[fork] customized build of PISM, the parallel ice sheet model (tillflux branch)
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DateCommit messageAuthorFiles+-
2021-08-05 00:01Fix antspin-coarse.shKyle Blum1+1-1
2021-06-14 00:39Add .deepsource.tomlDeepSource Bot1+17-0
2020-08-28 20:22Update PISM version to 1.2.2Constantine Khrulev2+3-3
2020-08-28 19:59Merge branch 'v1.2-bug-fixes'Constantine Khrulev132+349-350
2020-03-20 04:48Update PISM version to 1.2.1Constantine Khrulev2+3-3
2020-03-20 04:47Merge branch 'v1.2-bug-fixes'Constantine Khrulev45+220-1039
2020-02-13 22:18Fix funding acknowledgmentsConstantine Khrulev3+3-3
2020-02-13 19:04Update the CircleCI banner in the READMEConstantine Khrulev1+2-2
2020-02-12 05:24Update the list of configuration parametersConstantine Khrulev1+5-20
2020-02-12 05:23Clean up pism_config.cdlConstantine Khrulev1+269-287
2020-02-12 04:47Merge branch 'v1.2-pre-release'Constantine Khrulev591+32362-16938
2019-12-17 14:29Added missing build fileElizabeth Fischer1+19-0
2019-06-17 18:14Update the change logConstantine Khrulev1+9-0
2019-05-22 21:33Support PROJ.4 version 6.x (see #409).Constantine Khrulev1+2-1
2019-05-03 18:43Fix a bug in the Routing hydrology modelConstantine Khrulev1+1-1
2019-03-14 17:48Fix a bug in the diagnostic computation of the ice fluxConstantine Khrulev2+35-29
2018-12-06 18:06Fix Python 3 compatibility in conf.py and update the copyright yearConstantine Khrulev2+12-7
2019-03-08 20:32Create CODE_OF_CONDUCT.mdEd Bueler1+76-0
2019-02-27 00:38Update the change log in preparation for tagging v1.1.2Constantine Khrulev1+9-5
2019-02-01 00:02Update the change logConstantine Khrulev1+3-0
2019-01-31 23:57Use BedrockColumn in BTU_FullConstantine Khrulev6+27-100
2019-01-31 20:54Add a solver for the heat equation in a bedrock columnConstantine Khrulev5+178-5
2019-02-26 23:16Update the change logConstantine Khrulev1+5-0
2019-02-04 14:07Modified PIK temperature parameterizationTorsten Albrecht1+4-3
2019-02-26 21:54Fix units in ForceThickness::max_timestep_impl()Constantine Khrulev1+2-2
2019-02-20 23:05Fix "no model mask" treatment in "pismr -regional"Constantine Khrulev4+62-8
2019-02-20 23:09Update the change logConstantine Khrulev1+6-1
2019-01-17 20:08Use VERSION_LESS to support CMake < 3.7Constantine Khrulev1+1-1
2018-12-13 18:32Support CMake versions < 3.13.Constantine Khrulev1+5-1
2018-12-07 23:35Merge branch 'ckhroulev/v1.1rc'Constantine Khrulev657+24367-20847
2018-11-29 00:17PISM builds with GCC 8. Fixes #420.Constantine Khrulev3+8-7
2018-11-29 00:37Fix clang 7.0 compiler warningsConstantine Khrulev1+25-14
2017-12-19 10:01Fixes bug when using -subgl (-pik) and delta_SLTorsten Albrecht4+8-10
2018-03-01 05:25Use FFTW_ESTIMATE instead of FFTW_MEASURE. See #402.Constantine Khrulev1+6-9
2018-02-14 20:03Update the change log.Constantine Khrulev1+11-0
2018-02-13 19:27Fix #400.Constantine Khrulev1+5-1
2018-02-12 21:54IceRegionalModel: fix initialization of stored surface elevation.Constantine Khrulev1+23-15
2018-02-12 20:13Move the computation of omega to avoid errors with PISM_DEBUG=ON.Constantine Khrulev1+3-2
2018-02-12 20:12Avoid filling in temperature using heuristics when it is filled by regridding.Constantine Khrulev2+30-16
2018-02-12 20:11Add more sanity checks to bootstrap_ice_temperature.Constantine Khrulev1+28-3
2017-11-21 23:02Update diagnostics and configuration parameters in the manual.Constantine Khrulev2+18-13
2017-11-17 05:56Fix #222.Constantine Khrulev1+39-36
2017-11-16 22:24Don't need to check this: area_specific_volume is always availableConstantine Khrulev1+0-5
2017-11-16 20:43Add geometry.part_grid.max_iterations and increase it to 10.Constantine Khrulev2+15-8
2017-11-16 01:15Fix the tendency_of_ice_mass_due_to_flow scalar diagnostic.Constantine Khrulev1+6-5
2017-11-15 20:30Make it easier to compare scalar and 2D diagnostics.Constantine Khrulev1+22-22
2017-11-15 02:28Update .gitignore.Constantine Khrulev1+3-2
2017-11-15 02:24Improve the "balancing the books" section in the manual.Constantine Khrulev4+73-43
2017-11-14 23:07Make sure all "iceberg removing" contributes to computed ice discharge.Constantine Khrulev4+63-60
2017-11-14 22:17Cleanup.Constantine Khrulev4+10-11
2017-11-14 18:54Remove some outdated comments.Constantine Khrulev1+1-5
2017-11-09 04:46Fix a typo.Constantine Khrulev1+1-1
2017-11-09 04:45SWIG_GET_WRAPPER_DEPENDENCIES is broken. Time to remove it.Constantine Khrulev1+1-58
2017-11-01 20:31Add a work-around needed to use old-ish NetCDF (4.0 - 4.1) with OpenMPI.Constantine Khrulev2+11-1
2017-10-31 18:27Support older (< 1.7) OpenMPI versions.Constantine Khrulev1+7-0
2017-10-30 17:16Fix a regression test.Constantine Khrulev1+2-2
2017-10-26 23:08Trying to sort out function inlining issues.Constantine Khrulev8+205-251
2017-10-26 21:59Don't warn about unknown #pragma.Constantine Khrulev1+1-1
2017-10-26 21:51fixup! Tell Intel compiler that it's OK to inline these.Constantine Khrulev1+1-1
2017-10-26 21:39Tell Intel compiler that it's OK to inline these.Constantine Khrulev2+13-13
2017-10-26 21:39Tell Intel compiler to ignore assumed dependencies in these loops.Constantine Khrulev1+3-0
2017-10-26 18:13Create a link from build/pism->src instead of build/include/pism->src.Constantine Khrulev1+6-9
2017-10-26 07:24Fix a typo.Constantine Khrulev1+2-2
2017-10-20 18:37Add Git revision and date to HTML page footers and the PDF manual.Constantine Khrulev4+49-1
2017-10-20 17:43Fix a bunch of FIXMEs in the Manual.Constantine Khrulev8+76-33
2017-10-20 16:18Replace "pressure imbalance" with "pressure difference."Constantine Khrulev2+16-8
2017-10-20 04:14complement to Constantine: code got shorterEd Bueler1+3-3
2017-10-20 01:08Minor fixes.Constantine Khrulev2+3-3
2017-10-20 00:11Mark this as "stable" and "1.0".Constantine Khrulev3+6-6
2017-10-20 00:10Update the release checklist.Constantine Khrulev1+21-19
2017-10-20 00:09A whitespace change.Constantine Khrulev1+1-2
2017-10-20 00:07Add a Makefile and update a Makefile.Constantine Khrulev2+5-44
2017-10-19 22:57Improve the change log a little bit.Constantine Khrulev1+18-12
2017-10-19 22:29"Coding guidelines" is a better name.Constantine Khrulev3+407-395
2017-10-19 21:22Use funding.csv to generate lists of grants supporting PISM development.Constantine Khrulev6+192-40
2017-10-19 20:03Trying to fix the CSV table...Constantine Khrulev1+3-3
2017-10-19 20:00Add a CSV file listing grants that supported PISM development.Constantine Khrulev1+9-0
2017-10-19 18:59Replace a bunch of .md with .rst (pandoc makes this pretty fast).Constantine Khrulev11+821-702
2017-10-19 17:49Add a summary to CHANGES.rst.Constantine Khrulev1+13-4
2017-10-19 17:28Update the list of configuration parameters.Constantine Khrulev1+5-50
2017-10-19 17:26Remove -pdd_aschwanden.Constantine Khrulev5+1-141
2017-10-19 17:23Remove -ocean runoff_SMB,...Constantine Khrulev5+0-191
2017-10-19 16:06Add bed_deformation.lc.grid_size_factor. See #395.Constantine Khrulev2+6-1
2017-10-19 16:06Remove "PB" from names of bed deformation models.Constantine Khrulev9+37-37
2017-10-19 05:31Update a spinup script.Constantine Khrulev1+2-2
2017-10-19 05:23Fix the units of the basal_mass_flux_{grounded,floating} diagnostics.Constantine Khrulev1+8-2
2017-10-19 01:56Update the #74 test.Constantine Khrulev1+1-1
2017-10-19 00:58Mention that #390 is fixed.Constantine Khrulev1+17-16
2017-10-19 00:18Move cubature.c to src/external.Constantine Khrulev7+17-6
2017-10-18 21:30Remove some file name prefixes.Constantine Khrulev413+24498-24498
2017-10-18 20:55Fix #166.Constantine Khrulev329+1469-1440
2017-10-18 18:15Move code out of src/base into src/.Constantine Khrulev760+64079-64079
2017-10-18 17:45More directory structure improvements.Constantine Khrulev31+216-234
2017-10-18 17:37Little tweaks in the Manual.Constantine Khrulev1+12-10
2017-10-18 17:37Improve the directory structure.Constantine Khrulev110+10408-10399
2017-10-18 05:08Add links to GitHub issues plus minor edits.Constantine Khrulev1+59-28
2017-10-18 02:43Clean up the change log.Constantine Khrulev1+8-6
2017-10-18 02:35Mention "glacierized" time-series.Constantine Khrulev1+4-0
2017-10-18 02:35Add a couple of words about -topg_delta.Constantine Khrulev1+11-0
2017-10-18 02:05Document -extra_vars shortcuts "mass_fluxes" and "amount_fluxes."Constantine Khrulev1+14-0
2017-10-18 01:17Multiplicative factors are not offsets.Constantine Khrulev1+1-2
2017-10-18 01:17Add the updated change log.Constantine Khrulev6+978-618
2017-10-17 17:13Update the list of diagnostics in the manual.Constantine Khrulev1+89-94
2017-10-17 17:07Rename some rate of change time series.Constantine Khrulev1+20-20
2017-10-17 16:57Rename scalar diagnosticsConstantine Khrulev16+577-656
2017-10-17 00:05Don't use Jansson (for now).Constantine Khrulev2+6-3
2017-10-16 23:51Add two FIXMEs.Constantine Khrulev1+5-1
2017-10-16 23:45Add a link to the Installation Manual to README.rst.Constantine Khrulev1+2-6
2017-10-16 19:57Update std-greenland run costs.Constantine Khrulev2+2-2
2017-10-16 19:55Finish updating the section about re-building docs.Constantine Khrulev2+69-76
2017-10-16 19:44Make sure pismpython docs can still be built.Constantine Khrulev6+46-49
2017-10-16 19:16Whitespace changes.Constantine Khrulev1+4-4
2017-10-16 19:15Add an empty note to silence pybtex's error.Constantine Khrulev1+1-0
2017-10-16 18:07Improve CMake scripts building Sphinx docs.Constantine Khrulev1+28-9
2017-10-16 18:06Replace Pism_BUILD_PDFS with Pism_BUILD_DOCS.Constantine Khrulev2+4-12
2017-10-16 18:05pism_config.md is not a part of the browser any more.Constantine Khrulev1+1-1
2017-10-16 17:44Update a file name.Constantine Khrulev1+1-1
2017-10-13 18:51I think I'll still call it 0.8 for now.Constantine Khrulev1+2-2
2017-10-13 18:45Remove Markdown INSTALL and README.Constantine Khrulev4+8-971
2017-10-13 18:27Clean up the doc/ directoryConstantine Khrulev226+55-41498
2017-10-13 06:03Adjust column widths in a table.Constantine Khrulev1+1-0
2017-10-13 05:51More work on documentation.Constantine Khrulev8+78-91
2017-10-12 22:47Remove unneeded includes.Constantine Khrulev1+1-5
2017-10-12 22:47Remove some old crud.Constantine Khrulev14+2-1491
2017-10-12 22:10Better Makefile in docs/sphinx.Constantine Khrulev1+5-4
2017-10-12 21:43Document PISM's use of PROJ.4.Constantine Khrulev1+67-0
2017-10-12 21:43Don't report projection parameters redundantly.Constantine Khrulev1+2-4
2017-10-12 20:39Write PROJ.4 parameters to mapping:proj4_params (for CDO).Constantine Khrulev1+9-2
2017-10-12 18:57Remove the "quilt" -o_format.Constantine Khrulev17+12-1177
2017-10-12 18:34Now that we require PETSc 3.5 we always have TAO.Constantine Khrulev9+19-93
2017-10-12 18:22Stop trying to support PETSc < 3.5.0.Constantine Khrulev11+19-154
2017-10-12 18:15Fix a regression test.Constantine Khrulev1+6-14
2017-10-12 18:14Wrap long lines.Constantine Khrulev1+4-2
2017-10-12 18:14Support PETSc 3.8.Constantine Khrulev1+4-0
2017-10-12 05:37Improve documentation.Constantine Khrulev14+2676-29
2017-10-11 16:42Rename grid registration figures.Constantine Khrulev4+0-0
2017-10-11 15:30Grid registration is passed to IceGrid at initializationConstantine Khrulev35+96-114
2017-10-11 05:59Mention that we need CMake >= 3.1.Constantine Khrulev1+3-2
2017-10-11 05:47Actually use (inferred) grid registrationConstantine Khrulev4+21-14
2017-10-11 05:46Remove "NONE" from the enum Periodicity.Constantine Khrulev6+7-7
2017-10-11 05:21More work on grid registration issues.Constantine Khrulev5+45-22
2017-10-11 04:27Start work on cleaning up and documenting grid registration issues.Constantine Khrulev10+766-2
2017-10-11 03:31Put the minimum PETSc version in global.txt.Constantine Khrulev3+12-7
2017-10-10 22:07Improve an error message.Constantine Khrulev3+9-2
2017-10-10 21:44Fix a typo.Constantine Khrulev1+2-2
2017-10-10 21:42Fix a link.Constantine Khrulev1+1-1
2017-10-10 21:42Move an .. include:: up a bit.Constantine Khrulev1+2-2
2017-10-10 17:00Add a stub of a section about grid registration.Constantine Khrulev1+9-3
2017-10-10 16:59Add a stub of a section about mass conservation.Constantine Khrulev2+10-0
2017-10-10 16:58Require CMake 3.1; fix a deprecation warning (see #393).Constantine Khrulev2+7-15
2017-10-10 00:11Document e-age coupling.Constantine Khrulev1+14-2
2017-10-10 00:10Fix a Sphinx warning.Constantine Khrulev1+1-1
2017-10-09 23:50Fix a typo.Constantine Khrulev1+1-1
2017-10-09 23:48Rename two sections.Constantine Khrulev2+4-4
2017-10-09 23:45Mention that -gradient affects the SIA model (mostly).Constantine Khrulev1+25-18
2017-10-09 23:45Move the section about disabling sub-models.Constantine Khrulev4+27-27
2017-10-09 23:28More work on the manual.Constantine Khrulev7+100-96
2017-10-09 23:17Add some text to modeling-choices/index.rst.Constantine Khrulev1+22-3
2017-10-09 23:01Move the list of parameters.Constantine Khrulev8+1874-1893
2017-10-09 22:47Add intros to "subglacier" and "practical usage."Constantine Khrulev2+12-0
2017-10-09 22:47Move the list of diagnostics.Constantine Khrulev7+1052-1091
2017-10-09 22:13Add a comment about -Mx and -My.Constantine Khrulev1+11-1
2017-10-09 21:53Update performance stats.Constantine Khrulev1+1-1
2017-10-09 21:38Update the parameter list.Constantine Khrulev1+17-5
2017-10-09 21:32Update C++ class names in the climate forcing manual.Constantine Khrulev3+31-31
2017-10-09 20:19Fix a heading.Constantine Khrulev1+2-2
2017-10-09 20:17Add -regional.zero_gradient to spinup.shConstantine Khrulev1+1-0
2017-10-09 20:17Remove an old FIXME.Constantine Khrulev1+0-1
2017-10-09 20:17Overwrite attributes instead of appending.Constantine Khrulev1+2-2
2017-10-09 19:27Minor cleanup.Constantine Khrulev1+1-3
2017-10-09 18:47Fix diagnostics diffusivity_staggered, h_x, h_y.Constantine Khrulev1+16-3
2017-10-09 18:19Rename StressBalanceInputs and EnergyModelInputs.Constantine Khrulev39+215-160
2017-10-09 16:24Create the class YieldStressInputs.Constantine Khrulev9+46-24
2017-10-09 16:01SIAFD: provide "inputs" to surface gradient computation methods.Constantine Khrulev4+27-25
2017-10-07 00:39Fix the regional basal yield stress model.Constantine Khrulev5+35-24
2017-10-07 00:36Add regional inputs to StressBalanceInputs.Constantine Khrulev6+41-14
2017-10-07 00:11Minor cleanup: remove "virtual" and break a long line.Constantine Khrulev2+7-6
2017-10-07 00:10Tell RegionalGeometryEvolution about the no_model_mask.Constantine Khrulev2+10-0
2017-10-07 00:09Add set_no_model_mask() to the GeometryEvolution API.Constantine Khrulev2+18-3
2017-10-06 23:32Add stressbalance::create().Constantine Khrulev9+105-101
2017-10-06 20:27Fix preprocess.sh: the spun-up state we have uses an old variable name.Constantine Khrulev1+3-3
2017-10-06 20:27Use dHdt instead of dhdt.Constantine Khrulev1+1-1
2017-10-06 20:26PISMO is gone.Constantine Khrulev6+25-25
2017-10-06 20:25Fix a comment in IceRegionalModel.Constantine Khrulev1+1-1
2017-10-06 18:09Move bombproof_enth.Constantine Khrulev1+0-0
2017-10-06 18:03Add coding guidelines. (Unfinished and imperfect, but better than nothing.)Constantine Khrulev2+396-0
2017-10-06 17:23Add the how-to document. (Needs more work.)Constantine Khrulev2+378-0
2017-10-06 17:23Roles opt, var, and config: derive from literal instead of code.Constantine Khrulev1+4-3
2017-10-06 17:22Use literal text instead of :class:.Constantine Khrulev1+5-5
2017-10-06 16:27IceModelVec::write_in_glaciological_units is not needed any more.Constantine Khrulev38+69-110
2017-10-06 00:51Update labgum.Constantine Khrulev3+10-13
2017-10-06 00:45Allow overriding the value of the max. sensible SMB.Constantine Khrulev3+30-10
2017-10-06 00:45Mention -march=native.Constantine Khrulev1+12-0
2017-10-05 23:53Update the Ross validation example.Constantine Khrulev6+105-109
2017-10-05 19:15Add more FIXMEs.Constantine Khrulev2+5-2
2017-10-05 19:15Minor edits.Constantine Khrulev4+21-19
2017-10-05 19:13Enable ws-butler.Constantine Khrulev1+2-1
2017-10-05 19:12Remove FIXMEs.Constantine Khrulev5+12-16
2017-10-05 19:12Better table formatting.Constantine Khrulev1+3-1
2017-10-05 19:08White-space changesConstantine Khrulev1+3-2
2017-10-05 19:08Remove all mentions of -eo.Constantine Khrulev4+9-10
2017-10-05 19:05More work on the std-greenland example.Constantine Khrulev5+6-12
2017-10-05 19:05Add a list of CF standard names used by PISM.Constantine Khrulev3+177-0
2017-10-05 19:04Document -dry.Constantine Khrulev1+4-0
2017-10-05 02:09Allow -grid.Lz and -grid.Mz.Constantine Khrulev2+8-7
2017-10-05 02:08Use Diagnostic::wrap() to provide ocean_kill_mask.Constantine Khrulev2+1-33
2017-10-05 02:08Remove empty lines.Constantine Khrulev1+0-4
2017-10-04 23:29Update a footnote.Constantine Khrulev1+1-1
2017-10-04 04:17Fix some scripts.Constantine Khrulev2+9-7
2017-10-04 03:16Make scripts executable.Constantine Khrulev10+3-3
2017-10-04 02:12Extract more scripts.Constantine Khrulev5+43-37
2017-10-04 01:44Put code in separate files.Constantine Khrulev14+171-140
2017-10-04 01:00Remove lines saying "no short option."Constantine Khrulev2+5-168
2017-10-03 22:46Add IceModelVec2T notes to "Technical Notes."Constantine Khrulev3+293-261
2017-10-03 22:38Don't use math formulas in ice-bib.bib.Constantine Khrulev1+1-1
2017-10-03 22:38Get rid of the empty References section in the PDF.Constantine Khrulev3+49-7
2017-10-03 21:35Move two sections one level down.Constantine Khrulev1+2-2
2017-10-03 20:35Fix Tolly's name, add links to CalCalcs and VDT.Constantine Khrulev2+7-3
2017-10-03 20:23Move acknowledgements to the top, mention included third-party libraries.Constantine Khrulev3+15-3
2017-10-03 19:59Might as well call this 1.0.Constantine Khrulev1+2-2
2017-10-03 19:59Better document configuration.Constantine Khrulev1+13-6
2017-10-03 18:32Table column widths.Constantine Khrulev18+48-26
2017-10-03 18:32Fix indentation.Constantine Khrulev1+16-18
2017-10-03 04:39Work in progress. (Now we can produce both HTML and PFD.)Constantine Khrulev17+138-88
2017-10-02 22:56Split the Subglacier chapter.Constantine Khrulev5+609-594
2017-10-02 22:37\diff is for partial derivatives.Constantine Khrulev3+10-4
2017-10-02 22:14Add links to the section with the list of diagnostics.Constantine Khrulev5+12-16
2017-10-02 22:14Remove the link to page source from the footer.Constantine Khrulev1+2-0
2017-10-02 21:38Included files should be .txt (not .rst), add more Makefile targets.Constantine Khrulev94+439-210
2017-10-02 18:15A bit of cleanup (no real changes).Constantine Khrulev1+39-38
2017-10-02 18:14Clean up the list.Constantine Khrulev2+24-143
2017-09-30 06:56Remove the old list_diagnostics script.Constantine Khrulev1+0-42
2017-09-30 06:54Add an incomplete list of diagnostics and the script that created it.Constantine Khrulev3+1090-0
2017-09-29 17:13List parameter types, too.Constantine Khrulev2+316-310
2017-09-29 16:57Move parameter list to the top of the hierarchy in the Manual.Constantine Khrulev5+1850-1848
2017-09-29 16:49Wrap a line.Constantine Khrulev1+2-1
2017-09-29 16:49Add a script generating the parameter list and the list itself.Constantine Khrulev2+1984-1
2017-09-29 16:48Update doc string formatting in pism_config.cdl.Constantine Khrulev1+85-85
2017-09-28 23:54Add custom.cssConstantine Khrulev1+7-0
2017-09-28 23:24Add the Makefile.Constantine Khrulev1+35-0
2017-09-28 20:23GK does not need to be in a separate table.Constantine Khrulev1+15-13
2017-09-28 20:21More work...Constantine Khrulev24+604-441
2017-09-28 17:44Split the validation chapter.Constantine Khrulev3+362-352
2017-09-28 17:37Put intro first.Constantine Khrulev1+23-23
2017-09-28 17:37Remove extra tildes.Constantine Khrulev3+12-12
2017-09-28 17:24Improve some links.Constantine Khrulev15+48-43
2017-09-28 16:00Split the verification chapter.Constantine Khrulev12+233-225
2017-09-28 06:01Split the "Practical Usage" chapter.Constantine Khrulev16+1233-1177
2017-09-28 05:34Add "Previous, Up, Next" links to all pages.Constantine Khrulev1+35-0
2017-09-28 05:33Rename more entry points.Constantine Khrulev6+5-5
2017-09-28 04:54Rename entry points.Constantine Khrulev5+5-5
2017-09-28 04:52Split the climate forcing manual.Constantine Khrulev10+1401-1374
2017-09-27 05:57Split simplified experiments.Constantine Khrulev7+453-441
2017-09-26 23:04Add the bed roughness page.Constantine Khrulev2+305-0
2017-09-26 22:10More work on "modeling choices".Constantine Khrulev8+530-502
2017-09-26 21:57Re-organizing "modeling-choices"...Constantine Khrulev19+1994-1972
2017-09-26 21:17More work: shorten section names, other cleanup.Constantine Khrulev8+30-27
2017-09-26 18:31More re-organization.Constantine Khrulev10+542-525
2017-09-26 18:09Rename prologue.rst -> global.rst.Constantine Khrulev38+129-130
2017-09-26 18:04Better directory structure.Constantine Khrulev42+4915-4815
2017-09-26 17:36More proofreading.Constantine Khrulev1+32-27
2017-09-26 16:04More re-organization and proofreading.Constantine Khrulev42+1081-1057
2017-09-25 23:33Split the installation manual to make it easier to read.Constantine Khrulev16+655-667
2017-09-25 22:31More work: starting to re-organize stuff.Constantine Khrulev10+166-179
2017-09-25 20:23Put URLs in the "URL" field in ice-bib.bib.Constantine Khrulev1+30-27
2017-09-25 20:15Update a citation.Constantine Khrulev2+2-2
2017-09-25 20:14Changing the directory structure.Constantine Khrulev73+8395-7765
2017-09-22 20:37More progress.Constantine Khrulev9+59-57
2017-09-22 15:42Add more figures, wrap more text.Constantine Khrulev10+186-89
2017-09-22 06:03More work; add figures.Constantine Khrulev19+668-393
2017-09-22 01:22Fix ice-bib.bib (too many commas).Constantine Khrulev1+1-1
2017-09-22 01:21Use sphinxcontrib.bibtex for references.Constantine Khrulev17+277-396
2017-09-21 20:09Even more progress.Constantine Khrulev8+41-41
2017-09-21 19:52Lots of progress.Constantine Khrulev12+1066-530
2017-09-21 17:36Add more sections.Constantine Khrulev3+1190-0
2017-09-21 16:12More work.Constantine Khrulev10+1037-486
2017-09-21 02:38Add more fake references.Constantine Khrulev1+8-0
2017-09-21 00:00More progress.Constantine Khrulev20+1623-383
2017-09-20 19:05Add jako.rst.Constantine Khrulev2+392-0
2017-09-20 18:32More work.Constantine Khrulev7+101-123
2017-09-20 17:53More progress.Constantine Khrulev7+358-60
2017-09-20 06:05Minor fixes.Constantine Khrulev2+2-1
2017-09-20 06:05Add modeling-subglacier.rst.Constantine Khrulev1+384-0
2017-09-20 04:22Add getting-started to the whole thing.Constantine Khrulev1+1-0
2017-09-20 04:22Fix links by running "make linkcheck".Constantine Khrulev3+17-17
2017-09-20 04:12More progress.Constantine Khrulev3+21-29
2017-09-20 03:53Much better.Constantine Khrulev1+118-103
2017-09-19 23:55Good progress on practical-usage.Constantine Khrulev1+666-940
2017-09-19 21:41Add a bunch of files in doc/sphinx.Constantine Khrulev7+3449-0
2017-09-18 23:00Fix a heading.Constantine Khrulev1+1-1
2017-09-18 17:41Start converting bombproof_enth.md.Constantine Khrulev1+504-0
2017-09-18 17:18Commit vertchange.rst.Constantine Khrulev1+145-0
2017-09-17 01:21Commit latest changes in pism_forcing.rst.Constantine Khrulev1+18-15
2017-09-17 01:15Improve INSTALL.rst.Constantine Khrulev1+20-32
2017-09-17 01:03Add pism_forcing.rst.Constantine Khrulev1+1007-0
2017-09-17 00:50Add README.rstConstantine Khrulev1+60-0
2017-09-17 00:50Add a doxygen comment.Constantine Khrulev1+7-1
2017-09-13 23:59Fix a broken link.Constantine Khrulev1+1-1
2017-09-13 23:30Add icemodelvec2t.rst.Constantine Khrulev1+267-0
2017-09-13 22:16Add INSTALL.rst.Constantine Khrulev1+508-0
2017-09-13 01:10IceModelVec2T: handle the empty m_filename case.Constantine Khrulev1+5-0
2017-09-13 01:10Remove an extra initialization message.Constantine Khrulev1+0-1
2017-09-13 00:35Whitespace cleanup.Constantine Khrulev1+1-1
2017-09-13 00:34IceModelVec2T: make more methods protected.Constantine Khrulev1+3-3
2017-09-13 00:34IceModelVec2T::max_timestep() should be const.Constantine Khrulev2+2-2
2017-09-13 00:33Remove outdated doxygen comments.Constantine Khrulev1+2-54
2017-09-16 23:17Added support for EPSG:26710Andy Aschwanden1+5-25
2017-09-15 19:39Supporting EPSG:26710Andy Aschwanden1+31-0
2017-09-14 17:30Fixed ocean melt parameterizationAndy Aschwanden1+12-3
2017-09-11 21:34Fix a very stupid bug (I forgot about C++ switch fall-through).Constantine Khrulev1+4-0
2017-09-08 01:57Clean up pism::ocean::Runoff_SMB.Constantine Khrulev2+43-41
2017-09-07 21:38simplified runoff to ocean melt modifierAndy Aschwanden3+5-107
2017-09-06 22:55Use _floating instead of _shelf and mass_flux instead of ice_flux.Constantine Khrulev1+11-11
2017-09-06 19:54Better feedback on missing (or renamed) diagnosticsConstantine Khrulev1+51-3
2017-09-06 19:53Make tillwat available as a diagnosticConstantine Khrulev2+8-10
2017-09-06 19:53Always initialize IceModel::m_output_varsConstantine Khrulev1+2-1
2017-09-06 19:52Remove the IcebergMask variable from the list.Constantine Khrulev1+1-1
2017-09-06 18:27Finish implementing diagnostics needed to "balance the books."Constantine Khrulev2+247-156
2017-09-05 21:05Minor changes (white space and comments).Constantine Khrulev2+2-2
2017-09-05 23:46also added 'start' as an interval optionAndy Aschwanden2+8-4
2017-09-05 22:49timeline scripts:Andy Aschwanden2+24-8
2017-09-05 19:02Improve initialization of the PDD model.Constantine Khrulev3+96-61
2017-09-02 19:54these includes needed to compile on my laptop (Ubuntu 17.04 + petsc 3.7.6)Ed Bueler2+2-0
2017-09-02 00:33Revert "Remove Runoff_SMB (for now)."Constantine Khrulev5+281-0
2017-09-02 00:28Merge branch 'thk_calving' into devConstantine Khrulev13+1687-1399
2017-09-01 22:38Add a new command-line option: -uplift_file.Constantine Khrulev3+17-2
2017-09-01 20:23Fix a bug that resulted in running BedSmoother too often.Constantine Khrulev6+17-11
2017-09-01 19:44Clean up (replace get_theta() with theta()).Constantine Khrulev1+5-4
2017-09-01 17:25Update BedSmoother class name in the browser.Constantine Khrulev1+2-2
2017-07-31 21:51correct description of how effective pressure on till (Ntil) is computed from amount of water in till (Wtil); cite Bueler & van Pelt 2015; as suggested by Michael ImhofEd Bueler2+16-16
2017-07-31 20:53correction reported by Michael Imhof: till cohesion has input units of Pa not kPaEd Bueler1+1-1
2017-06-28 12:15Added factor 2 in deviatoric stress calculation according to eq.6 in winkelmann et al., 2011Torsten Albrecht1+3-3
2017-06-17 00:03Allow disabling PISM's doc targets.Constantine Khroulev1+7-4
2017-06-16 23:22Variables "lat" and "lon" should not have grid_mapping. See #384.Constantine Khroulev1+5-3
2017-06-16 22:35Fix the computation of the SMB in the PDD code.Constantine Khroulev1+9-4
2017-06-16 17:42Rename basal_{grounded,floating}_mass_flux.Constantine Khroulev1+6-6
2017-06-16 17:41Rename the basal melt rate field in EnergyModel.Constantine Khroulev16+44-42
2017-06-16 16:27Fix #387. (Use SWIG_ADD_LIBRARY if CMake version >= 3.8.)Constantine Khroulev1+15-3
2017-06-15 23:42Fix processing of "-no_foo" (e.g. -no_mass). See #385.Constantine Khroulev1+2-1
2017-06-15 23:31Fix #384.Constantine Khroulev1+4-3
2017-06-15 22:48Add -extra_vars shortcuts.Constantine Khroulev1+28-1
2017-06-15 22:47Fix variable names.Constantine Khroulev1+8-8
2017-06-13 23:18Implement 2D fluxes in terms of "amounts" and "masses".Constantine Khroulev3+576-226
2017-06-13 18:57Add a FIXME comment.Constantine Khroulev1+4-0
2017-06-12 22:24Add code needed to generate the list of supported diagnostics.Constantine Khroulev5+183-40
2017-06-12 22:22Fixed bug in slvol calculationTorsten Albrecht1+1-1
2017-05-26 08:54Added option -use_mean_hardness for calculation of deviatoric stressesTorsten Albrecht1+18-0
2017-05-05 21:08Floating-point addition is not associative.Constantine Khroulev3+54-40
2017-05-05 20:33A little better: now I can see both the old and the new H.Constantine Khroulev1+7-3
2017-05-05 20:28Add a bit of code for debugging.Constantine Khroulev1+6-0
2017-05-05 19:08Mark CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE as "not advanced".Constantine Khroulev1+1-0
2017-05-05 05:12More work on IceRegionalModel.Constantine Khroulev2+53-53
2017-05-05 04:41Some cleanup in IceModel.Constantine Khroulev3+47-55
2017-05-05 03:04Working on fixing the -regional mode.Constantine Khroulev3+53-82
2017-05-04 19:02Whitespace changes.Constantine Khroulev1+7-7
2017-05-04 18:44Fix #379.Constantine Khroulev1+14-12
2017-05-04 00:55Rename calving_mass_flux -> discharge_mass_flux.Constantine Khroulev1+5-5
2017-05-03 23:34Merge branch 'ckhroulev/geometry-evolution' into devConstantine Khroulev210+8765-8747
2017-05-03 19:59added script that allows overwriting the time axis of a netcdf file. Useful for postprocessing.Andy Aschwanden1+143-0
2017-05-01 16:10Minor cleanup after merging #381.Constantine Khroulev2+3-2
2017-05-01 16:07Merge pull request #381 from pism/efischer/170417-EverytraceConstantine Khroulev3+8-1
2017-04-24 17:32Remove the HDF5-based parallel I/O code. Again.Constantine Khroulev8+7-1364
2017-04-18 02:52SSAFD KSP solver: use the initial residual norm.Constantine Khroulev1+5-1
2017-04-19 23:41Fix to nc2cdo.py: always overwrite lat/lon and bounds, even if they are already presentAndy Aschwanden1+28-22
2017-04-13 13:08Fix -hydrology_const_bmelt units in manual.Julien Seguinot1+1-1
2017-04-12 17:51Fix #374 (both short and long command-line options should work).Constantine Khroulev1+17-3
2017-04-05 15:56Fix the LC bed deformation model regression test.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2017-03-27 17:48Make sure profiling data includes time spent updating the energy state.Constantine Khroulev3+8-3
2017-03-24 17:03Use the new IceModelVec2S constructor and remove redundant metadata.Constantine Khroulev1+2-6
2017-03-24 17:03Cleanup.Constantine Khroulev1+3-8
2017-03-24 17:00Add a constructor to IceModelVec2S.Constantine Khroulev2+10-0
2017-03-24 03:15IceRegionalModel: don't modify the no_model_mask if no_model_strip width is 0.Constantine Khroulev2+6-2
2017-03-24 03:14von Mises calving: calve cells right at the grounding line.Constantine Khroulev1+3-3
2017-03-24 03:13Stress-based calving methods use ghosts of strain rates.Constantine Khroulev1+2-1
2017-03-23 19:25Fix a bug in the previous commit.Constantine Khroulev1+5-4
2017-03-23 19:15Add -calving_wrap_around.Constantine Khroulev2+6-1
2017-03-23 18:57pismo: add -list_diagnostics and -profiling.Constantine Khroulev1+26-7
2017-03-23 18:56IceRegionalModel: add stress balance to the list of submodels.Constantine Khroulev1+3-1
2017-03-22 20:52pismo: Read the no model mask from the bootstrapping file.Constantine Khroulev1+8-0
2017-03-07 23:01Merge branch 'ckhroulev/issue-370-dev' into devConstantine Khroulev26+1073-579
2017-02-22 05:16Replace help@pism-docs.org with uaf-pism@alaska.edu.Constantine Khroulev5+10-10
2017-02-15 18:16Remove Pism_BUILD_TYPE...Constantine Khroulev1+2-6
2017-02-15 18:16Always install examples.Constantine Khroulev1+4-6
2017-02-14 23:32Improve calving code.Constantine Khroulev8+97-88
2017-02-14 00:17Add vonmises_calving and time-series to the "tongues" test case.Constantine Khroulev1+7-2
2017-02-13 20:02Remove bootstrapping.defaults.tillphi. See #372.Constantine Khroulev3+91-122
2017-02-09 17:26pism_strictly_static: check BUILD_SHARED_LIBS instead of setting it.Constantine Khroulev1+5-2
2017-02-07 19:57Fix examples/std-greenland/preprocess.shConstantine Khroulev1+7-7
2016-12-07 20:14Updates to commentsElizabeth Fischer2+16-0
2017-02-07 17:33Fix #366.Constantine Khroulev5+13-13
2017-02-07 18:48Merge pull request #369 from pism/efischer/170206-InstallExamplesConstantine Khroulev1+7-0
2017-02-07 18:46Merge pull request #367 from pism/efischer/170206-PISMPrefixConstantine Khroulev7+30-30
2017-02-06 17:41Document the recent change in examples/std-greenland/spinup.sh.Constantine Khroulev1+5-0
2017-02-06 16:56Update examples/std-greenland/spinup.shConstantine Khroulev1+4-2
2017-02-06 16:31Fix a typo.Constantine Khroulev1+3-3
2017-02-02 22:34Merge branch 'ckhroulev/extrapolation' into devConstantine Khroulev26+628-419
2017-02-01 22:27Enthalpy is managed by the energy model now.Constantine Khroulev1+1-2
2017-02-01 16:28Changed option name also in examples/ross/fractures/run_frac.shTorsten Albrecht1+2-2
2017-02-01 16:21Changed name of -fractures option in iMfractures.cc, to make examples/ross/run_frac.sh run again...Torsten Albrecht1+2-2
2017-01-31 21:39Remove a duplicate line from the list of diagnostics.Constantine Khroulev1+0-1
2017-01-31 17:18Fix #364.Constantine Khroulev1+1-0
2017-01-31 00:35land_ice_calving_rate is a CF standard name we can use.Constantine Khroulev1+3-3
2017-01-31 00:35Add ISMIP6 proposed standard names.Constantine Khroulev4+27-17
2017-01-26 19:24Terminus advance test: -part_grid is enabled whenever calving is on.Constantine Khroulev1+3-6
2017-01-26 19:23Fix CFL violation counting.Constantine Khroulev1+5-2
2017-01-26 07:34Fix a bug in the Logger code.Constantine Khroulev1+2-2
2017-01-26 05:21Fix options::deprecated().Constantine Khroulev1+2-1
2017-01-26 05:20Fix initialization of PrescribedSliding.Constantine Khroulev2+6-5
2017-01-26 01:14Improve command-line options for boolean flags.Constantine Khroulev1+58-19
2017-01-25 22:58Implement -float_kill_calve_near_grounding_line.Constantine Khroulev3+21-3
2017-01-24 20:36Fix compilation issues (PO_delta_MBP -> PO_frac_MBP).Constantine Khroulev2+2-2
2017-01-25 00:53updated 2017 funding sourcesAndy Aschwanden1+1-1
2017-01-24 01:39Cleanup: make it clear which run_stats attributes are time-independent.Constantine Khroulev1+13-9
2017-01-24 01:38Remove IceModel::write_metadata().Constantine Khroulev3+60-64
2017-01-19 23:33Make sure that petsc4py version gets recorded.Constantine Khroulev2+8-1
2017-01-19 20:02PO_delta_MBP.cc -> PO_frac_MBP.cc in src/coupler/CMakeLists.txtConstantine Khroulev1+1-1
2017-01-19 18:24Add the script making profiling pie charts.Constantine Khroulev1+139-0
2017-01-03 19:47Clean up: use initializer_list to build mask_values.Constantine Khroulev1+7-6
2016-12-30 02:27Clean-up: use the initializer_list AccessList constructor.Constantine Khroulev86+278-996
2016-12-30 02:22Clean up IceModel::compute_temperate_base_fraction(...).Constantine Khroulev1+9-11
2017-01-15 21:25renamed “delta_MBP” to “frac_MBP” since it is a multiplier not an offset.Andy Aschwanden5+80-80
2017-01-01 05:43minor cleanup in FE documentation (which is excellent)Ed Bueler1+24-19
2016-12-22 21:32Remove __attribute__((noreturn)) from virtual methods.Constantine Khroulev6+13-7
2016-12-22 18:53Fixing GCC's compiler warnings.Constantine Khroulev5+6-1
2016-12-21 21:44Clean up #includes.Constantine Khroulev31+15-32
2016-12-21 08:25Fix some clang static analyzer's warnings.Constantine Khroulev3+31-20
2016-12-21 01:37I think it's OK to use namespace pism here.Constantine Khroulev1+2-12
2016-12-21 01:29Add a constructor to InputOptions.Constantine Khroulev2+15-9
2016-12-21 01:29Fix file name case in #includes.Constantine Khroulev3+3-3
2016-12-20 20:55Rename some variables.Constantine Khroulev1+3-3
2016-12-20 20:55Add a default constructor to CFLData.Constantine Khroulev2+7-0
2016-12-20 20:03Fix a typo in the manual.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2016-12-20 19:36Turn off C++ extensions.Constantine Khroulev1+1-0
2016-12-20 17:58deleted src/base/iMbootstrap.ccConstantine Khroulev3+82-122
2016-11-15 22:05Move surface and basal MB into a separate method.Constantine Khroulev2+122-73
2016-11-15 18:58Separating source terms in the mass continuity equation.Constantine Khroulev1+86-58
2016-11-15 18:37Add a constructor to StarStencil.Constantine Khroulev1+9-0
2016-11-15 00:44More cleanup in iMgeometry.ccConstantine Khroulev4+56-46
2016-11-14 22:33Remove the do_redist variable.Constantine Khroulev1+8-14
2016-11-14 22:28Add flux and velocity arguments to massContExplicitStep().Constantine Khroulev7+27-16
2016-11-14 22:17Add the dt argument to IceModel::massContExplicitStep().Constantine Khroulev7+20-20
2016-11-14 21:32Clean up in the mass transport code.Constantine Khroulev1+4-4
2016-12-19 00:09Rename SurfaceModel methods.Constantine Khroulev36+135-135
2016-12-18 23:20Merge branch 'ckhroulev/dev' into devConstantine Khroulev267+6062-6612
2016-12-09 22:25Fix a typo.Constantine Khroulev1+2-3
2016-12-09 22:23Don't add -std=c++11 if it is set already.Constantine Khroulev1+4-3
2016-12-09 22:16Link to HDF5 libraries, too.Constantine Khroulev1+8-3
2016-12-09 22:02Use unique_ptr instead of auto_ptr to silence a warning.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2016-12-09 20:39Fix a compilation error.Constantine Khroulev1+2-1
2016-12-09 20:23Trying to support Intel compilers...Constantine Khroulev1+7-0
2016-12-05 06:07Use C++11 automatic type deduction to clean things up.Constantine Khroulev43+311-434
2016-12-04 05:35Add std::vector<int> IceGrid::compute_point_neighbors(...)Constantine Khroulev2+11-7
2016-12-03 02:54The EPSG code processing regression test requires PROJ.4.Constantine Khroulev1+3-1
2016-12-03 01:47Merge branch 'ckhroulev/cxx11' into devConstantine Khroulev35+128-241
2016-12-01 20:41Remove old code writing SSAFD systems to .m files.Constantine Khroulev2+0-111
2016-12-01 20:38Cleanup.Constantine Khroulev4+19-16
2016-12-01 20:28Fix ssa_test_cfbc.py, add it to regression tests.Constantine Khroulev2+15-13
2016-11-29 04:23Implement "glacierized" scalar diagnostics. See #284.Constantine Khroulev20+490-276
2016-11-28 20:34Remove IceModel::m_{strain_rates,deviatoric_stresses}.Constantine Khroulev4+52-58
2016-09-22 18:31Implement the 3D viscosity diagnostic. See #320.Constantine Khroulev4+222-8
2016-11-22 19:21Apply topg_delta *after* regridding.Constantine Khroulev1+4-4
2016-11-22 13:09updated velocity data url for Ross exampleTorsten Albrecht1+4-6
2016-11-21 21:11Add -topg_delta_file topg_delta.nc.Constantine Khroulev6+42-6
2016-11-21 20:06Sort parameters in pism_config.cdl.Constantine Khroulev1+1165-1186
2016-11-19 01:27Try to fix a compilation error.Constantine Khroulev1+3-3
2016-11-18 00:13PDD model: add {saccum,smelt,srunoff}_average.Constantine Khroulev2+139-0
2016-11-19 00:08Add a helper template class for computing time averagesConstantine Khroulev1+56-0
2016-11-16 20:39Remove all mentions of pism_installation.pdf.Constantine Khroulev6+5-9
2016-11-16 19:55Apply lapse rate corrections throughout the domain.Constantine Khroulev1+3-8
2016-11-16 19:54Use [kg m-2 s-1] in pism_forcing.tex.Constantine Khroulev1+13-11
2016-11-11 01:00Remove BedrockSystem.hh and close #329.Constantine Khroulev1+0-50
2016-11-10 17:15SSARun.write(): write more fields for debugging.Constantine Khroulev2+22-0
2016-11-10 17:15Add ocean_pressure_difference to SSA diagnostics.Constantine Khroulev3+78-4
2016-11-09 23:27Fix writing in SSARun.write().Constantine Khroulev1+4-4
2016-11-09 23:26Fix writing in ModelVecs.writeall().Constantine Khroulev1+11-1
2016-11-09 23:25Fix ssa_forward.py.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2016-11-08 00:24If a CMake option is set the corresponding package is *required*.Constantine Khroulev1+4-4
2016-11-04 00:14Cleanup: move implementations out of the header.Constantine Khroulev4+33-31
2016-11-04 00:05Cleanup: Remove "an unholy amount of escapes."Constantine Khroulev1+22-22
2016-11-03 20:22Added accessors to support IceBin/ModelE developmentElizabeth Fischer1+4-0
2016-11-02 22:52Fix #166: Install headers in include/pism, skip 3rd party headers and empty directories.Constantine Khroulev1+14-2
2016-11-02 22:30PIO::PIO(...) opens or creates the fileConstantine Khroulev43+247-392
2016-11-02 20:42Close #313.Constantine Khroulev1+27-11
2016-11-02 01:43Add SWIG and petsc4py to version info.Constantine Khroulev3+21-1
2016-11-02 00:33Add MPI library version; print more info when -version is set.Constantine Khroulev2+8-1
2016-11-02 00:05Add CMake and Jansson to version info.Constantine Khroulev4+17-4
2016-11-01 23:23Add pism::version()Constantine Khroulev5+49-1
2016-11-01 22:20Stop if PetscScalar is complex. See #237.Constantine Khroulev2+31-0
2016-11-01 00:49Convert pism_installation.tex to Markdown; replace INSTALL.mdConstantine Khroulev4+394-891
2016-10-11 11:49The newest TeXlive / Komascript bails when using \bf, \sc, etc. This is a temporary fix, ideally, one would replace all deprecated commands, but it appears that '\sc' is hard coded somewhere in the bibliography? style fileAndy Aschwanden3+33-3
2016-10-06 00:20PDD: add {define,write}_model_state().Constantine Khroulev2+11-0
2016-10-06 00:20SurfaceModel: add {define,write}_model_state.Constantine Khroulev2+16-0
2016-10-06 00:19PDD: improve API and add diagnostics.Constantine Khroulev2+201-0
2016-10-06 00:17Component: add {define,write}_model_state().Constantine Khroulev3+45-0
2016-10-05 23:16Remove a whole lot of repetitive code.Constantine Khroulev16+36-506
2016-10-05 23:00Add ocean model diagnostics.Constantine Khroulev3+144-0
2016-10-05 22:59Cleanup.Constantine Khroulev1+0-1
2016-10-05 22:15Take advantage of the recent change.Constantine Khroulev18+21-610
2016-10-05 20:06Create surface model diagnostics.Constantine Khroulev2+173-0
2016-10-05 16:55Fix a compilation error with old GSL (< 1.15).Constantine Khroulev1+2-2
2016-10-04 16:27Bring back -save_force_output_times.Constantine Khroulev1+2-0
2016-10-04 15:45Fix #354.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2016-10-04 00:57Remove the last "friend" of IceModel.Constantine Khroulev2+2-5
2016-10-04 00:34Move max CFL time step computation to timestepping.{cc,hh}.Constantine Khroulev8+275-180
2016-10-03 23:14Move max_timestep_cfl_[23]d out of IceModel.Constantine Khroulev2+115-45
2016-10-03 19:32Add error location info to RuntimeError. See #353.Constantine Khroulev104+659-610
2016-10-03 18:22Minor cleanup.Constantine Khroulev3+5-4
2016-10-01 05:04Fix compilation issues on beauregard.Constantine Khroulev4+10-7
2016-10-01 05:03Mark IceModel::initialize_[23]d as "noreturn".Constantine Khroulev1+2-2
2016-10-01 05:02Mark IceCompModel bootstrapping methods as "noreturn".Constantine Khroulev1+2-2
2016-10-01 04:06enthalpyAndDrainageStep -> enthalpyStepConstantine Khroulev7+19-21
2016-10-01 04:03Switch to etags from Emacs 25.1.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2016-10-01 03:29Move age time-stepping code to src/base/age.Constantine Khroulev5+199-148
2016-10-01 03:15SWIG bootstrapping heuristics (to make testing easier).Constantine Khroulev1+3-0
2016-10-01 02:27Put ice temperature heuristics into separate functions.Constantine Khroulev4+134-35
2016-10-01 01:59Remove IceModel::CFLmaxdt and CFLmaxdt2D.Constantine Khroulev3+5-20
2016-10-01 00:38Age, temperature, enthalpy step methods take the dt argument.Constantine Khroulev10+25-18
2016-10-01 00:33More cleanup in IceModel.Constantine Khroulev6+41-34
2016-09-30 23:49Start work on isolating the age code.Constantine Khroulev3+58-13
2016-09-30 22:31Cleanup in IceModel and elsewhere.Constantine Khroulev8+195-133
2016-09-30 21:07Clean up in the temperature-based code.Constantine Khroulev4+45-43
2016-09-30 19:51temperatureStep() uses EnergyModelInputs.Constantine Khroulev5+62-66
2016-09-30 19:14enthalpyAndDrainageStep() uses EnergyModelInputs.Constantine Khroulev5+146-61
2016-09-30 17:45Create EnergyModelStats.Constantine Khroulev8+53-57
2016-09-30 16:32Rename a variable: Rb -> basal_frictional_heating.Constantine Khroulev1+4-4
2016-09-29 19:58Fix targets "coverage_report" and "coverage_reset".Constantine Khroulev1+5-3
2016-09-29 19:57Timeseries: add {get,set}_use_bounds().Constantine Khroulev2+12-0
2016-09-29 18:11Improve PISM.Context().Constantine Khroulev1+22-27
2016-09-29 18:11Wrap TimeseriesMetadata.Constantine Khroulev2+5-4
2016-09-29 00:07Use new code computing lon. and lat. bounds.Constantine Khroulev3+15-48
2016-09-28 23:53Isolate code computing lon and lat bounds.Constantine Khroulev2+65-2
2016-09-28 23:40Better to have separate functions for lon and lat.Constantine Khroulev3+28-18
2016-09-28 23:31Clean up lon bounds and lat bounds diagnostics.Constantine Khroulev2+9-30
2016-09-28 23:29Isolate the code computing cell areas, lon, lat.Constantine Khroulev3+150-117
2016-09-28 22:28Add a simple wrapper for projPJ.Constantine Khroulev1+54-0
2016-09-28 21:32Remove IceModel::m_mapping.Constantine Khroulev4+8-10
2016-09-28 21:32Print commands to simplify debugging.Constantine Khroulev1+11-7
2016-09-28 21:23Hide private IceGrid methods.Constantine Khroulev2+43-43
2016-09-28 21:11Don't write the "grid_mapping" attribute when "mapping" is not set.Constantine Khroulev3+9-2
2016-09-28 20:57Use the new grid mapping code in IceModel.Constantine Khroulev2+31-66
2016-09-28 20:56Don't write the empty "mapping" to output files.Constantine Khroulev1+8-5
2016-09-28 20:55Improve handling of grid mappings.Constantine Khroulev4+120-29
2016-09-28 18:52Add VariableMetadata::has_attributes().Constantine Khroulev2+5-0
2016-09-28 18:51Improve docs of write_attributes().Constantine Khroulev1+6-5
2016-09-28 16:48Move check_mapping_equivalence() to projection.cc.Constantine Khroulev4+71-74
2016-09-28 16:47Add SWIG wrapping of std::map<...>.Constantine Khroulev1+3-0
2016-09-28 00:13Isolate the code checking the equivalence of an EPSG code to a CF mapping variable.Constantine Khroulev3+79-53
2016-09-28 00:13Use a const reference instead of a value.Constantine Khroulev2+4-4
2016-09-28 00:13Cosmetic changes.Constantine Khroulev1+2-2
2016-09-27 17:03IceModel: cosmetic changes.Constantine Khroulev1+6-6
2016-09-27 17:02SSAFD: m_ prefix, remove a friend class, add integrated_viscosity().Constantine Khroulev2+62-57
2016-09-27 16:59Clean up some command-line options.Constantine Khroulev15+50-100
2016-09-26 23:16Exclude vdt from doxygen docs.Constantine Khroulev1+2-1
2016-09-26 23:01Remove bedrockThermalUnit.cc.Constantine Khroulev1+0-467
2016-09-26 22:46Remove {get,set}VerbosityLevel(), verbPrintf().Constantine Khroulev40+23-210
2016-09-26 22:08Remove most uses of verbPrintf.Constantine Khroulev7+22-28
2016-09-26 21:26Cleanup in deformation.{cc,hh}.Constantine Khroulev2+28-28
2016-09-26 20:07Remove simple{H,I,J,K,L}. See #343.Constantine Khroulev18+312-728
2016-09-26 19:34Cleanup in ShallowStressBalance.Constantine Khroulev7+124-130
2016-09-26 18:48Add some fracture density options to the config.Constantine Khroulev2+52-9
2016-09-26 17:32Add a "regression test" using bed_deformation.pyConstantine Khroulev1+2-0
2016-09-26 17:08Fix bed_deformation.py, remove tryLCbd.cc. See #181.Constantine Khroulev3+78-363
2016-09-26 16:47Fix a bug in IceModel::list_diagnostics(); cleanup.Constantine Khroulev2+5-6
2016-09-26 16:44PBLingleClark: fix init_with_inputs_impl.Constantine Khroulev2+26-13
2016-09-24 00:29Remove IceModel::maxdt_temporary.Constantine Khroulev3+0-11
2016-09-24 00:16Move min and max thickness checks out of IceModel.Constantine Khroulev3+20-16
2016-09-24 00:11Remove -view_sys, -id, -jd.Constantine Khroulev7+0-44
2016-09-23 23:47Bed deformation without IceModel, in Python. See #181.Constantine Khroulev1+137-0
2016-09-23 23:26A bit of cleanup.Constantine Khroulev1+5-5
2016-09-23 18:00IceModel_max_diffusivity is not a "friend".Constantine Khroulev1+0-1
2016-09-23 17:40Cleanup in IceModel.Constantine Khroulev8+130-94
2016-09-22 18:31StressBalance: add const-qualifiers.Constantine Khroulev2+16-16
2016-09-22 17:27Diagnostics: add m_fill_value.Constantine Khroulev5+50-54
2016-09-22 05:45Add the 3D hardness diagnostic. See #320.Constantine Khroulev2+70-0
2016-09-22 05:36Cleanup.Constantine Khroulev2+0-2
2016-09-22 05:01Major cleanup in IceModel.Constantine Khroulev9+311-266
2016-09-21 20:57Option -part_grid implies -part_redist.Constantine Khroulev24+33-48
2016-09-21 18:34IceModel::updateSurfaceElevationAndMask -> enforce_consistency_of_geometry()Constantine Khroulev5+9-9
2016-09-21 16:32Cleanup in SIAFD.Constantine Khroulev3+6-8
2016-09-21 02:10Add a bed smoother regression test in Python.Constantine Khroulev3+139-0
2016-09-21 02:07Remove bedrough_test and the associated regression test.Constantine Khroulev4+0-191
2016-09-21 02:06Bed smoother: remove get_smoothing_domain().Constantine Khroulev2+9-19
2016-09-21 00:20Bed smoother: add the m_ prefix.Constantine Khroulev2+102-103
2016-09-20 22:47Remove flowlaw_test and associated regression tests.Constantine Khroulev9+78-364
2016-09-20 00:05Hide obscure HDF5-related variables.Constantine Khroulev1+1-0
2016-09-21 20:15CalvingFrontRetreat: avoid "wrapping around".Constantine Khroulev1+28-5
2016-09-21 18:34Forgot to enable frontal melt.Constantine Khroulev1+10-0
2016-09-16 23:51Implement calving front retreat due to frontal melting.Constantine Khroulev6+92-9
2016-09-16 00:06Fix a comment.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2016-09-15 22:05Fix a bug.Constantine Khroulev6+6-10
2016-09-14 02:23Remove an unused parameter (again).Constantine Khroulev1+0-5
2016-09-14 01:50Rename -cfl_eigen_calving to -calving_cfl.Constantine Khroulev3+6-5
2016-09-14 01:35Remove an old source code file.Constantine Khroulev1+0-490
2016-09-13 07:59Merge branch 'ckhroulev/json-config' into devConstantine Khroulev186+4552-2620
2016-09-13 07:02Fix compilation errors on beauregard.Constantine Khroulev3+5-0
2016-09-13 06:49Fix compilation errors and warnings.Constantine Khroulev4+8-8
2016-09-13 06:35Merge branch 'ckhroulev/issue-352' into devConstantine Khroulev69+972-1357
2016-09-13 00:49Implement topg_sl_adjusted.Constantine Khroulev1+4-3
2016-09-13 00:49Add IceModel::bed_model() const.Constantine Khroulev2+5-0
2016-09-13 00:41Add IceModel::ocean_model() plus cleanup in stress balance code.Constantine Khroulev17+81-44
2016-09-13 00:24Add const qualifiers to some OceanModel methods.Constantine Khroulev24+76-76
2016-09-13 00:11Cleanup in IceModel.Constantine Khroulev1+37-19
2016-09-09 23:55Try to fix inversion tools in dev.Constantine Khroulev1+2-2
2016-09-10 07:24Tweaking the comments.Constantine Khroulev1+2-2
2016-09-10 07:22Clean up in the UDUNITS2 wrapper.Constantine Khroulev1+7-8
2016-09-10 07:21Clean up in IceModel.Constantine Khroulev2+1-3
2016-09-07 19:14Update relax-topography/preprocess.sh.Constantine Khroulev1+4-4
2016-09-07 19:07Update the SeaRISE-Antarctica pre-processing script.Constantine Khroulev1+8-5
2016-09-07 18:55Update the std-greenland pre-processing script.Constantine Khroulev1+5-4
2016-09-07 18:22Merge branch 'ckhroulev/precipitation-units' into devConstantine Khroulev11+47-39
2016-09-07 15:35Remove "pdd_old". Again.Constantine Khroulev6+1-1130
2016-09-07 01:07Add an old code stub (to stop bit rot). See #329.Constantine Khroulev1+50-0
2016-09-07 00:14Commit some old work on #343 to prevent bit rot.Constantine Khroulev19+632-1011
2016-09-06 22:43Remove Component::find_pism_input()Constantine Khroulev31+257-361
2016-09-06 19:36IceModel::m_bedtoptemp is no longer needed.Constantine Khroulev3+3-11
2016-09-06 01:19More work on the bedrock thermal unit.Constantine Khroulev29+1194-803
2016-09-01 16:15Fix a typo in nccmp.py.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2016-08-31 17:13Set the flux at the ice base during initialization.Constantine Khroulev1+10-8
2016-08-30 21:47Fix processing of -Mbz and -Lbz.Constantine Khroulev1+15-18
2016-08-30 18:55Initialization overhaul. WIP; some tests fail.Constantine Khroulev15+280-313
2016-08-30 18:54Add BTU_Verification.{cc,hh}Constantine Khroulev3+140-0
2016-08-29 22:18pism::IceModel: the m_ prefix.Constantine Khroulev16+118-118
2016-08-26 20:33Initialization overhaul. Work in progress. Compiles.Constantine Khroulev16+490-640
2016-08-25 00:18Run clang-format on src/base/iMfractures.ccConstantine Khroulev1+113-130
2016-08-25 00:12IceModelVecs owned by IceModel: m_ prefix.Constantine Khroulev16+202-200
2016-08-24 23:42Remove IceModel::m_external_{surface,ocean}_model.Constantine Khroulev4+2-14
2016-08-24 17:02Remove mask_is_floating_thickness_standard. See #349.Constantine Khroulev3+4-12
2016-08-24 00:20Fix #351 (duplicate history in -extra_files).Constantine Khroulev3+59-27
2016-08-22 23:48Add an ocean model initialization helper.Constantine Khroulev5+282-2
2016-08-22 19:39pismr and pisms use surface::InitializationHelper.Constantine Khroulev3+17-9
2016-08-22 18:57More work on the initialization helper code.Constantine Khroulev2+95-26
2016-08-22 18:55Implement init_step()Constantine Khroulev3+31-23
2016-08-20 04:00Whitespace changes.Constantine Khroulev2+3-3
2016-08-20 03:04m_ prefix in IceModel.Constantine Khroulev5+38-37
2016-08-20 02:56pism::YieldStress models are diagnosticConstantine Khroulev14+73-79
2016-08-20 00:04Add new pism::surface::Initialization (still broken).Constantine Khroulev3+194-0
2016-08-20 00:03Very minor cleanup.Constantine Khroulev1+4-4
2016-08-19 21:10Modifier cleanup (m_ prefix stuff).Constantine Khroulev25+196-199
2016-08-19 20:26Store current scalar forcing in m_current_forcingConstantine Khroulev4+15-12
2016-08-19 20:05More cleanup.Constantine Khroulev4+0-9
2016-08-19 19:29Clean up in Timeseries.Constantine Khroulev2+17-14
2016-08-19 00:04Scalar forcing modifiers: add the m_ prefix.Constantine Khroulev11+97-97
2016-08-12 23:19Add the m_ prefix.Constantine Khroulev7+40-40
2016-08-12 22:07Fix sia_forward.py and add a regression test.Constantine Khroulev3+38-4
2016-08-12 22:01Delete tauc2tillphi.py (bit rot took over).Constantine Khroulev1+0-243
2016-08-12 22:01IceGrid::FromFile: use PIO instead of the file name.Constantine Khroulev5+25-14
2016-08-12 19:20Grid initialization: keep the input file open.Constantine Khroulev1+3-2
2016-08-11 19:01OK to use netcdf3 to initialize time.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2016-08-11 17:24Reduce the number of times the input file is openedConstantine Khroulev5+84-92
2016-08-10 18:42Whitespace changes.Constantine Khroulev6+19-18
2016-08-18 22:36Fix message order (-bed_def none initialization).Constantine Khroulev1+4-3
2016-08-18 22:14do_calving() calls Href_cleanup() already.Constantine Khroulev1+0-2
2016-08-18 22:15IceModel::do_calving(): update mask after Href_cleanup().Constantine Khroulev1+4-0
2016-08-18 22:15Always ensure consistency of geometry after initialization.Constantine Khroulev1+3-2
2016-07-21 18:09attempt to make links to netcdf4-python clear and up to dateEd Bueler1+4-4
2016-06-11 18:24fixed typo in factoryAndy Aschwanden1+1-1
2016-06-11 17:55fixing unitsAndy Aschwanden1+2-2
2016-06-11 17:40added new scalar fractions SMB to POFactoryAndy Aschwanden1+2-0
2016-06-11 17:08added ocean_frac_SMB fractional shelf-base mass flux offsetsAndy Aschwanden4+213-0
2016-06-09 16:55Merge branch 'dev' of https://github.com/pism/pism into devAndy Aschwanden1+1-1
2016-06-09 16:53Change of units for ocean sub shelf mass flux modifier since "-ocean_given file.nc" expects [kg m-2 s-1], the modifier should use the same units, not [m year-1]Andy Aschwanden2+4-6
2016-05-21 16:54Fix compiler warnings.Constantine Khroulev2+6-5
2016-05-21 16:42Merge branch 'dev' of https://github.com/pism/pism into devAndy Aschwanden1+1-10
2016-05-21 16:41writing extra split files "%s_%s.nc" instead of "%s-%s.ncAndy Aschwanden1+1-1
2016-05-20 23:02Merge branch 'ckhroulev/eigen-calving-cleanup' into devConstantine Khroulev51+2250-1259
2016-05-20 22:36-{surface,atmosphere} given: set valid_{min,max}Constantine Khroulev2+14-1
2016-05-19 22:32Install all Python scripts in util/. Fixes #346.Constantine Khroulev1+3-9
2016-05-19 22:27Re-organize the "util" sub-directory. See #346.Constantine Khroulev8+12-126
2016-05-19 21:45Rename cell_mass -> ice_mass, include Href.Constantine Khroulev4+35-29
2016-05-16 00:50added spatial diagnostic "cell_mass"Andy Aschwanden5+81-1
2016-05-11 01:54cosmetical change: report grid dx, dy in meters for dx, dy < 1000m during model initialization.Andy Aschwanden1+6-1
2016-05-03 19:47Remove all mentions of petsc_history.Constantine Khroulev1+0-9
2016-05-03 19:49Make PISM's inverse code compatible with PETSc 3.7.Constantine Khroulev1+6-1
2016-05-06 01:20Add wvelsurf to output_2dbig.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2016-04-28 17:06Clean up config. parameters output_{medium,2dbig,big}.Constantine Khroulev2+24-38
2016-04-12 23:30PIO: remove awkward "optimizations".Constantine Khroulev2+9-47
2016-04-12 22:05NetCDFConfig::all_strings_impl: skip booleansConstantine Khroulev1+18-2
2016-04-12 18:02Use clang-format to clean up code in src/icebin/Constantine Khroulev8+497-533
2016-04-12 15:32Add .clang-formatConstantine Khroulev1+68-0
2016-04-20 19:57removed relative_flotation (the meaning needs rethinking) and clarified height_above_flotationAndy Aschwanden3+1-75
2016-04-20 17:26fixed typo in relative_flotationAndy Aschwanden1+1-1
2016-04-20 05:06implemented 'height_above_flotation' and 'relative_flotation' (ice thickness divided by flotation thickness). Needs a better name.Andy Aschwanden4+87-49
2016-04-20 03:05Started implementing new diagnostic "height_above_flotation"Andy Aschwanden2+111-1
2016-04-07 20:40Add option -float_kill_margin_only. See #340.Constantine Khroulev3+16-2
2016-04-07 18:41It turns out M_PI is not standard.Constantine Khroulev17+25-10
2016-04-07 17:59Update PISM's CMake scriptsConstantine Khroulev2+2-3
2016-04-01 20:37lat_bnds and lon_bnds don't need the "coordinates" attribute.Constantine Khroulev1+1-0
2016-04-01 17:25Cleanup. Boring.Constantine Khroulev2+21-23
2016-04-01 17:15No need to #define pi (math.h defines M_PI for us).Constantine Khroulev6+20-26
2016-04-01 16:48Clean up exactTestO.cConstantine Khroulev1+10-15
2016-04-01 01:26Enable the "limnsw" diagnostic.Constantine Khroulev1+1-0
2016-03-31 22:02Update run_stats in -extra_file, -save_file, -ts_file. See #330.Constantine Khroulev2+18-5
2016-03-31 18:20Move Pism_BUILD_PDFS to top-level CMakeLists.txt. See #342.Constantine Khroulev2+1-5
2016-03-31 17:05Iceberg remover: use the right mask.Constantine Khroulev1+12-8
2016-03-31 16:49Rename max_iterations_ssafd -> ssafd_max_iterations.Constantine Khroulev2+6-6
2016-03-31 16:45Cleanup.Constantine Khroulev1+4-3
2016-03-31 16:44SSAFD: Replace zero diagonal matrix entries with large beta.Constantine Khroulev2+21-6
2016-03-31 01:46Fix a compilation error introduced by 74c109c4. (Or I think I did.)Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2016-03-31 01:12Remove duplicate message ("Got projection parameters...")Constantine Khroulev1+1-9
2016-03-30 22:18New diagnostics: {surface,basal}_mass_balance_average.Constantine Khroulev3+145-0
2016-03-30 21:46Mass continuity time-stepping: transport first, then sources.Constantine Khroulev1+47-30
2016-03-30 19:27Always do flux accounting.Constantine Khroulev5+43-100
2016-03-30 18:58Restartability test: compare model_state variables only.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2016-03-30 18:57Improve nccmp.py.Constantine Khroulev1+2-1
2016-03-30 18:57Fix typos in code that should save cumulative fluxes.Constantine Khroulev1+3-3
2016-03-30 18:19Cleanup in IceModel: always allocate fields used for accounting.Constantine Khroulev1+35-45
2016-03-30 17:30SSAFEM uses the new thickness threshold.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2016-03-30 15:40The SSA class owns the mask.Constantine Khroulev3+89-69
2016-03-29 17:30Improve a doxygen comment.Constantine Khroulev1+9-9
2016-03-29 17:24Use GeometryCalculator methods for all mask/surface updates.Constantine Khroulev6+102-138
2016-03-29 16:02More cleanup (boring).Constantine Khroulev33+144-175
2016-03-29 00:08Cleanup.Constantine Khroulev8+80-80
2016-03-28 23:58Remove ShallowStressBalance::set_sea_level_elevation()Constantine Khroulev9+61-55
2016-03-28 22:56GeometryCalculator: support custom ice-free thickness thresholds.Constantine Khroulev4+31-6
2016-03-28 22:23Use shared_ptr to manage diagnostics.Constantine Khroulev34+236-251
2016-03-28 21:41Add ice thickness thresholds for reporting and stress balance.Constantine Khroulev1+10-0
2016-03-28 21:39Fix initialization order: get projection info before computing cell areas.Constantine Khroulev1+17-1
2016-03-28 21:30Report projection info obtained from an input file.Constantine Khroulev1+6-0
2016-03-28 21:29Add projection information to the std-greenland example.Constantine Khroulev1+3-1
2016-03-28 21:16Global attributes stored by IceModel are for *output* files.Constantine Khroulev9+28-23
2016-03-28 21:08Better standard out messages about cell areas.Constantine Khroulev1+7-2
2016-03-28 19:49Update a regression test.Constantine Khroulev1+1-2
2016-03-28 19:43Remove special "marginal" ice treatment from enthSystemCtx.Constantine Khroulev3+15-22
2016-03-28 19:38Update the test G regression test. See #292.Constantine Khroulev1+8-8
2016-03-28 19:38Don't ignore horizontal enthalpy advection and strain heating. See #292.Constantine Khroulev4+5-33
2016-03-28 18:52Data member names. Very boring. Move right along.Constantine Khroulev34+1102-1101
2016-03-28 16:31Clean up PISM's build scripts.Constantine Khroulev1+40-47
2016-03-28 16:07Whitespace changes.Constantine Khroulev2+6-7
2016-03-28 06:28FFTW really is not optional (it could be, though).Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2016-03-28 06:26No need to support CMake 2.8.4: we require 2.8.8.Constantine Khroulev1+2-14
2016-03-28 06:25We don't need to support Subversion.Constantine Khroulev1+0-16
2016-03-27 21:55Merge branch 'efischer/dev' into devConstantine Khroulev4+10-58
2016-03-27 20:36Fixing compilation errors and warnings on beauregard.Constantine Khroulev11+52-52
2016-03-26 17:29Fix the regexp.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2016-03-26 17:26Old CMake versions don't know about C++ standards.Constantine Khroulev1+8-0
2016-03-26 17:09Done merging efischer/160313-BuildFixes into dev.Constantine Khroulev5+106-149
2016-03-26 15:41Merge branch 'efischer/160313-BuildFixes' into devConstantine Khroulev26+1878-426
2016-03-25 20:15Merge branch 'ckhroulev/initmip' into devConstantine Khroulev20+666-262
2016-03-25 19:13Turn test/enthalpy/column.py into a regression test.Constantine Khroulev2+33-14
2016-03-25 18:40Fix verification test "enthalpy diffusion in the column".Constantine Khroulev1+14-9
2016-03-24 22:28Fix compilation warnings on beauregard.Constantine Khroulev12+58-55
2016-03-24 19:33Add -fPIC to C compiler flags.Constantine Khroulev1+6-1
2016-03-24 16:40Move enthalpy solver tests into a sub-directory.Constantine Khroulev4+505-505
2016-03-24 16:12Fix a typo.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2016-03-24 16:09Always build inverse modeling code.Constantine Khroulev1+4-7
2016-03-24 06:15Remove Blatter code from the dev branch.Constantine Khroulev11+0-2598
2016-03-24 06:09Merge branch 'ckhroulev/single-library' into devConstantine Khroulev11+60-122
2016-03-24 05:35Fix a bug in horizontal enthalpy advection code.Constantine Khroulev1+3-3
2016-03-23 22:39Merge branch 'ckhroulev/blatter' into devConstantine Khroulev109+5269-2291
2016-03-23 20:16Re-implement lateral till water diffusion as in Bueler and Brown, 2009.Constantine Khroulev3+110-20
2016-03-22 21:15Try using first-order FD to compute u_x, v_yConstantine Khroulev2+67-10
2016-03-22 21:05Remove duplicate entries from pism_config.cdl.Constantine Khroulev1+1-6
2016-03-22 16:25Cleanup in hydrology code.Constantine Khroulev3+163-156
2016-03-10 19:59Add the pism_ file name prefix to PISM's PDFs.Constantine Khroulev106+3317-3317
2016-03-02 20:19Diagnostics have access to a unit system.Constantine Khroulev1+15-30
2016-03-02 20:10More consistent use of m year-1 and m second-1 in unitsConstantine Khroulev49+219-219
2016-03-02 01:29Fix a compilation error with Pism_USE_PNETCDF=ON.Constantine Khroulev1+3-3
2016-03-01 21:44Fix a sign error bug introduced by 97d231d2.Constantine Khroulev4+29-29
2016-03-01 21:30Add "const" to some enthSystemCtx methods.Constantine Khroulev2+5-5
2016-03-01 18:19Include PISM revision in libpismutilConstantine Khroulev2+11-12
2016-02-29 22:23Use set(...) instead of string(CONCAT ...).Constantine Khroulev1+2-2
2016-02-25 21:29Add committer's name and date to the version string.Constantine Khroulev1+5-0
2016-02-22 05:48Minor addition: README.md in src/ suggests how to count lines.Ed Bueler1+11-0
2016-02-11 18:36Consistent naming of strain rate diagnostics.Constantine Khroulev3+9-9
2016-02-01 17:45Merge branch 'ckhroulev/ssafem-cfbc' into devConstantine Khroulev32+1829-989
2016-01-29 03:40Support PETSc master (as of Jan 28, 2016).Constantine Khroulev3+19-6
2016-01-22 07:05Add forgotten files (pism_utilities.{cc,hh}).Constantine Khroulev2+178-0
2016-01-21 01:08Merge branch 'ckhroulev/netcdf-string' into devConstantine Khroulev81+366-254
2016-01-20 21:22Merge branch 'ckhroulev/new-gl-mask-code' into devConstantine Khroulev10+440-253
2016-01-16 01:14Remove unused variables.Constantine Khroulev2+5-8
2016-01-16 01:11Remove chunk_dimensions(...) and io_type_size(...).Constantine Khroulev1+3-59
2016-01-16 01:07Don't use C99 features in enthalpy_converter.cConstantine Khroulev1+7-7
2016-01-16 00:50Remove an unused variable.Constantine Khroulev1+1-2
2016-01-16 00:33EnthalpyConverter::c() should have no arguments.Constantine Khroulev5+10-32
2016-01-16 00:27Replace division with multiplication in enthSystemCtx.Constantine Khroulev1+8-8
2016-01-16 01:53Fix #321 in the dev branch.Constantine Khroulev1+3-2
2016-01-14 23:40Remove SIA_Sliding, EISMINT II tests G and H, verification test E.Constantine Khroulev20+278-1233
2016-01-14 18:23Fix SIA_Sliding::surface_gradient_eta().Constantine Khroulev1+17-18
2016-01-14 18:20SIA_Sliding::init_impl(): print a message.Constantine Khroulev1+3-1
2016-01-14 18:19Better error messages on stress balance failure.Constantine Khroulev1+3-2
2016-01-14 08:57Merge branch 'ckhroulev/top-surface-neumann' into devConstantine Khroulev21+1269-261
2016-01-12 21:06Fix #328.Constantine Khroulev2+22-7
2016-01-12 19:44Fix a copy-and-paste goof.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2016-01-12 18:18Use EnthalpyConverter::is_temperate_relaxed() in diagnostics.Constantine Khroulev2+14-14
2016-01-12 18:16Add EnthalpyConverter::is_temperate_relaxed().Constantine Khroulev3+17-8
2016-01-12 07:50Add a link to Thomas's paper.Constantine Khroulev1+6-1
2016-01-12 02:04Reduce the time step length in the "heated slab" setup.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2015-10-28 09:42Fix assemble_R() for cold ice condtionsThomas Kleiner1+13-2
2015-10-28 09:22Fix enthalpy boundary condition schemeThomas Kleiner1+19-9
2016-01-12 00:24Add scripts for the "heated slab" setup.Constantine Khroulev3+169-0
2016-01-11 22:03Fix a typo.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2016-01-08 19:01Remove all mentions of dt_force. See #335.Constantine Khroulev5+8-24
2016-01-05 18:37Use standard C++ in the initialization of gpbld_constants gpbld.Constantine Khroulev2+11-13
2015-12-17 05:31Merge branch 'ckhroulev/netcdf-chunking' into devConstantine Khroulev9+163-13
2015-12-17 05:13Remove linear-in-T specific heat capacity.Constantine Khroulev3+0-86
2015-12-16 23:43Minor: The running CHANGES.md is easier to interpret if it explicitly says the new version number. Suggest adding a sentence or two like this in future releases.Ed Bueler1+1-1
2015-12-16 23:04Remove varcEnthalpyConverter.Constantine Khroulev12+116-257
2015-12-16 20:11Move cold case E(T) and T(E) functions into separate methods.Constantine Khroulev2+15-2
2015-12-16 19:32Merge branch 'ckhroulev/enthalpyconverter' into devConstantine Khroulev4+24-122
2015-12-16 06:13Merge branch 'ckhroulev/fast-gpbld' into devConstantine Khroulev42+2971-197
2015-11-26 23:41Whitespace cleanup.Constantine Khroulev1+6-6
2015-11-26 23:30Precompute dz in SIAFD::compute_I().Constantine Khroulev1+6-2
2015-11-24 22:20Minor cleanup in the quadratic interpolation code.Constantine Khroulev1+14-21
2015-11-24 00:15Replace "-" with "_" in snapshots written with -save_split.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2015-12-15 23:14Please let me know if you think this is a bad idea: Add the content of the page http://www.pism-docs.org/wiki/doku.php?id=citing_pism as ACKNOWLEDGE.md. This is prompted by a Craig Lingle suggestion; see email.Ed Bueler1+58-0
2015-11-19 22:30Support both GSL >= 1.15 and GSL >= 2.0.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2015-11-18 20:30Merge branch 'ckhroulev/new-pismo' into devConstantine Khroulev21+1085-689
2015-11-18 19:49Fix compilation errors and compiler warnings.Constantine Khroulev2+5-4
2015-11-18 07:07Add an option and config. parameter "force_to_thickness_start_time".Constantine Khroulev3+12-0
2015-11-18 00:15Add new option: -save_force_output_times.Constantine Khroulev4+22-1
2015-11-17 23:30Use requested times in -save_split snapshot file names.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2015-11-17 23:30pism::Time::date(): don't pad result with zeros.Constantine Khroulev2+2-2
2015-11-17 22:38Merge branch 'ckhroulev/flowlaws' into devConstantine Khroulev55+1936-1171
2015-11-12 23:17Update README about Greenland hydrology runs.Ed Bueler1+2-4
2015-11-12 23:11Update README about hydrology verification test.Ed Bueler1+14-2
2015-11-12 22:11Hide StringLogger methods that are not a part of its API.Constantine Khroulev1+1-0
2015-11-12 21:15Use >= in EnthalpyConverter::pressure.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2015-11-12 17:32Add MPI_Finalize() to a code example in the browser.Constantine Khroulev1+2-0
2015-11-12 06:36Add the ability to add hooks to pism::RuntimeError.Constantine Khroulev3+43-1
2015-11-09 17:06Print error messages to stderr.Constantine Khroulev20+183-155
2015-10-28 19:51Fix the doc. comment of enthSystemCtx::solveThisColumn().Constantine Khroulev1+19-12
2015-10-19 20:51Improve the doxygen browserConstantine Khroulev5+10-7
2015-10-15 19:20compute_start_and_count checks that we have at least 1 dimension.Constantine Khroulev1+6-0
2015-10-15 19:18define_spatial_variable checks that we have more than 1 dimension.Constantine Khroulev1+2-0
2015-10-15 19:17Make dof > 1 IceModelVec2s report when they are written.Constantine Khroulev1+4-0
2015-10-14 22:42Improve -verbose 3 reporting.Constantine Khroulev19+221-136
2015-10-13 17:49Fix a minor bug in grid initialization.Constantine Khroulev1+2-1
2015-10-12 18:14Hide Pism_USE_TR1 (most users don't need to set this any more).Constantine Khroulev1+1-0
2015-10-12 17:45Cleanup in EnthalpyConverter.Constantine Khroulev1+1-6
2015-10-12 16:45Move a Config::get_double() call out of a loop.Constantine Khroulev1+2-2
2015-10-08 22:34Add option -profile <filename> to pismr.Constantine Khroulev3+49-0
2015-10-08 20:48Print time-stamps when PISM starts and stops writing a backup.Constantine Khroulev1+11-2
2015-10-08 20:39Add the "backup" profiling event.Constantine Khroulev1+5-0
2015-10-08 18:28Fix a bug: use nc_put_vara... with the "yxz" storage order, not "xyz".Constantine Khroulev1+2-2
2015-09-24 03:07Code formatting.Constantine Khroulev39+116-120
2015-09-24 06:00Remove unneeded "virtual" keywords.Constantine Khroulev1+7-7
2015-09-24 05:59Imbalance -> difference.Constantine Khroulev1+3-3
2015-09-24 03:08Delete a PDF file. Just run "make" to re-generate.Constantine Khroulev1+0-0
2015-09-23 21:02Remove some raw pointers.Constantine Khroulev3+14-25
2015-09-23 17:45PISM decides if we need to #include <tr1/memory> or <memory>.Constantine Khroulev2+33-8
2015-09-09 20:25Initialize m_rank and stat in NC3File.Constantine Khroulev1+18-18
2015-09-10 00:19pism::Vars::keys(): include shared variables.Constantine Khroulev1+5-0
2015-08-19 18:45Adding "2dbig" to "-o_size". I need an option that writes all 2D variables but only 3D variables required for restarting.Andy Aschwanden24+48-26
2015-07-18 15:58Add a thermo ref. The melting-CTS version might be worth trying some day.Ed Bueler1+12-0
2015-07-15 15:26bugfix in interpolation weightsFlorian1+1-1
2015-07-16 17:14Indicate that "make" should run again before "make test" if CMake flag changes.Ed Bueler1+1-0
2015-07-11 21:28allow create_timeline.py to cooperate with create_greenland_epsg3413_grid.py. You first create the grid, then add the time dimension. Now you can add whatever you like (e.g. ocean forcing).Andy Aschwanden1+7-1
2015-07-08 17:50Add a forgotten SWIG interface file.Constantine Khroulev1+9-0
2015-07-08 03:56Fix a bug in pism::ocean::Constant (-shelf_base_melt_rate was ignored).Constantine Khroulev2+31-36
2015-07-08 03:07Add a regression test exposing a bug in pism::ocean::Constant.Constantine Khroulev2+43-0
2015-07-08 04:16Fix a bug in a regression test.Constantine Khroulev1+12-8
2015-06-30 17:07Combine make commands needed to re-build docs.Constantine Khroulev1+4-6
2015-06-30 16:47Mark query functions as const.Florian2+4-4
2015-06-30 16:43Update discharge_flux_cumulative units in the manual.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2015-06-30 16:03Fix units of discharge_flux_cumulative.Constantine Khroulev1+2-2
2015-06-30 15:57Fix #325.Constantine Khroulev1+13-5
2015-06-30 15:00Add (and use) pism::wall_clock_hours().Constantine Khroulev5+35-52
2015-06-30 13:58Fix yesterday's hasty fix.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2015-06-30 03:39Don't clear m_filename in an implementation method.Constantine Khroulev6+1-9
2015-06-29 22:54Specify units for ocean forcing in forcing manual.Andy Aschwanden1+1-1
2015-06-29 22:19Fix a typo (reported over Skype by @florianziemen).Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2015-06-29 18:10Print eigen-calving max. dt info with -verbose 3 (instead of 2).Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2015-06-29 17:48Stop at configuration stage if PETSc 3.6.0 was found.Constantine Khroulev1+8-0
2015-06-26 17:29Document -no_subgl_basal_melt in the User's Manual.Constantine Khroulev1+2-1
2015-06-25 19:32Add an option to disable sub-grid basal melt interpolation.Constantine Khroulev2+9-3
2015-06-22 21:17Fix output order check with -o_format hdf5, netcdf4_parallel, quilt.Constantine Khroulev1+2-2
2015-06-22 17:19Fix (and improve) error messages.Constantine Khroulev2+6-7
2015-06-20 15:43Update desired misfit in an inverse regression test.Constantine Khroulev1+2-1
2015-06-20 01:34Closes #324.Constantine Khroulev1+2-2
2015-06-20 01:30Fix compiler warnings.Constantine Khroulev2+4-2
2015-06-20 01:17Merge branch 'ckhroulev/transpose' into devConstantine Khroulev38+283-272
2015-06-12 18:12Fix a regression test failure caused by updating pisms defaults (see #323).Constantine Khroulev1+2-1
2015-06-11 19:51Try to support PETSc 3.6. See #322.Constantine Khroulev2+24-10
2015-06-11 18:57Fix PETSc 3.6 directory layout in FindPETSc.cmake.Constantine Khroulev1+3-3
2015-06-11 18:42Update CMake scripts.Constantine Khroulev4+122-81
2015-06-11 18:15Update MacPorts Git port name in the Installation Manual.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2015-06-11 05:39Nothing is automatic in GridParameters.Constantine Khroulev9+105-86
2015-06-12 16:46This completes the fix, I think: Update run script. Improve by separating horizontal and vertical resolution, allowing control of duration, and adjusting Lz accordint to experiment.Ed Bueler2+50-29
2015-06-12 16:44Update text about running EISMINT II experiments. @ckhroulev : Where are options in Table 47 read? Are they valid?Ed Bueler1+13-15
2015-06-12 16:38Fixing EISMINT II issues reported by T Kleiner. See #323. This is the core fix: we now default to periodic, but interpreting EISMINT II as non periodic is easy and makes sense. Also, cold-ice mode is not enough; we should set the flow law to Paterson-Budd.Ed Bueler1+2-0
2015-06-09 18:51Fix chunking settings in the HDF5 I/O backend.Constantine Khroulev4+24-7
2015-06-10 18:16Remove the code that tries to enable HDF5 alignment to stripe size.Constantine Khroulev1+3-47
2015-06-09 18:51Prepend HDF5 headers to the list of includes.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2015-06-02 04:32Update vnreport.py.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2015-06-01 23:26Update command-line options in vfnow.py.Constantine Khroulev1+3-3
2015-05-29 15:49Correct a reference.Ed Bueler1+11-9
2015-05-28 22:04Add a regression test for the code processing EPSG codes.Constantine Khroulev2+75-0
2015-05-28 20:00PISM executables should set non-zero exit status on error.Constantine Khroulev16+16-0
2015-05-28 19:09Add a regression test of the EPSG-to-CF conversion.Constantine Khroulev1+34-0
2015-05-28 18:45Better print_config and report_to_stdout formatting.Constantine Khroulev2+86-45
2015-05-28 00:00Add code converting +init=epsg:XXXX to CF-style metadata.Constantine Khroulev5+194-12
2015-05-28 16:16Add pism::StringLogger, a logger that prints to a string.Constantine Khroulev3+48-0
2015-05-26 17:20SeaRISE-Antarctica: Remove time dimension during pre-processing.Constantine Khroulev1+6-2
2015-05-22 18:21Fix a bug: process mapping and proj4 when -bootstrap is set.Constantine Khroulev1+20-21
2015-05-21 18:45Try to support PETSc < 3.5.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2015-05-21 17:03vnreport.py: print convergence rates; don't show figures with --save_figures.Constantine Khroulev1+4-1
2015-05-19 19:56Delete an outdated doxygen comment.Constantine Khroulev1+3-49
2015-05-18 20:07Resurrect "test/test_shelf/exactV.py".Constantine Khroulev3+5-6
2015-05-18 20:07Cleanup in IceEISModel.Constantine Khroulev1+2-4
2015-05-18 19:34Update test/test_ssafd/test_ssafd.pyConstantine Khroulev1+2-2
2015-05-18 17:00Add a link to the NetCDF bug NCF-152Constantine Khroulev1+3-1
2015-05-15 05:13Use a bash "here document" instead of a zillion of "echo".Constantine Khroulev1+55-54
2015-05-14 20:16Fix a bug in varcEnthalpyConverter, improve test coverage.Constantine Khroulev5+130-55
2015-05-14 00:33Add "make coverage_report" and "make coverage_reset".Constantine Khroulev1+12-0
2015-05-13 22:09Add a CMake option adding coverage-related compiler options.Constantine Khroulev1+8-0
2015-05-13 20:31Minor: shorten a headingEd Bueler1+2-2
2015-05-13 19:48Fix markdown formatting.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2015-05-13 19:42Add the release checklist.Constantine Khroulev1+31-0
2015-05-13 03:16Clarify in table of contents.Ed Bueler1+1-1
2015-05-12 22:49Fix a bug in the grid initialization code.Constantine Khroulev2+10-7
2015-05-12 21:44Fix a stupid typo.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2015-05-12 21:42Better error messages.Constantine Khroulev1+6-5
2015-05-12 21:21Update tables of diagnostic quantities, fix some typos.Constantine Khroulev1+54-39
2015-05-12 21:19Fix a couple of typos.Constantine Khroulev1+2-2
2015-05-12 19:22Update tables listing scalar time-series.Constantine Khroulev1+33-14
2015-05-12 18:50Fix labels (so that one of them does not read like "sausage").Constantine Khroulev1+4-4
2015-05-12 17:23Use an STL deque to manage delayed writes.Constantine Khroulev1+5-4
2015-05-12 15:41Fix #319.Constantine Khroulev2+8-2
2015-05-12 07:08Fix compiler warnings on beauregard.Constantine Khroulev1+4-4
2015-05-12 00:31Fix pnetcdf wrapper code.Constantine Khroulev1+2-2
2015-05-11 18:01PIO::put_1d_var() delays writingConstantine Khroulev2+48-11
2015-05-11 17:22Use PIMPL in PIO.Constantine Khroulev2+80-75
2015-05-11 16:00enddef/redef cleanup.Constantine Khroulev9+28-75
2015-05-12 06:52Avoid assignment to *this in constructor.Constantine Khroulev2+29-13
2015-05-12 01:33Slightly better error messages in IceGrid.Constantine Khroulev1+8-7
2015-05-11 23:32Update manual: pism_overrides is no longer written to output files.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2015-05-11 22:59Add -time_file_continue_run.Constantine Khroulev3+32-6
2015-05-11 21:35Cleanup in pism::Time and pism::Time_Calendar.Constantine Khroulev4+144-92
2015-05-10 14:44Update and edit (and maybe improve) the laboratory Xanthan gum validation subsection.Ed Bueler3+18-13
2015-05-09 16:03Minor: Maintenance on section 12.1 of User Manual. Figure 29 will need to be regenerated. Everything from section 12.2 is already checked and just fine.Ed Bueler2+9-9
2015-05-09 15:07Minor: fiddles with verification section tables.Ed Bueler1+10-8
2015-05-09 14:46Minor fixes to Getting Started section. Everything in that section runs for me. Very small changes in results only; because the figures are so close there is no reason to update just for this kind of user doc.Ed Bueler2+2-2
2015-05-09 03:20Correct date of 0.6 release.Ed Bueler1+2-2
2015-05-09 03:15Add NEWS-07.md at top of CHANGES.md. Make more consistent style. Add brief table of contents at top.Ed Bueler2+507-509
2015-05-08 23:46Fix a bug in quickjakosetup.shConstantine Khroulev1+3-2
2015-05-08 23:45Fix a bug in pismo.Constantine Khroulev1+3-1
2015-05-08 23:44Fix a bug in pism::Vars::remove() that broke pismo.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2015-05-08 22:17Fixing Tolly's last name. Added little blurb on pism_{config,overrides}Andy Aschwanden3+9-3
2015-05-08 21:41Fix #318.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2015-05-08 21:31More manual updates.Constantine Khroulev1+27-11
2015-05-08 21:31Fix C++ class name.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2015-05-08 19:26Fix documentation of "diagnostic" runs now that -y0 does exactly nothing.Constantine Khroulev1+5-7
2015-05-08 19:26Fix some C++ class names in the manual.Constantine Khroulev1+2-2
2015-05-08 19:25Clean up a doxygen comment.Constantine Khroulev1+7-5
2015-05-08 19:25Fix a minor bug in initialize_time().Constantine Khroulev1+1-0
2015-05-08 19:24Better "Configuration flags and parameters" browser page.Constantine Khroulev1+10-4
2015-05-08 19:10new stable version needs new manual cover pageAndy Aschwanden3+2-2
2015-05-08 15:49A bunch of minor fiddles with text as I do through the examples in section 1. (I should be done with section 1 by tomorrow May 9, but there is no reason to delay the release, I think.).Ed Bueler1+20-19
2015-05-08 05:59More minor edits.Constantine Khroulev1+28-24
2015-05-08 03:19Mostly really minor edits, except for reducing length of comment about -hydrology distributed boundary condition. Again: WOW.Ed Bueler1+11-23
2015-05-08 02:58This change is needed to compile. I have PISM_USE_PROJ4=0. @ckhroulev: please review cause I am not sure if there are other grids or dx,dy around.Ed Bueler1+1-1
2015-05-08 01:33Add a paragraph about "Points" and "PointsWithGHosts".Constantine Khroulev1+21-0
2015-05-08 01:06Fix a typo.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2015-05-08 01:02Improve Markdown formatting.Constantine Khroulev1+14-15
2015-05-08 00:40Add news (a detailed change log since v0.6).Constantine Khroulev1+495-0
2015-05-08 00:40Minor cleanup.Constantine Khroulev3+7-6
2015-05-06 21:44Config::get_double(name, desired_units)Constantine Khroulev22+125-58
2015-05-06 21:04All config. parameters can be set using a command-line options.Constantine Khroulev6+302-65
2015-05-06 20:00Fix a stupid bug in pism::ends_with().Constantine Khroulev2+2-2
2015-05-06 17:25Fix a doxygen warning.Constantine Khroulev1+1-0
2015-05-06 17:25Update config_doc.py.Constantine Khroulev1+17-4
2015-05-06 17:18Improve the way configuration parameters are printed at startup.Constantine Khroulev1+13-3
2015-05-06 16:15Automatically process scalar, boolean, and string parameters.Constantine Khroulev2+174-187
2015-05-06 01:12Fix compiler warnings on beauregard.Constantine Khroulev2+10-10
2015-05-06 00:56Automatically process keyword parameters.Constantine Khroulev2+71-49
2015-05-06 00:02Add a trivial SSA test.Constantine Khroulev2+66-7
2015-05-05 22:00Clean up IceGrid crud.Constantine Khroulev10+203-299
2015-05-05 20:53Remove unneeded Python code.Constantine Khroulev10+20-48
2015-05-05 19:55NCFile: set m_filename only if and open or create call succeeded.Constantine Khroulev8+28-43
2015-05-04 22:53More IceGrid work.Constantine Khroulev27+418-565
2015-05-04 22:11Create Parameters::ownership_ranges_from_options().Constantine Khroulev2+10-1
2015-05-04 22:09Add Context::size() and Context::rank().Constantine Khroulev2+14-0
2015-05-04 21:41create_coordinates() is a static function.Constantine Khroulev2+9-14
2015-05-04 21:40Add IceGrid::Paramaters::validate().Constantine Khroulev2+52-0
2015-05-04 21:03Commit to back up.Constantine Khroulev2+214-62
2015-05-04 20:53Fix spelling.Constantine Khroulev2+2-2
2015-05-04 20:21PIO::~PIO closes open files.Constantine Khroulev1+10-0
2015-05-04 18:40Minor code cleanup.Constantine Khroulev2+30-48
2015-05-02 02:43Fix compiler warnings on beauregard.Constantine Khroulev6+18-18
2015-05-02 02:28Add grid_info_from_bootstraping_file(). Work in progress.Constantine Khroulev2+74-0
2015-05-02 02:05Use IceGrid::Create() in more places.Constantine Khroulev14+177-114
2015-05-02 00:02Create IceGrid::set_ownership_ranges and ownership_ranges_from_options().Constantine Khroulev7+89-70
2015-05-01 22:30Remove IceGrid::compute_ownership_ranges().Constantine Khroulev2+9-16
2015-05-01 19:58Clean up grid_info::report().Constantine Khroulev1+17-16
2015-05-01 19:52Remove some private methods.Constantine Khroulev2+3-21
2015-05-01 19:50compute_nprocs() and dm_key() are static functions now.Constantine Khroulev2+20-25
2015-05-01 19:49Use PetscInt to store procs_[xy] again.Constantine Khroulev1+3-15
2015-05-01 19:16compute_horizontal_spacing is a static fn, clean up compute_nprocs.Constantine Khroulev2+23-18
2015-05-01 19:01Reduce code duplication in the computation of horizontal spacing.Constantine Khroulev2+23-24
2015-05-01 18:34Remove IceGrid::Create(ctx).Constantine Khroulev2+0-23
2015-05-01 18:09Move grid size check to IceModel.Constantine Khroulev2+21-19
2015-05-01 17:58Move computation of vertical levels into a static IceGrid method.Constantine Khroulev7+37-24
2015-05-01 17:26Reduce code duplication in IceGrid.Constantine Khroulev2+34-29
2015-05-01 15:44Start cleaning up IceGrid.Constantine Khroulev5+31-20
2015-05-01 00:44Create initialize_time() to move this code out of IceModel.Constantine Khroulev3+42-41
2015-04-30 23:01Improve test coverage a tiny bit.Constantine Khroulev1+10-0
2015-04-30 22:48Fix Logger verbosity.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2015-04-30 21:57Fix a doxygen comment.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2015-04-30 21:15More cleanup.Constantine Khroulev8+22-54
2015-04-30 19:03IceModel::config -> m_config.Constantine Khroulev22+234-230
2015-04-30 18:47Cleanup in IceModel.Constantine Khroulev17+117-111
2015-04-30 18:22IceGrid is managed using shared pointers.Constantine Khroulev228+1749-1737
2015-04-30 06:37Context::m_impl does not really need to be a shared_ptr.Constantine Khroulev2+6-1
2015-04-29 20:34Use pism::Logger.Constantine Khroulev115+637-562
2015-04-29 20:29Add Logger to the Context class.Constantine Khroulev5+46-25
2015-04-29 20:28Add pism::Logger.Constantine Khroulev4+173-0
2015-04-29 20:20Don't initialize time more than we have to.Constantine Khroulev4+1-6
2015-04-29 20:20Whitespace changes.Constantine Khroulev6+37-15
2015-04-28 19:36Create config_from_options(), fix test failures.Constantine Khroulev25+172-131
2015-04-28 17:38Remove IceGrid::convert().Constantine Khroulev40+154-144
2015-04-28 16:02Add some const-qualifiers.Constantine Khroulev8+13-14
2015-04-28 16:01Add Diagnostic::m_sys (a short-cut) and use it.Constantine Khroulev11+98-90
2015-04-28 15:41Use Component::m_sys.Constantine Khroulev26+50-53
2015-04-28 15:34Make the unit system available to Components and m_sys.Constantine Khroulev2+6-1
2015-04-28 15:34PISMComponent.hh does not include MaxTimestep.hhConstantine Khroulev29+30-4
2015-04-28 06:31Remove IceGrid::config().Constantine Khroulev50+115-119
2015-04-28 06:06Remove IceGrid::time().Constantine Khroulev47+156-154
2015-04-28 05:52Whitespace changes.Constantine Khroulev1+7-3
2015-04-28 05:48Remove Config::unit_system().Constantine Khroulev60+219-221
2015-04-28 01:33IceGrid does not own Profiling.Constantine Khroulev8+74-55
2015-04-28 00:22IceGrid does not own Time. Compiles but does not quite work.Constantine Khroulev73+358-356
2015-04-28 00:21Add const qualifiers to Time methods.Constantine Khroulev4+86-84
2015-04-27 22:37IceModel does not own an EnthalpyConverter.Constantine Khroulev13+85-50
2015-04-27 22:17Add IceModel::ctx().Constantine Khroulev2+9-0
2015-04-27 22:12IceModel constructor takes a Context::Ptr argument.Constantine Khroulev10+20-15
2015-04-27 22:03Forward-declare MaxTimestep in iceModel.hh.Constantine Khroulev1+2-1
2015-04-27 21:58IceGrid::config is a method, not a public data member.Constantine Khroulev78+374-367
2015-04-27 21:17Allocate Context in pism(r|s|v|o).Constantine Khroulev8+20-37
2015-04-27 20:25Move setting config. parameters from options into functionsConstantine Khroulev36+278-280
2015-04-27 18:03{IceModel,Component}::get_grid() -> ...::grid().Constantine Khroulev5+6-6
2015-04-27 17:59IceModel::grid -> IceModel::m_grid.Constantine Khroulev25+796-796
2015-04-27 17:19Minor fixes in tryLCbd.ccConstantine Khroulev1+42-51
2015-04-27 16:43Allocate Context in some regression tests.Constantine Khroulev9+36-87
2015-04-27 16:31Add Config::parameter_from_options().Constantine Khroulev2+31-0
2015-04-26 16:55Use the new flag (DEFAULT means "don't override user-set values").Constantine Khroulev1+27-3
2015-04-26 07:19Add one more Config::set_...() flag value.Constantine Khroulev2+17-7
2015-04-23 21:42Update installation manual.Constantine Khroulev1+49-55
2015-04-23 17:53Make it easier to manually set locations of optional PISM dependencies. See #316.Constantine Khroulev4+45-39
2015-04-23 15:31Fix compilation on beauregard.Constantine Khroulev1+1-2
2015-04-23 06:40Add a Python re-implementation of flowlaw_test.Constantine Khroulev1+30-0
2015-04-23 06:26Add automatically-generated docstrings. Much better!Constantine Khroulev1+1-0
2015-04-23 06:25Simplify flowlaw_test.ccConstantine Khroulev1+5-10
2015-04-23 05:31Profiling::end(): throw instead of aborting.Constantine Khroulev1+2-1
2015-04-23 05:28Use shared_ptr to wrap pism::Context.Constantine Khroulev1+1-0
2015-04-23 02:17Implement a Context "factory".Constantine Khroulev2+28-0
2015-04-23 02:11Use shared_ptr to manage enthalpy converters.Constantine Khroulev49+170-178
2015-04-23 01:27Start on an EC "factory".Constantine Khroulev2+19-1
2015-04-23 01:08Add Context::Ptr and Context::ConstPtr.Constantine Khroulev1+3-0
2015-04-23 00:19pism::Time does not need a MPI_Comm.Constantine Khroulev5+10-11
2015-04-22 23:56pism::Time uses Config::ConstPtr.Constantine Khroulev5+26-25
2015-04-22 23:35IceGrid, Component, and IceModel own shared ptrs to Config.Constantine Khroulev124+1011-1006
2015-04-22 21:11Add macros PISM_SHARED_PTR(TYPE) and PISM_WEAK_PTR(TYPE).Constantine Khroulev17+48-45
2015-04-22 19:52Fix a typo.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2015-04-22 19:31Slightly better initialization messages.Constantine Khroulev1+43-13
2015-04-22 19:30Require FFTW >= 3.1 (used to be >= 3.0).Constantine Khroulev2+5-1
2015-04-22 18:28Fix name clashes.Constantine Khroulev3+8-8
2015-04-22 17:00FlowLawFactory should not process options.Constantine Khroulev11+57-111
2015-04-22 06:26Flow laws don't need MPI communicators.Constantine Khroulev13+140-143
2015-04-21 18:40Add a Python-based test for pism::Context.Constantine Khroulev1+22-0
2015-04-21 17:57LocalMassBalance: add the m_ prefix.Constantine Khroulev2+13-13
2015-04-21 16:25Call init_timeseries() before begin_pointwise_access(). See #315.Constantine Khroulev1+2-2
2015-04-21 16:25Add assert(m_surface != NULL) macro calls.Constantine Khroulev1+9-0
2015-04-21 16:18Fix a bug in the "-surface pdd" initialization code. See #315.Constantine Khroulev2+4-2
2015-04-21 00:30Improving UDUNITS-2 wrappers.Constantine Khroulev48+224-220
2015-04-20 21:52Fix a BibTeX warning.Constantine Khroulev1+13-5
2015-04-20 21:52BibTeX does not support comments.Constantine Khroulev1+6-4
2015-04-20 21:32Document ftt_mask.Constantine Khroulev1+6-7
2015-04-20 19:30Create time_from_options() and use it in IceGrid.Constantine Khroulev8+32-22
2015-04-20 18:56init_calendar() -> calendar_from_options().Constantine Khroulev3+44-40
2015-04-20 18:13Ensure that age >= 0.0.Constantine Khroulev1+11-0
2015-04-20 18:13Minor cleanup.Constantine Khroulev1+2-4
2015-04-20 15:32Add profiling and prefix to pism::Context.Constantine Khroulev3+30-9
2015-04-17 22:07Wrap pism::Context.Constantine Khroulev1+8-6
2015-04-17 21:51Forward-declare UnitSystem in PIO.hhConstantine Khroulev1+2-1
2015-04-17 21:47Move most PISM-specific I/O code out of PIO.Constantine Khroulev70+1837-1763
2015-04-17 16:47Making sure that PIO does not need to own a UnitSystem.Constantine Khroulev26+101-60
2015-04-17 06:16More VariableMetadata cleanup.Constantine Khroulev5+23-17
2015-04-17 01:58Remove last references to IceGrid from SpatialVariableMetadata.Constantine Khroulev43+196-193
2015-04-16 21:21Move regrid(...) out of SpatialVariableMetadata.Constantine Khroulev5+80-72
2015-04-16 20:52Move write(...) out of SpatialVariableMetadata.Constantine Khroulev4+19-17
2015-04-16 20:46Move define(...) out of SpatialVariableMetadata.Constantine Khroulev27+82-81
2015-04-16 20:13Re-arranging spatial variable I/O.Constantine Khroulev31+192-157
2015-04-16 15:19Move use_mapped_io() and compute_start_and_count() out of PIO.Constantine Khroulev2+106-133
2015-04-13 19:45Remove an unneeded #include.Constantine Khroulev1+0-1
2015-04-13 19:45Wrap more classes using shared_ptr.Constantine Khroulev2+23-11
2015-04-11 05:58Add typedefs.Constantine Khroulev1+5-0
2015-04-10 18:45Use shared_ptr to wrap Config.Constantine Khroulev1+8-2
2015-04-10 21:16Use PIMPL in IceGrid.Constantine Khroulev17+274-264
2015-04-10 18:44Use PIMPL in the interface class "Config".Constantine Khroulev2+35-27
2015-04-10 01:44Working on Context. Compiles, needs testing.Constantine Khroulev2+60-61
2015-04-16 15:30Fix a bug in MISMIP.py (dev branch).Constantine Khroulev1+3-2
2015-04-14 16:12Add sys import. Apparently running nc2cdo.py has never failed before ...Ed Bueler1+1-0
2015-04-07 02:24added option --no_bounds to avoid calculating grid corners while still adding the mapping attributesAndy Aschwanden1+26-14
2015-04-03 15:53Minor: add newline to history string in nc2cdo.py.Ed Bueler1+1-1
2015-04-02 22:24Bed deformation: improve API. See #181.Constantine Khroulev8+91-37
2015-04-02 15:19Minor: add link.Ed Bueler1+1-1
2015-04-02 15:18Update INSTALL to cover content at "Quick installation summary" dokuwiki page. Implementing issue #314.Ed Bueler1+24-7
2015-04-02 14:42Fix compilation issues on beauregard.Constantine Khroulev2+2-2
2015-04-02 01:25Headers: system #includes go first.Constantine Khroulev21+33-39
2015-04-02 01:07Fix two typos.Constantine Khroulev2+2-2
2015-04-02 01:03Clean up regression test names.Constantine Khroulev1+35-35
2015-04-02 00:42Use "-bootstrap -i file.nc" instead of "-boot_file file.nc". See #308.Constantine Khroulev22+127-184
2015-04-01 23:27Replace -boot_file file.nc with -i file.nc -bootstrap in docs and scripts.Constantine Khroulev57+103-104
2015-04-01 22:53Minor bed deformation model cleanup.Constantine Khroulev2+13-9
2015-04-01 20:51Finish #include cleanup.Constantine Khroulev225+825-835
2015-04-01 19:08Reducing the number of -I flags needed to build code using PISM.Constantine Khroulev165+423-455
2015-04-01 17:16SurfaceModel::atmosphere -> m_atmosphere.Constantine Khroulev5+39-39
2015-04-01 05:12pism::SurfaceModel has a non-virtual interface.Constantine Khroulev34+135-138
2015-03-31 14:55Add small precision in PETSc install doc.Julien Seguinot1+7-1
2015-03-28 07:23Clobber warnings.Constantine Khroulev2+15-15
2015-03-28 06:38Broadcast pism_timestamp() from rank 0. See #151.Constantine Khroulev3+6-4
2015-03-28 06:05Remove two upper_bound() calls. See #170.Constantine Khroulev1+26-29
2015-03-27 23:03Address #304.Constantine Khroulev2+44-1
2015-03-27 21:41Add coverage support to pismi.py. See #294.Constantine Khroulev3+28-5
2015-03-27 19:08Fix sia_forward.py and ssa_forward.py.Constantine Khroulev2+29-25
2015-03-27 16:47Cleanup: remove more unused typemaps.Constantine Khroulev3+2-53
2015-03-27 06:55Remove SWIG typemaps for IO_Mode and IO_Type.Constantine Khroulev2+6-35
2015-03-27 05:07TerminationReason is a return value instead of an output argument.Constantine Khroulev13+97-124
2015-03-26 22:58exactI() and exactJ() don't need to use output arguments.Constantine Khroulev11+81-88
2015-03-26 22:06Fix handling of used and unused parameters.Constantine Khroulev5+24-5
2015-03-26 19:41Rename NCVariable and derived classes.Constantine Khroulev81+1310-1310
2015-03-26 18:38PISMVars.hh does not need to include iceModelVec.hh now.Constantine Khroulev4+44-30
2015-03-26 18:25Create pism_memory.hh and move a bunch if #ifdefs there.Constantine Khroulev18+96-163
2015-03-26 17:09Move pism::Profiling to a separate file.Constantine Khroulev32+155-71
2015-03-26 16:41Minor cleanup (include petscsys.h instead of petscdmda.h).Constantine Khroulev1+2-5
2015-03-26 16:41Move function implementations out of pism_const.hhConstantine Khroulev16+69-46
2015-03-24 21:40De-couple config interface from the default implementation.Constantine Khroulev153+1572-1241
2015-03-24 21:34Config::com() is not used anywhere.Constantine Khroulev3+1-7
2015-03-23 19:45Test that omega == EC.water_fraction(EC.enthalpy(T, omega, P)). See #272.Constantine Khroulev1+13-4
2015-03-13 23:08Move units to separate attributes in the .cdl file.Constantine Khroulev2+480-278
2015-03-12 19:53Rename Config::get() to Config::get_double().Constantine Khroulev113+558-560
2015-03-12 19:38"make retest" spits out test output (for debugging).Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2015-03-12 16:14Clean up #includes.Constantine Khroulev87+221-97
2015-03-11 23:21Include <cassert> instead of <assert.h>.Constantine Khroulev13+13-13
2015-03-11 23:18Add include dependency graph to the browser.Constantine Khroulev1+3-3
2015-03-11 23:07Add the -use_Kirchhoff_law option and the corresponding config. flag.Constantine Khroulev5+11-7
2015-03-11 23:06Automatically re-build the list of config. parameters.Constantine Khroulev1+1-0
2015-03-11 21:35Wrap pism::petsc::Vec.Constantine Khroulev1+13-0
2015-03-11 21:32Add more files to .gitignore.Constantine Khroulev1+4-1
2015-03-11 21:32Improve test coverage, fix a minor bug.Constantine Khroulev2+32-4
2015-03-11 19:06Fix a bug in listener.py.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2015-03-11 17:47Don't hide information (i.e. a better error message).Constantine Khroulev1+9-6
2015-03-11 17:44Remove commented out codeConstantine Khroulev1+0-18
2015-03-11 16:04Minor cleanup (using pylint).Constantine Khroulev6+11-6
2015-03-21 03:49How can a publisher so monumentally F-up the online description of the article, so that the list of authors is reversed from, and the year different from, the print version? Failure of OCR?Ed Bueler1+7-6
2015-03-11 03:00Squash compiler warnings.Constantine Khroulev2+16-16
2015-03-11 02:41Whitespace changes: run autopep8 on src, test, and util.Constantine Khroulev29+1119-995
2015-03-11 02:38Whitespace changes: run "autopep8 -i -r examples/"Constantine Khroulev47+3422-3344
2015-03-11 02:29Use LinearInterpolation in LocalInterpCtx.Constantine Khroulev1+46-126
2015-03-11 01:54Fix a subtle bug in BedSmoother.Constantine Khroulev1+7-0
2015-03-10 21:14Add the LinearInterpolation class and a test.Constantine Khroulev5+255-0
2015-03-10 17:27nccmp.py: treat denormalized numbers as zero.Constantine Khroulev1+13-4
2015-03-10 16:37IceGrid: we read x (y,z), so we can just use [xyz].size().Constantine Khroulev1+3-3
2015-03-05 19:29Close the file if regridding failed.Constantine Khroulev1+8-1
2015-03-05 19:27Improve error messages.Constantine Khroulev1+21-13
2015-03-05 16:38Tweak the Sphinx docs.Constantine Khroulev10+2-19
2015-03-04 20:05Python code cleanup.Constantine Khroulev20+139-141
2015-03-04 19:59Much better pylint support.Constantine Khroulev2+19-5
2015-03-04 02:21Add pylintrc and fix some errors and warnings.Constantine Khroulev8+416-32
2015-03-04 01:04Revert some changes made by autopep8.Constantine Khroulev2+4-4
2015-03-04 00:55Run autopep8 -a.Constantine Khroulev6+24-24
2015-03-04 00:49Run autopep8 on site-packages/PISM/.Constantine Khroulev15+3149-3009
2015-03-04 00:18Rename c_from_T(T) -> c(T), document recent changes.Constantine Khroulev4+101-11
2015-03-04 00:18Fix links in the browser.Constantine Khroulev1+12-14
2015-03-03 23:12Use EnthalpyConverter::L() in imEnthalpy.ccConstantine Khroulev1+18-8
2015-03-03 23:10Use cmbright in the browser.Constantine Khroulev1+8-0
2015-03-03 22:51Improve doxygen browser CSS.Constantine Khroulev2+63-9
2015-03-03 20:49Add EnthalpyConverter::L(T_melting).Constantine Khroulev4+103-146
2015-03-03 17:31Doxygen: return to EXTRACT_PRIVATE=YES.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2015-03-03 17:26Remove an unneeded #include.Constantine Khroulev1+0-2
2015-03-02 21:43..._flux diagnostics: state flux sign in a variable attributeConstantine Khroulev1+22-5
2015-02-28 23:48Host for netcdf4-python has moved.Ed Bueler1+1-1
2015-02-26 17:29Add a KirchhoffEnthalpyConverter regression test.Constantine Khroulev1+25-0
2015-02-19 17:08Minor: Maintenance of comments only.Ed Bueler1+14-16
2015-02-18 21:02Add a few more references, of greater or lesser prominence.Ed Bueler1+31-0
2015-02-18 17:09Address #137.Constantine Khroulev1+6-0
2015-02-18 15:37This ancient document should probably be removed completely. (I looked at it because I could not figure out how to build the browser.)Ed Bueler1+5-45
2015-02-18 15:36Add prominent recent PISM publications to .bib.Ed Bueler1+58-2
2015-02-18 00:26fixup! Add a workaround for comparing arrays of strings.Constantine Khroulev1+3-2
2015-02-18 00:10Add a workaround for comparing arrays of strings.Constantine Khroulev1+7-1
2015-02-17 20:14-surface ...,forcing: mention that floating ice is not affected.Constantine Khroulev1+11-7
2015-02-17 20:14-surface ...,forcing: stop if ftt_mask was not found.Constantine Khroulev1+3-0
2015-02-13 23:52NCVariable and NCSpatialVariable: API cleanup.Constantine Khroulev4+17-4
2015-02-12 23:23Make sure that we use PetscInt only if we have to (and add comments).Constantine Khroulev6+11-2
2015-02-12 23:13PISM compiles with PETSc 3.3 and 3.4 again.Constantine Khroulev2+6-3
2015-02-12 00:22Clobber compiler warnings.Constantine Khroulev2+33-33
2015-02-11 23:54Use GSL binary search functions in various places.Constantine Khroulev5+39-33
2015-02-11 22:57IceGrid::kBelowHeight() throws instead of aborting.Constantine Khroulev8+306-255
2015-02-11 22:21IceModelVec::AccessList: make sure that the destructor does not throw.Constantine Khroulev1+6-2
2015-02-11 22:11Fix a possible (but very unlikely) memory leak.Constantine Khroulev1+2-0
2015-02-11 21:46Add split() for splitting comma-separated lists (and some tests).Constantine Khroulev3+27-0
2015-02-11 21:46Don't pass std::string by value.Constantine Khroulev12+33-23
2015-02-11 19:59Add enthalpy converter regression (and sanity) tests.Constantine Khroulev3+164-2
2015-02-11 19:29Add enthalpy_liquid() to the interface.Constantine Khroulev3+10-6
2015-02-11 04:27Implement KirchhoffEnthalpyConverter (to be used in Glint2).Constantine Khroulev4+125-14
2015-02-11 03:47Replace enthalpy_interval() with enthalpy_liquid().Constantine Khroulev3+17-30
2015-02-10 23:59m_-ify EnthalpyConverter.Constantine Khroulev4+54-44
2015-02-10 22:48P.A. temperature does not need a virtual implementationConstantine Khroulev2+0-5
2015-02-10 22:41Move c_from_T_impl(), format a formula.Constantine Khroulev2+12-13
2015-02-10 22:32Remove ColdEnthalpyConverter method implementations from the header.Constantine Khroulev2+52-33
2015-02-10 21:32EnthalpyConverter has a non-virtual interface.Constantine Khroulev4+126-69
2015-02-10 16:25Clean up EnthalpyConverter API.Constantine Khroulev26+168-222
2015-02-10 16:22Add a getter for the EnthalpyConverter.Constantine Khroulev1+4-0
2015-02-10 07:29More work on PIO, NCVariable, and NCSpatialVariable.Constantine Khroulev4+53-48
2015-02-10 07:09Use metadata().set_string("glaciological_units", ...) instead of set_glaciological_units().Constantine Khroulev56+126-152
2015-02-10 06:20Use set_string("units", ...) instead of set_units(...).Constantine Khroulev40+202-202
2015-02-10 06:05Remove NCVariable::m_units and m_glaciological_units.Constantine Khroulev2+21-44
2015-02-10 05:44Remove PIO::inq_units() and NCVariable::get_units().Constantine Khroulev5+43-79
2015-02-10 04:05Remove an unneeded include.Constantine Khroulev1+0-1
2015-02-10 04:05Timeseries: add the m_ prefix.Constantine Khroulev2+127-127
2015-02-10 04:05Whitespace changes.Constantine Khroulev1+2-2
2015-02-10 04:04Better variable names.Constantine Khroulev1+21-18
2015-02-10 04:03Add and use NCVariable::get_unit_system().Constantine Khroulev2+17-14
2015-02-10 04:02Use UnitConverter instead of convert_doubles().Constantine Khroulev2+10-10
2015-02-10 04:01Add new UnitConverter constructor.Constantine Khroulev2+17-0
2015-02-10 03:57Change convert_vec() signature and remove convert_doubles().Constantine Khroulev5+20-40
2015-02-10 02:31Improve IceModelVec APIConstantine Khroulev18+99-147
2015-02-10 02:18Remove an unneeded line from pism_IceModelVec.i.Constantine Khroulev1+0-2
2015-02-09 20:31Fix the Tikhonov LMVM regression test (i.e. fix iteration listeners).Constantine Khroulev9+168-117
2015-02-08 04:49Move one line in pism_inverse.i.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2015-02-07 18:28Wrap a doxygen comment.Constantine Khroulev1+8-5
2015-02-07 07:53Rename a variable (for clarity).Constantine Khroulev1+12-11
2015-02-07 07:53Whitespace changes.Constantine Khroulev1+2-2
2015-02-07 01:46Improve error propagation between C++ and Python callbacks.Constantine Khroulev3+31-21
2015-02-07 00:36Wrap some lines.Constantine Khroulev1+6-2
2015-02-06 22:19IceModelVec::norm() can be implemented in terms of norm_all().Constantine Khroulev1+11-39
2015-02-06 21:53Remove IceModelVec::copy_to() and IceModelVec::nlevels()Constantine Khroulev37+97-108
2015-02-09 18:03Clean up funding sources in README.md. Closes #298.Ed Bueler1+3-2
2015-02-09 17:02Add a little script that shows hydrology time series.Ed Bueler3+77-4
2015-02-09 02:10Usermanual: Trying to have consistent spacing between numbers and units, work on the "Getting Started" section.Andy Aschwanden1+21-21
2015-02-08 16:06Minor: "saving spatial time-series to" stdout line lost because of conditional scope, probably.Ed Bueler1+6-4
2015-02-06 20:20These fixes to basemapfigs.py makes it produce figures like in chapter 2 of current User Manual.Ed Bueler1+9-8
2015-02-06 18:11Finally! Merge branch 'new-error-handling' into devConstantine Khroulev447+34591-33334
2015-01-27 21:11Merge branch 'add-hydrology-timeseries' into devEd Bueler6+282-53
2015-01-27 19:27PETSc website url update.Joseph H Kennedy2+7-7
2015-01-26 04:57This came from edrun/ in https://github.com/pism/green-hydro. I am committed to maintaining it here for stable0.7 and onward.Ed Bueler8+398-3
2015-01-25 16:34Pressure is set to overburden in grounded-ice areas with empty subglacial aquifer.Ed Bueler1+1-14
2015-01-22 21:37Add a wordy comment on a highly-technical detail: what pressure to assign to grounded icy areas where W=0 in the subglacial aquifer. No functional change; just a comment.Ed Bueler1+9-1
2015-01-24 03:36This script no longer uses correct options. See https://github.com/pism/green-hydro for (more) live material.Ed Bueler1+0-51
2015-01-23 00:27Fix an unreported bug in scalar time-series reporting.Constantine Khroulev1+9-9
2015-01-21 08:00Fix a memory leak in the dev branch. Port to 0.6.Constantine Khroulev1+16-13
2015-01-17 23:50Changes to comments only: add FIXMEs re issue #256. Minor clean up.Ed Bueler2+4-2
2015-01-17 23:12Comments only: clean up comments on Hydrology and derived classes.Ed Bueler2+24-19
2015-01-12 15:49Minor: update meaning of 7km grid (=7.5km now). Note searise-antarctica example works well.Ed Bueler1+1-1
2015-01-11 18:14Minor maintenance: refactoring scripts a bit to make them easier to maintain.Ed Bueler5+266-211
2015-01-11 17:22Minor maintenance on searise-antarctica: clean README.md.Ed Bueler1+3-4
2015-01-11 17:21Minor maintenance on eigencalving report-to-stdout code: remove non-parallel i0,j0 and clean up. (Note the Ross prognostic example works great.)Ed Bueler1+8-11
2015-01-09 03:30more maintenance on labgum example, esp redo of grid now that both dimensions are periodic ... but results are still not along dataEd Bueler4+45-41
2015-01-08 04:25maintenance on lab gum example; it is not very close to data right now, for unknown reasons ...Ed Bueler3+25-24
2015-01-08 02:28Revert "PISMS and PISMV use the 360_day calendar."Constantine Khroulev2+4-4
2015-01-07 23:07Rename tau3 -> age3.Constantine Khroulev6+29-29
2015-01-07 23:02PISMS and PISMV use the 360_day calendar.Constantine Khroulev2+4-4
2014-12-24 21:17minor: add performance comment clarity on grid sequencingEd Bueler1+1-1
2014-12-17 23:44Fix siafd_test in the dev branch.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2014-12-12 16:09minor: one character typoEd Bueler1+1-1
2014-12-11 23:00Add "make retest" to re-run tests that failed.Constantine Khroulev1+7-0
2014-12-12 07:18Replace test_00.sh. See #305.Constantine Khroulev3+22-56
2014-12-09 19:23Fix a minor bug in the vertical interpolation code (in dev).Constantine Khroulev1+7-2
2014-11-22 00:12Add "initialization" and "extra_file reporting" profiling events.Constantine Khroulev2+9-0
2014-11-21 22:55Add "flux" to variables saved with "-o_size medium".Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2014-11-21 22:55Add "flux" to the list of 2D vector diagnostics in the manual.Constantine Khroulev1+1-0
2014-11-21 22:46Improve the "flux" diagnostic.Constantine Khroulev1+78-69
2014-11-21 21:02Add the "flux" diagnostic (uflux, vflux).Constantine Khroulev2+74-2
2014-11-19 21:34Reduce code duplication.Constantine Khroulev7+173-181
2014-11-18 17:16Move PS_EISMINTII from stc/eismint to src/coupler.Constantine Khroulev5+61-61
2014-11-17 23:05No need for temp. storage in IceModel::putTempAtDepth().Constantine Khroulev1+6-5
2014-11-15 04:30Clarify Lz in docsJoseph H Kennedy1+1-1
2014-11-14 23:31Remove automatic vertical grid extension.Constantine Khroulev16+9-334
2014-11-10 21:55Silence some pedantic compiler warnings.Constantine Khroulev4+4-3
2014-11-10 21:36Avoid a possible but harmless division by zero (in dev).Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2014-11-10 17:52Fix Python wrapper docs (in dev).Constantine Khroulev1+6-1
2014-11-03 15:31Made case of file match others. (Someone has been using a case-insensitive OS again ...)Ed Bueler5+90-90
2014-10-29 18:54Fix a bug in -ocean ...,delta_SMB.Constantine Khroulev1+2-2
2014-10-31 22:48Add m_ prefix to BedThermalUnit data members.Constantine Khroulev4+34-34
2014-10-31 22:45Realized that we don't need IceModelVec3BTU.Constantine Khroulev4+27-106
2014-10-31 16:30beauregard has a really pedantic compiler:Ed Bueler1+1-1
2014-10-31 15:52these two refs have now appeared in printEd Bueler1+16-10
2014-10-30 19:45fixed units of climatic_mass_balance in util/flowlineslab.py (m/yr to kg m-2 s-1)Andy Aschwanden1+2-2
2014-10-19 21:35Silence a compiler warning.Constantine Khroulev1+5-2
2014-10-17 17:39another refEd Bueler1+8-0
2014-10-15 16:06Clean up the TR1 business a little bit.Constantine Khroulev8+6-46
2014-10-15 05:49Fix #299 by removing a bunch of old iffy code.Constantine Khroulev1+19-44
2014-10-14 17:35pism::NCFile: create a non-virtual interfaceConstantine Khroulev16+655-388
2014-10-14 16:05pism::NCFile: add the m_ prefix to data members.Constantine Khroulev10+332-332
2014-10-13 22:10Fix IceModelVec::check_array_indices() (now it works for 3D fields too).Constantine Khroulev1+6-1
2014-10-13 22:09Silence compiler warnings.Constantine Khroulev2+12-13
2014-10-13 20:16Replace -Winline with -Wno-inline to avoid bogus warnings.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2014-10-13 20:12Improve interpolation weight computation code.Constantine Khroulev2+45-22
2014-10-10 21:30Clean up the Mahaffy surface gradient code.Constantine Khroulev1+10-14
2014-10-10 19:52No need to check the -periodicity option by hand.Constantine Khroulev2+3-20
2014-10-10 16:44Tweak profiling calls.Constantine Khroulev2+14-8
2014-10-10 16:431 reduction instead of 8 in massContExplicitStep()Constantine Khroulev1+20-8
2014-10-10 16:24Add an optional "count" argument to Global{Sum,Min,Max}.Constantine Khroulev25+135-135
2014-10-10 06:11Shove profiling stuff into IceGrid for now.Constantine Khroulev6+49-35
2014-10-10 04:30Address Andy's compilation issue.Constantine Khroulev1+3-3
2014-10-10 03:39Create a DM with dof=1, width=0 and store in IceGrid.Constantine Khroulev3+14-5
2014-10-10 00:53Add some profiling events to IceModel.Constantine Khroulev6+121-16
2014-10-09 01:12Remove last DMLocalToGlobalBegin/End calls. Port to 0.6.Constantine Khroulev8+93-92
2014-10-09 00:35Generalize IceModelVec2::{get,set}_component().Constantine Khroulev2+30-27
2014-10-08 23:54Silence SWIG warnings.Constantine Khroulev1+3-0
2014-10-08 23:52Syntactic sugar (add PISMDM::operator DM()).Constantine Khroulev14+114-108
2014-10-08 23:03Improve IceModelVec2::{get,set}_component(...)Constantine Khroulev2+37-32
2014-10-08 20:11Rewrite put_on_proc0/get_from_proc0 IceModelVec2S methods.Constantine Khroulev8+133-130
2014-10-08 17:44Require PETSc 3.5 for TAO-based inversion tools.Constantine Khroulev13+92-419
2014-10-07 21:30Use IceModelVec2V to store solution and RHS in SSAFD.Constantine Khroulev9+61-77
2014-10-07 23:44Added missing characterAndy Aschwanden1+1-1
2014-10-07 23:38Updated funding sources in README. Port to 0.6.Andy Aschwanden1+1-1
2014-10-07 19:34Fix a typo introduced in 6f1fe04.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2014-10-07 18:36Commit ff45421 broke IcebergRemover. This should fix it.Constantine Khroulev2+3-6
2014-10-07 18:32Add IceModelVec::get_dm()Constantine Khroulev2+6-1
2014-10-07 18:03Cleanup.Constantine Khroulev1+0-3
2014-10-07 17:54thksmooth and schoofs_theta diagnostics don't need ghosts.Constantine Khroulev1+2-4
2014-10-07 18:45v.get_stencil_width() == 0 if v has no ghosts.Constantine Khroulev2+9-1
2014-10-07 00:24Basal heat flux does not need to be ghosted.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2014-10-07 00:13Add comments to benign uses of IceModelVec::copy_to_vec()Constantine Khroulev2+2-2
2014-10-06 23:52Simplify IceModelVec::update_ghosts(destination)Constantine Khroulev1+3-10
2014-10-06 23:15Use a "global" Vec in SIAFD_topgsmooth::compute().Constantine Khroulev1+1-2
2014-10-06 23:13Add an assertion (PISMRoutingHydrology::V has to have ghosts).Constantine Khroulev1+3-1
2014-10-06 23:08SSA::m_velocity_old -> SSAFD::m_velocity_old.Constantine Khroulev4+7-5
2014-10-06 23:03Remove IceModelVec2S::view_matlab().Constantine Khroulev3+0-48
2014-10-06 18:47Remove duplicate code in IcebergRemover.Constantine Khroulev3+48-85
2014-10-06 17:44Remove duplicate code in PBLingleClark.Constantine Khroulev2+6-62
2014-10-04 00:05Fix a typo, use a *fixed* large negative number.Constantine Khroulev2+35-15
2014-10-03 22:54The last PetscInt (I hope).Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2014-10-03 22:51One more PetscInt.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2014-10-03 21:58Use "PetscInt" instead of "int" where needed.Constantine Khroulev12+26-21
2014-10-03 22:00Use IceModelVec::copy_to_vec() in one more place.Constantine Khroulev1+1-5
2014-10-03 03:54another refEd Bueler1+14-0
2014-10-02 16:29Use IceModelVec::copy_to_vec in more places.Constantine Khroulev2+4-10
2014-10-01 23:57IceModelVec::v -> IceModelVec::m_vConstantine Khroulev7+103-103
2014-10-01 21:39Add the -dump option to bedrough_test.Constantine Khroulev1+8-0
2014-10-01 19:49Add "shelfbtemp" and "shelfbmassflux" diagnostics to "-ocean th".Constantine Khroulev2+62-7
2014-09-26 21:09Work on supporting PETSc 3.5.Constantine Khroulev24+353-87
2014-09-25 00:53Don't look for TAO if PETSc is recent enough (>= 3.5.0).Constantine Khroulev1+14-2
2014-09-25 00:52Don't recommend trying to match compilers.Constantine Khroulev1+0-12
2014-09-24 23:14Add some code for single-column enthalpy solver tests.Constantine Khroulev1+126-0
2014-09-24 23:12Start cleaning up documentation of enthSystemCtx.Constantine Khroulev2+96-46
2014-09-24 23:11Change the IceModelVec3::setValColumnPL() signature.Constantine Khroulev5+6-7
2014-09-23 22:59Create a Python wrapper for enthSystemCtx.Constantine Khroulev2+7-1
2014-09-23 22:57Cosmetic changes in a regression test.Constantine Khroulev1+6-6
2014-09-23 22:56Update links for C++ classes in BOMBPROOF docs.Constantine Khroulev1+7-7
2014-09-23 22:55Define commands \dx, \dy, \dz, \dt in doxygen.Constantine Khroulev1+4-0
2014-09-23 22:55Create helper functions for creating more PISM fields.Constantine Khroulev1+35-0
2014-09-23 22:54Ensure that storage for a column solution is allocated.Constantine Khroulev1+2-0
2014-09-23 22:54Specify units in a doxygen comment.Constantine Khroulev1+2-0
2014-09-22 23:17Pass EnthalpyConverter to enthSystem by const reference.Constantine Khroulev3+55-46
2014-09-26 23:45Make "const IceModelVec" usable.Constantine Khroulev17+289-201
2014-09-29 15:26add a ref, and fiddle with themEd Bueler1+21-13
2014-09-26 12:52fix one refEd Bueler1+1-1
2014-09-25 20:38add one reference: Karniadakis and SherwinEd Bueler1+9-0
2014-09-23 16:05fixed a minor bug in ocean coupler, fix should be considered for stable0.5 tooTorsten Albrecht1+2-2
2014-09-21 06:16Try to support both old and new (>= 3.0) CMake versions.Constantine Khroulev1+7-1
2014-09-19 23:50Turn "Mask" in to a namespace (instead of a class).Constantine Khroulev8+109-130
2014-09-19 22:29Silence CMake warnings (for now).Constantine Khroulev2+3-0
2014-09-19 21:20Use the same "wide stencil" everywhere.Constantine Khroulev34+239-143
2014-09-18 19:48Fix a bug I introduced in the previous commit.Constantine Khroulev2+12-2
2014-09-17 22:51Remove unused IceModelVec3 methods.Constantine Khroulev2+4-44
2014-09-17 19:19Switch to IceModelVec::AccessList.Constantine Khroulev89+1630-2431
2014-09-17 19:18Disable the SWIG nested class warning.Constantine Khroulev1+2-0
2014-09-17 19:16Add IceModelVec::AccessList.Constantine Khroulev2+35-1
2014-09-16 19:56Switch to using Points and PointsWithGhosts.Constantine Khroulev86+4940-4958
2014-09-16 19:35Add pism::Points and pism::PointsWithGhosts.Constantine Khroulev1+66-5
2014-09-15 19:55Another fix for #297.Constantine Khroulev2+15-25
2014-09-15 19:43Fixes and closes #297. (Also fix a typo in flowlaws.cc)Ed Bueler2+3-1
2014-09-12 23:08Add more tests.Constantine Khroulev1+96-2
2014-09-12 22:25Fix a bug in PISM.model.ModelVecs.rename().Constantine Khroulev1+18-1
2014-09-12 20:01Add test/nosetests.py to "make test".Constantine Khroulev2+10-0
2014-09-12 16:59Add some superficial regression tests. See #294.Constantine Khroulev1+313-0
2014-09-12 16:57Update some Python scripts.Constantine Khroulev4+72-167
2014-09-12 16:55Improve the EnthalpyConverter Python wrapper.Constantine Khroulev1+3-3
2014-09-11 21:51Fix a bug in PISM.AlgorithmFailureException.Constantine Khroulev1+2-2
2014-09-11 14:18Indentation cleanup.Constantine Khroulev1+110-110
2014-09-11 06:31Replace "," -> ", ".Constantine Khroulev14+505-505
2014-09-11 05:58Remove trailing whitespace.Constantine Khroulev6+166-166
2014-09-11 05:55Remove trailing semicolons.Constantine Khroulev7+145-145
2014-09-10 18:26Add vertical grid spacing to run_stats.Constantine Khroulev3+23-0
2014-09-10 16:42Update a doxygen comment.Constantine Khroulev1+0-1
2014-09-10 16:41Add the ocean_pik_melt_factor config parameter. See #295.Constantine Khroulev4+32-18
2014-09-09 22:42Update some inversion-related Python scripts. Port to 0.6.Constantine Khroulev4+125-17
2014-09-08 18:58Add the "source" (PISM revision) attribute to run_stats.Constantine Khroulev1+1-0
2014-09-08 17:53Save 'grid_dx_meters' and 'grid_dy_meters' to run_stats.Constantine Khroulev1+2-0
2014-09-05 23:11Remove test/cases/haseloff/no_bed_smoother.ncConstantine Khroulev2+1-1
2014-09-05 17:53Fix ice discharge reporting. Port to 0.6.Constantine Khroulev1+7-1
2014-09-04 22:17Make Nq and Nk officially unsigned (because they are).Constantine Khroulev9+76-76
2014-09-04 21:37One more fix for #291.Constantine Khroulev2+11-9
2014-09-04 20:26Address #291.Constantine Khroulev8+104-56
2014-09-04 19:02Cleanup.Constantine Khroulev1+25-19
2014-09-04 19:00IceModelVec methods that modify the stored field call inc_state_counter().Constantine Khroulev5+48-22
2014-09-04 18:59Remove pism::Component::init().Constantine Khroulev4+6-2
2014-09-04 16:32Cleanup in PIO.ccConstantine Khroulev1+88-118
2014-09-04 16:17Add PIO::use_mapped_io().Constantine Khroulev2+79-7
2014-09-04 15:55Add "using std::vector" and "using std::string" to PIO.ccConstantine Khroulev1+133-130
2014-09-02 23:48Update the LocalInterpCtx documentation comment.Constantine Khroulev1+2-5
2014-09-02 23:45Add m_ prefix to protected data members of IceGrid.Constantine Khroulev2+7-7
2014-09-02 23:41Add the energy_advection_ice_thickness_threshold parameter.Constantine Khroulev3+5-2
2014-08-29 22:09Cleanup.Constantine Khroulev2+49-48
2014-08-29 20:52Cosmetic changes.Constantine Khroulev1+8-4
2014-08-29 18:15PETSC_NULL is deprecated. Replace with NULL.Constantine Khroulev33+74-74
2014-08-29 17:45Simplify adding more boundary modelsConstantine Khroulev5+130-232
2014-08-28 19:25Implement "-atmosphere one_station".Constantine Khroulev5+350-0
2014-08-28 18:15Use "std::vector<double> &" instead of "double *" in function arguments.Constantine Khroulev29+117-114
2014-08-28 18:12Use the "sia_" prefix in the ConstantInColumn class.Constantine Khroulev2+4-1
2014-08-27 19:07Use one-sided differences to compute w and strain heating at all margins.Constantine Khroulev2+58-22
2014-08-26 17:11Remove some uses of "const char *" and "const char []".Constantine Khroulev41+114-113
2014-08-26 00:43PIO::compute_start_and_count() supports t_count > 1.Constantine Khroulev2+11-7
2014-08-26 19:36Try not to use raw arrays allocated with "new".Constantine Khroulev15+188-181
2014-08-25 21:42Minor cleanup.Constantine Khroulev2+15-17
2014-08-12 07:22Addresses issue #289. Requires testing. No change in semantics of -topg_to_phi option. In particular, this mechanism cannot be turned on without the option (and all four parameters). So the defaults for the four parameters are never actually used.Ed Bueler3+28-23
2014-08-12 04:49Partially address issue #289. This version compiles and runs but does not actually set the config variable according to what the user option is. Thus the whole handling of option -topg_to_phi needs to move to src/base/util/pism_options.cc because that method has a non-constant copy of Config.Ed Bueler2+28-24
2014-08-09 16:47a ref got publishedEd Bueler1+5-6
2014-08-06 01:57one more useful referenceEd Bueler1+9-0
2014-08-05 19:23Update references related to recent acceptances etc.Ed Bueler1+17-12
2014-07-25 04:30Revert "Try to support PETSc 3.5.0 (in dev)."Constantine Khroulev14+21-134
2014-07-24 19:32Documenting options -sia_n and -ssa_n as in my previous commit. See #285.Ed Bueler1+63-31
2014-07-24 16:21Fix the SSA regression test I that uses Python bindings.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2014-07-24 06:46Addressing #285. Documentation not complete, but new options -sia_n and -ssa_n do work.Ed Bueler11+130-75
2014-07-17 15:16Fix a conflict resolution error.Constantine Khroulev1+1-6
2014-07-16 18:00Try to support PETSc 3.5.0 (in dev).Constantine Khroulev15+140-22
2014-07-12 21:42Indentation cleanup.Constantine Khroulev1+12-12
2014-07-15 02:03Change the rule for removing width-one ice tongues ("noses").Ed Bueler1+38-16
2014-07-13 08:03Minor: Fix typo in comment.Ed Bueler1+1-1
2014-07-12 20:37Changes to SSAFD convergence failure recovery code.Ed Bueler4+49-22
2014-07-11 18:45Clobber pedantic warning.Ed Bueler1+3-3
2014-07-11 01:05Fix #281. Port to 0.6.Constantine Khroulev1+13-1
2014-07-09 23:47All diagnostics pressure,tauxz,tauyz in #280 added. Note (1) they are shallow formulas at StressBalance level, and (2) there is code duplication between PSB_tauxz and PSB_tauyz.Ed Bueler3+160-5
2014-07-09 21:24This works. It is inelegant because it does the computation in PSB_pressure not in the ShallowStressBalance where the hydrostatic approximation already is assumed. My way of doing this may not generalize to tauxz,tauyz because I may not be able to get access to driving stress. See issue #280.Ed Bueler3+27-13
2014-07-09 20:03Start by implementing pressure diagnostic. Addressing issue #280.Ed Bueler4+52-4
2014-06-23 21:58It should read velsurf, not {u,v}velsurf.Andy Aschwanden1+1-1
2014-06-23 19:29in addition to wvelsurf, uvelsurf and vvelsurf should also be part of -o_size medium.Andy Aschwanden1+1-1
2014-06-20 03:34With this modification we have a precise relationship between the N(e) formula in Tulaczyk et al 2000 and the N_til(W_til) formula documented in Bueler and van Pelt (submitted soon). This changes make no meaningful difference to Greenland tau_c results, as far as I can tell.Ed Bueler2+37-26
2014-06-20 03:18Rename configuration parameter till_c_0 to till_cohesion, as clearer and avoiding naming by variable name.Ed Bueler3+8-5
2014-06-17 19:00Mark ability to Pism_TEST_USING_VALGRIND as advanced. Port to 0.6.Ed Bueler1+1-0
2014-06-17 18:59Clobber -Wshadow warning.Ed Bueler1+3-3
2014-06-17 06:47Yet another ref.Ed Bueler1+10-0
2014-06-17 06:17Another ref.Ed Bueler1+11-0
2014-06-15 01:45Added -subgl to -pik bundle. Documented it, and cleaned up marine and pik options in User Manual.Ed Bueler3+108-93
2014-06-15 00:54Change siam.bst->plain.bst to avoid koma-generated old font warnings; perhaps plain.bst has been maintained since 1988.Ed Bueler2+2-2
2014-06-14 23:34Adding -subgl makes it even better. Spectacularly steady 15km run.Ed Bueler1+2-2
2014-06-12 19:26another referenceEd Bueler1+10-0
2014-06-06 01:42Another reference.Ed Bueler1+11-0
2014-06-05 19:07Minor: Le Brocq as a last name.Ed Bueler1+1-1
2014-06-04 20:19Maintenance on references.Ed Bueler1+9-8
2014-06-03 08:04Several references relevant to green-hydro stuff.Ed Bueler1+69-11
2014-06-03 08:04Remove incorrect FIXME in script.Ed Bueler1+1-1
2014-06-01 22:40Add option -till_log_factor_transportable_water which sets parameter of same name.Ed Bueler1+2-0
2014-06-01 08:28Moved script showPvsW.py to pism/green-hydro where I am actually using it.Ed Bueler1+0-181
2014-06-01 08:09Fix bug in color scale in script.Ed Bueler1+9-8
2014-06-01 06:33Further improvement of scatter plot generator for P(W) evaluation.Ed Bueler1+59-13
2014-05-31 23:46Remove incorrect mention of Storglaciaren in intro material in manual.Ed Bueler1+1-1
2014-05-31 07:01Remove an incorrect FIXME.Ed Bueler1+0-2
2014-05-31 05:31Updating hydrology parameters to match paper and its choices. Removing overrides mechanism (as code duplication) from nbreen example.Ed Bueler4+8-60
2014-05-29 07:41Vastly more powerful scatterplot generator for testing whether points show emergent P(W). (And Python + Matplotlib rocks.)Ed Bueler1+66-5
2014-05-29 05:50Use CRITICAL_FILL_MISSING flag and fix committed by ckhroulev in 1f14abf. See 23dda01. Works for me.Ed Bueler1+2-4
2014-05-29 03:24Merge branch 'dev' into hydro-simplify-transferEd Bueler21+347-145
2014-05-28 06:54Clean up scripts.Ed Bueler2+2-2
2014-05-28 06:53Word "lost" should be "loss".Ed Bueler2+4-4
2014-05-27 19:20Being more careful about meaning of convergence of Test P.Ed Bueler2+30-12
2014-05-26 07:14tool to generate scatter plot of P versus W, to examine evidence for P(W) a la Flowers and ClarkeEd Bueler1+73-0
2014-05-26 06:19Minimal maintenance on Nbreen example.Ed Bueler2+17-1
2014-05-25 21:56Replace the bad choice for a W <--> Wtil transfer model with simpler (null) version.Ed Bueler7+101-110
2014-05-25 03:01Fix problem where read from file of diagnostic variable velbase_mag has _FillValue below valid_min.Ed Bueler1+3-1
2014-05-24 07:14Merge branch 'dev' into feed-hydrology-from-fileEd Bueler2+10-5
2014-05-24 07:05Add option -hydrology_velbase_mag_file and diagnostic hydrologyvelbase_mag.Ed Bueler4+57-5
2014-05-24 06:41Implement and document option -hydrology_bmelt_file and diagnostic hydrobmelt.Ed Bueler6+82-16
2014-05-24 00:28Correct option name to -hydrology_input_to_bed_file and document it and related options.Ed Bueler2+13-13
2014-05-23 18:42Use std::shared_ptr and std::weak_ptr to keep track of PETSc DMs.Constantine Khroulev25+251-197
2014-05-17 02:24Allow optional addition of -pik -subgl in std-greenland example.Ed Bueler1+5-0
2014-05-17 02:23Correct citation in manual regarding -subgl.Ed Bueler1+1-1
2014-05-14 19:44fill_missing_petsc.py: try to provide better error messages.Constantine Khroulev1+11-2
2014-05-14 19:13Create temporary file in the output directory.Constantine Khroulev1+9-6
2014-05-14 16:58Remove the basal_melt_rate.update_ghosts() call.Constantine Khroulev1+0-4
2014-05-14 07:20fixed two typos.Andy Aschwanden1+2-2
2014-05-13 18:56Add the PETSc-based parallel fill_missing script.Constantine Khroulev1+404-0
2014-05-09 21:12Update the float_kill command-line option.Constantine Khroulev1+2-2
2014-05-09 21:11Make sure that IceModel::combine_basal_melt_rate() gets called.Constantine Khroulev2+4-3
2014-05-09 19:01Remove Timeseries methods that we don't really need.Constantine Khroulev15+161-189
2014-05-13 07:43add a refEd Bueler1+12-0
2014-05-09 18:37Fix 2 minor errors in the source code browser.Constantine Khroulev2+3-3
2014-05-09 18:21Experimental: use force-to-thickness in grounded areas only.Constantine Khroulev2+10-1
2014-05-09 11:00Document new modifier PA_frac_P. Close #271.Julien Seguinot1+32-5
2014-05-08 23:07Make sure that ks is always valid.Constantine Khroulev9+123-109
2014-05-08 23:06Remove a redundant comment.Constantine Khroulev1+0-1
2014-05-08 23:52Fixed fill_missing.pyAndy Aschwanden1+23-12
2014-05-08 22:51allow fill_missing.py to handle files with a time dimension. Should this be considered a bug fix that needs to go into v0.61?Andy Aschwanden1+109-47
2014-05-08 19:49Minor cleanup in PA_frac_P. See #271.Constantine Khroulev1+13-14
2014-05-08 19:48Remove an unused variable.Constantine Khroulev1+0-2
2014-05-08 16:53Allow setting the output size without command-line options.Constantine Khroulev4+39-24
2014-05-08 14:26Enable scalar precipitation multiplier. See #271.Julien Seguinot5+245-0
2014-05-08 01:24Whitespace changes.Constantine Khroulev1+76-76
2014-05-08 00:57Close #99.Constantine Khroulev6+159-158
2014-05-07 22:31Add the "long_name" attribute to pism_config.Constantine Khroulev2+90-82
2014-05-07 22:30Remove the "PISM" prefix in the source code browser.Constantine Khroulev1+12-12
2014-05-07 22:05Add Egholm references.Ed Bueler1+22-0
2014-05-07 20:59Add "_flux" to land_ice_surface_specific_mass_balance.Constantine Khroulev25+28-28
2014-05-07 19:22Fix a doxygen comment.Constantine Khroulev1+2-2
2014-05-07 19:04Forward-declare "IceModelVec" in PISMVars.hh.Constantine Khroulev5+7-1
2014-05-07 19:04Cleanup.Constantine Khroulev2+25-23
2014-05-07 20:33Add _flux to standard name for climatic_mass_balance. See 995aac.Ed Bueler1+1-1
2014-05-07 19:39Fixing PISM parameter names (Paterson-Budd_*) to remove hyphen, to get CF compliance.Ed Bueler2+15-15
2014-05-07 18:01Improve code reuse in SSAFEM.Constantine Khroulev4+111-151
2014-05-07 02:15Changes in IceModelVel2T (needs code review).Julien Seguinot3+27-1
2014-05-06 21:38Fix a file name and small edits in section 1 of User Manual.Ed Bueler1+3-3
2014-05-06 21:08A better name for SSAFD CFBC notes.Constantine Khroulev2+7-7
2014-05-06 20:50Tweak SSA FEM notes.Constantine Khroulev1+9-7
2014-05-06 19:44Close #270.Constantine Khroulev2+9-13
2014-05-06 18:00Improve FEQuadrature::getWeightedJacobian().Constantine Khroulev9+51-64
2014-05-06 00:03Don't include .py files in etags.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2014-05-06 05:17Clean up indexing of Jacobian entries.Constantine Khroulev1+10-10
2014-05-05 22:43Avoid passing classes by value. Close #269.Constantine Khroulev156+1112-1037
2014-05-04 17:28Completion of revisions to first section of user manual, based on change in commit fc93b61ef.Ed Bueler18+16-7
2014-05-03 21:02Remove FEQuadrature::init().Constantine Khroulev6+43-39
2014-05-03 18:49Fixes to figures in User Manual resulting from change in previous commit; figures 3--9 fixed. Text updated.Ed Bueler14+29-31
2014-05-03 18:02Fix RACMO surface mass balance missing value issue. Port to 0.6.Ed Bueler2+11-4
2014-05-03 17:15SSAFEM: Move some computations out of inner loops.Constantine Khroulev1+39-38
2014-05-03 06:15Improve SSA FEM notes.Constantine Khroulev1+9-15
2014-05-03 06:12Re-write SSAFEM Jacobian and residual code.Constantine Khroulev1+53-41
2014-05-02 23:16Start switching to variables that actually mean something.Constantine Khroulev1+35-29
2014-05-02 23:11Add notes documenting SSAFEM residual and Jacobian computations.Constantine Khroulev1+405-0
2014-05-01 01:12Fix the -skip mechanism (again).Constantine Khroulev3+50-23
2014-04-30 19:45Remove the "seconds_per_year" config. parameter.Constantine Khroulev1+0-3
2014-04-30 19:01Allow using a different ftt alpha in "ice-free" areas.Constantine Khroulev5+57-35
2014-04-30 18:47Fix installation of the installation manual.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2014-04-30 17:56Add the m_ prefix to PSForceThickness data members.Constantine Khroulev2+62-62
2014-04-29 23:39My attempt to rename -force_to_thk. See #268.Constantine Khroulev3+3-14
2014-04-29 23:36Closes #268.Andy Aschwanden7+26-26
2014-04-29 16:11Whitespace cleanup.Constantine Khroulev134+750-760
2014-04-29 00:43Improve some doxygen comments.Constantine Khroulev2+22-10
2014-04-29 00:42Use typedef to clean up the signature of a FEQuadrature method.Constantine Khroulev2+9-5
2014-04-28 22:11Remove an outdated comment.Constantine Khroulev1+0-1
2014-04-25 23:39More cosmetic changes in SSAFEM.Constantine Khroulev5+144-108
2014-04-25 16:37Fix doxygen warnings.Constantine Khroulev1+2-2
2014-04-25 16:36Document IceFlowLaw::effective_viscosity().Constantine Khroulev1+17-3
2014-04-25 15:49More cleanup in SSAFEM.Constantine Khroulev3+52-46
2014-04-24 21:38Some more cleanup.Constantine Khroulev6+72-71
2014-04-24 19:56Minor cleanup in SSAFEM.Constantine Khroulev4+124-123
2014-04-24 19:26Add documenting comments. See #224.Constantine Khroulev1+4-4
2014-04-24 19:07Remove the "PISM" prefix from most names in PISM.Constantine Khroulev277+2845-2838
2014-04-23 19:57Read Href from an input file during bootstrapping.Constantine Khroulev1+9-5
2014-04-23 19:57Ice volume/area stdout reporting consistent with -ts_file reporting.Constantine Khroulev2+4-42
2014-04-23 13:48Address #267.Constantine Khroulev1+2-1
2014-04-23 12:29Warn for negative ice thickness in part_redist.Julien Seguinot1+10-0
2014-04-22 20:03Fix compilation errors on beauregard.Constantine Khroulev10+56-56
2014-04-18 19:26Move all public(*) symbols into the "pism" namespace. See #188.Constantine Khroulev310+3177-2051
2014-04-22 19:37Get rid of one more -Wshadow warning.Constantine Khroulev1+2-2
2014-04-22 19:33Get rid of a -Wshadow warningConstantine Khroulev5+84-85
2014-04-20 23:38I will submit this tiny thing on hydrology soon.Ed Bueler1+12-3
2014-04-18 02:55Document the -atmosphere_searise_greenland_file option.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2014-04-18 02:47Close #263.Constantine Khroulev3+46-13
2014-04-17 22:40Add taub_mag to output_medium and _big. See #266.Constantine Khroulev1+2-2
2014-04-17 22:02Split tables in the manual. Rename some variables. See #266.Constantine Khroulev45+197-172
2014-04-17 21:17Add "taud_mag" to the User's Manual.Constantine Khroulev1+1-0
2014-04-17 21:15Address the code part of #266.Constantine Khroulev7+209-138
2014-04-17 21:12Add "const" to some methods.Constantine Khroulev5+12-12
2014-04-17 21:44Trying yet again on the meaning associated to option -tauc_add_transportable_water.Ed Bueler2+8-6
2014-04-17 20:22Another round of edits to subglacial strength documentation in Users Manual. Port to 0.6 (without FIXME which should remain in dev).Ed Bueler1+16-24
2014-04-17 18:38Make flux_divergence appear in -o_sizee big files. See #165.Constantine Khroulev1+63-62
2014-04-17 17:42Close #210.Constantine Khroulev4+58-70
2014-04-17 17:10Dealt with some -Wshadow pedantic compiler warnings.Ed Bueler2+12-12
2014-04-17 17:04Remove unmaintained/unused PISMDistHydrologyALT model.Ed Bueler3+0-259
2014-04-17 16:58Added all state and diagnostic vars generated by PISMDistributedHydrology to output_big. "big" means BIG. Closes #264.Ed Bueler1+1-1
2014-04-17 16:06Remove tillwp, add bwat, bwatvel to output_medium. See #264.Constantine Khroulev1+2-2
2014-04-03 17:48Improve the PIO::open() API. Fix the non-issue #224.Constantine Khroulev58+249-119
2014-04-17 00:37Update README.md (in dev).Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2014-04-15 22:37Trying again on the meaning associated to option -tauc_add_transportable_water. See 33acd210. Needs testing; perhaps this saves Greenland from catastrophic collapse.Ed Bueler1+5-1
2014-04-15 22:03Merge branch 'pdd-stdev' into devConstantine Khroulev8+203-26
2014-04-14 21:35Merge branch 'ocean' into devConstantine Khroulev19+669-609
2014-04-14 19:11Minor cleanup.Constantine Khroulev8+135-90
2014-04-14 17:14Looked at the code, as requested.Constantine Khroulev2+156-145
2014-04-14 17:01Document tauc_add_transportable_water.Constantine Khroulev1+9-1
2014-04-11 22:33Minor userman update.Constantine Khroulev1+2-2
2014-04-11 05:38white space fixEd Bueler1+1-2
2014-04-11 05:30Create new option and config flag -tauc_add_transportable_water.Ed Bueler4+55-7
2014-04-11 05:21add ability to start -hydrology distributed model if bwp is missing; uses bootstrapping_bwp_value_no_var valueEd Bueler1+20-4
2014-04-11 05:15fix unreported bug: nc file left open when PISMRoutingHydrology attempted to find bwat in input fileEd Bueler1+1-0
2014-04-10 21:52A slightly different version of the fix in ada8877. Port to 0.6.Constantine Khroulev3+7-3
2014-04-09 18:18Fiddling with the FEM code in PISM.Constantine Khroulev18+1406-1314
2014-04-10 15:25Prevent crash upon missing unit attr (port to 0.6)Julien Seguinot1+3-3
2014-04-09 05:58Whitespace changes.Constantine Khroulev3+194-199
2014-04-09 05:58Minor cleanup.Constantine Khroulev1+3-3
2014-04-09 01:03See #266. Added minimal doc of taub to manual. Port to 0.6. Note taub can be set equal to the driving stress when computed by the nonsliding SIA-only model.Ed Bueler1+3-2
2014-04-09 00:37See #266. Fix sign on tau_b. Make it bold using boldsymbol; note mathbf has no effect. Port to 0.6.Ed Bueler1+7-7
2014-04-07 22:08Replace 'mapping' with 'global_attributes' in one more place.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2014-04-04 21:16Fix the -..._times code.Constantine Khroulev1+3-1
2014-04-04 19:57"-surface pdd_old" should use new variable names.Constantine Khroulev2+110-88
2014-04-04 19:34Switch from gsl_sf_erfc() to the C library erfc().Constantine Khroulev1+2-3
2014-04-04 20:57fixed nc2cdo.py which is a bit trickier to handle correctly.Andy Aschwanden1+34-34
2014-04-04 20:01For correct calculations of cell areas, PISM now searches in the global attribute ‘proj4’ instead of the proj4 attribute in the mapping variable.Andy Aschwanden6+52-29
2014-04-03 17:59Fix a build issue on Mac OS X 10.9.2. Port to 0.6.Constantine Khroulev2+14-13
2014-04-02 15:30Document building docs in INSTALL.md.Constantine Khroulev1+9-0
2014-04-01 23:15a ref: Feldmann et al (2014) is publishedEd Bueler1+5-1
2014-04-01 18:56Address #251.Constantine Khroulev12+920-880
2014-04-01 18:19Build libpisminverse if Python bindings are being built too. (And not otherwise.)Constantine Khroulev1+7-2
2014-04-01 17:30Add more doxygen comments (PS_delta_T).Constantine Khroulev1+13-5
2014-04-01 17:36Name of x11 library with headers in debian, needed to get X functionality automatically when building petsc, has changed. Port to 0.6.Ed Bueler1+1-1
2014-04-01 15:33Add more doxygen comments.Constantine Khroulev5+56-3
2014-03-31 21:40Add the Pism_DOXYGEN_DOCUMENT_ALL CMake option.Constantine Khroulev2+11-2
2014-04-01 13:41Found a tiny error in random PDD init messageJulien Seguinot1+2-2
2014-03-28 21:21Convert SMB from m/s to (kg m-2)/s.Constantine Khroulev1+6-1
2014-03-28 17:25Resurrect old PDD code so that we can compare it to the new.Constantine Khroulev6+1171-0
2014-03-27 21:42Better error messages. Port to 0.6.Constantine Khroulev2+32-1
2014-03-27 20:36IceGrid::kBelowHeight() should call MPI_Abort().Constantine Khroulev1+6-8
2014-03-26 19:44Fix a typo in IceModel::step() (in dev).Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2014-03-27 15:44Fix discharge reporting. Port to 0.6.Constantine Khroulev1+3-2
2014-03-26 19:07Update the gradient method test case.Constantine Khroulev2+3-3
2014-03-13 06:29Correct some doxygen comments.Constantine Khroulev2+8-9
2014-03-18 00:06Update the Ross run scripts.Constantine Khroulev2+4-4
2014-03-17 18:33Remove the "preliminary time-step duration" parameter.Constantine Khroulev1+0-3
2014-03-19 01:16IceModel::skip_counter() *returns* result.Constantine Khroulev2+30-39
2014-03-17 18:09Add -timestep_hit_multiples. Port to 0.6.Constantine Khroulev7+275-193
2014-03-14 17:08-surface_given_period X should take an integer X. Port to 0.6.Constantine Khroulev1+8-8
2014-03-13 07:11Initialize variables in PDDMassBalance::step(). Port to 0.6.Constantine Khroulev1+2-2
2014-03-13 06:30PDD sub-intervals consistent with interpolation scheme. Port to 0.6.Constantine Khroulev2+9-8
2014-03-13 06:29Fix snow depth reset code. Port to 0.6.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2014-03-12 18:55Very minor cleanup. Port to 0.6.Constantine Khroulev2+2-1
2014-03-12 18:53The "init. step" of couplers is a method now. Port to 0.6.Constantine Khroulev3+58-47
2014-03-24 22:57Remove undocumented storglaciaren example from users manual. Port to 0.6.Ed Bueler2+4-4
2014-03-24 17:11Save CTS when -o_size big is set. See #262. Port to 0.6.Constantine Khroulev2+2-2
2014-03-21 23:26yet more ref fiddles (YMRF)Ed Bueler1+15-3
2014-03-21 23:13more ref workEd Bueler1+12-2
2014-03-19 22:31a ref.Ed Bueler1+13-2
2014-03-19 21:14Allow setting units of the z dimension in IceModelVec3Custom.Constantine Khroulev1+7-1
2014-03-19 18:52Apply the patch provided by Leo van Kampenhout. (Port to 0.6.)Constantine Khroulev4+28-1
2014-03-14 19:21Added commentBob Fischer1+36-0
2014-03-14 19:17Merge branch 'dev' of github.com:pism/pism into devBob Fischer11+156-24
2014-03-05 14:08Merge branch 'dev' of github.com:pism/pism into devBob Fischer163+8059-6054
2014-02-07 04:15Merge branch 'dev' of github.com:pism/pism into devBob Fischer309+5208-6722
2014-02-07 04:14Working on moving Glint2 code into PISMBob Fischer5+451-0
2014-01-29 17:29Added comments. Changed init_run() to be not protected.Bob Fischer2+13-4
2014-01-29 02:35section 12.1 is done: PISM on a 2.5 mm grid and a nice match to observationsEd Bueler2+21-15
2014-01-29 00:02new section 12.1 on laboratory experiment validation mostly doneEd Bueler2+44-1
2014-01-28 21:32eliminate unmaintained EISMINT-Greenland directory; it is still available in stable0.4Ed Bueler8+0-493
2014-01-28 21:30Correct the README to reflect current.Ed Bueler1+3-2
2014-01-28 21:18Revised section headings for validation chapter, with spot for labgum material.Ed Bueler1+10-3
2014-01-28 21:12remove flux figures from User Manual description of MISMIP; not clear at this point that they mean anything other than that cflx is not the conserved fluxEd Bueler4+12-25
2014-01-28 20:18rename in prep for adding labgum to validation chapterEd Bueler3+3-3
2014-01-28 20:07A bit more clean up including consolidation into one preprocess script and one run script.Ed Bueler4+142-155
2014-01-28 19:07Clean up lab gum example in preparation for addition to Users Manual.Ed Bueler7+459-79
2014-01-28 02:06Add a paragraph about -subgl to the manual.Constantine Khroulev1+6-1
2014-01-28 01:13Remove 2 FIXMEs from the manual.Constantine Khroulev1+0-4
2014-01-27 23:33Clean up and document the new -subgl code.Constantine Khroulev4+232-165
2014-01-27 19:31Minor changes to the code picking the right (smallest) max_dt.Constantine Khroulev2+43-31
2014-01-27 18:17Minor cleanup (mostly whitespace).Constantine Khroulev3+128-142
2014-01-27 18:00Rename some IceModel data members.Constantine Khroulev25+523-524
2014-01-26 03:09More maintenance on Storglaciaren example: Move parameter choices to command-line options and revert to more typical sliding parameters; ran but generated crazy velocities under old values.Ed Bueler3+27-28
2014-01-26 02:25removing 3d example ... which I will not myself maintain ...Ed Bueler3+2-381
2014-01-25 20:30Attempt maintenance on storglacieren example: Shallow edits to manual. Changes to runscript; generate error about file missing tillphi. (Happens when switch from SIA-only run to SIA+SSA run; is this generic?)Ed Bueler2+14-16
2014-01-25 20:07Change pre-computed result used in examples/jako/ to g5km_gridseq.nc. Remove unmaintained Petermann stub script.Ed Bueler4+19-28
2014-01-25 08:26Updates to the subgrid grounding line interpolationJohannes Feldmann5+135-69
2014-01-25 04:09Remove redundant code.Constantine Khroulev1+2-13
2014-01-25 04:01Address #233.Constantine Khroulev1+3-3
2014-01-25 02:14A round of shallow edits to the Jako. regional model section of the Users Manual. In good shape but note #233.Ed Bueler1+15-20
2014-01-25 01:14Shallow edits to Verification and Simplified Experiments sections of manual; in good shape.Ed Bueler2+31-39
2014-01-24 21:37Fix minor manual build error caused by imperfect rebase.Ed Bueler1+1-2
2014-01-24 21:24Edits to Practical Usage section of User Manual, including move of flow-line example script into util/Ed Bueler3+123-155
2014-01-24 19:55Remove option -pismversion. As far as I can tell, no script or documented run even uses it. Option -version remains.Ed Bueler1+3-4
2014-01-24 19:09Change all executables to use default output name 'unnamed.nc'.Ed Bueler3+11-9
2014-01-24 19:53Zero-pad years in stdout and -extra_split file names.Constantine Khroulev2+3-3
2014-01-24 19:26Fix a typo in a doxygen comment.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2014-01-24 19:14Take care of FIXMEs in the init sequence graph.Constantine Khroulev1+17-25
2014-01-24 18:45Remove last mentions of -no_sia and -ssa_sliding.Constantine Khroulev2+2-2
2014-01-24 18:44Fix a typo in the manual.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2014-01-24 18:13Update stress balance options in the manual.Constantine Khroulev12+71-52
2014-01-24 03:52Update more scripts (-ssa_sliding, -no_sia).Constantine Khroulev7+9-15
2014-01-24 07:44Documentation of marine ice sheets and bed deformation in User Manual in pretty good shape.Ed Bueler3+56-59
2014-01-24 01:05I think this is satisfactory documentation of the two documented hydrology choices.Ed Bueler2+66-31
2014-01-24 00:50Update -ssa_sliding option in examples/*.Constantine Khroulev23+29-30
2014-01-24 00:41Update stress balance command-line options. See #144.Constantine Khroulev13+114-123
2014-01-23 20:35Move the basal sliding law into ShallowStressBalance.Constantine Khroulev45+328-334
2014-01-23 20:07Remove unused code.Constantine Khroulev2+0-8
2014-01-23 21:39Edits through end of section 7.1 on modeling basal strength. Much better.Ed Bueler1+44-54
2014-01-23 19:17More rational construction of basal strength documentation, but it is still not done.Ed Bueler2+91-55
2014-01-23 19:48Add "climatic_mass_balance_original". Closes #232.Constantine Khroulev2+26-1
2014-01-23 19:30Fix a bug in "Timeseries".Constantine Khroulev1+5-3
2014-01-22 20:11A bit of cleanup.Constantine Khroulev6+35-44
2014-01-22 18:39Remove Blatter stress balance code from dev.Constantine Khroulev12+6-2509
2014-01-22 18:16Remove the do_blatter flag (it is not used anyway).Constantine Khroulev5+29-39
2014-01-22 01:02Clean up energy command-line options. See #144.Constantine Khroulev60+204-1025
2014-01-21 22:28Added configuration flag summary_time_use_calendar. Defaults to "yes".Ed Bueler3+18-4
2014-01-21 20:26clobber pedantic warning about ierr set but not usedEd Bueler1+3-5
2014-01-21 18:16Require FFTW-3 when building PISM. See #230.Constantine Khroulev7+16-45
2014-01-21 06:13Edits on ice dynamics part of manual, including a brief new section on conservation of energy.Ed Bueler2+42-30
2014-01-21 04:11Significant reorganization: split out subglacial stuff from dynamics, to make new section of User Manual.Ed Bueler4+235-214
2014-01-21 04:11Shallow edits to section 5. In good shape.Ed Bueler1+46-68
2014-01-21 01:44More shallow edits through end of section 4 (page 36).Ed Bueler2+30-39
2014-01-21 01:05More shallow edits through end of section 3.Ed Bueler4+23-22
2014-01-20 21:44Many shallow edits through page 31 of User Manual.Ed Bueler4+71-62
2014-01-20 10:55deleted the plot script by accidentTorsten Albrecht3+103-9
2014-01-20 10:47simplified ross example structureTorsten Albrecht12+141-667
2014-01-19 20:26minor: fix bad ref in User ManualEd Bueler1+1-1
2014-01-19 06:28Update run script. See #175.Ed Bueler1+1-1
2014-01-19 06:17I am totally delighted with MISMIP3d. It works great with the dev branch using 2 km resolution, the subgrid method, and robust ksp options. (I did not do a thorough test of options.) This commit is a lot of shallow editing. Main question: is -gradient eta a key for performance? (Any other key options?)Ed Bueler9+232-187
2014-01-18 23:52editting of MISMIP3d scripts ... needs more experimentation now that I see all the options fairly clearlyEd Bueler3+68-49
2014-01-17 21:13Remove the -hold_tauc option. See #144.Constantine Khroulev10+48-38
2014-01-17 20:33Remove IceModelVec copy constructor and assignment operator.Constantine Khroulev21+73-163
2014-01-17 19:28Remove sounding viewers. Closes #223.Constantine Khroulev13+35-211
2014-01-17 08:32relatively small fixes in the simplified geometry part of the Users ManualEd Bueler1+5-5
2014-01-17 00:16Update calving command-line options. See #144.Constantine Khroulev39+153-122
2014-01-16 19:54Stop trying to "import netCDF3".Constantine Khroulev44+108-79
2014-01-16 19:40Remove pure-HDF5 I/O code.Constantine Khroulev9+8-1324
2014-01-16 19:33Improve the main page of the browser. Done for now.Constantine Khroulev2+44-163
2014-01-17 00:03working on script for MISMIP3d: clean up and track down why -subgl *does* workEd Bueler1+70-96
2014-01-16 20:21minor reorganization of User Manual source files: there is now a one-to-one correspondence between .tex files in doc/userman/ and the sections of the User ManualEd Bueler5+121-120
2014-01-16 04:37Address some easily noticeable flaws of the doxygen browser.Constantine Khroulev19+901-820
2014-01-15 02:59A minor fix.Constantine Khroulev1+2-2
2014-01-15 00:45Source code browser compiles again.Constantine Khroulev9+87-97
2014-01-14 23:39small edits of MISMIP3d documentation ... under constructionEd Bueler2+14-11
2014-01-14 23:38cut up MISMIP3d scripts into more easily chewed pieces; see new "usage" section of README.md; under construction and testingEd Bueler3+115-91
2014-01-14 20:39Minor cleanup.Constantine Khroulev7+43-33
2014-01-14 20:38Rename IceModelVec::stencil_width() back to get_stencil_width()Constantine Khroulev7+18-18
2014-01-14 20:36SIA mass conservation test prints the "pismv" command it runs.Constantine Khroulev1+5-0
2014-01-14 20:35Fix a build system heuristic.Constantine Khroulev1+0-1
2014-01-14 17:36Fix build issues on beauregard.Constantine Khroulev5+41-36
2014-01-14 18:50happy with MISMIP (2d) results for inclusion in stable0.6, though -subgl did not work for meEd Bueler3+16-9
2014-01-14 18:11fix minor build error (and allows me to play); see #228Ed Bueler2+2-2
2014-01-14 06:56Trying to update the doxygen browser.Constantine Khroulev18+2380-3964
2013-12-22 11:54Improving the IceModelVec, NCVariable, PIO API.Constantine Khroulev262+4804-5228
2013-12-22 09:01Initialize variables in PISMDistributedHydrology::update()Constantine Khroulev1+9-9
2013-12-20 23:21Minor manual fixes.Constantine Khroulev2+3-3
2014-01-14 06:18figures cleaned up for MISMIP 2dEd Bueler6+17-23
2014-01-14 05:39MISMIP 2D works fine in grid modes 3 and 2 *as long as you do not skip*, so it is turned offEd Bueler2+1-4
2014-01-14 05:08minor: clarifying section names in manualEd Bueler2+2-2
2014-01-14 02:05struggling a bit to understand where the MISMIP (old, not 3d) example standsEd Bueler2+33-26
2014-01-13 23:48fix doxygen comment for putTempAtDepth()Ed Bueler1+10-9
2014-01-13 23:28putTempAtDepth() did indeed have a bug in the default case where the SMB is used: if SMB<0 then ice was treated as advecting basal warmth upward from base, generating unreasonably warm ice. Fixed by treading SMB<0 columns as having vertical velocity (relative to the base) of zero.Ed Bueler1+22-26
2014-01-13 19:51Cleaning installation manual: add python-pyproj to recommended debian packages, group and alphabetize packages, and just go ahead and say FFTW is required.Ed Bueler1+29-31
2014-01-10 07:49Cleaned up and documented the prognostic and fracture_density extensions of the Ross ice shelf. They are ready to go in stable0.6 in my opinion.Ed Bueler7+34-119
2014-01-10 00:44Superficial changes for usability/clarity. (I did not even realize that these nice examples were here.)Ed Bueler5+24-12
2014-01-08 23:44more minor cleanup in antarctica exampleEd Bueler3+19-20
2013-12-17 20:35Address #74 (for now).Constantine Khroulev4+49-11
2013-12-16 23:13Add simple "narrow ice tongue removal" code.Constantine Khroulev3+98-5
2013-12-16 21:55A bit of cleanup.Constantine Khroulev2+16-22
2013-12-17 01:07adding comments to nice flood example ... @ck: please check that these are still truthsEd Bueler1+24-6
2013-12-16 21:31Try to avoid overflow in IceGrid::check_parameters().Constantine Khroulev1+8-2
2013-12-16 21:28Add the marine/tongues "example".Constantine Khroulev3+165-0
2013-12-15 03:24Changes to Antarctic run which update to new till strangth scheme (esp. -tauc_slippery_grounding_lines) and use better parameters (-sia_e 3, -meltfactor_pik 5e-3, -calving_at_thickness 200.0). Separate ability to use smoothed topg; does not make that much difference.Ed Bueler2+67-36
2013-12-14 20:23This should take care of #167.Constantine Khroulev2+17-6
2013-12-14 02:40Adds the "flood" example.Constantine Khroulev3+110-0
2013-12-13 21:40Code cleanup.Constantine Khroulev5+53-55
2013-12-14 05:37Clean up and simplify SeaRISE-Antarctica example.Ed Bueler6+6-520
2013-12-11 20:18Fix a typo in src/base/stressbalance/ssa/doc/MakefileConstantine Khroulev1+1-1
2013-12-12 05:55add the ability to not generate diagnotics (i.e. -ts_file ... -extra_file ...)Ed Bueler1+11-6
2013-12-11 20:09Fix a typo in examples/marine/circular/README.mdConstantine Khroulev1+1-1
2013-12-11 20:05Cleanup in examples/ and tests/.Constantine Khroulev16+148-99
2013-12-11 17:27Add a forgotten forcing file (delta_MBP.nc).Constantine Khroulev1+0-0
2013-12-11 02:40Add examples/marine/melange.Constantine Khroulev3+41-0
2013-12-11 02:40Rename examples/piktests -> examples/marine.Constantine Khroulev14+71-72
2013-12-10 21:02Delete all debian [meta]package stuff. Remove manpages.Constantine Khroulev18+1-333
2013-12-10 21:02Clobber a compiler warning.Constantine Khroulev1+0-1
2013-11-12 18:37Remove all uses of get_array() outside of FEM code.Constantine Khroulev15+459-424
2013-12-04 23:42Fix a typo in melange back pressure code.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2013-12-09 02:52I am going to call it good: a new Getting Started section for pism0.6Ed Bueler6+27-34
2013-12-09 02:16add csurf figures from parameter studyEd Bueler9+0-0
2013-12-09 01:12update script for generating time series, and the ivol .png files which go in User's ManualEd Bueler5+8-3
2013-12-08 22:01more text on parameter studyEd Bueler1+20-6
2013-12-08 21:41update and clean up advanced param study scripts ... only play small role in Getting Started sectionEd Bueler5+143-144
2013-12-08 05:58about half of section 2.9 showing a parameter study example done; need one more big figure and some text on what it all means ...Ed Bueler9+97-20
2013-12-08 01:43done with section 2.8 on grid refinementEd Bueler2+26-14
2013-12-08 01:15revise/add some scripts for sections 2.8 and 2.9Ed Bueler4+71-71
2013-12-07 04:37editing section 2.8Ed Bueler1+18-14
2013-12-05 01:37minor: fix usurf figs so they have a common scaleEd Bueler1+10-2
2013-12-04 18:59added escape character so that log file gets written on pacmanAndy Aschwanden1+2-2
2013-12-03 23:59most of text on grid sequencing doneEd Bueler1+18-8
2013-12-03 23:59scripts for parameter study running now; suitable for small machine (and supercomputer will be an exercise)Ed Bueler2+14-4
2013-12-03 20:08Document melange back pressure fraction forcing.Constantine Khroulev3+66-10
2013-12-03 18:54Implement -ocean ...,delta_MBPConstantine Khroulev7+212-1
2013-12-02 19:09Implement the melange back pressure parameterization.Constantine Khroulev22+173-25
2013-12-02 19:07Very minor code cleanup.Constantine Khroulev4+7-16
2013-12-02 00:59Working on new subsection 2.8 on grid sequencing. Clean up of other material in sections 2 and 3. Increase usability and documentation of scripts in examples/std-greenland/.Ed Bueler12+75-52
2013-12-01 18:49done with a sweep cleaning up section 3 ... I hope I have helped ...Ed Bueler1+70-95
2013-11-30 06:30key fix to stop jumps at regriddingEd Bueler1+1-0
2013-11-30 06:30more cleaning and editing in 'the PISM view' textEd Bueler3+23-25
2013-11-30 04:50remove preachy partEd Bueler2+2-15
2013-11-30 03:16continuing refinement of the gridseq.sh sample scriptEd Bueler2+5-5
2013-11-30 03:15edits to Constantine's new notes: minorEd Bueler2+49-49
2013-11-30 01:45fix gridseq.sh script and edit text on NetCDF toolsEd Bueler2+26-19
2013-11-30 01:18paleo subsection of Getting Started done; ivolboth.py --> tsboth.py is made more flexibleEd Bueler8+106-86
2013-11-29 22:10Continue updates to Getting Started section: section 2.8 on paleo spinupEd Bueler3+75-38
2013-11-29 20:37Add new SSA CFBC notes, including ideas re. melange back-pressure.Constantine Khroulev1+243-0
2013-11-26 20:21Clean up and minor optimizations.Constantine Khroulev16+91-81
2013-11-26 04:54Re-wrote IceModelVec3::getValColumnQUAD().Constantine Khroulev1+59-31
2013-11-26 04:52Fix a bug in IceModelVec::setValColumnPL().Constantine Khroulev1+3-1
2013-11-19 20:52New way of computing nuH.Constantine Khroulev5+220-24
2013-11-21 04:29Add the taub (taub_x, taub_y) diagnostic.Constantine Khroulev3+73-1
2013-11-19 21:19Inline IceFlowLaw::effective_viscosity().Constantine Khroulev2+23-25
2013-11-19 18:36ssa_test_cfbc improvementsConstantine Khroulev2+25-0
2013-11-19 18:37Bigger formulas in the source code browser.Constantine Khroulev1+2-0
2013-11-20 21:00Improve test and example scripts.Constantine Khroulev2+17-14
2013-11-29 08:15edits through end of section 2.6Ed Bueler1+31-26
2013-11-29 05:41edits through end of subsection 2.5, and add Dickens & Morey to refsEd Bueler2+37-30
2013-11-28 00:20apply slippery grounding line only at *marine* grounding lineEd Bueler1+6-2
2013-11-27 05:33undo change made in c6e0c522Ed Bueler1+1-6
2013-11-26 23:40minimal reorganization: put some advanced scripts, which do not get covered in Getting Started section, in subdirectoryEd Bueler5+11-3
2013-11-26 18:46method for helping with marginal stiple in basal fieldsEd Bueler3+18-6
2013-11-26 15:52Replace "full Stokes" -> "Stokes" throughout.Constantine Khroulev2+3-3
2013-11-26 08:13update text on spinup evaluation, and fix typo in scriptEd Bueler2+4-4
2013-11-25 03:35time series comparison between 20km and 10km, and other modifications to Getting Started sectionEd Bueler5+93-109
2013-11-24 22:59add Habermann et al (2013) and van Pelt et al (2013) to biblioEd Bueler1+22-6
2013-11-24 22:58showing runs with hybrid and const (climate) in getting started section, including comparison to observed and 10km runEd Bueler10+217-23
2013-11-24 08:24update comments on Mohr-CoulombEd Bueler1+6-8
2013-11-24 04:03figures from end of first runEd Bueler4+27-5
2013-11-24 02:14remove old SeaRISE-ish figures from Getting Started section ... will replace with quicker-to generate resultsEd Bueler7+7-7
2013-11-24 02:09ongoing revisions to Getting Started section: remove most vestiges of SeaRISE, plan four runs (const sia, const ssa, paleo, grid seq), add figures showing what ncview looks likeEd Bueler4+45-40
2013-11-22 02:27edit getting-started section ... needs more workEd Bueler2+26-13
2013-11-21 19:56maintenance/update lists of contributors and users in User ManualEd Bueler1+25-24
2013-11-15 20:21Revert "Added new interface to attach_atmosphere()..."Constantine Khroulev1+0-9
2013-11-14 20:20Un-comment method arguments in PISMComponent.hhConstantine Khroulev1+17-8
2013-11-15 16:35finite() is not part of ANSI C, and did not compile with G++ 4.7 -std=c++11. isfinite() is the standard replacement for it. See: http://bytes.com/topic/c/answers/217761-finite-ansi-cBob Fischer1+1-1
2013-11-15 16:02Added new interface to attach_atmosphere() that uses memory-safe C++11 pointers (std::unique_ptr<>). In general, the g++ flag --std=c++11 should be used with C++11 code; however, no changes needed to be made to the CMake stuff to get this to work on my setup. I was not able to verify the command lines make uses to compile. At some point, this change should be propagated elsewehre in the code, or ripped out based on a decision to NOT use this kind of C++ idiom.Bob Fischer1+9-0
2013-11-15 12:44fixed units for flux_divergence in extra variablesAndy Aschwanden1+1-1
2013-11-13 07:49That's about all I can say about update(). See #205.Constantine Khroulev1+49-7
2013-11-13 06:04Merge branch 'dev' of github.com:pism/pism into devBob Fischer88+1332-781
2013-11-13 06:03Added instructions on building Doxygen docs into places people might search for them.Bob Fischer2+16-0
2013-11-05 03:51Merge branch 'dev' of github.com:pism/pism into dev git told me i had to.Bob Fischer2+38-34
2013-11-05 03:51Added run_to() functionality. See Git Issue #196 https://github.com/pism/pism/issues/196Bob Fischer2+57-6
2013-11-05 01:12Fixes #199.Constantine Khroulev1+7-8
2013-11-05 00:26A little bit of cleanup.Constantine Khroulev3+7-9
2013-11-04 08:32reworking user manual example; new approach will do nicely ... will show: sia versus ssa performance (both computational and model) in 20km constant-climate context; difference between constant-climate and paleo-climate when compared to surfvelmag in data set ... i.e. the first section of the user's manual will be a 'toy' version of the Hindcasting paperEd Bueler3+40-33
2013-11-04 08:29poor nick ... I seem to lose the 'd' in his last name too easilyEd Bueler1+14-2
2013-11-04 08:28further improvments to spinup ... need revised approach to grid sequencing, which should probably use env vars REGRIDFILE and REGRIDVARSEd Bueler2+45-92
2013-11-03 22:03more improvement to spinup.shEd Bueler1+14-15
2013-11-03 21:48significant progress on highly-flexible spinup script ... but not done yetEd Bueler4+169-252
2013-11-03 18:56I think this is the preprocessing I wantEd Bueler2+95-65
2013-11-03 05:22Used search for 'unpublished' in ice_bib.bib, and then google scholar, to harvest updated bibtex entries for several papers.Ed Bueler1+33-29
2013-11-03 04:29clear out most searise-greenland stuff ... of course it is still in the stable0.5 branch, and can be brought back and updated by anyone who wants thatEd Bueler9+0-870
2013-11-02 19:27rename greenland example to remove association to seariseEd Bueler13+0-0
2013-11-01 22:17"Regrid" enthalpy using temp and liqfrac.Constantine Khroulev4+121-45
2013-11-01 16:52Trivial cleanup.Constantine Khroulev18+49-51
2013-11-01 16:51Get flow law names from IceFlowLaw.Constantine Khroulev6+6-10
2013-11-01 03:42Take the calendar from -time_file (#157).Constantine Khroulev8+118-41
2013-11-01 01:22Implement a "constant velocity" stress balance (see #171).Constantine Khroulev5+67-4
2013-10-31 19:21No, I don't want .tex files to be tagged after all.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2013-10-31 18:30Fix a documenting comment.Constantine Khroulev1+2-2
2013-11-01 08:28- fixed units (m year-1) of flux divergenceAndy Aschwanden2+3-3
2013-10-31 17:51Clean up standard out reporting.Constantine Khroulev5+42-13
2013-10-31 16:42Closes #155 (implement PISMComponent::regrid())Constantine Khroulev12+65-118
2013-10-31 01:23Remove unused IceModel members.Constantine Khroulev3+3-11
2013-10-31 00:12Re-implements "-float_kill". Needs testing.Constantine Khroulev8+181-15
2013-10-30 23:29Fix #115. Needs testing.Constantine Khroulev3+60-24
2013-10-30 23:14Update examples/piktests/flowline/.Constantine Khroulev2+4-8
2013-10-30 23:11PISMIcebergRemover should not remove SSA B.C. cells.Constantine Khroulev3+23-2
2013-10-30 08:10updates the url of surface velocity data downloadTorsten Albrecht2+4-4
2013-10-16 18:50Address #180.Constantine Khroulev6+146-132
2013-10-30 03:03Remove PismIntMask.Constantine Khroulev5+9-18
2013-10-29 23:57Remove unused code.Constantine Khroulev1+1-11
2013-10-29 22:03Fix a typo.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2013-10-29 21:43Fix a bug.Constantine Khroulev2+11-7
2013-10-29 19:59Remove "std::" that crept into a .tex file.Constantine Khroulev1+3-3
2013-10-29 18:08Remove unused variables in POGivenTH.Constantine Khroulev1+4-17
2013-10-29 17:31Fixes some scripts in examples/ross.Constantine Khroulev2+2-2
2013-10-29 17:31Clean up doxygen warnings.Constantine Khroulev8+16-16
2013-10-29 01:07Untangle the fracture-induced softening code.Constantine Khroulev8+123-66
2013-10-28 19:43Rename bwat -> tillwat in a regression test.Constantine Khroulev1+2-2
2013-10-28 19:32Some cleanup (mostly in PISMBedSmoother).Constantine Khroulev7+84-108
2013-10-27 03:33spinup not so belabored at endEd Bueler1+2-0
2013-10-27 03:30minor doc cleanupEd Bueler1+1-12
2013-10-27 03:23[I am forcing this commit message to appear in pism.pushes by a white-space commit. Sorry that it ain't elegant.]Ed Bueler1+1-0
2013-10-27 03:19Merge commit '2a4646d' into devEd Bueler0+0-0
2013-10-27 02:37Merge till-hydro-dynamics. The dev branch now has the new hydrology options -hydrology null [default] -hydrology routing -hydrology distributed The first two of these are documented in section 6.6 of the User's Manual. The third is unpublished and undocumented.Ed Bueler198+1875-1940
2013-10-27 02:17pre-emptively adding "std::" so that git gets less confused on merge of 4f7ddadb ... I hopeEd Bueler3+30-30
2013-10-27 01:35merge 878d17ee2ad1e772; fix trivial conflict in doc/ice_bib.bibEd Bueler7+490-10
2013-10-27 01:29merge c42b01a341e into till-hydro-dynamics; fix error in till-hydro-dynamics so that now it is till_water_thickness() and not basal_water_thickness() that is read in the enthalpy code for the water at the baseEd Bueler27+573-742
2013-10-23 00:14Add a forgotten if(...).Constantine Khroulev1+3-1
2013-10-27 00:48Merge commit 'fdfe1d4' into till-hydro-dynamicsEd Bueler20+970-41
2013-10-27 00:47Merge commit 'a2859a40' into till-hydro-dynamicsEd Bueler1+1-1
2013-10-27 00:45Merge commit 'dd95b6a14' into till-hydro-dynamicsEd Bueler40+1682-1207
2013-10-27 00:35Merge commit 'fe5a70d' into till-hydro-dynamicsEd Bueler6+51-5
2013-10-27 00:17merge bad7226 with conflict-resolve in doc/ice_bib.bibEd Bueler1+0-8
2013-10-03 21:47update routing test script to include thermo diagnosticsEd Bueler1+2-2
2013-10-03 18:38Fix basal B.C. for enthalpy (port to 0.5).Constantine Khroulev1+1-7
2013-10-03 18:32Tweaking PISMNC.Constantine Khroulev1+12-12
2013-10-03 18:32White-space changes.Constantine Khroulev4+91-89
2013-09-26 20:01Well-known reference for PETSc, out of date.Ed Bueler1+8-0
2013-09-25 01:38- added scalar time series 'timestamp' to merged pism filesAndy Aschwanden1+6-0
2013-09-28 19:32Add a run with till.Ed Bueler1+6-0
2013-09-28 19:31Edit metadata and stdout only.Ed Bueler2+6-6
2013-09-26 23:17This change is justified by thinking that water-free grounded ice locations should have a pressure (for the absent water ...) determined by the steady state value of the pressure. Thus there is a difference between having any sliding and not having any sliding. This change makes a huge difference in runs initialized with W=0 at the start. Experimentation is needed to determine if it affects W>0 steady states much at the boundary where W->0, in particular.Ed Bueler1+10-3
2013-09-26 20:01Well-known reference for PETSc, out of date.Ed Bueler1+8-0
2013-09-24 05:13Merge branch 'dev' into till-hydro-dynamicsEd Bueler9+83-43
2013-09-23 07:13Testing routing is interesting.Ed Bueler1+6-5
2013-09-23 02:11Add script to test -hydrology routing on searise-greenland.Ed Bueler2+51-1
2013-09-23 01:03Actually documented -hydrology null and -hydrology routing models. Note -hydrology distributed is not documented.Ed Bueler1+37-17
2013-09-23 00:09Simplifying unruly name for beta.Ed Bueler6+12-12
2013-09-22 19:37Minimally documenting the revised basal strength model, i.e. the compressible saturated till from Tulaczyk (2000b).Ed Bueler1+22-9
2013-09-22 18:52Removing this script after runnign it and looking at results. I believe it is no longer useful, if it ever was. To test -hydrology null, see runs of searise-greenland, searise-antarctica, etc. test/regression/test_29.py and test/test_hydrology/verifTestP.sh are serious verification of -hydrology distributed. Models -hydrology routing and -hydrology distributed can be compared in examples/nbreen.Ed Bueler1+0-43
2013-09-22 18:50Final state of this script.Ed Bueler1+3-3
2013-09-22 18:10Housekeeping: remove access of unused fields in the two versions of update().Ed Bueler2+3-11
2013-09-22 18:00Switching -hydrology distributed over to the superficially-hyperbolic way of updating pressure. This makes Test P (test_29.py etc) errors slightly smaller except for bwp_avg which is slightly larger. That is also the pattern with results from verifTestP.sh. Because I am not certain I want to toss it out, I've hidden old code in new derived class.Ed Bueler5+255-47
2013-09-19 22:55Set up for testing Ward's proposal to use same divergence of flux when updating pressure, as when updating W.Ed Bueler1+19-2
2013-09-19 21:36Move Wtil update to first action in time-stepping loop. Add dWtil/dt term to pressure equation (so as to match notes which already have it).Ed Bueler2+27-24
2013-09-19 20:30Use mask values to avoid averaging water thickness values from ice-free land or ocean (i.e. floating or ice-free ocean) cells, when computing the (staggered-grid) water thickness which enters into the Darcy flux calculation for subglacial hydrology. Seems to have very small affect on nbreen. Has small, and in every case error-reducing, affect on test P of -hydrology distributed.Ed Bueler2+31-6
2013-09-19 19:46Cuffey & Paterson does have good stuff on till so I should not be lazy and I should start using the latest edition ...Ed Bueler1+9-0
2013-09-17 22:30Merge dev. Fix trivial conflict in PISMMohrCoulombYieldStress.cc relating to assert.Ed Bueler27+426-175
2013-09-17 22:24In -hydrology null the floating or ice-free ocean areas have no water in till.Ed Bueler1+16-6
2013-09-17 15:48Adjustments based on running the searise-antarctica model with -hydrology null, the default. Note need for mask-awareness in updating tillwat in PISMNullTransportHydrology.Ed Bueler3+26-21
2013-09-16 19:28Tell the SSAFD KSP solver to use non-zero initial guesses. (Port to 0.5.)Constantine Khroulev2+12-3
2013-09-14 18:27Removing FIXMEs by formal changes only.Ed Bueler3+50-32
2013-09-14 17:59Removal of Y0 from PISMDistributedHydrology.cc so it runs again. Additional changes so that test_29.py passes again.Ed Bueler3+35-30
2013-09-12 23:02Added option -tauc_slippery_grounding_lines and config flag tauc_slippery_grounding_lines. By default it is 'no' PISM-wide but 'yes' in searise-greenland. Seems to have very desirable effect on the flow near grounding lines because the at-grounding-line thermodynamics that causes tillwat=0 and high tauc is bypassed. Reduces peak diffusivity if that occurs at these grounding lines, which seems common.Ed Bueler4+17-4
2013-09-12 19:07De-optimizing computation of tauc in preparation for implementing non-pointwise model: replace redundant computation on ghosted points with communication of ghosts.Ed Bueler1+4-3
2013-09-09 22:43Important point: Ntil is bounded above by overburden pressure.Ed Bueler1+1-0
2013-09-09 19:13Cleaning tauc computation without changing meaning. Fixing doxygen/LaTeX stuff. [I am seeing that grounded ice just at the grounding line of outlet glaciers currently is getting (e.g. in searise-greenland) very high tauc from MohrCoulomb because NullTransport is delivering tillwat=0 for thermodynamic reasons. Fixing the thermodynamics could be the issue but it is also possible that a special rule for such locations should apply back in MohrCoulomb (some kind of -slippery-grounding-lines rule).]Ed Bueler2+27-19
2013-09-09 07:07Cleaning up constants in examples/nbreen/ to agree with defaults.Ed Bueler1+1-6
2013-09-09 06:51Setting hydrology-related constants to match defaults listed in Table 1 of paper with Ward.Ed Bueler1+6-6
2013-09-09 00:02Minor convenience in script.Ed Bueler1+2-2
2013-09-08 06:05A bit more convenience on running shortssa.Ed Bueler1+3-1
2013-09-08 04:35For now I am guessing that till_effective_fraction_overburden should be 0.01 as default, but need to test to see.Ed Bueler2+8-6
2013-09-08 04:33Better README for future use. Indeed it should not be serious documentation but it should look o.k. at the github site, and be minimally helpful.Ed Bueler2+46-4
2013-09-08 01:47Allows control of till_effective_fraction_overburden (=delta in notes) for quick parameter study.Ed Bueler1+4-1
2013-09-08 01:47In the Mohr-Coulomb model, i.e. the Compressible-Coulomb-Plastic model of Tulaczyk 2000a, made the lower bound on effective pressure N_0 scale with overburden pressure through new configuration constant till_effective_fraction_overburden (=delta in notes). Removed previous configuration constant till_reference_effective_pressure (=N_0 itself in notes). New behavior for Greenland rather like Bueler & Brown 2009 result, i.e. in the NullTransport case. (Which is basically the desired behavior if we are working on better hydrology.)Ed Bueler4+41-21
2013-09-08 01:39Add initialization message for NullTransport default choice.Ed Bueler2+11-0
2013-09-05 06:23Need to not lose this idea.Ed Bueler1+1-0
2013-09-04 22:51I looked at the installation manual and found the section and subsection headings confusing. I changed them some. I am pretty sure this is an improvement, but further improvements are certainly possible.Ed Bueler1+66-79
2013-09-03 22:38I am confused by the two different ways the current time was turned into a string. One way is used in iMreport.cc (for stdout summary line) and one in iMutil.cc (for -USR1 file name). I chose the latter because it works correctly for current SeaRISE-Greenland script.Ed Bueler1+10-2
2013-08-24 06:03Removing unused options. Increase hydrology_tillwat_decay_rate_null from 1 mm/a to 1 cm/a; further increase to 5 cm/a worth considering.Ed Bueler2+8-16
2013-08-24 06:01Working on scripts for searise-greenland given new scheme using Tulaczyk relation to determine Ntil from Wtil. To consider: (i) bigger tillphi, (ii) bigger decay rate in -hydrology null, (iii) scale N0 with Po. Probably the last is the key.Ed Bueler3+7-6
2013-08-24 00:46A significant change to the model physics for till: Effective pressure in till is now computed by empirical (and exponential) formula from Tulaczyketal2000 relating water amount in till to effective pressure. Will generally affect all sliding models.Ed Bueler3+68-63
2013-08-24 00:43Fixing initialization and reporting for hydrology schemes.Ed Bueler2+16-11
2013-08-24 00:41Updating Test P related scripts.Ed Bueler2+15-6
2013-08-24 00:27Remove old regularization parameter Y_0 from exact solution.Ed Bueler2+9-10
2013-08-23 21:54Remove hydrology_englacial_porosity. Only phi_0 = hydrology_regularizing_porosity remains, and it is set by default to 0.01, noting 1% quoted in Bartholomaus.Ed Bueler4+9-25
2013-08-23 21:52Add tillwat to outputs.Ed Bueler1+3-3
2013-08-23 21:26Found and fixed serious bug in PISMRoutingHydrology::conductivity_staggered() which invalidates a lot of recent results. Made update of Wtil match notes. Made update of W match notes. Update of Wtil occurs before that of W (also matching notes). Removed unnecessary reporting in PISMRoutingHydrology::boundary_mass_changes(), and applied that routine to both W and Wtil.Ed Bueler3+145-137
2013-08-23 21:17Make omega=100, i.e. Wtil will tend to be 100 times if W is small, though Wtil is bounded and W is not and W+Wtil is conserved.Ed Bueler1+1-1
2013-08-23 21:15Made test script more flexible.Ed Bueler2+8-7
2013-08-23 20:35comment out fine-grid runsEd Bueler1+2-2
2013-08-23 01:04Single added FIXME in important location.Ed Bueler1+1-0
2013-08-23 00:46Fixed up test script so comparing apples to apples in -hydrology null and -hydrology routing. Runs are longish but easy to interpret. (To do list is: Fix FIXMEs in PISMRoutingHydrology.)Ed Bueler1+16-4
2013-08-23 00:42Made model in -hydrology null match notes (with additional constant decay rate only).Ed Bueler1+10-21
2013-08-22 23:40Made subglacial_water_pressure() pure virtual in base class PISMHydrology. It has the same implementation in PISMNullTransport hydrology for fundamentally different reasons.Ed Bueler4+24-13
2013-08-22 23:38Fixed hydrology test script so it has a minimal chance to work with current implementation.Ed Bueler1+7-5
2013-08-16 05:37PISMHydrology and derived are no longer in the business of modeling the till water pressure, but only the amount. This means PISMMohrCoulombYieldStress is broken (produces runtime error) but a fix is underway. (This isn't the dev branch anyway.)Ed Bueler7+34-118
2013-08-16 05:22Minor and superficial changes to references and scripts.Ed Bueler3+12-5
2013-08-15 02:55Schoof and Hewitt wrote a nice review article.Ed Bueler1+10-0
2013-08-12 08:03Another till/hydrology ref.Ed Bueler1+11-0
2013-08-12 03:40Fixing mis-use of bibtex.Ed Bueler1+9-10
2013-08-12 03:37Continuing to try to catch the literature of till and subglacial stuff.Ed Bueler1+40-5
2013-08-11 05:04Another hydrology ref. And, yes, ISO 4 says this is the right abbreviation for EPSL.Ed Bueler1+14-3
2013-08-06 02:13Simplified README.md to avoid maintenance. Remove mention of englacial water from run.sh.Ed Bueler2+9-17
2013-08-06 02:03Removed englacial storage, as conserved mass, from codes. But several new FIXMEs, especially related to: (i) move update of Wtil before W update; (ii) fix PISMNullTransport version of updating Wtil; (iii) what exactly *is* our model for pressure in the till pore-water?Ed Bueler8+29-196
2013-08-06 01:12Move testhydro.sh to examples/ directory because it is just play, not a test (where the answer is known).Ed Bueler2+7-2
2013-07-29 20:11Yet another hydrology ref.Ed Bueler1+12-0
2013-07-27 22:36merge dev into till-hydro-dynamicsEd Bueler321+50008-9545
2013-07-27 22:13Merge commit '40e07459' into till-hydro-dynamicsEd Bueler89+2009-2607
2013-07-27 22:09merge 6e5f47d into till-hydro-dynamicsEd Bueler18+630-526
2013-05-11 06:55in nbreen example we can (should?) turn off tillwat mechanismEd Bueler1+3-1
2013-05-11 05:12Update config list and a script to match revisions bwp-->tillwp and so on.Ed Bueler2+6-6
2013-05-11 04:55Mohr-Coulomb gets till_water_pressure().Ed Bueler3+47-57
2013-05-10 23:40Merge branch 'dev' into till-hydro-dynamicsEd Bueler88+1352-1217
2013-05-10 23:04Now it compiles. Results mostly make sense, but the major known issues are: (1) Wtil <--> W exchange in Routing can make W < 0; (2) yield stress calculation needs to read tillwp not bwp; (3) most runs like SeaRISE Greenland should switch to tillwp diagnostic not bwp, unless using -hydrology {routing,distributed}.Ed Bueler7+80-105
2013-05-10 20:20One remaining FIXME needs addressing in PISMDistributedHydrology.Ed Bueler1+10-19
2013-05-10 20:01Addressed some FIXMEs. Moved stuff into base class: Now PISMNullTransportHydrology and PISMRoutingHydrology share the exact same models for till and subglacial water pressure, and those are implemented in base class PISMHydrology.Ed Bueler5+65-131
2013-05-07 22:20through talking with Constantine, became aware of issues and added FIXMEs that break compilabilityEd Bueler4+24-31
2013-05-06 00:23this version compiles, but is untested; several parameters need setting in src/pism_config.cdlEd Bueler5+166-24
2013-05-05 22:45cleaning up init actions; still does not compile because not all needed methods have implementations, and because evolution of till is not in PISMRoutingHydrology::update()Ed Bueler3+61-50
2013-05-05 22:43PISMullTransportHydrology needs a bwat diagnostic method because it does not have bwat as a state variable (it has tillwat instead)Ed Bueler3+36-7
2013-05-05 22:02spliting routing from distributed ... these are long filesEd Bueler3+774-761
2013-05-05 19:53Refactoring. The base class PISMHydrology holds a Wtil variable because all models need somewhere to put water, and all models need to report what the Mohr-Coulomb relation needs. The new class PISMNullTransportHydrology updates Wtil by a new (more stable, but easy) implicit method. This new class can't conserve water and it does not attempt to report conservation. The "till can" aspect is de-emphasized but still present.Ed Bueler10+349-548
2013-05-03 00:20Merge branch 'dev' into till-hydro-dynamicsEd Bueler1+2-2
2013-05-02 23:16Merge branch 'dev' into till-hydro-dynamicsEd Bueler170+1199-1488
2013-05-02 23:14Merge branch 'dev' into till-hydro-dynamicsEd Bueler1+1-1
2013-05-02 18:18Move hydrology diagnostics into separate files. Implement tillwat and tillwp diagnostics. (But PISMHydrology code for these not implemented. Does not compile.)Ed Bueler5+342-216
2013-05-01 00:04Early work. Goal is to remove PISMTillCanHydrology and its derived. New PISMNullTransportHydrology to be implemented. Till dynamics will be a method available to all hydrologies. Thats the plan, anyway; this bit does not compile.Ed Bueler2+66-27
2013-04-30 22:32Cleaning up metadata in extra_files and ts_files.Constantine Khroulev3+14-9
2013-04-30 22:12Fixes a bug in the code handling units of time.Constantine Khroulev1+8-7
2013-04-29 23:56Replaces ncap with ncap2 in a preprocessing script.Constantine Khroulev1+8-8
2013-04-29 21:05Fixes a memory leak in IceModelVec2T::get_interp_context() and -verbose 5 I/O reporting.Constantine Khroulev1+7-3
2013-04-29 19:51Fixes a very minor bug in CalCalcs.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2013-04-29 18:46Closes #141 and #152.Constantine Khroulev16+75-695
2013-04-29 16:32Closes #147.Constantine Khroulev8+161-149
2013-04-28 07:45also enable 'wallmelt' diagnostic for distributed hydrologyEd Bueler1+1-0
2013-04-28 06:54remove feedback of wall melt; the result of wall_melt() is ONLY used diagnosticallyEd Bueler6+48-45
2013-04-27 18:26obviously, I should remove thisEd Bueler1+0-21
2013-04-27 18:17updating scripts so they seem to run; see issue #152Ed Bueler2+7-4
2013-04-27 17:49Merge branch 'dev' into try-new-putatdepthEd Bueler28+644-241
2013-04-27 06:57documenting new putTempAtDepth() methodEd Bueler1+14-11
2013-04-27 06:34cleaning up and continuing testing ... looks good and both options are availableEd Bueler3+27-25
2013-04-27 04:57This version apparently works. And now I know that the widespread appearance of the NE Greenland ice stream in other badly spun-up models ... is an artifact of their bootstrapping method.Ed Bueler3+104-82
2013-04-24 01:48thinking it through before writing code; without actually trying it I don't know if this is a good idea; obviously I'll remove the .m before merging into devEd Bueler2+68-1
2013-04-24 01:30Merge branch 'dev' of github.com:pism/pism into devEd Bueler1+23-10
2013-04-24 00:01minor: new manual text on time looks great (and this commit is tiny)Ed Bueler1+6-3
2013-04-23 22:18Merge branch 'udunits2' into devConstantine Khroulev157+4846-8216
2013-04-23 22:06minor: vbed not used so remove begin/end_access(); modernize commentsEd Bueler1+17-24
2013-04-22 05:27yet another hydrology refEd Bueler1+13-0
2013-04-22 02:52another hydrology refEd Bueler1+11-0
2013-04-21 18:55minor: uniformity for book reference styleEd Bueler1+11-13
2013-04-21 01:23a ref on tillEd Bueler1+12-0
2013-04-20 07:56Update python-side call to SIAFD::update (strain heating argument is now gone).David Maxwell1+1-5
2013-04-20 07:52Merge branch 'dev' of https://github.com/pism/pism into devDavid Maxwell380+1257-768
2013-04-20 07:52Fixed formula error in LogRatioFunctional.cc.David Maxwell1+2-3
2013-04-17 04:08Better diagnostic reporting for inverse misfits log_ratio and log_relativeDavid Maxwell2+8-98
2013-04-17 01:45added -inv_ssa_misfit log_ratio and -inv_ssa_misfit log_relativeDavid Maxwell7+432-7
2013-04-12 16:06Fixes the build system.Constantine Khroulev24+36-50
2013-04-11 23:15Updates test/vfnow.py and test/vnreport.py. See #147.Constantine Khroulev2+126-169
2013-04-11 20:34Re-organizes the src/stressbalance directory and updates the test G regression script.Constantine Khroulev47+97-69
2013-04-11 19:21Merge branch 'blatter' into devConstantine Khroulev42+3113-2564
2013-04-09 19:29simplify and remove broken linkEd Bueler1+4-8
2013-04-08 21:41Closes #91.Constantine Khroulev3+42-6
2013-04-05 22:26Cleaning up doxygen comments.Constantine Khroulev53+419-426
2013-04-05 22:24Addressing #91.Constantine Khroulev2+65-79
2013-04-04 19:31Fixes #134 (in dev; -eigen_calving *requires* -part_grid).Constantine Khroulev1+4-0
2013-04-04 18:25One more fix for the same bug.Constantine Khroulev1+3-0
2013-04-04 18:13This should fix a (recently introduced) bug in the lapse_rates modifier.Constantine Khroulev1+1-7
2013-04-04 16:54Updates the documentation for "-surface pdd" (in dev).Constantine Khroulev3+81-71
2013-04-03 22:03Cleaning up the doxygen browser build warnings.Constantine Khroulev14+80-80
2013-04-02 22:39Interpret climate fields as piecewise-constant in time.Constantine Khroulev15+203-258
2013-04-02 12:14PDD model: melted ice should not refreeze (port to 0.5)Julien Seguinot1+1-1
2013-04-01 21:13Fixes a typo at iceModelVec2T.cc:246Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2013-04-01 16:57Classes derived from PGivenClimate use IceModelVec2T::average() in update().Constantine Khroulev4+8-8
2013-04-01 16:02Now periodicity parameters are arguments of IceModelVec2T::init().Constantine Khroulev28+96-98
2013-03-30 17:31clobber 2 of 3 pedantic warnings; see remaining in PA_paleo_precip.ccEd Bueler3+3-3
2013-03-29 23:45The C/C++ standard math library provides erfc().Constantine Khroulev1+2-2
2013-03-28 14:27Fixing more atmosphere models...Constantine Khroulev11+109-134
2013-03-27 20:35Removes -paleo_precip from "-atmosphere searise_greenland".Constantine Khroulev4+10-110
2013-03-26 22:35Improves the PDD model and adds "-atmosphere ...,paleo_precip" (in dev).Constantine Khroulev10+398-191
2013-03-26 17:01Improving atmosphere models... (in dev).Constantine Khroulev16+98-64
2013-03-27 00:04Inversion allows a design norm for tau_c that omits elements with floating ice. Use -inv_ssa_grounded_ice_taucDavid Maxwell6+279-2
2013-03-22 18:00Re-wrote a good chunk of the PDD code. (I think I'm happy with it now.)Constantine Khroulev9+400-403
2013-03-22 01:42Fixes a bug in lapse rate correction codes (port to 0.5).Constantine Khroulev1+29-27
2013-03-20 22:03Fixes a bug in IceModelVec2T::init_interpolation(). (Port to 0.5.)Constantine Khroulev1+2-2
2013-03-21 23:03something fun ... doesn't do anything yet but you can admire the pretty picturesEd Bueler2+117-0
2013-03-21 02:27- deleted deprecated option from scriptAndy Aschwanden1+1-1
2013-03-20 20:44Fixes a bug: "pismr -i i.nc -age" stopped if i.nc does not have the "age" variable. Port to 0.5.Constantine Khroulev1+4-0
2013-03-19 23:02Fixes units and metadata in PA_delta_P.Constantine Khroulev1+2-2
2013-03-19 17:46Closes #121.Constantine Khroulev11+218-162
2013-03-18 19:44More fixes (snow_depth==0 in the ocean; fixes memory allocation in PO_delta_SL).Constantine Khroulev4+22-7
2013-03-18 19:06More fixes (proper implementations of precip_time_series needed by the new PDD code).Constantine Khroulev4+33-15
2013-03-07 23:15Now we do the right thing when interpolating periodic data. See #139.Constantine Khroulev30+427-320
2013-03-13 22:01Moves memory allocation into constructors of (almost) all couplers. See #140.Constantine Khroulev69+1120-627
2013-03-19 18:55add ability to show advective flux q = V W and to shorten (crop) the largest arrows, noting color still reflects true magnitudeEd Bueler1+43-11
2013-03-19 18:54with closure of #138, remove commentEd Bueler1+1-2
2013-03-19 16:31Closes #138.Constantine Khroulev1+12-5
2013-03-18 17:59plot script in good shapeEd Bueler1+39-23
2013-03-15 16:27use argparse; play with transposeEd Bueler1+60-45
2013-03-15 05:49a code to make a colored quiver of water velocity from last frame of bwatvel[2] in .nc fileEd Bueler1+91-0
2013-03-11 06:30slight revision doubles Delta t_P, the pressure equation time step restriction in -hydrology distributedEd Bueler1+7-8
2013-03-10 20:25improved reporting on velocity and diffusivityEd Bueler2+27-35
2013-03-08 23:27Remove hard-wired Glen exponent from ThermoGlenIce.Constantine Khroulev1+1-2
2013-03-08 01:38-report_mass_accounting stdout reports time step in model hoursEd Bueler1+3-2
2013-03-07 04:42Merge branch 'dev' into hydro-fix-kEd Bueler8+185-68
2013-03-07 04:42Update of Test P to match current version of manuscript and current version of Darcy flux relation with 'k'. The issue that Test P uses an unrealistically low conductivity of ~10^-6 remains; compare k=0.01 in Schoof/Hewitt work. Fixes regression test for Test P.Ed Bueler3+24-22
2013-03-05 18:23enough of a start to break things, but not fix things; so it is a feature branchEd Bueler2+14-3
2013-03-04 20:17Disabled the PDD regression test.Constantine Khroulev1+0-5
2013-03-01 17:12Fixes the PDD code. See #133. Needs testing.Constantine Khroulev20+358-148
2013-03-01 17:11Adds Dukowicz, Price, and Lipscomb (Consistent approximations...)Constantine Khroulev1+11-0
2013-03-04 16:20Merge branch 'dev' of github.com:pism/pism into devJulien Seguinot0+0-0
2013-03-04 15:33Added a PDD model test (details below)Julien Seguinot2+39-0
2013-03-04 15:28Added a Python PDD modeling toolJulien Seguinot1+268-0
2013-03-02 04:01I had gotten confused over the units of, and the size of, the hydraulic conductivity constant. As a result I was working with really low-conductivity hydrology which implied unreasonably high W values (water thicknesses) and very fast run times. With this commit the code (but not all the test cases) fully match the Schoof et al [2012] and Hewitt et al [2012] conventions. The examples/nbreen/run.sh script and its override parameters in examples/nbreen/nbreen_config.cdl also match the Schoof/Hewitt work. The model results for Nbreen then seem very reasonable relative the Schoof/Hewitt work. (The results are more expensive computationally, but also more interesting physically! The documentation in the private hydrolakes/ repo has not been fully updated to match yet.) The Test P example cannot be used until it is inspected and updated; I think all we need to do is shorten the run.Ed Bueler2+47-47
2013-03-02 03:45minor: edit of comment to match notationEd Bueler1+2-2
2013-03-01 01:41minor clarification of choices relative to literatureEd Bueler1+3-2
2013-03-01 01:26Clarify units of k. Switch Nbreen example over to Hewitt et al (2012) Table 1 parameter values for alpha, beta, k, W_r = h_r. Looks good ... though its not clear what that means.Ed Bueler2+14-6
2013-03-01 00:17Merge branch 'dev' into hydro-betaEd Bueler16+151-151
2013-03-01 00:07Put computation of max(KW) in right spot. Avoid unnecessary computation in beta=2 case. Recovers full speed and exact regression on Test P.Ed Bueler2+65-44
2013-02-28 23:18This form builds and runs. Only tested with beta=2 so far. Results from Test P are slightly different in value and slower (perhaps a lot slower). I think the change that happened in the beta = 2 case is the change in the max(K W) code in PISMRoutingHydrology::adaptive_for_W_evolution().Ed Bueler4+87-40
2013-02-28 07:53refactoring so that K is out of flux expressions and in its own routine, and adding power beta; does not compileEd Bueler2+112-71
2013-02-22 01:30update optionsEd Bueler4+133-133
2013-02-19 19:12Adds "References" to the table of contents of the User's Manual.Constantine Khroulev1+2-0
2013-02-12 18:36minor: consistency and notes on issuesEd Bueler3+10-5
2013-02-11 05:20Renamed '-hydrology lakes' to '-hydrology routing' and PISMLakeHydrology->PISMRoutingHydrology. This rename reflects/suggests how the model works rather than the historical reference to what it has been used for. Completes and closes issue #135.Ed Bueler8+66-62
2013-02-10 22:26add a hydrology test case in the right placeEd Bueler2+111-21
2013-02-10 20:27minor: comments and doc strings and whitespaceEd Bueler2+8-5
2013-02-10 01:01changed code so that Wen=F(Wtot) is continuous; better Nbreen results; documented minimallyEd Bueler2+25-12
2013-02-10 01:00I can easily to 62 m runs overnightEd Bueler1+10-2
2013-02-09 03:53Merge branch 'dev' into jako-hydrologyEd Bueler1+24-0
2013-02-09 03:48this is minor, but there was no earlier reason to move itEd Bueler1+2-1
2013-02-09 03:43I think this rule captures the mass-conserving transfer to/from englacial storage.Ed Bueler2+27-16
2013-02-08 00:16this essentially is a set of notes (i.e. the diff is a set of notes) for the emergent mass conservation issue in the distributed hydrology model when there is 'actual' englacial storageEd Bueler1+7-12
2013-02-06 06:05insert a hydrology test case; this is hijacking the main purpose of century.shEd Bueler1+29-5
2013-02-06 05:58updating Test P results in regression; almost no changeEd Bueler1+4-4
2013-02-06 04:29Test P clarified; corresponds to zero englacial storage (thus hydrology_englacial_porosity=0) and 'normal' amount of regularizing_porosity; runs fast enough so we can go to 641x641 gridEd Bueler3+16-4
2013-02-06 04:27reimplemented porosity in this sense: now hydrology_englacial_porosity is the 'true' porosity associated to englacial storage and mass conservation, while the sum hydrology_englacial_porosity+hydrology_regularizing_porosity is the diffusive regularization of the pressure equation; merely runs slowly if hydrology_regularizing_porosity=0Ed Bueler3+27-17
2013-02-06 01:36clarifying that W_en=0 where W=0; and minor stuffEd Bueler3+12-8
2013-02-05 22:58found bug ... verification results now just fineEd Bueler1+3-2
2013-02-05 21:46added physics associated to phi and englacial connection; nontrivial FIXMEs remain in PISMDistributedHydrology.cc because mass transfer not implemented and because mass accounting not completed; verification results don't match and need examinationEd Bueler4+49-20
2013-02-05 20:14minor: naming and code for check W,Wen>=0 fixedEd Bueler2+11-11
2013-02-05 19:54Merge branch 'dev' into hydrology-englacialEd Bueler1+5-2
2013-02-05 19:54compiles; successfully writes diagnostic enwat in -hydrology lakes; note many FIXMEs in PISMDistributedHydrology::update(), because at this stage the actual model with W_en is still not implementedEd Bueler4+110-19
2013-02-05 18:31new englacial water thickness diagnostic called 'enwat'Ed Bueler4+34-5
2013-02-05 07:40does not compile in this condition ... needs PISMDistributedHydrology.cc to actually have W_en state variable and have the mass-conservation part of update work correctly and make the change E_0/H --> phiEd Bueler6+51-24
2013-01-30 01:02As per email with Ward: Replaced K(W) with k W^(alpha-1), so K(W) W is replaced by k W^alpha. This is part of the Manning-Weisbach form in Schoof, but only beta=2 case. Verification results identical because k=K_0,alpha=1. Nbreen results very similar with k=1.0e-3 and alpha=2.0. Observe that with alpha>1 we have a degenerate diffusion so that water doesn't spread out so much (e.g. far under non-melting base); I think this is good.Ed Bueler6+56-64
2013-01-29 23:14Documentation for the classes in TaoUtil.{hh,cc}David Maxwell2+271-135
2013-01-24 22:01Improved success criteria for inversion tests.David Maxwell4+36-20
2013-01-24 19:00I have found a helper script useful so let's give it to PISM users.Ed Bueler3+83-0
2013-01-23 22:58Merge branch 'dev' of https://github.com/pism/pism into devDavid Maxwell21+839-520
2013-01-23 05:32Fixed missing end_access.David Maxwell1+1-0
2013-01-23 05:29Allow python-based regression tests to pick up user's PYTHONPATH.David Maxwell7+7-7
2013-01-18 01:10Fix to tikhonov regression testDavid Maxwell1+1-9
2013-01-18 00:53Merge branch 'dev' of https://github.com/pism/pism into devDavid Maxwell3+108-92
2013-01-18 00:53Added a TAO-based inversion regression testDavid Maxwell5+98-43
2013-01-16 03:17Updating runs to use time-dependent input. Runs have uniform interface. Doc updated.Ed Bueler2+45-28
2013-01-16 02:59A straightforward simplification and removal of code duplication. Now there is only one method for getting the input rate.Ed Bueler3+9-51
2013-01-16 01:34Forgot to remove PISMDistributedHydrology::total_input so it does not shadow PISMHydrology::total_input. (This commit allows prev. commit to run and pass test_29.py.)Ed Bueler1+1-1
2013-01-16 01:12Merge branch 'dev' of https://github.com/pism/pism into devDavid Maxwell6+171-104
2013-01-16 01:12toproczero.py now uses IceGrid::get_dm as IceGrid::da2 is no longer exposed.David Maxwell1+2-16
2013-01-16 01:11Initial pass at adding a total variation-type norm for Tikhonov inversions.David Maxwell8+227-9
2013-01-14 22:50Adding documentation to 'inverse' subdirectory.David Maxwell3+61-3
2013-01-14 20:34Realized IceModel had better call PISMHydrology::max_timestep() or else it won't run. Wrote a helper macro to avoid code duplication when updating time step from submodel's restrictions.Ed Bueler2+17-24
2013-01-14 19:58Merge branch 'dev' of github.com:pism/pism into devEd Bueler17+64-39
2013-01-14 19:57built an -input_to_bed_file example that runs ... suspiciously easy ... does not have desired effect ... debugging ...Ed Bueler3+69-0
2013-01-14 18:23more neatening up in this directoryEd Bueler3+4-3
2013-01-14 07:52Various edits without change to functionality or major addition of documention. Except I am starting to revise subsection 5.14 to reflect recent additions of hydrology.Ed Bueler3+64-34
2013-01-13 21:15Renamed 'input' to 'total_input' to clarify that it is sum of bmelt and (possible) external (en/supraglacial) input to the bed. There are two versions of the method that fills this field, one which assumes that the only input is bmelt, and that it is independent of time during the time step. The other version get_input_rate_time_varying() reads the additional time-dependent input from IceModelVec2T *inputtobed. The code in various update() methods avoid calling get_input_rate_time_varying(), which is more expensive, unless inputtobed is actually present.Ed Bueler4+135-47
2013-01-13 08:02append to prev commit: neaterEd Bueler1+9-2
2013-01-13 08:00neatening upEd Bueler3+6-1
2013-01-13 07:37Starting to add code that allows time-dependent input to bed through option '-input_to_bed foo.nc' and member IceModelVec2T inputtobed. See FIXMEs for to do. Compiles. Function is unaltered.Ed Bueler3+84-12
2013-01-12 04:54added diagnostic 'effbwp' = P_o - PEd Bueler4+39-1
2013-01-12 04:32added diagnostic 'bwprel'=P/P_oEd Bueler4+57-9
2013-01-11 21:05trivial renameEd Bueler1+1-1
2013-01-11 20:49Merge branch 'bwp-in-hydro' into devEd Bueler41+2188-791
2013-01-10 20:43Fixes a bug in IceModelVec2T introduced while mergin mem_usage into dev (commit eaa485841abd077c3f70fcfc03c918cb7cc47499).Constantine Khroulev1+3-3
2013-01-09 22:47Moves exactV.py.Constantine Khroulev2+2-0
2013-01-09 18:22Widened the valid range for IceModelVec2Vs used in inversion scripts.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2013-01-08 19:47Fixed a bug in fill_missing.py (port to 0.5).Constantine Khroulev1+4-2
2013-01-08 19:43Closes #122.Constantine Khroulev41+223-430
2013-01-08 18:28Closes #124.Constantine Khroulev7+57-56
2013-01-07 00:02- cleaned-up script, added some comments, made variable names consistent with PISM.Andy Aschwanden1+19-13
2012-12-20 22:56- fixed a bug in calculating time axis. The bug, however, did not affect any simulations, as PISM reads the time_bounds instead, and time_bounds were calculated correctly.Andy Aschwanden1+23-15
2012-12-19 21:37Fixes a memory leak. Port to 0.5.Constantine Khroulev2+19-18
2012-12-18 00:51Fixes the high diffusivity issue (documented here).Constantine Khroulev1+23-4
2012-12-13 02:27Merge branch 'mem_usage' into dev. Closes #119.Constantine Khroulev29+236-198
2012-12-12 18:19Closes #97.Constantine Khroulev2+28-13
2012-12-12 16:24Do not allow omitting -Lz at bootstrapping. Closes #94.Constantine Khroulev3+4-26
2012-12-12 16:15Check if grid.Lz >= max(thk). Port to 0.5.Constantine Khroulev1+11-0
2012-12-12 16:06Use enthalpy of *ice* (not water) in IceFlowLawUsesGrainSize().Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2012-12-11 23:00Allow global->local scatters using IceModelVec::beginGhostComm()/endGhostComm(). See #109.Constantine Khroulev1+38-14
2012-12-11 21:27Fixes #114.Constantine Khroulev5+44-54
2012-12-11 17:50Closes #113.Constantine Khroulev13+128-93
2012-12-10 19:45Fixes the recent "-options_left" code.Constantine Khroulev1+9-3
2012-12-10 19:45A little fix (bwat_max -> hydrology_bwat_max) and some cleanup.Constantine Khroulev2+9-15
2012-12-10 19:45NCConfigVariable keeps track of unused parameters. See #110 and port to 0.5.Constantine Khroulev4+230-93
2012-12-10 19:37Updated the signature of the IceBasalResistancePlasticLaw constructor.Constantine Khroulev16+47-92
2012-12-08 04:32Removed the "-f3d" option. (When was the last time someone used it?)Constantine Khroulev3+0-9
2012-12-09 20:34obvious minor rename to unclutter rootEd Bueler1+0-0
2012-12-09 19:48presumably final fiddles with looking at results from '-hydrology lakes' for AntarcticaEd Bueler1+49-25
2012-12-09 08:24more initialization, and the cleaning of the input rate (bmelt for now) can be done in more basic classesEd Bueler4+125-135
2012-12-09 07:14update to generate .png and show multiple resolutionsEd Bueler1+38-26
2012-12-09 06:28first draft of little script to clearly display result from showlakes.pyEd Bueler1+41-0
2012-12-09 01:39Made hydraulic conductivity (K) a command line option. lakestest.sh should recreate 'toy Antarctic' results from my IGS talk in June 2012.Ed Bueler3+57-0
2012-12-08 03:37Moves "bwp" to a PISMDiagnostic derived class.Constantine Khroulev5+70-76
2012-12-08 03:32Cleans up PISMTillCanHydrology::water_pressure().Constantine Khroulev1+23-10
2012-12-08 03:30PISMMohrCoulombYieldStress has no business writing "bwp" now that we have a hydrology model component.Constantine Khroulev2+0-77
2012-12-08 02:54Better naming scheme (I think) for configurable hydrology parameters. Added option to use a time- and space-independent constant as the input into the hydrology submodel; this is useful for testing.Ed Bueler4+56-34
2012-12-07 23:09Fixes a memory leak in IceModelVec2T (port to 0.5).Constantine Khroulev2+11-3
2012-12-07 22:37Restores the ability to save "taud" and "taud_mag" diagnostics in SIA-only runs.Constantine Khroulev10+230-87
2012-12-06 19:30defaults to thirty km for quick development runsEd Bueler1+5-3
2012-12-06 23:48First running implementation of 'lakes' hydrology. Removed PISMHydroloy's mask and replaced with standard PISM mask; much better that way.Ed Bueler2+133-65
2012-12-06 23:46update test script to new options and 20a runsEd Bueler1+7-7
2012-12-06 21:42Made K = 'subglacial_hydrologic_conductivity' configurable in distributed hydrology models. Improved config parameter doc strings.Ed Bueler4+32-19
2012-12-06 20:52Option '-hydrology' sets configuration parameter 'hydrology_model' as one sub-model from 'tillcan', 'diffuseonly', 'lakes', 'distributed'. (C: nice option setupgit st)Ed Bueler3+12-36
2012-12-06 20:48better name for classEd Bueler2+11-11
2012-12-06 20:47append to prev commit: rename scheme known to browserEd Bueler1+1-0
2012-12-06 20:15moving hydrology sources to unsurprising locationEd Bueler4+3-2
2012-12-06 05:43The 'subglacial lakes' hydrology model is a natural base for the more compute van Pelt & Bueler distributed model. In the lakes model the water pressure is a fixed fraction of overburden, but many concepts are the same, and the numerical is nearly a subset. Thus here: PISMDistributedHydrology is a derived class of PISMLakesHydrology with additional nontrivial pressure-related storage and computations. Here PISMLakesHydrology::update() is a stub. Compiles but neither run, presumably.Ed Bueler3+469-220
2012-12-06 04:03split source file into old and new models; a few clarifying comments; no functional changeEd Bueler3+613-585
2012-12-06 03:53descriptive commentsEd Bueler1+37-8
2012-12-05 23:04the constructor signature for PISMMohrCoulombYieldStress changed, as did its derived classEd Bueler5+9-7
2012-12-05 23:03now PISMMohrCoulombYieldStress has ghosted space for its own copy of bwat, and asks PISMHydrology to copy_to() it in the usual way by calling water_layer_thickness()Ed Bueler2+21-5
2012-12-05 22:35Merge branch 'dev' into new-hydroEd Bueler11+117-153
2012-12-05 22:31these small changes resolve the initialization of PISMHydrology so that it owns 'bwat' but other components (e.g. yield stress calculations) can get to itEd Bueler3+18-16
2012-12-05 21:29Sorry, I see this is the fix. Closes issue #108.Ed Bueler2+4-4
2012-12-05 07:13trying to change initialization order to fix issueEd Bueler1+8-8
2012-12-04 23:40This version has hydrology model fully moved into PISMHydrology objects PISMTillCanHydrology and PISMDiffusebwatHydrology. It passes existing regression tests, but needs further regression testing to see if (e.g.) effect on SeaRISE-Greenland is either small or reasonable.Ed Bueler12+52-185
2012-12-04 23:03need to use mask the same way as prevEd Bueler2+39-4
2012-12-04 22:30This time I understand the test results (i.e. from testhydro.sh). Differences at level of rounding error expected, and seen.Ed Bueler1+15-4
2012-12-04 22:10Previous test results were ... too good to be true. Rethinking.Ed Bueler1+1-1
2012-12-04 21:51Merge branch 'dev' into new-hydroEd Bueler20+343-352
2012-12-04 21:40The new PISMHydrology objects have been running redundantly with old (core) IceModel functionality. I can now assert, both for EISMINT II type runs and for SeaRISE-Greenland spinup runs, that the PISMTillCanHydrology and PISMDiffusebwatHydrology objects reproduce core (old) functionality.Ed Bueler1+9-3
2012-12-04 20:19forgot: arithmetic is a lot easier if 'bwat-tillcan' is not used as a variable name (i.e. no hyphens in var names)Ed Bueler1+29-30
2012-12-04 19:40the way I want to testEd Bueler1+12-3
2012-12-04 19:39dealing with Wnew to W ghost transfer; why not allow global to local here?Ed Bueler2+16-2
2012-12-04 18:56fixed my allocation-in-derived-class-with-different-stencil problem in a possibly ugly wayEd Bueler4+18-24
2012-12-04 03:44initial implementations of PISMTillCanHydrology and PISMDiffusebwatHydrology, which are the old technology; also a test script; does not compile because there is no clear way to revise an IceModelVec::create() call from a derived classEd Bueler7+378-34
2012-12-04 00:07initialize IceModel::subglacial_hydrology, which points to PISMHydrology instance, according to options -diffuse_bwat, -lakes_hydrology, -distributed_hydrology, or noneEd Bueler3+40-4
2012-12-03 23:53comments updatedEd Bueler1+7-0
2012-12-03 23:53Plan for the moment: PISMHydrology::update() updates internal hydrology model state, and we call water_layer_thickness() to update IceModel::vbwat. This design can change.Ed Bueler2+10-8
2012-12-03 23:43new branch for hooking-up stub hydrology. Here I create a virtual base class. Will have four derived classes of PISMHydrology: PISMTillCanHydrology = (Bueler&Brown(2009) without contrived diffusion), PISMDiffusebwatHydrology = (Bueler&Brown(2009) WITH contrived diffusion), PISMLakesHydrology = (most-minimal distributed hydrology as promised by Bueler at IGS2012), PISMDistributedHydrology = (under-development van Pelt & Bueler model).Ed Bueler2+56-36
2012-12-03 22:00Cleanup: removes ivoltempf, ivolcoldf, iareatempf, iareacoldf time-series.Constantine Khroulev3+0-168
2012-12-03 21:36Making sure that "-list_diagnostics" works correctly...Constantine Khroulev1+15-10
2012-12-03 20:33Documents new disgnostics. Closes #98. Closes #101.Constantine Khroulev1+25-6
2012-12-03 17:32Implements cumulative grounded, floating, and nonneg rule fluxes. See #101.Constantine Khroulev5+194-3
2012-12-01 01:46IceModel has a PISMHydrology* member but it is not allocated yet. Need to decide on how to initially hook up and test.Ed Bueler3+24-0
2012-12-01 01:42implementing obligatory PISMComponent methodsEd Bueler2+41-9
2012-12-01 01:39this may fix a small memory leakEd Bueler1+1-0
2012-12-01 00:58I have thought through the issues of parallel communication and how to get the basal sliding velocity in the right way. What do you think?Ed Bueler2+122-84
2012-11-30 07:15adaptive time stepping uses absmax() from IceModelVec2Ed Bueler1+16-10
2012-11-30 06:12I find these absmax() functions useful ... is that enough reason to implement them? did I do it right?Ed Bueler2+38-0
2012-11-29 23:45increasing amounts of the model equations, but this is still a stub; needs parallel communication; compilesEd Bueler2+197-28
2012-11-29 21:49work on the hydrology stub; compilesEd Bueler2+131-28
2012-11-29 18:35Closes #96 (plus some cleanup).Constantine Khroulev25+406-319
2012-11-29 01:43more initial implementingEd Bueler2+68-63
2012-11-29 01:13with this change I get graphs in the util browser; see 'diff doxyfile_base doxyfile_util' before and after this changeEd Bueler1+2-2
2012-11-28 23:43an actual start on the PISMHydrology class: handles allocation and initialization; starts to implement vanPelt-Bueler model which will become derived class; other derived class is old diffuse-bwat; not hooked-up and thus not runableEd Bueler4+247-49
2012-11-28 21:59this is the way the grid should be chosen in a scriptEd Bueler1+2-1
2012-11-28 03:15- added a new python script, create_timeline.py, to create a timeline for forcing with the -time_file command-line option. Doesn't contain actual forcing data, though.Andy Aschwanden1+118-0
2012-11-27 18:37Merge branch 'dev_glbug_solved' into dev. See #79.Constantine Khroulev5+45-57
2012-11-26 17:13Updates the long-forgotten ssa_test_cfbc. Adds a regression test.Constantine Khroulev5+82-31
2012-11-23 21:46Fixed the grid size check (large grids with -o_format quilt are OK).Constantine Khroulev1+4-3
2012-11-23 21:33Fixed a bug reported by Julien Seguinot (via e-mail; port to 0.5).Constantine Khroulev1+1-0
2012-11-23 00:31Merge branch 'improving-io' into devConstantine Khroulev117+3608-926
2012-11-20 01:31a hydrology refEd Bueler1+11-0
2012-11-17 07:32a general referenceEd Bueler1+8-0
2012-11-10 04:11Re-implements "-gradient haseloff" (and adds some fixes).Constantine Khroulev11+241-184
2012-11-14 23:43Fixed verification test L. (Port to 0.5.)Constantine Khroulev1+10-6
2012-11-13 00:29a ref which is important to no one but meEd Bueler1+9-0
2012-11-09 08:35nothing very important, but now my trivial experiment at least gives perfect conservation ...Ed Bueler2+21-15
2012-11-08 08:29drafting hydrology files; not functional; for discussionEd Bueler3+171-3
2012-11-08 03:03cleaning up; this one is still in the repo but not worth keeping in base/Ed Bueler11+0-635
2012-11-08 02:42consistent subdirectory names ... not a big thing I knowEd Bueler10+14-13
2012-10-31 23:36Minor fixes (port to 0.5).Constantine Khroulev2+24-1
2012-10-30 17:56Trying to fix Marijke's build issue.Constantine Khroulev1+2-1
2012-10-30 02:03A fix in PISMProf. (I think this should help some...)Constantine Khroulev1+4-3
2012-10-30 01:41Playing with pism_netcdf_test.Constantine Khroulev1+28-1
2012-10-29 21:03Renames a variable at NCVariable.cc:283 and later. (Port to 0.5.)Constantine Khroulev1+3-3
2012-10-29 20:53Merge branch 'ocean_kill_flux_2D' into dev. See #98.Constantine Khroulev13+306-130
2012-10-29 20:34new langen et al refEd Bueler1+11-0
2012-10-29 04:28referencesEd Bueler1+27-2
2012-10-17 01:02Documents "-extra_times monthly" and similar. Closes #90.Constantine Khroulev2+12-2
2012-10-17 01:01Updates MISMIP figures in the User's Manual.Constantine Khroulev3+0-0
2012-10-16 22:13Deals with #90. (Needs more testing and documentation, though.)Constantine Khroulev5+58-8
2012-10-16 18:54Merge branch 'grounding-line-driving-stress' into devConstantine Khroulev3+132-16
2012-10-16 18:44Making sure that forcing.pdf gets installed (port to 0.5).Constantine Khroulev1+1-0
2012-10-16 18:34Fix in the build system (port to 0.5).Constantine Khroulev1+2-0
2012-10-15 21:52Merge branch 'dev' of github.com:pism/pism into devAndy Aschwanden3+31-7
2012-10-15 21:52- updated examples, but needs testing before porting to stable.Andy Aschwanden4+26-27
2012-10-12 17:43Some code cleanup.Constantine Khroulev2+37-33
2012-10-09 21:29Updates the computation of principal strain rates.Constantine Khroulev1+22-28
2012-10-11 21:14Updates the plot.py command in the Ross section of the manual (port to 0.5).Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2012-10-11 17:38Adds a sanity check (port to 0.5).Constantine Khroulev1+51-1
2012-10-10 20:15Minor fix (port to 0.5).Constantine Khroulev2+3-4
2012-10-11 17:47Very minor fixes (port to 0.5).Constantine Khroulev3+4-5
2012-10-10 23:31- updated ross plot script to argparse, please port to stable 0.5Andy Aschwanden1+16-17
2012-10-06 20:02some stuff got publishedEd Bueler1+6-4
2012-10-04 18:29Fixed the code in commit 7974bf56 (the hard-wired path to pism_config.nc was wrong).Constantine Khroulev1+5-4
2012-10-04 17:16Closes #80.Constantine Khroulev7+54-59
2012-10-04 16:02Merge branch 'flux-accounting' into devConstantine Khroulev36+1037-736
2012-10-04 15:14Adds a CMake macro protecting users from themselves (a little bit).Constantine Khroulev2+22-8
2012-10-02 21:42Restoring the ability to build PISM without FFTW-3. This should be ported to 0.5.Constantine Khroulev3+24-19
2012-10-01 18:35Adds "-extra_vars strain_rates".Constantine Khroulev3+48-2
2012-10-01 04:21correct LeBrocq refEd Bueler1+10-7
2012-09-25 21:25- nc2cdo.py now adds the global attribute 'projection' to a file.Andy Aschwanden1+2-0
2012-09-21 18:12Regression tests use unique file names.Constantine Khroulev35+153-153
2012-09-20 19:57Fixes PIO::inq_grid() and such. (Thanks, David!)Constantine Khroulev3+27-16
2012-09-19 21:08Removes $@ from vel2tauc.py arguments.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2012-09-19 19:47Adds a very simple inversion regression test.Constantine Khroulev3+173-0
2012-09-19 15:47One more PAGivenClimate fix.Constantine Khroulev1+3-1
2012-09-19 15:09A one-line change needed to make the dev version compatible with PETSc 3.2 again.Constantine Khroulev1+2-0
2012-09-18 20:40Closes #75 (PISM uses GSL's CBLAS now).Constantine Khroulev2+1-13
2012-09-18 17:58Fixes addressing #85.Constantine Khroulev6+69-37
2012-09-17 19:33Code cleanup and minor fixes to maintain PETSc 3.3 compatibility.Constantine Khroulev3+20-19
2012-09-17 19:09Closes #86.Constantine Khroulev2+13-7
2012-09-13 22:28Fixes and improvements to verify_ssa_inv.pyDavid Maxwell1+5-6
2012-09-13 22:08Added script for verifying the misfit and iteration count of an inversion match expectations.David Maxwell3+90-8
2012-09-13 20:53Fixes related to recent merge from dev.David Maxwell1+6-8
2012-09-13 20:27Merge branch 'dev' into tikhonovDavid Maxwell135+3121-1586
2012-08-17 19:23Fix for writing misfit history on multiple processors.David Maxwell1+14-12
2012-08-17 19:04Merge branch 'tikhonov' of https://github.com/pism/pism into tikhonovDavid Maxwell4+67-32
2012-07-30 04:29tikhonov_gn robustness during linesearchesDavid Maxwell1+6-7
2012-07-27 22:54vel2tauc supports explicitly provided driving stresses and explicitly specified periodicitiesDavid Maxwell9+55-29
2012-07-26 00:18Adding linesearch to TikhonovGN.David Maxwell4+66-11
2012-07-14 20:06proper convergence testing for TikhonovGN and adaptive parameterDavid Maxwell4+116-35
2012-07-12 06:46Adaptive tikhonov parameter uses logarithmic scale.David Maxwell2+77-60
2012-07-11 23:41Working on adaptivity in selecting Tikhonov parameter.David Maxwell6+287-46
2012-07-03 20:19Adding TerminationReason in an attempt to have a consistent approach to signaling algorithm success/failure.David Maxwell25+346-252
2012-07-03 00:12some testing codeDavid Maxwell10+587-339
2012-06-29 20:52Major bug fix in InvSSAForwardProblem (adjoint mismatch). First pass at InvSSATikhonovGN.David Maxwell23+920-214
2012-06-28 02:33invert_testi.py works again.David Maxwell3+2-7
2012-06-27 20:48Nearing end of Big Cleanup. Siple-based inversions use new code base. Old siple code based left for now for comparison.David Maxwell22+1965-1819
2012-06-27 06:22Rename of some classes.David Maxwell7+320-319
2012-06-27 05:17Big Cleanup continues. Tikhonov inversions officially moved to common code. Many classes deleted.David Maxwell13+50-1634
2012-06-27 04:55Updated Tikhonov LCL during Big Cleanup.David Maxwell10+517-563
2012-06-27 03:39Big cleanup begun. Removing stale files, consolidating and simplifying code.David Maxwell24+1056-2630
2012-06-26 21:16small fixesDavid Maxwell3+4-2
2012-06-26 19:33Merge branch 'tikhonov' into devDavid Maxwell66+8633-889
2012-06-24 20:52- fixed EISMINT Greenland preprocessing. Please port to stable 0.5Andy Aschwanden1+1-1
2012-06-23 21:29useful refEd Bueler1+12-0
2012-06-23 04:04fix in dev branch to issue #70 (bug)Ed Bueler1+1-1
2012-06-22 20:13and one more ...Ed Bueler1+9-0
2012-06-22 19:52references related to Stokes and Anne LeBrocqEd Bueler1+83-35
2012-06-21 20:49fiddle with capitalization in a refEd Bueler1+2-3
2012-06-09 23:52- a test commit for the summer schoolMcCarthy Summer School1+1-0
2012-06-09 22:11- updated Storglaciaren example to comply with new short names ice_surface_temp and climatic_mass_balance - should be ported to stable 0.5Andy Aschwanden3+10-10
2012-06-09 20:15fixed a typo and some stale text in description of bed roughness; stable0.5 ideally gets thisEd Bueler1+4-4
2012-06-09 19:23another ref on exact stokes solnsEd Bueler1+12-0
2012-06-08 00:40yet another refEd Bueler1+11-0
2012-06-07 22:13ref on marine ice in ice shelvesEd Bueler1+11-0
2012-06-02 00:01Fixes a typo in iceModelVec2T.cc. (This fix should be included in 0.5.)Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2012-05-25 01:06Added cosine yearly cycle amplitude scaling.Constantine Khroulev3+101-11
2012-05-24 18:43Fixed broken references in PDF docs.Constantine Khroulev2+5-6
2012-05-24 03:01Implemented the 'generic cosine yearly cycle' atmosphere model.Constantine Khroulev5+167-0
2012-05-24 20:53one ref for proposalEd Bueler1+13-0
2012-05-18 20:04General cleanup.(cherry picked from commit 15bd84c9a1f100b43b2f5774f53f514e0ce97946)Constantine Khroulev42+16-4691
2012-05-18 19:32reference fixEd Bueler1+3-2
2012-05-17 22:32More MISMIP.Constantine Khroulev3+8-3
2012-05-17 22:03realized I wanted to fiddle again with subsection heads and text in Getting Started sectionEd Bueler1+21-9
2012-05-17 21:22Updates MISMIP figures in the Manual. Removes unused figures.Constantine Khroulev23+44-19
2012-05-17 19:57another refEd Bueler1+12-0
2012-05-17 19:38making parameter choices match searise-greenland ... it still was not correct :(Ed Bueler2+11-3
2012-05-17 04:15one more referenceEd Bueler1+11-0
2012-05-17 02:50Improves the MISMIP setup. Closes #61.Constantine Khroulev7+241-208
2012-05-16 23:25More MISMIP fiddles.Constantine Khroulev2+31-11
2012-05-16 22:59Closes #39.Constantine Khroulev37+899-88
2012-05-16 22:36Updates the data-flow figure in the Forcing manual.Constantine Khroulev4+70-6
2012-05-16 23:08one refEd Bueler1+9-0
2012-05-16 07:41one more refEd Bueler1+9-0
2012-05-16 06:41references in support of proposal writing; lots of PISM usesEd Bueler1+94-19
2012-05-16 04:42more minor fiddlesEd Bueler2+3-3
2012-05-16 01:25A one-line fix that seems to be needed to compile with NetCDF-3.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2012-05-15 23:09Code clean-up; fixing a bug reported by Marijke, MISMIP improvements.Constantine Khroulev11+49-24
2012-05-15 22:131 m/s is indeed a big number to a glaciologistEd Bueler1+5-5
2012-05-15 22:06fiddled with plotEd Bueler1+9-8
2012-05-15 20:19documenting pseudo plastic power law and related optionsEd Bueler1+46-22
2012-05-15 19:41More MISMIP fixes.Constantine Khroulev8+138-134
2012-05-15 17:32Updates the Ross section of the User's Manual.Constantine Khroulev4+42-105
2012-05-15 16:20Minor improvements of the MISMIP setup.Constantine Khroulev3+22-17
2012-05-15 18:40ongoing planning/deciding/moving in examples/Ed Bueler11+107-85
2012-05-15 06:52one refEd Bueler1+12-0
2012-05-14 23:11Replacing the "EISMINT-Ross" section with a "Ross" section.Constantine Khroulev5+162-161
2012-05-14 23:12edits on mismip README.md to clarify/expandEd Bueler1+48-28
2012-05-14 22:02mods to jako/ example doc based on marijke's commentsEd Bueler2+24-20
2012-05-14 21:54Update examples/mismip/README.mdConstantine Khroulev1+9-2
2012-05-14 21:40Finished updating MISMIP; some cleanup.Constantine Khroulev36+169-5115
2012-05-14 21:14-extra_times in script up to date with PISM semanticsEd Bueler1+5-5
2012-05-13 14:14The new MISMIP setup runs.Constantine Khroulev4+278-144
2012-05-13 21:03I think the first section is done, and adequate, for stable0.5 release. Now need g5km_0_ftt.nc from these same runs/settings for use with jako/ etc.Ed Bueler5+13-9
2012-05-13 19:17updating a figure in getting startedEd Bueler4+3-3
2012-05-13 06:18happy with getting started section through figure 4, which I will now replace (though no significant changes)Ed Bueler4+35-41
2012-05-13 04:53updated to ALBMAP/MEASURES result replacing EISMINT-Ross, in manualEd Bueler2+0-0
2012-05-11 22:37Almost ready to remove IceMISMIPModel.Constantine Khroulev3+370-9
2012-05-11 22:17Merge branch 'dev' of github.com:pism/pism into devEd Bueler7+509-46
2012-05-11 22:17ready to redo Figure 4 in manual when runs are doneEd Bueler3+80-55
2012-05-10 23:06Updates test G convergence rate plots in the User's Manual.Constantine Khroulev4+0-0
2012-05-10 20:02Additional references, esp. in support of proposal writing.Ed Bueler1+44-8
2012-05-09 18:44all preprocessing from one scriptEd Bueler1+23-0
2012-05-09 18:45trivial edits to headingsEd Bueler1+3-9
2012-05-09 18:31Closes #47. More work is needed, but *after* the release.Constantine Khroulev9+88-56
2012-05-09 16:21Closes #50 by removing the Cheat Sheet altogether.Constantine Khroulev13+9-431
2012-05-09 03:44Updates the test I convergence rate figure.Constantine Khroulev3+4-6
2012-05-09 00:18One more little tweak to make it easier to reproduce userman figures.Constantine Khroulev1+2-1
2012-05-08 23:37Updates the code producing convergence plots. Removes ssaplay.Constantine Khroulev16+146-1873
2012-05-08 20:54Merge branch 'dev' of github.com:pism/pism into devAndy Aschwanden16+279-241
2012-05-08 20:53- added options, and fiddled with some.Andy Aschwanden2+42-9
2012-05-07 20:59- added missing -pseudo_plastic option, we accidentally used plastic till. Thanks Constantine!Andy Aschwanden1+1-2
2012-05-07 18:57added short list with physical explanations of scalar diagnostics, separating that from usage issues; this picks up content from ancient email xchange w Maria (aug 2011)Ed Bueler1+16-10
2012-05-07 18:00Closes #62.Constantine Khroulev5+21-1
2012-05-07 17:44Addressing #62.Constantine Khroulev2+13-1
2012-05-07 17:13Fixes a typo in examples/jako/README.mdConstantine Khroulev1+1-1
2012-05-07 00:56renamed fields for -surface givenEd Bueler1+2-2
2012-05-07 02:02- added some env variables to make it easier to run script on various machines (PISM_DO, PISM_PREFIX, etc)Andy Aschwanden1+37-2
2012-05-06 19:16DUH. The big effect in incompatibility between whole-sheet and regional runs I saw was refreezing at base; bet this was explained by deleting and starting over on litho temperatures.Ed Bueler4+6-4
2012-05-06 01:02Jakobshavn: scripts in sufficient shape so that redoing whole ice sheet spinup, i.e. section 1 of user manual, is needed before returning and finalizing. the new text in user manual should mostly show off pictures, and leave much of the how-to to the README.md, which does the job fine.Ed Bueler3+99-23
2012-05-05 23:56spinup does not need any preceding SIA in this case I believe; max_diffusivity relaxes to same value if -skip is sufficiently small (e.g. 5)Ed Bueler1+19-29
2012-05-05 23:55rename fields to new nice namesEd Bueler1+5-5
2012-05-05 23:22jako work in progressEd Bueler4+206-95
2012-05-05 22:04ignore some more common files esp in examples subdirsEd Bueler1+12-0
2012-05-05 21:52avoiding specific relative prefix and making it user-adjustableEd Bueler1+5-2
2012-05-05 17:58Minor changes in the Installation Manual.Constantine Khroulev1+16-19
2012-05-04 23:20Working on #46. (Nothing to look at here...)Constantine Khroulev9+167-123
2012-05-04 20:59Minor fixes in the Installation Manual.Constantine Khroulev1+3-3
2012-05-04 20:01Merge branch 'issue-7' into devConstantine Khroulev82+1247-1275
2012-05-04 17:09Added some modified (preliminary) scripts to allow for a prognostic simulation of the Ross ice shelfTorsten Albrecht4+410-0
2012-05-04 06:34read through Installation Manual. Great shape. Made little edits.Ed Bueler1+98-93
2012-05-03 22:32Updates pism-toolkit (more library dependencies).Constantine Khroulev2+5-3
2012-05-03 22:24Closes #51.Constantine Khroulev2+368-183
2012-05-03 18:29added Dani's thesisEd Bueler1+11-0
2012-05-03 17:51Closes #56.Ed Bueler4+18-15
2012-05-03 04:13Addressing #56.Constantine Khroulev4+39-2
2012-05-03 00:22Working on #51 and #58.Constantine Khroulev4+92-161
2012-05-02 17:52looked at manuals' front matter; like itEd Bueler2+33-30
2012-05-02 16:31Closes #48.Constantine Khroulev1+33-0
2012-05-02 16:00Closes #8.Constantine Khroulev22+365-703
2012-05-02 08:08cleaning examples docsEd Bueler3+34-28
2012-05-02 07:53things work well enough to actually do modeling; some things are important: (1) a big band (e.g. 50 cells = 50km) around the ftt_mask drainage basin; (2) small skip value; (3) the first two values given to -topg_to_phi are sensitiveEd Bueler4+49-38
2012-05-02 03:36renamed to 'spinup.sh' and made more realistic hopefullyEd Bueler3+45-39
2012-05-02 00:31removed irritating subheadingsEd Bueler1+15-22
2012-05-02 00:09committing stuff that was already committedEd Bueler2+1-1
2012-05-01 23:00added smb,artm from 5km data set ... runs but needs checkingEd Bueler2+19-10
2012-05-01 22:34cleaned readme and factored scriptsEd Bueler4+183-117
2012-05-01 03:58Merge branch 'dev' of github.com:pism/pism into devEd Bueler18+101-46
2012-05-01 03:58more refsEd Bueler1+44-4
2012-04-29 21:46minor editsEd Bueler1+3-3
2012-04-29 21:29re change: don't know why this was needed, but it fixed it. re result: holy shit that's awesome.Ed Bueler1+2-2
2012-04-29 20:25Adds the plotting script.Constantine Khroulev2+82-1
2012-04-29 07:23Did a petermann example damn near instantly, though I don't have bandwidth to download whole ice sheet spun-up state, so I can't really test.Ed Bueler2+19-4
2012-04-29 05:13editingEd Bueler1+16-15
2012-04-29 03:17awesome. CK: since I take for granted you can build a minimial replacement for the plot scripts, clearly this should replace. note a brief tuning with -ssa_e is something I would be happy to do tooEd Bueler2+28-13
2012-04-28 19:47Closes #54. (Ross example works. Now we need to plot results.)Constantine Khroulev3+104-68
2012-04-27 22:49minor edits to run.sh as a way of keeping notesEd Bueler1+12-4
2012-04-27 21:28Fixes #53. Improves preprocess.py.Constantine Khroulev3+32-38
2012-04-27 20:46Fixes #52.Constantine Khroulev2+7-1
2012-04-27 19:58Works; looks pretty good, too.Constantine Khroulev2+66-49
2012-04-27 18:54new ross example runs for me with -surface given. produces reasonable cbase in output file. most serious issue for diagnositic computation is bad velocity boundary conditions at inflow through transAnt mtns and at siple coast?Ed Bueler2+12-8
2012-04-27 17:22changes to diagnostic behavior that I find helpful in evaluating runs: in -o_size medium, temp_pa more useful than temp, liqfrac needed for thickness/extent of temperate iceEd Bueler3+3-3
2012-04-27 16:34Adds preprocess.py and run.sh scripts for the Ross example. (Both need more testing.)Constantine Khroulev2+220-0
2012-04-27 00:58fixed param nameEd Bueler1+2-2
2012-04-26 21:47Clobbered a warning and removed an inactive line of code.Ed Bueler1+0-2
2012-04-26 19:25spinup script should use thickness from data file for -ocean_kill ... now it doesEd Bueler1+3-3
2012-04-26 04:49Dani's work involved no enhancement, yes? (Cool.) I see the need for Dirichlet b.c.s (i.e. in no_model strip) for enthalpy,SSA. Others?Ed Bueler2+20-6
2012-04-26 01:07Decided on a 3km spinup. Need to think about getting Dirichlet b.c.s from whole Greenland run; how to specifically? Also, what to do for 1km run?: 1 century?Ed Bueler2+32-16
2012-04-26 00:07Closes #43. Fixes #44.Constantine Khroulev8+102-82
2012-04-25 21:17Fixes #45.Constantine Khroulev2+29-3
2012-04-25 19:51Have a run that runs. Need more diagnostics to proceed ;)Ed Bueler2+63-31
2012-04-25 16:56Merge branch 'issue-41' into dev. Closes #41.Constantine Khroulev55+324-196
2012-04-25 08:29cutout stage seems to work; need to go back to preprocess.sh stage to fix surface fields, but ready to try pismo runsEd Bueler2+44-21
2012-04-25 07:32looked at the searise-greenland example, in part. and its doc in User Man. simplified spinup by removing PIK runs; these should appear in Antarctic context first. noted issue #44.Ed Bueler5+47-142
2012-04-25 06:26cleaning up stdout from pism executables (no gna ...) and pismo commentsEd Bueler2+16-16
2012-04-25 06:07Initial stages of a Jakoshavn (actually more generic) regional model using 1km data. Problem at the stage of using cutout command; see end of README.Ed Bueler2+106-0
2012-04-24 22:58documenting my changes in examples/Ed Bueler1+5-3
2012-04-24 22:56moved enth-temp/ to old to get it out of the wayEd Bueler3+0-0
2012-04-24 22:56edits in prep for mvEd Bueler1+11-8
2012-04-24 22:50eisgreen moved to old/Ed Bueler7+0-0
2012-04-24 22:48cleaning eisgreen/ in preparation for moveEd Bueler5+4-226
2012-04-24 22:29Removing 'PST' experiments which are shown in Bueler & Brown (2009). Checkout pism0.3 to reproduce those.Ed Bueler5+0-501
2012-04-24 08:16whitespace onlyEd Bueler1+0-1
2012-04-24 07:36In looking at massContExplicitStep() I desired to edit the comments.Ed Bueler1+7-6
2012-04-23 21:52Merge branch 'issue-22' into dev. Closes #22, closes #34.Constantine Khroulev75+1875-2103
2012-04-20 22:47update 1d ssa solver for bodvardsson example to petsc3.2Ed Bueler2+80-85
2012-04-19 19:50Makes lapse_rate modifiers report *corrected* fields.Constantine Khroulev4+153-4
2012-04-12 23:19Removes all mentions of scikits.delaunay.Constantine Khroulev7+11-37
2012-04-12 20:28a detail: the manual now says the front page is 1km ;-)Ed Bueler1+1-1
2012-04-12 19:47- new front page figure, now from a 1km run (instead of 2km). Doesn't look that different, but the devil's in the detail...Andy Aschwanden2+2-2
2012-04-10 16:21Flish time-series buffers when -extra_files are written.Constantine Khroulev1+3-0
2012-04-09 16:51tim refEd Bueler1+13-0
2012-04-06 18:04thinking about pism0.5 releaseEd Bueler2+48-17
2012-04-06 15:58Fixes PISMNC3File.cc (now PISM compiles on marmaduke again).Constantine Khroulev1+5-3
2012-04-06 07:25SSAFEM reverted to regularizing nuH by adding epsilion_ssa (rather than forming max(nuH,epsilon_ssa)).David Maxwell8+8-11
2012-04-06 03:49Merge branches 'dev' and 'dev' of https://github.com/pism/pism into devDavid Maxwell8+33-24
2012-04-06 02:43NC_BYTE->PISM_BYTE in vel2tauc.pyDavid Maxwell1+1-1
2012-04-06 01:48Quick and dirty commenting out of material in src/CMakeLists regarding pism_netcdf_test that break the build if PNETCDF_LIBRARIES is not defined.David Maxwell1+7-6
2012-04-06 01:32Merge branch 'dev' of https://github.com/pism/pism into devDavid Maxwell90+1493-349
2012-04-06 01:32Minor fixes from earlier commits today. I should learn how to redo my commits before pushing.David Maxwell3+2-108
2012-04-05 20:02Added sia_forward.py, the analogue of ssa_forward.py for doing a one-time solve of the SIA.David Maxwell1+115-0
2012-04-05 19:59Added support to vel2tauc.py for user-supplied python code to do final initialization (e.g. attach custom visualization code) to the inverse solver. Use -inv_prep_module mymodule.py The supplied module should have a function prep_solver(solver,method): where solver is the inverse solver and method is a string (e.g. 'ign', 'nlcg', etc) describing what the core algorithm being used is.David Maxwell1+10-1
2012-04-05 04:53Fixing some bizarre code I wrote in a hurry. (Thanks for reporting the associated compiler warning, Ed.)David Maxwell1+3-2
2012-04-04 05:49Fix of python binding of IceModelVec::regrid. In summary: vec.regrid(filename,True) was calling the regrid(filename,default_value) flavor, not the regrid(filename,critical,start=0) flavor. So there was no real checking for critical variables. This is now fixed, and the preferred calling sequence is vec.regrid(filename,critical=True).David Maxwell1+41-0
2012-04-03 19:55needed include so I can compileEd Bueler1+1-0
2012-04-02 21:55Merge branch 'issue-31' into dev. Closes #31.Constantine Khroulev47+778-409
2012-03-30 06:19updating refsEd Bueler1+25-14
2012-03-30 05:56minor changes to comments and std out messagesEd Bueler1+9-6
2012-03-25 20:10test script generates 20km greenland runs with known ksp badnessEd Bueler1+34-0
2012-03-28 18:50Moves config.get_flag(...) out of the i,j loop in SSAFD. (cherry picked from commit 1b6a71d8d09ca27e127e3687b8e19d715a5cf2c1)Constantine Khroulev2+11-11
2012-03-28 06:04vel2tauc now forces grids to be non-periodic when working in regional mode. This fixes a bug: the default SSA code decides to make non-periodic grids when working in regional mode and the ssa_method is set to 'fem' in the config file. For inversions, the value of ssa_method in the config file is irrelevant; we're always using FEM, so only the regional mode flag determines periodicity.David Maxwell1+10-1
2012-03-23 18:22note duration of preliminary step when reporting it to userEd Bueler1+1-1
2012-03-26 19:12Fixes the bug causing "KSP diverged" errors (the one reported by Andy 22 hours ago).Constantine Khroulev1+3-0
2012-03-25 17:13Adds a regression test that would have caught #30.Constantine Khroulev2+40-0
2012-03-25 16:54Fixes #30.Constantine Khroulev2+15-16
2012-03-24 02:00Closes #20.Constantine Khroulev4+94-1
2012-03-23 21:28Implements preciptation forcing using scalar offsets. Closes #17.Constantine Khroulev4+98-3
2012-03-23 20:58Renames command-line options. Closes #1.Constantine Khroulev3+5-5
2012-03-23 17:26Fixes an unreported bug in pclimate.Constantine Khroulev1+15-6
2012-03-23 08:07Added one more tauc parameterization type ("trunc", a truncated identity that is always non-negative but behaves like "indent" for reasonably large values of tauc).David Maxwell4+66-34
2012-03-23 03:01Fixes #29.Constantine Khroulev1+7-1
2012-03-23 01:54Fixed naming of files from cc0a4d so it compiles for me.Ed Bueler3+1-1
2012-03-23 00:08Implements scalar time-dependent forcing for sub-shelf temperatures and mass fluxes. See #1.Constantine Khroulev6+189-1
2012-03-22 23:37hoping this does not destroy everythingEd Bueler6+48-49
2012-03-22 23:29Merge commit '286d5eb' into devEd Bueler2+105-34
2012-03-22 23:28Merge commit '7ad9f87' into devEd Bueler15+176-217
2012-03-22 23:28Merge commit 'dcd3d3c' into devEd Bueler4+106-67
2012-03-22 23:23See previous message; I forgot to add these.Ed Bueler2+58-98
2012-03-22 23:23Edited scripts to make them less warning-filled (in preprocessing) and to make their user-behavior more like other examples/ stuff. Removed old bueler script; trying to avoid duplications. I am assuming these scripts are not in active use for PIK science, but rather for a (great\!) example of how PIK options work.Ed Bueler1+0-84
2012-03-21 19:31vel2tauc becomes clearer about various tauc's in its output file: 1. We now copy tauc_true to the output file if it exists in the inverse data file. 2. Kludge for now to ensure long names for tauc_true, tauc_prior are accurate in the output file.David Maxwell1+10-0
2012-03-21 04:03Fixed PISMIO->PIO change in vel2tauc.py. make_synth_ssa used to only use SSAFEM, now it doesn't.David Maxwell2+5-3
2012-03-21 03:05Closes #25. (PISM now writes the time since the beginning of the run to a variable in -extra_files.)Constantine Khroulev2+18-7
2012-03-21 02:29Implements the -tauc_to_phi option. Closes #9.Constantine Khroulev14+285-69
2012-03-20 00:12Minor changes in the -tauc_to_phi code. Seems to work.Constantine Khroulev1+5-2
2012-03-13 22:11Merge branch 'dev' into issue-9. See #9.Constantine Khroulev116+3070-1835
2012-01-29 00:35Work in progress.Constantine Khroulev2+2-2
2012-01-28 01:56Finishing touches.Constantine Khroulev3+22-5
2012-01-28 00:48Merge branch 'dev' into issue-9Constantine Khroulev212+11843-8237
2011-11-22 00:38A bit more work...Constantine Khroulev1+50-33
2011-11-21 22:45Renamed PISMDefaultYieldStress -> PISMMohrCoulombYieldStress.Constantine Khroulev14+732-739
2011-11-21 21:58WIP.Constantine Khroulev6+189-123
2011-11-11 18:16Re-arranges some PISMDefaultYieldStress code.Constantine Khroulev3+107-90
2011-11-10 17:54More WIP.Constantine Khroulev2+8-2
2011-11-10 06:56Work in progress.Constantine Khroulev2+57-3
2011-11-10 03:41- added missing (and needed for flux correction) acab_cumulative field to extra vars in SeaRISE Greenland spinupAndy Aschwanden1+2-2
2011-11-09 19:57Closes #12.Constantine Khroulev12+474-114
2011-11-09 02:44Silly whitespace changes to test the "push" notification.Constantine Khroulev3+11-11
2011-11-08 23:15Another try (debian/changelog format is fragile :-/ ).Constantine Khroulev1+2-2
2011-11-08 23:05Fixes btutest and pism-toolkit/debian/changelog.Constantine Khroulev2+4-2
2011-11-08 22:51Fixes the code handling -skip and -skip_max.Constantine Khroulev1+0-12
2011-11-08 21:41Merge branch 'dev' of github.com:pism/pism into devDavid Maxwell1+125-15
2011-11-08 21:39Fix of silly typo.David Maxwell1+1-1
2011-11-08 20:38Merge branch 'dev' of github.com:pism/pism into devDavid Maxwell137+1447-1389
2011-11-08 20:26IceModelVecs can be renamed.David Maxwell10+218-73
2011-11-07 02:37First pass at vel2tauc append mode. Not quite fully baked.David Maxwell3+56-11
2011-11-07 01:47model.ModelData.vars -> model.ModelData.vecs (it turns out that vecs is a builtin function in python; best not to shadow it)David Maxwell12+138-128
2011-11-07 01:08New variable/io model for python side. Common data (physics,variables) are held in a PISM.model.ModelData, which can be shared among other objects. PISM.ssa.SSASolver is gone, effectively replaced by PISM.model.ModelData; leftovers were migrated to PISM.ssa.SSARun.David Maxwell21+522-502
2011-11-06 01:29Working on task 10. Generation of synthetic ssa data removed from vel2tauc and placed in make_synth_ssa.py vel2tauc now reads inversion data from -inv_data fileDavid Maxwell8+239-140
2011-11-05 21:12clobber pedantic warningEd Bueler1+7-4
2011-11-05 19:15Updates config_doc.py and pism_config.cdl. fixes #11.Constantine Khroulev2+26-26
2011-11-05 10:44- added PIK + force-to-thickness spinupAndy Aschwanden1+29-8
2011-11-05 08:34Dorky first pass at algebraic tauc->tillphi via python added for the historical record.David Maxwell1+246-0
2011-11-05 08:01update INSTALL to reflect github hostEd Bueler1+14-22
2011-11-05 07:23Final edit.Ed Bueler1+6-6
2011-11-05 07:19Trying different extension.Ed Bueler1+0-0
2011-11-05 07:18Added a readme using git-flavored markdown.Ed Bueler1+34-0
2011-11-04 20:05Updated the code producing the revision string.Constantine Khroulev1+9-25
2011-11-03 22:34Fixed bug #18838.Constantine Khroulev7+13-0
2011-11-03 21:43Worked on verification docs. FIXMEs remain related to which ssa_testX things to use; we want to keep ssa_testX.py while C++ versions are deprecated.Ed Bueler3+56-74
2011-11-03 21:40Removed README which was out of date and did not say anything helpful. Renamed a directory to make it clear it was documentation not additional sources.Ed Bueler13+0-16
2011-11-03 19:49Added SIAFD to pythonbindings. Early pass at generating SIA velocities so as to generate "observed" SSA velociites. vel2tauc now allows noise to be added to its synthetic observed SSA velocities.David Maxwell5+178-11
2011-11-03 19:10removal of stuff we will never useEd Bueler4+8-1207
2011-11-03 06:55Committing my work on attaching THI to PISM.Constantine Khroulev7+723-891
2011-11-01 18:16Due care added for writing metadata to netcdf files in a parallel run. PISM package imports netCDF3/4 as netCDF minor bug fixes and tweaksDavid Maxwell7+45-50
2011-11-01 01:26Fixed the code handling the "-o_order foo" code.Constantine Khroulev2+20-17
2011-10-31 20:28Made LocalInterpCtx code more robust: it was sensitive to rounding errors in coordinates of domain corners.Constantine Khroulev5+84-38
2011-10-31 19:54Added the code needed to avoid reading tillphi from a file when it is set in "vars".Constantine Khroulev1+13-0
2011-10-31 04:41Added visualization that I found helpful.Ed Bueler1+20-6
2011-10-30 21:52minor tweaks siple log saved to output NC file.David Maxwell2+37-9
2011-10-30 07:15Adding verbose output and visualization to the linear steps of IGN inversions. NetCDF history updated during python SSA saves. Pedantic warning fixed in InvSSAForwardProblem.David Maxwell5+104-20
2011-10-30 06:30This piece of code adds a history string or updates it if already present.Ed Bueler1+15-1
2011-10-29 21:18My compiler does not seem to automatically know that 'sort' comes from this part of STL.Ed Bueler1+1-0
2011-10-29 01:16Moving code checking options and setting config flags and parameters out of IceModel.Constantine Khroulev62+1179-1081
2011-10-28 22:14* InvSSAForwardProblem saves a state for future autopsy when a nonlinear solve fails. * Better visualization in vel2tauc. * SSAFromBootFile can read in a 'tauc' if present. * Added a helper script for comparing the tauc_true and tauc for a synthetic inversion run.David Maxwell4+226-28
2011-10-27 20:06added examples/inverse/vel2ssa.py which is doing (or trying to do) our first steps at inverting for tauc from real-ish data. Right now it reads all SSA data from an input file, generates a corresponding forward solution of the SSA, and attempts to reconstruct tauc from an initial guess of 1/2 of tauc. E.g.:David Maxwell8+576-141
2011-10-27 19:12Fix typo in r2013 changes in directory stressbalance/. Allows build ...Ed Bueler1+1-1
2011-10-27 09:45after reading Bob's email, I realized I have some uncommitted changes: - fixed calculation of dhdt and acab during post processing (a consequence form switching to seconds)Andy Aschwanden2+8-2
2011-10-26 15:34pausing, plotting niceties in invert_testi.pyDavid Maxwell2+15-11
2011-10-26 07:15Found the one-line bug regarding weighted l2 norms in InvSSAForwardProblem. More visualization added to invert_testi. Added option to test adjoint to invert_testi. Adjoints look good.David Maxwell4+142-76
2011-10-25 22:30Re-arranging some code.Constantine Khroulev10+1781-1558
2011-10-25 22:30Minor fixes.Constantine Khroulev2+2-2
2011-10-25 21:25Added optional per-iteration visualization to pismssaforward, invert_testi. Added optional per-iteration pausing to invert_testi. Added support for copying vector-valued vectors to numpy vectors on proc0. Some of these changes require siple commit c4f27bb (Oct 25, 2011) or later.David Maxwell6+269-232
2011-10-25 07:11whoops. forgot to add a file.David Maxwell1+43-0
2011-10-25 05:54ssa_forward now uses PISMYieldStress GeometryCalculator gets a new method for updating a mask and surface vector all at once. Keeps python from doing the loop.David Maxwell4+38-12
2011-10-25 00:10Squashing pedantic warnings. Added one more InvTaucParameterization type for testing purposes.David Maxwell5+40-8
2011-10-24 05:10Added choice of inner products (various L2/H1 combos) for the domain in SSA inversions.David Maxwell2+50-22
2011-10-23 08:04invert_testi now has periodic boundary conditions in the downstream directionDavid Maxwell12+326-224
2011-10-22 19:40Adding support for direct specification of driving stress to the FEM SSA solver. This helps with certain test cases where the grid is periodic but the driving stress cannot be the gradient of a periodic function.David Maxwell5+47-8
2011-10-22 01:38Adding support for tauc parameterizations to python inverse code. This needs some testing.David Maxwell2+50-7
2011-10-21 23:44Moved inversion code out of src/base/stressbalance to newly created src/inverse Created attendant pisminverse dynamic library base/stressbalance/SSAFEM_Forward -> inverse/InvSSAForwardProblem Adding choice of parameterizations of tauc, e.g. tauc = zeta^2 or tauc = exp(zeta).David Maxwell14+1272-1034
2011-10-21 01:13Added weighted L2 range for SSA inversions.David Maxwell4+123-21
2011-10-20 22:39In progress: adding weighted L2 range for SSA inversions. Step 1: don't break things when a weight isn't specified....David Maxwell3+62-10
2011-10-18 22:23Performance improvements.Constantine Khroulev17+112-75
2011-10-17 22:55Two more fixes related to the same issue.Constantine Khroulev2+2-1
2011-10-17 22:47Mac OS X uses a file system that is case-insensitive, so my renaming attempts failed. Argh!Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2011-10-17 22:16Some work on making the library part of PISM more library-like.Constantine Khroulev123+411-100
2011-10-17 07:17Upgrading to Ubuntu 11.10 meant I got an even more pedantic gcc. Apparently.Ed Bueler4+9-12
2011-10-16 16:39Fixed bug #18813.Constantine Khroulev1+2-0
2011-10-13 22:50Removed the compile-time variable order switch and added the "-o_order" option.Constantine Khroulev8+37-35
2011-10-13 21:39Minor: Added -pismversion line to btutest,pismtests,flowTable extra executables.Ed Bueler4+13-3
2011-10-13 19:45Added CMake variables and an option allowing one to set linker flags manually.Constantine Khroulev1+20-3
2011-10-13 18:39Fixed minor bugs in the re-gridding code.Constantine Khroulev4+38-63
2011-10-13 18:37Fixed a bug introduced in r1281.Constantine Khroulev1+4-3
2011-10-13 07:34Implemented task #7490.Ed Bueler10+65-70
2011-10-13 02:11Made the cold ice conductivity and specific heat capacity fully temperature-dependent if the temperature-dependent forms of EnthalpyConverter and enthSystemCtx are used. (These forms are used by IceModel when runtime options -varc and -vark are set, respectively.) That is, I made IceModel::enthalpyAndDrainageStep() call temperature dependent methods when it needs the physical coefficients k(T) and c(T) for the basal boundary condition. The bulk ice was already dealt with correctly in earlier commits. This should conclude development on task #6778, except for the variable density issue, which is a separate task.Ed Bueler6+76-36
2011-10-13 01:37Updated .dot file for initialization-sequence. Now 'make browser_base' does not generate some mysterious warnings, but still unable to make the image initialization-sequence.png appear in the browser.Ed Bueler1+13-8
2011-10-12 23:26Separated column-wise computations of E_s (the pressure-melting temperature enthalpy value) and the 'lambda' for BOMBPROOF. Documented some code related to variable (temp.-dependent) properties k(T) and c(T). No functional change.Ed Bueler6+76-43
2011-10-12 18:51Fixed a bug in scalar forcing introduced in r1958.Constantine Khroulev4+12-4
2011-10-12 05:36Removed a chunk of code from pismo.Constantine Khroulev1+0-26
2011-10-11 21:16Fixed a bug: IceModel::ageStep() was called every mass-continuity time-step but was using dt_TempAge.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2011-10-11 19:51Cleaning up pismo code.Constantine Khroulev12+92-120
2011-10-11 17:26Modified CMakeLists.txt to warn the user ifConstantine Khroulev1+15-1
2011-10-10 19:45Fixed a stupid off-by-one bug in the new regridding code I committed last week.Constantine Khroulev1+4-4
2011-10-10 17:18Fixed several bugs I introduced while switching from "years" to "seconds".Constantine Khroulev13+71-35
2011-10-09 04:51Minor stuff related to maintaining online browsers.Ed Bueler2+25-18
2011-10-08 22:13Addressed bug #18748: time steps of bwat diffusion process should only occur at the same time as (specifically, just after) energy steps. Also, made updates to yield stress occur only when updateAtDepth is true; this is morally right (because only the stress balance solve depends on tauc values) and it should be very slightly faster. Note that the frequency of calling the basal hydrology model (e.g. diffuse_bwat() is an extremely simple one) should be determined by the needs of the hydrology model. But tauc should be updated from subglacial state variables (e.g. bwat) only when tauc is actually needed.Ed Bueler2+12-19
2011-10-08 21:36Updated python-based SSA regression tests to new CustomGlenIce interface and to eliminate use of 'secpera'.David Maxwell5+30-18
2011-10-08 20:40Editorial changes on hydrology page. Added Schoof references. (By the way, has anyone reproduced bug #18785? I can't currently reproduce it. I will close that bug soon unless someone comments on it.)Ed Bueler2+53-28
2011-10-08 06:42A commit that does not touch anything in src/ (just to test if we're done with the task #7489).Constantine Khroulev1+3-3
2011-10-08 02:23Addressed task #7489.Constantine Khroulev2+14-7
2011-10-08 00:16Cleaning up enthalpy-related code.Constantine Khroulev35+422-394
2011-10-07 04:26Fixed a bug reported by Andy.Constantine Khroulev5+11-7
2011-10-07 00:27- updated efgrun.sh to reflect removal of varkpismrAndy Aschwanden1+5-5
2011-10-06 22:47Fixed a bug in the time-series code.Constantine Khroulev2+3-1
2011-10-06 21:33Corrected constants so we are making no unnecessary error in implementing equation (4.39) in Greve and Blatter.Ed Bueler2+6-6
2011-10-06 21:23Objects of type IceFlowLaw should not know about thermal conductivity, specific heat capacity, or the latent heat of fusion. Now they do not. As a result, the corresponding configuration constants from pism_config.nc will more directly and more transparently configure various code that uses ice flow laws; before this was less direct and went via the IceFlowLaw constructor. (By the way, this commit and r1962, r1961, r1955, r1954, r1952, r1951, r1945 are all implementing an old task. Namely, task #6778.)Ed Bueler10+73-54
2011-10-06 01:59Removed pgrn and all the mentions of it.Constantine Khroulev20+77-334
2011-10-05 21:36Removed varkpismr; added the -vark option instead.Constantine Khroulev12+157-687
2011-10-04 22:01Added a page on adding hydrology to PISM, to the related pages page. This evolved from an old email to Ward. We aren't helping him much, but at least I should reply to his email now ...Ed Bueler4+101-6
2011-10-04 19:17Nothing important: clobbered pedantic warnings.Ed Bueler2+5-2
2011-10-04 17:24Major changes related to task #7450.Constantine Khroulev66+522-514
2011-10-04 16:55Re-wrote some of the re-gridding code (see task #7487).Constantine Khroulev6+159-181
2011-10-02 23:14- added varc, vark and varck runs to efgis test suiteAndy Aschwanden2+46-10
2011-10-02 20:46O.k. That was easy. (Constantine's design really is extensible.) Now PISM has option -varc which allows the enthalpy method to use the linear-in-temperature specific heat capacity function C(T) defined by equation (4.39) in Greve & Blatter (2009). Formulas need to be checked before the results should be trusted; of course it makes some difference and we need to know if that difference is 'real'. See examples/enth-temp/comparevariabletemp.sh for how to use new option -varc and new executable varkpismr. FIXME: the latter might as well become pismr -vark.Ed Bueler7+61-18
2011-10-02 19:19Code for linear-in-temperature specific heat. Compiles but not tested yet. (I need to recall how an alternate EnthalpyConverter could be attached to IceModel.) Andy and Constantine: please 'make browser_base' and check my formulas for enthalpy-temperature conversions, based on (4.39) in Greve and Blatter (2009).Ed Bueler4+81-12
2011-10-02 19:15Merely updating PISM-PIK references in docs; no functional change.Ed Bueler3+5-5
2011-10-02 08:44The new implementation of varcEnthalpyConverter will be pretty easy. I had earlier committed these codes with no difference from base EnthalpyConverter; at least now I have identified the parts that actually differ, and those are slight.Ed Bueler2+24-372
2011-10-02 04:49Removed FIXMEs from r1945 code. Now there is a more complete, less inefficient implementation of variable conductivity, including use of the right conductivity in the Neumann b.c. But it still seems to make very, very little difference. And the code duplication remains. (Has slightly increased, actually.) Now I am going to look at implementing a variant EnthalpyConverter that uses linear-in-temperature specific heat capacity.Ed Bueler2+91-20
2011-09-30 01:26Dealt with pedantic compiler warnings from two recent commits of pism_const.cc and SSAFD.cc. Minor formatting, use of 'const' in SSAFD.cc.Ed Bueler2+7-8
2011-09-29 22:03Modified PISMOptionsInt and PISMOptionsReal: now they print more helpful error messages when an invalid option argument is given.Constantine Khroulev1+32-8
2011-09-29 18:11Added installation text because: We forgot to tell users everything is done and they can go use PISM.Ed Bueler1+22-3
2011-09-29 12:38Correcting the Calving Front Boundary Condition (CFBC) for varying sea level.Matthias Mengel1+4-5
2011-09-29 06:51Implemented temperature-dependent cold-ice conductivity k(T) in enthalpy scheme. Implementation is by code duplication of enthSystemCtx and IceModel::enthalpyAndDrainageStep(), and new executable varkpismr.Ed Bueler8+1164-4
2011-09-28 21:25Re-organized src/coupler.Constantine Khroulev33+51-43
2011-09-28 19:58Working on task #7450, which turns out to be more important than I thought.Constantine Khroulev63+599-536
2011-09-28 19:33DrainageCalculator needs to be visible outside of iMethalpy.cc for extensibility. enthSystemCtx does not need EnthalpyConverter.Ed Bueler4+60-36
2011-09-28 17:15Some changes related to Dirichlet SSA B.C.Constantine Khroulev2+5-10
2011-09-27 22:52- fixed SeaRISE-Greenland experiment script: turned bed deformation model on. - removed PIK demo, not needed anymoreAndy Aschwanden2+3-35
2011-09-22 22:13Revising the previous commit... (Clearly I need a cup of coffee.)Constantine Khroulev1+8-9
2011-09-22 21:58Avoid reading in no_model_mask if -no_model_strip is set.Constantine Khroulev1+10-0
2011-09-22 20:22Renamed {u,v}bar_ssa to {u,v}_ssa. Renamed {u,v}bar to {u,v}_ssa_bc in SSA.cc and iceModel.ccConstantine Khroulev3+16-32
2011-09-22 19:36Fixed refs to PISM-PIK papers.Ed Bueler3+15-19
2011-09-22 18:00Fixing a result of some late-night coding.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2011-09-22 17:49Added the -ssa_dirichlet_bc option to pismo.Constantine Khroulev4+128-72
2011-09-20 22:50One more fix. I should slow down.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2011-09-20 22:48Fixed a stupid bug in my previous commit.Constantine Khroulev1+16-0
2011-09-20 22:32Added pismo code to keep the energy state in the no_model_strip from evolving.Constantine Khroulev1+85-14
2011-09-20 01:39Fix to bug reported by Andy, for SeaRISE-Greenland. Runs were using (not totally unreasonable) linear till. Issue does not afflict Storglaciaren nor SeaRISE-Antarctica; fixed in former and inactive in latter. See task #7484.Ed Bueler1+3-0
2011-09-20 01:05A commit I forgot to make earlier, but no big deal: Slightly better parameters for modeling using fine (esp. vertical) grids on Storglaciaren. And removal of code to deal with bug #18593, which is fixed.Ed Bueler1+11-7
2011-09-16 19:00Fixed a bug in the "daily" time-series and extra file reporting.Constantine Khroulev1+8-8
2011-09-15 18:03* One fix necessary to make PISM work with proj.4 version 4.5 * One minor fix: -{surface,atmosphere} given now save mass fluxes in m/year and not m/s.Constantine Khroulev2+15-2
2011-09-15 16:49More work on the task #7482. Now it compiles (r1924 didn't; sorry about that).Constantine Khroulev4+106-81
2011-09-14 22:41Working on task #7482. (I'm about half-way done and will be done soon.)Constantine Khroulev4+119-0
2011-09-14 18:45Added surface and ocean update() calls to IceModel::model_state_setup() to ensure that a BTU get the correct top-of-the-bedrock B.C. at the beginning of the run.Constantine Khroulev1+2-0
2011-09-14 17:05Added a check in the code so that 'pismv -test K -Mbz 1' does not crash.Constantine Khroulev1+12-1
2011-09-13 19:20Fixed 'pismv -test K -eo' (was not respecting PISMBedrockThermalUnit's time-step restrictions.)Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2011-09-13 17:00Removed the code converting geodetic coordinates to geocentric ones.Constantine Khroulev3+23-69
2011-09-08 16:37Fixed bug #18149 in the trunk.Constantine Khroulev6+224-156
2011-09-07 19:27Fixed bug #18312 in the trunk.Constantine Khroulev3+24-2
2011-09-07 18:48- added EISMINT-Greenland based example which compares enthalpy and temperature-based thermodynamics. These are the runs used in the paper "An enthalpy formulation for glaciers and ice sheet".Andy Aschwanden2+153-0
2011-09-06 23:06Added the Pism_MANUAL_BUILD CMake flag that disables *all* the scripts attempting to find essential libraries.Constantine Khroulev1+27-8
2011-09-06 19:21Added one line to PISM.i so that IceModelVec2S::sum() is wrapped properly.Constantine Khroulev1+1-0
2011-09-02 23:07Start of adding siple based inversion files to PISM.David Maxwell4+524-0
2011-09-02 23:02Mostly small documentation changes. hmelt_max -> bwat_max in util.pyDavid Maxwell6+40-17
2011-09-02 20:13Fixed bug #18313 by adding more command-line options.Constantine Khroulev5+42-40
2011-09-02 16:33Implemented reporting of discharge_flux, containing calving loss from -calving_at_thickness, -eigenCalving, -kill_Icebergs. Only gets reported with -ts_vars discharge_flux. At a first glance it looks ok, but needs further testing.Maria Martin6+109-1
2011-09-02 15:34Fixed the bug I introduced in r1900.Constantine Khroulev2+4-0
2011-09-02 04:58Fixed use of set_attrs() for dHdt diagnostic field.Ed Bueler1+1-1
2011-09-02 00:36- added maximum_diffusivity plot for force-to-thickness to browser, and updated scripts accordingly. - still not restartable, though.Andy Aschwanden5+76-32
2011-09-01 23:19Replaced foo.data() with &foo[0] throughout.Constantine Khroulev14+47-47
2011-09-01 23:17Fixed bug #18593 in the trunk.Constantine Khroulev1+0-2
2011-09-01 20:27Fixed up Storglaciaren 3d model so (e.g.) Marjike and David can use an example that is a whole ice mass, that is small scale, and that has realistic geometry. To use 3d model, see examples/storglaciaren/README. Several improvements to the model, already used in the flowline version, could be applied easily in this 3d case. Note 40m grid in use but that could be 10m or 20m with modest runs. Note sure about availability of observed surface velocities, but this is likely.Ed Bueler6+136-21
2011-09-01 19:48 - we now consider \lambda in force-to-thickness mechanism to be constant, thus it was removed as it would act only as a scalar multiplier of \alpha. Change default \alpha, and updated documentation. Made appropriate & necessary changes to EISMINT Greenland example. - replaced {*,/} secpera with convert(x,"inunit","outunit") in PISMSurface.cc. Changed units of \alpha in pism_const.cdl to yr-1, conversion to s-1 occurs in PISMSurface.hh - updated ice_bib.bib - todo: 1. report time scale 2. add software test for exact restartability with FTT. The test in test_ftt.sh indicates that exact restartability does not yet happen. Needs further testing.Andy Aschwanden9+196-87
2011-08-31 19:19Made high tauc configurable.Constantine Khroulev2+8-5
2011-08-31 17:53 - removed thick0, temp0 calculation from iMreport.cc - fixed a typo - updated User's Manual - added maximum diffusivity to stdout - removed thick0, temp0Andy Aschwanden5+26-41
2011-08-30 22:06Changed the way surface gradient is computed in pismo (both in SIAFD_Regional and SSAFD_Regional).Constantine Khroulev3+155-47
2011-08-30 13:29New timeseries diagnostic variable slice, which is sea-level relevant ice in sea-level equivalent. Not part of default output, needs to be asked for in runtime option -ts_vars slvolMaria Martin4+73-0
2011-08-29 21:26Fixed bug #18485 in the trunk.Constantine Khroulev3+20-18
2011-08-29 18:42Created IceModel::cell_interface_diffusive_flux().Constantine Khroulev5+51-35
2011-08-25 10:31A couple more refs.Ed Bueler1+20-0
2011-08-25 01:46Bed elevations are never actually accessed in IceModel::massContExplicitStep(), whether dirichlet boundary conditions or not.Ed Bueler1+0-2
2011-08-24 23:47Fixed the pismo re-implementation of IceModel::cell_interface_velocities().Constantine Khroulev1+21-19
2011-08-24 20:49Merge branch 'cleanup'Constantine Khroulev1+2-1
2011-08-24 00:24- implemented regional versions of diffusive flux cell interface velocities computation in SIAFD_regional::compute_diffusive_flux() and IceRegionalModel::cell_interface_velocities, respectively. - there remains an issue with differencing across processor boundaries at the boundary between model and no model area, probably in compute_surface_gradient or compute_driving_stress. More specificially, such a corner point tau_y has opposite sign compared to its neighbors.Andy Aschwanden2+52-2
2011-08-23 22:09* Cleaned up regression test numbers. * Fixed a documenting comment in iMgeometry.cc. * Removed ftt_modified_acab. See task #7435. * Re-implemented the dHdt diagnostic: now -extra_times 0:10:1000 -extra_vars dHdt -extra_file foo.nc will save dHdt computed as the *average* ice thickness rate of change over 10-year periods. The first (year 0) frame is filled with _FillValue. * Got rid of a compiler warning in src/base/stressbalance/THI.cConstantine Khroulev28+474-414
2011-08-21 22:41- added cumulative_* quantities to table of available scalar diagnostics in User's ManualAndy Aschwanden1+7-1
2011-08-19 20:40- minor changes to slr_show.py: - choose start and end year of plot with -a A and -e B, respectively, where A and B are integers in years from 2004 - first makes a high-contrast plot for the screen, then saves the figure with a white background insteadAndy Aschwanden1+50-6
2011-08-14 23:30* Replaced "taud" with "taud_mag" in output_medium config variable. But see bug #18506 pointing out that more needs to be done.Ed Bueler3+146-32
2011-08-01 21:22Completion of task #7428, and fix to associated '-o_size small' bug.Ed Bueler4+48-22
2011-08-01 15:15fixed rhs results in ssaBC documentation according to code and winkelmann et al 2010, eq. 2.3.6-7Torsten Albrecht1+4-4
2011-07-25 20:49- added ncpdq line to postprocess scripts to change dimension ordering to (time,y,x) for SeaRISE-compliance.Andy Aschwanden2+2-0
2011-07-24 06:34- changed "-calving_at_thickness" from 50 to 100m in searise-greenland spinup. - added option to do experiments with PIK marine ice dynamics: do $ ./experiments.sh N foo.nc 1 to turn it onAndy Aschwanden2+10-2
2011-07-22 00:19- added 5ka spinup with PIK options to searise-greenland. Needs testing.Andy Aschwanden1+27-4
2011-07-20 19:56- fixed two typos in error messagesAndy Aschwanden2+2-2
2011-07-20 14:49fixed a typo in experiments.shMaria Martin1+2-2
2011-07-20 14:41changes to searise-antarctica scripts: They should be ready to use now. Configuration parameters are set, and postprocessing is added, basically identical with the respective scripts from searise-greenlandMaria Martin5+279-71
2011-07-20 02:52- smalish increase in ftt alpha to better match observed surface elevation - added a script to visualize SeaRISE experimentsAndy Aschwanden2+68-1
2011-07-16 20:57A fix for the bug #18173.Constantine Khroulev4+64-32
2011-07-16 09:04converting the temperature anomaly data in future forcing for SeaRISE Antarctica from Celsius to Kelvin, such that the can be direktly used as input for PISMMaria Martin1+4-0
2011-07-15 18:38This commit adds a line or two to a readme. But it is an excuse to say: the files ar4_[precip|temp]_anomaly.nc at http://www.pism-docs.org/download are have the corrected ice-equivalent units. See previous email on this topic; I had failed to upload the corrected ones.Ed Bueler1+6-0
2011-07-15 00:32Fix to bug #18332 in trunk: vLongitude,vLatitude have a 'missing_at_bootstrap' attribute which is checked by compute_cell_areas(). PASeariseGreenland fails if they are missing_at_bootstrap. Also: updated URL for SeaRISE-Antarctica to valid.Ed Bueler4+30-1
2011-07-14 22:52- searise-greenland postprocessing second amendment: added grid_mapping attributes to acab/dHdt. No smoking pistols...Andy Aschwanden1+2-0
2011-07-14 01:15Fixes to *both* SeaRISE-Greenland and SeaRISE-Antarctica scripts to fix the units of precip to be ice-equivalent as needed by PISMs couplers. In the former: flipped ratio to give correct multiplier. In the latter: added lwe->ice-equivalent conversion. See email.Ed Bueler4+29-11
2011-07-14 00:33- searise-greenland postprocessing first amendment: added meta data to dHdt and acab, removed unneeded fields from final files.Andy Aschwanden1+13-5
2011-07-13 20:55- fixed a typo in searise-greenland preprocess script - yearly-averaged dHdt and acab are calculated during postprocessing using some ncap2 magic. Yearly output is kept in *_full.nc files, while submission-ready files only contain data every 5th yearAndy Aschwanden2+8-4
2011-07-13 17:36Added python based ssa regression tests.David Maxwell11+90-81
2011-07-13 15:09small changes in SeaRISE-antarctica scripts --- they du run now, but more testing and a final decision for the pik-parameters to be used for SeaRISE is neededMaria Martin3+47-77
2011-07-13 04:09- added new variable acab_cumulative to extra vars. postprocess script will need updating.Andy Aschwanden1+2-2
2011-07-13 04:04Tidying up scripts. No functional change.Ed Bueler2+15-15
2011-07-13 02:17Implemented reporting the cumulative surface mass flux.Constantine Khroulev8+78-3
2011-07-13 00:53- nc2cdo.py now always adds standard name to lat/lon fields - minor changes to experiment and preprocess scriptsAndy Aschwanden3+27-31
2011-07-12 22:36Fixed Python regression tests so that they fail if a script exits with the return code of zero even though it broke and Python printed a traceback.Constantine Khroulev1+5-1
2011-07-12 22:36Implemented '-atmosphere pik' (see task #7424)..Constantine Khroulev5+135-19
2011-07-12 21:59Fixed broken call to PISMIO.append_time.David Maxwell1+1-1
2011-07-12 18:28Minor updates to references.Ed Bueler1+10-1
2011-07-12 15:12added preliminary shell-scripts for an Antarctica-Spinup with constant climate (antspinCC.sh, later to be followed by antspinGC.sh for a glacial cycle spinup) and experiments.sh with the SeaRISE experiments, mostly based on Andys scripts for SeaRISE-Greenland. Rudimentary Documentation in README and in the shellscripts themselves.Maria Martin4+562-2
2011-07-12 02:29- added tauc, tempicethk_basal to extra_varsAndy Aschwanden2+2-2
2011-07-12 02:22- minor changes to searise-greenland, mostly to keep up with recent changes in PISM codeAndy Aschwanden3+13-13
2011-07-08 23:37- fixed a typo in manual. - renamed "-ocean_bc_file" to "-ocean_file", as a follow-up to commit 1848. Direct forcing options are now all consistently called "-{surface,atmosphere,ocean}_file"Andy Aschwanden2+2-2
2011-07-08 22:12Another fix for bug #18307.Constantine Khroulev2+12-18
2011-07-08 16:28introduced alternative preprocessing for future climate in SeaRISE Antarctica as suggested by Ed... it needs to be tested, however, whether anomalie files can be read in with option -surface pik,anomaly or something like this...Maria Martin1+29-2
2011-07-07 19:53This is the 'audit trail' for our ar4_..._anomaly.nc files. Note they are generated from the global form of the AR4 data at the SeaRISE site.Ed Bueler5+345-1
2011-07-07 16:09updated preprocess.sh for SeaRISE-antarctica to produce the scaled future climate data needed for Experiments C*Maria Martin1+15-0
2011-07-07 15:46new option -sliding_scale_brutal which simply scales the ssa-velocity (also on the shelves). This aims at providing an alternative to the much better justified option -sliding_scale, the only reason one might do this is to meet the SeaRISE requirements for experiment S more literallyMaria Martin3+20-1
2011-07-07 15:22changed the way the numerical input with option -essa is interpreted... now it is subject to the power of 1/n as in equation 9 of winkelmann_martin11. This makes the numerical input comparable to the numerical values given in Ma_Gagliardini10Maria Martin1+2-2
2011-07-07 15:08changed the default parameter for F_melt as in martin_winkelmann11 and introduced an option -meltfactor_pik to be used together with -ocean pik whenever a numerical value different to the default of 5e-3 should be usedMaria Martin1+10-1
2011-07-07 14:52changed the parameterization for surface temperature to match the one in the performance paper for PISM-PIK (martin_winkelmann11)Maria Martin1+1-1
2011-07-06 21:12Redo on code to fix bug #18307. And removed -o_size big from antarctica test script; the files are big enough already.Ed Bueler2+16-7
2011-07-05 00:27- a simple hack to deal with bug #18307. Not the desired solution, will need proper fixing.Andy Aschwanden1+3-1
2011-07-01 23:43Implemented "-ocean given" and renamed the -bc_file option: now we have "-foo_bc_file" for use with "-foo given". (I.e. "-surface given -surface_bc_file data.nc", etc.)Constantine Khroulev6+168-31
2011-07-01 08:41Added standard controls to searise-antarctica script, but no change in content except addition of 10ka (= no much) -no_mass before running. Clobbered pedantics in 2T.Ed Bueler3+45-19
2011-07-01 00:56Added a workaround for a bug in NetCDF. (Please see https://www.unidata.ucar.edu/jira/browse/NCF-88 for details.)Constantine Khroulev1+9-1
2011-07-01 00:32Implemented 'daily', 'monthly' and 'yearly' reporting that uses the Gregorian calendar to compute reporting times.Constantine Khroulev7+155-21
2011-06-30 19:27Fixed CMakeLists.txt (FFTW_INCLUDES was missing from the list of include directories).Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2011-06-29 00:59Renamed "t" to "time" in output files.Constantine Khroulev23+112-179
2011-06-28 21:43Modified the code reading (and using) scalar and spatially-variable forcing data to use time bounds (if present).Constantine Khroulev8+239-148
2011-06-27 18:30Added a README and trivial simplifications to pgrn.cc as I thought about killing pgrn.Ed Bueler4+42-28
2011-06-26 21:55- refactored and isolated Eismint- and SearRISE-Greenland atmospheres. Now you can call "-atmosphere eismint_greenland", similar to "-atmosphere searise_greenland", without using pgrn.Andy Aschwanden11+322-276
2011-06-26 21:04* Changes to src/ are all in strings: stdout cleanup, esp. in case of ksp-diverged, and long_name for some scalar time series to clarify the areas are basal ice.Ed Bueler6+140-10
2011-06-25 01:12Cleaned up pism_[python,matlab].[py,m]. These now produce the same file according to nccmp.py, and run is more realistic. (A version of these runs can be show/test mass conservation on nonflat bed; see comments in pism_python.py.) Added groundingline.m from no-longer-public part of karthaus notes; needs work.Ed Bueler3+162-54
2011-06-24 23:09* Made pik iceberg process code less verbose. Now either -vpik or '-verbose 3' will give all those cool messages about 'cut off nose' or 'killed isolated one-box-iceberg' or 'lonely partially filled grid cell'. But they are off by default. Uses new config flag 'verbose_pik_messages'.Ed Bueler7+137-149
2011-06-24 22:19Shortened finest grid part of spinup to 5ka. Revised pikdemo.sh to be a better, simpler demo of pik options for Greenland experimentation.Ed Bueler2+25-28
2011-06-24 02:04Most changes relate to this page, which I have also updated: http://websrv.cs.umt.edu/isis/index.php/Output_Format * Changed output units (glaciological units) on iarea,iareag,iareaf,iareatemp,iareacold to be m2 instead of km2. * Scripts: - add dHdt (SeaRISE-required and no longer in bad set) - remove title at run stage; added in post-pro - mask values match SeaRISE (after I resolved inconsistency in above page) - removed bounds,coordinates,pism_intent attributes from all varsEd Bueler4+40-29
2011-06-24 00:17Fixed bug #18268.Constantine Khroulev1+134-52
2011-06-23 01:35These scripts do seem to work. They are more aligned to current PISM functionality and to output format SeaRISE webpage.Ed Bueler3+45-34
2011-06-23 01:06Replaced the IceFlowLaw::averagedHardness_from_enth() implementation with the one I can understand. (Works better, too.)Constantine Khroulev2+36-22
2011-06-22 20:53- fixed an unreported bug in calculating -ocean_kill flux - added cumulative fluxes such as cumulative_surface_mass_flux, etc. On by default.Andy Aschwanden4+211-1
2011-06-22 02:11Added the nuH diagnostic quantity. (Available with -ssa_sliding and -ssa_method fd.)Constantine Khroulev3+48-0
2011-06-22 00:48Added the "timeseries_buffer_size" configuraton parameter (default is 10000).Constantine Khroulev3+4-10
2011-06-21 23:20Re-factored scalar time-series.Constantine Khroulev17+1563-895
2011-06-20 22:59Fixed an minor bug in PISMBedSmoother::get_theta().Constantine Khroulev1+6-4
2011-06-19 05:02Added a ref and changed a phrase.Ed Bueler2+10-2
2011-06-17 23:56clarification of meaning of extra_vars velsurf,velbar,velbaseEd Bueler1+4-5
2011-06-17 23:42Minor fixes. (The postprocess.sh script now works for me, now that I have reinstalled netcdf4-python which generated the earlier error.)Ed Bueler2+3-2
2011-06-17 01:59- single-line bug fix in nc2cdo.py. Should be ported to 0.4.Andy Aschwanden1+1-1
2011-06-16 00:51Task #7414 done in the way I think it should be done for now: Diffusion of stored basal water, which was deleted in r1642, is back. It is off by default but can be turned on with -diffuse_bwat. No derived class of PISMYieldStress was built, but instead this functionality was added back to IceModel. (Logic: I decided that there should be, in the future when we know what it is supposed to do, a well-defined object for hydrology. Until then PISMYieldStress should be uncluttered. This suggests PISMYieldStress::basal_water_pressure() is mis-placed, and should be part of future hydrology object. Perhaps it should be in file src/base/iMhydrology.cc.)Ed Bueler8+119-4
2011-06-15 08:49Added ability to run quickstart with 'export METHOD=fem' instead of default METHOD=fdEd Bueler2+19-3
2011-06-15 08:31Implemented task #7413.Ed Bueler13+112-113
2011-06-15 08:12Removed purely historical setDefaults() method of IceModel. It remains the case that a few things are set in the constructor of IceModel; whether that should change is worth brief thought perhaps.Ed Bueler4+16-78
2011-06-15 07:02It turns out that a boolean which is always 'true' is not really needed as a member of IceModel. (Blame ... historical reasons.)Ed Bueler7+10-23
2011-06-15 06:49Clobbered pedantic warnings.Ed Bueler2+8-10
2011-06-15 01:41- updated postprocess_mask.py to conform with new PISM mask values. Should fix bug reported by Ed per email.Andy Aschwanden1+10-7
2011-06-15 01:12Trivial edit to .bib. For experiments.sh, added ability to use env vars PISM_SKIP and PISM_INITIALS.Ed Bueler2+30-11
2011-06-14 20:13- new scalar time series "gDmax" (maximum diffusivity), added to list of default quantities, and made a note in the User's Manual. Ideas for a better name?Andy Aschwanden4+24-2
2011-06-14 05:12- oops, needed to fix another bug in the script (my fault)Andy Aschwanden1+7-7
2011-06-13 16:52- renamed "forecast" -> "experiments" - todo: updated postpro the maskAndy Aschwanden4+253-253
2011-06-11 00:09OOPs. The last commit message referred only to the changes to examples/searise-greenland/preprocess.sh Now for the real commit message for r1792 src/:Ed Bueler1+1-1
2011-06-10 23:39Very, very minor cleanup of stdout.Ed Bueler3+102-72
2011-06-10 01:34- added FTT run to spinup - added previously missing postprocess_mask.py file - some minor modifications to SeaRISE scriptsAndy Aschwanden4+102-2
2011-06-09 22:56- fixed an unreported bug in Ocean model: glaciological unit was set for shelfbmassflux, but not converted at the writing stage - added new command-line option -shelf_base_melt_rate (m/yr) to the constant ocean model, added a note in the user's manual - added experiment M (shelf melt rate) to SeaRISE forecastAndy Aschwanden5+95-33
2011-06-09 07:08No change in functionality from these changes. But see the diff for pism_config.cdl; I think bug #18193 may be fixed simply by adding -ssa_eps 1e17 (or -ssa_eps 1e16) instead of the default -ssa_eps 1e15; I'll try it. If this fixes the bug then we will want to make the mechanism more robust and easier to diagnose. This issue ... takes me back to the good old days (=about 2007). Other changes: move ssaplay dir to right place, added minor ref, doc cleanup.Ed Bueler12+11-6
2011-06-09 02:01- fixed a typo in preprocess script - experiment S and C mostly ready, now working on M - added postprocess script, unaltered from ice repo - more coming soon.Andy Aschwanden3+124-49
2011-06-08 20:46* Renamed grid.{cc,hh} to IceGrid.{cc,hh}. * Added processor rank and (map-plane) processor grid size to -prof outputs. Added code to ignore events that took less than 0.001 seconds (max. over all processors).Constantine Khroulev29+826-801
2011-06-08 01:42Added basic regression tests for PISM's Python bindings.Constantine Khroulev3+63-1
2011-06-08 00:20- Some more updating to searise example: - uses config file for physical parameters - preprocessing creates scaled anomaly files - Needs testing. Not yet dealt with forecast scriptAndy Aschwanden4+201-95
2011-06-08 00:17Jed's comment on bug #18193 suggests this, to write the linear system to a petsc binary file. (Next: Will seek to reproduce error and provide him with the file.)Ed Bueler1+11-1
2011-06-07 23:51Update to SeaRISE-Greenland spinup script. Notable: equal-spaced vertical, no PDD params from Fausto, added tempicethk_basal and bwp to extras.Ed Bueler1+13-13
2011-06-07 00:35Added a footnote about ccmake on Ubuntu.Constantine Khroulev2+2-2
2011-06-06 18:33Updated site-packages/PISM/util.pyConstantine Khroulev1+2-2
2011-06-06 09:09Added PetscTruth puOnTop to avoid a couple of repetition for the redistribution of only small ice volumes (minHRedist < 50m in total?).Torsten Albrecht2+14-11
2011-06-06 08:49neglect implicit SMB in partially filled cells to hopefully avoid the occurrence of bug #18146Torsten Albrecht1+3-1
2011-06-04 01:47- Updated 'Getting Started' example figures and text to 10km version.Andy Aschwanden6+2-2
2011-06-04 00:22Clobbering pedantic compiler warnings from recent bugfix commit.Ed Bueler2+3-12
2011-06-03 23:13* PDF docs are not included in the .deb package any more (before this change it was possible to get a package with or without PDFs depending on the system configuration; not good). * Moved the check_maximum_thickness() call into the very end of IceModel::massContExplicitStep().Constantine Khroulev2+10-7
2011-06-03 22:49- changed (previously forgotten) -no_temp -> -no_energy in cheatsheetAndy Aschwanden1+1-1
2011-06-03 22:49Correction to text in Getting Started, in prev commit.Ed Bueler1+1-1
2011-06-03 22:46Adding 10km results to 'Getting Started' in User Man.Ed Bueler4+17-13
2011-06-03 22:44Minor clean-up of pismo.cc, with added docs.Ed Bueler1+27-11
2011-06-03 01:14Fixed bug #18176 by re-organizing the code allocating sub-models.Constantine Khroulev13+345-260
2011-06-02 05:55Adding references as I work on replying to Ward's excellent analysis.Ed Bueler1+36-1
2011-06-01 22:52In search of bug #18176, cleaned up stdout. Unable to reproduce bug on my laptop for now.Ed Bueler5+33-23
2011-06-01 07:18Minimal factoring of ex48.c solver. THI is a well-defined class already. It can be re-implemented in C++ to no particular benefit except familiarity for PISM developers.Ed Bueler3+1430-1369
2011-06-01 06:37Minor thing: PetscFinalize() was showing options_left when we did not want, e.g. for 'pismr -version', 'pismr -pismversion', 'pismr -usage'. All of these now work correctly.Ed Bueler2+9-2
2011-06-01 01:09- switched from absolute to relative tolerance in "squared-ness" test in iMcalving.cc. Set (arbitraily) to 1%. That is, for a 5km grid, the grid is considered square if abs(dx-dy) < 50m. - sweep through the manual, trying to give the tables a more consistent lookAndy Aschwanden7+110-105
2011-05-31 23:18Removed a fragile floating-point number comparison test.Constantine Khroulev1+8-5
2011-05-31 20:54Fixed bug #18173.Constantine Khroulev1+9-1
2011-05-31 20:38Small editorial changes to text committed by Torsten. Removal of duplicate PIK description, as rightly suggested by Torsten.Ed Bueler2+24-35
2011-05-31 10:44Added some lines to the manual about pik-improvements. Feel free to modify the text. The table in Sect. 5.11 seems redundant now.Torsten Albrecht2+39-23
2011-05-31 06:20Added documentation to PISMStressBalance and clarified a bit of externals of BlatterStressBalance. Much to do on latter ...Ed Bueler8+152-52
2011-05-30 22:03- replaced "-no_temp" with "-no_energy", updated userman accordingly, and changed $t -> $E reflecting the change from t (temperature) to E (energy). Just for clarity.Andy Aschwanden9+23-23
2011-05-30 21:28We have a Blatter solver! Just kidding ...Ed Bueler7+1746-32
2011-05-27 21:14A one-character change: 3->4 in CMakeLists.txt to identify the current PISM "trunk" as "post-stable0.4".Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2011-05-27 19:51Minor documentation (browser) fixes.Constantine Khroulev4+10-3
2011-05-27 07:31Fixed stoopid -no_model_mask option handling. Then added no-modeling that I realize should have been there originally: tauc set to large value in no_model_mask==1 areas. Note these fixes are not in stable0.4, but that's o.k.; this is the first post stable0.4 development, I suppose.Ed Bueler1+134-58
2011-05-27 00:20Documentation edits in trunk.Ed Bueler3+438-446
2011-05-26 20:54Minor fixes mirroring ones in stable0.4: compressed .txt files in examples/storglaciaren, fixed CMake rules building source code browsers.Constantine Khroulev10+8-810
2011-05-25 22:55Updated the PISM Cheat Sheet.Constantine Khroulev1+88-70
2011-05-25 18:42Fixed a bug in the "-surface given" and "-atmosphere given" code.Constantine Khroulev1+14-0
2011-05-24 21:12Re-implemented the -ocean_kill mechanism and cleaned up some code.Constantine Khroulev22+161-133
2011-05-24 20:18A two-character change fixing the bug in the -force_to_thk output.Constantine Khroulev1+2-2
2011-05-24 02:25There is a bug in the output of the force_to_thk mechanism. I can't make it produce ftt_mask,ftt_target_thk in output files. Very mystifying. These small changes remove unused boolean and generally should have no effect; but they don't fix the bug either.Ed Bueler2+11-9
2011-05-24 01:32Made the force_to_thk mechanism produce more useful output by default, and documented it better. No change in functionality.Ed Bueler2+44-28
2011-05-23 22:31Changed the way air enthalpy is handled: instead of solving trivial equations we just set values. This seems to have a measurable effect on performance, a reduction of the time spent for those processors which own a lot of ice. In any case, the new code is just as clear.Ed Bueler1+11-8
2011-05-23 21:32Fixed reported bug in pismo caused by stupidity of yours truly.Ed Bueler1+9-7
2011-05-21 08:07Added something I never really wanted to know before: how many time steps did PISM take? Generates short verbosity=1 report at end, of number of steps and average step length. (Note 'pisms -count_steps -verbose 1 -log_summary >> foo.out' gives text report which is essentially compatible with Jed's petscplot script. That parser script is for looking at log_summary output as matplotlib graphs of solver performance. This gives rather different information than the -prof info, which is suited to the load-balancing question.)Ed Bueler3+15-0
2011-05-21 06:47The pythonization of PISM works for me; nice\! petsc4py install is mildly finicky, but that is not our fault. The rest of the install process is adequately documented, but it would be nice to have the 'export PYTHONPATH=...' stage, which requires the user to watch cmake output and set something accordingly, to be automatic as part of the cmake build (in the case where Pism_BUILD_PYTHON_BINDINGS is set); Constantine, is this possible? In examples/python I set svn:executable and I added a README, partly to see if mine was indeed the intended build and usage route.Ed Bueler7+43-2
2011-05-20 22:43Fixed examples/python/pross.pyConstantine Khroulev1+3-1
2011-05-20 22:43Implemented the "constant till yield stress model". Try it using "-hold_tauc" (to enable) and "-tauc" to set a constant till yield stress value (in Pa).Constantine Khroulev10+226-45
2011-05-20 18:12- updated spinup ts figure, still 20km grid though.Andy Aschwanden1+0-0
2011-05-20 00:46Minor stuff: cleanup of searise-greenland scripts and their compatibility with getting-started section; added grid report to mgpoisson.c.Ed Bueler5+11-29
2011-05-20 00:10Userman updates.Constantine Khroulev17+96-92
2011-05-19 23:11- updated SeaRISE Greenland Getting Started example. So far, only 20km runs were done. - replaced all occurrences of "triple" with "melting"Andy Aschwanden26+106-87
2011-05-19 20:00Fixed a bug reported by voice by Constantine and Andy: strict/not-strict inequality issue. The fix was to decide that we should give up on energy conservation for ice that gets 50% water fraction in one time step. Thus 'fully-liquified' warning may happen slightly more. Also removed badly-designed (by me) error checking in enthSystem.cc, which got in the way of fixing the other issue.Ed Bueler2+8-37
2011-05-19 03:33No functionality changes: Cleaned up browser build errors and omissions. Edited comments in PISMYieldStress; tests in searise-greenland certainly suggest no bad changes that I can see, from the creation of that very nice class. Added a script to test -pik -eigen_calving on searise-greenland; looks great from limited testing so far.Ed Bueler16+161-118
2011-05-19 00:46Renamed materials.{cc,hh}Constantine Khroulev22+169-172
2011-05-18 23:35Moved PISM's basal yield stress model into a separate class derived from PISMComponent.Constantine Khroulev17+930-742
2011-05-18 23:23Fixed some command-line options in scripts and documentation.Constantine Khroulev8+13-31
2011-05-18 23:15Fix to bug identified by Constantine: cold mode could generate negative bwat values. Also made bwat,bmelt choices agree between cold mode and (normal) enthalpy mode, by changing the cold mode to agree. W.r.t. SeaRISE-Greenland, compare fields from 'pismr -ocean_kill -e 3 -skip 5 -atmosphere searise_greenland -surface pdd -config_override config_269.0_0.001_0.80_-0.500_9.7440.nc -y 100 -i g20km_pre100.nc' with and without '-cold'. (Results differ in ways I understand, I think. Mostly from enhanced deformation according to Duval et al softening.)'Ed Bueler2+22-24
2011-05-18 19:57- fixed a typo - fiddled with front page figureAndy Aschwanden3+2-2
2011-05-18 08:22I think this is a reasonable version for testing what we want.Ed Bueler2+11-7
2011-05-17 23:44Fiddled with cover image. What do you think?Ed Bueler3+3-3
2011-05-17 23:26- new front page figure - further work on Storglaciaren exampleAndy Aschwanden7+37-14
2011-05-17 17:46Fixed a bug in src/base/iMbasal.cc: default_till_phi was used only if -plastic_phi command-line option is set.Constantine Khroulev3+12-17
2011-05-17 06:50Added an example.Ed Bueler2+117-1
2011-05-16 19:57Fixed bug #18146.Constantine Khroulev1+8-7
2011-05-16 18:43Added a new verification test (flow-line shelf setup using the van der Veen solution to test the CFBC implementation in SSAFD).Constantine Khroulev8+263-8
2011-05-16 18:43Added a man page for pclimate.Constantine Khroulev2+63-2
2011-05-16 18:43Deleted unneeded files in the debian subdirectory.Constantine Khroulev2+0-69
2011-05-15 08:21Some PIK-related changes because it seems to run fine on SeaRISE-Greenland!! Trying it on SeaRISE-Greenland is a robustness test; more soon.Ed Bueler14+180-102
2011-05-12 22:59Fixing scripts building the Debian package.Constantine Khroulev3+5-2
2011-05-12 22:20Deleting empty directory that git forgot ... so says Constantine.Ed Bueler0+0-0
2011-05-12 22:04- added missing figure to repoAndy Aschwanden1+0-0
2011-05-12 21:50filled-in some text for the Storglaciaren example.Andy Aschwanden10+153-156
2011-05-12 21:49Fixed doc/manpages/CMakeLists.txt (Debian installs Python scripts without the .py suffix.)Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2011-05-12 21:39Added manpages for several PISM executables.Constantine Khroulev11+298-2
2011-05-11 22:30Updated the Installation Manual.Constantine Khroulev5+41-33
2011-05-11 21:31Several fixes: - Changed the name of the anomaly forcing to "anomaly". Use with -atmosphere ...,anomaly -anomaly_temp ... - Moved PetscLogEvent... stuff into PISMProf. - Removed Makefile; added code to set Href to 0 when initializing from a PISM output file that does not have it.Constantine Khroulev8+43-56
2011-05-11 21:03Fix to SSAFD for unreported issue (misused Mat type meant -ksp_type preonly -pc_type lu did not work on one processor). Fixed example in user man explaining role of -ksp_rtol.Ed Bueler2+3-3
2011-05-11 18:03Fixed a publication.Ed Bueler1+6-7
2011-05-10 22:48Various changes.Constantine Khroulev31+1146-895
2011-05-06 17:45Re-implemented "-surface given" and "-atmosphere given" code to make it more like "lapse_rate" modifiers and avoid code duplication.Constantine Khroulev13+440-1195
2011-05-05 22:29* Fixed a bug in IceModelVec2T. (Now it reads the time dimension corresponding to a variable instead of using "t" or "time" variable.) * Reverted the r1681:1682 change related to -skip. Also: added a lengthy comment explaining why the code does what it does and added a warning if both -skip and -no_mass are set.Constantine Khroulev4+69-16
2011-05-05 22:05I believe that this fixes another bug in the enthalpy code. That is, the first bubble in the flowchart in the enthalpy paper was not, but is now, correctly implemented.Ed Bueler1+5-2
2011-05-05 19:13Various fixesConstantine Khroulev5+24-8
2011-05-05 14:12If using -part_grid we have to make sure, that the surface mass balance is smaller than H_average. Otherwise The resultant Href is negative.Torsten Albrecht1+1-1
2011-05-05 13:48If using -part_grid we have to make sure, that the surface mass balance is smaller than H_average. Otherwise The resultant Href is negative.Torsten Albrecht1+14-2
2011-05-04 20:12Documented lapse_rate modifiers. This closes task #7387.Constantine Khroulev5+148-106
2011-05-04 18:04Implemented ice-surface temperature, ice-surface mass balance, near-surface air temperature and precipitation lapse rate corrections as "modifiers".Constantine Khroulev19+518-229
2011-05-04 01:20The version of ssa_forward.py in the repository was a wildy incorrect older draft. Whoops. Now fixed.David Maxwell3+160-218
2011-05-03 23:37Fixed a typo in src/pythonbindings/PISM.iConstantine Khroulev1+1-1
2011-05-02 21:05Fixed src/pythonbindings/PISM.i.Constantine Khroulev1+2-2
2011-05-02 20:49Created new classes to isolate checks used to compute and use mask.Constantine Khroulev48+502-459
2011-05-02 16:30Some more work on Storglaciaren example.Andy Aschwanden5+23-19
2011-05-02 16:28- just saving before switching to another branchAndy Aschwanden2+25-1
2011-04-29 21:53Removed FIXME. Not sure why D2 contribution to strainheating was zeroed out in ice shelves. Now it is computed everywhere, regardless of mask. Comparison in SeaRISE-Greenland, which does have some floating ice, reveals no differences.Ed Bueler1+5-17
2011-04-29 18:53Fixed unreported bug in enthalpy code. Bug exhibited very small effect: In locations where base was at the pressure melting temperature, but the ice above was cold, and the geothermal flux is low, and the conductive flux just above the base was high (because of advected colder ice above), a small refreeze rate could be generated even if there was zero stored water below (vHmelt). The generated refreezes were on order of fractions of millimeters per year.Ed Bueler1+8-2
2011-04-28 22:46Fixed a bug in the -extra_... mechanism.Constantine Khroulev1+16-4
2011-04-28 21:06Fixed a bug in pismr reported by Ed.Constantine Khroulev2+21-2
2011-04-28 20:42More SSA fixes.Constantine Khroulev2+40-18
2011-04-28 20:42Removed SSAFD_PIK regression tests.Constantine Khroulev3+0-86
2011-04-28 20:42Removed SSAFD_PIK.Constantine Khroulev10+2-492
2011-04-28 20:42SSA code cleanup.Constantine Khroulev2+88-93
2011-04-28 20:12examples/python/ssa_forward.py fixed to read command line flags for parameters affecting basal till. Seems to work well now.David Maxwell16+350-302
2011-04-28 13:14CFBC asks for mask instead of thickness now. Piktest examples with circular setups reproduce PISM-PIK output now (fixed a not reported bug). But make test breaks for some ssa-tests now, sorry. Added also a line in pism_const.cc to make PISM run on PIK cluster (is this ok?).Torsten Albrecht12+790-250
2011-04-26 19:23Clarified that some time series are more meaningful than others. Generally the time-derivative time series are bad unless they are generated more frequently than the fastest variability in the coupler inputs to the PISM core. Despite this clarification, yes we do need to return to the issue of good mass and energy accounting.Ed Bueler3+54-23
2011-04-26 16:53Cleanup.Constantine Khroulev1+10-9
2011-04-26 16:53Re-implementing direct forcing.Constantine Khroulev12+544-58
2011-04-26 16:53Added IceModelVec methods: get_grid(), get_ndims(), get_nlevels(), get_stencil_width(), has_ghosts().Constantine Khroulev4+19-16
2011-04-26 13:40vel_bc and bc_locations can now be set as Dirichlet boundary conditions for the SSA also in prognostic mode (pismr) with option -dirichlet_bc. Added vBCMask and vBCvel just for diagnostics, possibly redundant. Fixed a small line switch in energy.Torsten Albrecht9+78-3
2011-04-26 01:36* Fixed unreported bug in enthalpyDrainageStep(): K = k / rho is wrong and K = k / c is right, and they differ by about a factor of 2. This typo in iMenthalpy.cc meant that the base of cold ice saw about half the geothermal flux it was supposed to see. (The typo was *not* present in enthSystem.cc, which is unchanged on this matter.) Thus *all trunk runs since r1599* (and possibly further back) have this factor of 2 too-high conductivity at the base of cold ice. Sorry. This error would have been caught by verification on the enthalpy code (as opposed to all the verification we do have for the cold code).Ed Bueler5+98-54
2011-04-25 18:51Fix for bug reported by email, by Constantine. (Not completely clear what set of circumstances generates the bug. The mask check vMask.as_int(i,j)==MASK_ICE_FREE_BEDROCK is not obviously the same as the ks calculation in enthalpyDrainageStep(), but clearly it *should* be o.k.)Ed Bueler2+4-2
2011-04-24 14:49SSAFEM linearized forward and adjoint problems now working (not just in serial) code needs cleanup, documentation in a dire wayDavid Maxwell3+169-75
2011-04-24 02:39EnthalpyConverter::isTemperate() was not returning the right thing in cold mode, with effect that diagnostic tempicethk_basal was zero, quite inaccurately. Now polythermal and cold modes produce comparable values for tempicethk_basal. The new code is easier to understand and debug; efficiency probably about the same but who cares.Ed Bueler1+4-5
2011-04-24 01:34pacman: (1) puts wobble in the 15th decimal digit (probably last bit) in the ivol.nc output of test_12.sh, thus that test was failing; this make it pass, which is reasonable in this context, if I may say so myself ... (2) has a more-pedantic-than-thou setting, which complains about missing newlinesEd Bueler2+3-3
2011-04-24 01:09Correction of constant in GPBDL flow law. Fix typo in exactV.py.Ed Bueler4+9-9
2011-04-22 08:18looked at mismip and see improvements ... but things are not that great either, with ice shelf not looking the right shape (e.g. like van der Veen solution, which they should converge to in steady state); not clear if new PIK options improve mismip for nowEd Bueler4+18-18
2011-04-22 00:08Fixed a bug in PBPointwiseIsostasy.cc (topg_last was not initialized properly).Constantine Khroulev2+4-1
2011-04-21 20:09Code maintenance.Constantine Khroulev23+326-275
2011-04-21 05:04Added SSAFEM_Forward for computing SSA linearized forward and adjoint maps. Forward is working fine, adjoint needs some work.David Maxwell13+1017-69
2011-04-20 18:20Fixed a bug in IceModelVec2T that was affecting "-surface given" and "-atmosphere given" runs.Constantine Khroulev12+85-25
2011-04-20 16:30Cleaning up the SSA code; more work on exactV.py: reproduces PISM's versions of Figures 6b and 6c from Albrecht et al.Constantine Khroulev4+86-32
2011-04-19 20:40* Removed the Hmelt diffusion mechanism. Neither the SeaRISE-Greenland runs nor the efgis runs need it for their stable function. (FIXME: the PST derived class could re-implement it for historical reasons only.)Ed Bueler7+73-107
2011-04-19 17:29Fixed bug #18049.Constantine Khroulev3+31-31
2011-04-18 22:25Merged SSAFD_PIK and SSAFD. Run pismr with "-ssa_method fd -cfbc" to use CFBC.Constantine Khroulev13+393-251
2011-04-18 21:21Fixed an unreported bug I introduced in r1638.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2011-04-18 18:16Cleaning up mass continuity code.Constantine Khroulev3+123-118
2011-04-18 17:55Finished task #7377.Constantine Khroulev6+38-5
2011-04-17 07:16Removed diagnostic 'bueler_brown_f' from output_big list. It is o.k. to have code which computes it, I guess, but only an explicit request should run that code, because we are not using f(|v|) anymore anyway.Ed Bueler1+1-1
2011-04-17 03:33Deleted spurious debugging output causing regression test failures.David Maxwell1+0-1
2011-04-17 01:46Uninteresting merge keeping small changes up-to-dateDavid Maxwell18+1107-3439
2011-04-16 22:42Further clean-up of column system reporting and error reporting. Moved generic code for that purpose out of iMenthalpy.cc. Now for each of {age,enthalpy,temperature} solves, '-view_sys -id X -jd Y' will give a usable m-file.Ed Bueler9+159-155
2011-04-16 20:16Documented PADirectForcing.Andy Aschwanden1+58-49
2011-04-16 01:52Essentially a documentation commit. I did change the way columnSystemCtx::viewSystem() saves a text file, so that the result can be read into Matlab and examined; good debugging tool for changes to the enthalpy, age, temperature codes.Ed Bueler4+84-40
2011-04-15 19:56Fixed up Maxima code; replaced the guts of SSAFD::assemble_martix() with Maxima-generated C code.Constantine Khroulev9+414-220
2011-04-15 19:56Renamed c[01]+ in SSAFD and SSAFD_PIK assemble_matrix().Constantine Khroulev2+54-54
2011-04-15 04:13Fix of bug #18028. My fault; beta uninitialized in my code committed in r1617.Ed Bueler1+5-5
2011-04-14 22:45Added Maxima code and a .tex file documenting PISM's finite-difference discretization.Constantine Khroulev10+642-0
2011-04-14 22:45Fixed src/verif/tests/exactV.pyConstantine Khroulev1+3-5
2011-04-14 15:49little more text in tex-file describing the implementation of the SSA neumann boundary condition...Torsten Albrecht1+33-19
2011-04-14 10:24updated the description of the calving front boundary condition in src/base/stressbalance/ssaBCTorsten Albrecht1+76-62
2011-04-13 06:46Made some numbers associated to drainage mechanism into 'official' config parameters.Ed Bueler4+58-27
2011-04-13 04:36minor changes which may help with debugging, and killing pedantic messagesEd Bueler2+7-2
2011-04-12 18:32* Fixed modeling conflict caused by T_0=0 K in ICMEnthalpyConverter. Now you can do "pismv -test G -o foo.nc" followed by "pismr -i foo.nc -surface constant" and not get an error, for example.Ed Bueler7+224-183
2011-04-12 02:07Three trivial changes; essentially affect only documentation.Ed Bueler3+4-5
2011-04-11 21:57Added src/verif/tests/exactV.py, plotting ice thickness and velocity profiles plus the "theoretical position of the free boundary at time t" (equations 11, 12 and 13).Constantine Khroulev3+98-2
2011-04-11 18:41Started implementing verification test V (flow line setup from Albrecht et al, 2011 compared to the Van der Veen solution).Constantine Khroulev3+198-61
2011-04-10 19:02Added some basal resistance in ice-free-bedrock areas in SSAFD object; seems to work in full searise-greenland run on 20km grid. (SSAFEM object not touched on this topic.) The rest of this commit is a documentation, and config parameter naming convention, maintenance sweep; I think these docs are in pretty good shape for stable0.4.Ed Bueler8+143-117
2011-04-10 06:15Better details in the way the vertical conduction in the enthalpy problem is handled when there is a jump from the (larger) cold ice conductivity to the (smaller) temperature ice conductivity. And BOMBPROOF docs are updated to match paper.Ed Bueler2+103-290
2011-04-08 23:05Code clean-up. Just re-formatting so that I can see what is going on...Constantine Khroulev12+712-1114
2011-04-08 22:54Minor improvements to Getting Started material.Ed Bueler2+31-41
2011-04-08 22:53Five years after Jed made it work fine, I have finally made the error handling from the columnSystemCtx objects a little better. (Yes, it bit me again.) And fixed indents in iMenthalpy.cc.Ed Bueler8+91-91
2011-04-08 18:51Finished implementation of PADirectForcing, which works similar to PSDirectForcing, but using artm and precip instead, which are then handed down to the surface model. Use -atomsphere given -bc_file foo.nc to activate it. Documentation is coming soon. Thanks Constantine for your help!Andy Aschwanden2+10-20
2011-04-08 18:51- preliminary work on new PADirectForcing model, which should be similar to PSDirectForcing, but read precip instead of acab, then pass it on to the surface model. Compiles and runs, but still produces wrong outputAndy Aschwanden5+321-23
2011-04-08 04:37Drainage implemented which matches paper (but with updated D(omega) values ... O(1) is too big ...). No max on omega is enforced any more, but values above 0.01 are relatively rare. The flow law only sees 0.01 at max.Ed Bueler3+48-51
2011-04-07 22:37Fix to cold-version pisms bug in 1608.Ed Bueler2+2-6
2011-04-07 22:04Minor fixesConstantine Khroulev7+59-13
2011-04-07 20:59Code cleanup (boring).Constantine Khroulev10+349-342
2011-04-07 20:37Adopted EnthalpyConverter which matches AschwandenBuelerBlatter; works fine in searise-greenland. Cleanup in iMenthalpy.cc and (trivially) iceModel.cc. Went back to default unequal spacing in spinup.sh; works fine.Ed Bueler5+25-219
2011-04-07 19:50Some work on Storglaciaren, but more is coming soon. I've got a clearer picture now of what goes into the tutorial.Andy Aschwanden6+172-43
2011-04-07 19:50implemented the new convert mechanism into PSElevation. Nice stuff.Andy Aschwanden1+34-30
2011-04-07 19:12Isolated surface->update() and ocean->update() calls.Constantine Khroulev36+390-468
2011-04-07 19:11Implemented convert(value, "unit spec", "unit spec"). Try convert(0, "Celsius", "Kelvin").Constantine Khroulev3+47-5
2011-04-07 03:16Sorry about that: in r1599 I was not following our own advice to ourselves about the application of the basal boundary condition. With this commit we are. The result is pleasant in searise-greenland.Ed Bueler1+22-12
2011-04-06 19:14Minor cleanup: lat and lon valid ranges, more robust vertical grid extension code, build system fixes.Constantine Khroulev5+25-7
2011-04-06 04:44* IceModel::enthalpyDrainageStep() now basically matches paper, and produces reasonable behavior in runs tested so far. Code got shorter, too!Ed Bueler5+68-167
2011-04-05 21:08Fixed a bug in the BTU's update interval contiguity check (was sensitive to rounding errors).Constantine Khroulev1+11-1
2011-04-05 19:46Fixed a bug in src/coupler/PALapseRates.cc (same as the one fixed in r1596 in stable0.3).Constantine Khroulev1+2-0
2011-04-05 02:57Added option -acab_limits {list of 2 numbers} to PSElevation. With, e.g., "-acab_limits -3,0" can be made sure that the mass balance is 0 above h_max, and thus Storglaciaren can't grow above the current bergschrund. Added a few lines to the documentation. Just a toy so far.Andy Aschwanden3+38-6
2011-04-04 22:27Clean-upConstantine Khroulev4+78-13
2011-04-04 19:01Fixed util/flowline.py (now it supports files with different variable orders) and replaced "const char foo[]" with "string foo" in many places.Constantine Khroulev9+109-105
2011-04-04 18:44line added to CMakeLists.txt so 'make userman' works in build/Ed Bueler2+2-1
2011-04-04 18:03more work on Storglaciaren. Some docu, and adding scripts for 3-dimensional case as wellAndy Aschwanden7+105-67
2011-04-04 18:03Further work on the Storglaciaren example. Included 3-dimensional caseAndy Aschwanden9+1063-0
2011-04-03 01:41- initial work on Storglaciaren worked exampleAndy Aschwanden11+382-341
2011-04-03 01:41- got started on flowline-storglaciaren exampleAndy Aschwanden4+438-0
2011-04-03 01:41- redesigned PSElevation to make it compatible with the needs of a Scandinavian-type polythermal glacier. - Updated docu followsAndy Aschwanden3+53-65
2011-04-02 02:59Split iMgeometry.cc into iMpartgrid.cc and old stuff. No code changes, just rearrangement to tidy up.Ed Bueler4+651-621
2011-04-02 02:47I have looked at, and modestly-refactored, a bit of Torsten's code:Ed Bueler5+262-45
2011-04-02 00:49Fixed bug #17978.Constantine Khroulev5+47-40
2011-04-01 23:25 - documented PSElevetation - massaged console output of PSElevationAndy Aschwanden2+40-10
2011-04-01 18:29 - renamed option -bc_lapse_rate to bc_artm_lapse rate, and added new option -bc_acab_lapse_rate (meters per year per kilometer). - fixed a typoAndy Aschwanden4+36-9
2011-04-01 03:12 - implemented a new surface model PSElevation, which parametrizes artm and acab as a function of surface altitude. Parameters include equilibrium line altitude, temperature (in degC) at the equilibrium line altitude, temperature gradient, and mass balance gradients in the ablation and the accumulation area. The user can also set a minimum and maximum altitude below and above which a constant mass balance is applied. Documentation in the User's manual is coming soon. In the meantime, try it out with:Andy Aschwanden6+279-2
2011-03-31 22:43Looked through Torsten's code and made progress on generating regression tests. Everything looks good in r1579. Run run_part_dist.sh script, and see comments therein, as source of regression tests. Are these r1580 results good in Torsten's opinion?Ed Bueler5+89-146
2011-03-31 22:37Updated test_21.sh based on test K: in r1578 it was failing because it was better. Also removed invalid -zb_spacing option from searise script.Ed Bueler2+8-8
2011-03-31 21:11final part of fix to bug #17971, which was closed prematurelyEd Bueler1+2-1
2011-03-31 20:34Fixed bug #17974.Constantine Khroulev1+12-0
2011-03-31 20:24* in IceModel::step(), moved "dtTempAge=0.0" reset *INSIDE* a "(updateAtDepth && do_energy)" conditional; this fixes a major unreported bug in -skip N runs * replaced dtTempAge (member of IceModel) with pair t_years_TempAge,dt_years_TempAge; this is a sub-optimal solution because this pair must be kept compatible with pair grid.year,dt and because couplers are called with (potentially) non-sequential time stepsEd Bueler9+41-36
2011-03-31 01:30Updated some comments to reflect new BTU code. Happy with the new, smaller energy-related code. (But will report bug once I confirm it occurs in 1574.) Deleted delete_manifest ;-).Ed Bueler5+33-64
2011-03-30 23:42Various fixes related to the BTU code, its initialization, removing bedrock grid information from IceGrid and defining variables. Seems to work.Constantine Khroulev41+385-3068
2011-03-30 13:40Parts of the log text were missing in previous commit, sorry: Some changes with regard to option 'calving_at_thickness' to make sure, that only ice shelf grid cells along the boundary to ice free ocean neighbors are calved off. Method 'killEasyIcebergs' should be called when option 'kill_icebergs' is set and calving is applied. Otherwise isolated grid cells on the ocean containing ice (H or Href) should not occur.Torsten Albrecht1+1-1
2011-03-30 13:34Parts of the log text were missing in previous commit:Torsten Albrecht1+1-1
2011-03-30 13:31Some changes with regard to option calving_at_thickness to make sure, that only ice shelf grid celTorsten Albrecht4+28-11
2011-03-29 22:14Update of comments related to BTU and new enthalpy understanding.Ed Bueler5+72-64
2011-03-29 21:16added one line to set enthalpy in ice-free columnsEd Bueler1+1-0
2011-03-29 20:20Fixed a bug. (Automatic grid extension caused corruption of 3D diagnostic outputs.)Constantine Khroulev1+12-0
2011-03-29 19:44Minor fixes.Constantine Khroulev6+41-22
2011-03-29 18:40Fixed bug #17952 plus more work on the BTU object.Constantine Khroulev15+311-213
2011-03-29 08:21Added script by Torsten and Rica, posted for bug #17950, as a potential regression test of -part_grid -part_redist; bug #17951 currently blocks such use. Minor changes to manual to shorten by a couple of pages.Ed Bueler4+280-24
2011-03-29 01:51Updated the authorship of the installation manual.Ed Bueler1+9-16
2011-03-29 01:46Updated the look of the browser front pages.Ed Bueler2+24-34
2011-03-29 01:31Changed to 'the PISM authors' authorship for User's Manual. Please tell me what you think and what your one-line authorship entry should really say. Updated acknowledgements. First draft of documentation of new PIK options; please move around, correct, update etc.Ed Bueler3+79-21
2011-03-29 01:29Looked through Torstens code and like it. Moved config.get() calls out of loops. Alphabetized options for consistency, and fixed spelling of -calving_at_thickness for consistency. Updated related comments. Added single-call method killIceBergs() which manages sequence findIceBergCandidates(), identifyNotAnIceBerg(), killIdentifiedIceBergs(). (Should killEasyIceBergs() be called anytime -part_grid is selected?) We need regressions for these methods.Ed Bueler6+81-80
2011-03-28 19:25Squashed commit of the following:Andy Aschwanden3+59-4
2011-03-27 19:42minor stuff: systematically shortened long test names; clobbered some pedantic warnings; made a couple of slow tests fasterEd Bueler8+43-43
2011-03-27 01:40Code change which should fix bug #17950. That is, method IceModel::enthalpyAndDrainageStep_new() was fixed, which resolve things once the PISMBedrockThermalUnit is fully-attached.Ed Bueler4+20-5
2011-03-27 01:13I did these things because it was fun to look at the new Torsten-PIK code:Ed Bueler10+121-116
2011-03-25 21:24Various changes necessary to make it easier to have 3D fields using different vertical grids.Constantine Khroulev77+1034-1115
2011-03-25 21:23Added the new mask ("new_mask") as a diagnostic quantity.Constantine Khroulev5+128-3
2011-03-24 00:09Addition of three references. Clobbered pedantic compiler warnings; by GNU '-pedantic -Wall' standard, we are warning-free.Ed Bueler4+37-5
2011-03-23 23:51Missing text from previous commit: Added PIK-style ocean and surface coupler (POConstantPIK.cc and PSConstantPIK.cc (not really constant)). They are called with options '-surface pik' and '-ocean pik'. Ice Surface temerature 'artm' is parameterized according to latitude and surface elevation (Martin et al., 2011, Eq. 2.0.2). Accumulation rate 'acab' is read from file. Sub-shelf melting is parameterized analogous to Beckmann & Goosse, 2003 (or Martin et al. 2011, Eq. 2.0.6+7) with a tuning parameter, meltfactor, which is set to its default value, so far (no option yet). It's definitely much easier to couple and parameterize boundary fields, compared to stable0.2! :)Torsten Albrecht1+1-1
2011-03-23 23:24PIK simulation of the Antarctic Ice Sheet might be potentially reproduced with the current code version. For an Antarctica setup as preprocessed as for the SeaRISE-Antarctica example (but acab, artm) and bootstrapped from it, a prognostic pismr command with all the necessary options may look like this:Torsten Albrecht12+426-5
2011-03-23 01:09added the option '-e_ssa x', which enhances SSA-velocities (as suggested by Ying et al. 2010: Enhancement factors for grounded ice and ice shelves inferred from an anisotropic ice-flow model). The ssa_enhancement_factor just scales the staggered viscosity in SSAFD.cc. Default value is 1.0, of course.Torsten Albrecht3+26-1
2011-03-22 20:12Work around for NetCDF3 vs. NetCDF4 nc_type in PISM.i cleanup of ssa_testj.py example python scripts are now executableDavid Maxwell3+39-29
2011-03-22 00:55Added iMcalving.cc with strain-rate calculation (and eigenvalues edot1 >= edot2), and the application of the strain-rate based calving rate, C, at the floating calving front as C=k*edot1*edot2, edot1,2>0. Option '-eigen_calving k' calls the routine and sets k in [m s] as the calving law constant, which is thought to comprise material properties at the calving front.Torsten Albrecht9+466-21
2011-03-21 18:53Added improved support for python PISM.verbPrintf. Moved common code out of examples/python into the PISM python package.David Maxwell7+468-432
2011-03-21 18:21Switched to using the old form of add_test() to make regression tests work on marmaduke, which has CMake 2.6 patch 4 installed.Constantine Khroulev1+1-2
2011-03-21 18:00Fixed CMakeLists.txt: now it actually uses PETSC_COMPILER as a hint when looking for MPI.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2011-03-21 04:59Added support for ^C to python bindings with user specified behaviour: exit immediately or wait for the last call into C to complete.David Maxwell8+127-8
2011-03-20 17:16Polished the python bindings for working with command line options. Finished pross.pyDavid Maxwell11+515-310
2011-03-19 02:35More python bindings (e.g. SSAFD) Made the python SSATestCase, ssa_testj more pythonic Implemented pross as a (python) SSATestCase: errrors match C implementation so far, but am not yet reporting vs. riggsDavid Maxwell4+686-191
2011-03-18 05:14Synchronized NCVariable::define with NCConfigVariable::define. Abstract base class NCVariable::define had a default third argument write_in_glaciological_units=true Subclass NCConfigVariable interface for define did not specify the default argument explicitly; this is now done. The mismatch confused the SWIG generated python bindings, which thought that NCConfigVariable was still abstract.David Maxwell1+2-1
2011-03-18 01:46Commented out line in interface: IceModelVec3Bedrock::getValColumnPL(PetscInt i, PetscInt j, PetscInt ks, PetscScalar *valsOUT); This method isn't implemented, but the python bindings make code that link against it.David Maxwell2+4-4
2011-03-18 01:31First pass at python bindings for (a very, very small part of) PISM.David Maxwell14+4195-1
2011-03-17 08:17This one-character commit is needed so that doxygen bothers to produce any docs whatsoever about PISMBedThermalUnit. I hate this aspect of doxygen ... no good error reporting on matching LaTeX brackets.Ed Bueler1+1-1
2011-03-17 07:31enthSystemCtx object added, which is identical to iceenthOnlySystemCtx, actually. New PISMBTU-using enthalpyAndDrainageStep() added. C.K.: Now I think I've done all I can and I think you should do the rest, acknowledging it may break. Note I *have* run all the new code and it looks reasonable-looing result.Ed Bueler8+796-9
2011-03-17 05:09* temperature from IceModel seen as z=0 Dirichlet condition for PISMBedThermalUnit now has correct values at ice free land, ocean * PISMBedThermalUnit no longer needs any knowledge of the ice enthalpy ... this is goodEd Bueler8+185-133
2011-03-16 19:38Actually fixed bug #17908 (or at least I think I did.)Constantine Khroulev2+7-1
2011-03-16 19:22Fixed bug #17908.Constantine Khroulev4+38-29
2011-03-16 04:581) Added killEasyIcebergs() in iMicebergs.cc which might be useful when applying strain-rate based calving. Single grid cells of floating ice or single partially filled grid cells, as well as 'ice noses' arising from the ice shelf front can be cut of.Torsten Albrecht3+210-6
2011-03-16 02:57* IceModel now owns a PISMBedThermalUnit. It is hooked-up for most input and output, but there is a missing input-file initialization routine, and no attention to regridding. It uses tempSystemCtx_new with no apparent issues.Ed Bueler8+349-5
2011-03-16 01:03* Minimal code reorganization: age model in iMage.cc, columnSystem.[hh|cc] in correct location. * Two regression tests speeded up without loss of function.Ed Bueler14+1332-965
2011-03-16 00:06Eradicated last vestiges of MASK_SHEET from SSAFEM.David Maxwell2+12-37
2011-03-15 23:18Minor things:Constantine Khroulev3+4-6
2011-03-15 18:28Cleaning up the mask-related mess.Constantine Khroulev47+545-498
2011-03-15 08:48PISMBedThermalUnit works great. Try bturun.sh to see. Ready for attaching to IceModel and IceGrid, which will generate substantial simplification. bturun case with -Mbz 41 and -dt 0.1 a natural case for regression; also -Mbz 1 in same regression. Will work with C.K. on this. Other cleanup, including clobbering pedantic warning about pism_const.hh.Ed Bueler6+272-207
2011-03-15 04:16Added the missing iMicebergs.cc for -kill_icebergs option.Torsten Albrecht1+255-0
2011-03-15 01:13Floating Ice Shelf Patches detached from grounded area (icebergs) can be identified and killed with option -kill_icebergs. In this case also the vIcebergMask is written to nc-file (just for disgnostic purpose). No reporting of (negative) ice fluxes yet.Torsten Albrecht10+85-8
2011-03-14 21:17Found the issue: Exact Test K is a surprisingly tough test because of same issue that requires 'we redefine the initial state to have a finite eigenfunction expansion'. That is, I needed to read the documentation ... that I wrote. Now upward heat flux at base is evaluated with second-order difference formula.Ed Bueler4+161-87
2011-03-14 17:47Updated examples/eisross/rossplot.py so that it works with different output file variable orders. (I.e. rossplot.py transposes 2D fields if necessary.)Constantine Khroulev1+18-6
2011-03-14 10:23Added some comments and tidied up the partially filled grid cell scheme with residual mass distributionTorsten Albrecht2+94-84
2011-03-14 07:51btutest runs and gives vaguely reasonable number. Discussion with C.K. needed.Ed Bueler3+101-87
2011-03-13 21:11btutest pretty much as I want it for now ... yes it compiles and links ... I don't know if it runsEd Bueler2+52-13
2011-03-13 20:24btutest under developmentEd Bueler1+49-10
2011-03-13 19:58Test changes: * regression on ssafem_test_plug.sh speeded up by factor of 10 and non-equal tested * equal vertical spacing used in Test K by vfnow.py; helps with bedrock thermal layer testing; I believe I am fixing this bug where Test K produces crap on nonequal spaced vertical grids * upward heat flux output added to exactTestK.c; simpleK.c updated accordinglyEd Bueler6+50-22
2011-03-12 20:15BTU and its test much closer to what I want. Compiles. btutest not functional.Ed Bueler3+210-85
2011-03-12 03:38Partially filled grid cell scheme is capable of redistributing residual ice masses (after being fully filled with respect to Hav) in calculateRedistResiduals(), called in the end of massContExplicitStepPartGrids(). Residuals doesn't need to be model_state. Hav is Scalar now. Reporting needs to be fixed.Torsten Albrecht4+200-45
2011-03-11 23:54Modified IceModel::updateYieldStressUsingBasalWater() to compute tauc ghosts "redundantly".Constantine Khroulev2+6-7
2011-03-11 23:26Cleaning up...Constantine Khroulev28+382-1348
2011-03-11 20:12More work on the mass-continuity update...Constantine Khroulev4+226-213
2011-03-11 01:32Fixed SSAFEM indexing bug regarding computing hardness from enthalpy. IceModel now knows about SSAFEM for testing and debugging purposes.David Maxwell4+34-3
2011-03-11 00:33The new option -part_grid turns on the partially filled grid cell scheme for the advance of the ice shelf front (massContExplicitStepPartGrids). Href(i,j) accounts for the current ice mass in a partially filled grid cell and Hav(i,j) for the average over adjacent floating ice shelf grid cells. Both are model_state so far and written to the nc-file. In the case of an advancing water terminating outlet still thin ice shelves can evolve. The redistribution of residual ice mass (when partially filled grid cell is considered to be full) is not yet implemented.Torsten Albrecht7+397-39
2011-03-11 00:20Fixed eisross.py: now all Dirichlet boundary contition locations are specified in bcflag.Constantine Khroulev1+4-17
2011-03-11 00:20Fixed up btutest.ccConstantine Khroulev1+18-4
2011-03-10 23:45This seems to read the grid (from pisms output) but perhaps dz_fine is not set correctly?Ed Bueler2+10-50
2011-03-10 23:23Added what should have been in the previous commit: btutest needs to "prepare" a file before writing and avoid over-writing the file just created...Constantine Khroulev1+3-2
2011-03-10 23:17Added the code necessary to ask the "btu" to write its state.Constantine Khroulev1+23-11
2011-03-10 22:37Latest installment of PISMBedThermalUnit.Ed Bueler2+106-43
2011-03-10 21:41 CleanupConstantine Khroulev20+262-423
2011-03-10 18:33Fixed parallel crashes for SSAFEM: Counting bug in FEElementMap Made enthalpy, tauc, and Dirichlet data 'local' (i.e. with ghosts) in pross Minor cleanup of SSATestCase reporting outputDavid Maxwell5+36-21
2011-03-10 02:43Barely half-baked but improving BTU.Ed Bueler3+198-59
2011-03-10 01:06Fixed MASK_SHEET semantics in SSAFEM (i.e. MASK_SHEET in mask vs. MASK_SHEET in bc_locations) Dispersed SSAFactory stuff out of SSATestCase for use in other contexts. Added choice of SSAFD vs SSAFEM to pross. SSAFEM works for pross: (FEM chisq = 3794 vs. FD chisq = 3647)David Maxwell8+156-136
2011-03-10 00:09Added a subsection about modifying PISM code with pointers to the Installation Manual and the browsers, plus a mention of the role of regression tests and version control systems.Constantine Khroulev3+42-5
2011-03-09 22:41Finished task #7350.Constantine Khroulev12+77-27
2011-03-09 22:33Added the reference date, plus calendar and axis attributes to time axes used by diagnostic time-series.Constantine Khroulev2+62-28
2011-03-09 21:13Cleanup: (1) removed shelves_drag_too experimental kludge, which never worked well and is now being de-justified by David and Torsten's work; in any case new SSA implementations shouldn't even see it; (2) removed 'OpenIB WEIRDNESS' subsection from installation manual (PDF); if users report it as an installation bug then we can always look it up ...Ed Bueler7+1-60
2011-03-09 20:06 Modified PSDirectForcing; added the ability to change the reference date in output files.Constantine Khroulev10+110-17
2011-03-09 19:50Minor tweaks of source code browser settings.Constantine Khroulev1+5-5
2011-03-09 02:15These small changes to stdout help me understand what the SSAFD_PIK (and SSAFD) implementation is doing.Ed Bueler5+22-0
2011-03-08 22:05I'd like to avoid putting PDFs in the src/ tree. pdflatex works fine.Ed Bueler2+0-0
2011-03-08 21:32Fixed memory allocation bug for SSAFEM running in parallel. Cleaned up exact solution test cases. SSAFEM is passing all of these.David Maxwell6+76-24
2011-03-08 21:28Reverted accidental changes in examples/eisross.Constantine Khroulev2+34-35
2011-03-08 21:19SSA Neumann Boundary condition has been added in the same manner as in PISM-PIK code (still without partially-filled grid cell scheme). Diagnostic testing with pross -boot_file ross.nc -Mx 147 -My 147 -ssa_rtol 2e-3 converged. Some more details about the used stencil are given in src/base/stressbalance/ssaBC/Torsten Albrecht7+719-36
2011-03-08 03:24I can confirm that SSA-as-sliding-law is again 'on' in the PST mode. This commit to the PST script comes closer to my understanding of how to reproduce PST results under stable0.4ish semantics. But the basal melt rate is still not what is expected. In any case, basal melt rate is critical to reproducing basic PST results, and we are not reproducing the basic experimental idea unless the time zero field of bwat (i.e. bwat in P0A.nc) is similar to Figure 5(right) in Bueler and Brown (2009).Ed Bueler1+26-25
2011-03-07 22:26Another PST fix (I forgot that not all PST runs have SSA sliding).Constantine Khroulev1+5-5
2011-03-07 20:51Fixed PST (I think).Constantine Khroulev1+14-13
2011-03-07 20:34Added the (empty) new class for the PIK's CFBC implementation.Constantine Khroulev3+50-0
2011-03-07 19:02MISMIP fixes (compiles and runs; needs more testing).Constantine Khroulev3+43-45
2011-03-07 17:40Minor cleanupConstantine Khroulev4+17-16
2011-03-06 08:35Draft code to isolate function of bedrock thermal layer from rest of energy balance. This should clean up columnSystemCtx nonsense, and address some of the misery this code has caused us and Florian Z. Also this isolation is completely compatible with new, clearer view of enthalpy method. Draft code compiles, but not linked to any IceModel, and btutest does not run.Ed Bueler4+373-3
2011-03-06 04:49PIK-style (finite-volume-style) upwinding of SSA-generated velocity, as a term in the mass continuity equation, is adopted. See Albrecht et al 2011 (TC) and Winkelmann et al 2010 (TCD). Because Test E produces basal sliding velocity which is incorporated into mass continuity the same way an SSA velocity field would, it actually serves as 2D verification. See very slight changes to Test E regression results in test/regression/test_15.sh.Ed Bueler2+68-67
2011-03-04 23:13Cleaned up by removing two empty directores.Constantine Khroulev1+3-2
2011-03-04 22:58Fixed bug #17842.Constantine Khroulev2+40-41
2011-03-04 22:04Squashed commit of the following:Andy Aschwanden1+1-2
2011-03-04 20:31Code to do PIK-style upwinding of SSA-derived (or SIA_Sliding-derived ... in any case, NON-diffusive) velocity in IceModel::massContExplicitStep(). But turned off for now. Testing shows same processor-dependence as in SIA_Sliding object in r1477 and earlier; i.e. no fault of new code.Ed Bueler2+29-0
2011-03-04 19:36Switched to using CTest for regression testing.Constantine Khroulev74+1359-1701
2011-03-03 19:43More clean-up.Constantine Khroulev38+1131-1273
2011-03-02 20:51Added some more documenting comments for the Util. Browser.Constantine Khroulev5+139-23
2011-03-02 00:03Disabled compiler warnings for src/udunits/* and src/earth/cubature.cConstantine Khroulev6+14-11
2011-03-01 22:39Restored SIA sliding in EISMINT II experiments 'G' and 'H'.Constantine Khroulev12+696-593
2011-03-01 22:30Cleared up the meaning of "make browser_base". (See task #7341.)Constantine Khroulev1+8-11
2011-02-28 23:30Fixed the run-time log10(nuH) viewer. Also: some IceModelVec re-factoring.Constantine Khroulev10+271-317
2011-02-28 22:58Last round of SSAFEM documentation for now.David Maxwell4+219-125
2011-02-26 01:06Reverted recent MASK_SHEET->MASK_BC changes because this is the only recent SSAFD-related code change and some -ssa_sliding runs stopped converging.Constantine Khroulev13+71-42
2011-02-25 21:44MASK_SHEET -> MASK_BC in the finite element code; ssa_testj -ssa_method fem passes again. Minor documentation changes.David Maxwell8+29-42
2011-02-25 21:11Fixed SSATestCase.cc: I missed one spot where IceGrid::mapcoords was still used.Constantine Khroulev1+1-3
2011-02-25 20:31Updating the User's Manual.Constantine Khroulev10+224-89
2011-02-25 20:31Fixed max_timestep() in PSDirectForcing.Constantine Khroulev7+136-32
2011-02-25 20:31Various clean-up tasksConstantine Khroulev29+139-272
2011-02-25 02:24Ongoing documentation work. Moved SSAFEM_util.* to FETools.*. to reflect the overhauled contents.David Maxwell7+765-708
2011-02-24 08:22First installment of doxygen comments for the finite element code.David Maxwell4+266-203
2011-02-23 06:23Overhaul of FEM SSA code for clarity, maintainability. Still needs documentation; this is next.David Maxwell4+562-645
2011-02-23 05:57got some more pedantic warnings ...Ed Bueler5+14-14
2011-02-23 05:55This addresses a topic which came up in conversation with DM. I propose the following copyright message conventions: (1) if you create a new file with new concepts, put your name and the current year at the top; (2) if you modify an existing file in any substantial way then add your name and extend the date range to the current year; (3) if you copy a file and modify it, you have to decide what to put at the top. (Not that any of this really matters. We probably could just write 'copyright 2099 the PISM team' ... But the current convention provides PISM modifiers some sense of the history of the source. E.g. I checked the log to find out when Jed started the SSA FEM implementation.)Ed Bueler5+7-6
2011-02-23 03:23Addressing a few more warnings, both pedantic compiler and doxygen.Ed Bueler6+34-20
2011-02-23 03:20Addressing (why? ... I don't know ...) pedantic compiler warnings in C code exact tests. Mostly complaints about mixing declarations and code, and about malloc needing size_t.Ed Bueler7+68-59
2011-02-23 02:59Added-back additional subdirectories so 'base' browser picks up more of source code. Changed path on pism.sty to avoid error message when building browser. Attempt to address hard-to-understand doxygen complaints about tag refs in bedrough.txt; it looks o.k. ...Ed Bueler4+14-9
2011-02-21 21:24New directory for SSA test cases. New test cases added: convergence to constant, exponential, and plug flow solutions. Bug fixes to SSAFEM: non-equal grid spacing, hidden duplicate scaling of viscosity by H/2David Maxwell12+1355-578
2011-02-20 08:39Editorial changes to a single stdout line.Ed Bueler1+4-4
2011-02-20 03:27* Removed getWaterFractionLimited(), which wasn't needed anyway.Ed Bueler4+194-91
2011-02-20 01:58Changes helpful to new EnthalpyConverter, but these hav no current functional effect. ICMEnthalpyConverter has been cleaned up only; no change.Ed Bueler3+44-26
2011-02-19 01:25The changes, which only become activated with 'CHANGE_BASAL_MELT 1' setting, in iMenthalpy.cc, show much of what is needed to update the enthalpy code. Note new Test 0 will allow regression once the basal melt rate is corrected. (Next commit will include an alternate EnthalpyConverter, again not 'hooked up'.)Ed Bueler3+101-22
2011-02-19 01:07Undoing r1431 commit: -pdd_annualize not changing anything but lowering performance on 20km (coarse) grid. More thought needed.Ed Bueler1+2-2
2011-02-17 11:13Fixes for the previous commit.Constantine Khroulev2+2-5
2011-02-17 10:51Re-organized CMake scripts building PISM documentation.Constantine Khroulev11+179-141
2011-02-17 00:35I looks like these Makefiles are unmaintained; please restore but update if I'm wrong. I was confused about how the new/split browser was being built ... until I saw which cmake flags to choose. Not sure whether doc/COOKBOOK or doc/README* are worth maintaining, but at least now they don't confuse about where the docs are built or appear.Ed Bueler5+7-102
2011-02-16 20:19More doxygen comments. Also: documented pismebm, some clean-up.Constantine Khroulev7+235-44
2011-02-16 09:05Clobbering compiler warnings. More doxygen comments. More IceModelVec re-factoring.Constantine Khroulev31+271-256
2011-02-15 23:28Minimal maintenance on examples/pddtune/. Indeed the -pdd_annualize does not seem to affect outcome at all, because the runs are integer years anyway, and because of how pclimate works.Ed Bueler3+43-35
2011-02-15 20:46Maintenance on EISMINT-Ross. Now rossplot.py will show results properly at any resolution. Try './quickstart.sh 2 15 80' and './quickstart.sh 2 80 15' to see that results are rather strongly *in*dependent of grid resolution. Looking at the results I think the largest errors come from principal strain direction being perpendicular to artificial, straight calving front. This means we should see improvement with Torsten/PIK-based mods of calving front stress direction mechanism, I think.Ed Bueler2+36-31
2011-02-15 19:00Minor edits on front pages of Installation Manual. Debian: I love it\!Ed Bueler1+11-13
2011-02-15 18:32Re-factored IceModelVec3 and updated the Installation Manual.Constantine Khroulev5+293-374
2011-02-14 12:24Updated regression test 20 (test J) plus minor doc. fixes.Constantine Khroulev3+27-28
2011-02-14 12:24Updating documentation and fixing up little things.Constantine Khroulev38+2129-259
2011-02-14 10:36Fixed the shift issue in test I and corrected spelling in ssa_test?.cc.Constantine Khroulev3+11-20
2011-02-13 18:01Steps to make Jed's SSA FEM code work in the new stressbalance framework: Added (not yet properly doxygenized) comments. Fixed bugs related to element indexing, grid periodicity, and Dirichlet conditions. Added framework for SSA test case drivers, drivers for tests I and J. Test case J functions, case I still in progress....David Maxwell1+8-1
2011-02-13 18:00Steps to make Jed's SSA FEM code work in the new stressbalance framework: Added (not yet properly doxygenized) comments. Fixed bugs related to element indexing, grid periodicity, and Dirichlet conditions. Added framework for SSA test case drivers, drivers for tests I and J. Test case J functions, case I still in progress....David Maxwell1+136-0
2011-02-13 18:00Steps to make Jed's SSA FEM code work in the new stressbalance framework: Added (not yet properly doxygenized) comments. Fixed bugs related to element indexing, grid periodicity, and Dirichlet conditions. Added framework for SSA test case drivers, drivers for tests I and J. Test case J functions, case I still in progress....David Maxwell7+1293-184
2011-02-12 05:09Fixed bug #17709. And comments-only update to Test O code.Ed Bueler2+27-21
2011-02-10 22:49stdout_report() on SSAFD solve was not available in ssafd_test and pross; now it is. In pross: use -verbose 3 to see nonlinear (outer) iterations and use -ssa_rtol 1e-6 to tighten over default -ssa_rtol 1e-4, for example.Ed Bueler3+24-2
2011-02-07 05:09stdout appearance changes only.Ed Bueler2+7-7
2011-02-07 05:02SeaRISE-Greenland spinup now using annualized PDD; probably a small change but makes time-stepping fixed to integer frac of year (is this intended?). Trivial change to pst.sh, which still does not produce good results ... but no one is actually caring for now.Ed Bueler2+14-6
2011-02-06 04:53Added stencil width (WIDE_STENCIL=2) to vtauc; a FEM implementation of SSA will usually need some width, unlike the FD implementation. For now vtauc is not computed on the ghosted points, so before using the latest vtauc values do beginGhostComm(), endGhostComm() pair (from IceModelVec).Ed Bueler2+4-1
2011-02-06 02:41New very-simple basal melt rate verification test (Test O) hooked up. PISM does poorly ... next is revising enthalpy and temperature conservation of energy methods with EFGIS paper and Test O as tools.Ed Bueler8+191-62
2011-02-04 21:33Added, but not hooked-up, an utterly straightforward basal melt rate calculation as 'Test O'. See browser for exactTestO.c file. Changes to test K are trivial appearance only.Ed Bueler6+248-18
2011-02-03 19:29Cleanup of rarely-used PETSc-technicalities examples directory.Ed Bueler8+141-1268
2011-02-01 22:37Re task #6318: Decided to just do it. Now when the ice is floating the SIA 'diffusive flux' is *not* included in the mass continuity equation, even though the SIA flux is small there. Even when the SIA is on, the mass continuity equation on an ice shelf only sees the SSA contribution.Ed Bueler1+6-4
2011-02-01 22:06Added PISMSurfaceModel::ice_surface_liquid_water_fraction(). See task #7163.Constantine Khroulev7+39-10
2011-02-01 20:39Removed a "FIXME" in PISMBedSmoother: now it computes smoothed thickness as thk_smooth = (usurf - topg_smooth) for grounded areas only. For floating areas thk_smoothed = thk.Constantine Khroulev4+43-25
2011-02-01 19:26Added compile-time flags turning on writing NetCDF-4 output files (Pism_NETCDF4_OUTPUT) and NetCDF-4 variable compression (Pism_NETCDF4_COMPRESS).Constantine Khroulev5+128-23
2011-01-31 21:59Fixed bug #17617 (again). The previous fix (r1419) works too and this one is *not* more elegant, but current code avoids allocating T3 (which stays allocated until the end of the run) if PISM is running in the polythermal mode. (Temporary storage is used instead.) Also: now -init_from_temp and -init_from_temp_and_liqfrac work even if an input file does not contain the "enthalpy" variable, which might be the case if it is a "small" output file of a cold run.Constantine Khroulev11+146-114
2011-01-31 20:14Re-committed the r1410:1411 code change (a fixed version of it, that is). See bug #17615. I believe that this does *not* represent a change in PISM behavior (compared to r1410) if -pdd_annualize is omitted. We do need to check the "reasonableness" of results (e.g. SeaRISE-Greenland spinup results) before closing task #7296. (I agree that we need a PDD regression test, too.)Constantine Khroulev4+77-2
2011-01-31 18:47Fixed bug #17597.Constantine Khroulev3+28-9
2011-01-31 08:11Probably kludgish solution to bug #17617. Also, removed situation in tests where pismv is used to generate an input file. (Generally this is bad because pismv uses a different EnthalpyConverter than other runs. The situation is fine, and even appropriate, for verification. Warning about this in User Man is a good idea.)Ed Bueler8+31-16
2011-01-31 05:02Revision of flowlaw_test.cc and regression tests so that values of enthalpy are not exposed at regression. New tables have stress,temp,omega as inputs and put out a flow law coefficient. Thus EnthalpyConverter can have a different reference temperature (= temperature at which enthalpy is zero by definition) without breaking these regressions. Also delete ThermoGlenArrIceWarm regression (=test_31.sh) as unnecessary. Renamed test_32.sh -> test_22.sh for superficial numbering appearance.Ed Bueler9+187-235
2011-01-30 20:06Reversing r1410:1411 changes because I do not see how to fix them. (I.e. 'svn merge -r1411:1410 .') Note that I am trying to test enthalpy converter changes in the searise example.Ed Bueler3+2-63
2011-01-30 08:24Removed pism_config:water_melting_temperature and replaced with pism_config:water_triple_point_temperature. Value is unchanged at 273.15.Ed Bueler10+55-46
2011-01-30 06:41Editorial changes to bombproof/enthalpy docs.Ed Bueler2+14-51
2011-01-29 07:20Removed a FIXME: Made SSAStrengthExtension configurable by addition of new constants min_thickness_strength_extension_ssa and constant_nu_strength_extension_ssa. Cleaned-up its documentation.Ed Bueler8+73-51
2011-01-28 23:37A bit of code clean-up: IceGrid can and should contain arrays of grid point coordinates. This is cheap and allows getting coordinates of a point (i,j) as (grid.x[i], grid.y[j]), among other things.Constantine Khroulev6+98-52
2011-01-28 01:30* Started addressing task #7297: added mass_held_in_surface_layer() and surface_layer_thickness() methods to PISMSurfaceModel (both return 0 and are not in use). Also, tried to identify places in the code that will need to be changed to finish this task. Search for "FIXME task #7297" in src/.../*.cc. * Some minor clean-up.Constantine Khroulev16+140-112
2011-01-27 22:56Finished task #7296 (use "-surface pdd -pdd_annualize" to turn "annualization" on). The new mode limits time steps and requires hitting every year since -ys, i.e. "-ys 10.3" means that it will compute mass balance for the year (10.3,11.3) at the beginning of the run and use it until PISM hits 11.3 years, which is when PISM will compute acab for (11.3,12.3) and use that for a year, etc.Constantine Khroulev3+63-2
2011-01-27 20:23Added the -ebm_vars command-line option to PSExternal (specifies variables needed by an EBM as a comma-separated list).Constantine Khroulev2+38-14
2011-01-27 18:58* Replaced PetscEnd() with PISMEnd() throughout the code. This is necessary to make PISM exit cleanly when PETSc was initialized on a subset of all the allocated processors. * Finished working on coupling-through-files. Split the code: the base PSExternal class reads both acab and artm from a file created by an external model, PSExternal_ALR uses a lapse rate (option -artm_lapse_rate) to correct artm. * Moved the line "grid.year += dt / secpera" to the very end of the time-step. Previously when going from year 0 to year 1 boundary models were asked for conditions corresponding to the time-step (1,2) instead of (0,1).Constantine Khroulev50+433-296
2011-01-26 23:08More coupling-through-files code changes. Seems to work.Constantine Khroulev5+67-44
2011-01-26 19:19Fixed a couple more things in SSAFEM.cc.Constantine Khroulev1+96-57
2011-01-26 00:30* More work on the SSAFEM class; compiles, looks OK.Constantine Khroulev9+784-784
2011-01-25 20:15* Added a "fake EBM" script util/ebm. * Some more work on "coupling through files". Works in some cases, needs more testing. * Added an IceFlowLaw method computing both effective viscosity and its derivative with respect to the second invariant (by copying old code from r831). * SSAFEM.cc compiles. (Obviously needs more work, though.)Constantine Khroulev8+251-196
2011-01-25 01:49- fixed a typo in figure, updated script accordingly, and switched to pdf instead of png. - build directory must be cleaned to see changeAndy Aschwanden3+20-7
2011-01-24 22:15* Some more work on the coupling-through-files. * Clobbered some compiler errors in SSAFEM.cc. Needs more work.Constantine Khroulev7+285-142
2011-01-24 01:17Jed's FEM implementation from revision 831 is revived and de-PIMPLed. Does not yet compile; uncomment the line in src/base/stressbalance/CMakeLists to try.Ed Bueler3+1055-0
2011-01-23 09:02Separated the SSA as a ShallowStressBalance from its finite difference implementation. The separation is not perfect because, for example, some quantities are computed diagnostically (e.g. nuH) that would not necessarily be exposed/available in a different (e.g. SNES FE) implementation. But this version passes all regressions I can think of, including '(cd test/software && make)' and 'ssafd_test' output and the SeaRISE-Greenland first-use-of-full-physics after end of prespinup (see examples/searise-greenland).Ed Bueler8+935-815
2011-01-23 02:24Round of prettifying and documenting as I think about stress balances.Ed Bueler9+170-89
2011-01-20 20:18* Working on the two way coupling through files. * Minor clean-up, etc.Constantine Khroulev13+470-224
2011-01-19 07:16Added PISMVars *variables to PAYearlyCycle so derived classes of it can register their diagnostics. I don't think this is the right way to do it, or at least not in the right place in the hierarchy, but it works. Constantine?Ed Bueler2+4-1
2011-01-19 02:02Prettified tests so they fit on one line and have fewer colons, to facilitate 'visual grep'. That's all.Ed Bueler15+19-18
2011-01-18 02:36Fix to r1395 bug #17523. Minimal patch; clearly beddef in IceModel::init_diagnostics() is not always a valid pointer, but I am not sure if it should be made valid, etc.Ed Bueler1+3-1
2011-01-12 22:12* Updated howto.txt * Removed the SeaRISE-Greenland regression test. * Added some code to allow creating diagnostic quantities in surface, atmosphere, ocean and bed-deformation models. * Minor tweaks of the build system. * Removed many useless diagrams from the source code browser to reduce its size.Constantine Khroulev12+161-86
2011-01-11 23:34Finished working on packaging PISM (so far).Constantine Khroulev5+9-34
2011-01-11 22:56Finishing touches... more testing is in order, but I think we can produce usable Debian packages now.Constantine Khroulev3+4-3
2011-01-11 21:33Some more tweaks...Constantine Khroulev3+9-8
2011-01-11 21:10More work on the package; next step: testing.Constantine Khroulev3+8-14
2011-01-11 20:31Minor tweaks of the build system.Constantine Khroulev2+46-62
2011-01-10 23:29Some more work on the Debian package.Constantine Khroulev5+97-21
2011-01-07 23:32Added a paragraph about managing I/O in classes derived from PISMComponent.Constantine Khroulev1+28-0
2011-01-07 21:42Very small edits to very useful new 'related' page.Ed Bueler1+23-19
2011-01-07 21:32Re-created the pism-toolkit package "the right way"; some more work on the "pism" package.Constantine Khroulev19+81-51
2011-01-07 21:16Added doc/browser/howto.txt (as an attempt to preemptively answer some questions about extending PISM).Constantine Khroulev3+231-0
2011-01-05 22:35More work on the .deb package.Constantine Khroulev8+94-2
2011-01-04 17:19* Source code tree re-organization; I hope this will reduce the clutter a little bit. * Added the "debian" directory with the files necessary to create the pism-toolkit meta-package.Constantine Khroulev80+3086-3033
2010-12-20 19:29Mods to pismo error messages and std out, and replace with IceModelVec2Mask. Update to spinup for SeaRISE-Greenland; what do you think?Ed Bueler3+41-92
2010-12-17 20:42* Completed task #6839 by adding a -regrid_bed_special to our Friday menu.Constantine Khroulev5+153-0
2010-12-16 19:58* Added CMake switch adding compiler flags necessary for profiling with gprof. * Completed task #7271.Constantine Khroulev5+35-22
2010-12-14 19:25Switched to computing a time-step-average of artm and acab in PSDirectForcing (instead of a mid-time-step snapshot).Constantine Khroulev3+22-4
2010-12-13 22:20Finished implementing the "surface model" reading B.C.s from a file.Constantine Khroulev3+33-6
2010-12-10 00:41* Fixed PISMDiagnostic::set_attrs() (now it does not reset attributes to "" if an empty string is given as an argument.) * Added a preliminary implementation of PSDirectForcing, a surface model reading time-dependent top-surface B.C. from a file.Constantine Khroulev4+246-4
2010-12-10 00:20Fixed the no_model_mask metadata to conform to other PISM mask style; thus it has no units but it has flag_{values,meanings} attributes. Added msg to stdout explaining that double initialization messages appearing (at stdout) are intrinsic to delete of old stress balance.Ed Bueler1+23-6
2010-12-09 21:50Added a CMake switch to change variable storage order in an output file (t,x,y,z versus t,y,x,z versus t,z,y,x).Constantine Khroulev3+36-0
2010-12-09 19:55Fixed bug #17279.Constantine Khroulev4+15-13
2010-12-09 05:52Update to bmr_enhance_scale based on playing with it in Jakobshavn context. Unsuccessful attempt to add units of '1' to schoofs_theta, which is conforming in cf 1.4 and which is the only thing that makes compliance checker fail.Ed Bueler4+7-6
2010-12-09 01:00Fixed some pedantic compiler warnings; added more profiling events.Constantine Khroulev7+29-7
2010-12-08 23:40* Added a config and command-line switch to turn "off" the SIA stress balance (-no_sia to turn "off", -sia (the default) to turn it "on"). * Added more profiling events. * Fixed the computation of the vertically-averaged velocity field (changed the threshold used to determine if a cell is "ice-free").Constantine Khroulev9+67-22
2010-12-08 22:58Added a profiling event counting time spent in the SSA update; fixed SSAFD (it was not saving the initial guess).Constantine Khroulev2+14-0
2010-12-08 22:27More work on sub-models and I/O; I think I'm done with this.Constantine Khroulev17+209-100
2010-12-08 22:09pismo gives correct stdout msgs re presence of either option -no_model_strip or input variable no_model_maskEd Bueler1+10-0
2010-12-08 06:44Because executable pismo has no well-defined semantics without it, it now *requires* option -no_model_strip to even run. It stops if the option is not given.Ed Bueler2+15-6
2010-12-08 02:02Added initialization messages to SIAFD, SSAFD and regional versions of these classes. Resurrected stdout reporting of stress balance computations.Constantine Khroulev4+14-2
2010-12-08 01:42Fixed a sign error in SSAFD::compute_basal_frictional_heating() (plus some code changes in boundary models).Constantine Khroulev6+75-7
2010-12-08 00:39Fixed a typo.Constantine Khroulev1+1-1
2010-12-08 00:34Fixed NCSpatialVariable::define() (now it does not try to define a variable if it exists already).Constantine Khroulev2+14-2
2010-12-08 00:09* Yet another change to PISMVars: keys() gives a set of short names, not standard_names if present, short otherwise. * Added taud_mag diagnostic quantity.Constantine Khroulev7+151-41
2010-12-07 22:25* Fixed pismo.cc (SIAFD_Regional and SSAFD_Regional were not "on"). * Cleaning up PISMComponents and boundary models (the way they write diagnostics, mostly).Constantine Khroulev19+273-293
2010-12-06 21:33Some clean-up; fixed a bug in NCTool (::close() needs to reset def_mode to "false".)Constantine Khroulev6+18-23
2010-12-06 19:46Added some more code to address task #7265.Constantine Khroulev5+90-55
2010-12-04 01:12* Finished the reorganization of PISM's spatial diagnostic computations. * Fixed the IceModel::write_variables(): now it defines all the variables prior to writing them. (Writing -o files should take a lot less time now, especially when Mx, My, Mz and Mbz are large.) Also: this change fixes a problem that prevented PISM from switching to writing NetCDF-4 files. * Map-plane and sounding viewers are back. Removed "slice" and "surface" viewers: temperature at the surface is available as the "tempsurf" map-plane field, etc. * Minor code changes/reorganizations; fixed a memory leak.Constantine Khroulev20+770-749
2010-12-03 00:59* Fixed a memory (de-)allocation issue. * Added more diagnostic quantities; I think we're back to the original set. * A step towards fixing run-time viewers.Constantine Khroulev6+349-118
2010-12-02 23:08Fixed the bug reported by Ed on Dec 1 (or at least I think I did).Constantine Khroulev1+7-2
2010-12-02 22:33More work on diagnostic outputs. Almost done... (most run-time viewers are broken, though).Constantine Khroulev16+1104-724
2010-12-01 21:53Doing the "midday commit" just to back-up the code. Lots of changes, all of them related to changing the way PISM handles diagnostic quantities.Constantine Khroulev50+1555-1015
2010-11-29 09:40Work on building jacobian. Not functional yet, but bodvardsson still works as well as before with -snes_fd and -snes_mf.Ed Bueler1+96-21
2010-11-29 03:11Bug fix so it works equally well in parallel.Ed Bueler2+119-52
2010-11-28 10:19Added ability to try reasonable initial conditions.Ed Bueler4+52-89
2010-11-27 23:58Added 2nd-order upwinding for SSA+mass continuity, and it works a charm.Ed Bueler4+53-23
2010-11-24 00:48* Removed IceROSSModel and the old pross executable: pross_new will replace both. Updated the EISMINT-Ross regression test. * Fixed some typos in the User's Manual. * Fixed a bug in climate (my fault; a conflict was not resolved correctly). * Added the "compute_grain_size_using_age" config parameter. * Moved pismo.cc and friends to src/regional. * Moved mapcoords(...) to IceGrid. * More work on the stress balance code. * Added IceModelVec::get_state_counter() and inc_state_counter(). These two will allow updating certain fields only if their dependencies were updated since the last computation. SIAFD::update() uses this. * Implemented the SIA sliding (verification test 'E') mechanism as a "ShallowStressBalance" derived class (see SIA_Sliding.{hh,cc}). Works; isn't used anywhere except in pismv. * Removed the old ssa_test executable. * Removed all the old stress balance code and replaced it with the new. All the software tests pass; more work remains to provide desired diagnostic quantities.Constantine Khroulev67+2383-5883
2010-11-18 21:43* Removed the interpolation mask from the IceModelVec regridding code. * Added a profiler to IceGrid (that way it is available pretty much everywhere in the code). * Fixed the pclimate issue (task #7248) by fixing PISMVars: methods like get_variables() are dangerous because iterating over pointers is a bad idea.Constantine Khroulev21+178-194
2010-11-18 19:08Squashed commit of the following:Andy Aschwanden1+11-8
2010-11-18 01:55pclimate should compile now. The parallel issue reported in task #7248 remains. Sorry about that. (Note there is no regression for pclimate so I missed the compile-time failure from inattention.)Ed Bueler1+3-0
2010-11-17 23:43Fixed part of task #7248, but new parallel issue revealed.Ed Bueler3+18-12
2010-11-17 21:49Updated SeaRISE-Greenland example in pism-dev to be v1.1. That is, I think stable0.4 should be mostly up to date with what we are doing at UAF.Ed Bueler2+6-4
2010-11-15 23:17Cleaned scaling with Jed's help. Recalled FD by coloring. (But I can't see much affect from it. Is it aware of dof=2?)Ed Bueler3+99-91
2010-11-15 21:59* Some minor code cleanup. * Further SSA code testing: implemented pross_new, an EISMINT-Ross example implementation (similar to pross) that does not use IceModel. * Moved some documentation comments out of iMssa.cc and iMsia.cc and into base/stressbalance/{SIA,SSA}FD.ccConstantine Khroulev13+883-732
2010-11-14 21:42First results from coupled mass-continuity+SSA PETSc/JFNK scheme using Bodvardsson for verification.Ed Bueler4+98-37
2010-11-14 10:31Viable. Shows convergence under grid refinement, but uses upwinding and does not yet have Picard or Jacobian.Ed Bueler1+127-61
2010-11-14 07:00Draft of combined, steady mass continuity plus SSA solver which should be verifiable by Bodvardsson soln. Pretty clearly has equation scaling issues for now.Ed Bueler5+414-44
2010-11-12 23:37* Reclaimed authorship of PISMStressBalance.hh. * Implemented siafd_test, an executable performing a diagnostic non-sliding SIA computation using verification test F initial data. Shows convergence on par with "pismv -test F -y 0", see below.Constantine Khroulev9+601-42
2010-11-12 07:45Corrected and added refs.Ed Bueler1+27-4
2010-11-12 00:43Updated, good-looking values and interpretation for Test N.Ed Bueler3+33-29
2010-11-11 22:03ssafd_test is an example of using the SSA solver without IceModel. Uses test J; gives a pismv-style error report.Constantine Khroulev4+248-105
2010-11-11 21:50Test N is reinterpreted Bodvardsson (1955) solution. Significance of this solution, and use as a verification, will follow eventually.Ed Bueler3+121-102
2010-11-11 19:14* More work on the stress balance code. Added ssafd_test.cc (does not quite work, but serves as an example). * Minor code changes in the IceModelVec code. * Added the code writing the SSA ssytem to the ssa_test executable.Constantine Khroulev10+383-39
2010-11-10 21:54Sped up test 14 so that it is not at all the slowest one.Ed Bueler1+2-2
2010-11-10 21:36I am cleaning up old code which I wrote, which no one else has ever modified, and which I think is either stupid or totally superceded by Constantine's recent work.Ed Bueler10+25-595
2010-11-10 18:43* Added more configuration flags: "write_ssa_system_to_matlab" and "shelves_drag_too". * Modified the top-level Makefile so that one can run "PISM_STATIC=1 make" (or "make PISM_STATIC=1") to build PISM with static libraries. This is a temporary solution; should be removed once building with CMake is well-documented. * Added a new option to the CMake PISM build system: Pism_ADD_FPIC to add "-fPIC" to C++ flags. (This is needed on pacman and might be needed on other machines requiring static libraries.) * More stress balance code... time to write software tests.Constantine Khroulev9+553-30
2010-11-08 20:08* Minor code changes to get rid of pedantic compiler warnings. * Added CMake options: Pism_DEBUG: defines PISM_DEBUG (to enable debugging checks in the code) and Pism_ADD_FPIC: adds "-fPIC" to C++ compiler flags. * More stress balance work: all of the SIA code is in, as well as most of the SSA...Constantine Khroulev27+650-219
2010-11-07 07:56Added old reference: Nye on plastic reconstruction.Ed Bueler1+11-0
2010-11-05 06:42An include line needed to build on my laptop. Not so on my 8core. But it does make sense that SSAFD.hh should include petscksp, yes?Ed Bueler1+1-0
2010-11-05 00:28* More stress balance code... still incomplete. What is committed compiles (but would not run yet). * Fixed some typos in the User's Manual. * Some code clean-up. * Software tests now print the directory "pismr" was found in, not the one tests are located in (to avoid confusion about what PISM we're testing).Constantine Khroulev26+754-163
2010-11-04 22:31Spelling fixed.Ed Bueler1+2-2
2010-11-03 21:38* Fixed a bug: -plastic_phi option had no effect. * More stress balance code...Constantine Khroulev7+101-19
2010-11-03 20:34Removing empty bin/ and lib/ directories from version control. Completes task #7235.Ed Bueler0+0-0
2010-11-02 23:48Added comments to util/pism_[matlab.m,python.py] to show usage including minimal pismr call which will successfully bootstrap. Fixed examples/pddtune/linesearch.py to be a bit more flexible; no intended change in function.Ed Bueler3+48-13
2010-11-02 23:40Working on the stress balance code...Constantine Khroulev7+307-83
2010-11-02 20:10* Fixed a bug in FindPETSc.cmake. * Added a build option Pism_LOCAL_INSTALL: if "ON" (the default), PISM is installed in prefix/bin, prefix/lib and prefix/doc. Otherwise in prefix/bin/pism, prefix/lib/pism and prefix/share/doc/pism (to avoid cluttering the system, think prefix==/usr/local). * More work on the stress balance code.Constantine Khroulev21+825-118
2010-11-02 17:30Changes only to docs and stdout msgs in PISMSurface.cc. Changes to MISMIP were in an attempt to enforce the MISMIP stopping criteria more literally, but with no real improvement.Ed Bueler4+78-72
2010-11-01 19:16- added command line option "-e_age_coupling" which ties enhancement factor to the age of ice (age calculation is automatically turned on if this option is seen). Set e=1 if age<11'000 years, e=3 otherwise. See e.g. \ref Greve for a justification.Andy Aschwanden2+27-2
2010-10-31 21:59Improvements, including better line search, ability to reproduce a file from its name, and better docs.Ed Bueler4+85-53
2010-10-30 08:04Implemented a lapse rate, with latitude, for the pdd_std_dev quantity. Not well-evaluated yet.Ed Bueler7+247-164
2010-10-29 21:36Added some (re-factored) stress balance code. Only interfaces so far, still lots of work to do. Also see .pdf figures for an idea about the general structure.Constantine Khroulev12+422-10
2010-10-29 02:31linesearch.py replaces runcase.sh and weights.py. It still does not do line-searching (for zero smb difference) but that can be implemented easily now.Ed Bueler6+146-240
2010-10-29 02:27Changed 'snowprecip'->'precip', and removed '-pdd_fausto', so EISMINT-Greenland PDD parameters are in use. FIXME: Add tuned params to this example once done. Also: Simplified preprocessed data file.Ed Bueler2+4-7
2010-10-28 23:58* Switched to the thickness-relative-to-the-smoothed-bed in IceModel::massContExplicitStep(). Let's see if that makes a difference... * Added Andy's pism_python.py so that we have an example of using Python to prepare a bootstrapping file.Constantine Khroulev2+114-9
2010-10-28 21:12* Added bueler_brown_f (a diagnostic quantity). * NetCDF attributes are written only once now, when a variable is defined. * Added a IceModelVec2Stag method averaging a vector field onto a regular grid. (staggered_to_regular(); uses different offsets for u and v components). * Added magnitude() and magnitude_squared() methods to PISMVector2. Now one can do thing like "vel_ssa(i,j).magnitude_squared()" * Isolated the computation of bueler_brown_f(). * Now we flush time-series when an automatic backup is written. * A bunch of SIA-related code. Just separating ideas; this "new" code is not in use and most of it never will be.Constantine Khroulev10+576-86
2010-10-28 20:53Draft of line search which will replace a long list in dotune.sh. I think the 'special sauce' is a longitudinal lapse rate for the pdd_std_dev variable, to parameterize the variability-of-climate that seems to come into the temperature fields.Ed Bueler3+167-119
2010-10-28 07:10Searches are a bit simpler because I have tied the snow and ice DDFs: DDFice = 2.0 * DDFsnow.Ed Bueler4+143-31
2010-10-28 01:49fixed a bug in script. Should be back-ported to stable 0.3 too, I believe.Andy Aschwanden1+4-2
2010-10-26 18:47Revised interpretation of DegreeDayFactors.refreezeFrac: if the PDD sum is not sufficient to melt all the snow, the *all* the snow refreezes (conceptually as ice lenses within snow), so the refreezeFrac is only active in locations where all of the snow has melted. This presumably corrects a misunderstanding (by me) of the meaning of refreeze fraction. In any case it is very compatible with the runoff pattern observed in Ettema et al data.Ed Bueler1+19-14
2010-10-26 18:38Is this the correct brief install instructions now that we have cmake? I.e. is it correct? *and* is there a better thing to tell users?Ed Bueler1+22-15
2010-10-26 02:03Yes, this commit fixes one line in a readme. But it has already caused a user some trouble ...Ed Bueler1+1-1
2010-10-25 18:03* Re-wrote software test #32 (it uses a relative tolerance of 1% now). * Split IceModel::surfaceGradientSIA() into three methods implementing eta-transformation, Haseloff and Mahaffy approaches. * Some more work on the automatic backup code: it should always write "-o_size small"-style files. Also, we don't need two time-stamps in the history string.Constantine Khroulev6+270-184
2010-10-24 18:03 netCDF3 and netCDF4 module seem to behave slightly differently, causing objective.py not to work on my mac with netCDF4 module. I believe my fix should work also under netCDF3, but let me know if not.Andy Aschwanden1+3-3
2010-10-23 08:35Minor stuff, but squashes compiler warning on pacman.Ed Bueler3+20-13
2010-10-23 01:30Tuning all set up. That is, given the current uncertainty as to what is the objective (the function ...), the scripts are all in place to try out various schemes and objectives fairly quickly. See README for a recipe.Ed Bueler10+423-86
2010-10-22 20:01Finished working on the calculation of the basal temperate ice layer thickness; now we have two fields: tempicethk (total amount of temperate ice in the column, meters) and tempicethk_basal (basal layer only, uses linear interpolation for more precision).Constantine Khroulev3+29-24
2010-10-22 03:16Squashed commit of the following:Andy Aschwanden1+1-1
2010-10-22 02:36It turns out substantial simplifications are possible, once I change myself to being less dumb.Ed Bueler4+26-129
2010-10-22 00:40Added a new method of computing the thickness of the basal layer of temperate ice.Constantine Khroulev3+91-3
2010-10-21 23:05* Added a script that runs a subset of software tests. Try "cd test/software && ./run_test.sh 29 32" to run test_32.sh and test_29.sh in test/software/pismConstantine Khroulev26+435-317
2010-10-21 18:39O.k. I have a PDD parameters tuning result. Need to show to Regine.Ed Bueler6+94-67
2010-10-21 17:09Squashed commit of the following:Andy Aschwanden2+6-6
2010-10-21 07:58Progress on PDD parameter tuning. The script dotune.sh can be run to see the results of controlling the PDD parameters; the actual objective evaluation script objective.py is not seriously started, but a placeholder is there.Ed Bueler5+141-24
2010-10-21 07:56Removed 'snow' from 'snowprecip' name, throughout PISM.Ed Bueler9+84-63
2010-10-21 02:35Work on PDD parameter tuning tools. Things don't run so don't bother trying.Ed Bueler6+176-166
2010-10-20 22:17Renovated PAForcing class: * removed the mean annual semantics, so that anomaly file simply provides time-dependent 2m air temperature and precipitation differences, and when we need mean annual quantities we run code that computes annual averages as needed * removed the 'snowprecip' semantics; with r1280 we now treat precipitation as precipitation and we use air temperature to determine if it is rain (and if it is rain it does not contribute to surface mass balance ... but all of this is appropriate to handle in the PISMSurfaceModel) * removed 'ma_' from names like '-anomaly_temp_ma' and 'temp_ma_anomaly' * removed 'snow' from names like 'snowprecip'Ed Bueler7+182-160
2010-10-19 01:57Cosmetic change, but requires thought and then a bit more coding to fix FIXMEs.Ed Bueler5+94-48
2010-10-17 22:21* Added the final fix for the add_vars_to_output() code. * Removed unnecessary code from pclimate.cc (NCConfigVariable::write(filename) opens and closes 'filename'.)Constantine Khroulev2+3-4
2010-10-16 02:08More cleaning/clarifying. Only added functionality is new config parameter pdd_positive_threshold_temp, which defaults to 273.15 but could be 268 if we believe van de Broeke et al 2010.Ed Bueler8+260-202
2010-10-16 00:43To pclimate, added ability to write pism_overrides variable into output file. Made pclimate a bit more verbose than other PISM executables, w.r.t. pism_overrides. Constantine: did I do this right? Please fix if not.Ed Bueler3+40-24
2010-10-15 22:07Major cleaning and clarifying (I hope) of PDD code, but without changing the results or actually adding functionality. Main accomplishment: un-spaghettied the Fausto/Greve choices of degree day factors from the core PDD scheme functionality. Also, I documented the meaning of recently-added PISM model outputs acab, saccum, smelt, srunoff.Ed Bueler6+410-242
2010-10-15 20:53Fixed a stupid bug in "void add_vars_to_output(...)" methods of some couplers.Constantine Khroulev6+25-17
2010-10-14 20:58Various little fixes, including climmask.py.Constantine Khroulev10+58-29
2010-10-14 03:41New thread. My plan is to use the Ettema precip (=snowprecip) and runoff fields, and the Fausto temp parameterization, to run a quick sequence of pclimate runs to attempt to find values of PDD parameters which yield close agreement with the Ettema smb field. It would be helpful to have the Ettema melt field, but I don't have it. (The others just mentioned are in Greenland_5km_v1.1.nc already.) This is in preparation for RCP runs. For now my standard for agreement will be agreement of srunoff resulting from 'pclimate -atmosphere searise_greenland -surface pdd -pdd_fausto' with the runoff field, e.g. using a least-squares approach. Of course I will use the -config_override mechanism to change parameters as described in that section of the User's Manual. There will be an actual tuning script once I get a first run working. I seek help and advice.Ed Bueler3+251-0
2010-10-13 00:31Cleaned up semantics and ghost computations for no_model_mask. Better wvelsurf results for sure.Ed Bueler1+23-23
2010-10-13 00:24Added the "automatic backup" feature: running PISM with -o foo.nc writes foo_backup.nc every hour. The backup interval can be changed using the -backup_interval option or the backup_interval config. parameter (units: hours).Constantine Khroulev5+92-0
2010-10-12 22:38* More work on the coupling-through-files code; added examples/coupling/psexternal.py. Runs, but does not work right yet. * Added a mechanism allowing boundary models write more if -o_size (or -save_size) is given. PSForceThickness writes ftt_modified_acab with -o_size big. * Now PSForceThickness writes ftt_mask only if it was present in the -force_to_thk file. * Moved boundary models to a separate PISM library (see src/CMakeLists.txt).Constantine Khroulev13+381-93
2010-10-12 21:15* Fixed unreported bug in -force_to_thk mechanism: now surface mass balance is *actually* the combination of the original and a part proportional to the difference of thickness from target thickness.Ed Bueler5+44-46
2010-10-12 07:10Attempt to add new variable ftt_modified_acab to written fields when using PSForceToThickness. I'm missing something; need to talk to Constantine. See FIXMEs in PSForceToThickness write methods.Ed Bueler2+58-14
2010-10-12 01:44Despite the large number of lines changed, this is a documentation and cosmetic update only: (1) Changed PSLocalMassBalance to PSTemperatureIndex, because of name clash with LocalMassBalance class. (2) Improved source code (doxygen) documentation of PISMSurfaceModel classes. (3) Improved run-time stdout reporting on same. (4) Added 'Making HARD Modeling Choices' section to User's Manual, and wrote first page of same.Ed Bueler8+358-250
2010-10-11 16:43* Some clean-up: typos, etc. * Fixed the code I committed earlier today. (Everything compiles now.) * Switched from calendar = "none" to "365_day" in the metadata for the time dimension in PISM output files. * Added scripts in util/ to the list of files installed by "make install".Constantine Khroulev10+56-26
2010-10-11 15:42Work-in-progress; some code may not even compile.Constantine Khroulev4+323-2
2010-10-07 08:14Added new executable 'pismo', for 'PISM outlet glacier mode', with new mask 'no_model_mask' with following semantics: In a strip around the edge of the computational domain, overwrite computed surface gradient and driving stress; zero them out in that strip. pismo.cc contains derived class IceRegionalModel : public IceModel. See option -no_model_strip to specify width at bootstrapping. Note FIXMEs related to ghosts in derived surfaceGradientSIA(). Need discussion Dani+Constantine+Andy+me on Friday. Will commit UAF-regional/run.sh mods which use it; Works. I love CMake.Ed Bueler3+311-3
2010-10-06 23:50Added write of ftt_mask to PSForceThickness, so that the mask used in Dani's regional model is carried forward for longer runs.Ed Bueler3+37-11
2010-10-01 23:47Minor stuff. In writing up my annual report I again counted lines in PISM: about 44K lines of source code, I think.Ed Bueler2+9-8
2010-10-01 22:25Merged 1258:1259 changes from stable0.3.Constantine Khroulev2+8-6
2010-10-01 22:05* Removed config/... * Some more work on packaging and related issues.Constantine Khroulev4+15-53
2010-10-01 19:14Minor fixes; some work on the debian package.Constantine Khroulev6+50-13
2010-09-29 22:17* Removed the old (written-by-hand-Makefile-based) build system. (PISM docs can still be built by running "cd doc && make userman" and similar.) * Note that the "build" directory can be used with CMake; running "make install" in the top-level directory attempts to configure, build and install PISM in place (similar to running "make" before this commit). * Re-organized the source code browser and added it to the CMake build system. Not very pretty (ahem). Oh well. * Replaced PISM_PREFIX with PISM_INSTALL_PREFIX to avoid confusion. * Minor cleanup.Constantine Khroulev25+2169-2378
2010-09-29 18:58- updated CMakeLists.txt to make git working - added Hock & Holmgren (2005) referenceAndy Aschwanden3+13-5
2010-09-28 18:32* Changed PDDMassBalance::getMassFluxFromTemperatureTimeSeries() to produce accumulation, melt and runoff. * Added "extra" variables "saccum" (accumulation), "smelt" (melt) and "srunoff" (runoff). See task #7128 and try "pclimate -surface pdd -atmosphere searise_greenland". * Some minor updates and fixes.Constantine Khroulev9+195-116
2010-09-27 20:51* Removed old flow law code. Replaced the old flowlaw_test with a new version. * Added flowlaw_test, bedrough_test and ssa_test to the list of executables built by default. * Added the -r command-line option to nccmp.py (switches to using the relative tolerance). * Fixed a bug: Enth3 was not initialized at the beginning of a cold-mode run (my fault).Constantine Khroulev22+93-1464
2010-09-27 01:28There is no change to running code in this commit, only comments. The comments in localMassBalance.cc suggest formulas to implement the melt and runoff aspects of task #7128. Presumably new fields--suggested names smelt,srunoff--would by written by a call to PISMSurfaceModel::write_fields().Ed Bueler3+38-9
2010-09-27 01:23Change of names of verification tests to remove double 'with', and to clarify if SIA or SSA. And removal of historical comment in iMgeometry.cc.Ed Bueler2+15-16
2010-09-24 22:19Bit of work on a new manufactured flowline solution of SSA plus mass continuity.Ed Bueler4+233-2
2010-09-24 21:05More work on flow laws; added flowlaw_test_new to compare old and new flow laws.Constantine Khroulev8+498-19
2010-09-24 19:32* More