sea ice experiments using Granular.jl
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2021-07-20 09:26Makefile: add compress.jl to simulation dependenciesAnders Damsgaard1+1-2
2021-07-20 set y-range and fix legend symbolsAnders Damsgaard1+3-1
2021-07-20 09:24Makefile: disable bonds in faulting01Anders Damsgaard1+80-16
2021-07-14 13:25add faulting02 experiment with tensile strengthAnders Damsgaard1+34-0
2021-07-12 13:50place both figures on same pageAnders Damsgaard1+4-5
2021-07-12 13:48add visualization of stress dataAnders Damsgaard2+36-7
2021-07-12 12:49Makefile: use output datafiles as indicators for TARGETAnders Damsgaard1+13-13
2021-07-06 11:53compress.jl: fix direction of compressionAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2021-07-03 19:15compress.jl: only write jld2 file at the end of the simulationsAnders Damsgaard1+3-3
2021-07-01 16:41compress.jl: fix semantic typoAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2021-07-01 16:39compress.jl: add no-slip BCsAnders Damsgaard1+13-0
2021-06-30 17:24Makefile: suppress standard outputAnders Damsgaard1+6-6
2021-06-30 17:23compress.jl: fix grid sizeAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2021-06-30 17:19fix argument nameAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2021-06-30 17:17point to correct input fileAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2021-06-30 17:13add input file for compression experimentsAnders Damsgaard2+1-1
2021-06-30 12:21compress.jl: remove old commentAnders Damsgaard1+0-3
2021-06-30 12:16compress.jl: write output stress and do not add extra wallAnders Damsgaard1+36-3
2021-06-30 12:12add default 'all' targetAnders Damsgaard1+10-0
2021-06-30 12:07compress.jl: decrease targeted compressional strain to 20 %Anders Damsgaard1+1-1
2021-06-30 12:04perform consolidation with different friction coefficientsAnders Damsgaard1+18-5
2021-06-30 10:56add faulting angle experimentAnders Damsgaard3+471-0
2021-04-12 13:36fix compatibility issues and add targets to MakefileAnders Damsgaard1+2-1
2021-04-12 13:35add thickness_distribution.jl plotting and fittingAnders Damsgaard1+91-0
2021-04-07 14:12julia change: linspace -> LinRangeAnders Damsgaard1+2-2
2021-04-07 13:45fix more julia changesAnders Damsgaard1+4-1
2021-04-07 13:42add missing targetsAnders Damsgaard1+24-0
2021-04-07 11:08add many_floes experimentsAnders Damsgaard2+532-0
2021-04-07 13:39remove further "const"Anders Damsgaard1+2-2
2021-04-07 13:38remove "const" keyword that is nolonger supportedAnders Damsgaard1+8-8
2020-09-07 11:11Merge branch 'master' of Damsgaard15+38-36
2020-09-07 11:11Update README with references to publicationsAnders Damsgaard1+8-0
2020-01-02 09:38Change to ISC license and update Granular.jl repository urlAnders Damsgaard2+13-672
2019-08-13 19:09Add simple run for parameterization comparisonAnders Damsgaard1+88-0
2019-06-07 12:52Add script for generating comparative figures (resolution and refreeze)Anders Damsgaard1+54-0
2019-05-05 14:26Remove pdfs and txts from gitignoreAnders Damsgaard1+0-2
2019-05-04 12:13Add instantheal experimentAnders Damsgaard2+3-0
2019-05-02 05:40Add parameter for healing rate and instant heal simulation scriptAnders Damsgaard2+13-1
2019-04-27 09:23Add result figures and text results from scaling testsAnders Damsgaard43+6-0
2019-04-25 04:58Use writedlm from DelimitedFilesAnders Damsgaard1+2-1
2019-04-24 07:55Fix mean command and path to scaling filesAnders Damsgaard1+5-4
2019-04-24 06:36Add output summary files from ridging experimentsAnders Damsgaard78+240-0
2019-04-24 06:35Merge branch 'master' of Damsgaard6+67-26
2019-04-24 06:34Update simulation scriptsAnders Damsgaard6+69-54
2018-08-07 14:17Add ridging_bulk plot for uniaxial compressionAnders Damsgaard2+47-2
2018-07-13 17:48Remove two weakest members from shear test, add comments to plot ridge plot scriptAnders Damsgaard2+2-3
2018-07-13 17:15Add comparative plot between x-z experiment and x-y parameterizationAnders Damsgaard1+101-1
2018-07-10 16:17Add scripts for shear experiment with varying fracture toughnessAnders Damsgaard7+1016-0
2018-07-09 17:50Update directory containing scriptAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2018-07-09 17:43Update julia versionAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2018-07-09 17:35Fix fracture toughness valuesAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2018-07-09 17:27Merge branch 'master' of Damsgaard1+9-0
2018-07-09 17:27Add script to generate ridging_bulk job scriptsAnders Damsgaard2+54-3
2018-07-09 15:35Add fracture toughness for compressive failureAnders Damsgaard2+11-17
2018-07-06 17:03Fix more ice for many_floesAnders Damsgaard1+8-2
2018-07-06 16:29Merge branch 'master' of Damsgaard11+1090-55
2018-06-04 13:21Combine N values, add set with sigma_c=400 kPaAnders Damsgaard3+33-17
2018-06-03 12:28Fix filename for MC plotAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2018-05-29 14:06Update Makefile targets for lower N valuesAnders Damsgaard1+12-6
2018-05-29 13:50Update shear script with lower N values and plot all N resultsAnders Damsgaard2+4-2
2018-05-29 13:48Update ridging scripts and N range during consolidationAnders Damsgaard4+47-23
2018-05-07 17:52Compute, plot, and save bulk normal and shear stressesAnders Damsgaard1+28-28
2018-05-07 16:51Improve simulation setup and periodicityAnders Damsgaard2+18-20
2018-05-04 14:57Add ridging_bulk script with biaxial compressionAnders Damsgaard2+272-0
2018-05-03 14:40Adjust Amundrud equation for obtaining beam solutionAnders Damsgaard1+35-9
2018-04-20 15:25Update plotting script with more data points and analytical solutionsAnders Damsgaard1+120-50
2018-04-17 13:29Add functionality and script for simulating a single ice floeAnders Damsgaard3+119-31
2018-04-12 13:21Add analytical function to plots, add elastoridge-generating scriptAnders Damsgaard2+104-2
2018-04-06 12:57Plot superimposed stress curves for all experimentsAnders Damsgaard1+17-5
2018-03-29 15:46Add strength variation to shear strengthAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2018-03-29 15:43Decrease walltime to two days for varioridge runsAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2018-03-29 15:42Change plotting orderAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2018-03-29 15:42Add script for generating varioridge PBS scriptsAnders Damsgaard1+58-0
2018-03-23 15:02Add script to plot peak and average stresses during ridgingAnders Damsgaard1+267-0
2018-03-08 19:24Fix erroneous skew of strength variationAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2018-03-08 18:59Add medium-length experimentsAnders Damsgaard1+56-0
2018-03-08 18:56Add run without variation in tensile strengthAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2018-03-08 18:55Fix variable name for std_devAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2018-03-08 18:52Add tensile_strength_std_dev to file nameAnders Damsgaard1+2-2
2018-03-08 18:18Add script for long ridging experimentsAnders Damsgaard1+56-0
2018-03-08 18:17Better scale grid size according to ice floe sizeAnders Damsgaard1+7-10
2018-03-08 18:14Always produce 200 VTK output filesAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2018-03-08 18:12Scale simulation time with ice floe length ensuring 50% compressive strainAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2018-03-08 17:57Add standard deviation to tensile strengthAnders Damsgaard1+9-1
2018-03-08 15:30Add ice-floe width parameters (nx1, nx2), and rename first simulation scriptAnders Damsgaard2+20-8
2018-03-02 13:20Increase the walltimeAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2018-02-28 15:52Set environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH to fix python issues in juliaAnders Damsgaard1+1-0
2018-02-28 02:22Remove unused JLD moduleAnders Damsgaard1+0-1
2018-02-28 02:16Set $HOME as working directory, manually change dirAnders Damsgaard1+2-1
2018-02-28 02:10Join stdout and stderrAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2018-02-28 02:05Vary thickness of both ice floesAnders Damsgaard1+4-1
2018-02-28 02:04Add ny1 and ny2 as argumentsAnders Damsgaard2+16-6
2018-02-28 02:03Add PBS-script generatorAnders Damsgaard1+44-0
2018-02-27 18:27Update plottingAnders Damsgaard1+6-5
2018-02-23 14:33Move entire left ice floe from startAnders Damsgaard1+3-1
2018-02-22 20:43Add shear strength parametersAnders Damsgaard1+15-3
2018-02-21 16:44Calculate normal and shear stress and plot themAnders Damsgaard1+76-37
2018-02-20 15:06Implement contact age tweak to not form new bondsAnders Damsgaard1+10-0
2018-02-20 12:24First successful configurationAnders Damsgaard2+9-6
2018-02-20 03:21Fix buoyancy when floating on surfaceAnders Damsgaard1+19-19
2018-02-20 01:31Fix grid size issueAnders Damsgaard1+8-8
2018-02-20 00:01Add preliminary ridging simulation scriptAnders Damsgaard2+250-0
2018-02-08 16:34Increase line width of tick marks, add copy scriptAnders Damsgaard2+17-1
2018-02-08 14:23Add tick marks for tested valuesAnders Damsgaard1+4-0
2018-02-05 20:13Update plot sizesAnders Damsgaard3+14-6
2018-02-05 15:33Use lower-case "n" for number of DEM runsAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2018-02-05 14:59Change symbol for jamming time scaleAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2018-02-05 14:58Change symbol to capital TAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2018-02-05 14:56Use Tau for survival timescale symbolAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2018-01-19 20:40Final version of Mohr Coulomb plotsAnders Damsgaard1+58-9
2018-01-19 03:16Add script for plotting Mohr-Coulomb resultsAnders Damsgaard1+64-0
2018-01-18 19:54Read from correct array for peak and ultimate shear stressAnders Damsgaard1+2-2
2018-01-13 15:22Update readme to reflect name change of Granular.jlAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2018-01-03 20:12Disable rendering by defaultAnders Damsgaard2+10-2
2018-01-03 14:03Merge branch 'master' of Damsgaard2+3-2
2018-01-03 14:03Do not render by defaultAnders Damsgaard1+11-3
2018-01-02 18:49Fix target namesAnders Damsgaard1+0-3
2017-12-23 17:03Assign color to fixed particlesAnders Damsgaard2+3-0
2017-12-23 17:01Enable contact-normal viscosityAnders Damsgaard2+11-2
2017-12-19 15:29Delete old simulation scriptAnders Damsgaard1+0-439
2017-12-19 15:26Add viscosity to the top wallAnders Damsgaard1+1-0
2017-12-18 16:02Change axis limits for better visualizationAnders Damsgaard1+16-16
2017-12-09 13:21Merge branch 'master' of Damsgaard2+3-1
2017-12-08 15:15Run tau_plots.jl in `all-plots` make targetAnders Damsgaard1+1-0
2017-12-08 15:12Write simulation ID to fits fileAnders Damsgaard2+14-14
2017-12-03 13:02recompute y_bot in shear stepAnders Damsgaard1+6-0
2017-12-01 15:51fix target name of frictional runAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2017-12-01 15:36fix read of previous simulation outputAnders Damsgaard2+4-5
2017-11-30 15:55fix simulation IDsAnders Damsgaard1+6-8
2017-11-30 15:51add missing `file_dt` parameterAnders Damsgaard1+3-0
2017-11-30 15:43fix target names and rename simulation scriptsAnders Damsgaard4+4-4
2017-11-30 15:40update target namesAnders Damsgaard1+1-5
2017-11-30 15:36add separate scripts for simulation stepsAnders Damsgaard3+659-0
2017-11-30 15:36change simulation duration, update Makefile for separate scriptsAnders Damsgaard2+57-22
2017-11-29 15:55increase time of initialization stepAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2017-11-29 14:13fix naming for monodisperse runsAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2017-11-29 14:04generate tau-plots in 'all' Makefile targetAnders Damsgaard1+1-0
2017-11-28 01:10fix Granular function callAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2017-11-27 20:41update field names for Granular.jlAnders Damsgaard1+3-3
2017-11-24 14:05fix typo during plotAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2017-11-24 14:04refer to list of normal stresses during plottingAnders Damsgaard1+2-2
2017-11-22 17:52set N_list at the topAnders Damsgaard1+5-2
2017-11-22 17:49change seed to RNG during each iterationAnders Damsgaard1+2-1
2017-11-21 20:54decrease amplitude of zonal velocity perturbationAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2017-11-21 18:53sort grains in grid before adding more grains, change ocean forcingAnders Damsgaard1+3-3
2017-11-21 18:38consolidate grains during initialization by ocean dragAnders Damsgaard1+23-24
2017-11-20 22:35add shear experiment and associated makefileAnders Damsgaard2+442-280
2017-11-18 20:53decrease Coulomb-friction coefficient to 0.4Anders Damsgaard1+1-1
2017-11-18 20:53add preliminary shear experimentAnders Damsgaard1+322-0
2017-11-01 21:25Merge branch 'master' of Damsgaard11+195-152
2017-11-01 21:24modify for name change of SeaIce.jlAnders Damsgaard6+251-251
2017-10-10 15:46add python script to plot dataAnders Damsgaard1+55-0
2017-10-10 15:44write survived fraction time series to text fileAnders Damsgaard1+2-0
2017-10-10 15:42offset fits to ignore initial unjammed stateAnders Damsgaard1+22-7
2017-09-27 14:57add more summary plotsAnders Damsgaard3+193-23
2017-09-21 14:23report standard errors and plot 95% CIAnders Damsgaard1+24-11
2017-09-20 19:14determine and plot standard deviation of tauAnders Damsgaard1+13-9
2017-09-20 18:49add preliminary summary plotsAnders Damsgaard1+85-0
2017-09-19 19:29update requirementsAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2017-09-19 18:59combine results from each experiment into single figureAnders Damsgaard6+96-17
2017-09-19 18:11make combined plot for mu_sigmacAnders Damsgaard1+17-0
2017-09-19 17:20Merge branch 'master' of Damsgaard6+14-5
2017-09-19 17:19place legend according to fitted tau valueAnders Damsgaard1+5-1
2017-09-19 17:03Merge branch 'master' of Damsgaard1+1-1
2017-09-19 17:03fit exponential function to observed probability of survivalAnders Damsgaard1+34-3
2017-09-15 20:47fix default argument value typesAnders Damsgaard1+2-2
2017-09-15 20:45ignore more output file typesAnders Damsgaard1+4-0
2017-09-15 20:44add global clean targetAnders Damsgaard1+9-0
2017-09-15 20:43remove parameters with default values from callsAnders Damsgaard7+18-628
2017-09-15 18:47fix script nameAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2017-09-15 18:43remove previous simulation scriptsAnders Damsgaard17+0-4976
2017-09-15 18:42fix plot, add remaining experiment MakefilesAnders Damsgaard7+1362-6
2017-09-15 18:07begin moving strait simulations into separate folder, reusing simulation and plot scriptsAnders Damsgaard6+1137-272
2017-09-14 14:42fix target namesAnders Damsgaard1+5-5
2017-09-14 14:41fix typoAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2017-09-14 14:39add experiments where young's modulus is variedAnders Damsgaard3+826-0
2017-09-08 19:04combine PNGs into GIFAnders Damsgaard1+4-0
2017-09-08 19:04Merge branch 'master' of Damsgaard1+1-0
2017-09-08 18:02add script to fetch NSIDC0116 weekly averaged arctic sea-ice velocitiesAnders Damsgaard1+17-0
2017-09-08 15:46add missing line continuation symbolsAnders Damsgaard1+20-20
2017-09-08 15:45fix typo in simulation nameAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2017-09-08 15:45add thickness testAnders Damsgaard3+1067-0
2017-08-31 14:19add NASA/WorldView animation of Nares StraitAnders Damsgaard1+0-0
2017-08-31 14:02add writeupAnders Damsgaard11+402-0
2017-07-21 19:55compress output figures as wellAnders Damsgaard1+2-1
2017-07-21 19:52add target to compress ice-floe related VTK filesAnders Damsgaard1+4-0
2017-07-21 19:05add monodisperse simulation with variable widthAnders Damsgaard3+833-0
2017-07-20 21:18use same packing algorithm for infilling from topAnders Damsgaard1+39-24
2017-07-20 14:54disable plotting guiAnders Damsgaard1+1-0
2017-07-20 14:27add new ice floes from the top with the same power-law PSDAnders Damsgaard1+3-2
2017-07-20 14:09remove png files during cleanAnders Damsgaard1+1-0
2017-07-20 13:57set wall-element size equal to smallest ice floe diameterAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2017-07-20 13:56change slope of powerlaw RNGAnders Damsgaard1+3-2
2017-07-20 10:06use power-law distribution function for sizeAnders Damsgaard1+4-1
2017-07-20 08:34use an exponential distribution for the ice floe sizesAnders Damsgaard1+6-1
2017-07-20 08:18fix ice-floe size distribution seeding, increase channel widthAnders Damsgaard2+12-13
2017-07-19 12:21add experiment with different PSD widthsAnders Damsgaard3+808-0
2017-07-19 09:47increase Young's modulus to default value in test runAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2017-07-18 18:27remove erroneous commands from makefile targetsAnders Damsgaard1+0-12
2017-07-17 15:21remove superfluous viscosity argsAnders Damsgaard2+0-23
2017-07-17 12:09update plotting to allow for skipped simulationsAnders Damsgaard2+24-5
2017-07-17 08:56correct statistics for skipped runsAnders Damsgaard1+2-2
2017-07-17 08:55skip failing plottingAnders Damsgaard2+22-5
2017-07-14 15:20set plot limits for jam-fraction figureAnders Damsgaard2+2-0
2017-07-14 14:35add experiments with increasing strait widthAnders Damsgaard3+857-0
2017-07-14 12:40add PyPlot to requirementsAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2017-07-14 11:57use PyPlot.jl instead of Plots.jl because of world age issuesAnders Damsgaard2+15-14
2017-07-14 11:18split ensemble runs into separate instances, perform plotting separatelyAnders Damsgaard3+215-93
2017-07-11 09:15Merge branch 'master' of Damsgaard6+41-41
2017-07-11 09:14report memory diagnostics before and during runsAnders Damsgaard1+26-16
2017-06-22 23:59update call to getCellCenterCoordinatesAnders Damsgaard2+4-2
2017-06-22 14:37update tanh operation on array for julia 0.6Anders Damsgaard1+1-1
2017-06-22 13:17add SeaIce.jl requirement through githubAnders Damsgaard1+3-0
2017-06-22 13:13add script to install and build requirementsAnders Damsgaard1+7-0
2017-06-22 13:09increase the number of runsAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2017-06-15 16:00add test target, write Paraview state file at the end of each runAnders Damsgaard2+17-0
2017-06-15 13:57fix target nameAnders Damsgaard1+2-2
2017-06-14 17:16add systematic comparison of friction vs. cohesionAnders Damsgaard2+670-0
2017-06-09 15:25pass seed value to position generatorAnders Damsgaard1+2-1
2017-06-09 15:07add experiments with different tensile strengthsAnders Damsgaard1+63-6
2017-06-09 14:33Merge branch 'master' of Damsgaard6+600-1
2017-06-03 15:33decrease spacing to boundariesAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2017-06-03 15:19fix directionality of wind fieldAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2017-06-03 15:15add experiment framework with ocean and atmosphere dragAnders Damsgaard2+480-0
2017-06-03 15:14update grid call to reflect changes in SeaIce.jlAnders Damsgaard2+2-2
2017-05-26 20:13disable tangential friction in cohesion ensemblesAnders Damsgaard1+20-20
2017-05-26 19:50disable spacing to boundariesAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2017-05-26 19:46add simulation based on cohesive breakupAnders Damsgaard2+493-0
2017-05-26 14:45decrease number of runs for cohesion testsAnders Damsgaard1+5-5
2017-05-25 20:08add tests with cohesion, update parameter listAnders Damsgaard2+105-0
2017-05-19 20:16fix PHONY name, for real this timeAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2017-05-19 20:14fix PHONY target nameAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2017-05-19 20:11add experiments with variable GSD mean value, increase output file intervalAnders Damsgaard2+95-1
2017-05-19 19:17fix jam-fraction plot when it never becomes jammedAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2017-05-19 18:51fix phony nameAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2017-05-19 18:50increase run numbers in example ensembleAnders Damsgaard2+3-3
2017-05-19 18:45fix detection of jammingAnders Damsgaard1+8-10
2017-05-19 15:48add more debug infoAnders Damsgaard2+4-2
2017-05-19 15:13use GR for plotting backend (works better on clusters)Anders Damsgaard1+1-1
2017-05-19 15:07increase the number of runs to 8Anders Damsgaard1+1-1
2017-05-19 15:07improve jam-fraction plotsAnders Damsgaard2+5-4
2017-05-19 02:22create plot showing ratio of jammed experiments over timeAnders Damsgaard2+99-28
2017-05-18 20:24remove mean flux computation because of timing inconsistenciesAnders Damsgaard1+0-6
2017-05-18 20:16print simulation ID in stdoutAnders Damsgaard1+1-0
2017-05-18 20:01hide pre-experiment diagnostic infoAnders Damsgaard1+2-2
2017-05-18 19:56fix bash variableAnders Damsgaard1+2-2
2017-05-18 19:55use bash loops for removing many output filesAnders Damsgaard1+4-2
2017-05-18 19:50fix syntax error, do not show file outputAnders Damsgaard1+3-3
2017-05-18 19:47improve output naming and flux figureAnders Damsgaard1+8-4
2017-05-18 19:38plot mean flux separatelyAnders Damsgaard1+8-0
2017-05-18 19:33fix type conversionAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2017-05-18 19:24fix parameter type, do 4 runs for the ensemble testAnders Damsgaard2+5-6
2017-05-18 19:17add option for ensemble runsAnders Damsgaard2+42-16
2017-05-18 17:42add RNG seed to cmd line args, store ice flux time series to diskAnders Damsgaard2+106-14
2017-05-18 15:17add missing line wrap symbolAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2017-05-18 15:04change ocean velocity, add experiments with large ice floesAnders Damsgaard2+117-15
2017-05-18 14:19ignore vim swap files and VTK output filesAnders Damsgaard1+4-0
2017-05-18 14:18implement stream function for enforcing ocean incompressibilityAnders Damsgaard2+31-41
2017-05-17 20:22tweak config towards tanh streamfunctionAnders Damsgaard1+28-22
2017-05-16 20:59add comment on streamfunctionAnders Damsgaard1+4-1
2017-05-16 20:57begin implementing stream function for ocean-velocity fieldAnders Damsgaard2+72-5
2017-05-15 12:49add extra experimentAnders Damsgaard1+13-0
2017-05-13 18:08increase cell size to avoid overlaps when adding additional ice floes. Add experiments with varying muAnders Damsgaard2+105-81
2017-05-13 13:00add extra experimentsAnders Damsgaard1+25-0
2017-05-13 01:18increase simulation length, fix profilingAnders Damsgaard2+28-38
2017-05-12 17:36print profile results after completionAnders Damsgaard1+1-0
2017-05-12 15:04add simulation time as parameterAnders Damsgaard2+17-8
2017-05-12 14:42add friction coefficientsAnders Damsgaard2+54-22
2017-05-12 14:10add makefile to launch simulationsAnders Damsgaard1+28-0
2017-05-12 14:06use command-line arguments for key parameter valuesAnders Damsgaard1+237-161
2017-05-11 17:33add readmeAnders Damsgaard1+5-0
2017-05-11 17:31Merge branch 'master' of Damsgaard2+678-0
2017-05-11 17:31add outline of jamming experimentAnders Damsgaard1+185-0