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2021-01-24 14:30ve.1: change to mandocAnders Damsgaard1+31-30
2021-01-24 14:24LICENSE: bump yearAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2021-01-24 14:24arg.h: add missing newline at end of fileAnders Damsgaard1+1-2
2021-01-24 14:23Makefile: remove GNU Make-ismAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2020-01-02 09:45Remove license info from READMEAnders Damsgaard1+0-3
2020-01-02 09:45Change to ISC licenseAnders Damsgaard1+12-633
2019-08-16 08:03Begin implementing command modeAnders Damsgaard3+29-5
2019-08-11 19:01Use suckless arg.h script for handling command-line optionsAnders Damsgaard2+96-13
2019-08-11 09:17Refresh screen size before every redrawAnders Damsgaard2+14-5
2019-08-09 19:09Fix memory leak and access errorAnders Damsgaard1+2-2
2019-08-09 18:52Remove supposed clear screen and store hl address in local variableAnders Damsgaard3+28-13
2019-08-08 07:44Add ColorNormal, hl array, and add structural commentsAnders Damsgaard2+59-39
2019-08-08 07:20Add user configuration for colors, implement digit coloringAnders Damsgaard3+35-3
2019-08-07 21:06Implement simple sequential key bindingAnders Damsgaard1+29-23
2019-08-07 20:54Begin putting configuration into config.def.hAnders Damsgaard2+19-7
2019-08-07 20:41Adapt more suckless file structureAnders Damsgaard3+33-16
2019-08-07 20:29Also make install in CI environmentsAnders Damsgaard1+3-3
2019-08-07 20:29Add draft manpageAnders Damsgaard2+31-2
2019-08-07 20:00Use suckless-style makefile and config.mkAnders Damsgaard3+34-19
2019-08-07 19:34Merge source into single fileAnders Damsgaard19+1069-1180
2019-08-07 14:42Move source code into separate directoryAnders Damsgaard18+4-3
2019-08-07 14:34Fix typo and install makeAnders Damsgaard1+5-2
2019-08-07 14:30Test build on alpine, debian, archAnders Damsgaard1+17-0
2019-08-07 14:29Add make as requirement in readmeAnders Damsgaard1+1-0
2019-08-07 14:20Change size type for strrstrAnders Damsgaard2+2-2
2019-08-07 14:14Change right status formatAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2019-08-07 14:12Fix reverse search, update TODO with missing keybind listAnders Damsgaard3+18-4
2019-08-07 12:54Update TODO, perform find on raw stringsAnders Damsgaard2+37-10
2019-08-07 11:00Fix line length in TODOAnders Damsgaard1+2-1
2019-08-07 10:57Update todoAnders Damsgaard1+2-0
2019-08-07 10:51Fix search wrapAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2019-08-07 10:15Add contribution to kiloAnders Damsgaard1+2-1
2019-08-07 09:58Consolidate search logic, reverse search still with issuesAnders Damsgaard1+19-8
2019-08-07 09:41Fix styling of TODOAnders Damsgaard1+23-23
2019-08-07 09:39Refer to TODO from READMEAnders Damsgaard1+2-0
2019-08-07 09:35Add READMEAnders Damsgaard1+23-0
2019-08-07 09:06Update TODOAnders Damsgaard1+1-0
2019-08-07 09:03Update TODOAnders Damsgaard1+2-1
2019-08-07 09:01Update TODOAnders Damsgaard1+20-2
2019-08-07 08:54Add missing source fileAnders Damsgaard1+39-0
2019-08-07 08:54Update TODOAnders Damsgaard1+1-0
2019-08-07 08:53Add LICENSEAnders Damsgaard1+636-0
2019-08-07 08:53Add TODOAnders Damsgaard1+6-0
2019-08-07 08:49Place cursor at the start of line with g and GAnders Damsgaard1+2-0
2019-08-07 08:48Consolidate codeAnders Damsgaard1+8-6
2019-08-07 08:38Remove unneeded local variables, do not find occurence from current cursor posAnders Damsgaard1+7-8
2019-08-07 08:35Find occurences correctly on first and later linesAnders Damsgaard2+25-15
2019-08-07 07:53Create function to deinitialize editor and call it at exitAnders Damsgaard3+2-23
2019-08-07 07:32Allow different find directionAnders Damsgaard5+66-15
2019-08-07 06:07Add simple CIAnders Damsgaard1+7-0
2019-08-06 20:31Add 'a' binding in normal mode, do not allow cursor past last char in lineAnders Damsgaard1+6-2
2019-08-06 20:26Fix cursor positioning during findAnders Damsgaard2+2-1
2019-08-06 20:17Begin implementing find. Enter on blank prompt also cancelsAnders Damsgaard5+58-1
2019-08-06 19:55Rename to 've'Anders Damsgaard11+46-46
2019-08-06 19:37Place cursor in active promptAnders Damsgaard3+16-3
2019-08-06 19:14Add missing commentAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2019-08-06 19:13Allow backspace in promptAnders Damsgaard1+4-1
2019-08-06 19:09Allow escape from prompt, better line delete handling of cursorAnders Damsgaard3+18-5
2019-08-06 19:01Prompt for file name on saveAnders Damsgaard3+40-4
2019-08-06 18:47Rename to 'te'Anders Damsgaard11+46-46
2019-08-06 18:43Fix cursor position after backspaceAnders Damsgaard1+0-1
2019-08-06 18:38Fix deletion across line breaksAnders Damsgaard1+2-2
2019-08-06 18:24Implement o and O from insert modeAnders Damsgaard1+13-0
2019-08-06 18:20Allow insert of newlineAnders Damsgaard6+43-15
2019-08-06 16:54Allow deletion across linesAnders Damsgaard4+42-1
2019-08-06 14:53Allow single character delete from insert and normal modeAnders Damsgaard3+28-1
2019-08-06 14:36Record and show if file is changedAnders Damsgaard7+49-5
2019-08-06 14:09Allow saving of file to diskAnders Damsgaard3+66-1
2019-08-06 13:53Allow escape from insert mode with C-cAnders Damsgaard1+1-0
2019-08-06 13:52Add break statementAnders Damsgaard1+1-0
2019-08-06 13:51Add missing codeAnders Damsgaard2+17-0
2019-08-06 13:51Insert characters to row buffer in insert modeAnders Damsgaard3+17-3
2019-08-06 13:44Move row operations into separate fileAnders Damsgaard4+82-65
2019-08-06 13:39Allow navigation to first and last lineAnders Damsgaard1+7-0
2019-08-06 13:37Hide status message line on first keypress after timeuotAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2019-08-06 13:34Only reserve space for status message when one is shownAnders Damsgaard4+35-6
2019-08-06 13:01Show status message that appears after first keypress after timeout of 5 sAnders Damsgaard4+22-1
2019-08-06 12:52Allow set of status messageAnders Damsgaard3+19-0
2019-08-06 12:43Change status styling and make sure location percentage is positiveAnders Damsgaard1+4-4
2019-08-06 12:39Show file name in left part of status lineAnders Damsgaard1+5-2
2019-08-06 12:33Show cursor position statistics in right side of status barAnders Damsgaard1+3-2
2019-08-06 12:21Implement status bar spacing in a simpler way, add char array for filenameAnders Damsgaard5+15-12
2019-08-06 12:09Implement mode switching between normal and insert modeAnders Damsgaard1+35-0
2019-08-06 11:57Navigate over tab strings as one characterAnders Damsgaard3+26-6
2019-08-06 11:46Show tabs with > symbolsAnders Damsgaard3+47-5
2019-08-06 11:28Do not allow navigating right past end of fileAnders Damsgaard1+2-1
2019-08-06 11:27Allow left/right navigation across start of lines and end of linesAnders Damsgaard1+11-3
2019-08-06 11:22Constrain horizontal cursor movement during vertical navigationAnders Damsgaard1+13-1
2019-08-06 11:14Implement horizontal scrollingAnders Damsgaard4+24-16
2019-08-06 10:56Fix status line behavior during scrollAnders Damsgaard2+3-2
2019-08-06 10:29Add vertical scrollingAnders Damsgaard4+24-12
2019-08-06 10:16Open file with multiple linesAnders Damsgaard6+50-15
2019-08-06 09:58Show loaded textAnders Damsgaard7+50-8
2019-08-06 09:11Set editor mode, improve cursor navigationAnders Damsgaard5+102-33
2019-08-06 08:27Draw status with left and right components and handle truncationAnders Damsgaard1+29-9
2019-08-06 08:14Draw status line at the bottomAnders Damsgaard2+27-1
2019-08-06 08:00Use append buffer for drawing outputAnders Damsgaard4+60-10
2019-08-06 07:20Remove unused callAnders Damsgaard1+0-1
2019-08-05 10:24Proceed to step 36Anders Damsgaard3+43-3
2019-08-05 10:05Get and store screen sizeAnders Damsgaard5+63-5
2019-08-05 09:27First commit, set up terminal and fix key handlingAnders Damsgaard8+135-0