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2022-05-08 17:26add vegetable marinadeAnders Damsgaard1+5-0
2022-05-02 add tip about cornAnders Damsgaard1+1-0
2022-02-18 add volumetric measure for saltAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2022-01-16 07:03add recipe for mung bean sproutsAnders Damsgaard1+6-0
2021-10-31 add ingredients for larger portionAnders Damsgaard1+6-6
2021-10-11 15:50spelt_buns: add water while bakingAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2021-10-11 15:47dhal: add missing waterAnders Damsgaard1+1-0
2021-10-03 13:48spelt_buns: improve wordingAnders Damsgaard1+10-8
2021-09-11 06:08add instructions to coffee brewingAnders Damsgaard1+11-2
2021-09-11 05:55add miso ramenAnders Damsgaard1+2-2
2021-09-11 05:54add coffeeAnders Damsgaard1+3-0
2021-08-29 14:55add miso ramen recipeAnders Damsgaard1+32-0
2021-08-27 18:00index.dcgi: fix logic with no resultsAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2021-08-27 17:52index.dcgi: print result listing with one matchAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2021-08-27 16:00index.dcgi: a few minor style changesAnders Damsgaard1+4-4
2021-08-27 15:57index.dcgi: fix multi-keyword search againAnders Damsgaard1+2-2
2021-08-27 translate missing bitAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2021-08-27 13:42Revert "index.dcgi: allow 'vegetarian' keyword anywhere in arguments"Anders Damsgaard1+2-2
2021-08-27 13:37index.dcgi: allow 'vegetarian' keyword anywhere in argumentsAnders Damsgaard1+2-2
2021-08-27 13:03remove extra newlineAnders Damsgaard1+0-1
2021-08-27 12:49Allow purely arguments control of the search output.Christoph Lohmann1+30-12
2021-08-27 12:45index.dcgi: fix results reporting on no resultsAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2021-08-27 12:32index.dcgi: show search query on no resultsAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2021-08-27 10:18index.dcgi: fix multi-keyword searchAnders Damsgaard1+4-4
2021-08-27 10:13update header yet againAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2021-08-27 10:12index.dcgi: update page headerAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2021-08-27 10:07add geomyidae(8) interfaceAnders Damsgaard1+55-0
2021-08-26 19:34cookwhatveg: hide bacon recipesAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2021-08-26 19:30add vegetarian search scriptAnders Damsgaard1+10-0
2021-08-26 19:22add submoduleAnders Damsgaard2+4-0
2021-08-26 19:17cookwhat: revert previous commit and add usage commentAnders Damsgaard1+3-1
2021-08-26 19:10cookwhat: search all filesAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2021-08-26 19:02cookwhat: make case-insensitiveAnders Damsgaard1+12-2
2021-08-26 17:39add script to show recipes containing list of ingredientsAnders Damsgaard1+3-0
2021-08-26 17:00add automatically converted wok recipesAnders Damsgaard76+1823-0
2021-08-26 16:41add pad thai recipeAnders Damsgaard1+15-0
2021-08-26 16:41improve style consistencyAnders Damsgaard4+34-27
2021-08-18 19:19add solene's authentic french crepe recipeAnders Damsgaard1+3-0
2021-06-30 07:23pointed_cabbage_fried: fix typo and reformatAnders Damsgaard1+2-1
2021-06-30 07:22spelt_buns: tweak size of portion to 1 kg flourAnders Damsgaard1+8-9
2021-06-20 remove sugarAnders Damsgaard1+7-7
2021-04-10 add more yeastAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2021-02-17 14:14beetroot_burgers: tweak instructionsAnders Damsgaard1+3-1
2021-02-17 14:13Merge branch 'master' of Damsgaard1+5-0
2021-02-17 14:13beetroot_burgers: add instructionsAnders Damsgaard1+6-0
2021-02-17 14:12add beetroot_burgersAnders Damsgaard1+8-0
2021-01-11 13:59update spelt_buns.mdAnders Damsgaard1+6-6
2021-01-05 10:57add haydari recipeAnders Damsgaard1+22-0
2021-01-04 09:11add recipesAnders Damsgaard9+206-0
2021-02-09 add cold rise procedureAnders Damsgaard1+5-0
2021-01-11 13:59update spelt_buns.mdAnders Damsgaard1+6-6
2021-01-05 10:57add haydari recipeAnders Damsgaard1+22-0
2021-01-04 09:11add recipesAnders Damsgaard9+206-0