customized build of surf, the suckless web browser
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DateCommit messageAuthorFiles+-
2019-10-01 18:48Change zoom keys to be consistent with stAnders Damsgaard1+3-5
2019-09-26 07:41Add source code into rootAnders Damsgaard17+3086-24
2019-08-28 13:37Add license information to readmeAnders Damsgaard1+3-0
2019-05-29 12:36Move surf configuration to ~/.configAnders Damsgaard1+9-10
2019-04-16 09:33Fix patch application, update colorsAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2019-03-16 14:11Merge branch 'master' of Damsgaard4+37-36
2019-03-16 14:11Put downloads in ~/tmpAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2019-03-06 11:50Update arch docker imageAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2019-02-04 13:10Run bookmark command in terminalAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2019-02-04 13:05Use own bookmark script with C-bAnders Damsgaard1+13-2
2019-02-04 12:29Add half-page scroll with C-d and C-uAnders Damsgaard1+3-1
2019-01-24 09:51Disable C-f binding for find, there is still C-/Anders Damsgaard1+1-1
2019-01-21 14:34Enable customization via config.hAnders Damsgaard1+5-6
2019-01-21 14:32Replace st config.h with defaultAnders Damsgaard1+171-442
2019-01-21 13:45Add gcr packageAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2019-01-21 13:40Remove glibc which may not be neededAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2019-01-21 13:38Add glib packagesAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2019-01-21 13:33Revert to surf, build without customizationAnders Damsgaard2+20-20
2019-01-21 13:14Build tabbed without customizationAnders Damsgaard1+19-18
2019-01-21 11:28Update readmeAnders Damsgaard1+3-3
2019-01-21 11:26Remove incorrect diff dependencyAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2019-01-21 11:24Install git on arch runnerAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2019-01-21 11:22For now, only build on archAnders Damsgaard1+24-24
2019-01-21 11:07Update readmeAnders Damsgaard1+3-3
2019-01-21 11:05Rename references from st to surfAnders Damsgaard1+16-16
2019-01-21 11:04Delete st patchAnders Damsgaard1+0-199
2019-01-17 13:09Clone st repository via httpsAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2018-12-17 11:13Use default character spacingAnders Damsgaard1+4-2
2018-12-16 17:54Increase height of default window sizeAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2018-12-16 15:13Delete diff file (generated on the fly) and fix install makefile targetAnders Damsgaard2+4-109
2018-12-16 15:09Fix makefile and bind zoom to Alt+Shift+Plus/UnderscoreAnders Damsgaard3+150-57
2018-12-15 18:52Add diffsAnders Damsgaard4+205-6
2018-12-15 15:11Apply changes and transparency through diff patchesAnders Damsgaard2+11-4
2018-12-15 14:33Change font spacing and zoom steppingAnders Damsgaard1+4-4
2018-12-15 14:24Add Alt+J, Alt+K, and Alt+Home for font zoomAnders Damsgaard1+16-13
2018-12-15 14:07Run pacman with --noconfirmAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2018-12-15 14:04Fix pacman commandAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2018-12-15 14:02Fix arch package nameAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2018-12-15 13:59Try different arch image, use integer for alphaAnders Damsgaard2+2-1
2018-12-15 12:14Fix cursor colorAnders Damsgaard1+4-4
2018-12-15 12:11Fix colorsAnders Damsgaard2+51-33
2018-12-13 13:55First attempt at arch linux buildAnders Damsgaard1+12-1
2018-12-13 13:51Fix apk argument orderAnders Damsgaard1+1-1
2018-12-13 13:49Install build-base on alpine and pass -y flag to apt on debianAnders Damsgaard1+2-2
2018-12-13 13:45Fix order of make target arguments and fix clean targetAnders Damsgaard1+3-2
2018-12-13 13:43Install git on CI and update debian pkgsAnders Damsgaard1+3-2
2018-12-13 13:42Add preliminary READMEAnders Damsgaard1+3-0
2018-12-13 13:41Fetch st source before preparing buildAnders Damsgaard1+2-1
2018-12-13 13:39Attempt to build on alpine and debianAnders Damsgaard1+14-2
2018-12-13 13:37First commit which builds locally using default configurationAnders Damsgaard3+486-0