2D finite difference Navier Stokes solver for fluid dynamics
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DateCommit messageAuthorFiles+-
2020-01-02 09:27Change to ISC licenseAnders Damsgaard3+16-678
2019-09-07 06:00Update readmeAnders Damsgaard1+4-6
2014-06-26 07:19added top level makefileAnders Damsgaard1+10-0
2014-06-25 14:27dealt with fread return vals, fixed linker parameter orderAnders Damsgaard2+51-27
2014-03-06 15:25added new plot method, lid driven cavity test wrongAnders Damsgaard2+49-3
2014-03-06 15:06added lid driven cavity testAnders Damsgaard1+13-0
2014-03-06 14:55added boundary header fileAnders Damsgaard1+7-0
2014-03-04 12:38Added VTK output functionAnders Damsgaard2+78-0
2014-03-04 11:02renamed test case, added debug flag, the code worksAnders Damsgaard3+25-8
2014-03-04 10:27set F and G in boundary cellsAnders Damsgaard2+12-0
2014-03-04 09:55added NaN check in residual, added verbose array debuggingAnders Damsgaard4+32-1
2014-03-04 09:41Added cons. of mass test and run functionAnders Damsgaard2+15-0
2014-03-03 17:49Increased size of pressure grid, solutions seem wrongAnders Damsgaard5+26-25
2014-03-03 17:37finished solver, still to be testedAnders Damsgaard3+161-9
2014-03-03 16:16Finished velocity projectionAnders Damsgaard2+98-0
2014-03-03 13:37Working on Chorin's projection method: horizontal projection doneAnders Damsgaard4+85-13
2014-03-03 09:33call BC from mainAnders Damsgaard2+5-2
2014-03-03 08:34begun implementing boundary conditionsAnders Damsgaard1+29-0
2014-03-03 08:25Swapped row-col read/write orderAnders Damsgaard2+24-24
2014-03-02 20:33fixed run time outputAnders Damsgaard1+4-3
2014-03-02 20:28meaningful output during runtimeAnders Damsgaard1+4-3
2014-03-02 20:21regular output file writing worksAnders Damsgaard1+10-8
2014-03-02 20:12added output file time parameterAnders Damsgaard5+57-17
2014-03-02 19:51Implemented adaptive time stepAnders Damsgaard4+51-8
2014-03-02 19:31Added command line argument parsingAnders Damsgaard1+43-4
2014-03-02 18:57Added license and short readmeAnders Damsgaard3+685-1
2014-03-02 18:50File IO verifiedAnders Damsgaard1+3-1
2014-03-02 18:47added C output, fixed Python inputAnders Damsgaard4+85-5
2014-03-02 18:37most file IO works, needs O from cAnders Damsgaard6+37-32
2014-03-02 10:33Debugging memoryAnders Damsgaard5+140-21
2014-03-02 09:16fixed output file nameAnders Damsgaard1+13-13
2014-03-02 09:13added missing self paramsAnders Damsgaard1+14-15
2014-03-02 08:44file io in progressAnders Damsgaard3+57-0
2014-03-01 16:57added empty c source filesAnders Damsgaard3+0-0
2014-03-01 16:53added IOAnders Damsgaard1+132-23
2014-03-01 16:25Class with all relevant parameters. Needs IOAnders Damsgaard1+137-0