+1-0
2005-02-28 18:58gv has decided to rename all its -foo options to --foo. sigh.rsc1+11-1
2005-02-22 16:58Fix up OBJTYPE on 64-bit x86 FreeBSD machines.wkj3+3-2
2005-02-22 16:56Update cvs turd.wkj1+1-0
2005-02-21 15:57updatersc1+29-0
2005-02-21 15:03make directories as neeededrsc1+34-0
2005-02-21 14:25better symlinkrsc2+10-4
2005-02-21 04:28syntactically correct c code always a plusrsc1+1-1
2005-02-20 22:51bug fix from luchorsc1+2-3
2005-02-18 18:28fix -d from luchorsc1+2-2
2005-02-17 14:21silence yyerrlab warningrsc2+4-3
2005-02-16 17:20dump logsrsc1+28-0
2005-02-16 17:15add check for procscheduler returningrsc1+1-0
2005-02-16 17:14even quieter gccrsc1+1-1
2005-02-16 17:13new glendarsc2+2-2
2005-02-16 17:13make hwrite work with chunked encodingrsc1+22-28
2005-02-15 18:08hard-to-find locking bugrsc1+19-5
2005-02-15 05:07new glenda for page bottomsrsc1+0-0
2005-02-15 05:07add source linksrsc5+34-7
2005-02-15 05:04whoops -- close afid in auth_freerpcrsc1+1-1
2005-02-15 05:04add support for alpharsc1+47-14
2005-02-15 05:04ignore tty notes; still not 100% rightrsc1+13-4
2005-02-15 05:03add ventilogging, vtlognamesrsc1+2-0
2005-02-15 05:03add ABGR32rsc1+1-0
2005-02-14 20:27Reduce the differences between yaccpar and yaccpars. Add support for passing an argument through yyparse to yylex.wkj4+146-38
2005-02-14 19:33disable loggingrsc4+58-26
2005-02-14 18:58different fix for main proc bugrsc3+22-12
2005-02-14 16:11do not use /mnt/factotumrsc1+4-3
2005-02-14 07:37use hostname -srsc1+1-1
2005-02-14 00:37changesrsc1+8-10
2005-02-14 00:19changesrsc1+27-1
2005-02-14 00:00newrsc2+181-0
2005-02-13 23:56bug fixrsc2+12-4
2005-02-13 23:44manrsc14+158-90
2005-02-13 23:29hide xreadconsrsc1+1-1
2005-02-13 23:08more bug fixesrsc3+14-25
2005-02-13 22:19morersc1+94-78
2005-02-13 22:10lower casersc8+51-6
2005-02-13 22:10more on protosrsc1+406-91
2005-02-13 22:09ignore everythingrsc1+1-1
2005-02-13 22:09newrsc9+264-37
2005-02-13 22:05morersc1+15-8
2005-02-13 22:02more docsrsc2+401-0
2005-02-13 21:40no zombiesrsc1+1-1
2005-02-13 21:38handle /dev/stdin alwaysrsc2+3-3
2005-02-13 19:26add logrsc2+189-0
2005-02-13 19:25add getnetconninforsc2+135-0
2005-02-13 18:35use nci to label connectionsrsc4+29-3
2005-02-13 18:35work around stupid linux bugrsc1+8-0
2005-02-13 18:35add dsa x509rsc1+74-0
2005-02-13 18:34add %lB for lower casersc1+39-28
2005-02-13 18:34allow parseattr(nil)rsc1+3-0
2005-02-13 18:33bug fixrsc1+1-1
2005-02-13 18:33add local address to dialrsc1+42-3
2005-02-13 18:32add pass protorsc4+39-90
2005-02-13 18:32bigger buffers; add rdwrrsc1+43-5
2005-02-13 18:32add ipsorsc1+1-0
2005-02-13 18:32different loggingrsc1+10-6
2005-02-13 18:31add rsafill, x509req, asn1toDSAprivrsc1+3-0
2005-02-13 18:31add laddr, raddr to netconninforsc1+2-0
2005-02-13 18:31better editingrsc1+4-1
2005-02-13 18:05initial stab at ipsorsc2+156-1
2005-02-13 18:04more addrsc2+39-0
2005-02-13 18:04add othersrsc16+1186-0
2005-02-13 18:04add ssh-agent via factotumrsc9+1267-59
2005-02-13 18:03new program readconsrsc1+39-0
2005-02-13 05:59new authrsc44+9955-0
2005-02-13 05:58moving to authrsc50+0-11445
2005-02-12 16:48silence gcc chatterrsc1+1-0
2005-02-11 22:16make key prompt workrsc3+14-16
2005-02-11 22:16less chattyrsc1+0-1
2005-02-11 22:04open correct factotum filersc1+1-1
2005-02-11 21:18fix warningsrsc1+2-1
2005-02-11 21:16no anon unionrsc1+23-26
2005-02-11 21:06$WSYSTYPE not WSYSTYPErsc1+1-1
2005-02-11 21:03add x11 includersc1+1-0
2005-02-11 20:32build changesrsc9+63-148
2005-02-11 19:51changesrsc4+808-535
2005-02-11 19:50domainsrsc1+18-0
2005-02-11 19:46use ndb directly for authdialrsc2+22-16
2005-02-11 19:46do not need auth_wep or loginrsc1+2-2
2005-02-11 19:45remove factotum directoryrsc3+14-2
2005-02-11 19:44better handling of failed setprocrsc1+7-4
2005-02-11 19:44fix doubleclickrsc1+11-3
2005-02-11 19:44add write -lrsc1+27-5
2005-02-11 19:43updatersc18+158-31
2005-02-11 19:43morersc1+32-9
2005-02-11 19:42unbuggerrsc2+2-2
2005-02-11 19:41newrsc27+2521-0
2005-02-11 19:40add ndbrsc1+158-0
2005-02-11 19:39add secstored; use readconsrsc11+1196-22
2005-02-11 19:21new man pagesrsc21+3089-31
2005-02-11 17:35changesrsc1+98-0
2005-02-11 17:01use explicit %#rsc1+2-2
2005-02-11 17:01add fsamount, nsamount; use ndb for authdial; use explicit %#rsc3+68-0
2005-02-11 17:00add _fsunmount; do version in fsinit; add nsinit; add chatty9pclientrsc2+41-19
2005-02-11 17:00call srv->start at startrsc2+22-7
2005-02-11 16:58hard code list of plan 9 services in case they are not in /etc/servicesrsc8+300-8
2005-02-11 16:58set pid=-1 explicitlyrsc1+1-0
2005-02-11 16:56bug fixes; add secstorersc8+698-111
2005-02-11 16:55add secstorersc1+3-2
2005-02-11 16:55add disabled to ignore listrsc1+1-0
2005-02-11 16:55better path for ahdrsc1+1-1
2005-02-11 16:55bug fix in authrsc1+3-1
2005-02-11 16:54remove threadregs; use %# explicitly; use attachargsrsc3+21-138
2005-02-11 16:54tweakrsc1+2-1
2005-02-11 16:53bug fixes; quieterrsc1+3-3
2005-02-11 16:53use nsamount and fsamountrsc1+5-3
2005-02-11 16:52add print buttonsrsc1+2-0
2005-02-11 16:52add threadgetnamersc1+1-0
2005-02-11 16:52fix regexp licensersc1+1-1
2005-02-11 16:52fix libsec lib9 cyclersc1+7-0
2005-02-11 16:51clean up pthread for linuxrsc3+62-73
2005-02-11 16:44new allocrpc interfacersc1+1-6
2005-02-11 16:44set corpidrsc1+1-0
2005-02-11 16:42send output to fd instead of 0rsc1+1-1
2005-02-11 16:42add link to licensersc1+2-2
2005-02-11 05:23debuggingrsc1+2-1
2005-02-11 02:34reserve varrsc1+1-0
2005-02-11 02:16declare framersc2+3-3
2005-02-11 02:14different pthread supportrsc2+188-217
2005-02-11 02:02Remove libthread_db nonsense.rsc4+0-346
2005-02-11 00:01more pthreadrsc8+132-115
2005-02-10 16:08new prototypesrsc4+20-1
2005-02-08 21:06nsopenrsc1+2-1
2005-02-08 21:04auth fixesrsc2+8-2
2005-02-08 21:04add autolibrsc1+1-0
2005-02-08 21:03fix typorsc1+1-1
2005-02-08 21:03add cryptrsc1+2-0
2005-02-08 21:03cannot assign argsrsc1+1-2
2005-02-08 21:03do not use auth.hrsc1+1-1
2005-02-08 21:03add authrsc4+18-1
2005-02-08 21:02use sysfatalrsc1+6-12
2005-02-08 21:02add cryptrsc2+69-0
2005-02-08 20:58lucho changesrsc9+144-72
2005-02-08 20:41fix paste againrsc1+1-1
2005-02-08 20:35send nul with choicersc1+7-3
2005-02-08 20:27avoid unix special filesrsc1+7-14
2005-02-08 20:25add mode charsrsc2+22-3
2005-02-08 20:24bug fixrsc1+3-2
2005-02-08 20:18add mode bitsrsc1+4-0
2005-02-08 20:17expose unix mode bitsrsc4+28-10
2005-02-08 20:08start adding DM bitsrsc4+16-8
2005-02-08 19:13add freebsd 5.2rsc1+3-0
2005-02-08 19:13bug fixrsc1+0-1
2005-02-08 19:13remove debuggingrsc1+0-1
2005-02-08 19:08play nicer with others w.r.t. signal masksrsc1+37-43
2005-02-08 18:36document bash stupidityrsc1+13-0
2005-02-08 18:33try to handle DEL betterrsc1+16-17
2005-02-08 18:01Maybe it will run on SunOS 5.8 now.rsc2+20-1
2005-02-08 17:56Avoid yet another X11 stack overflow.rsc2+36-1
2005-02-03 15:41stupid gccrsc1+1-1
2005-02-02 22:32silence archive warning for .a filesrsc1+2-1
2005-02-02 22:27more nowsysrsc8+250-0
2005-02-02 22:08use LOCAL.configrsc1+8-1
2005-02-02 22:04break x11 for surersc17+142-16
2005-02-01 20:29do not use linux mcrsc1+1-1
2005-01-31 07:14add stack to listrsc1+1-1
2005-01-30 19:45do not readdir files - from zoltan jarairsc1+4-1
2005-01-30 18:00disable chordingrsc1+5-3
2005-01-30 17:09fix mkfile againrsc1+1-1
2005-01-30 16:50add ranlib for macrsc3+4-0
2005-01-30 16:49add -rsc1+1-0
2005-01-30 16:49add lex filesrsc1+1-1
2005-01-30 16:48why bother?rsc1+13-1
2005-01-30 16:35osprocid can be -1rsc1+1-1
2005-01-30 16:34silence warningrsc1+1-1
2005-01-30 16:34add errors filersc6+69-0
2005-01-30 16:30fix mintag bug - thanks luchorsc1+0-4
2005-01-30 16:29document -arsc1+4-1
2005-01-30 16:29document -a, Indentrsc1+33-12
2005-01-30 16:28respect sysnamersc1+28-1
2005-01-30 16:28use correct graphics formatrsc1+8-11
2005-01-30 16:27handle sysnames in labelsrsc3+37-11
2005-01-30 15:59handle non-zero mintag properlyrsc1+2-2
2005-01-29 17:03update usagersc1+1-1
2005-01-29 16:50add diff -arsc2+30-13
2005-01-28 05:41better offset handlingrsc1+5-0
2005-01-27 20:55cope with unix ORCLOSErsc1+2-1
2005-01-27 20:52fix rowdump bugrsc1+1-1
2005-01-27 20:36remove searching print; check fids in use; handle addr correctly againrsc3+23-4
2005-01-27 19:28add herersc1+1-0
2005-01-27 19:27do not use cvs for herersc1+0-0
2005-01-27 19:24how did we lose this?rsc1+7-1
2005-01-27 07:20remove debugging printrsc1+0-1
2005-01-27 06:10add autoindent (-a) and chording. clean up argument parsing.rsc8+113-74
2005-01-26 07:10add -c optionrsc4+88-2
2005-01-26 04:02handle @ better in winsizersc1+4-0
2005-01-24 03:57updatersc2+30-188
2005-01-24 03:45updatersc1+39-0
2005-01-24 00:49volatilersc1+2-1
2005-01-23 23:19more searchpath-related changesrsc3+3-1
2005-01-23 23:02document isumrsc1+17-1
2005-01-23 22:58stupid bugsrsc2+5-5
2005-01-23 22:57rename scheduler to have a more distinctive name, so stack traces can end therersc1+5-5
2005-01-23 22:57avoid saying unsigned long, for unix portrsc2+2-2
2005-01-23 22:57add undocumented Abort builtinrsc1+27-5
2005-01-23 22:56do not clobber register namesrsc1+105-1
2005-01-23 22:56add stackrsc1+3-0
2005-01-23 22:56document -qrsc1+4-0
2005-01-23 22:55document core and stackrsc2+31-13
2005-01-23 22:51sort cores; print stack as commandrsc1+16-7
2005-01-23 22:51changes mainly for threading supportrsc1+72-0
2005-01-23 22:51less verbosersc1+2-1
2005-01-23 22:48change to use attach functions. $a means switch thread in core dumps. (maybe that should be $A now?).rsc5+35-97
2005-01-23 22:48Working on better handling of multithreading in general and core dumps in particular. See notes:rsc10+526-174
2005-01-23 22:41document searchpath(3)rsc1+61-0
2005-01-23 22:33Add searchpath().rsc3+64-0
2005-01-23 22:33Extract more data from core dumps.rsc1+11-4
2005-01-23 22:33Start working through proper handling of pthreads when debugging Linux core dumps. Pthreads for active processes is still not supported, nor are other systems.rsc14+528-415
2005-01-23 16:02Apparently SuSE 9.1's X distribution uses even bigger buffers than the standard ones. 64kB appears to be enough for a stack in that case, but let's just go nuts and make the stacks enormous, so that it takes a few more doublings of X's stack needs before we run into this problem again.rsc4+5-4
2005-01-23 01:55redirect debugging output of isnptlrsc1+1-1
2005-01-21 20:23arg countrsc1+1-1
2005-01-21 20:21use better versionsrsc3+4-3
2005-01-21 06:51replace mdir with mkdir; oopsrsc1+1-1
2005-01-20 22:59ignore host read eof while exitingrsc3+9-0
2005-01-20 17:53todorsc1+6-0
2005-01-20 17:52core has been writtenrsc1+9-3
2005-01-19 19:48use correct yaccrsc1+0-1
2005-01-19 19:17more ignoresrsc1+1-1
2005-01-19 19:12add errnorsc2+1-1
2005-01-19 17:11fixesrsc1+1-1
2005-01-19 17:04show only interesting log entriesrsc1+3-0
2005-01-19 16:51do not use shutdown on macrsc1+6-4
2005-01-19 16:50avoid c99rsc1+22-15
2005-01-19 16:48avoid c99 extensionsrsc1+15-4
2005-01-19 16:45bad $variable namesrsc1+2-2
2005-01-19 16:44try againrsc1+4-4
2005-01-19 16:42try again at x86-64rsc1+3-1
2005-01-19 04:05continue x86-64rsc3+10-1
2005-01-19 03:53do not close -1rsc1+2-1
2005-01-19 01:17updatersc1+12-0
2005-01-19 00:38do not translate man pagesrsc1+1-1
2005-01-19 00:25do not use rpath on Darwinrsc1+6-2
2005-01-18 20:53proccreate racersc1+3-1
2005-01-18 20:49free hdr->cmdrsc1+1-0
2005-01-18 20:49extract cmd in right placersc3+6-6
2005-01-18 20:45addrsc1+102-0
2005-01-18 20:26add core cmdrsc4+65-0
2005-01-18 20:26print core cmdrsc1+1-0
2005-01-18 20:17run LOCAL.INSTALLrsc1+4-1
2005-01-18 20:17check for lack of registersrsc1+4-4
2005-01-18 20:17bigger chunkingrsc1+1-1
2005-01-18 20:17add threadgetnamersc1+6-0
2005-01-18 20:15bug fixesrsc5+16-11
2005-01-18 18:52update 9menu urlrsc1+1-1
2005-01-18 18:34gonersc1+0-17
2005-01-18 18:31updatersc3+29-10
2005-01-18 18:26add threadspawnlrsc1+1-0
2005-01-18 18:17silence useless errorsrsc1+12-3
2005-01-18 18:14explain nptl stuffrsc1+3-0
2005-01-18 18:13explain nptl stuffrsc1+37-0
2005-01-18 18:13better exit handlingrsc2+32-3
2005-01-18 18:11add fsseekrsc3+50-0
2005-01-18 18:11use domain namersc1+4-4
2005-01-18 06:02remove hard-coded /usr/local/plan9rsc1+1-1
2005-01-18 06:02add cvs server linkrsc1+9-1
2005-01-18 05:59look in right place for 64-bit X libsrsc1+5-0
2005-01-18 05:57add x86 64rsc1+7-0
2005-01-18 05:5764-bit nonsensersc1+19-3
2005-01-18 05:47xrsc1+8-0
2005-01-18 05:44change vacfs refrsc1+1-1
2005-01-18 05:43better commentrsc1+8-1
2005-01-18 05:42shorterrsc1+11-242
2005-01-18 05:25remove venti for nowrsc53+2-10330
2005-01-17 21:38important to -lpthreadrsc1+1-1
2005-01-17 21:33more binariesrsc1+3-0
2005-01-17 21:32nptl dependenciesrsc4+28-1
2005-01-17 21:30more exitsrsc2+6-0
2005-01-17 21:30allow config to override kernel versionrsc5+39-3
2005-01-17 21:29do not call exits in threaded programsrsc8+25-17
2005-01-17 21:27use 9 psrsc1+1-1
2005-01-17 21:27formattingrsc1+3-1
2005-01-17 20:57source $PLAN9/configrsc2+3-1
2005-01-17 15:37nil derefrsc1+1-1
2005-01-16 23:06minor modsrsc1+6-8
2005-01-16 23:01vacfs has been ported!rsc1+3-3
2005-01-16 23:00add note about htmlrsc1+8-0
2005-01-16 22:58vacfsrsc3+152-0
2005-01-16 22:57different naming conventionrsc1+18-4
2005-01-16 21:33updatersc2+31-1
2005-01-16 21:32indicesrsc5+35-61
2005-01-16 21:32tweaksrsc12+25-30
2005-01-16 21:31better HRrsc1+1-1
2005-01-16 21:31useful warning commentrsc1+9-0
2005-01-16 21:30handle section (9p)rsc1+4-1
2005-01-16 21:30typorsc1+1-0
2005-01-16 21:30describe new return valuesrsc1+18-0
2005-01-16 21:30tweaksrsc1+1-1
2005-01-16 21:29descriptionsrsc1+2-0
2005-01-16 21:29oopsrsc1+2-2
2005-01-16 21:29dregs from unixrsc1+0-3
2005-01-16 21:28update return interfacersc2+29-20
2005-01-16 21:16use EARGFrsc1+3-3
2005-01-16 21:15make vacfs work; thanks to luchorsc6+154-145
2005-01-16 21:13must use tcp explicitlyrsc1+1-1
2005-01-16 20:56use -Wl,-rpath for gccrsc1+15-1
2005-01-16 17:37too big fdrsc1+4-3
2005-01-15 20:54Long-standing bug in syminit, tickled by placing initshell before syminit. Don't understand why syminit exists at all.rsc2+5-3
2005-01-15 16:34use threadexits instead of exitsrsc1+3-3
2005-01-14 23:46cat does take arguments!rsc1+1-1
2005-01-14 23:45note from axelrsc1+4-3
2005-01-14 22:23describe diff -ucrsc1+10-1
2005-01-14 22:21fix quote fontrsc1+1-1
2005-01-14 22:13add link to 9wm pagersc1+9-1
2005-01-14 21:23cdrsc1+1-0
2005-01-14 21:09linuxrsc1+5-0
2005-01-14 21:01 fix urlsrsc2+2-1
2005-01-14 21:01fixurlsrsc1+34-0
2005-01-14 20:53ridiculous precisionrsc1+7-7
2005-01-14 20:49tweaksrsc2+2-2
2005-01-14 20:47link directlyrsc2+3-3
2005-01-14 20:42note html filesrsc1+4-1
2005-01-14 20:41changesrsc3+96-1
2005-01-14 20:21floating percentrsc1+4-3
2005-01-14 20:14better hrefrsc1+2-1
2005-01-14 20:13mkindexrsc1+1-0
2005-01-14 20:13installrsc1+60-0
2005-01-14 20:13maketarballrsc1+19-0
2005-01-14 20:12add indexrsc6+30205-4
2005-01-14 20:08no /fd/0rsc1+1-1
2005-01-14 19:51howtorsc2+38-0
2005-01-14 19:43add interesting pagesrsc1+47-0
2005-01-14 19:43update pathsrsc1+1-1
2005-01-14 19:42licensersc1+45-0
2005-01-14 19:37documet openfdrsc1+60-0
2005-01-14 19:29need introrsc1+8-0
2005-01-14 19:27removedrsc2+0-365
2005-01-14 19:27renamedrsc6+0-1033
2005-01-14 19:03document manrsc2+17-6
2005-01-14 18:49avoid renaming /usr/local/plan9-foorsc1+1-1
2005-01-14 18:46stupid sunrsc3+9-11
2005-01-14 18:38try to fix sunrsc4+5-0
2005-01-14 18:35stupid sunrsc1+0-2
2005-01-14 18:35stupid programmerrsc1+1-1
2005-01-14 18:33smart sunrsc1+6-8
2005-01-14 18:32stupid sunrsc7+17-14
2005-01-14 18:26use install.logrsc1+1-1
2005-01-14 18:25stupid sunrsc2+3-1
2005-01-14 18:21stupid sunrsc7+8-11
2005-01-14 18:11oops sunosrsc1+3-3
2005-01-14 18:05signednessrsc1+1-1
2005-01-14 18:03shut uprsc1+5-1
2005-01-14 18:02log everythingrsc1+3-1
2005-01-14 18:01add anhtmlrsc1+1-0
2005-01-14 18:00better job at cleaningrsc6+13-11
2005-01-14 17:58build man pagesrsc1+6-2
2005-01-14 17:57not reachedrsc1+0-1
2005-01-14 17:56add procwakeupandunlockrsc1+8-0
2005-01-14 17:55silence warningrsc1+1-1
2005-01-14 17:43ignore generated htmlrsc7+15-0
2005-01-14 17:40fix unsharprsc1+7-4
2005-01-14 17:37cut out the html - they're going to cause diffing problems.rsc262+82-44564
2005-01-14 17:31where did this change go?rsc1+11-1
2005-01-14 05:55updatersc1+2-0
2005-01-14 05:55paranoiarsc7+16-7
2005-01-14 05:42must let $PLAN9 be overrided in 9 and 9.rcrsc3+13-5
2005-01-14 05:28fixesrsc5+257-12
2005-01-14 04:24works on Linux 2.6rsc14+33-28
2005-01-14 03:45checkpointrsc315+48832-933
2005-01-14 03:3364-bit fixes from luchorsc4+13-11
2005-01-14 03:27some changesrsc9+79-276
2005-01-14 00:33discovered $newmemberrsc1+0-7
2005-01-13 04:58these mkfiles only confusersc2+0-86
2005-01-13 04:56forgotten filesrsc10+5356-0
2005-01-13 04:53cheat on changesrsc1+2-388
2005-01-13 04:50more small changesrsc3+1049-0
2005-01-13 04:49Many small edits.rsc160+2204-864
2005-01-12 17:18missed thisrsc1+88-0
2005-01-12 16:59maintain $path and $PATH simultaneouslyrsc5+74-4
2005-01-11 21:28no more 9commandsrsc5+23-8
2005-01-11 21:28paranoiarsc2+17-2
2005-01-11 21:06don't rfork(RFNOTEG) because then you lose the ability to read from the console. damn.rsc1+23-3
2005-01-11 20:58change scripts back to /usr/local/plan9/bin/rc. sigh.rsc11+17-59
2005-01-11 20:57get rid of the 9foo commands in favor of the 9 scriptrsc5+7-4396
2005-01-11 20:57better cleanup of tmp filesrsc1+8-6
2005-01-11 19:52updatersc1+7-0
2005-01-11 19:46fix cflagsrsc1+1-1
2005-01-11 19:46unbugger postscriptrsc2+2-2
2005-01-11 19:46add $plan9 variablersc3+16-7
2005-01-11 19:45updatesrsc3+27-15
2005-01-11 19:44invoke rcrsc1+1-1
2005-01-11 19:44invoke page betterrsc1+1-11
2005-01-11 19:35more fun with macsrsc1+63-18
2005-01-11 19:23fun with applescriptrsc5+242-6
2005-01-11 17:59handle \*9rsc1+6-2
2005-01-11 17:49remove references to hardcoded /usr/local/plan9 where possiblersc11+45-27
2005-01-11 17:43os x changesrsc18+92-44
2005-01-11 17:39add \*9 stringrsc1+1-0
2005-01-11 17:37use macro for /usr/local/plan9rsc220+309-302
2005-01-11 17:14fixes for openbsdrsc2+9-54
2005-01-11 16:48changes from robrsc2+3-8
2005-01-10 00:28do rfork(RFNOTEG) before execrsc1+1-0
2005-01-10 00:23document -rrsc1+6-1
2005-01-10 00:21add -r flag to reverse scrolling behavior. from peter canning.rsc2+11-0
2005-01-07 23:26add 9rsc1+10-0
2005-01-07 23:11oopsrsc1+2-2
2005-01-07 23:11symopenrsc1+2-2
2005-01-07 23:11tweaksrsc3+14-4
2005-01-07 23:10symopenrsc2+2-2
2005-01-07 22:59oopsrsc1+1-2
2005-01-07 21:47initial darwinrsc5+156-3
2005-01-07 20:52allow lock passingrsc1+2-1
2005-01-07 20:45symopenrsc3+5-4
2005-01-07 20:41new program from presottorsc1+302-0
2005-01-07 20:40oopsrsc1+2-2
2005-01-07 20:29mention freebsd nonsensersc1+30-3
2005-01-07 20:25avoid <{}rsc1+2-2
2005-01-07 20:07fix from axelrsc1+3-12
2005-01-07 19:17bug fixrsc1+9-7
2005-01-07 19:12add adictrsc1+86-0
2005-01-07 19:11fix sunosrsc2+2-1
2005-01-07 19:10rename /usr/local/plan9 for alternate installsrsc2+23-0
2005-01-07 18:52unbuggerrsc1+1-1
2005-01-07 18:51remove target on failure (sun)rsc1+12-1
2005-01-07 18:45small hidingsrsc6+24-13
2005-01-07 18:44seems to correct lack of focus when coming back from being hidden. not strictly correct in multithreaded programs but let's see if anything breaks.rsc1+10-2
2005-01-07 18:06freebsd5rsc1+39-24
2005-01-07 18:04gccrsc2+2-0
2005-01-07 18:04oopsrsc1+1-1
2005-01-07 18:03debugging for sam, and an old fix forgottenrsc11+28-7
2005-01-07 17:41Update CVS turd.wkj1+1-0
2005-01-07 17:38First pass at supporting FreeBSD 5.x. I do not yet have a way of testing this.wkj1+34-0
2005-01-07 17:26debuggingrsc3+13-10
2005-01-07 17:21more name conflictsrsc1+4-0
2005-01-07 17:20stupid FreeBSD name conflictrsc1+2-0
2005-01-07 17:06ignore spurious sigchilds on sunosrsc1+10-3
2005-01-07 08:02success on the sunrsc3+24-1
2005-01-07 07:47sunos fixesrsc13+14-14
2005-01-07 07:28accomodate sun nm formatrsc1+2-2
2005-01-07 07:19do not depend on flockrsc1+6-1
2005-01-07 07:16add -mt for sunrsc1+1-1
2005-01-07 07:15better status handling for sunrsc1+5-14
2005-01-07 06:41no need to include sec.hrsc6+0-6
2005-01-07 06:40do full dependency graph using libraries too. adds a solid .1 seconds of time when including a ridiculous number of libraries, but linking is so fast compared to compiling that it's hardly noticeable.rsc1+83-60
2005-01-07 04:05add _flushmemscreen declarationrsc1+2-0
2005-01-07 04:03add declaration for elfdl386mapdl.rsc1+2-1
2005-01-07 04:02make regdesc globalrsc1+11-11
2005-01-07 04:01add regdesc back.rsc1+1-0
2005-01-06 23:45use fmtvprint to avoid needing to copy the arguments. (stupid va_copy).rsc1+1-2
2005-01-06 23:43add _procwakeupandunlock to help ease locking contention on Linux 2.4.rsc5+44-12
2005-01-06 23:13go back to 1000 schedsrsc1+1-1
2005-01-06 23:11more precision on timersc1+7-2
2005-01-06 23:08add some annoying lock loop prints -- let's see if they ever fire.rsc1+65-8
2005-01-06 23:07more debuggingrsc3+19-6
2005-01-06 23:06fix autolib for gcc3+rsc1+10-0
2005-01-05 04:01exit on eofrsc1+1-3
2005-01-04 22:44update mkmk.shrsc2+7-3
2005-01-04 22:43scrollingrsc1+1-0
2005-01-04 22:41add new | syntax. syntax will change.rsc19+281-83
2005-01-04 22:33man page checkingrsc2+458-0
2005-01-04 22:32ignore build dirsrsc1+5-0
2005-01-04 22:31forgot thisrsc1+29-0
2005-01-04 22:30in with the newrsc5+310-144
2005-01-04 22:30in with the newrsc4+29-231
2005-01-04 22:23add _threaddaemonizersc1+1-0
2005-01-04 22:22more debuggingrsc1+16-6
2005-01-04 22:22better handlingrsc1+22-8
2005-01-04 22:21remove thread.crsc2+0-35
2005-01-04 22:21use 9pclientrsc2+6-7
2005-01-04 22:21good thing no one uses this.rsc1+1-1
2005-01-04 22:20do not free r until done with it!rsc1+3-2
2005-01-04 22:20hide some routinesrsc4+19-19
2005-01-04 22:20minor fixes; hide some routinesrsc6+10-10
2005-01-04 22:19no need for disk or scsirsc1+0-7
2005-01-04 22:19fix error messagersc1+1-1
2005-01-04 22:19cache answerrsc1+19-12
2005-01-04 22:19add execl and randrsc1+2-0
2005-01-04 22:19cache answerrsc1+7-2
2005-01-04 22:18avoid duplicated code. guarantee that EINTR is "interrupted".rsc1+6-19
2005-01-04 22:18use fcntl F_SETLK instead of flock, for sun's.rsc1+8-1
2005-01-04 22:18exception namesrsc1+2-2
2005-01-04 22:17unused variablesrsc1+2-2
2005-01-04 22:17use 9pclientrsc1+3-3
2005-01-04 22:17parse -s optionrsc1+5-1
2005-01-04 22:17do threading rightrsc2+4-26
2005-01-04 22:17exit correctlyrsc1+7-7
2005-01-04 22:16exit correctly.rsc1+3-3
2005-01-04 22:16use 9pclientrsc1+4-4
2005-01-04 22:16add bostonrsc1+1-3
2005-01-04 22:15more testsrsc5+130-3
2005-01-04 22:133d color cubersc1+226-0
2005-01-04 22:12mustn't forget thisrsc1+2349-0
2005-01-04 22:12more filesrsc3+7195-0
2005-01-04 22:11new scriptsrsc7+147-1
2005-01-04 22:10don't use (){} struct constructorrsc1+28-14
2005-01-04 22:10Goodbye SHORTLIBrsc34+3-70
2005-01-04 22:09use 9pclient instead of fsrsc1+15-26
2005-01-04 22:09good bye SHORTLIBrsc2+2-2
2005-01-04 22:09set SYSVERSION for 9crsc1+1-0
2005-01-04 22:09bugger fs in case it comes backrsc1+1-1
2005-01-04 22:08add bostonrsc1+3-1
2005-01-04 22:07add threadnotifyrsc1+5-0
2005-01-04 22:07more binaries to ignorersc1+13-0
2005-01-04 21:39clean up mkfile; fix winctlprint bug reported by peter canningrsc4+15-21
2005-01-04 21:29don't need to rename Fidrsc1+3-5
2005-01-04 21:28don't need to rename Fid anymorersc1+2-4
2005-01-04 21:28back to threadnotifyrsc1+1-1
2005-01-04 21:27change to use new library.rsc2+21-25
2005-01-04 21:27typo flags => flagrsc1+1-1
2005-01-04 21:26new prototypersc1+1-1
2005-01-04 21:26don't be dumb.rsc1+2-7
2005-01-04 21:26small fixes; goodbye SHORTLIBrsc1+12-5
2005-01-04 21:25change comparison function to be consistent. (now qsort on sunos should stop crashing.)rsc1+1-1
2005-01-04 21:25have lrand nowrsc1+0-2
2005-01-04 21:25allow - as input filersc1+4-1
2005-01-04 21:24more debuggingrsc1+149-82
2005-01-04 21:24an old saddlersc7+1559-0
2005-01-04 21:23placeholder; does not yet buildrsc13+3661-0
2005-01-04 21:233D geometryrsc7+890-0
2005-01-04 21:22lib9pclient is the new libfsrsc16+1033-0
2005-01-04 21:21more include files.rsc2+142-0
2005-01-04 21:20man pages changesrsc8+436-7
2005-01-04 21:18autolibrsc20+96-49
2005-01-04 21:17fs.h => 9pclient.hrsc1+7-6
2005-01-04 21:17autolib, p9rand, p9execlrsc1+19-14
2005-01-04 21:15modifications for firefoxrsc1+12-5
2005-01-04 21:15use kill -9 insteadrsc1+1-4
2005-01-04 21:15use $USER instead of whoamirsc1+1-2
2005-01-04 21:15allow file names as argumentsrsc1+1-2
2005-01-04 21:14show the amount of memory in use instead of the amount of address space. work a little harder for wchansrsc1+3-3
2005-01-04 21:14allow kill of pids. recognize -sig.rsc1+9-1
2005-01-04 21:139c: ignore autolib symbols 9l: use autolib symbolsrsc2+127-5
2005-01-04 21:12be more careful about not executing self. clean up tmp filesrsc1+10-1
2005-01-03 06:41Add mkfile to keep indices up to date.rsc18+45-2321
2005-01-03 06:40Some man pages.rsc214+16960-1997
2005-01-02 19:46remove libfs. now lib9pclientrsc15+0-967
2005-01-02 03:45add ? for unknown plumbsrsc1+20-1
2004-12-31 05:37change _p9pow10 to fmtpow10rsc1+1-1
2004-12-30 18:07updates from andreyrsc1+14-8
2004-12-29 02:44Rename lrand to p9lrand, too.wkj2+2-1
2004-12-29 02:42scroll virtual windows using mouse scrollrsc1+15-2
2004-12-29 01:33Use #define to move rand and srand to p9rand and p9srand.wkj1+7-3
2004-12-29 01:32Use osreldate.h to determine OS version under FreeBSD.wkj1+2-1
2004-12-29 01:32GC now-unused FreeBSD-specific #defines.wkj1+0-8
2004-12-29 01:30Avoid conflicts with stdlib.wkj2+2-3
2004-12-29 01:29Use FreeBSD-approved method for determining FreeBSD version.wkj1+1-1
2004-12-29 01:29GC unused variables.wkj1+0-2
2004-12-29 01:28Update
2004-12-29 01:27Formatting nits.wkj34+68-68
2004-12-29 01:27#define pow10 to _p9pow10 as a stop-gap.wkj1+4-2
2004-12-29 01:25Appease the time_t monster.wkj1+6-2
2004-12-29 01:25Include netinet/in.h to get ntohs prototype.wkj1+1-0
2004-12-29 01:24Formatting nit.wkj20+40-40
2004-12-28 23:27fix up extraction proceduresrsc7+30-15
2004-12-28 23:27compiler appeasementrsc2+5-2
2004-12-28 23:27declare elfdl386mapdlrsc1+1-0
2004-12-28 23:26small changes for buildrsc2+2-1
2004-12-28 23:21add virtual desktop patch from andreyrsc7+125-10
2004-12-28 23:20be like plan 9 plumberrsc1+22-3
2004-12-28 23:15vac is not buggered anymorersc1+1-1
2004-12-28 23:15thread is not buggered anymorersc1+1-1
2004-12-28 23:14remove Bfmt*, add Bvprintrsc1+4-5
2004-12-28 23:14set flag for freebsd 5rsc1+8-1
2004-12-28 23:13add croprsc1+211-0
2004-12-28 22:36restore old plan 9 property that when the last thread exits the main proc, the remaining program ends up in the background and the program appears to have exited.rsc6+36-8
2004-12-28 22:29avoid use of an extra procrsc1+1-1
2004-12-28 22:13remove debugging printrsc1+0-1
2004-12-28 22:11remove race between openfdthread and connoutthread msgput, so that openfd'ed fids always get clunked properly.rsc1+8-1
2004-12-28 20:01make these files look like plan 9'srsc2+76-82
2004-12-28 19:25check against plan 9rsc4+19-22
2004-12-28 19:18add bvprintrsc1+39-0
2004-12-28 19:18fix Bprint yet againrsc3+7-53
2004-12-28 17:35move linux ureg code to portable filersc2+37-0
2004-12-28 17:34fix bug in bprint. fmtprint => fmtvprintrsc1+1-1
2004-12-28 17:34FreeBSD tweaksrsc11+26-22
2004-12-28 04:20more freebsd workrsc10+118-40
2004-12-28 04:04add threadlinklibraryrsc1+5-0
2004-12-28 03:50attempt at FreeBSD pre-5 supportrsc1+356-0
2004-12-28 03:42remove debuggingrsc4+8-5
2004-12-28 03:41add va_start/va_end.rsc1+2-0
2004-12-28 03:40use fmtprint to avoid va_copyrsc1+1-5
2004-12-28 01:45add threaddaemonizersc1+98-0
2004-12-28 01:45more little compile fixesrsc6+20-25
2004-12-28 01:37use threaddaemonizersc2+9-26
2004-12-28 01:36new test programrsc1+11-0
2004-12-28 01:35add threaddaemonize(), more bug fixesrsc7+56-14
2004-12-27 21:05add note that vac should work.rsc3+5-6
2004-12-27 19:40use getuser instead of getenv("USER"). add portdate file.rsc2+10-1
2004-12-27 19:36secstore from ehgrsc10+1633-0
2004-12-27 19:13silence various warningsrsc4+7-3
2004-12-27 19:13change to use new thread libraryrsc1+3-3
2004-12-27 19:12yield now returns the number of switches donersc1+1-1
2004-12-27 19:11better exec handlingrsc5+43-78
2004-12-27 19:11add awaitfor and waitforrsc3+30-10
2004-12-27 18:21starting to work on Linuxrsc5+80-19
2004-12-27 17:19shuffle to allow use of execchan in non-pthreads implsrsc3+43-6
2004-12-27 17:01more featuresrsc5+676-0
2004-12-27 16:57dumb porting bugsrsc1+2-2
2004-12-27 16:56use new thread libraryrsc1+1-153
2004-12-27 16:53figure out which files to put in the libraryrsc1+14-0
2004-12-27 16:52linux pre-2.6 implementationrsc2+355-0
2004-12-27 16:52start linux pre-2.6 portrsc5+122-79
2004-12-27 05:21good test programsrsc2+404-0
2004-12-27 05:18lock using Lock instead of QLock. qlocks are complicated enough that they need to be able to print during debugging.rsc1+3-3
2004-12-27 03:49confine pthreads to pthread.crsc4+38-13
2004-12-27 03:36add chansetname prototypersc1+1-0
2004-12-27 03:22as wkj pointed out, notifyseton should not call notesetenablersc1+0-2
2004-12-27 01:22fix to handle newrsc1+2-0
2004-12-27 01:22remove debuggingrsc1+0-1
2004-12-27 01:16changes from plan 9rsc6+31-17
2004-12-27 00:38change to use new thread libraryrsc7+41-24
2004-12-27 00:38clone is a bad word on linuxrsc1+2-2
2004-12-27 00:38handle pty correctly on linuxrsc1+14-0
2004-12-27 00:36add readn to avoid need for plan9port libcrsc2+20-0
2004-12-27 00:32change to use new thread libraryrsc3+31-14
2004-12-27 00:14various changes from plan 9rsc5+20-3
2004-12-27 00:13signal handling, add prototype for pthreadinitrsc3+19-4
2004-12-27 00:13bug fix -- need to enqueue before sending the packet, in case the response comes back and another thread tries to give it to us, all before we are enqueued.rsc1+13-5
2004-12-27 00:13changes from plan 9rsc2+18-3
2004-12-27 00:12change to use new thread libraryrsc2+12-4
2004-12-27 00:12bad namersc1+0-6
2004-12-27 00:12add for portingrsc1+10-0
2004-12-27 00:11porting changesrsc1+9-6
2004-12-27 00:11fmtdef.h needed for VA_COPYrsc2+2-0
2004-12-27 00:11add isNaNrsc1+4-3
2004-12-27 00:11forgot thisrsc1+1-1
2004-12-26 23:59add portdatersc1+56-0
2004-12-26 23:59changes from plan 9. some clean-up.rsc5+91-20
2004-12-26 23:48add portdatersc1+9-0
2004-12-26 23:45add portdatersc3+49-0
2004-12-26 23:42changes from plan 9rsc2+33-77
2004-12-26 23:31add portdatersc2+25-0
2004-12-26 23:26plan 9 changesrsc1+1-1
2004-12-26 23:26add portdatersc2+20-0
2004-12-26 23:24use new thread libraryrsc6+20-17
2004-12-26 23:24use volatile correctlyrsc1+2-2
2004-12-26 23:23add portdatersc4+24-0
2004-12-26 23:19add portdatersc3+49-0
2004-12-26 23:17add proper locking for libfmt!rsc1+16-0
2004-12-26 23:17plan 9 changesrsc3+62-2
2004-12-26 23:10add portdatersc1+20-0
2004-12-26 23:08portdatesrsc1+30-0
2004-12-26 23:07more testsrsc2+61-0
2004-12-26 23:07import changes from plan 9rsc18+171-167
2004-12-26 22:36pick up plan 9 fltfmt changesrsc1+138-325
2004-12-26 22:36various little changes.rsc1+17-19
2004-12-26 21:51cleanups - lots of removed files now in thread library. qlock.c - stubs to thread library notify.c - clean interface slightly.rsc27+113-958
2004-12-26 21:50add for unix portrsc1+33-0
2004-12-26 21:50add for unix portrsc1+29-0
2004-12-26 21:50clean up for unix portrsc58+160-127
2004-12-26 21:46updates from plan 9rsc4+16-1
2004-12-26 21:37make work with new thread libraryrsc3+45-19
2004-12-26 02:10update to use new thread libraryrsc3+31-13
2004-12-26 02:08remove empty qlock.crsc2+0-4
2004-12-25 22:03better unwinding for 386.rsc13+493-107
2004-12-25 22:01help for libthread_db (define ps_prochandle)rsc1+26-3
2004-12-25 22:00more thread support, also add freebsd 5rsc1+21-13
2004-12-25 22:00new thread libraryrsc2+189-187
2004-12-25 22:00clean up headersrsc2+69-75
2004-12-25 21:57more new libthreadrsc7+800-0
2004-12-25 21:56New thread libraryrsc71+1067-4710
2004-12-25 01:54fix from forsyth via robrsc1+1-1
2004-12-24 07:12match Linux 2.6 kernel betterrsc1+1-1
2004-12-23 20:58oops -> change mpdigit from long to ulongrsc1+1-1
2004-11-15 16:19allow last column to be deletedrsc1+0-8
2004-11-08 16:04still more filesrsc5+300-0
2004-11-08 16:03extra filesrsc4+380-0
2004-11-08 16:03more thread workrsc12+291-337
2004-11-03 14:27stupid port bug. cannot use %ld to print a long as a *CHARACTER*rsc1+1-1
2004-11-01 17:26bug fix in Get from robrsc1+2-0
2004-10-23 02:59clean up signal handlingrsc1+194-89
2004-10-22 18:46figure out which thread implementation to usersc1+15-0
2004-10-22 18:45try to implement the daemonize hack.rsc11+165-51
2004-10-22 18:11handle interrupt rightrsc1+3-1
2004-10-22 18:11gas workaroundrsc1+2-5
2004-10-22 17:15new test programrsc1+41-0
2004-10-22 17:15debugging, more pthreads craprsc7+27-9
2004-10-22 17:14make sure a write of 0 bytes does a 0-length write.rsc1+4-2
2004-10-22 17:13print 0 %ux as 0x0rsc1+0-1
2004-10-22 17:12more debuggingrsc1+33-7
2004-10-22 17:12try to avoid calling notify on the "dumb" signalsrsc1+91-52
2004-10-22 17:11add core dump and signal to status linersc1+1-2
2004-10-22 17:11change md argument to number etc. (which acted only as a flag) to an actual flag.rsc8+55-25
2004-10-22 17:08formattingrsc1+9-9
2004-10-22 17:05exit 9p on interrupt signal. should do better job here.rsc1+12-2
2004-10-22 17:04run 9c before 9a because gas doesn't exit with non-zero status when the file doesn't existrsc1+1-1
2004-10-22 17:02update change filersc1+60-0
2004-10-17 05:33use threadexitsallrsc1+1-1
2004-10-17 05:29print out signalled exitsrsc1+5-0
2004-10-17 05:19add ulimit and umask as builtinsrsc3+202-0
2004-10-17 04:18remove socket at exitrsc1+11-0
2004-10-17 04:06fix interrupt handling, add clumsy way to get at text buffer contentsrsc1+92-3
2004-10-17 04:02finally got these workingrsc2+39-0
2004-10-17 00:12bug fix in Zerox arrow handling from robrsc1+2-2
2004-10-16 23:29embarrassing bug in keyboard datarsc1+2-2
2004-09-28 16:23Fix bug in rune half of __fmtcpy reported by rob.rsc1+0-2
2004-09-28 16:10autoindent fixes from robrsc2+27-12
2004-09-23 21:40add this.rsc1+14-0
2004-09-23 19:03add pthreadrsc1+164-0
2004-09-23 03:25Add // to acid thread line so it is executable.rsc2+3-5
2004-09-23 03:06Get rid of 9proc.rsc9+38-224
2004-09-23 03:05Get rid of 64-bit constants.rsc1+3-3
2004-09-23 03:04Add stringn builtin.rsc1+44-0
2004-09-23 03:01Continue fighting pthreads. Clean up thread library a bit too.rsc20+500-615
2004-09-21 01:11Continue the pthreads torture.rsc25+440-124
2004-09-21 01:06little fixesrsc1+1-1
2004-09-20 15:08various forgotten filesrsc9+219-7
2004-09-20 15:07bug fixrsc1+6-2
2004-09-17 22:11was ffork-Linux.c.rsc1+193-0
2004-09-17 22:09Bite the bullet. Have to use different binaries on 2.4 and 2.6.rsc4+21-92
2004-09-17 22:08small tweaksrsc2+2-2
2004-09-17 22:07turn *off* safer mode, so that we can view pdfs. i am not happy about this.rsc1+1-1
2004-09-17 22:06tweaksrsc1+6-3
2004-09-17 03:34Continue switching library over to pthreads when possible. Tprimes works on Linux 2.6. You can only have 128 procs though.rsc15+145-560
2004-09-17 00:38Rewrite to remove dependence on rendezvous and its bizarre data structures. Makes it easier to use pthreads too. Still need to add code for non-pthreads systems.rsc15+195-208
2004-08-22 15:39PowerPC Linux support from ericvh. Mainly adding va_copy/va_end. Also fix bug in sprint wrapping around top of memory.rsc16+54-17
2004-08-22 15:39Seems like -swap is needed for landscape from dvips, which seems like a common case.rsc1+1-1
2004-08-22 15:38call wmail to send mail.rsc2+13-1
2004-08-17 15:32fix various little bugsrsc3+6-8
2004-08-17 15:30Fix huge bug in lex, introduced by porting. Surprising that anything worked.rsc1+3-3
2004-08-16 17:20handle grap.defines properlyrsc2+5-3
2004-08-13 14:23better handling of top/activersc1+8-5
2004-08-13 13:57better mask handling, don't raise windows quite so eagerly.rsc3+17-17
2004-08-11 15:54Update the history.wkj1+9-1
2004-08-11 02:18today's changes.rsc1+6-0
2004-08-11 02:16plumbing foo.html now sends it to the editor -- this is more in keeping with plan 9 behavior.rsc1+24-5
2004-08-11 01:56More consistent use of _exits and exits in place of _exit and exit.rsc3+6-6
2004-08-06 14:14forgot to write this change beforersc1+1-1
2004-08-06 12:57different delete handling from axel. who knows what it fixes or breaks.rsc2+8-7
2004-08-06 12:44Make comment match code.rsc1+4-3
2004-08-02 15:21Try to be more clever about re-enabling terminal echo. From Axel Belinfante.wkj1+2-1
2004-07-09 01:54Compare function pointers against 0 rather than nil.wkj13+15-15
2004-07-09 01:34Wc used but not set.wkj1+1-1
2004-07-03 18:35CVS turd update.wkj1+17-12
2004-07-03 18:35Don't make foo and for foo.y.wkj1+1-1
2004-07-03 18:07Empty changelogwkj1+1-1
2004-07-03 17:48Placate the Sun monster.wkj4+26-6
2004-07-03 17:47Don't confuse the Sun.wkj1+1-0
2004-07-03 17:46Vanilla Mozilla, too.wkj1+3-0
2004-06-25 13:56Fix missing parameter type. From rob.wkj1+1-1
2004-06-24 00:36Fix from rob.wkj2+16-17
2004-06-21 03:37fix temp dirrsc1+1-1
2004-06-20 16:35add x11 geomrsc1+4-0
2004-06-20 16:30unused variablersc1+0-1
2004-06-20 16:29fix scrollingrsc1+5-4
2004-06-17 21:19remove temp files on closersc1+7-1
2004-06-17 21:16another flush bug fixrsc1+1-1
2004-06-17 21:13attempt better flushing 'rsc1+31-18
2004-06-17 20:44less aborting, more chattingrsc1+4-1
2004-06-17 19:18add cache functionrsc1+1-0
2004-06-17 19:17silly cache hack, also fix vtfilewritebefore not to be so aggressive.rsc2+25-6
2004-06-17 18:51little bug fixesrsc4+14-4
2004-06-17 16:26fix initial x yrsc1+2-2
2004-06-17 03:34add key syms. where did these go?rsc1+3-1
2004-06-17 03:33va_arg fixrsc1+1-1
2004-06-17 03:31fix alt on macrsc1+9-0
2004-06-17 03:31respect Xresources geometry. from peter canning.rsc1+67-9
2004-06-17 03:31fix bugsrsc1+25-7
2004-06-17 03:30look for $HOME - thanks to peter canning.rsc1+2-0
2004-06-17 03:28ignore mostrsc1+1-0
2004-06-17 03:28bugger auth and authsrvrsc1+1-1
2004-06-17 03:28these do workrsc16+790-0
2004-06-17 03:27basically none of these buildrsc19+1459-0
2004-06-17 03:25lightweight look for ghostview (psv)rsc2+107-5
2004-06-17 03:18Need to compile strdup.c; this script probably ought to be generated.wkj1+1-0
2004-06-17 01:59More CVS turds.wkj1+2-0
2004-06-17 01:59Unused variable.wkj1+0-2
2004-06-17 01:47Dump9660 (and mk9660). Until we either do something intelligent with symlinks or put in a switch for things like dump9660, this is of rather limited utility under Unix.wkj20+4375-0
2004-06-17 01:46Import proto file parser for dump9660.wkj6+1288-0
2004-06-16 23:51it is timersc1+63-0
2004-06-16 16:45various fixesrsc3+12-8
2004-06-16 16:45publish p9dialparsersc3+3-6
2004-06-16 16:43fix problem in cache.rsc4+21-21
2004-06-16 15:32do a better job with 64-bit filesrsc1+11-7
2004-06-16 15:31probably fix bug in seekrsc1+1-1
2004-06-16 03:50DAMN BERKELEY.rsc1+5-1
2004-06-16 03:12extra assertion, fix leak in vtreadrsc2+3-0
2004-06-14 21:43change corrupt typersc1+1-1
2004-06-14 21:43changesrsc1+6-6
2004-06-13 20:08handle 64-bit file sizesrsc2+9-9
2004-06-11 18:57get this rightrsc2+7-5
2004-06-11 14:38add OLOCKrsc2+20-4
2004-06-11 14:38add OLOCKrsc2+3-0
2004-06-11 12:52back to 32 bit for nowrsc7+43-48
2004-06-11 04:33maybe 64-bit betterrsc7+48-43
2004-06-11 04:13scrollingrsc2+30-0
2004-06-11 04:13scrollingrsc2+7-4
2004-06-11 04:12scrollingrsc1+2-2
2004-06-10 19:52use psvrsc1+1-1
2004-06-10 19:51gv wrapperrsc1+3-0
2004-06-10 19:50make gv look betterrsc2+30-0
2004-06-09 14:57i think this is everything.rsc1+2-0
2004-06-09 14:56let's try thisrsc1+2-0
2004-06-09 14:55handle opaque structs betterrsc1+5-1
2004-06-09 14:54mouse scrollingrsc2+52-9
2004-06-09 14:54Despite what rsc says, I'm not sure the tweak is correct, so warn people.wkj1+2-0
2004-06-09 14:53remove printrsc1+0-1
2004-06-09 14:33detail changesrsc1+26-0
2004-06-09 14:29wkj says to do thisrsc1+1-0
2004-06-09 14:26asdfrsc1+2-0
2004-06-09 14:25add -C for cpursc1+3-0
2004-06-09 14:25catch strdup, malloc, and friendsrsc1+4-2
2004-06-09 14:23clean up children more oftenrsc1+7-3
2004-06-09 14:22dumb maps againrsc1+33-1
2004-06-09 14:22asdfrsc2+179-30
2004-06-09 14:15add strdup for debugging.rsc2+18-0
2004-06-09 14:14work much harder to reclaim stacksrsc1+130-9
2004-06-09 14:13satisfy valgrindrsc1+3-0
2004-06-09 14:13add network routinesrsc1+4-0
2004-06-09 14:12use plan9 mallocrsc4+8-12
2004-06-09 14:11don't require xrsc1+2-0
2004-06-09 14:11add network dialingrsc1+29-0
2004-06-09 14:10various debuggingrsc3+116-21
2004-06-09 14:07plumb urls and html to web browsersrsc1+9-10
2004-06-09 14:06use libplumb insteadrsc2+2-10
2004-06-09 14:05handle local files betterrsc1+3-1
2004-06-09 14:04change to plumb betterrsc3+145-136
2004-06-09 14:03debuggingrsc1+2-2
2004-06-09 14:01Buttons 4 and 5rsc1+37-4
2004-06-09 14:01Buttons 4 and 5.rsc3+24-3
2004-06-09 14:01Add buttons 4 and 5 (scrolling on X).rsc1+16-1
2004-06-03 14:26More cvs turds.wkj7+17-0
2004-06-03 14:25This should never have been committed in the first place.wkj1+0-136
2004-06-03 14:24Libip builds for me on FreeBSD and MacOS X and I have stuff that needs it.wkj1+1-1
2004-05-29 01:02Forgot this a week ago.wkj1+4-0
2004-05-23 23:26small bug fixesrsc1+8-1
2004-05-23 01:00make sure only one guy can call exit.rsc1+1-1
2004-05-23 00:59various bug fixes and paranoiarsc3+87-70
2004-05-23 00:59various debuggingrsc7+54-15
2004-05-23 00:58lock malloc ourselvesrsc2+54-7
2004-05-23 00:58be careful about not switching to procs unless necessary.rsc1+11-5
2004-05-20 21:39fix race.rsc1+15-1
2004-05-20 18:22more timeout avoidancersc1+4-2
2004-05-20 18:21don't touch the alarm when there is no timeoutrsc1+4-2
2004-05-20 18:17remove some debuggingrsc1+0-3
2004-05-20 17:41#define PLAN9PORT. forgive me.rsc1+2-2
2004-05-17 03:30change from #9 to $PLAN9rsc1+2-1
2004-05-17 03:29refer to new filersc1+1-1
2004-05-17 03:28move it herersc1+191-0
2004-05-17 03:28don't need an entire directory for this.rsc1+0-191
2004-05-17 03:22More troff bits; if you want them elsewhere, feel free to repo copy them.wkj22+670-1
2004-05-17 03:17Rename stuff.wkj2+1-4
2004-05-17 02:25A shell wrapper for aux/download.wkj2+6-0
2004-05-17 02:25A few bits of troff don't seem to be buggered anymore.wkj2+4-1
2004-05-17 02:24tr2post and aux/download; download is a shell script in $PLAN9/bin.wkj21+110-74
2004-05-17 02:23Make tbl compile silently.wkj19+321-328
2004-05-17 02:23Tweak to make troff compile silently.wkj8+13-17
2004-05-17 02:22Ditto.wkj2+4-1
2004-05-17 02:22Tweak grap to make it compile silently.wkj4+11-7
2004-05-17 02:22Tweak mpm pending C++ support in the mkfiles.wkj3+3-6
2004-05-17 02:21Import Taj's version of mnihongo; mark as buggered (but it compiles).wkj4+283-0
2004-05-17 02:21Placate the CVS monster.wkj2+16-1
2004-05-17 02:20Patch paths.wkj7+8-8
2004-05-17 00:54Remove accidentally comitted files.wkj3+0-856
2004-05-16 17:04bugger mpmrsc1+1-1
2004-05-16 17:03use correct mkfilesrsc1+2-2
2004-05-16 12:57these are in the tree nowrsc1+0-3
2004-05-16 12:55ignore ventirsc1+1-0
2004-05-16 12:54correct paths, even though i don't think this is used.rsc1+3-4
2004-05-16 08:08Make yacc and lex more pedant friendly.wkj2+8-0
2004-05-16 08:07Checkpoint.wkj2+4479-0
2004-05-16 08:07Bring in some more man pages.wkj5+1582-0
2004-05-16 08:06For mpm.wkj13+827-0
2004-05-16 08:02Use the Plan 9 version of the world.wkj7+800-4363
2004-05-16 07:59Lex is not buggered.wkj1+1-1
2004-05-16 07:59Make lex more pedant friendly.wkj3+5-2
2004-05-16 07:58Supress line noise.wkj3+5-0
2004-05-16 07:58bwk's dformat.wkj1+108-0
2004-05-16 07:57Checkpoint.wkj19+324-283
2004-05-16 07:56Checkpoint: pull in mpm; merge pic from Taj's version of the worldwkj21+3878-39
2004-05-16 07:55Checkpoint -- still merging with Taj's version of the world.wkj37+415-378
2004-05-16 07:54Checkpoint.wkj74+5282-131
2004-05-15 23:55more filesrsc37+5947-1
2004-05-15 23:53asdfrsc3+19-0
2004-05-15 23:45More files!rsc213+54953-0
2004-05-15 23:32whoopsrsc1+0-0
2004-05-15 23:24Let's try this. It's BUGGERED.rsc118+26947-1
2004-05-15 23:16old linuxrsc1+2-0
2004-05-15 23:15fix $PLAN9.rsc2+3-2
2004-05-15 23:13restore current directory after threadexec. this is dodgy.rsc1+48-7
2004-05-14 23:29Add note about window placementrsc1+16-0
2004-05-14 23:23asdfrsc3+8-8
2004-05-14 23:13Empty changelogrsc4+8-6
2004-05-14 23:13asdfrsc1+0-4
2004-05-14 23:11avoid stupid aspect ratios.rsc1+6-2
2004-05-14 20:19C little bugs . wq VS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------rsc13+29-7
2004-05-14 20:08minor bug fixesrsc2+3-0
2004-05-14 19:54adsfrsc1+45-0
2004-05-14 19:45little bug fixesrsc3+3-2
2004-05-14 18:25allowrsc3+25-6
2004-05-14 17:45More little bug fixesrsc9+31-7
2004-05-14 15:14various bug fixesrsc14+1236-9
2004-05-12 18:23fix conflictrsc1+11-11
2004-05-12 18:22Noblock is nonsense.rsc1+0-19
2004-05-11 17:51Fix small bugs.rsc14+71-34
2004-05-09 16:12Ditto.rsc1+12-9
2004-05-09 16:10It's bad form to access data *below* the stack pointer.rsc1+19-16
2004-05-05 04:22various bug fixesrsc12+82-41
2004-05-04 20:18Don't keep core dumps around.wkj1+0-0
2004-05-03 17:26Ignore unknown pragmas. Be less verbose when allocating uprocs. Don't drop core dump turds all over the place when x11 goes away.wkj5+11-2
2004-04-30 02:16Little fixes.rsc10+68-15
2004-04-29 17:13add -W to specify window size.rsc36+332-304
2004-04-26 19:28Don't be stupid.rsc1+1-1
2004-04-25 22:24display correct size of block devices for linux. that was surprisingly easy.rsc1+29-2
2004-04-25 21:36stupid sunrsc3+14-11
2004-04-25 21:33little fixesrsc2+2-1
2004-04-25 21:32getdate is in sun libc.rsc1+2-0
2004-04-25 21:31add stubs for other systems. add threadspawn.rsc3+26-1
2004-04-25 21:28redirect properly on sunrsc1+2-2
2004-04-25 21:25make astro work on suns. ;-)rsc1+1-0
2004-04-25 21:23collapse \r\r\r\r => \r.rsc1+5-1
2004-04-25 21:13do flush properlyrsc2+7-1
2004-04-25 21:09flushing a little much.rsc1+0-2
2004-04-25 20:50fix some bugs when using 9termrsc1+15-6
2004-04-25 20:49always be honest about tabstop.rsc2+7-1
2004-04-25 20:42whoopsrsc2+312-0
2004-04-25 20:31comment about usersc1+2-0
2004-04-25 20:30make a clean listing in an acme window.rsc1+24-0
2004-04-25 20:27no more Dotfilesrsc1+0-17
2004-04-25 20:26add tab size to window ctl filersc2+2-1
2004-04-25 20:26make it possible to access fonts without a display.rsc7+78-48
2004-04-24 17:34fixrsc1+0-1
2004-04-24 17:05Add scat. Temporary fix to rc r.e. note groups.rsc22+5997-2
2004-04-24 16:59a simple plan 9 image viewerrsc1+63-0
2004-04-24 16:34bug fixes and a new gviewrsc3+2162-1
2004-04-24 05:22use ttyrsc1+3-3
2004-04-24 05:01s/Bwait/Ersc1+1-1
2004-04-24 04:53missed thisrsc1+2-0
2004-04-24 04:52various bug fixesrsc10+89-9
2004-04-23 17:47small bug fixesrsc2+28-8
2004-04-23 06:51handle non-existent files rightrsc1+2-1
2004-04-23 06:49Fix window size in case we inherited a bad one.rsc1+1-0
2004-04-23 06:38clarifyrsc1+7-7
2004-04-23 06:36describe statsrsc1+190-0
2004-04-23 05:46invoke correct helper.rsc1+2-2
2004-04-23 05:35fix librariesrsc1+2-2
2004-04-23 05:35use kvm on darwinrsc1+1-1
2004-04-23 05:34use kvmrsc1+3-0
2004-04-23 05:21forgot thisrsc1+11-0
2004-04-23 05:17little thingsrsc5+14-2069
2004-04-23 05:14move these herersc2+2942-0
2004-04-23 05:12stats helperrsc10+866-0
2004-04-23 03:50add thisrsc2+24-0
2004-04-22 15:19don't print TIMESTAMP messagesrsc1+2-1
2004-04-21 23:43odds and endsrsc14+1454-5
2004-04-21 23:35updatersc1+33-0
2004-04-21 23:34add needstackrsc1+2-0
2004-04-21 23:34small fixesrsc1+2-3
2004-04-21 23:34use mk archive stuffrsc1+1-1
2004-04-21 23:22add new guysrsc7+2195-6
2004-04-21 22:59rename man9 => 9man sorryrsc1+0-0
2004-04-21 22:49rename yacc so we can make sure we get it.rsc1+2939-0
2004-04-21 22:49new stuff.rsc3+3-2941
2004-04-21 22:47how much stack do we need?rsc1+16-4
2004-04-21 22:47better error handlingrsc1+2-1
2004-04-21 22:46make stack requirements more explicit.rsc3+3-2
2004-04-21 22:46why do things change?rsc1+5-0
2004-04-21 22:44just a stub.rsc1+8-0
2004-04-21 22:44add RFNOWAIT. this was probably a bad idea.rsc2+65-3
2004-04-21 22:42undo the madness.rsc6+15-209
2004-04-21 22:39$foo in tags - here only for reference.rsc6+209-15
2004-04-21 22:37use fancy mk syntaxrsc1+3-2
2004-04-21 22:37add -m flagrsc2+20-2
2004-04-21 22:37why not?rsc2+753-0
2004-04-21 22:35cut the cute graphics.rsc1+4-4
2004-04-21 22:19Why not?rsc82+13293-0
2004-04-21 22:06how did i miss this?rsc1+532-0
2004-04-21 21:01Rename Bwait to E.rsc2+17-17
2004-04-21 20:04add registers to stack tracersc1+17-1
2004-04-21 20:04add registersrsc1+30-0
2004-04-21 19:29Tweaks to make libthread tell Valgrind about its stack limits, so that Valgrind can detect stack overflow for me.rsc7+60-8
2004-04-21 17:52take out the debugging prints i just accidentally checked in.rsc1+0-6
2004-04-21 17:52no need forrsc2+8-1
2004-04-21 17:52Libsec doesn't compile without a reduce script, either.wkj2+13-2
2004-04-21 07:47always a good idea to drop the lock when you're done.rsc2+2-0
2004-04-21 07:38the lastbug fix?rsc4+12-9
2004-04-21 07:29reflect new location. use here for here instead of estartab.rsc1+2-2
2004-04-21 07:29give me a place to stand and i shall move the sky!rsc2+0-0
2004-04-21 06:55small fixesrsc2+3-3
2004-04-21 06:53more tomfoolery. i bet mk can't read the mac os or sun os archives.rsc4+21-6
2004-04-21 06:52handle long namesrsc1+63-10
2004-04-21 06:20Who'd have guessed this was broken?rsc1+2-2
2004-04-21 05:56Document recent changes. Make lex really compile in rsc's world.wkj5+199-4
2004-04-21 05:49make scripts work with more shells, use current variable names.rsc5+10-6
2004-04-21 05:43dittorsc2+8-0
2004-04-21 05:42maybe this will work.rsc2+8-0
2004-04-21 05:40Rename the files so that we can run them through cpp.rsc3+5-0
2004-04-21 05:35no debugging printsrsc1+0-1
2004-04-21 05:34Include looks in #9/acid now. Acid works harder at not falling over.rsc3+26-6
2004-04-21 05:34Fix the bugs I introduced fixing the bug earlier tonight.rsc4+11-6
2004-04-21 04:52MD5 and SHA1 in transliterated to x86 assembler with C preprocessor goo. Thanks to Brendan Connell for putting up with this nonsense.wkj4+471-2
2004-04-21 04:50yet morersc1+14-0
2004-04-21 04:50more stuff.rsc1+1-0
2004-04-21 04:48asdfrsc1+2-1
2004-04-21 04:48No more malloc or lock inside signal handlers.rsc6+77-54
2004-04-21 04:45Add basic libmp support for the x86.wkj9+349-15
2004-04-21 03:25Tweaks for rsc's environment.wkj1+5-5
2004-04-21 03:20Import man9 shell script for reading Plan 9 man pages with Unix nroff. Seems to mostly work under FreeBSD; needs some testing under Linux.wkj1+43-0
2004-04-21 03:17Tcs seems to build now.wkj1+1-1
2004-04-21 03:06Try to gather entropy from /dev/random.wkj1+21-0
2004-04-21 03:04Add sunrpc.rsc16+7163-0
2004-04-21 02:43need thisrsc1+50-0
2004-04-21 02:40Fix bug in typedef guys.rsc3+10-2
2004-04-21 02:34Use unsharp() instead of SYS9.wkj3+5-4
2004-04-21 02:27Data for astro.wkj2+2159-0
2004-04-21 02:23Tell astro where to find estartab and here by defining SYS9 in CFLAGS. (Better ideas welcome).wkj3+6-2
2004-04-21 02:16Astro with some minor changes to placate Unix.wkj33+4819-0
2004-04-21 02:03Clean up the dwarf code.rsc5+50-54
2004-04-21 02:02Clean up the dwarf code a little and make acidtypes handle gcc 3.3.3 binaries.rsc4+144-179
2004-04-21 01:22Plan 9 lex (to be installed as lex.9, if at all).wkj8+2903-0
2004-04-21 01:21Don't build lex until Russ says it is OK (it is useful for troff, which I don't really want to port to flex). Add aescbc because I use it once in a while.wkj2+145-1
2004-04-21 01:15Add tcs; it compiles in my world, but I haven't tried it in Russ's yet.wkj42+10804-1
2004-04-20 17:54How could I forget this?rsc1+55-0
2004-04-20 17:00Compute time zone using strftime.rsc1+2-3
2004-04-20 15:16fix a deadlock.rsc1+7-1
2004-04-20 06:49better \r handlingrsc1+15-6
2004-04-20 06:23update readme to list correct commands.rsc1+2-2
2004-04-20 05:51acid on freebsdrsc2+3-2
2004-04-20 05:43cut dwarf a little slack.rsc2+7-3
2004-04-20 05:11help out freebsd 4.9rsc1+1-0
2004-04-20 05:09remove debugging printrsc1+0-1
2004-04-20 05:05a few workarounds. acidtypes seems not to get global types.rsc1+33-6
2004-04-20 05:05little fixes.rsc2+2-0
2004-04-20 04:33fix stupid bug in findsymrsc1+1-1
2004-04-20 02:21final tweaks for tonight.rsc3+3-5
2004-04-20 02:03make things work on SunOSrsc19+43-20
2004-04-20 01:42i hate []rsc5+152-120
2004-04-20 01:13i hate the []rsc1+8-8
2004-04-20 00:55yet more []rsc1+8-8
2004-04-20 00:54fix various bugs for sunosrsc6+13-13
2004-04-20 00:54kill some more []rsc1+31-23
2004-04-20 00:45remove some [] array initializers.rsc1+328-22
2004-04-20 00:20C err is a bad name for a variable. VS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------rsc2+6-5
2004-04-19 23:59darwin .rsc1+1-0
2004-04-19 23:58make mac workrsc8+12-153
2004-04-19 23:10for no systems.rsc1+59-0
2004-04-19 23:04clean up when finished. don't set PLAN9 don't set PLAN9rsc45+294-60
2004-04-19 23:03clean up when finished. don't set PLAN9rsc2+0-2
2004-04-19 23:03clean up when finished.rsc21+42-83
2004-04-19 22:41add acidtypesrsc7+1763-0
2004-04-19 19:59cut unnamed unionsrsc1+4-4
2004-04-19 19:58get rid of array indexes.rsc1+771-575
2004-04-19 19:35xrsc13+98-63
2004-04-19 19:34handle pids without files correctly.rsc1+1-1
2004-04-19 19:32remove reference to mach2rsc1+1-3
2004-04-19 19:32acidrsc14+6578-0
2004-04-19 19:31remove ref to mach2rsc1+0-1
2004-04-19 19:30debuggerrsc15+3179-0
2004-04-19 19:29libmachrsc53+12039-0
2004-04-19 19:26add mach.hrsc1+504-0
2004-04-19 19:22Mostly path name updatesrsc153+218-211
2004-04-19 18:52bring them up-to-speed for current system.rsc3+66-54
2004-04-19 18:19whoopsrsc2+0-54
2004-04-19 18:18acid filesrsc23+4251-0
2004-04-19 18:13tweaksrsc3+30101-0
2004-04-19 15:51some needed manual pagesrsc2+442-0
2004-04-19 05:57small fixes to man page listsrsc2+6-0
2004-04-19 05:56add files from david tolpinrsc2+866-0
2004-04-19 05:56fix drawread, add changes from david tolpinrsc4+36-32
2004-04-19 05:55oldorg was bad idearsc2+0-14
2004-04-19 05:54various little bug fixesrsc8+2351-8
2004-04-19 05:53push man pages through nobs.rsc1+1-1
2004-04-19 05:53cut the bsrsc1+3-0
2004-04-19 05:53nitsrsc2+18-14
2004-04-19 05:52add s32int, s64int, s16intrsc1+5-0
2004-04-19 05:52use new tab for firefoxrsc1+1-1
2004-04-19 05:51use os-provided state stringsrsc1+7-4
2004-04-19 05:51make plumb work a little better?rsc1+1-0
2004-04-18 16:22add cooked override.rsc1+25-16
2004-04-18 16:21Make checkboxes a little more attractive.rsc1+0-0
2004-04-16 15:28add thisrsc1+109-0
2004-04-16 15:27make echoing work.rsc9+51-154
2004-04-16 05:11add rog's chording fix.rsc1+7-7
2004-04-15 15:10forgot mklibrsc1+13-0
2004-04-15 02:049term manages to turn off echo at the right times under SunOS ?rsc9+173-10
2004-04-15 01:25add -p flag. too many install scripts want it.rsc1+61-17
2004-04-15 01:24only archive the new filesrsc1+1-1
2004-04-14 20:09add gzip, bzip2 'rsc44+9880-2
2004-04-14 19:54Add graph, plotrsc44+2307-0
2004-04-11 04:22Modified db man page.rsc1+976-0
2004-04-11 03:42Rewrite page(2) references to page(3).rsc91+1632-1615
2004-04-10 18:53Lots of man pages.rsc153+25599-340
2004-04-09 01:02add new atoi etc.rsc1+4-1
2004-04-08 19:57bye byersc1+0-116
2004-04-08 19:43therersc1+6-0
2004-04-08 19:36Make libhtml, htmlfmt build. Thanks to wkj for doing all the hard work.rsc7+20-39
2004-04-08 19:31Plan 9 atoi, ...rsc1+6-3
2004-04-08 19:31Cache last uid, gid to make translation faster.rsc1+21-4
2004-04-08 19:30Let's try this - Dotfiles toggles listing of .* in directory listings.rsc3+21-0
2004-04-06 19:06Import version of libhtml that might actually work with ANSI C.wkj13+7206-0
2004-04-06 15:20better fix to window flash bug on new -- also happens on resize.rsc2+2-4
2004-04-05 22:01whoops - missing }rsc1+2-1
2004-04-05 21:02debugging printrsc1+2-1
2004-04-05 20:59morersc1+12-0
2004-04-05 20:58Fixes from Axel Belinfante.rsc5+45-37
2004-04-02 22:57Change _p9strsig to return nil if tmp==nil.rsc5+32-0
2004-04-02 15:34Add some missing unsharps.rsc1+2-2
2004-03-31 05:19Mouse motion unbuffering.rsc1+7-0
2004-03-31 05:15Avoid bad mouse buffering.rsc1+7-0
2004-03-31 01:01Small fixesrsc2+11-3
2004-03-30 05:03grey out 9term when it loses focus.rsc7+112-26
2004-03-30 05:01Border resizing and 9term greying.rsc9+319-100
2004-03-29 12:00Border resizing by dragging. Thanks to Axel Belinfante.rsc10+268-45
2004-03-26 19:20Sometimes it's amazing these haven't been turned up by other compilers.rsc3+4-2
2004-03-26 18:10openbsd 9termrsc1+1-0
2004-03-26 18:08OpenBSD support from Markus Friedl.rsc1+46-0
2004-03-26 17:44more color map hackery from axel.rsc1+8-11
2004-03-26 17:31rc notesrsc2+3-2
2004-03-26 17:30handle interrupts and backgrounded processes a little better.rsc3+11-1
2004-03-26 17:15.rsc2+9-1
2004-03-26 17:15Chording paste bug.rsc1+1-1
2004-03-26 17:06Be more careful about not changing screen!rsc2+34-7
2004-03-26 05:06Only use futimesat on Solaris 9rsc1+1-1
2004-03-26 05:05Fix version for sunos.rsc1+6-6
2004-03-26 05:01Include Solaris version.rsc1+13-2
2004-03-26 03:45Bug fixes from Scott Schwartz.rsc4+9-1
2004-03-26 03:07Fortune fixrsc2+5-1
2004-03-26 03:07Fortune file.rsc1+4007-0
2004-03-26 02:09Add -lutil on systems that have it.rsc1+8-4
2004-03-26 02:08Remove debugging echos.rsc1+1-6
2004-03-26 01:59SunOS can rot in hell.rsc52+213-162
2004-03-26 01:55fix resizing of fixed-size windowsrsc1+1-9
2004-03-26 01:51more unkenrsc1+52-51
2004-03-26 01:47unkenrsc2+64-44
2004-03-26 00:15better mkmkrsc1+6-3
2004-03-26 00:09Darwin support.rsc3+137-2
2004-03-25 23:30Small changes. Small changes.rsc1+3-0
2004-03-25 23:30Small changes.rsc1+2-2
2004-03-25 23:25Guess what? More anonymous unions!rsc2+11-11
2004-03-25 23:24More anonymous unions.rsc4+31-31
2004-03-25 23:17More anony.rsc1+30-30
2004-03-25 23:15Remove anonymous union.rsc1+10-10
2004-03-25 23:14remove libmachrsc1+1-1
2004-03-25 23:08More files. More files.rsc5+1561-0
2004-03-25 23:08More files.rsc3+84-4
2004-03-25 23:03Today's changes. More changes.rsc74+3539-1968
2004-03-25 23:03Today's changes.rsc8+87-6
2004-03-22 16:08Fix colors.rsc1+1-1
2004-03-21 23:24Fix lots of warnings.rsc9+58-25
2004-03-21 20:42Initialization bug reported by Taj Khattra.rsc1+1-0
2004-03-21 14:07Add namespace.crsc1+33-0
2004-03-21 14:06Add libmp.rsc37+2415-0
2004-03-21 14:05Add some missing files.rsc3+35-0
2004-03-21 14:04Add most of libsec.rsc47+9625-0
2004-03-21 13:54Add mkfile.rsc1+20-0
2004-03-21 05:20Make idiff build.rsc1+2-0
2004-03-21 05:19Don't require plumber.rsc1+1-1
2004-03-21 04:33Small tweaks Lots of new code imported.rsc86+12441-88
2004-03-21 04:32Small tweaksrsc1+2-0
2004-03-21 04:27Change 9wm to look like rio.rsc14+3458-0
2004-03-21 04:27Change 9term to look like rio windows, not acme windows.rsc3+152-132
2004-03-15 01:58Various header changes.rsc4+19-1
2004-03-15 01:57Various small interface changes.rsc6+64-53
2004-03-15 01:56Vac works.rsc14+2366-2901
2004-03-13 04:35Add binary fraction tree index. The old index code is still supported too. Buildindex and checkindex need to be revisited, though they should be easy to adapt.rsc11+239-44
2004-03-12 18:28Checkpoint.rsc15+450-363
2004-03-12 05:42Add 200-line comment trying to explain the new index.rsc1+284-69
2004-03-11 19:14Implement write buffer.rsc12+358-48
2004-03-09 12:45Various fixes, add spell.rsc12+1452-33
2004-03-05 06:10remove debugging print.rsc1+0-1
2004-03-05 06:03Unfix non-bug.rsc1+1-1
2004-03-05 05:58Small bug fixes.rsc2+3-3
2004-03-05 05:53Amazingly picky bug fixes from Valgrind.rsc9+20-9
2004-03-05 05:48Incorporate bug fixes from Plan 9.rsc1+1-1
2004-03-05 05:14don't need these.rsc2+0-283
2004-03-05 05:13Update libregexp with recent bug fixes from Plan 9.rsc12+105-81
2004-03-05 03:13Various little fixes.rsc7+13-7
2004-03-05 02:25Pipes cannot use SOCK_DGRAM. Back to SOCK_STREAM. Add debugging to fdwait.rsc7+27-18
2004-03-05 01:12Debugging libthread for acme.rsc5+62-12
2004-03-04 02:37Remove debugging print.rsc1+0-2
2004-03-04 02:36Fix rc not to bus error on Mac OS X. Don't print about child notes either.rsc3+14-3
2004-03-04 02:06Some day I will get this right.rsc2+7-2
2004-03-03 21:21Account for C vs. assembly in tas and getcallerpc. Sigh.rsc1+3-3
2004-03-03 00:03Whoops.rsc1+4-0
2004-03-02 23:16Remove a debugging print, more cleanup.rsc2+2-2
2004-03-02 23:11Little tweaks and documentation.rsc11+178-64
2004-03-02 20:02Make sure snarf is <64kB, since the wire count is only 16 bits.rsc1+11-4
2004-03-02 19:29Use cflags (bug introduced by Mac tweak).rsc1+1-1
2004-03-02 19:27Change pipes to preserve message boundaries.rsc1+1-2
2004-03-02 19:21Long-standing stability bugs fixed in 9pserve. Update win to use acme interface directly instead of via pipes. Add comment to pipe about lack of message boundaries.rsc3+154-69
2004-03-02 17:52Note new locations.rsc2+2-2
2004-03-02 17:34More Mac tweaks.rsc12+101-49
2004-03-02 16:58Tweaks for the Macintosh.rsc5+87-9
2004-03-02 16:55missing programsrsc2+746-0
2004-03-01 19:39Empty changelogrsc2+0-34
2004-03-01 19:36Build Unix-friendly versions directly from library.rsc34+966-0
2004-02-29 23:21more tweaks.rsc1+0-0
2004-02-29 23:20Various tweaks.rsc15+34-20
2004-02-29 23:11Threadplumbrecv.rsc1+33-0
2004-02-29 23:09Tweak listing of libraries.rsc3+4-2
2004-02-29 22:58Install commands before subdirectories, so we get yacc before compiling hoc.rsc1+3-1
2004-02-29 22:54Threaded read9pmsg.rsc1+32-0
2004-02-29 22:53Add fdwait routines.rsc1+250-0
2004-02-29 22:53Install script.rsc1+13-0
2004-02-29 22:49Update
2004-02-29 22:42Small tweaks to make things build again.rsc18+43-48
2004-02-29 22:11Move utf, fmt. Small header file changes.rsc73+5771-3
2004-02-29 22:10Fighting the good fight.rsc107+665-6637
2004-02-09 19:33various tweaks.rsc13+193-12
2004-02-09 19:32completion, pageup/pagedownrsc5+139-7
2004-01-20 01:59need pty.h on linux according to scott schwartzrsc1+4-0
2004-01-09 20:07Why would the Linux man page actually tell the truth?rsc1+1-2
2004-01-09 00:48undef some more.rsc1+5-0
2004-01-09 00:14add libsrsc1+2-0
2004-01-09 00:06add some more RF things for linux.rsc1+4-4
2004-01-09 00:04linux diffs.rsc2+3-1
2003-12-17 04:35add Lock to struct Ref.rsc1+1-0
2003-12-17 04:34Tweaks to various bits.rsc11+166-90
2003-12-11 18:15Add libString.rsc20+1315-0
2003-12-11 17:50ramfsrsc1+904-0
2003-12-11 17:50More files related to user-level file servers. Also add acme!rsc35+14133-0
2003-12-11 17:48Add support for user-level 9P servers/clients and various bug fixes to go with them.rsc60+966-486
2003-12-09 18:07bug from wkjrsc1+1-0
2003-12-09 06:37Bug fixes from the Valgrind oracle.rsc3+4-1
2003-12-09 06:06check everything in so i can move to linux and valgrind.rsc5+492-107
2003-12-06 19:33rebuild because of libbio/bfmt.crsc1+2-1
2003-12-06 18:08File system stuff.rsc29+3316-0
2003-12-06 18:05various tweaks.rsc10+74-8
2003-12-04 19:18nanrsc1+27-0
2003-12-04 19:18.rsc3+43-37
2003-12-04 19:16Clean up yacc files in mkcommon, mkhdr. Add nan to lib9. Fix memory corruption bugs in 9term.rsc4+33-15
2003-12-04 17:45add hocrsc8+1365-5
2003-12-04 17:36these belong elsewhere, but where?rsc2+483-0
2003-12-04 17:32add bundlersc1+9-0
2003-12-04 17:31add lc.rsc1+3-0
2003-12-04 17:31disable some programs, enable others.rsc3+250-0
2003-12-04 17:23Remove debugging print from 9term.rsc1+0-1
2003-12-04 04:29Various fixes.rsc1+13-18
2003-12-04 00:31fix bug in handling of backspace in output.rsc1+17-9
2003-12-04 00:20make hold mode a bit more attractive.rsc1+1-1
2003-12-04 00:17allow rfork(RFNOTEG|RFPROC|RFFDG) for rc.rsc2+19-3
2003-12-04 00:16more bug fixesrsc1+1-0
2003-12-04 00:11add -a flag for acme.rsc2+112-72
2003-12-03 22:51add bfmt.rsc1+37-0
2003-12-03 22:50Various fixes.rsc11+124-63
2003-12-02 22:03Set up terminal properly for 9term.rsc1+5-1
2003-12-02 21:57B that knows about address syntax, change plumber to use it.rsc2+9-3
2003-12-02 21:49fix stack size (oops)rsc1+1-1
2003-12-02 03:50Check for changed window size after window creation.rsc1+9-0
2003-12-02 03:42More X11 snarf tweaks. Will we ever finish?rsc5+38-11
2003-11-26 00:48call exit rather than _exits inside exits, so that the c library atexit handlers get a chance to run.rsc3+10-32
2003-11-25 20:30Fix X11 clipboard again.rsc2+2-1
2003-11-25 03:37add dictrsc27+8343-0
2003-11-25 03:36add note about getting dictionaryrsc1+7-0
2003-11-25 03:06add sunosrsc1+30-0
2003-11-25 03:03add libplumb to dir listrsc1+1-0
2003-11-25 03:03fix libplumbrsc2+11-7
2003-11-25 03:02fixes to plumber and 9termrsc4+3-3
2003-11-25 02:54Update NOTES, hack on 9term a little.rsc5+32-15
2003-11-25 02:36Silence some Mac OS X warnings.rsc5+6-3
2003-11-25 02:22more tweaks.rsc1+2-0
2003-11-25 02:11More tweaks on Linux and Solaris.rsc14+115-72
2003-11-25 01:40Add the #goo to allow use in C++. Silence a few more warnings. Strip down the mkfiles more. Fix bug in X11 mouse handling, note groups.rsc41+297-160
2003-11-25 01:30Lots of fonts.rsc890+1083-0
2003-11-24 22:48More Mac changes.rsc2+31-14
2003-11-24 22:40portable ar.rsc1+9-0
2003-11-24 22:39Changes for Mac OS X. Most important is stack sizes in samterm, which were completely bogus. (Libthread used to ignore them but not anymore. Maybe we really should ignore them, but that breaks Venti, which needs *really* big stacks.)rsc17+46-26
2003-11-24 20:16tweaks.rsc3+3-7
2003-11-24 00:59Tweaks for Linux.rsc2+2-0
2003-11-24 00:47Build correctly on FreeBSD. (Will this process ever reach a fixed point?)rsc4+6-6
2003-11-24 00:43Tweaks to build properly on Linux.rsc9+71-27
2003-11-23 20:04Make things build on FreeBSD again.rsc8+16-22
2003-11-23 19:49Annoying changes to work on Sun boxes.rsc19+95-54
2003-11-23 18:38runthread needn't be inlinersc1+1-1
2003-11-23 18:33set pathrsc1+1-0
2003-11-23 18:32one Makefilersc1+6-0
2003-11-23 18:30don't need package anymore.rsc1+0-12
2003-11-23 18:30make typeunicode.7.font a bit more unicode.rsc1+9-0
2003-11-23 18:30add plumbing files.rsc2+108-0
2003-11-23 18:29add rcmain startup for rc. maintains window label with current directory in 9termrsc1+37-0
2003-11-23 18:29various shell script fixes. add 9a, 9c, 9l wrapper scripts. label sets label on xterm/9termrsc7+80-11
2003-11-23 18:25new filesrsc9+1334-0
2003-11-23 18:23make -> mkrsc1+0-16
2003-11-23 18:23add libiprsc13+875-0
2003-11-23 18:22make -> mkrsc22+100-237
2003-11-23 18:21add libsecrsc12+2916-0
2003-11-23 18:19new venti library.rsc28+4635-0
2003-11-23 18:19add libhttpdrsc19+2722-0
2003-11-23 18:19add libflatersc13+2558-0
2003-11-23 18:18sun supportrsc3+76-11
2003-11-23 18:18make -> mkrsc10+105-116
2003-11-23 18:16make -> mkrsc3+22-23
2003-11-23 18:16make -> mkrsc3+58-58
2003-11-23 18:15Add drawsetlabel(Display*, char*). Turn window destruction into "hangup" note. Fix (?) snarf buffer management. Add latin1 keyboard translation.rsc10+518-147
2003-11-23 18:14make -> mk.rsc4+47-35
2003-11-23 18:13start over with plan9's libc.h.rsc1+697-165
2003-11-23 18:12Various additions and fixes.rsc57+2150-159
2003-11-23 18:11add libbinrsc2+122-0
2003-11-23 18:11forgot this.rsc1+91-0
2003-11-23 18:10make -> mkrsc10+365-0
2003-11-23 18:04new utilities. the .C files compile but are renamed to avoid building automatically.rsc45+16585-0
2003-11-23 18:04Plan 9's rc.rsc24+4688-0
2003-11-23 18:03the one true diff. at least it can handle "diff file1 file2 dir".rsc6+1120-0
2003-11-23 18:02Dhog's 9term. Updated for current libraries by Caerwyn Jones. Button-3 plumbing (like in acme) by rsc.rsc5+1537-0
2003-11-23 17:58Plan 9 version, nothing tweaked yet.rsc7+2596-0
2003-11-23 17:55start thinking about vac -- doesn't build yetrsc22+7959-0
2003-11-23 17:54Initial stab at Venti.rsc52+9527-0
2003-11-23 17:54make -> mkrsc4+67-66
2003-11-23 17:53perror, create, remove now in the headersrsc1+0-4
2003-11-23 17:53remove debugging print.rsc1+0-1
2003-11-23 17:53change from rob -- handle ^U like in rio, acmersc1+4-0
2003-11-23 17:53make -> mkrsc2+33-34
2003-11-23 17:52create, perror, and remove are now properly in the headers.rsc1+0-4
2003-11-23 17:51Don't need to install 'u' as flagfmt anymore.rsc1+0-5
2003-11-23 17:51use path-less names for ssh, samterm. let execvp sort it out.rsc1+2-2
2003-11-23 17:50Use execvp to avoid hard-coding path names for ssh, samterm.rsc1+3-3
2003-11-23 17:48print current directory in "don't know how to make" errors.rsc1+9-1
2003-10-14 02:36Lib9.h updated to support plumber from Caerwyn Jones. (New lib9.h expected soon.)rsc1+40-0
2003-10-14 02:35Single-threaded plumber that can run "start" rules. Thanks to Caerwyn Jones.rsc8+731-2
2003-10-14 02:10Move werrstr into errstr, so that if you use werrstr you have to get this __errfmt instead of the one in libfmt that only does Unix error codes.rsc3+14-14
2003-10-14 01:46Fix a bug in Linux?rsc1+3-1
2003-10-13 20:17Force CVS to create the lib/ directory by creating a file in it.rsc1+1-0
2003-10-13 18:25Some Plan 9 workalikes.rsc4+107-0
2003-10-13 18:11Change occasionally to nightly.rsc1+1-1
2003-10-13 17:20Clarify font directories.rsc2+5-9
2003-10-13 17:18Distribution notes.rsc3+109-1
2003-10-13 17:17Tweaks.rsc2+17-2
2003-10-13 17:16Set $BIN.rsc1+2-0
2003-10-13 17:16Flush the display when we poll for events.rsc1+28-0
2003-10-13 17:16Rewrite /lib/font/bit to $PLAN9/font when open fails.rsc1+22-1
2003-10-11 04:53More changes.rsc2+53-1
2003-10-11 03:58Use new directory structure.rsc17+78-76
2003-10-11 03:58B then wait.rsc1+17-0
2003-10-11 03:55Extra sam scripts.rsc2+51-0
2003-10-11 02:59Licensing and various tweaks.rsc8+276-1291
2003-10-11 02:57Clarify Lucida.rsc1+3-2
2003-10-11 02:57More fonts.rsc106+101-0
2003-10-11 02:54Add license.rsc1+13-0
2003-10-11 02:50Various cleanup.rsc3+15-2
2003-10-11 02:49Allow prec==0.rsc1+1-1
2003-10-11 02:47Lots of X fixes.rsc14+237-31
2003-10-11 02:47Remove errfmt -- it's in lib9.rsc1+0-1
2003-10-11 02:45Various tweaks. The implementation of notify, create, etc. should really be in lib9.rsc3+16-6
2003-10-11 02:45Tweaks to make it work on Unix.rsc6+86-66
2003-10-09 22:21Fonts.rsc738+1540-0
2003-10-03 15:33Macintosh.rsc7+62-20
2003-10-01 15:20Move resize into main proc.rsc2+29-6
2003-10-01 03:01Tweaks.rsc3+10-5
2003-10-01 02:53wasn't supposed to go in.rsc1+0-5
2003-10-01 02:53More Darwin.rsc10+311-246
2003-10-01 02:50Various tweaks to make things run on Mac OS. The main change is the use of pthread to implement ffork.rsc12+84-12
2003-10-01 02:44Need ranlib for Mac.rsc10+9-2
2003-10-01 00:44Rendezvous tester.rsc1+31-0
2003-10-01 00:44Add extra build targets.rsc1+7-4
2003-09-30 19:10Fix path to bio.h.rsc1+1-1
2003-09-30 19:06Empty changelogrsc1+17-0
2003-09-30 19:06Missed these.rsc2+257-0
2003-09-30 19:05Reorgrsc181+260-6159
2007-06-25 00:05Added tag rtag for changeset 0b0321e26f56Russ Cox1+1-0
2003-09-30 17:47Initial revisionrsc31+3409-0
2003-09-30 17:47Initial import.rsc5+1548-0
2003-09-30 17:47Initial revisionrsc7+446-0
2003-09-30 17:47Initial import.rsc7+885-0
2003-09-30 17:47Initial revisionrsc223+32479-0
2003-09-30 17:47Initial import.rsc41+3226-0
2003-09-30 17:47Initial revisionrsc242+18177-0
2007-06-25 00:04Tailor preparing to convert repo by adding .hgignoreRuss Cox1+7-0