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DateCommit messageAuthorFiles+-
2022-02-06 07:03change "Germany" to main country, fix naming of extra placesAnders Damsgaard1+4-4
2022-02-06 06:51update copyrightAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2021-05-21 08:52fix help textAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2021-05-21 08:51create ./configure if it doesn't existAnders Damsgaard1+3-0
2021-05-21 08:49add instructions to runAnders Damsgaard1+2-0
2021-05-21 08:48update readmeAnders Damsgaard1+1-111
2021-05-21 08:45change greetingAnders Damsgaard1+8-8
2021-05-21 08:12save game highscore in /tmp, at -ltinfo to linkerAnders Damsgaard1+3-1
2021-05-21 08:11disable colorsAnders Damsgaard1+1-0
2021-05-21 07:51use build dir for highscore fileAnders Damsgaard1+2-1
2021-05-21 07:50fix build scriptAnders Damsgaard1+2-1
2021-05-21 07:48add localizationAnders Damsgaard4+87-87
2021-05-21 07:48add build configurationAnders Damsgaard1+12-0
2021-02-14 02:51More out-of-tree build supportBen Webb3+3-3
2021-02-13 14:34curses_client: add -I$(top_srcdir)/src/srcHenrik Grimler1+1-1
2021-01-27 08:30Check score file before setting up log handlerBen Webb1+4-4
2021-01-04 06:53Note fixes for Haiku in changelogBen Webb1+2-0
2021-01-04 06:41Translations are now checked by check-cformat.shBen Webb1+0-1
2021-01-04 05:57Support Unicode in text inputBen Webb2+47-16
2021-01-04 05:16Return Unicode from bgetch() in UTF8 localesBen Webb2+24-5
2021-01-03 18:58Make GetKey Unicode awareBen Webb1+46-11
2021-01-03 18:24Translate keys inside GetKey function itselfBen Webb1+21-18
2021-01-03 05:38Don't assume key is a single byteBen Webb1+9-6
2021-01-03 02:41Update copyright yearBen Webb61+125-125
2021-01-02 07:40Fix Win32 GtkTable function declarationsBen Webb1+15-15
2021-01-02 07:32Try to build for Windows in a mingw Docker imageBen Webb1+6-1
2021-01-02 05:02Add basic contribution guidelinesBen Webb1+48-0
2021-01-01 17:12Merge pull request #61 from Begasus/haikuBen Webb1+1-1
2021-01-01 04:41Don't use deprecated label alignment/markup funcsBen Webb3+48-31
2021-01-01 02:00Reenable deprecation warnings with GTK3Ben Webb1+0-5
2021-01-01 01:58Restore GtkTable for GTK2 buildsBen Webb5+172-153
2020-12-31 09:26Don't use deprecated GtkVPaned widgetBen Webb3+22-19
2020-12-31 07:26Replace GtkTable with GtkGridBen Webb3+199-182
2020-12-31 05:21Don't use GTK stock buttonsBen Webb5+28-47
2020-12-29 07:58Add experimental support for GTK4Ben Webb1+27-17
2020-12-29 06:53Remove do-nothing Unicode wrappersBen Webb4+82-133
2020-12-29 06:38Drop non-Unicode Windows code pathBen Webb6+101-246
2020-12-22 07:54Fix branch for workflow badgeBen Webb1+1-1
2020-12-16 09:13Switch from Travis to GitHub ActionsBen Webb2+1-19
2020-12-16 09:07Fix syntax referring to matrix varBen Webb1+1-3
2020-12-16 09:02Mac needs automake to buildBen Webb1+5-1
2020-12-16 09:01Pass flags as envvar to build stepBen Webb1+3-1
2020-12-16 08:54Use single quotes; double quotes is a syntax errorBen Webb1+1-1
2020-12-16 08:52Test builds with GitHub ActionsBen Webb1+32-0
2020-12-15 19:15Add download badgeBen Webb1+1-0
2020-12-14 06:24Specify HTML lang *and* XML langBen Webb15+15-15
2020-12-14 06:15Set HTML lang property for all pagesBen Webb15+15-15
2020-12-14 06:10Add UTF-8 meta tagBen Webb15+15-0
2020-12-13 07:40We haven't tested Windows XPBen Webb1+2-2
2020-12-12 02:17Make sure to compare then push the master branchBen Webb1+1-1
2020-12-12 02:02Update latest stable versionBen Webb5+23-18
2020-12-12 02:01Prepare for 1.6.1 releaseBen Webb1+1-0
2020-12-11 08:47Translate cancelled/canceledBen Webb12+13-13
2020-12-11 08:39Translate initialize/initialiseBen Webb16+33-33
2020-12-11 07:23Add more missing accented charactersBen Webb1+14-14
2020-12-11 07:02Fix column alignment in text-mode "about" screenBen Webb5+10-10
2020-12-11 06:46Add missing translation creditsBen Webb6+18-18
2020-12-11 06:34Add recent changesBen Webb1+9-0
2020-12-11 06:21Use ISO 8601 datesBen Webb1+44-44
2020-12-11 06:08Convert changelog to markdownBen Webb5+572-578
2020-12-11 05:47Update all translationsBen Webb10+4286-4403
2020-12-10 08:07Fix typoBen Webb1+1-1
2020-12-10 08:06Translate license/licence between US/UK EnglishBen Webb14+40-38
2020-12-10 07:47Add US and UK spellings of "armor"Ben Webb6+47-33
2020-12-10 07:21Add minimal British translation, closes #57Ben Webb20+4209-75
2020-12-10 03:22Work with characters, not bytesBen Webb1+15-9
2020-12-10 03:08Fix column output of drugs availableBen Webb10+44-36
2020-12-10 00:54Use string character length where appropriateBen Webb1+7-7
2020-12-10 00:34Fix display of translated stats panel in text modeBen Webb11+59-85
2020-12-09 23:51Use string length in characters when centeringBen Webb1+9-8
2020-12-07 07:33Canonicalize filename in file chooserBen Webb3+35-13
2020-12-06 23:46Fix typoBen Webb1+1-1
2020-12-06 20:21Add actual git invocations for new releaseBen Webb1+5-2
2020-12-06 19:58We haven't tested Windows XPBen Webb1+1-1
2020-12-06 19:56Update stable release numberBen Webb6+25-24
2020-12-06 07:53Add script to check all printf format stringsBen Webb2+17-1
2020-12-06 02:26Update all translationsBen Webb9+8569-8718
2020-12-05 20:09Update reference translation fileBen Webb2+1075-911
2020-12-05 19:57Make basic "how to make a new release" documentBen Webb1+9-0
2020-12-05 10:24Incorporate recent changes in docsBen Webb7+58-66
2020-12-05 09:56Add all translators to creditsBen Webb1+3-2
2020-12-05 09:52Update installation instructionsBen Webb1+9-74
2020-12-05 09:44Add markup, links to GitHubBen Webb1+18-16
2020-12-05 09:01Update to match latest WindowsBen Webb1+20-18
2020-12-05 08:42Do graceful shutdown on service stopBen Webb1+1-1
2020-12-05 08:01Fix metaserver registration in GUI serverBen Webb1+1-0
2020-12-05 07:50Make a Unicode NSIS installerBen Webb1+2-0
2020-12-05 07:45Fix uninstall of docs/licenseBen Webb1+2-1
2020-12-05 07:27Fix start menu linksBen Webb1+8-5
2020-12-05 07:21Put Win32 docs in subdir; install helpBen Webb3+9-5
2020-12-05 06:57Use default NSIS iconBen Webb1+0-3
2020-12-04 06:37Do curl setup after server forkBen Webb1+9-6
2020-12-04 06:25Don't right-justify help menuBen Webb4+1-12
2020-12-04 06:21Add dist tag, fix install of docsBen Webb1+3-6
2020-12-04 05:10Fix 'make dist'Ben Webb3+7-14
2020-12-03 09:05Update help pagesBen Webb2+3-13
2020-12-03 08:33Use signed ints for port numbersBen Webb3+3-3
2020-12-03 08:25Disable GTK+3 deprecation warningsBen Webb1+5-0
2020-12-03 08:07Use gtk_link_button for URLsBen Webb1+4-62
2020-12-03 07:50Look for docs in --docdir, not --datadirBen Webb4+8-4
2020-12-03 07:45Add missing dependencies, filesBen Webb1+3-2
2020-12-03 07:43Fix several missing accented charactersBen Webb1+45-45
2020-12-03 04:01Drop dependency on ESDBen Webb1+2-4
2020-12-03 03:59Use SDL2 for the dopewars RPMBen Webb1+5-2
2020-12-03 03:54Add support for SDL2, including on MacBen Webb3+229-5
2020-12-02 07:16Clarify new featuresBen Webb1+4-4
2020-12-02 07:06Drop unnecessary framesBen Webb1+9-19
2020-12-02 06:58Use login first name as default user nameBen Webb1+21-1
2020-12-02 06:38Use GLib to get app data directoryBen Webb1+2-8
2020-12-02 05:12Remove old Windows installerBen Webb21+3-3469
2020-12-02 05:08Give the installer a nicer nameBen Webb1+1-1
2020-12-01 08:30Move RPM specfile to a subdirBen Webb2+1-1
2020-12-01 08:19We no longer include the intl subdirBen Webb6+6-7
2020-12-01 08:14Tidy up by moving files out of top levelBen Webb10+794-793
2020-12-01 07:56Fix new game after abandon gameBen Webb1+1-1
2020-12-01 07:11Store log/score/config files in AppDataBen Webb5+45-8
2020-11-30 08:01Rename WebBrowser to avoid conflictsBen Webb4+7-7
2020-11-30 07:39Fix compile error on WindowsBen Webb1+1-0
2020-11-30 06:58Pad drug names by character, not byteBen Webb4+28-2
2020-11-30 06:40Fix order of fight keysBen Webb1+1-1
2020-11-29 08:59Fix order of keys for text-mode fightsBen Webb1+4-4
2020-11-29 08:08Drop experimental CMake supportBen Webb11+0-678
2020-11-29 08:04Drop our old Win32 GtkCList implementationBen Webb5+1-1009
2020-11-29 08:00Implement sorting of Win32 GtkTreeViewBen Webb3+118-3
2020-11-29 06:02Ignore dopewars Win32 executableBen Webb1+1-0
2020-11-29 06:00Only run one Travis build on MacBen Webb1+5-3
2020-11-29 05:54Swap iterators in gtk_list_store_swapBen Webb1+7-0
2020-11-29 05:45Don't add a listbox row if we're changing existingBen Webb1+9-1
2020-11-29 04:49Fix GtkCheckMenuItem on all platformsBen Webb2+4-2
2020-11-29 03:19Return model pointer if it's asked forBen Webb1+3-0
2020-11-29 03:18Fix "changed" signal for combobox/treeviewBen Webb2+4-4
2020-11-29 03:03Make GtkListStore derive from GObjectBen Webb4+8-2
2020-11-29 01:59Fix Win32 implementation of gtk_check_menu_itemBen Webb1+2-3
2020-11-29 01:45Fix typoBen Webb1+1-1
2020-11-29 01:36Auto-resize treeview columns by defaultBen Webb1+1-0
2020-11-29 01:30Set up "changed" signal for ComboBoxBen Webb2+3-2
2020-11-28 07:11Fix compile errors with Win32 GTK+ implementationBen Webb6+152-39
2020-11-27 08:26Expand our GtkTreeView Win32 implementationBen Webb3+68-1
2020-11-27 07:43Use regular g_signal_connect()Ben Webb1+2-2
2020-11-27 07:38Fix various compile issuesBen Webb7+21-17
2020-11-27 06:27Provide Win32 implementation of GtkComboBoxBen Webb3+107-64
2020-11-27 06:26Fix typoBen Webb1+1-1
2020-11-26 09:15Add gtk_tree_selection_select_iter()Ben Webb1+1-0
2020-11-26 09:12Add support for G_TYPE_INT to list storeBen Webb2+17-2
2020-11-26 09:06More GTK+3 fixesBen Webb3+16-13
2020-11-26 09:02Use glib2-style get/set data functionsBen Webb2+6-6
2020-11-26 08:59Use glib2 style callback function typesBen Webb4+23-28
2020-11-26 08:58Provide gtk_widget_set_can_default() for WindowsBen Webb2+11-0
2020-11-26 08:47More GtkObject fixesBen Webb1+38-38
2020-11-26 08:44Use glib-style signalsBen Webb2+19-20
2020-11-26 08:42Replace GtkObject with GObjectBen Webb3+44-44
2020-11-26 08:38Provide GTK+3-style box/separator classesBen Webb3+45-40
2020-11-26 08:13Pull Win32 gtkport types into a separate headerBen Webb4+170-132
2020-11-26 07:34Don't stretch widgets to fill all spaceBen Webb1+14-7
2020-11-26 07:12Test with both GTK+2 and GTK+3Ben Webb1+3-2
2020-11-26 07:11Allow forcing GTK+2 at configure timeBen Webb1+8-1
2020-11-26 07:00Use GTK+3 functionsBen Webb1+3-3
2020-11-26 06:53Replace GtkOptionMenu with GtkComboBoxBen Webb1+33-14
2020-11-25 22:03Add GTK+3 support for label mnemonicsBen Webb2+20-0
2020-11-23 08:23More GTK3 fixesBen Webb1+7-8
2020-11-23 08:06Remove obsolete GtkCList functionBen Webb1+0-18
2020-11-23 07:58Use modern file chooserBen Webb1+17-39
2020-11-23 07:40More GTK3 fixesBen Webb1+30-28
2020-11-23 06:50Use GTK-3 style separator classesBen Webb5+26-16
2020-11-23 06:33Use GTK3 style Box constructorBen Webb6+52-40
2020-11-23 05:16Use GTK3 style ButtonBox constructorBen Webb3+20-2
2020-11-23 04:44Don't use deprecated gtk_notebook_set_page functionBen Webb2+2-2
2020-11-23 04:42Use GTK+3 key namesBen Webb1+1-1
2020-11-22 09:44More GTK+3 fixesBen Webb1+2-2
2020-11-22 09:36Don't use deprecated layout_default functionsBen Webb1+5-14
2020-11-22 09:04Don't use deprecated function to set iconBen Webb1+4-10
2020-11-22 08:56Don't use deprecated functionsBen Webb1+2-3
2020-11-22 07:44Remove deprecated typesBen Webb3+15-6
2020-11-22 07:21Use GtkTreeView for inventory listsBen Webb1+131-116
2020-11-21 09:30Don't crash if the sound file doesn't existBen Webb1+2-0
2020-11-21 09:25Use GtkTreeView in options dialogBen Webb1+257-189
2020-11-20 08:53Don't use deprecated GTK_WIDGET_VISIBLE()Ben Webb3+23-18
2020-11-20 08:49Don't use deprecated progress bar functionsBen Webb3+6-16
2020-11-20 08:41Don't use deprecated gtk_label_get()Ben Webb3+5-5
2020-11-20 08:34Don't use deprecated gtk_widget_set_usize()Ben Webb3+4-4
2020-11-20 08:26Use new gtk_widget_set_can_default() functionBen Webb2+5-5
2020-11-20 08:22Fix behavior of swapped signalsBen Webb3+40-40
2020-11-20 08:08Don't use deprecated GTK_OBJECTBen Webb3+73-73
2020-11-20 08:07Switch get/set data from GTK to GLibBen Webb3+84-85
2020-11-20 07:53Switch from GTK to GLib signal functionsBen Webb4+137-137
2020-11-20 07:45Replace GTK with GLib callback functionsBen Webb3+63-63
2020-11-20 07:38Remove deprecated gtk_box_pack_start_defaultsBen Webb6+37-28
2020-11-20 06:23Use our GtkItemFactory even on non-Win32 systemsBen Webb6+420-297
2020-11-20 06:22Ignore temporary fileBen Webb2+1-11
2020-11-20 04:52Make sure gtk_scrolled_tree_view_new is availableBen Webb2+1-2
2020-11-20 02:55Add basic implementation of GtkTreeView for Win32Ben Webb7+1145-9
2020-11-20 02:55Provide gtk_check_menu_item_get_active() for Win32Ben Webb2+6-0
2020-11-20 02:51Update GUI server to use GIOChannelBen Webb1+9-8
2020-11-20 02:50Ignore generated filesBen Webb1+2-0
2020-11-17 07:35Switch player list from GtkCList to GtkTreeViewBen Webb1+66-37
2020-11-17 05:57Switch from GtkCList to GtkTreeView for metaserverBen Webb1+93-58
2020-11-16 08:19Get rid of deprecated gdk_input_(add|remove)Ben Webb7+48-93
2020-11-16 07:09Use socket-specific constructor on WindowsBen Webb1+4-0
2020-11-16 07:09Free GIOChannel when we're doneBen Webb1+1-0
2020-11-16 06:03Use accessor functionBen Webb1+1-1
2020-11-16 05:45Build only with GTK+2 for nowBen Webb1+1-1
2020-11-16 02:12Start adding support for GTK+3Ben Webb1+13-9
2020-11-16 01:52Try again to fix linkage of main binaryBen Webb1+7-6
2020-11-15 20:17Fix link of main dopewars binaryBen Webb1+6-4
2020-11-15 09:26Use system web browser to open URLs on MacBen Webb7+89-4
2020-11-15 08:18Use UTF-8 for output in text-mode Windows clientBen Webb4+58-26
2020-11-15 02:02Install more shortcuts in start menuBen Webb1+9-0
2020-11-15 01:57Install all translationsBen Webb1+21-0
2020-11-13 08:29Change default browser to FirefoxBen Webb3+4-2
2020-11-13 08:24Require exact matches of config namesBen Webb1+4-4
2020-11-13 08:11Skip server options tab without networkingBen Webb1+2-0
2020-11-13 08:04Don't try to install existing packagesBen Webb1+0-1
2020-11-13 07:53Add Travis badgeBen Webb1+2-0
2020-11-13 07:51Test the generated dopewars binaryBen Webb1+3-1
2020-11-13 07:50Test on Travis with and without networkingBen Webb1+4-1
2020-11-13 07:44Fix no-network buildsBen Webb4+14-2
2020-11-13 07:35Test build on MacOSBen Webb1+5-2
2020-11-13 02:15Add basic Travis setupBen Webb1+8-0
2020-11-12 08:37Fix typoBen Webb1+1-1
2020-11-12 08:32Add basic NSIS installer script; closes #46Ben Webb3+190-0
2020-11-12 06:16Note that we now support 64-bit Windows buildsBen Webb1+1-0
2020-11-12 06:11Don't always use 32-bit common controlsBen Webb1+2-2
2020-11-12 05:17Fix Cocoa sounds being played only onceBen Webb1+2-0
2020-11-12 03:18Handle non-blocking connect errorsBen Webb1+8-5
2020-11-12 02:45Fix crash when trying to set dialog box textureBen Webb2+4-29
2020-11-11 23:38Use new API for GTK timeoutsBen Webb3+4-80
2020-11-11 23:25Provide glib event loop equivalents for WindowsBen Webb6+138-7
2020-11-11 20:32Document our MinGW Windows cross-compile setupBen Webb2+25-0
2020-11-11 20:26Switch to markdownBen Webb2+9-7
2020-11-11 20:20Provide local copy of TLS CA certs on WindowsBen Webb2+27-0
2020-11-11 19:30Work around Objective C issue on WindowsBen Webb1+5-0
2020-11-08 20:34Fix incorrect format stringsBen Webb4+7-7
2020-11-08 20:29Only call issetugid() on systems that have itBen Webb2+4-1
2020-11-08 20:24Fix configure on systems without Objective CBen Webb1+17-17
2020-11-08 05:04Add cast to quiet a compiler warningBen Webb1+1-1
2020-11-08 05:00Skip plugin builds if not configuredBen Webb1+10-1
2020-11-08 04:54Always include winsock2.h before windows.hBen Webb12+12-4
2020-11-08 04:47Fix signal mask to build with mingwBen Webb1+4-0
2020-11-08 04:43Remove unused variablesBen Webb5+6-10
2020-11-08 04:33Make globals staticBen Webb2+2-2
2020-11-08 04:31We need libcurl on Windows builds tooBen Webb1+4-0
2020-11-08 03:14Use cross-compile windres if availableBen Webb2+3-1
2020-11-08 02:58Remove unused variablesBen Webb1+7-16
2020-11-08 02:50Various 64-bit Windows fixesBen Webb4+36-36
2020-11-08 01:28Remove more all metaserver-related codeBen Webb1+8-27
2020-11-08 01:24Use curl-compatible type for socket descriptorBen Webb2+6-4
2020-11-08 01:20Remove unused variableBen Webb1+2-2
2020-11-08 01:18Remove unused variableBen Webb1+0-2
2020-11-08 01:17Remove unused variableBen Webb1+1-8
2020-11-07 09:03Only add -mno-cygwin if it's supportedBen Webb1+14-6
2020-11-07 08:47Always check for Objective CBen Webb1+1-1
2020-11-07 08:36DropPrivileges should be a noop on WindowsBen Webb1+1-1
2020-11-07 08:31Get new pkg-config supportBen Webb3+510-58
2020-11-07 03:30Add Language header to all translationsBen Webb8+8-0
2020-11-07 03:25Remove unused codeBen Webb4+0-547
2020-11-07 03:12Skip format string checks on .po filesBen Webb1+2-2
2020-11-07 03:10Don't update translations by defaultBen Webb1+2-2
2020-11-07 02:51Clean up comments for translatorsBen Webb8+110-110
2020-11-07 02:49Ignore generated filesBen Webb1+1-0
2020-11-07 02:48Add gettext scriptBen Webb1+11-0
2020-11-06 23:54Convert all translations to UTF-8Ben Webb7+2349-2349
2020-11-06 23:28Add hints for gettextBen Webb1+1-0
2020-11-06 09:21Update to latest gettextBen Webb20+1465-1720
2020-11-06 09:04Get notified of socket exceptionsBen Webb6+28-19
2020-11-06 08:11Improve error handling, remove debug printsBen Webb2+22-20
2020-11-06 07:49Don't fix curl_multi_perform with socket actionsBen Webb1+8-1
2020-11-06 07:14Handle curl_multi_socket_action errorsBen Webb3+21-6
2020-11-06 06:51Start adding curl metaserver support to GUI serverBen Webb1+77-72
2020-11-06 06:50Put curl global info in CurlConnectionBen Webb3+27-42
2020-11-06 06:12Add function to set curl callback functionsBen Webb3+113-106
2020-11-04 07:24Add sound support on MacBen Webb5+112-2
2020-11-03 09:11Remove unused variableBen Webb1+0-1
2020-11-03 09:10Avoid double close of curl handleBen Webb1+8-6
2020-11-03 09:08Remove obsolete functionsBen Webb3+7-203
2020-11-03 08:54We need libcurl 7.17.0 or laterBen Webb1+2-1
2020-11-03 07:52Document switch to libcurlBen Webb8+19-151
2020-11-03 07:11Use GError for curl error handlingBen Webb7+97-77
2020-11-03 06:16Report metaserver errors with GErrorBen Webb4+51-22
2020-11-02 07:20Add basic metaserver support to GUI clientBen Webb3+178-22
2020-11-01 06:36Set zero page size on adjustmentsBen Webb1+2-2
2020-11-01 06:23Update config editor for new metaserver configBen Webb1+3-15
2020-11-01 06:11Stop automake complaining about a missing READMEBen Webb1+2-0
2020-11-01 06:07Disable old metaserver code for nowBen Webb1+4-3
2020-11-01 06:01Use new metaserver URLBen Webb1+2-2
2020-11-01 06:01Do nothing if we're not running setgid/uidBen Webb1+2-0
2020-10-31 21:37Add compile/link flags for libcurlBen Webb1+2-2
2020-10-31 06:26Update copyright yearBen Webb1+1-1
2020-10-31 06:23Use new SourceForge URLsBen Webb74+94-94
2020-10-31 06:20Update copyright yearBen Webb53+112-112
2020-10-31 06:01Add new curl metaserver support to curses clientBen Webb6+233-233
2020-10-30 18:21Mark log messages for translationBen Webb1+3-3
2020-10-30 18:14Write metaserver response headers to the logBen Webb2+30-3
2020-10-30 07:20Provide utility function to get next line from curlBen Webb1+16-32
2020-10-30 07:06Report CURL errorsBen Webb1+62-29
2020-10-30 06:08Keep curl handle aroundBen Webb2+63-52
2020-10-29 08:25Add functions to open/close curl connectionsBen Webb1+52-44
2020-10-29 07:48First attempt using libcurl to connect to metaserverBen Webb6+119-60
2020-10-25 06:29Find libcurl at configure timeBen Webb2+275-0
2020-10-25 06:23Don't use deprecated glib functionsBen Webb11+152-151
2020-10-25 06:15Ignore generated filesBen Webb1+2-0
2017-01-23 01:06Use canonical URL; tidy up markup.Ben Webb1+5-5
2017-01-23 01:05Add basic markup to README.Ben Webb2+106-106
2015-06-22 00:51Add basic libintl cmake support.Ben Webb3+177-0
2015-06-22 00:46Add basic cmake support for GUI clients.Ben Webb1+2-0
2015-03-31 06:30Fix file permissions.Ben Webb1+0-0
2015-03-31 06:26Need to link curses libraries after curses_client.Ben Webb1+1-1
2015-03-31 06:21Initial support for plugins.Ben Webb4+59-3
2015-03-31 04:32Update copyright year.Ben Webb53+112-112
2015-03-29 07:07Make sure that HAVE_STDLIB_H gets defined.Ben Webb1+1-1
2015-03-29 07:07Add missing header.Ben Webb1+1-0
2015-03-29 07:03Fix define check.Ben Webb1+1-1
2015-03-29 07:02Check for select() function.Ben Webb4+20-6
2015-03-29 06:48Support NETWORKING option with cmake.Ben Webb7+20-18
2015-03-28 00:00Build portability libraries with cmake.Ben Webb3+10-1
2015-03-27 23:51Set package name and directories.Ben Webb2+4-3
2015-03-27 23:45Disable GUI server & client if GTK2 not available.Ben Webb1+12-0
2015-03-27 21:32Build curses client with cmake.Ben Webb7+192-13
2015-03-27 20:41Add initial build files for CMake (not yet functional).Ben Webb2+230-0
2015-03-24 06:10Update copyright year.Ben Webb1+1-1
2015-03-24 06:09Ignore generated files.Ben Webb1+5-1
2015-03-24 06:07Ignore generated files.Ben Webb2+22-18
2013-07-21 20:38Do three expansions so that ${prefix} gets expanded out.Ben Webb1+6-1
2013-07-21 19:22Remove auto-generated file.Ben Webb1+0-11
2013-07-21 19:16Ignore stamp-po file.Ben Webb0+0-0
2013-07-21 19:15Update copyright year.Ben Webb9+66-66
2013-07-21 19:13Don't check C-format strings, since this gets very confused with %T strings.Ben Webb1+2-2
2013-07-10 06:35Update copyright yearBen Webb44+48-48
2013-07-10 06:29Fix email address.Ben Webb1+1-1
2013-07-10 06:27Update to latest versions of automake, autoconf, gettext, and libtool.Ben Webb75+20038-17956
2013-07-09 05:55Patch from Barry deFreese; remove deprecated code, and fix unsafe use of format strings.Ben Webb8+42-41
2013-07-09 05:52Update gettext.Ben Webb1+1-1
2013-07-09 05:48Upgrade to gettext 0.18.1.Ben Webb9+6754-4962
2013-07-09 05:42Upgrade to gettext 0.18.1Ben Webb2+352-94
2013-07-09 05:41Update gettext to 0.18.1.Ben Webb28+5864-3197
2011-05-28 06:34Update copyright year.Ben Webb52+108-108
2011-05-28 06:29Label development versions as 'SVN', not 'cvs'.Ben Webb1+1-1
2011-05-28 06:12Update to make the metaserver work with new SourceForge system.Ben Webb2+7-2
2009-10-05 04:11Fix for a DOS against the server using the REQUESTJET message type.Ben Webb2+8-0
2008-08-20 16:33Add contributed patch to fix build with OpenWRT and to write the server pidfile after the fork.Ben Webb3+5-3
2008-02-12 06:53Make things build with recent autoconf, and on the Mac.Ben Webb3+3-1
2008-02-11 08:34Fix old or wrong email addresses.Ben Webb3+11-11
2008-02-11 08:23Update copyright year.Ben Webb52+108-108
2008-02-11 08:02Updated German and French Canadian translations from Francois Marier: The fr_CA one is based on fixes from Rosetta (the Ubuntu translation service) and a later proofreading by Francois.Ben Webb3+259-249
2008-02-11 07:48Ensure that 'autoreconf' passes correct flags to aclocal.Ben Webb1+1-0
2008-02-11 04:16Fix the quoting to work with the more strict automake 1.8 and later.Ben Webb1+1-1
2008-02-11 04:13Update to latest upstream.Ben Webb1+1038-601
2008-02-11 04:13Fix serial numbers to work properly with aclocal.Ben Webb3+11-6
2008-02-11 02:56Ignore generated files.Ben Webb0+0-0
2006-05-12 01:25Update German translation, from Benjamin Karaca.Ben Webb3+1035-1021
2006-01-02 19:52Remove support for old GLIB1 and GTK+1 libraries.Ben Webb13+23-580
2005-12-30 21:26Bump version to 1.5.12.Ben Webb6+26-22
2005-12-30 21:26Really fix the format string exploit against the Win32 server this time, and for good measure audit all other uses of the g_print() function. Replace some fprintf calls with fputs for additional safety.Ben Webb7+20-18
2005-12-30 21:20Add Windows support for fr_CA (French Canadian) and es_ES (Spain-specific Spanish) translations.Ben Webb1+6-0
2005-12-30 07:53Try to write Win32 high score file into local application data if the default directory fails.Ben Webb1+49-0
2005-12-30 07:51Add release information for 1.5.11.Ben Webb2+8-1
2005-12-30 07:46Bump version number to 1.5.11.Ben Webb1+2-2
2005-12-30 07:45Update file names, version number, and documentation for Win32 install.Ben Webb2+12-10
2005-12-30 02:49Bump version number to 1.5.11.Ben Webb3+21-21
2005-12-30 02:37Update copyright year (2004 -> 2005).Ben Webb52+108-108
2005-12-30 02:28Fix a few uninitialized variable and incorrect signedness warnings.Ben Webb3+6-5
2005-12-30 02:27Update libtool support scripts to most recent version.Ben Webb3+2465-1054
2005-12-30 02:26Fix a typo in the sed range.Ben Webb1+1-1
2005-10-22 17:46Add proper credit.Ben Webb1+1-1
2005-10-22 17:45Enable compilation with latest Cygwin release.Ben Webb1+1-1
2005-10-22 08:00Fix a remote exploit against the Win32 server.Ben Webb2+2-1
2005-06-23 00:18Fixed various typos in the German translation (thanks to Jens Seidel and Francois Marier).Ben Webb2+90-88
2005-05-04 17:27Add Igneous's modified configuration, as an example.Ben Webb4+619-1
2004-11-22 08:12Update included autoconf/automake macros. This should fix Debian bug #279288 ('configure built from broken libtool.m4').Ben Webb8+5406-2867
2004-10-30 01:30Update translation for 1.5.10.Ben Webb1+489-451
2004-10-30 01:25Add French translation of the application comment.Ben Webb1+1-0
2004-10-29 22:33Add French Canadian translation.Ben Webb3+4415-2
2004-10-25 18:18Read registry key correctly, and update zlib makefile for new zlib release.Ben Webb2+87-81
2004-10-25 06:58Update copyright and version info.Ben Webb73+142-138
2004-10-25 06:36Fix for an infinite loop bug when hitting 'Ctrl-L' to redraw the screen.Ben Webb1+1-0
2004-09-27 05:35The Windows installer no longer hardcodes C:\Program Files, so should work with non-English versions of Windows.Ben Webb5+40-2
2004-09-27 04:54Fix for a trivial DOS of the server.Ben Webb2+2-1
2004-09-27 04:17Build with the latest Cygwin and Glib environment; minor updates to W32 build documentation.Ben Webb2+16-27
2004-09-27 04:16Correct a bug with reading the global configuration file under Win32.Ben Webb1+1-1
2004-06-16 20:38Fixes so that things compile with --disable-networking again.Ben Webb5+31-22
2003-12-17 01:20Add Polish translation and adapt to standard - patch from Grzegorz Go��awski.Ben Webb1+6-1
2003-12-11 20:25Updated Spanish translation from Quique - now includes both standard Spanish (es.po) and a version which uses drugs slang from Spain (es_ES.po).Ben Webb5+4791-391
2003-09-05 00:37New version of nn.po added, made with a recent dopewars.pot. Note added to the effect that 'msgfmt -cv nn.po' reports many fatal errors.Ben Webb2+439-420
2003-08-29 19:55Fixed a few messages - from Asmund.Ben Webb1+34-45
2003-07-28 15:49The high score file is now installed in ${localstatedir} rather than ${datadir}. This allows packagers to put it in the /var hierarchy where it belongs, rather than in /usr/share with the documentation, locale files, sounds etc.Ben Webb7+36-20
2003-07-28 14:35Obsolete 'Pager' option removed from the example configuration.Ben Webb1+0-1
2003-07-24 17:40Added wishlist entry (user accounts) from SF Open Discussion forum.Ben Webb1+2-0
2003-06-23 11:36Feature request from SF Open Discussion forum: popup to let you know that you have only x days left before the game ends.Ben Webb1+1-0
2003-06-23 11:35Impose minimum and maximum limits on all relevant configuration file variables, and enforce this in the GUI client Options dialog.Ben Webb3+30-6
2003-06-23 11:31Change contact email address to new SourceForge address; also update copyright year from 2002 to 2003 where necessary.Ben Webb76+135-134
2003-06-23 11:26Addition of a maximum value for integer configuration file variables.Ben Webb2+144-133
2003-06-23 11:24Logging to a file should now work properly again.Ben Webb3+8-0
2003-06-23 11:21Some problems with the curses client missing screen resize events fixed.Ben Webb2+3-5
2003-06-23 11:20Fix to prevent you from pressing 'D' when you are attacked by the cops.Ben Webb1+4-0
2003-06-17 12:01Typo corrected - "via." -> "via"Ben Webb1+1-1
2003-06-17 12:00Fix to prevent you from pressing 'D' when you are attacked by the cops.Ben Webb1+5-3
2003-06-09 11:49Formatting tidy-ups.Ben Webb1+98-78
2003-06-09 10:25Ensure that the display of drug and gun names in the deal drugs and inventory dialogs is tstring-aware.Ben Webb1+7-3
2003-06-09 10:24Updates for 1.5.9 release.Ben Webb2+6-1
2003-06-07 18:56Removed fix of prefix variable - we already fix the datadir variable anyway, so this has no effect...Ben Webb1+0-5
2003-06-07 18:47Correction: the current RedHat Linux version (used to build the binary RPMs) is 9, not 8.0.Ben Webb1+1-1
2003-06-07 17:55Make our getopt() implementation properly conformant - i.e. it ignores argv[0].Ben Webb1+1-1
2003-06-07 17:48Fix for incorrect getopt() usage under Win32 (argv[0] was the first argument, rather than the executable name.)Ben Webb1+23-7
2003-06-06 19:13Add a line to the credits for the translator.Ben Webb8+1546-1453
2003-06-06 19:12Fix prefix when building on Cygwin systems.Ben Webb1+5-0
2003-06-06 19:08Auto-detect whether to use -fnative-struct or -mms-bitfields compiler flags for building on Cygwin (Win32) systems.Ben Webb1+11-1
2003-06-06 18:37Update of Win32 install instructions for latest available versions of glib, iconv and libintl.Ben Webb1+29-22
2003-06-02 18:50Update version number 1.5.8 -> 1.5.9Ben Webb5+25-25
2003-06-02 18:40Addition of -P, --player command line option to allow setting of the default player name.Ben Webb7+37-10
2003-06-02 17:53New German translation, courtesy of Eric Steiner.Ben Webb3+541-517
2003-06-02 17:40Update to latest version of libtool.Ben Webb3+830-555
2003-02-15 20:22Update copyright years, and fix some broken translations.Ben Webb4+39-39
2003-02-15 18:56Copyright years updated. Some other translations tidied up.Ben Webb1+24-25
2003-02-15 18:27Updated Portuguese (Brazil) translation added, from Bruno Lopes.Ben Webb3+355-357
2003-02-05 15:56Refuse to move to a non-existent screen location (default to 0,0). Don't bother moving the cursor position every time information is written to the screen buffer - just update it when refresh() is called.Ben Webb1+8-2
2003-02-05 15:54We shouldn't really say that the user interface area extends past the bottom of the screen (for one thing, this confuses the Win32 text-mode client). Now fixed.Ben Webb1+1-1
2003-02-05 15:47Fix for a bug encountered when a player drops drugs and is then chased by the cops - destroy dialogs etc. -before- sending network messages, as these messages (when in single player mode) could trigger immediate responses.Ben Webb2+8-5
2003-01-26 19:39Make the display of fight messages occur in the new user interface area; resize this area and the chat messages window when the curses window is resized.Ben Webb1+66-46
2003-01-26 19:35Have bgetch() under Unix ignore KEY_RESIZE and ERR returns from getch(), so that resizing the window doesn't cancel any "press any key" prompts or the like.Ben Webb1+3-1
2003-01-20 13:04Replace lots of nasty "magic" numbers when printing to the prompt line or user interface area in the curses client with functions; provide a general function display_select_list that displays a list of strings in columns (e.g. for drugs, guns, logged on players, or locations to jet to).Ben Webb2+254-163
2003-01-06 11:40Moved title of Messages area so that it does not overwrite the bottom tee on an 80-character wide display, and moved the display of the bottom tee to before the display of the Messages area title.Ben Webb1+2-2
2003-01-06 11:39Fix for the infinite loop encountered when connecting to a dopewars server which rejects the connection (caused by insufficient error checking).Ben Webb1+2-1
2003-01-04 19:39Functional scroll facility for curses client message window.Ben Webb3+54-6
2003-01-04 19:38Tidied up nice_wait subroutine; it now uses mvaddcentstr to display the centred message.Ben Webb1+1-4
2003-01-04 19:37Replaced display_message routine with one that is more flexible - i.e. it deals with changes in screen width properly, and stores every message received (e.g. for later scrollback).Ben Webb1+113-29
2003-01-03 18:52Update of copyright info.Ben Webb52+56-56
2003-01-03 18:43Centre most text in the intro screen, and use the proper mvaddcentstr function for this.Ben Webb1+21-23
2003-01-03 16:52Added wishlist items (as reported by email).Ben Webb1+4-0
2002-12-20 13:17Spelling error "via." -> "via" corrected.Ben Webb8+20-20
2002-12-15 18:38Update from Asmund.Ben Webb1+92-106
2002-11-25 14:49Added wishlist item from SF Open Discussion forum.Ben Webb1+1-0
2002-11-15 11:39Bug fix for misbehaving ESD reported on Mandrake systems.Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-10-23 09:29Add reminder to get round to converting the Win32 installer into a lightweight package that only downloads what the user actually needs.Ben Webb1+3-0
2002-10-23 09:21Update client stub functions to match the "real" functions.Ben Webb2+8-6
2002-10-21 19:27The Spanish translation is now available in 1.5.8; update the i18n docs appropriately.Ben Webb1+2-2
2002-10-21 12:23Make sure we remove the /usr/share/dopewars/ directory when the RPM is uninstalled.Ben Webb1+1-0
2002-10-21 11:15Do not try to 'convert' 0-byte high score files, as a valid header gets written into these files on first use anyway.Ben Webb7+413-423
2002-10-21 10:26Strip '.libs' suffix from plugin files before trying to remove them.Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-10-21 10:20Remove plugins on "make uninstall" to placate "make distcheck".Ben Webb1+5-0
2002-10-21 10:07Dependency on SDL-devel added to properly build SDL plugin.Ben Webb1+4-1
2002-10-21 09:54Add 'uninstall' rules to placate "make distcheck".Ben Webb4+19-0
2002-10-21 09:24Updates for 1.5.8 release.Ben Webb2+6-1
2002-10-19 20:47Added more missed files to the distribution - contribute.html and dopewars.manifestBen Webb2+3-3
2002-10-19 20:47Use a signed rather than unsigned type for lengths, since we compare them to -1...Ben Webb2+5-5
2002-10-19 20:45Include win32/bzlib directory in the distribution.Ben Webb1+2-1
2002-10-19 20:45Updated line numbers of all translations for 1.5.8 release.Ben Webb7+1849-1636
2002-10-19 20:43Don't include auto-generated dopewars.spec and dopewars.6 files in the distribution.Ben Webb2+2-2
2002-10-19 20:41Remove auto-generated dopewars.6 and dopewars.spec files with "make distclean".Ben Webb4+27-21
2002-10-19 20:38Force datadir to always be "." on Win32 systems (with autoconf 2.53, relative paths cannot be manually specified anyway).Ben Webb3+13-15
2002-10-19 20:32Have autoconf auto-generate RPM package file and manpage; fix typo in manpage (--no-color, not --nocolor)Ben Webb5+183-180
2002-10-19 20:29README file is now not installed.Ben Webb1+2-2
2002-10-19 20:26The ESD plugin is now included in the main RPM package.Ben Webb1+6-12
2002-10-17 10:14Added sounds to the RPM distribution, and added them to the default (hard-coded) configuration.Ben Webb2+16-2
2002-10-16 10:36Full help added for all Options dialog tabs.Ben Webb5+94-0
2002-10-15 13:45Remove obsolete TRUE/FALSE translations and update for new translatable strings.Ben Webb6+5002-5054
2002-10-15 13:44Add proper attribution for Robin Kohli's sounds in the text-mode and graphical clients.Ben Webb2+14-12
2002-10-15 13:40Do not translate TRUE and FALSE on printout, since the inputs are not translated anyway (to maintain config. file portability).Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-10-15 13:04Version number changes 1.5.7 -> 1.5.8 in preparation for new release.Ben Webb3+27-30
2002-10-15 12:57Add directories doc/help/, sounds/ and sounds/19.5degs/ to the distribution.Ben Webb9+32-2
2002-10-11 12:14Fix for conversion error between unsigned and signed quantities, when calculating the position of the update rectangle as a GtkPaned widget is moved, under Win32.Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-10-07 12:42Set window manager hints and centre-on-parent behaviour for dialog windows, so that, e.g., dopewars plays nicely with window managers that do not automatically centre transients (e.g. Metacity).Ben Webb1+1-0
2002-10-07 10:52Set window manager hints and centre-on-parent behaviour for dialog windows, so that, e.g., dopewars plays nicely with window managers that do not automatically centre transients (e.g. Metacity).Ben Webb3+29-0
2002-10-07 10:49Add a border between several GtkFrames and their contents.Ben Webb1+8-3
2002-10-07 10:44Add placeholder functions for gtk_window_set_type_hint and gtk_window_set_position, so that code using these functions compiles under Win32.Ben Webb3+30-0
2002-10-07 10:42Exit without printing alarming error messages if we are asked to convert a high score file that is already OK; have the RPM automatically convert an old score file (if present) on install.Ben Webb2+7-5
2002-10-07 10:39Only register with the metaserver if we are running as the standalone server, not when running in single-player mode.Ben Webb1+2-1
2002-10-05 19:51The sound name column is now auto-sized so that the longer sound names are fully visible.Ben Webb1+4-0
2002-09-29 19:14Fix bug introduced by the previous commit; auto-sizing GtkCList columns which are filled with data before realization now work again under Win32.Ben Webb1+4-1
2002-09-29 18:36Make gtk_clist_optimal_column_width work properly under Win32.Ben Webb2+17-11
2002-09-29 16:07zlib directory re-added; the installer can now be built using either zlib or libbz2, simply by tweaking the Makefile.Ben Webb6+332-66
2002-09-29 16:04Basic help pages added for all the remaining tabs in the Options dialog.Ben Webb5+111-0
2002-09-29 16:01Grammatical error corrected.Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-09-29 16:00Ensure that GtkCList column titles always have proper borders.Ben Webb1+3-3
2002-09-29 15:59Make GtkFrame borders work in the same way under Win32 as in real GTK+.Ben Webb1+25-15
2002-09-29 15:57Column titles of GtkCList widgets - under Win32 - should now scroll horizontally in line with the main list control.Ben Webb1+2-0
2002-09-27 19:16Column titles of GtkCList widgets - under Win32 - should now scroll horizontally in line with the main list control.Ben Webb2+111-23
2002-09-24 11:37Updated install instructions for libbzip2Ben Webb2+9-7
2002-09-24 11:35Modifications made to placate "splint":- - Explicit (void) cast added to ignore the return value of DoLock() - Unreachable code removedBen Webb1+5-6
2002-09-18 10:15Win32 installer now uses libbz2 rather than libz for compression.Ben Webb8+115-230
2002-09-18 10:14Remove annoying-looking \f characters from the licence file on Win32 systems.Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-09-18 10:12Information icon added to "service installed" notification dialog.Ben Webb1+2-1
2002-09-18 10:07Sound file path prefix now uses Win32-style directory separators.Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-09-17 09:40Rearrange install order; the old order caused zlib to crash for some (as yet undetermined) reason.Ben Webb1+7-7
2002-09-17 09:38Make keyboard focus under Win32 work again by fixing gtk_window_update_focus; hWnds with focus no longer have to be direct children of the main window, but can be further removed descendants.Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-09-17 09:33Handle non-ASCII characters properly by adding suitable casts; test for isascii() before using isprint() so as not to fail on systems for which isprint() is undefined for non-ASCII characters.Ben Webb1+6-5
2002-09-17 09:28Assign suitable default sounds when running under Win32.Ben Webb1+20-8
2002-09-16 18:26Sound set added, courtesy of Webb14+3-0
2002-09-16 18:22Sounds from 19.5degs are now installed by the Win32 installer.Ben Webb1+12-0
2002-09-16 18:21Keyboard shortcuts added for "desktop icons" checkbox; conflicts with the Alt-C shortcut for "Cancel" removed.Ben Webb1+2-2
2002-09-12 12:28More detailed instructions on how to set up Cygwin to build dopewars under Win32 are now included.Ben Webb1+65-22
2002-09-12 09:34Install paths for help files corrected; server.html added.Ben Webb1+3-2
2002-09-12 09:34All "cancel" buttons given keyboard accelerators.Ben Webb1+5-5
2002-09-12 09:33Version number updated 1.5.7 -> 1.5.8Ben Webb2+5-5
2002-09-12 09:31Win32 setup and uninstall made to use Windows XP new common controls if available.Ben Webb5+48-1
2002-09-12 09:27const modifiers added to the char * arguments to mvaddstr and addstr.Ben Webb2+4-4
2002-09-12 09:25Make the minimum size of Win32 GtkEntry widgets larger so that they look "prettier".Ben Webb1+2-2
2002-09-11 11:46Compiler warning silenced.Ben Webb1+2-2
2002-09-11 10:23Win32 widgets in tab pages are now made children of an embedded dialog box. This means that pages can now be easily shown/hidden by just showing/hiding the parent dialog box. In addition, this appears to be the only way under Windows XP of getting the right background texture in tab controls. Functions have been added to a) check that we're using version 6 or later of comctl32.dll (as shipped with XP) and b) call the EnableThemeDialogTexture in uxtheme.dll (if present) to set the background texture.Ben Webb5+132-31
2002-09-11 10:09Rename DATADIR #define to DPDATADIR to avoid clashing with a Win32 API name.Ben Webb2+7-6
2002-09-03 11:40Make GtkFrames look nice when packed into a GtkNotebook, when using the new Windows XP common controls, by making the BS_GROUPBOX control a child of the WC_TABCONTROL control.Ben Webb1+40-16
2002-09-03 11:38Silence compiler warning.Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-09-02 14:00Added information about the A_UTF8 and A_DATE abilities.Ben Webb1+20-10
2002-09-02 13:45Fix a few issues with GtkTable and GtkBox sizing of child widgets.Ben Webb1+87-28
2002-09-02 13:45Switch from RichEdit 1.0 to 2.0; make it work with Unicode, text tags and its bizarre idea of where the selection is.Ben Webb1+14-2
2002-09-02 13:44Make GtkURLs Unicode-aware under Win32.Ben Webb1+2-2
2002-09-02 13:44Pass old file name to GetOpenFileName if it is non-NULL.Ben Webb1+6-0
2002-09-02 13:43Make keyboard focus work properly for GtkCLists again by disabling the default behaviour for the WM_DRAWITEM message.Ben Webb1+15-14
2002-09-02 13:42Save code by having myCreateWindow call myCreateWindowEx.Ben Webb1+3-15
2002-09-02 13:42Make tab controls work again on non-Unicode Win32 systems; make a similar cosmetic change to header controls for consistency.Ben Webb1+2-2
2002-09-02 13:41Add option to force the GUI client to write out the configuration file in UTF-8 encoding; moved Win32 "minimize server to System Tray" option from General tab to Server.Ben Webb6+66-15
2002-09-02 13:39Disable the Metaserver Connect button when no server is selected from the list.Ben Webb1+17-0
2002-09-02 13:38Remember which game type was chosen from the New Game dialog, and use it again next time round.Ben Webb1+6-2
2002-09-02 13:37Fight dialog given a more sensible default size, so that it is usable under Win32.Ben Webb1+1-2
2002-08-31 18:12Win32 now supports the "foreground" attribute of GtkTextTags when using Rich Edit controls (there are, however, some problems when using Unicode which remain to be fixed).Ben Webb3+134-19
2002-08-31 17:53Widgets that span more than one row or column in a GtkTable are now sized properly under Win32.Ben Webb1+6-0
2002-08-31 17:50GtkOptionMenus now work properly with Unicode.Ben Webb3+18-2
2002-08-31 17:47Replaced a GtkTable with a GtkVBox in the Drugs tab so that the ExpensiveStr stuff looks nicer.Ben Webb1+13-11
2002-08-31 17:46The graphical server is now Unicode-aware on NT or GLib2 systems.Ben Webb1+18-4
2002-08-30 18:22Unused variable removed.Ben Webb1+0-1
2002-08-30 18:16Sounds added for succesful and failed attempts by players to flee combat.Ben Webb3+21-1
2002-08-29 15:56Use Win32 RichEdit rather than EDIT controls for GtkText widgets, when available; added partial support for GtkTextBuffer tags under Win32.Ben Webb1+34-1
2002-08-27 16:22Make GtkLabels transparent if they are within a GtkNotebook, so that they look right in both "normal" Windows and when using fancy XP common controls.Ben Webb1+12-0
2002-08-26 13:12Virtually complete UTF-8/Unicode support under Win32: - All message translation avoided by using wrapper functions for GetMessage, SendMesage, DispatchMessage, IsDialogMessage, CallWindowProc, DefWindowProc, GetWindowLong and SetWindowLong - Wrappers for Header_InsertItem and TabCtrl_InsertItem which use the correct message for Unicode or ANSI - Relevant calls to strlen replaced with myw32strlen() which calls g_utf8_strlen when running in Unicode modeBen Webb1+2-0
2002-08-26 13:10New Spanish translation, and the GLib2 DLLs, added.Ben Webb1+6-1
2002-08-26 13:07Virtually complete UTF-8/Unicode support under Win32: - All message translation avoided by using wrapper functions for GetMessage, SendMesage, DispatchMessage, IsDialogMessage, CallWindowProc, DefWindowProc, GetWindowLong and SetWindowLong - Wrappers for Header_InsertItem and TabCtrl_InsertItem which use the correct message for Unicode or ANSI - Relevant calls to strlen replaced with myw32strlen() which calls g_utf8_strlen when running in Unicode modeBen Webb4+272-97
2002-08-26 13:01Replace lots of nasty for loops with calls to the generic GLib string functions g_strdelimit and g_strnfill.Ben Webb1+11-43
2002-08-26 12:50GtkCLists should now work properly when horizontal scrolling is in effect; a problem with incorrect padding when columns are right-aligned is fixed.Ben Webb1+10-3
2002-08-26 12:45Store the correct data in clist rows, so that gtk_clist_sort works again; pass dummy data to LB_INSERTSTRING and LB_ADDSTRING so that there is never any chance of passing NULL.Ben Webb1+4-4
2002-08-26 12:39Add extra padding to clist columns so that column headers are not truncated when using Windows XP common controls.Ben Webb1+4-4
2002-08-26 12:34Full support for gtk_clist_set_column_justification() under Win32.Ben Webb2+16-1
2002-08-26 12:30GtkCheckMenuItems now work properly under Win32.Ben Webb2+6-4
2002-08-26 12:27Win32 dialog boxes now have close boxes again. (I'm not quite sure why they vanished in the first place - possibly caused by a Cygwin update.)Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-08-26 12:25"Play" button for testing sounds in the Options dialog now works regardless of whether sounds have been globally enabled or not.Ben Webb3+10-0
2002-08-26 12:24Windows UTF-8 text files are now properly detected as such.Ben Webb2+29-1
2002-08-26 12:18GScanner under Win32 + GLib2 does appear to work properly with files now, so the dodgy workaround code is removed.Ben Webb1+1-17
2002-08-23 16:16Improved Win32 Unicode support; menu items, clists and GetWindowText are now Unicode-aware. Work-around for the apparent API change in Windows XP common controls of LB_INSERTSTRING and LB_ADDSTRING so that GtkCLists work again.Ben Webb5+259-47
2002-08-23 16:02hbuttonbox spacing fixed for Win32 systems with GLib2.Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-08-22 17:59Unicode support is now detected automatically on both GTK+ and Win32 systems.Ben Webb5+85-29
2002-08-22 13:50Win32 graphical client now uses UTF-8 throughout (temporary - should first check for Unicode support).Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-08-22 13:41New Unicode support module added.Ben Webb1+2-1
2002-08-22 13:40Added basic support for "proper" Unicode operation under Win32 (UTF-8 is used throughout, for GTK+ compatibility, and converted to UTF-16 when accessing the Win32 API).Ben Webb3+216-81
2002-08-22 13:34XML manifest resource file added so that we use "proper" common controls on Windows XP systems.Ben Webb2+23-0
2002-08-19 13:02Win32 build should now use GLib2, detected properly via. pkg-config.Ben Webb6+10-14
2002-08-19 12:52gtk_clist_optimal_column_width() implemented for Win32.Ben Webb1+5-0
2002-08-19 12:51Support for GtkCheckMenuItem widgets added to Win32 code.Ben Webb2+30-0
2002-08-19 12:50gtk_notebook_get_current_page() implemented for Win32.Ben Webb2+6-0
2002-08-19 12:48Off-by-one bug fixed in gtk_editable_get_chars()Ben Webb1+2-2
2002-08-19 12:45Configuration file read _before_ high score files are opened, so that the HiScoreFile variable is used properly.Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-08-16 18:14UseSounds config variable added to enable/disable sounds; menu option added to GUI client to do this on a game-by-game basis.Ben Webb4+27-3
2002-08-16 18:13Extra sounds added for game start/end and for players/bitches being killed; SoundEnable() function added to turn sound on/off.Ben Webb7+41-3
2002-08-13 12:09Added a suggestion received via. email.Ben Webb1+1-0
2002-08-12 11:40Help added for the General and Locations tabs in the GUI Options dialog.Ben Webb2+97-0
2002-08-12 11:39Specific checks for Antique mode removed for the Gun Shop and Pub; instead, these two locations are explicitly removed from the game. Antique mode should now use the proper number of locations (6).Ben Webb3+29-12
2002-08-12 11:38Make the server work again...Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-08-12 11:37It should now be possible to call InitConfiguration() multiple times without causing memory leaks.Ben Webb3+13-15
2002-08-12 11:37Boolean variables can now be only TRUE, FALSE, 0 or 1. YES, NO, OFF and ON are no longer accepted. TRUE and FALSE are also no longer translated, as this meant that configuration files could not be transferred between different translations of dopewars.Ben Webb1+5-10
2002-08-12 11:36"Local HTML doc" link made translatable.Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-08-12 11:36Encoding variable replaced by per-file "encoding" directive; configuration files are now read only when necessary (e.g. not when running "dopewars -v") and after client selection, so that it is no longer necessary to convert the codeset of configuration files - it is done on the fly when they are read in.Ben Webb18+293-210
2002-08-12 11:33We now support dates properly. Names.Month and Names.Year no longer exist; they are replaced by StartDate and Names.Date. This changes the protocol; old clients without the A_DATE ability will be fed suitable defaults for Names.Month and Names.Year so as not to upset them.Ben Webb9+107-34
2002-08-07 11:55Strings longer than the screen width now really should be displayed properly!Ben Webb1+3-3
2002-08-07 11:54Incorrect ordering of shortcut keys, for responding to fights in the curses client, fixed.Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-08-06 12:05Noted problem with Encoding variable in non-English locales.Ben Webb1+3-0
2002-08-05 12:37Updates for new Options dialog translations and the new Curses client L>ist command.Ben Webb6+5748-4813
2002-08-05 12:19Added contributed suggestion for future consideration.Ben Webb1+2-0
2002-08-05 12:16Codeset changed to ISO-8859-15 so that the Euro symbol works.Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-08-05 12:02Spanish translation added.Ben Webb6+4406-8
2002-08-05 11:41Support added for help in the GUI options dialog.Ben Webb5+69-17
2002-08-05 11:40"include" command added to configuration files.Ben Webb2+21-3
2002-08-05 11:39Server and all clients should now support the A_UTF8 ability.Ben Webb5+13-2
2002-08-05 11:38Unnecessary config file conversions are now skipped.Ben Webb1+14-12
2002-08-05 11:37Conversion routines made much more robust; rather than truncating suspect strings, the offending characters are replaced by ? symbols.Ben Webb1+13-6
2002-08-05 11:36Basic support for converting network messages to and from UTF-8.Ben Webb4+41-9
2002-08-05 11:35- New config variable "Encoding" added to override the locale's codeset - New "convert" module added to translate strings between codesets; all old code in gtk_client.c and configfile.c changed to use this API - UTF8 ability added to network code; as yet, it is non-functional, but will be used to translate network messages to and from UTF8 if necessaryBen Webb10+262-91
2002-08-02 16:15Memory leak in SendHighScores() fixed.Ben Webb1+4-1
2002-08-02 13:18Variable name corrected.Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-08-02 12:58Fix for the AI players halting if they try to attack a player that has just left the current location.Ben Webb3+6-2
2002-08-02 12:56Memory leak in CheckForKilledPlayers() fixed.Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-08-02 12:55Memory leak in HighScoreWriteHeader() fixed.Ben Webb1+1-0
2002-08-01 14:23The GTK+ client's List/Scores menu now works before game start.Ben Webb2+7-3
2002-08-01 14:22High scores can now be displayed in single-player games - not just multiplayer ones.Ben Webb1+15-9
2002-07-31 16:32Add new gtkenums.h file.Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-07-31 16:31Convert config variable strings from UTF-8 to the locale's codeset when writing the configuration file, so that the GTK+2.0 client works consistently in non-UTF8 locales.Ben Webb1+29-1
2002-07-31 14:15GTK+ enumerated types moved into separate header file; dummy gtk_clist_set_column_justification function added so that new code "should" compile on Win32 systems.Ben Webb4+125-75
2002-07-31 14:02Incomplete comment completed.Ben Webb1+2-1
2002-07-31 14:00Comment tidied up.Ben Webb1+4-4
2002-07-31 13:46Make List/Scores menu work before game start...Ben Webb1+1-0
2002-07-31 12:36Right-justify drug and gun prices.Ben Webb1+5-2
2002-07-31 12:31Updated translation from �smund.Ben Webb1+684-639
2002-07-31 12:26Translate the help texts for sound files.Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-07-30 19:40Have a server that is bound to a non-default IP (via. BindAddress) also bind client sockets to that same IP when talking to the metaserver, so that the latter gets the originating IP correct.Ben Webb7+26-14
2002-07-30 17:30Add concerns re: UTF8 over the network.Ben Webb1+3-0
2002-07-30 17:21Potential buffer overflow fixed; %tde notation should now work for Location[x].Name.Ben Webb3+32-15
2002-07-29 18:45Initialize arguments to sigaction() properly.Ben Webb1+1-0
2002-07-29 18:20Player's Guns and Drugs arrays are now freed properly when finished with.Ben Webb1+2-0
2002-07-29 14:44...localize the currency prefix setting as well.Ben Webb1+5-1
2002-07-29 14:32Localize the currency symbol.Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-07-22 19:50Memory leak in gtk_url_new() fixed.Ben Webb1+1-0
2002-07-22 13:40Links added to the new Data forum on SourceForge.Ben Webb1+7-3
2002-07-19 10:56exit() return values changed from 1 and 0 to EXIT_FAILURE and EXIT_SUCCESS.Ben Webb7+19-18
2002-07-16 17:18Fix for reading negative numbers out of configuration files.Ben Webb1+13-2
2002-07-16 17:16BankInterest and DebtInterest variables added, to allow the configuration of interest rates.Ben Webb1+2-0
2002-07-16 17:09BankInterest and DebtInterest variables added, to allow the configuration of interest rates.Ben Webb4+20-2
2002-07-16 12:41Ignore another autoconf/automake temporary file.Ben Webb1+1-0
2002-07-16 12:40Tidy-up of functions for getting network errors under Windows and Unix.Ben Webb1+12-18
2002-07-16 12:02BindAddress configuration variable added, to allow the server to bind to non-default addresses (e.g. "localhost")Ben Webb7+37-9
2002-07-15 19:10Added a help file listing ways users can contribute to dopewars.Ben Webb4+76-4
2002-07-15 19:07Added pointer to Norwegian translation, for an example of the %tde notation.Ben Webb1+3-0
2002-07-15 16:44automake-1.5 cache directory is now ignored by CVS.Ben Webb1+1-0
2002-07-15 16:43All HTML docs made XHTML 1.1 compliant.Ben Webb14+170-121
2002-07-12 17:22Metaserver connect message reworded; some comments added for the benefit of translators.Ben Webb7+17-6
2002-07-12 16:56Updated version from Asmund.Ben Webb1+784-607
2002-07-11 11:23SourceForge forum feature request: add support for reading/writing multiple configuration files to GUI client's Options dialog.Ben Webb1+2-0
2002-07-11 11:18Initial support for horizontally-scrolling GtkCLists under Win32.Ben Webb1+23-13
2002-07-10 19:44Cast the last argument of gtk_signal_connect_object to (GtkObject *), like we're supposed to do.Ben Webb3+15-15
2002-07-10 19:37Fix for configure warning about our use of AC_CANONICAL_HOST, and for a failure on Win32 systems due to ESD and SDL conditionals not being defined.Ben Webb1+8-7
2002-07-10 19:35Fix for detection of program version numbers containing non-numerics, e.g. "2.53a" or "1.4-p1"Ben Webb1+2-2
2002-07-10 17:45Metaserver list columns are now resized so that the server names and comments can be read properly.Ben Webb3+20-2
2002-07-08 18:42Pass --with-esd and --with-sdl to configure to force a build with ESD and SDL, just to be on the safe side.Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-07-08 18:41Allow ESD and SDL sound outputs to be disabled via. --without-esd and --without-sdl. Conversely, fail if (for example) --with-esd is given and ESD is not found.Ben Webb1+42-21
2002-07-08 18:40Compile and link properly with GLib even if GTK+ is not detected.Ben Webb1+2-2
2002-07-08 12:53Added option to change the web browser used to display help pages etc.Ben Webb1+9-1
2002-07-08 12:53Fix to re-enable building with automake-1.5.Ben Webb1+3-2
2002-07-08 12:52Start menu entries added for the text-mode client and AI player.Ben Webb1+6-0
2002-07-08 12:52Auto-convert installed text files from Unix to Win32 format.Ben Webb2+8-4
2002-07-08 12:51Rewrite HTML links in documentation for LICENCE and example-cfg to Licence.txt and example-cfg.txt in Win32 install.Ben Webb2+5-3
2002-07-08 12:50Win32 file open dialog tidied up; using this dialog no longer messes with the current working directory.Ben Webb1+8-6
2002-07-08 12:50GtkGetFile() should now work on Win32 systems as well as GTK+.Ben Webb2+28-0
2002-07-08 12:49GtkGetFile() function added; "browse" button for sounds in GUI client options dialog is now functional on GTK+ systems.Ben Webb3+62-1
2002-07-08 12:48Tab added to options dialog for setting sounds to play. "Browse" option is not yet functional.Ben Webb1+110-1
2002-07-08 12:47Code added to replace any NULL pointers in the game configuration with much safer null strings.Ben Webb1+7-0
2002-07-08 12:47Default sounds removed, as no sounds are yet provided in the distribution.Ben Webb1+0-2
2002-07-05 19:06Add credit for the French translator too...Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-07-05 19:04Proper credit added for Asmund; "proper" UTF-8 replaced with HTML entities to work properly on old stupid browsers.Ben Webb2+5-4
2002-06-27 17:32The "nextlist" variable is only used on non-Win32 systems, so only define it on these systems, to silence a compiler warning.Ben Webb1+2-1
2002-06-27 17:31Missing header file added.Ben Webb1+1-0
2002-06-27 17:30Binaries on platforms without GNU getopt (e.g. Win32) now display the help for the -u (plugin) option properly.Ben Webb1+4-3
2002-06-26 16:21dopewars.h is now included _after_ the system headers, so that we don't needlessly redefine some constants.Ben Webb1+2-2
2002-06-26 13:22Label texts for locations/drugs/etc. in GTK+ options dialog made translatable.Ben Webb1+20-20
2002-06-25 19:46Broken italic tag fixed.Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-06-25 19:44Documentation added on the various variables.Ben Webb1+9-1
2002-06-25 19:39Added documentation on the -u/--plugin command line option.Ben Webb1+8-1
2002-06-25 18:09Website for GLib for Windows corrected to Webb2+4-4
2002-06-25 17:06Norwegian Nynorsk translation added.Ben Webb1+1-0
2002-06-25 17:04Location of sound include file corrected.Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-06-25 17:03Test for Windows Norwegian Nynorsk added to Win32 startup code.Ben Webb1+7-0
2002-06-25 15:47configfile.c added to list of files containing translatable strings.Ben Webb1+1-0
2002-06-25 15:40Version number updated from 1.5.6 to 1.5.7Ben Webb7+33-26
2002-06-25 15:30Typo corrected: autogen -> autogen.shBen Webb1+1-1
2002-06-25 15:27I _think_ depcomp needs to be included in the distribution...Ben Webb2+412-1
2002-06-25 15:08Removed ${srcdir} when installing plugins, as this causes "make distcheck" to fail; the plugin objects are built in the _current_ directory, not the source directory!Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-06-25 10:31Fix for odd behaviour after fork() when using the SDL plugin.Ben Webb1+3-3
2002-06-24 17:57Fix for segfault in the case where gtk_rc_get_style returns NULL.Ben Webb1+5-1
2002-06-24 11:38Comment about the risks involved in opening config files when setgid removed; it is no longer relevant, as we drop privileges before opening the files now.Ben Webb1+0-6
2002-06-24 11:37Don't build and install empty .so files (e.g. any more.Ben Webb2+14-3
2002-06-24 11:36UpdateConfigFile() now returns FALSE if it failed to write the config file; a new server command "save" can now be used to save the current configuration to a named file.Ben Webb6+51-22
2002-06-24 11:34File update footer corrected.Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-06-24 11:34Some configuration file handling functions moved out of optdialog.c and dopewars.c into the new "configfile" module; also, when rewriting a config file, the function will now be satisfied by a partial header match.Ben Webb6+265-194
2002-06-24 11:32Replaced various -D options set in the configure script with #defines in config.h; added the DP_EXPAND_DIR macro to expand out ${prefix} etc. in directory names. (This also has the benefit that dopewars is rebuilt properly now if you change the prefix, as it depends on config.h.)Ben Webb3+38-9
2002-06-24 11:30Add wishlist item from SourceForge for "save configuration" option in graphical serverBen Webb1+2-0
2002-06-24 11:28Auto-convert 0-byte high score files; drop privileges before reading config. files and command line options, thereby refusing to open anything other than the hard-coded default high score file with privileges.Ben Webb6+51-21
2002-06-24 11:17Credit where credit's due...Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-06-24 11:04Function added to display a centred string. This uses the actual width of the display window (rather than using a hard-coded value of 80) and deals properly with the case where the string is longer than the width (previously this would result in a negative x-coordinate, and curses would refuse to display the string at all, causing problems with the nn translation).Ben Webb1+16-4
2002-06-24 10:35Norwegian Nynorsk translation added.Ben Webb4+4068-2
2002-06-21 13:04Description typos corrected A lot of hardcoded texts replaced with %{name} etc. Redundant make arguments removedBen Webb1+34-33
2002-06-21 13:03Updates for new plugin code and the changed version check.Ben Webb4+2962-2729
2002-06-21 11:46Test for GTK2.0/1.2 _before_ the GLib test. This way we can build properly if GLib2.0 is installed but GTK+2.0 is not. (The reverse situation with GTK+2.0 and GLib1.2 should not occur on a properly set up system, as GTK+2.0 equires GLib2.0.)Ben Webb2+16-18
2002-06-10 10:32Extra m4 files added from gettext package, so that works on platforms without gettext.Ben Webb3+101-0
2002-05-24 11:36Replaced nasty hack, overriding the LIBTOOL variable in the Makefile, with another nasty hack, overriding the LINK variable instead. This has the advantage that the external "" script is no longer needed.Ben Webb2+4-8
2002-05-24 11:35Logging functions moved into a separate module.Ben Webb5+177-110
2002-05-24 11:34Logging functions now "work" properly in the client as well as in the server, and are used to report on plugin initialisation status; dopelog now takes one or more flags, LF_SERVER being the only one defined so far.Ben Webb1+6-1
2002-05-24 11:33Initial syslog support.Ben Webb1+14-0
2002-05-24 11:32Logging functions now "work" properly in the client as well as in the server, and are used to report on plugin initialisation status; dopelog now takes one or more flags, LF_SERVER being the only one defined so far.Ben Webb1+22-5
2002-05-24 11:31We still need <string.h>, even with dynamic libraries disabled...Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-05-24 11:30Spurious newlines removed from dopelog() calls.Ben Webb1+5-5
2002-05-24 11:30Logging functions moved into a separate module.Ben Webb2+2-0
2002-05-24 11:30Logging functions now "work" properly in the client as well as in the server, and are used to report on plugin initialisation status; dopelog now takes one or more flags, LF_SERVER being the only one defined so far.Ben Webb1+6-5
2002-05-24 11:28Logging functions now "work" properly in the client as well as in the server, and are used to report on plugin initialisation status; dopelog now takes one or more flags, LF_SERVER being the only one defined so far.Ben Webb1+74-65
2002-05-24 11:27"break" statement added to placate gcc3.1.Ben Webb1+1-0
2002-05-24 11:27Logging functions now "work" properly in the client as well as in the server, and are used to report on plugin initialisation status; dopelog now takes one or more flags, LF_SERVER being the only one defined so far.Ben Webb2+2-2
2002-05-24 11:18Replaced dodgy single fork process spawning code with much nicer double fork, to avoid creating zombie processes.Ben Webb1+14-4
2002-05-14 13:03Plugins are now selectable at runtime with the -u, --plugin command line option.Ben Webb6+73-39
2002-05-14 13:02SoundInit() is now always called; SoundClose() now only closes the active plugin if SoundOpen() has been previously called.Ben Webb1+1-0
2002-05-14 13:01All modules should now be dlclose'd on exit; -h option now lists all available plugin modules.Ben Webb1+2-0
2002-05-14 13:00All modules should now be dlclose'd on exit; -h option now lists all available plugin modules.Ben Webb1+39-9
2002-05-14 13:00SoundInit() is now always called; SoundClose() now only closes the active plugin if SoundOpen() has been previously called.Ben Webb1+7-3
2002-05-14 12:58All modules should now be dlclose'd on exit; -h option now lists all available plugin modules.Ben Webb1+26-4
2002-05-14 12:58SoundInit() is now always called; SoundClose() now only closes the active plugin if SoundOpen() has been previously called.Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-05-14 12:57sound.c added.Ben Webb1+1-0
2002-05-13 16:27LocalName explanation rewritten for extra clarity and to reflect changes made to the metaserver webpage.Ben Webb1+18-20
2002-05-13 16:26Bug fix for keyboard shortcuts in the Fight dialog not being disabled when the buttons are hidden.Ben Webb2+18-20
2002-05-13 16:23Ignore libtool-generated temporary files.Ben Webb1+1-0
2002-05-13 16:04If no plugins are desired, do not link the main executable via. libtool (otherwise the link can fail when libtool tries to pull in dependencies, such as Webb1+4-0
2002-05-13 16:02Libtool support files added.Ben Webb1+3573-0
2002-05-13 16:01Libtool support file added.Ben Webb1+4988-0
2002-05-13 15:58Added --enable-plugins configure option to control whether to build plugins or to statically link them in; separated LDFLAGS for each plugin so that (e.g.) the ESD plugin does not get linked against SDL.Ben Webb6+6-6
2002-05-13 15:55dopewars finally builds and installs properly both with plugins and with static modules.Ben Webb1+14-2
2002-05-13 15:55Initial attempt to force libtool to install plugin modules in the right directory.Ben Webb1+11-0
2002-05-13 15:54Added --enable-plugins configure option to control whether to build plugins or to statically link them in; separated LDFLAGS for each plugin so that (e.g.) the ESD plugin does not get linked against SDL.Ben Webb1+3-1
2002-05-13 15:53Libtool intermediate (.lo and .la) files added.Ben Webb1+2-0
2002-05-13 15:53Tell CVS to ignore auto-generated files.Ben Webb1+4-0
2002-05-13 15:51Basic libtool support added for sound plugins; the plugins themselves have been moved to the plugins/ subdirectory.Ben Webb9+229-223
2002-05-13 15:46"Real" plugin support via. gmodule (still very very experimental).Ben Webb2+2-2
2002-05-13 15:42Redundant defines and ldflags removed from subdirectory Makefiles.Ben Webb4+4-5
2002-05-13 15:38Plugin install directory is now passed to the program code.Ben Webb1+2-0
2002-05-13 15:37Code added to scan the plugins directory and try to load anything that fits the pattern.Ben Webb1+61-12
2002-05-13 15:37Added --enable-plugins configure option to control whether to build plugins or to statically link them in; separated LDFLAGS for each plugin so that (e.g.) the ESD plugin does not get linked against SDL.Ben Webb1+32-6
2002-05-13 15:37Replaced use of gmodule with standard dlopen/dlsym/dlclose calls, which seem to actually work.Ben Webb1+10-10
2002-05-13 15:35"Real" plugin support via. gmodule (still very very experimental).Ben Webb1+26-12
2002-05-13 15:32Sound modules are now not initialised for running dopewars with -v or -h flags.Ben Webb2+1-2
2002-05-13 15:30libtool works again now.Ben Webb1+3-1
2002-05-13 15:29Plugin install directory is now passed to the program code.Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-05-13 15:29If no plugins are desired, do not link the main executable via. libtool (otherwise the link can fail when libtool tries to pull in dependencies, such as Webb1+6-0
2002-05-13 15:29Added --enable-plugins configure option to control whether to build plugins or to statically link them in; separated LDFLAGS for each plugin so that (e.g.) the ESD plugin does not get linked against SDL.Ben Webb1+2-2
2002-05-13 15:29Basic libtool support added for sound plugins; the plugins themselves have been moved to the plugins/ subdirectory.Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-05-13 15:28"Real" plugin support via. gmodule (still very very experimental).Ben Webb1+3-4
2002-05-13 15:28Now-redundant gmodule stuff removed.Ben Webb1+2-2
2002-05-13 15:27SDL and ESD plugin subpackages added.Ben Webb1+29-0
2002-05-13 15:26Plugin install directory is now passed to the program code.Ben Webb1+5-1
2002-05-13 15:25Also disable plugins if the user disables shared libraries via. libtool's --disable-shared option.Ben Webb1+5-1
2002-05-13 15:24If no plugins are desired, do not link the main executable via. libtool (otherwise the link can fail when libtool tries to pull in dependencies, such as Webb1+1-0
2002-05-13 15:24Added --enable-plugins configure option to control whether to build plugins or to statically link them in; separated LDFLAGS for each plugin so that (e.g.) the ESD plugin does not get linked against SDL.Ben Webb1+24-1
2002-05-13 15:24Basic libtool support added for sound plugins; the plugins themselves have been moved to the plugins/ subdirectory.Ben Webb1+2-0
2002-05-13 15:23"Real" plugin support via. gmodule (still very very experimental).Ben Webb1+2-2
2002-05-13 15:21dopewars finally builds and installs properly both with plugins and with static modules.Ben Webb1+3-1
2002-05-13 15:20libtool (auto-generated file) added.Ben Webb1+1-0
2002-05-06 12:56Version mismatch code revamped; now everything is done by the server, which only warns if the client does not understand any abilities (i.e. version 1.4.8 or earlier) or understands only a subset.Ben Webb5+47-14
2002-05-06 10:58Copy, then modify, default style for GtkURL widget, so that it resembles a "normal" label more closely (e.g. uses the same font)Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-05-04 17:57Basic Windows Multimedia system sound support added.Ben Webb2+95-0
2002-05-04 17:56Now fully functional ESD sound support; sound files can be configured via. configuration files (Sound.Jet etc.)Ben Webb1+11-0
2002-05-04 17:56DP_ prefix added to all header file #ifdefs (used to prevent multiple inclusions) to reduce the risk of name clash with other projects. Comments added to the complementary #endifs where needed.Ben Webb1+3-3
2002-05-04 17:55Basic SDL_mixer sound support.Ben Webb4+337-2
2002-05-04 17:55Basic Windows Multimedia system sound support added.Ben Webb1+4-0
2002-05-04 17:55Now fully functional ESD sound support; sound files can be configured via. configuration files (Sound.Jet etc.)Ben Webb1+24-0
2002-05-04 17:54Initial sound supportBen Webb2+66-0
2002-05-04 17:53ESD sound files added to CVS.Ben Webb2+138-0
2002-05-04 17:50Sound libraries are now detected on Unix (esound) and Windows systems, and linked to by the Makefiles.Ben Webb1+194-0
2002-05-04 17:49Sounds added for players joining and leaving the game.Ben Webb4+12-1
2002-05-04 17:49Sounds should now be played on receipt of player chat messages.Ben Webb1+2-0
2002-05-04 17:48Basic sound support added to text-mode client.Ben Webb1+4-0
2002-05-04 17:47Sounds should now be played on receipt of player chat messages.Ben Webb1+2-0
2002-05-04 17:47Now fully functional ESD sound support; sound files can be configured via. configuration files (Sound.Jet etc.)Ben Webb3+22-0
2002-05-04 17:44Now fully functional ESD sound support; sound files can be configured via. configuration files (Sound.Jet etc.)Ben Webb1+26-0
2002-05-04 17:44Basic SDL_mixer sound support.Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-05-04 17:44Basic Windows Multimedia system sound support added.Ben Webb1+1-0
2002-05-04 17:43Now fully functional ESD sound support; sound files can be configured via. configuration files (Sound.Jet etc.)Ben Webb1+1-0
2002-05-04 17:43Sound libraries are now detected on Unix (esound) and Windows systems, and linked to by the Makefiles.Ben Webb1+2-2
2002-05-04 17:40Now fully functional ESD sound support; sound files can be configured via. configuration files (Sound.Jet etc.)Ben Webb1+5-0
2002-05-04 17:40DP_ prefix added to all header file #ifdefs (used to prevent multiple inclusions) to reduce the risk of name clash with other projects. Comments added to the complementary #endifs where needed.Ben Webb11+33-33
2002-05-04 17:36Basic SDL_mixer sound support.Ben Webb1+17-0
2002-05-04 17:36Sound libraries are now detected on Unix (esound) and Windows systems, and linked to by the Makefiles.Ben Webb1+16-0
2002-05-04 17:35Basic sound support added.Ben Webb1+3-0
2002-04-29 18:28Reordering of install files; seems to fix a crash bug in zlib.Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-04-29 18:28Version number update.Ben Webb1+2-2
2002-04-29 18:27dopewars-1.5.6 release announcement.Ben Webb1+5-0
2002-04-29 18:26Fighting code fixes mentioned; update to 1.5.6 release.Ben Webb1+2-1
2002-04-29 12:12LICENCE is now installed properly in /usr/share/doc/ for non-RPM installs.Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-04-29 12:11Line numbers updated; blank translations added for new "Expensive String" fields in GTK+ options dialog.Ben Webb4+1416-1368
2002-04-29 11:50Automatically rewrite link from index.html to LICENCE to the Windows-friendly licence.txt.Ben Webb2+3-1
2002-04-29 11:49Increased version number to 1.5.6.Ben Webb4+23-23
2002-04-29 11:47Fix for a signed/unsigned comparison.Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-04-29 11:19Clarified the distinction between ^ and \n terminators.Ben Webb1+7-5
2002-04-29 11:07Terminators are now stripped from the player name _before_ sending the first network message.Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-04-29 10:48Fix for missing return statement.Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-04-29 10:44Note added about the list iteration bug in serverside.c being fixed.Ben Webb1+2-0
2002-04-29 10:44The GTK+2 client now checks all strings on startup to ensure that they are valid UTF-8. If running in a non-UTF8 locale, the strings are converted from the locale's charset; if running in a UTF8 locale, invalid strings are truncated at the first invalid character.Ben Webb1+2-0
2002-04-29 10:43Replaced calls to strerror() with a function that automatically converts from the locale's charset to UTF-8 where necessary.Ben Webb1+14-8
2002-04-29 10:34Options dialog now allows configuration of Drugs.ExpensiveStr[12].Ben Webb1+23-2
2002-04-29 10:33Replaced calls to strerror() with a function that automatically converts from the locale's charset to UTF-8 where necessary.Ben Webb4+47-2
2002-04-29 10:32The GTK+2 client now checks all strings on startup to ensure that they are valid UTF-8. If running in a non-UTF8 locale, the strings are converted from the locale's charset; if running in a UTF8 locale, invalid strings are truncated at the first invalid character.Ben Webb1+59-0
2002-04-29 10:28Message or field terminators (i.e. \n or ^) are now stripped from player names, to avoid breaking the protocol.Ben Webb5+15-2
2002-04-29 10:22Another annoying signed char problem fixed. When writing out configuration files, unprintable characters of code>127 are now converted properly to their octal representation.Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-04-29 10:21The gettext translation of "" returns the po-file header. gettext was being called for every drug's CheapStr, and some drugs have a blank - i.e. "" - CheapStr, so these drugs were getting garbage in their CheapStr field. Now fixed!Ben Webb1+18-2
2002-04-27 16:52free() replaced with g_free() in ClearList().Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-04-26 10:42The fight dialog is now cleared of all messages at the end of a fight.Ben Webb1+9-2
2002-04-26 10:41The "Fight" button now works properly (i.e. it pops up the Fight dialog).Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-04-26 10:40Ties in GetNextShooter() are now broken by assigning each player a tiebreak value in chronological order (essentially increasing the time resolution of FightTimeout).Ben Webb2+27-6
2002-04-25 16:27Sanity check: don't call g_memmove with size=0, in case it does something dumb.Ben Webb1+4-2
2002-04-25 13:31Bug, with players being removed from a g_slist during the iteration over that same g_slist, fixed. (A copy of the list is now used.)Ben Webb1+13-10
2002-04-22 09:35Two server input validation bugs fixed: 1. No check was present for paying back a negative amount of money 2. Bank or loan shark transactions could be undertaken at any point during the game, in any locationBen Webb2+7-2
2002-04-22 09:34Spelling correction "disonnect" -> "disconnect".Ben Webb1+2-2
2002-04-22 09:33Version number (1.5.4 -> 1.5.5) and status updates.Ben Webb3+20-20
2002-04-22 09:31Version number (1.5.4 -> 1.5.5) and status updates.Ben Webb1+6-0
2002-04-20 18:07Bug in GTK+ and GLIB detection scripts (that was wiping the LIBS variable) fixed.Ben Webb4+8-0
2002-04-20 17:54Replaced AM_CONDITIONAL with AC_SUBST to placate automake-1.5.Ben Webb1+2-9
2002-04-20 17:54Obsolete acconfig.h file removed.Ben Webb2+12-36
2002-04-20 17:53Replaced AM_CONDITIONAL with AC_SUBST to placate automake-1.5.Ben Webb1+19-3
2002-04-20 17:52Update to automake-1.5Ben Webb1+134-12
2002-04-20 17:52The "using" message is now suppressed if no arguments are passed to configure.Ben Webb1+3-1
2002-04-20 17:51Everything should now work with autoconf-2.53.Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-04-20 17:51Fixed version detection magic so that it doesn't fail with automake-1.5.Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-04-17 14:41Another dumb int -> char overflow error fixed.Ben Webb2+2-3
2002-04-17 removed.Ben Webb1+1-0
2002-04-17 added.Ben Webb1+1-0
2002-04-16 15:36Auto-generated files (, configure, ac*.m4) added to placate CVS.Ben Webb7+10-0
2002-04-16 15:35File removed; no longer necessary as we now require autoconf+automake for CVS builds.Ben Webb1+0-247
2002-04-16 15:19Initial addition of GTK_DISABLE_DEPRECATED macro to kill off dodgy old GTK+1.2 rubbish.Ben Webb1+5-1
2002-04-16 15:17All automake-generated files removed from CVS; m4 files removed from aclocal.m4, split up, and added to m4 subdirectory. script added to build configure script from constituents.Ben Webb21+1652-9625
2002-04-13 18:34New strings in 1.5.5 added.Ben Webb4+2266-2191
2002-04-13 16:58dopewars no longer crashes if you set e.g. NumGun = 0Ben Webb1+1-0
2002-04-13 16:55Bug caused by a "fight" interrupting a "deal" fixedBen Webb1+1-0
2002-04-13 16:53Release notification for 1.5.4 and 1.5.5.Ben Webb1+8-0
2002-04-13 16:46Update: servers are no longer interactive by default.Ben Webb1+3-3
2002-04-13 16:35Addition of new "A_DONEFIGHT" ability; conforming clients now send the server a C_DONE message to indicate that the user has read any relevant messages, closed dialogs, etc. and is ready to move on.Ben Webb8+59-17
2002-04-13 16:34Formatting tidy-ups.Ben Webb1+10-7
2002-04-13 16:33Extra braces added to if/else statements for clarity.Ben Webb1+19-12
2002-04-09 17:45Set caption of jet button back to the original "Jet!"Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-04-09 17:44Translation update from Tobias.Ben Webb1+784-748
2002-04-08 13:11Ugly-looking (under Win32) frame removed.Ben Webb1+5-1
2002-04-08 13:09Enums and placeholder function created to support gtk_frame_set_shadow_type under Win32.Ben Webb2+2-2
2002-04-08 13:08Enums and placeholder function created to support gtk_frame_set_shadow_type under Win32.Ben Webb2+14-0
2002-04-08 13:06Keyboard shortcuts now work again for "stock" buttons under GTK+1.Ben Webb5+82-40
2002-04-08 13:04Extra frame added to the lower pane of the main window, to make the control thingy for the pane easier to see.Ben Webb1+5-1
2002-04-08 13:01Setting NumGun to zero now disables the gun shop and all fights, rather than crashing the program.Ben Webb3+14-12
2002-04-08 13:00Fixed warning re: comparison between signed and unsigned.Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-04-08 12:58Track down server memory corruption bug!Ben Webb1+1-0
2002-04-06 19:56Fights and price updates from the server now automatically close the Deal Drugs dialog, to reduce clutter and to make sure prices do not get out of sync, respectively.Ben Webb1+12-7
2002-04-06 19:55Fix for a FPE bug if you 1. Open the Deal Drugs dialog 2. Get interrupted by a fight 3. Escape to another location 4. Try to select a drug that is no longer available from the Deal Drugs dialogBen Webb1+6-1
2002-04-06 19:55Consolidation of all "IsShowing" code into a single function, SetShowing. Basic protection against multiple instances added to DealDrugs dialog.Ben Webb1+20-26
2002-04-06 19:53GTK+ options dialog now honours the MinVal Globals attribute for lists, so it cannot be used to create blank Locations or Drugs lists.Ben Webb1+18-3
2002-04-06 19:52Setting NumCop to zero now just disables attacks by the cops, rather than crashing the program.Ben Webb2+18-9
2002-04-06 19:52If NumStoppedTo, NumSubwaySaying, or NumPlaying are zero, the relevant features are now disabled (rather than crashing the program).Ben Webb1+10-3
2002-04-06 19:51All integer configuration file variables now have a minimum value; NumLocation and NumDrug can no longer be set to anything less than 1.Ben Webb2+119-110
2002-04-06 19:49If NumStoppedTo, NumSubwaySaying, or NumPlaying are zero, the relevant features are now disabled (rather than crashing the program).Ben Webb1+6-4
2002-04-06 19:48Fights and price updates from the server now automatically close the Deal Drugs dialog, to reduce clutter and to make sure prices do not get out of sync, respectively.Ben Webb1+0-2
2002-04-05 13:45The new GtkTextView code now works under Win32.Ben Webb2+28-27
2002-04-05 13:44Relevant message boxes now display the proper "question" icon on Win32.Ben Webb1+2-0
2002-04-05 13:44gtk_menu_item_set_text now works properly if called after the menu item has been realized (i.e. the Spy, Tipoff and Sack Bitch menu items are now updated properly).Ben Webb1+14-0
2002-04-05 13:43The graphical server now uses the new GtkTextView widget and functions.Ben Webb1+4-13
2002-04-05 13:42Update for fixed GtkTextView situation, and reported bugs/wishlist items.Ben Webb1+4-3
2002-04-04 16:10Redundant and legacy code removed; now compiles with GTK+2 without needing the GTK_ENABLE_BROKEN #define.Ben Webb2+0-12
2002-04-04 16:10GtkTextView now used throughout; compatibility code for GTK+1 added.Ben Webb2+19-14
2002-04-04 16:09Appending text to a GtkTextView widget pulled out into gtkport code.Ben Webb1+3-16
2002-04-04 16:09More readable colours for GtkTextView.Ben Webb1+3-3
2002-04-04 16:09Initial support for GtkTextView with colourised messages.Ben Webb1+44-26
2002-04-04 16:08Appending text to a GtkTextView widget pulled out into gtkport code.Ben Webb1+2-0
2002-04-04 16:07Initial support for GtkTextView with colourised messages.Ben Webb1+1-0
2002-04-04 16:06GtkTextView now used throughout; compatibility code for GTK+1 added.Ben Webb1+45-15
2002-04-04 16:06Appending text to a GtkTextView widget pulled out into gtkport code.Ben Webb1+19-0
2002-04-04 16:06Added a nice frame to the GtkTextView widget.Ben Webb1+8-2
2002-04-04 16:05Initial support for GtkTextView with colourised messages.Ben Webb1+13-0
2002-03-28 18:17GtkText explanation expanded; included suggestion from SF Open Discussion forum for multiple bitch buying.Ben Webb1+4-1
2002-03-27 13:48Announce intention to "properly" use GTK+2, i.e. phase out GtkText widget.Ben Webb1+1-0
2002-03-27 13:45Force gettext to return UTF-8 translations when running with GTK+2.Ben Webb1+6-0
2002-03-27 13:05Dependency update; @GTK_LIBS@ removed, as this includes -L options which upset make.Ben Webb2+2-2
2002-03-27 13:03Fuzzy attribute removed from .po headers so that charset conversion works.Ben Webb4+0-4
2002-03-25 17:42Message dialogs now use stock GTK+2 buttons where available.Ben Webb2+4-6
2002-03-25 17:35Dependencies fix.Ben Webb2+2-2
2002-03-25 17:26High score dialog now uses sensible "Close" button.Ben Webb1+9-7
2002-03-25 17:23Bank and Errand dialogs now use proper stock "Cancel" buttons.Ben Webb1+2-2
2002-03-25 17:21Flaw with setting of HAVE_GLIB2 variable corrected.Ben Webb2+148-146
2002-03-25 17:00ServerMOTD can now be edited via. options dialog.Ben Webb1+8-2
2002-03-25 16:59Options dialog now displays OK/Cancel in a manner consistent with the rest of dopewars.Ben Webb1+5-5
2002-03-25 16:59Stock buttons now used for OK/Cancel.Ben Webb1+2-2
2002-03-25 16:59Message boxes now use pretty GTK+2 icons where appropriate.Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-03-25 16:58Metaserver update now uses GTK+2 stock "refresh" button.Ben Webb1+1-2
2002-03-25 16:58Buttons in dialogs now have a slightly more GTK-consistent "look" - i.e. they do not expand, and are right-aligned.Ben Webb2+14-13
2002-03-25 16:58Corrected bug which prevented you from using the letter "n" in the new game dialog...Ben Webb1+2-2
2002-03-25 16:58Accelerators now use Alt/Meta in some dialogs; try to avoid using GTK+2 with GLIB1 (or vice versa); workaround for different g_strsplit behaviour between GLIB1 and GLIB2.Ben Webb1+5-5
2002-03-25 16:57Bugs with using grab_default fixed; stock GTK+ widgets now used extensively.Ben Webb1+6-3
2002-03-25 16:56Server questions now use stock GTK+ "yes" and "no" buttons.Ben Webb1+22-12
2002-03-25 16:56Conforming dialog buttons for Gun Shop and Player list windows.Ben Webb1+11-7
2002-03-25 16:55Message boxes now use pretty GTK+2 icons where appropriate.Ben Webb1+20-14
2002-03-25 16:55Workaround for different behaviour of hbbox spacing between GTK+1 and GTK+2.Ben Webb1+7-1
2002-03-25 16:55Set a nicer default vbbox style.Ben Webb1+1-0
2002-03-25 16:54Buttons in dialogs now have a slightly more GTK-consistent "look" - i.e. they do not expand, and are right-aligned.Ben Webb1+39-20
2002-03-25 16:54Added explicit GTK_SIGNAL_FUNC typecasts.Ben Webb1+3-4
2002-03-25 16:54Fallback from GTK+2 dialog box to "old" code if parent is NULL, since a NULL parent pointer drives GTK+2 nuts.Ben Webb1+1-2
2002-03-25 16:54Accelerators now use Alt/Meta in some dialogs; try to avoid using GTK+2 with GLIB1 (or vice versa); workaround for different g_strsplit behaviour between GLIB1 and GLIB2.Ben Webb1+31-17
2002-03-25 16:53Bugs with using grab_default fixed; stock GTK+ widgets now used extensively.Ben Webb1+14-16
2002-03-25 16:52Fixes for compilation under Win32.Ben Webb4+100-66
2002-03-25 16:52Server questions now use stock GTK+ "yes" and "no" buttons.Ben Webb1+2-0
2002-03-25 16:52Message boxes now use pretty GTK+2 icons where appropriate.Ben Webb1+9-1
2002-03-25 16:51Temporary "fix" for accelerators of stock buttons.Ben Webb1+4-4
2002-03-25 16:51"Refresh" stock button added; initial attempt to emulate accelerators for stock buttons.Ben Webb1+5-4
2002-03-25 16:51Accelerators now use Alt/Meta in some dialogs; try to avoid using GTK+2 with GLIB1 (or vice versa); workaround for different g_strsplit behaviour between GLIB1 and GLIB2.Ben Webb1+3-3
2002-03-25 16:51Native GTK+2 stock buttons and message dialogs now used.Ben Webb1+16-0
2002-03-25 16:50Message boxes now use pretty GTK+2 icons where appropriate.Ben Webb1+13-5
2002-03-25 16:50"Refresh" stock button added; initial attempt to emulate accelerators for stock buttons.Ben Webb1+10-0
2002-03-25 16:49Fallback from GTK+2 dialog box to "old" code if parent is NULL, since a NULL parent pointer drives GTK+2 nuts.Ben Webb1+38-34
2002-03-25 16:49Accelerators now use Alt/Meta in some dialogs; try to avoid using GTK+2 with GLIB1 (or vice versa); workaround for different g_strsplit behaviour between GLIB1 and GLIB2.Ben Webb2+10-5
2002-03-25 16:49Window type of message boxes corrected.Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-03-25 16:49Native GTK+2 stock buttons and message dialogs now used.Ben Webb1+34-0
2002-03-25 16:47Tidied up use of g_strsplit.Ben Webb1+17-15
2002-03-25 16:47Accelerators now use Alt/Meta in some dialogs; try to avoid using GTK+2 with GLIB1 (or vice versa); workaround for different g_strsplit behaviour between GLIB1 and GLIB2.Ben Webb5+174-155
2002-03-25 16:45Added --disable-glib2 configure option, to force use of GTK+ 1.x if desired.Ben Webb1+13-2
2002-03-25 16:44Added --disable-glib2 configure option, to force use of GTK+ 1.x if desired.Ben Webb1+225-204
2002-03-25 16:43Added --disable-glib2 configure option, to force use of GTK+ 1.x if desired.Ben Webb1+3-0
2002-03-25 16:42Added --disable-glib2 configure option, to force use of GTK+ 1.x if desired.Ben Webb1+3-0
2002-03-25 16:40Update to reflect the fact that the GTK+ client now compiles with GTK+2.Ben Webb1+1-0
2002-03-22 13:43New ServerMOTD variable to welcome players to a dopewars server.Ben Webb6+20-3
2002-03-19 19:08GTK+ client will now compile successfully with GTK+2.0, and the rest of the program with GLIB 2.0.Ben Webb15+1256-271
2002-03-18 13:17When displaying high scores, the score from the current game is displayed in a different colour.Ben Webb1+17-0
2002-03-18 13:16Remove (apparently) redundant messing with colormaps.Ben Webb1+0-3
2002-03-18 13:15Clarify problem with integer config variables.Ben Webb1+1-0
2002-03-16 19:01Options dialog now allows configuration of metaserver options, and names for bitches.Ben Webb1+61-1
2002-03-16 19:00The New/Delete/Up/Down buttons in the Options dialog now become sensitive only when they can be used.Ben Webb1+25-0
2002-03-16 19:00Blank all text entry widgets on clist unselect, to make it quite clear to the user that any text entered will not be saved.Ben Webb1+1-0
2002-03-16 18:59Mention bug if user sets NumLocation (etc.) to zero.Ben Webb1+1-0
2002-03-16 18:58Options dialog now allows configuration of metaserver options, and names for bitches.Ben Webb1+0-1
2002-03-16 18:58The New/Delete/Up/Down buttons in the Options dialog now become sensitive only when they can be used.Ben Webb1+0-1
2002-03-16 18:58Blank all text entry widgets on clist unselect, to make it quite clear to the user that any text entered will not be saved.Ben Webb1+0-1
2002-03-13 11:45Unix server now fails "gracefully" if it cannot create the Unix domain socket for admin connections.Ben Webb3+15-3
2002-03-04 11:44Windows resource and executable files added to "make clean".Ben Webb2+3-0
2002-03-04 11:43Redundant dependencies removed (should be built automatically from LDADD).Ben Webb2+58-12
2002-03-04 11:43Log and config files added to "make clean".Ben Webb2+3-0
2002-03-04 11:42CVS subdirectories excluded from win32 subdirectory in "make dist".Ben Webb2+11-2
2002-03-03 20:27Incorrect handling of WM_CLOSE under Win32 fixed.Ben Webb4+36-20
2002-03-03 19:34Fix for proper handling of WM_CLOSE under Win32.Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-03-02 20:23Hack for adding DESTDIR to po/Makefile removed; this doesn't appear to be needed any more.Ben Webb2+2-2
2002-03-02 20:10"example-cfg" added to list of documentation filesBen Webb2+2-2
2002-03-02 19:56More stringent checks added to DropPrivileges(). Both the euid and the egid are now dropped.Ben Webb1+10-3
2002-03-02 19:45All non-toplevel windows (i.e. dialogs) under Win32 are now created using the "proper" Win32 function, CreateDialog, and no longer have window menus.Ben Webb1+1-0
2002-03-02 19:42Update to latest version of source code.Ben Webb4+1196-1162
2002-03-02 19:36Control and quote characters in string configuration variables are now properly escaped to avoid writing out broken config files.Ben Webb1+47-3
2002-03-02 18:57The configuration file is now read in (up to the header), rewound, and then written out again. The previous approach (using ftruncate) was getting confused by the Windows \n -> \r\n conversion.Ben Webb1+17-14
2002-03-02 18:56Options dialog should now save configuration properly to ~/.dopewarsBen Webb1+75-1
2002-03-02 18:56The display of combatants in the Fight dialog now behaves rather more sensibly when resized.Ben Webb1+8-8
2002-03-02 18:54Implicit declaration of ServiceMain function corrected.Ben Webb1+3-0
2002-03-02 18:53Unused variables (when under Win32) removed.Ben Webb1+4-4
2002-03-02 18:53Hatched cyan/blue section replaced with pure blue (looks much nicer!)Ben Webb1+0-0
2002-03-02 18:52All non-toplevel windows (i.e. dialogs) under Win32 are now created using the "proper" Win32 function, CreateDialog, and no longer have window menus.Ben Webb2+37-13
2002-03-02 18:51Unused GtkMiscClass class removed.Ben Webb1+0-4
2002-03-02 18:48Version number increased to 1.5.4Ben Webb5+28-26
2002-03-01 19:12Workaround for setregid failing when run through "fakeroot"Ben Webb1+3-1
2002-03-01 18:21Fixed to build properly under Win32Ben Webb3+44-31
2002-03-01 13:59Tidied up Win32 main message loop - now passes control to a class-specific message handler. Split out all GtkCList handling to a separate file.Ben Webb6+984-868
2002-03-01 13:47Update for new cursesport stuff and dopeos -> util changeBen Webb1+2-1
2002-03-01 12:59We don't need to link (and be dependent on) the NLS libraries, since we don't actually make any executables in these directories... removed.Ben Webb8+0-14
2002-03-01 12:55The Win32 client was not expanding the entry widgets in the Server tab; now fixed.Ben Webb1+2-6
2002-03-01 12:52Fix to ignore build filesBen Webb1+2-0
2002-03-01 12:51Dodgy "Win32/Unix portability" module, dopeos.c, removed. Portability functions are now in util.c (and try to use autoconf tests rather than host type wherever possible - e.g. !HAVE_GETOPT rather than CYGWIN). The "curses emulation" code for Win32 is now in the cursesport/ subdirectory, and is included only when necessary, just like the gtkport stuff.Ben Webb22+1087-680
2002-03-01 11:21Credit where credit's due...Ben Webb1+2-1
2002-03-01 11:19"IsAt" changed from a char to an int to a) improve performance marginally and b) eliminate the oh-so-dodgy int->char casts that cause mega problems when "char" is unsigned (e.g. on PPC systems).Ben Webb5+17-18
2002-02-26 19:46We play nice with automake now, so that "make dist" and "make distcheck" work.Ben Webb13+62-46
2002-02-26 16:10Comparison between unsigned and signed removed to placate gcc -Wsign-compareBen Webb1+2-2
2002-02-26 15:23Update for changed file locations, different Attack/Evade message and new configuration file editor strings.Ben Webb4+4651-4154
2002-02-26 15:13Update for new location of GTK+ "new game" dialog codeBen Webb1+1-0
2002-02-26 14:22Dumb g_free() bug fixedBen Webb1+0-1
2002-02-26 14:16GTK+ client "new game" dialog split out into its own fileBen Webb6+921-846
2002-02-26 13:03WriteConfigFile() now writes to a given file handle; functions added to return the paths of the local and global configuration files.Ben Webb3+68-31
2002-02-25 19:58Update for changed directory structure and new optdialog codeBen Webb1+4-3
2002-02-25 19:57Configuration file editor added to GTK+ clientBen Webb2+1-1
2002-02-25 19:54GtkCLists now support the _set_text, _remove, and _unselect_row functions, and should emit select_row and unselect_row signals appropriately.Ben Webb2+186-71
2002-02-25 19:52gtk_entry_set_text now really does set the text, rather than just inserting at position 0.Ben Webb1+1-0
2002-02-25 19:51GtkTables should now honour the GtkAttachOptions of attached child widgetsBen Webb1+52-7
2002-02-25 19:43Configuration file editor added to GTK+ clientBen Webb5+760-7
2002-02-25 19:38GTK+ icon moved to gui_client directoryBen Webb1+0-0
2002-02-25 19:36Include path for gtkport correctedBen Webb1+1-1
2002-02-25 19:34Files added to new subdirectories to placate CVSBen Webb3+6-0
2002-02-25 19:32The directory structure is now reorganised; the separate clients, and the gtkport stuff, have their own directories. Stub functions for missing clients have been added to dopewars.c.Ben Webb25+7948-6756
2002-02-25 19:07GTK+ doesn't seem to like \t in menu labels any more, so now we use a single space character instead (for the Spy... and Tipoff... menus)Ben Webb1+2-2
2002-02-25 19:03Export the toplevel window GtkWidgetBen Webb2+6-2
2002-02-25 18:47Link to locally installed HTML documentation added to About dialogBen Webb1+27-13
2002-02-25 18:43GetDocIndex() function added, to return the URL of the locally-installed HTML documentationBen Webb2+21-0
2002-02-25 18:41Braces added to make the code look prettyBen Webb1+2-1
2002-02-25 18:38Configuration is now backed up by clients immediately before game start, rather than immediately after program init, so that any changes made before game start are not lost when the backup is restored.Ben Webb4+11-4
2002-02-25 18:31Very very very horrible unsafe GetGlobalPointer function replaced with not quite so horrible, typesafe, functions GetGlobalInt, GetGlobalString etc.Ben Webb2+56-18
2002-02-25 18:22Removal of redundant #includeBen Webb1+0-3
2002-02-25 18:21Fix for proper handling of the case where Drug[x].Cheap = Drug[x].Expensive = TRUEBen Webb2+59-49
2002-02-25 18:15Fix for warning about "attackquestiontr" being unusedBen Webb1+2-1
2002-02-25 18:15Missing defines for sys/stat.h and sys/types.h addedBen Webb1+6-0
2002-02-20 15:20WriteConfigFile() function added, to write the current configuration out to a dopewars config fileBen Webb1+70-0
2002-02-20 15:19Bug with handling of whitespace between "=" and a string value fixedBen Webb1+1-1
2002-02-19 13:04"Modified" attribute added to all configuration variables; this is intended to be used in future for automatically writing out configuration filesBen Webb2+122-107
2002-02-19 13:00Display of stringlist configuration file variables via. server admin interface tidied upBen Webb1+12-4
2002-02-19 12:55Unix socket renamed from /tmp/.dopewars/socket-%u to /tmp/.dopewars-%u/socket, so that multiple servers run by different users can coexist at different port numbers; also improved the error checking for the socket creation codeBen Webb1+18-6
2002-02-18 13:44Entire codebase run through "indent -kr -i2" to tidy it up and make things nice and consistentBen Webb34+21798-18240
2002-02-18 13:35Script added to encapsulate the necessary options to "indent" to maintain the dopewars code styleBen Webb1+39-0
2002-02-18 13:32Annoying flashing on closure of modal windows in Win32 fixedBen Webb2+35-15
2002-02-15 23:45GtkUrl code made to compile properly under Win32Ben Webb3+4-5
2002-02-15 17:38New URL handling documentedBen Webb2+7-1
2002-02-15 17:37execvp() is a bit dodgy from a setgid executable (even though we should have dropped privileges by this point). Replaced with execv() instead.Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-02-15 17:28dopewars.pot added, as this file is not included in CVSBen Webb1+1-0
2002-02-15 17:26Made the GtkUrl widget under GTK+ properly functional; the web browser to fire up can be changed via. the config file variable "WebBrowser"Ben Webb4+106-37
2002-02-15 17:24Pack the URL widget in an hbox so that it doesn't stretch to fill the whole windowBen Webb1+14-4
2002-02-15 13:27GtkUrl widget now (semi) works under both GTK+ and Win32; code to set icon under GTK+ now #ifdef'd properly so that the Win32 client builds againBen Webb3+77-11
2002-02-15 13:26Icon resized to the more conventional 32x32Ben Webb1+46-42
2002-02-14 16:58Initial support for gtk_url widget under Win32Ben Webb2+105-1
2002-02-14 16:54Text in multi-column gtk_clists under Win32 is now terminated "nicely" with an ellipsis if it's too long to fit in a columnBen Webb1+4-2
2002-02-14 13:38Bug with withdrawing cash from the bank fixedBen Webb2+5-1
2002-02-13 20:52Icon window added to GTK+ clientBen Webb2+62-0
2002-02-05 11:22The return value from fgetc() was being incorrectly cast to a gchar, thus causing an EOF test to fail on some systems. Now replaced by int.Ben Webb1+2-1
2002-02-04 15:19GNU-style long command line options added; explanation of -A option added; explanation of i18n under Win32 added.Ben Webb2+40-26
2002-02-04 14:24News brought back up to date with the online HTML versionBen Webb1+49-0
2002-02-04 14:16Copyright year updated for all translationsBen Webb4+29-29
2002-02-04 14:14Displayed copyright year updatedBen Webb3+4-4
2002-02-04 14:11Update for new version 1.5.3Ben Webb1+1-1
2002-02-04 14:10Code seems to work OK on a Win98 box, so remove this task from TODO listBen Webb1+0-1
2002-02-04 14:09Use of %attr tidied upBen Webb1+25-20
2002-02-03 22:37Update to cover new documentation on the server interfaceBen Webb2+3-2
2002-02-03 20:28Fix for Win32 server being able to be run multiple times on the same portBen Webb1+5-0
2002-02-03 20:25Translations brought up to dateBen Webb4+3427-2961
2002-02-03 20:23Copyright year updated from 2001 to 2002Ben Webb28+28-28
2002-02-03 20:22Documentation updated to reflect new version 1.5.3 and new server interfaceBen Webb5+65-51
2002-02-03 20:20Check for admin rights added to Win32 installer; error handling cleaned up; option to install in user's own Start Menu or the "all users" Start Menu addedBen Webb8+154-45
2002-01-12 18:28Players that have left fights (or are killed) are now marked as such in GUI client; player lists properly updated on server termination and switch to single-player modeBen Webb1+36-15
2002-01-12 18:25Redundant spaces removed from some server messagesBen Webb8+257-227
2001-12-08 22:12Missing #include of string.h addedBen Webb1+1-0
2001-12-07 20:46Fix for NLS when not building curses clientBen Webb1+1-1
2001-12-05 20:45Function added to Win32 installer for testing whether we can install an NT ServiceBen Webb1+13-0
2001-12-03 16:10Handling of not-yet-fully-connected players much improved, to cut down on invalid packetsBen Webb5+45-18
2001-11-26 17:52GNU-style long command line options added to manpageBen Webb1+27-20
2001-11-26 17:51Win32 client now reads both global and local config. filesBen Webb4+89-18
2001-11-20 11:41Removal of redundant #include of signal.h (was causing problems with some C libraries)Ben Webb1+0-1
2001-11-19 21:57Warnings about bad config. files / high scores now displayed graphically when graphics are available; server automatically daemonizes (if Daemonize variable is TRUE); old interactive server code removed; admin.c i18n-isedBen Webb16+359-357
2001-11-11 19:31Server and admin client fixed to use port number when accessing the Unix domain socket (to support multiple running servers on different ports)Ben Webb3+28-7
2001-11-11 19:20Windows installer now upgrades properly; Windows system tray icon can be controlled via. MinToSysTray config variable; Unix server can now be configured while running via. "dopewars -A"Ben Webb18+765-349
2001-11-08 17:46Server Unix socket now includes the port number (for running multiple servers on one machine)Ben Webb1+20-5
2001-11-08 14:44Win32 installer now installs NT Service following data in configuration file; test added for previously-installed programBen Webb6+164-28
2001-11-08 14:42Website location updated in copyright informationBen Webb24+24-24
2001-11-07 18:47Fixes for compilation on Unix systemsBen Webb1+4-1
2001-11-07 18:43Win32 installer now installs locale files and NT ServiceBen Webb9+165-58
2001-11-06 22:53NULL pointer dereference bug fixedBen Webb1+1-1
2001-11-06 22:52Nicer reporting of startup errors from server when running as an NT ServiceBen Webb3+35-10
2001-11-05 19:12Win32 installer filelist updated for NT Service details and locale filesBen Webb1+12-2
2001-11-05 19:06Introduction of -N flag to support functioning as an NT ServiceBen Webb4+118-25
2001-11-05 18:33Custom Windows message code added MYWM_SERVICE for NT Service notificationsBen Webb1+1-0
2001-11-05 18:32Debugging message removed - Bank bug under Win2K seems definitely "fixed" nowBen Webb1+0-1
2001-11-02 16:47Fix for building with --disable-gui-client and NLSBen Webb1+1-1
2001-10-30 20:44Fix for invalid starting high score fileBen Webb1+1-0
2001-10-30 20:39High score installation (hopefully) fixedBen Webb2+1-1
2001-10-30 18:59Experimental Unix socket server codeBen Webb1+91-1
2001-10-30 18:46Log file close bug fixedBen Webb3+10-4
2001-10-29 22:53New non-interactive server initial changesBen Webb1+10-8
2001-10-29 22:47Currency can now be configured with Currency.Symbol and Currency.Prefix; Windows client windows cannot now be made unreadably small; bank/loan shark dialog now warns on entering negative prices; default configuration is restored properly at the start of each gameBen Webb18+524-378
2001-10-27 19:25Missing gettext files addedBen Webb3+1438-105
2001-10-27 19:14Included gettext distribution upgraded to 0.10.38; should now also work under WindowsBen Webb47+9860-5695
2001-10-26 01:04Improved instructions for building the code under CygwinBen Webb1+8-6
2001-10-25 22:58All documentation made properly XHTML 1.0 Strict compliantBen Webb13+509-447
2001-10-25 22:08Fix for proper validation of HTML filesBen Webb1+221-264
2001-10-25 15:26Typo correctedBen Webb1+1-1
2001-10-25 15:24Documentation makefiles updatedBen Webb1+1-1
2001-10-25 15:24Documentation on the dopewars client-server protocol addedBen Webb6+621-10
2001-10-22 21:03Windows graphical server now _really_ can be minimized to System TrayBen Webb1+47-0
2001-10-22 20:58Windows graphical server can now be minimized to the System TrayBen Webb3+25-8
2001-10-21 18:44Windows client now uses log file throughout the programBen Webb1+5-4
2001-10-21 18:36Windows client now supports menu keyboard shortcuts; Win2K "bank" bug (hopefully) fixedBen Webb2+119-23
2001-10-21 18:34Code cleanups; proper translation of Attack/Evade messagesBen Webb11+1025-993
2001-10-17 17:02Modified RPM specfile to allow building by non-root usersBen Webb1+20-16
2001-10-17 16:15Update of Makefiles to allow installations by non-root usersBen Webb6+18-16
2001-10-16 21:56Documentation updatesBen Webb2+4-1
2001-10-16 20:50RPM spec file updated for French translationBen Webb1+1-0
2001-10-16 20:31Fix for compilation with --disable-networkingBen Webb1+3-1
2001-10-16 20:26Fix for graphical server networkingBen Webb1+5-2
2001-10-16 20:02Translation files updated for new versionBen Webb6+5315-3061
2001-10-16 19:32More HTTP errors are now caught ("FIXMEs" removed)Ben Webb6+42-29
2001-10-16 17:02Redundant files removed from Win32 installerBen Webb3+0-227
2001-10-16 16:44HTTP and SOCKS authentication improved; now also works for servers and AI playersBen Webb9+193-115
2001-10-15 16:04All clients now use NetworkBuffer code for connect()ing, to allow support for SOCKS; "run from fights" Jet dialog made more usable; SOCKS5 user/password authentication now supported by curses and GTK+ clients; "Sack Bitch" menu item no longer hard-codedBen Webb8+617-260
2001-10-15 15:57Improved error reporting for failure of WinSock initBen Webb2+12-1
2001-10-15 15:56SOCKS username options added to configuration variables, and feedback for setting variables in the server improvedBen Webb4+74-20
2001-10-15 15:50Copyright and licence information added to Win32 installer filesBen Webb7+144-14
2001-10-15 15:45Documentation updated for upcoming version 1.5.2Ben Webb8+92-32
2001-10-12 22:07Update to reflect removal of modal dialogs from network operationsBen Webb1+0-5
2001-10-12 21:59"Bank" was hardcoded into the GTK+ client in a few places; fixedBen Webb1+4-4
2001-10-12 21:58"Invisible" spinbuttons under Win32 are invisible no more!Ben Webb1+2-0
2001-10-12 21:57Crash on SOCKS4 connect under Win32 fixedBen Webb1+4-3
2001-10-12 19:45Documentation updated to reflect the replacement of %s by %tde in some configuration file stringsBen Webb1+6-5
2001-10-12 19:35Improved metaserver error reportingBen Webb8+145-115
2001-10-12 18:20HTTP connection error and status reporting improvedBen Webb2+75-23
2001-10-12 17:34Allowed callback data to be passed to HTTP auth functions; improved HTTP error reportingBen Webb3+83-27
2001-10-12 16:40HTTP authentication tidied up; better error reporting for socket() and bind() failuresBen Webb3+95-42
2001-10-12 16:37Win32 getopt() and index() functions altered to match the Unix prototypesBen Webb2+4-4
2001-10-12 16:33str(n)casecmp calls replaced with their GLib equivalents, for extra portabilityBen Webb4+27-27
2001-10-12 16:24Added code to get username (for SOCKS4 CONNECT requests) under Win32Ben Webb3+24-8
2001-10-11 18:49Authorisation functions rewritten to avoid modal dialogs popping up during networkingBen Webb5+147-57
2001-10-09 22:13Formatting cleanupBen Webb2+2-0
2001-10-09 22:11Clarified the "buggy GTK+" test at the end of the configure scriptBen Webb2+129-107
2001-10-09 22:00Better metaserver status reportingBen Webb1+9-3
2001-10-09 21:54Bug with modal dialogs and networking fixed (at least temporarily); better status reporting with metaserverBen Webb5+38-7
2001-10-09 20:56configure test added to avoid using buggy gtk_entry_set_visibility function on old GTK+ (< 1.2.10) versionsBen Webb5+116-53
2001-10-09 20:23Bug fixes for HTTP via. SOCKS, and better handling of metaserver errorsBen Webb5+47-11
2001-10-07 23:55SOCKS support for HTTP connections (controlled by MetaServer.UseSocks); documentation updates for SOCKS configuration variablesBen Webb7+37-3
2001-10-07 23:20Win32 installer tidy-upsBen Webb2+5-1
2001-10-07 23:18Added debug messages for SOCKS5 connectsBen Webb1+4-0
2001-10-07 22:40Basic SOCKS5 (including user/passwd auth) supportBen Webb6+175-37
2001-10-06 20:06Bug fix for handling of SOCKS4 CONNECT reply codeBen Webb1+3-3
2001-10-06 19:55Basic SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 support (currently GTK+ client only)Ben Webb7+450-64
2001-10-05 18:10Win32 uninstaller thread synchronisation problem fixed; configuration files added to start menu shortcutsBen Webb2+14-2
2001-10-05 17:33HTTP proxy authentication should now also workBen Webb1+1-1
2001-10-05 17:24*** empty log message ***Ben Webb1+11-1
2001-10-05 17:03Functional HTTP authentication for GTK+ clientBen Webb2+69-9
2001-10-04 19:17Fixes for dodgy memory handling in Win32 installerBen Webb1+14-22
2001-10-04 19:13GTK+ HTTP authentication dialog now called (almost) properly when neededBen Webb3+138-2
2001-10-04 18:36Both clients now follow HTTP redirects properlyBen Webb3+4-4
2001-10-02 22:03Initial detection of HTTP basic authenticationBen Webb1+3-0
2001-10-02 21:44Improved parsing of HTML headers and handling of redirectsBen Webb2+82-25
2001-10-01 18:29Put in nice comments, and added detection of score version, to file(1) magicBen Webb1+10-1
2001-10-01 18:15Update of "TODO" targets for new networking codeBen Webb1+2-0
2001-10-01 18:14Oops! Network and error modules added. ;) (Plus, link to "dopewars -h" added to Win32 installer)Ben Webb5+1032-1
2001-10-01 18:09Low-level error and network handling abstracted outBen Webb14+244-1063
2001-10-01 18:01Necessary #defines for NLS moved into a separate nls.h header fileBen Webb10+56-20
2001-10-01 17:53Win32 installer handling of directories and errors now much improvedBen Webb6+192-62
2001-09-27 15:26Improved error code handlingBen Webb3+124-7
2001-09-26 19:53Support for RPM buildroot now in placeBen Webb9+51-38
2001-09-25 19:21Fix for curses client compilation on Win32Ben Webb1+2-0
2001-09-24 22:37Win32 installer updatesBen Webb15+1994-16
2001-09-24 22:10Correction of product name capitalisationBen Webb2+2-2
2001-09-24 22:09Documentation updated for -C command line option and boolean config variablesBen Webb2+32-20
2001-09-24 22:02Improved error reporting for incorrect boolean configuration variablesBen Webb1+26-15
2001-09-24 21:55Metaserver list functions now operate on passed variables, not a globalBen Webb4+37-25
2001-09-24 21:52Corrected description of NetworkBuffer.Error variableBen Webb1+1-1
2001-09-24 21:45"Strict" gcc warnings are now only enabled with ./configure --enable-strictBen Webb2+222-202
2001-09-21 17:27Simple installer for Win32 systems addedBen Webb11+285-0
2001-09-14 19:21Better error reporting for failed file opensBen Webb1+46-25
2001-09-13 20:22New high score format "TODO" removedBen Webb1+0-1
2001-09-13 20:21Code added for automatic following of HTTP redirectsBen Webb3+84-35
2001-09-13 18:48NetBuf functions now update the "Error" field when an error occursBen Webb2+16-18
2001-09-13 16:33Win32 support for high-score-convert command line optionBen Webb1+5-0
2001-09-13 16:29configure script made a little more user-friendlyBen Webb2+124-74
2001-09-13 16:27GNU long command line options now supported on platforms that have getopt_longBen Webb5+77-4
2001-09-13 16:24"magic" file added for dopewars score files for the file(1) commandBen Webb1+2-0
2001-09-13 16:23High score file format changed, such that setgid dopewars should not now be fooled into overwriting other games' save filesBen Webb5+175-46
2001-09-12 19:27Screen resizing and Ctrl-L now supported during metaserver connectBen Webb1+9-4
2001-09-12 19:13Old metaserver communication code removedBen Webb3+39-133
2001-09-12 18:10Documentation updateBen Webb1+1-0
2001-09-12 18:04Correction of project nameBen Webb1+1-1
2001-09-12 18:04New callback code for alerting clients to socket read/write-ready statusBen Webb6+191-123
2001-09-12 17:58Cleanup of signed and boolean variablesBen Webb6+68-57
2001-09-12 17:45Copyright notice updatesBen Webb16+35-15
2001-09-12 17:43Extra gcc warnings enabled (for hopefully cleaner code)Ben Webb2+1-2
2001-09-12 17:41Minor cleanups of signed and boolean variablesBen Webb2+4-3
2001-09-10 19:31MsgCode enum fixed to account for missing 'P' message (C_UNUSED)Ben Webb1+1-1
2001-09-10 19:28Fix for GTK+ client opening multiple high score dialogsBen Webb1+12-1
2001-09-10 18:56Many code cleanups; boolean configuration variables now supportedBen Webb13+524-523
2001-09-09 22:51Spurious checks for HTTP socket write-ready status removedBen Webb3+22-13
2001-09-09 21:48More incomplete prototypes correctedBen Webb3+40-40
2001-09-09 21:42Documentation updateBen Webb1+1-0
2001-09-09 21:39GTK+ client now uses non-blocking code for metaserver. Relevant menus now use "..." suffixBen Webb5+169-122
2001-09-09 21:35Server now uses new metaserver communication codeBen Webb2+78-86
2001-09-09 21:26New code added for non-blocking communication with the metaserverBen Webb2+188-0
2001-09-09 21:21Several incomplete prototypes in header files correctedBen Webb5+20-20
2001-09-09 21:18"Network" is now only set to TRUE on the completion of a non-blocking connectBen Webb1+5-2
2001-08-07 17:06unistd.h no longer included on systems that don't have itBen Webb2+4-0
2001-08-07 09:16French translation added; documentation updatesBen Webb5+3163-5
2001-06-19 00:42Translations updated with new stringsBen Webb3+2082-1998
2001-06-18 14:49Fix for proper compile on Win32 systemsBen Webb1+2-2
2001-06-17 23:32RPM specfile updated for GNOME desktop and iconsBen Webb1+4-0
2001-06-17 23:29Documentation updatesBen Webb1+18-11
2001-06-17 23:16Fixes for compilation under Windows with --disable-networkingBen Webb1+15-1
2001-06-17 22:50Graphical server now "works" with the new metaserverBen Webb4+56-6
2001-06-17 21:16Fix for proper shutdown of graphical serverBen Webb2+3-3
2001-06-17 20:40Fixes to compile properly when networking is disabledBen Webb7+87-24
2001-06-17 20:07Makefiles now install GNOME desktop entry and iconsBen Webb4+28-11
2001-06-17 19:48"Fix" for size_t/int problemBen Webb1+1-1
2001-06-17 19:44MetaServer.Password and LocalName now sent to metaserverBen Webb1+9-21
2001-06-17 19:38Data sent to metaserver is now properly URL-encodedBen Webb4+40-15
2001-06-17 19:14Server now communicates with metaserver via. POST requestsBen Webb1+15-6
2001-06-17 15:38Documentation updates; fix for server log messages in single-player modeBen Webb8+103-64
2001-06-10 01:19Improved logging functions addedBen Webb9+156-59
2001-06-09 23:22All code now uses the new metaserver at SourceForgeBen Webb1+1-0
2001-06-09 23:16All code now uses the new metaserver at SourceForgeBen Webb9+212-134
2001-06-09 04:34Drop old metaserver connection when we start a new oneBen Webb1+65-72
2001-06-06 12:05Non-blocking connect() stuff abstracted outBen Webb5+109-38
2001-06-05 02:45Non-blocking network handling abstracted out into NetworkBuffer datatypeBen Webb9+240-151
2001-06-02 15:31"Sack Bitch" bug fixedBen Webb2+13-2
2001-05-30 05:08Win32 resources (icons etc.) now linked in and usedBen Webb12+103-84
2001-05-30 02:03Icons and GNOME desktop entry addedBen Webb8+24-10
2001-05-13 22:05CList column widths set properly under Win32Ben Webb2+4-6
2001-05-13 21:04Documentation updated and made properly HTML 4.01 Strict compliantBen Webb13+371-316
2001-05-13 20:07RPM group corrected to officially approved "Amusements/Games"Ben Webb1+1-1
2001-05-13 19:46New Game dialog made a little largerBen Webb1+2-2
2001-05-13 19:40Translations updatedBen Webb3+855-654
2001-05-13 19:36High score file now marked as %config in RPM .spec file to avoid accidental overwritesBen Webb1+7-6
2001-05-13 03:40"Deal Drugs" spinbutton now does "OK" when Enter is pressed, properlyBen Webb3+5-0
2001-05-13 03:24Fix for Win32 high score bug; score file now fflush'ed after writes to be more crash-tolerant and multi-user friendly; gtk_clists, gtk_texts and gtk_paneds made more usable on Win32.Ben Webb5+178-24
2001-05-05 23:43Lots of comments added (mainly for the benefit of translators)Ben Webb4+147-6
2001-05-03 00:35Some dodgy tipoff stuff tidied upBen Webb2+12-4
2001-05-01 02:20Keypad numbers now work in 'Jet' dialogBen Webb2+16-0
2001-04-30 03:26Makefiles/configure scripts tidied upBen Webb4+213-219
2001-04-30 03:08Slightly better fix for excluding gtkport.[ch] from non-GUI buildsBen Webb8+82-65
2001-04-30 02:01Portable GTK stuff (temporarily) fixed so as to not build if GTK+ is not present, or disabledBen Webb2+6-1
2001-04-29 18:02Documentation updatesBen Webb2+91-62
2001-04-29 17:23Altered curses test to check for newterm() to fail properly on Mac OS XBen Webb2+24-24
2001-04-29 17:20Documentation updatesBen Webb3+41-22
2001-04-29 17:04ChangeLog updateBen Webb1+1-0
2001-04-29 17:02Mainpage updateBen Webb1+10-2
2001-04-29 16:58Fix for reporting of empty high score file to metaserverBen Webb1+2-1
2001-04-29 16:43Translation updateBen Webb3+1686-1595
2001-04-29 02:42GLib configure test only used on Unix systems (not Win32)Ben Webb2+153-144
2001-04-29 01:48configure test added to detect presence of socklen_t data typeBen Webb5+95-51
2001-04-29 01:35Fight timeout bug fixed; documentation updates; explicit test for glib added to configure scriptBen Webb15+776-237
2001-04-28 23:26Graphical server networking fixBen Webb1+3-0
2001-04-28 18:09configure test added for graphical server; now works on Unix alsoBen Webb6+244-190
2001-04-28 17:48Graphical server addedBen Webb4+186-3
2001-04-28 17:46Proper handling of startup messages under Win32Ben Webb1+24-2
2001-04-28 17:43Support for gdk_input_add on listening sockets under Win32Ben Webb1+3-3
2001-04-28 17:42GScanner from files bug workaround for Win32Ben Webb1+13-0
2001-04-28 17:41"Fatal warnings" replaced by CRITICAL messagesBen Webb2+10-6
2001-04-28 12:59Documentation now installed as group 0, rather than group "root"Ben Webb2+4-4
2001-04-26 04:01-h and -v output now displayed nicely in Win32 client; AI players _should_ also display output properly now too.Ben Webb2+70-39
2001-04-26 03:22Win32 startup errors now displayed with a standard MessageBoxBen Webb1+9-3
2001-04-26 03:21"activate" signal now sent properly for GtkEntry widgets under Win32Ben Webb1+18-0
2001-04-25 12:57Multiplayer menus (spy on player, etc.) are now greyed out in GTK+ client when in single-player modeBen Webb2+21-3
2001-04-25 12:36Manpage added; ChangeLog updatedBen Webb5+119-9
2001-04-25 00:27Fix for proper compilation with --disable-curses-clientBen Webb3+8-1
2001-04-25 00:21Startup stuff tidied up; some Win32 fixesBen Webb8+30-34
2001-04-12 17:40Cops cannot now loot dead players' corpsesBen Webb1+5-1
2001-04-12 12:30More Win32 getopt() fixesBen Webb2+2-2
2001-04-11 21:45Old Windows client resource files removedBen Webb2+0-318
2001-04-11 21:33High score file now locked properly (at least on Unix systems)Ben Webb3+39-3
2001-04-11 20:24Really _does_ work with GTK+ 1.2.9 now (drops _all_ privileges, even the saved group ID)Ben Webb7+48-56
2001-04-11 03:27getopt bug fixed under Win32Ben Webb3+27-13
2001-04-10 22:18Updated install text for a more sensible default location for the high score file on Windows systemsBen Webb1+6-2
2001-04-10 22:15Fix for broken trenchcoat questionBen Webb1+2-2
2001-04-10 19:55Updated ChangeLogBen Webb1+1-0
2001-04-10 19:54AI player code updated to work with new non-blocking network code, and new abilities stuff (particularly new fighting code)Ben Webb4+83-26
2001-04-10 13:28Updated ChangeLogBen Webb1+6-0
2001-04-10 13:25Fix for server segfault on invalid short network messagesBen Webb1+1-3
2001-04-10 13:21Call to AI player loop added from main() functionBen Webb2+4-0
2001-04-10 13:19Support for GTK+ timeouts added to Windows portBen Webb2+78-0
2001-04-09 23:10Fix (hopefully) for systems that use user:group syntax for chown, and now uses group "wheel" if group "games" doesn't existBen Webb4+8-4
2001-04-09 23:06Windows server now displays text properly (and echoes standard input)Ben Webb1+1-1
2001-04-09 23:04Privileges dropped before starting GTK+ to avoid running GTK+ setgidBen Webb4+29-0
2001-04-09 23:02Updated documentation Makefiles and .spec file for proper RPM installationBen Webb6+22-18
2001-04-08 15:34Translations all brought up to date; copyright notice extended to 2001Ben Webb6+3456-2657
2001-04-08 02:16Fix to link code with included gettext properly when requiredBen Webb5+8-7
2001-04-08 01:47All GTK+ emulation/abstraction code moved to src/gtkport.[ch] All Win32 startup stuff now in src/winmain.c (obsolete win32_client.[ch] removed - replaced by gtk_client.[ch] and gtkport.[ch] now) .spec file added for building RPMsBen Webb13+5199-6846
2001-04-07 22:48Progress bars added to Win32 GTK+ emulation; tweaks for better usage of gtk_widget_set_usizeBen Webb2+132-0
2001-04-07 19:45Old tstring stuff removedBen Webb4+46-93
2001-04-07 19:18%/.../ notation added, to qualify translatable strings; more comments for translators added to the GTK+ clientBen Webb4+120-9
2001-04-07 17:10Lots of nice comments added for the benefit of translatorsBen Webb4+215-46
2001-04-07 15:21Some comments added; support for the doctor "sewing you up" after fights with the cops reimplementedBen Webb1+32-4
2001-04-07 03:50Display of opponents' health etc. (GTK+ client) during fights; server-side handling of cops "improved"Ben Webb8+211-48
2001-04-05 23:41"Armour" rating added for players, bitches, cops and deputiesBen Webb4+29-9
2001-04-05 01:13Revamped fighting code; the protagonist is penalised (cops may intervene and attack, probability of successful flight is halved)Ben Webb6+120-72
2001-04-03 00:29More tweaks to GTK+ New Game dialog; now understands ServerName=(Prompt) etc.Ben Webb3+29-6
2001-04-03 00:00Metaserver information list default column widths set sensiblyBen Webb1+11-3
2001-04-02 22:29GTK+ client high score table tidied upBen Webb1+72-6
2001-01-29 01:15Parsing of configuration files relaxed to allow "old-style" (non-quoted) stringsBen Webb1+17-3
2001-01-18 20:17GtkPaned widgets now functional in Windows clientBen Webb2+24-0
2001-01-17 22:49Makefile updates for Debian buildBen Webb6+16-16
2001-01-14 17:22GtkPaned now sets child positions in line with handle_pos in Windows clientBen Webb1+53-26
2001-01-14 16:22Initial support for handle_pos of GtkPaned on Windows clientBen Webb2+13-2
2001-01-14 15:16Names of gun shop, etc. are now sent to clientsBen Webb2+26-4
2001-01-09 00:21Some bugs with player-player fighting fixedBen Webb4+22-11
2001-01-08 20:40Warning of implicit 'exit' function removed by including stdlib.h into dopeos.cBen Webb4+10-3
2001-01-08 00:34Clients no longer (incorrectly) display a "Deal" option when fighting the copsBen Webb2+10-4
2001-01-07 16:02Changed fight arrival message for cops, to more closely match the originalBen Webb1+14-3
2000-12-20 19:59Win32 non-blocking connect() now should test properly for failureBen Webb5+32-6
2000-12-20 12:33SwitchToSinglePlayer bug fixedBen Webb1+1-0
2000-12-20 12:13Improved display of GtkEntry widgets, and initial support for resizing GtkPaned widgets, in Win32 clientBen Webb2+63-30
2000-12-19 22:46gdk_input handling improved for Win32 clientBen Webb1+3-3
2000-12-19 13:32TString documentation corrected; A_TSTRING ability added to prevent new tstring-enabled servers from confusing old clientsBen Webb5+52-14
2000-12-19 03:46Bug with closing of network connections fixed - clients work with old servers now (hopefully)Ben Webb5+51-33
2000-12-17 15:02Win32 client improvements: networking and GtkPaned almost work nowBen Webb1+133-30
2000-12-16 13:39Bug in clist creation (Linux GTK+ client) fixedBen Webb1+1-1
2000-12-16 13:31Improved window positioning and homogeneous box support for Win32 clientBen Webb2+132-62
2000-12-15 20:25Improved handling of keyboard focus in Win32 clientBen Webb2+135-6
2000-12-13 10:12Better handling of modal dialogs in Win32 clientBen Webb1+26-9
2000-12-12 11:49CList auto-resize of columns now works in Win32 clientBen Webb1+80-9
2000-12-12 11:25Updated Portuguese translationBen Webb1+14-13
2000-12-11 14:13Fix for scrolled_clist stuff in Linux GUI clientBen Webb1+1-1
2000-12-11 12:57Updates to GTK+ library for Win32; Win32 client now functionalBen Webb5+572-127
2000-12-09 17:01GTK+-like library added to Windows graphical clientBen Webb12+4074-311
2000-12-08 22:21GTK+ keyboard accelerator stuff moved out into a subroutineBen Webb1+35-52
2000-12-02 01:29Documentation for i18n updated to cover %t notation and new translationsBen Webb1+61-2
2000-12-02 00:15Translations of YN to SN corrected in Portuguese translationBen Webb1+7-7
2000-12-02 00:08Portuguese translation addedBen Webb3+2721-2
2000-11-24 17:21Divide by zero error in BuyObject fixed - probably...Ben Webb1+1-1
2000-11-12 20:16GTK+ client lists players at startup, and ends games less abruptlyBen Webb1+18-7
2000-11-12 19:41Cop configuration stuff updated; PolicePresence now used for dropping drugsBen Webb4+106-68
2000-11-12 15:16Fixes for new networking code with Windows SocketsBen Webb5+28-9
2000-10-23 12:01ChangeLog updated for fix to configure.inBen Webb1+2-0
2000-10-23 11:59Extra libraries added to search for networking functions for proper configuring under Solaris and friendsBen Webb2+137-7
2000-10-23 03:29Support in curses client for new fighting codeBen Webb2+44-27
2000-10-22 20:41Better support for cops; GTK+ client now fully supports "new" fighting codeBen Webb6+135-30
2000-10-22 16:35Initial support for new fighting code added to GTK+ clientBen Webb5+23-3
2000-10-22 15:04tstring fixes - %s replaced with %tde - in curses clientBen Webb1+7-4
2000-10-22 14:53Redundant "reload" messages removed from fighting codeBen Webb1+3-1
2000-10-22 03:32Fixed tipoffs with new fighting codeBen Webb2+38-3
2000-10-22 01:15Master translation file removed from CVS (rebuild by hand)Ben Webb1+0-2558
2000-10-22 01:14Now handles death of players in fights properlyBen Webb2+33-22
2000-10-21 22:37"Run off" message removed when a player is killedBen Webb3+46-43
2000-10-21 17:36Players are now removed properly on being killedBen Webb2+45-22
2000-10-08 15:57Fully completed "translated-string" support; %P now supported for prices, too.Ben Webb11+706-727
2000-10-03 00:42Further tweaks to tstring codeBen Webb7+464-402
2000-10-02 01:22More %s -> %txx translations for curses clientBen Webb2+206-197
2000-10-02 00:30curses client now translates Yes/No messages etc.Ben Webb3+99-60
2000-10-01 23:25Initial support for tense/case-sensitive strings (tstrings)Ben Webb9+602-378
2000-10-01 18:27Updates to Polish translationBen Webb1+26-26
2000-10-01 18:23Initial rewrite of the fighting code - still pretty dodgy!Ben Webb11+919-991
2000-09-21 21:43 Newest version of the german language file, I had the last dazs a little networkproblem. Additional you will find at next a nice shell script to set up a dopewars-server., if I have more time at the weekend.Tobias Mathes1+452-434
2000-09-16 13:33Spying fixed (cannot now spy on players until they accept your bitch)Ben Webb4+124-122
2000-09-16 13:09Drug values are stored by server, and displayed by GTK+ clientBen Webb12+387-336
2000-09-15 06:51next version ... that was a long night again ... Hey, Ben the GTK+ Client works perfectTobias Mathes1+50-42
2000-09-15 04:05changed "ae/ue/oe" -> "�/�/�" , change some translations and menusTobias Mathes1+123-117
2000-09-15 00:30Fixed extended ASCII characters in curses clientBen Webb2+124-125
2000-09-15 00:08Fixed extended ASCII characters in curses clientBen Webb2+133-132
2000-09-14 22:37Now uses gtk_item_factory_set_translate_func to translate menu items properlyBen Webb1+0-214
2000-09-14 22:37Now uses gtk_item_factory_set_translate_func to translate menu items properlyBen Webb5+833-842
2000-09-14 18:55de.po are now updated and fixed. translation progress now at 95% - gtk+ client in german doesn't work yet... working on it ...Tobias Mathes3+537-484
2000-09-13 23:20Initial Polish translation addedBen Webb3+2671-2
2000-09-13 16:28Message-handling code tidied up for new clients/serversBen Webb9+505-459
2000-09-13 04:21Fix for dopewars.sco install; player IDs now used in messagesBen Webb13+448-378
2000-09-13 00:59intl files tidied upBen Webb1+1-0
2000-09-13 00:59All cop messages now identified with AI codesBen Webb5+71-67
2000-09-12 18:32de.po is now to 90 percent translated, some minor bugs fixed.Tobias Mathes1+2-2
2000-09-12 18:24Dopewars is now to 90% translated to german language ... more soon ()Tobias Mathes2+622-367
2000-09-12 17:43intl stuff cleanupBen Webb1+0-724
2000-09-12 17:38Server now ignores client's "From:" fieldBen Webb4+398-412
2000-09-12 14:48Curses client now displays log messages properlyBen Webb2+141-129
2000-09-12 14:38Win32 client now ignores server's To: field as wellBen Webb1+18-17
2000-09-12 14:06curses/GTK+ clients now ignore server's To: fieldBen Webb3+346-340
2000-09-12 11:19Tidied .cvsignore files for intl stuffBen Webb2+3-0
2000-09-12 11:17Fixed "Abilities" code to synchronise properlyBen Webb4+11-2
2000-09-12 00:34Tidied up intl stuffBen Webb2+0-274
2000-09-12 00:34Tidied up intl stuff a bit moreBen Webb1+0-1
2000-09-12 00:26Updated ChangeLog and TODO for Abilities fixBen Webb2+6-6
2000-09-12 00:18"Abilities" are exchanged between client and server to allow protocol extensionsBen Webb10+313-246
2000-09-11 01:30GTK+ client now uses non-blocking connect()Ben Webb8+214-160
2000-09-11 00:10Tidied up CVS handling of intl/po stuffBen Webb2+1-0
2000-09-10 23:59Missing files addedBen Webb2+234-0
2000-09-10 23:55Fixed bug with redrawing of messages window in GTK+ clientBen Webb2+147-134
2000-09-10 22:00Added .cvsignore filesBen Webb4+18-0
2000-09-10 21:55Required files for proper i18n added (seems they were missed out the first time around)Ben Webb27+5603-100
2000-09-10 20:14Updated list of currently available translationsBen Webb1+22-4
2000-09-10 18:35Comments corrected for German translation, to include contact addresses etc.Ben Webb1+5-4
2000-09-10 15:10Initial revisionBen Webb62+29082-0
2000-09-10 15:10New repository initialized by cvs2svn.Ben Webb0+0-0