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1d_fd_simple_shearcontinuum model for granular flows with pore-pressure dynamics Anders Damsgaard2019-12-12 21:14
1d_fd_simple_shear_transienttransient-state continuum model for granular flows with pore-pressure dynamics Anders Damsgaard2019-11-09 10:20
Granular.jlJulia package for granular dynamics simulation Anders Damsgaard2019-12-10 12:47
adamsgaard.dkmy academic webpage Anders Damsgaard2019-12-10 13:55
andersdamsgaard.commy photography webpage Anders Damsgaard2019-06-26 19:57
canteen-infoscrape weekly menus from canteens surrounding Aarhus University Anders Damsgaard2019-09-07 07:28
cosmofront and backend for Markov-Chain Monte Carlo inversion of cosmogenic nuclide concentrations Anders Damsgaard2019-09-07 05:15
cross-stitchinteractively turn images into patterns for cross stitching Anders Damsgaard2019-09-07 06:18
cuda-memscrubscrubs the global device memory of CUDA GPUs Anders Damsgaard2019-09-07 13:20
cvcurriculum vitae Anders Damsgaard2019-11-28 10:43
cynthmodular musical synthesizer using POSIX streams Anders Damsgaard2019-09-07 04:58
dmenucustomized build of dmenu, the dynamic menu for X Anders Damsgaard2019-09-30 18:01
dotfilesconfiguration files for shell, text editor, graphical environment, etc. Anders Damsgaard2019-12-14 11:28
dwmcustomized build of dwm, the dynamic window manager Anders Damsgaard2019-12-10 13:41
exercise_timeannounce workout exercises with notifications and speech synth Anders Damsgaard2019-06-17 07:06
fffsfast and simple shell plugin manager Anders Damsgaard2019-09-21 06:41
flytrexlogread, manipulate, and plot flytrex logger data Anders Damsgaard2014-06-06 06:52
game-of-lifeConway's Game of Life Anders Damsgaard2019-09-07 07:36
git-quick-startan introduction to Git version control Anders Damsgaard2019-09-07 04:48
granular-channel-hydrosubglacial hydrology model for sedimentary channels Anders Damsgaard2017-10-17 17:40
imgtransinteractive BMP to txt converter Anders Damsgaard2015-05-13 15:57
lbm-d3q193D lattice-Boltzmann code to approximate Navier-Stokes incompressible flow Anders Damsgaard2019-09-07 04:51
lego_film_processorsoftware for rotary photographic film processor with Lego Mindstorms RCX Anders Damsgaard2019-09-07 14:00
ns2dfd2D finite difference Navier Stokes solver for fluid dynamics Anders Damsgaard2019-09-07 06:00
numericC++ library with numerical algorithms Anders Damsgaard2019-09-07 05:57
nws-forecast-mailerfetch and deliver the NWS 48-hour forecast by email Anders Damsgaard2018-01-10 16:58
polygengenerative drawing of polygonal patterns Anders Damsgaard2014-03-14 13:49
scholarreftools for DOI and BiBTeX reference extraction, fetching, and parsing Anders Damsgaard2019-12-10 14:57
scibeamerquickly create scientific presentations using LateX and Beamer Anders Damsgaard2019-09-19 10:03
seaice-experimentssea ice experiments using Granular.jl Anders Damsgaard2019-08-13 19:09
simple_DEMa simple 2D Discrete Element Method code for educational purposes Anders Damsgaard2019-09-07 04:43
slidergridgrid of elastic sliders on a frictional surface Anders Damsgaard2019-09-07 06:25
sphereGPU-based 3D discrete element method algorithm with optional fluid coupling Anders Damsgaard2019-12-10 12:42
stcustomized build of st, the simple terminal Anders Damsgaard2019-10-07 17:35
stagitstatic git page generator Anders Damsgaard2019-11-16 09:42
surfcustomized build of surf, the suckless web browser Anders Damsgaard2019-12-06 08:11
tabbedcustomized build of tabbed, the suckless tab manager Anders Damsgaard2019-10-07 17:35
vea minimal text editor Anders Damsgaard2019-08-16 08:03
vsfm-linux-x86_64automated build of VisualSFM photogrammetry software and its dependencies Anders Damsgaard2017-05-14 16:51
watchminimalist watch program Anders Damsgaard2019-11-21 15:34
wernercellular automata simulation of wind-driven sand transport Anders Damsgaard2013-04-22 09:22